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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  February 17, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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@someone looking out for me. @>> good samaritans saved his @life after he had a heart @attack. @what he hopes others learn now @from his near death experience. @pet protection, a coyote is @running wild, and it's @attacking neighborhood dogs. @the good advice that will keep @your pets and families safe @from that aggressive animal. @>> hi, betsy. @>> hi, jimmy. @this will help clear the skies @out. @that means cold temperatures to @start, but sunshine is on the @way for tomorrow. @>> plus the great honor given @to jim brown, legendary @runningback, on his birthday. @ @>> good evening. @we begin with breaking news. @a special prosecutor will take @over the case of tanisha @anderson.
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@died this police custody in @november 2014. @prosecutor tim mcginty asked @the attorney general to take @over the case. @that's a conflict of interest @revealed for the prosecutor's @office. @anderson's death has prompted @calms for changes to police @training when dealing with @people who have mental health @issues. @now to a story of survival in @medina. @a series of coincidences saved @a man's life after he suffered @a heart attack. @monica robbins joins me to @explain how we can all learn @from this story. @>> we really can. @he often speaks about the hower @of one. @how one person can make a @difference in someone's life. @after his recent experience, @he's changing that philosophy, @thanks to the power of many. @>> an emotional step back into @this medina high school @auditorium.
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@>> while giving a speech to the @faculty about the heroin @epidemic, he suffered a heart @attack. @>> cardiac arrest i had @actually kills 90% of the @people that get it. @for the first time, he's @thanking the three men who @saved his life. @usually i'm giving the life @saving information, and here @the favor was returned. @>> medina police officers al @rowland and mikess wesner are @trained. @>> i've used it in the past. @it never said to deliver a @shock. @that's the first time i've seen @that. @>> fortunately we were at the @right place at the right time. @we were here. @within seconds -- @>> associate principal andy @brener just had aed and cpr @training. @the aed was just outside the @room. @>> i told my wife i will never
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@training we undergo to do it. @>> dozens of witnesses sent him @words of encouragement. @>> i'm going to come back. @i'm going to deliver the @message to this entire district @again with more heart than i @had before. @>> i have no doubt he will. @they're hoping they're inspired @by others to learn how to use @an aed. @this device literally talks you @through the process. @the american heart association @is trying to get a law passed @in ohio requiring high school @students be cpr certified @before graduation. @the two school resource @officers and the principal are @proof you never know when you @might need it. @and he's living proof it @definitely can save a life. @>> he looks good. @>> he does. @he was in the hospital. @this just happened a month ago. @so it's amazing how fast care @can really make a difference. @>> now, in macedonia, police @warn that an aggressive coyote @has attacked several pets in a @matter of days.
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@joins us live to explain what @you should do if you see @coyotes and how one woman's pet @survived an attack. @>> hi, andrew. @>> hi, jimmy. @coyotes are on the prowl all @across ohio. @they're telling us they're @causing more trouble than @usual. @>> this company was lucky to @make it after two coyotes @wandered into her backyard. @one of them attacked, and she @fought back scaring them off. @a so-called alpha coyote went @after other dogs within days of @misty's attack. @they set up a trap and caught @nothing so far. @>> you can see she got three @puncture wounds here. @one puncture wound back here. @scraped here, but the coyote @limped away bleeding. @>> so misty won? @>> misty won.
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@>> we hear them howling every @night. @>> macedonia's police chief @shared this one from his patio. @a map from the ohio department @of natural resources shows @coyotes are in every county. @should you see one, look for @yellow eyes a black tipped @bushy tail and reddish legs. @experts say attacks on humans @are rare. @>> now they say if you see one, @a good idea is to just make a @lot of noise because you can @scare them off. @what they don't want people @doing is becoming vigilantes @taking coyotes out on their @own. @>> thanks a lot. @new tonight, some sad news for @lovers of ikea. @the furniture retailer will not @build a store here in northeast @ohio. @columbus will open one next @year instead. @a spokesperson says ikea is @disappoint of impacted because
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@site in brooklyn. @apple is fighting a court order @to unlock the iphone which was @used by one of the san @bernardino shooters. @its ceo accused the federal @government of overreaching, @saying this could potentially @breech the privacy of millions @of apple users by setting a @precedent. @the fbi needs apple's help to @access critical data on syed @farook's phone. @apple has five days now to @respond to the court. @if it believes the compliance @would be burdensome. @so, of course, on an issue like @this, social media and people @on social media are at odds of @whether apple is making the @right choice. @danielle has been monitoring @that. @tell us what people are saying. @>> the opinions are split. @a lot of people saying the @customer's privacy is more @important. @>> i applaud apple. @the good of many out weighs the
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@i am not an apple fan, but i @absolutely respect the decision @made by them. @if pandora's box is open, @everyone is at risk. @>> apple is able to collect a @weather of information for @itself and advertisers, but @when it comes to national @security, they want to turn @their heads? @give me a break. @>> so it really is split. @>> yeah, i think more were @concerned about their own @privacy and this is opening up @that possibility. @>> thanks a lot. @ well, it is a day for jim @brown in a couple of ways. @the greatest runningback to @ever play football is 80 years @old today. @the browns are going to honor @him. @they have announced they will @build a statue of the great @runningback outside of first @energy stadium. @and that will be coming up. @they will unveil it on the @alumni weekend coming up next @season. @when we come back on the news
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@are paying tribute to the paris @terror victims and the band @that was performing during the @attacks. @they offered a special way to @remember them. @plus, winter highlight. @how a local festival is @motivating thousands of music @fans to bundle up and head
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@ @when it comes to the cold, @clevelanders are pretty hearty.
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@all to host a concert. @it brings out tens of thousands @of people. @this year should be no @exception. @it trounce the flats -- it @joins the flats. @i love your hat. @that's the official hat? @>> we'll have to get you one. @>> that's a cool hat. @this is a cool music festival. @the nhl, nhl nhl, they've had @great success playing these @outdoor games right in january. @it's where hockey players @started, playing on the ponds. @music is a different thing, @going out and doing it, but @you've had great success with @this. @>> mostly thanks to the people @who come out and support our @festivals. @when it started six years ago, @it started with three bands and @a couple of fires. @once people kind of got out @there and saw that cleveland @winters are not that bad, it @really caught on and grown ever @since. @>> so the history is you @started in the flats.
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@it really boomed in ohio city. @maybe it might have outgrown @that. @where will you be in the flats. @>> by music box and mccarthy's. @right underneath the main @bridge there. @there will be two outdoor @stages with beer and food @trucks and interactive art, @plus, many, many fires. @>> do you kind of get the @feeling that people are just @ready to go when they get down @there? @>> 100%. @people are looking for things @to do. @people come out and no matter @what the weather -- two years @ago we had 10-degree weather. @last year we had six inches of @snow. @it does not deter people from @coming out. @that's what it makes things so @fun. @>> betsy, that's going to be a @mild weekend coming up, right? @>> yeah. @this is the first time we'll @actually ever have temperatures @above freezing. @>> how do the musicians like @playing in an outdoor winter
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@>> first, they call us crazy. @then when they see the mass @amounts of people who come out @to see them, many of them have @seen these bands for the first @time, they really appreciate @the exposure. @they bundle up. @they wear hand warmers @basically over their entire @body. @we heat them as best we can, @but it's definitely a badge of @honor when you play bright @winter. @>> wouldn't there be adrenaline @going? @>> you feel warmer? @>> i think so. @that's what i hear. @all i know is kind of the @energy is brought out by the @people who come out to bright @winter. @>> art is a part of this too. @>> very much so. we have had @community workshops building up @over the last month, getting @ready to create some visuals @that people have never seen @before here in cleveland.
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@not only are you going to be @outside you're exploring art @indoors. @>> so give us a tip now. @you know, some advice on @parking. @>> parking is going to be as @best as it's ever been at @bright winter because we have a @large lot where nautica. @we suggest people take the rta. @>> good idea. @>> there will be a shuttle @running and we certainly @encourage people to carpool. @>> when does it kickoff, brian? @>> it kicks off saturday at @3:00 p.m. @outside it goes until midnight. @inside the we're going all the @way to 2:00 a.m. @>> that's great. @good luck. @>> hope to see you there. @>> absolutely. @great job. @everybody, come out and enjoy @bright winter coming up this @weekend in the flats. @>> thanks so much. @>> thanks for being on.
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@float all your worries away? @how a new therapy uses salt @water to heal whatever ails @you. @we're getting a break in the @snow in favor of a big warmup. @betsy shows us how high those @temperatures could rise.
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@ @the american rock band that was @performing when terrorists @attacked in paris is making a @comeback. eagles of death metal @returned to paris last night to @play a show for the survivors @of the attack. @the band and crowd observed 89 @seconds of silence in memory of @the victims at the concert @hall. @concert goers went through @three bag and body searches @before being allowed to enter @the show last night. @ how about this story, @betsy. @a music fan cannot decide
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@after an odd concert @experience. @ryan flaherty lost his wallet @in brooklyn at a show. @the man mailed back the note @with the license and credit @cards but the note went on @saying i kept the cash because @i needed weed. @the metro card because the fare @is now 2.75, and the wallet @because it's kind of cool. @>> the note was basically i'm a @good guy, but i'm giving you @the middle finger and keeping @anything that would have any @currency behind it. @this is something my friends @and i laughed about quite a @bit. @>> so one perk for him is that @the concert hall where he lost @his wallet heard about what @happened and offered him some @free tickets if he keeps his @wallet at home. @ if you want to forget your @worries, how about floating @them away. @a new trend, float therapy. @one spa situated in colorado @dumps 1100 pounds of salt into @200-gallons of water. @it watches to the temperature
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@the spa says it reduces stress @and helps with chronic pain and @insomnia. @and the salt is good for your @muscles too. @>> wow. @>> like epsom salt. @>> that's nice. @>> it really is. @we're bringing it down low @right now. @it's about 18 after the hour. @here's betsy with the weather. @>> we have temperatures 27 @degrees. @hopefully that water is a @little bit warmer. @hike it up, you know. @hot tub like. @it will be chilly tonight. @temperatures will be variable @across the area. @just like cloud cover is @expected to be variable. @the winds becoming nearly calm. @that's a big part of the @forecast. @temperatures will be the @coldest where the winds are @calm and where the skies are @clearest. @now, we're still dealing with @scattered flurries, these are @not doing anything more than @showing up. @they're blowing around and as
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@remember bob ross, the painter @guy? @come on, jim. @that's totally your generation. @ temperatures are in the 20s @across the area right now. @as the winds calm down, we'll @have temperatures that get down @into the low teens across much @of the area. @several areas dropping back @into the single digits as well. @the cold air is far to the @north of us, but a warmup is @starting out west. @the warmer air will get here as @we head toward the end of the @week and into the weekend. @there you can see kind of this @hole in the clouds here. @that area will help clear the @skies a little bit. @we're going to pick up on these @really cold temperatures @because they don't do a great @job of translating where the @calm winds are on a small @scale. @so you will see the @temperatures here are likely to @get down into the teens, yes, @but what you don't see is where @those calm winds are will get @down into the single digits. @i think that's likely to happen
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@we move through mid-to-late @morning. @partly cloudy skies will be the @rule. @we'll see a lot of sunshine for @the afternoon. @a great day for the kids to get @back outside once they get home @from school. @we're expecting calm conditions @across the area. @highs likely in the low 30s @tomorrow. @partly cloudy skies will be the @rule. @yes, lake erie, mostly ice @covered. @no real winds causing those @waves out there. @temperatures will be hiking up @into the upper 40s and low 50s. @same story on saturday. @we'll have clouds around. @windy conditions, we're @expecting a very brisk day. @window nation, 7-day forecast @takes you into next week as @well, which is kind of back and @forth. @we'll be in the 30s and some @40s as we get into a fast @moving series of storm systems. @we keep a close eye on the east @coast. @there could be a storm system @that forms going up the east @coast once again. @we'll be on the back edge of @that. @that's kind of the next big
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@>> bob ross, the little guy @with the hair and he did happy @little trees. @>> perhaps you talk the salt @story a little too much to @heart and you're actually @floating away. @>> his voice was so relaxing. @it was the perfect thing to @turn on and watch and take a @nap. @>> all right. @don't take that nap yet. @to trade're not to trade. @that's the question for the @cavs.
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@ross now during the commercial @break. @all right. @the nba trade deadline is @tomorrow at 3:00, and the @cavaliers are involved in a ton @of rumors. @no trades yet, but a ton of @rumors. @kevin love continues to be a @name that's being mentioned as @being pedaled away. @if they work a deal that we @told you about at 6:00 and end @up with ryan anderson from the @pelicans of new orleans. @then kevin love would be @definitely on the block. @and the boston celtics would be @interested in getting love. @they tried to get him in the @first place before he came to @cleveland. @the caves are shopping anderson @varejao. @there's a probable trade on the @table right now between the @cavs and orlando magic. @all of these trade rumors. @here's lebron. @>> the trade deadline happens @every year. @the teams making moves and @teams that don't make moves.
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@we're ready to go. @i'm in the mind-set i'm going @to get these guys ready for @tomorrow. @>> okay. @so that's the story going on @there. @a whole other story going on @off to my left. @there's bob ross, everybody. @and the little snowflake. @>> what a cool, calming voice. @wakeup, entertainment tonight @is next.
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rye gtsds uks us . the grammy aftershock shaking hollywood. your fame? >> >> taylor swift is dodging the and rumors of a melt down came to light. she said she was too sick to perform. >> she ran through her entire performance twice just before the show. >> and lady gaga couture. we're with her stylist fashion week.


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