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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  February 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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@ breaking news, a search is @on for a missing lorain @toddler who police say @wandered away. @ and electrics on a busy street. @firefighters are working on
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@ @ the masterminds of the san @bernardino terrorist attacks @left behind in apple iphone. @>> the fbi believes the @me contain critical @information. @--formation. @>> this brings up personal @security. this is what every s to know @about. @>> reporter: when the phone
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@code to unlock it. nths and the @fed has still been unable to @find out the . digit code ardino @terrorist used. @the question you and i need to @worry about is might ivacy of all @of our smart phones. @put in the wrong code 10 times@in an iphone and if the @settings are in place @everything on the phone is @deleted forever. @that is why the fed can't just @keep trying every variation to @get into the 5c model phone @belonging to san bernardinoorist syed farook and his @wife. @apple ceo tim cook is fighting @back today saying this court @order, in the wrong hands @could unlock any phone. @this is a
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@apple to protect their data. @>> we know that if you build a @backdoor into a @control that only good guys @will use it and bad guys will @not. @>> reporter: if the r hands in a @precedent is set, could china @and other places also force @apple's hand. @exceptions should be made, say @some experts. @>> i am very upset with apple. ing about the @federal government in people's @lives matter. @>> reporter: they are making @it very clear that they are i but opening @this door is a door you can't @close again. @apple users we talked with @appear split on this matter. s.
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@person is dead and cued after a crash @dropped electrical transformers @on several cars geles. @a pickup truck was driving on @a wet road when it hit a power @pole north of downtown l.a. the video as @many as three transformers k. @it is not clear how many @people have been rescued at @this point. @ still developing, a highly @turner gently mike dewine -- @ohio ke to @one -- to take over the e. @ no less than 24 hours patient @establish security guard at an @asking -- akron hospital, osha
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@employees should make sure @they are doing everything @possible to protect workers. @the 54-year-old guard was @unarmed at salinas -- st. @thomas hospital. @ another pivotal levy isay on the @november ballot. officials @walked away from contact talks @with the teachers union e first meeting. @another six weeks remain to come to an @agreement. @the union says the district @will not use a third-party @factfinder to help in decision- @making. @ turn to the ways @-- the race to the white @house. @donald trump is trailing now national gop @horserace. @ted cruz has 20%, trump has 26% @-- 28%, trump has 26%@followed by marco rubio and
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@kasich is on msnbc -- c tonight and discussed @his formula for success. @>> i believe the town halls @and raising money and having a @positive message, i believe it @is going to work. @i keep chugging right along. democratic side, bad clinton. @a new cnn poll finds are @virtually tied with bernie @sanders in nevada. @she once held a 16 point lead @their. @-- there. @ breaking news in the rain @were a toddler has missing. @>> a search is been underway @for two hours now. @we will get you life to the @scene. what are you hearing -- @live to the scene. @don emma what are you hearing? @ @>> we are at the corner of @you can see behind me this is @an active scene. @the woods that you see behind @me is where a lot of police @have been scouring tonight. @moments ago the announced @everyone out of the woods. @that is a quote.
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@let's look at this sweet baby @girl that lorain police are @looking for. @she is believed to have @wandered off from her home in @the 2000 block of rambles @street to the down the street. @her name is linda lowther -- @not lowther, last seen wearing @pink 40 djs around -- foot t @pjs. this is a fluid seen. @everyone is hoping for the @best. @a couple dozen people are @forming behind me. @people want to help. @we are hoping for a happy @ending tonight. @we will continue to monitor @this and bring you updates. @reporting live in the rain, @dawn kendrick. @>> we will talk to you soon. @thank you. @ @ in today's job market this @is no surprise.
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@schools -- skills fair better @than their tech challenged @counterparts. @channel 3's hilary golston has @dug deep to find out what kind @of computer know how employers @want you to have.>> reporter: @it is hot, and demand. @knowing how to work with @computers, a list of the 10 @hottest [ indiscernible ] it @architecture and programming. @we live in a world filled with @them and seemingly run by @them. @>> we should see less than @200,000. @>> commuters -- @>> reporter: computers role @here. @this is not your mother's -- @mothers manufacturing. they @are working out the bugs on a @machine.
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@cnc machining for short. @>> i was coming here for word @and fabrication. @i think after i started @learning how to use bigger @machines>> reporter: @manufacturing using coding, @computer coding. @>> it is becoming hugely @popular. @>> reporter: some are learning @this as young as great. @>> coding is popular even with @young kids. @>> reporter: right down the @hall in automotive students @spent a lot of time in the @computers using chrome books @to manage their assignments. @>> all of our work orders are @all done on this computer.>> @reporter: how do you suspect @they will use chrome books @once they transition? @>> it would be very simple. @you're using that out in the @field already. @we needed to catch up.>> @reporter: if you need to catch @up, no problem. @>> i don't think they should @be discouraged.>> reporter: @communication was the first @school, teamwork -- scale,
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@software abilities is also top @on the list. @>> approaches, protocols, as @long as people are learning to @-- willing to learn these, @they are considered. @>> reporter: proof it lists @over 1500 assessments that you @could be asked to take. @an associate professor of @mathematics and computer @science degrees but adds, @don't forget about -- @>> we have several things we @can use. there's google drive @and dropbox. sky drive, one @drive, all of these tools are @pretty much free. @were @>> reporter: we have a link to @147 free links tough -- @software links on our website.
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@ life-saving monitor, what @mom says the device next to her @phone did to save her @newborn's life. @ downsizing? @why some will pay big bucks @for less than 700 ft.2. @ there's a new iconic @flavor for her she's candy. @ things have been rather @tame today weatherwise. @we will have a cold start to @the day tomorrow. @it does get a little exciting @by the time we get to the @weekend.
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@ @ a connecticut man says her @son might not be alive today @if it wasn't for a baby @monitoring device. @stephanie's baby was born @eight weeks early and ways -- @and the baby ways for pounds. @this monitor measures the @baby's vitals. @she kept it constantly close @to her phone so she always @would hear alerts.
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@sounded like an alarm go off. i @picked them up any of chunks @of formula in his nose. @he wasn't reading. @the chunks are. @then there was this scream of @relief. @>> doctors discovered he had @reflux. @the company working with the @fda right now is looking to @the monitor. @ how small is too small? @when it comes to your living @space, some people don't mind @downsizing. @how is cleveland getting into @the tiny house market? @>> reporter: you would believe @there's only enough space to @build one house here. @they are actually going to be @building two houses. @they are building tiny houses. @these floor plans show what @will soon be tiny houses here. @this has become more of a @luxury over recent years. @there was a full room a
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@this. @>> it lets you slow down and @enjoy life more than taking @care of life all of the @time.>> reporter: they had @been living in a 150 ft.2 tiny @home for the last three years. @this man is used to the new @tiny house. @$140,000 donation is being @used to start the donation. @>> the more expensive i houses @per square foot. @-- houses are per square foot. @you have to consider @maintenance as well. @>> reporter: you all the @lowest utilities in town as @well as low-maintenance. @>> this isn't that small. @have a house that i own that @is have to sallies -- half @this size and works perfectly. @there's a mechanical room, a @laundry room, a full bath and @kitchen.
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@i think there is something to @be said to be living in a @small space so you can live a @large life.>> reporter: the @ground beef -- groundbreaking @is scheduled for the spring. @as soon as a warm and the snow @was off the ground, developers @hope to begin the construction @and completed by june. @ if you would like to tour @a tiny home once it is built, @you can find out how on our @website, @ here is a story for your @sweet tooth. @her she's has a new kiss for @easter. @it's a carrot cake -- her she's @-- hershey's has a new kiss @flavor for easter. @it is carrot cake. @>> that sounds crazy.
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@don't know about this. @i'll have to try it. @>> it's like oreos. @we have about 900 different @kinds. @every time anyone comes out, @we magically get it in the @newsroom. @everyone has to try it. @there are some that are more @interesting than others. @ tonight weather is not too @interesting. @in the next couple of days @things will get more exciting. @we will be off to a cold start @tomorrow. @temperatures could be single @digits and low teens with a @few clouds around. @it will be cold. @we won't have a lot of wind to @contend with. @the wind chills will be too @far off from the actual @temperature. @we are boosting nicely into @the upper 20s and low 30s for @the day tomorrow. @we are seeing temperatures fall @to the low to mid teens in the @east. @as skies clear out i believe @the temperatures will start to @come down here as well. @cause have been in the area as @well. @high pressure is moving in @which should help to be road
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@we still have lake erie to @contend with. @the clouds have broken up @across a good part of the @great lakes region. @as you look out tonight and @the early morning hours, you @may see a pretty start. @we will see more cloud cover @thursday into friday. @that's the leading edge of the @warm air and that is certainly @going to bring a lot of relief @to people's day on friday and @saturday. @single digits and low teens to @start the day tomorrow. @maine -- many outlying areas @will have single digits. @once today gets going we will @have a light brees that will @help the temperatures. @partly cloudy skies will be @around for tomorrow and we @should be low to mid 30s by @midday. @no big problems as far as @afterschool activities. @even into the evening, just a @few clouds will role in. @the good news is for tomorrow
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@instead of -- i guess maybe @your headlights. @i don't know. @that's one of those things @where we have a trade-off @going on. @it will be cold in the @morning, in the teens, low 30s @as we head through the @afternoon. @partly cloudy skies will be @around. @i am thinking on the idea that @we will have snow on the @ground in akron. @the temperatures will be @cooler there. @the southerly breezes will @help us a lot in the coming @days. @we will get windy conditions @on friday as the warmer air @surges in, upper 40s, low 50s @friday and saturday. @we will hold onto 40s or @sunday but we have rain @chances coming in on your @window nation seven-day @forecast. @there could be a snow mix. @we will cool it off again on @monday. @by the middle of next week we @will be keeping an eye on an @east coast storm system to see @if we could get the brush off @from that as it travels up the @east coast. @that's the next one on the @horizon to keep an eye out for.
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@kind of a nice weekend around @northern ohio. @>> we will take that. @thank you betsy. @ we want to continue to @follow the breaking news we @told you about earlier in @lorain were a toddler has been @reported missing. @>> dawn kendrick -- dawn @kendrick is live at the scene. @one of the conditions? @>> reporter: it is freezing @cold, i can tell you that 1st @and. @it is a full out active search @for this little girl. @they have been combing the @woods behind me. @they announced a not too long @ago that they are bringing a @helicopter in. @they ordered random people @showing up wanting to help to @look for the little girl, to @get out of the way. @there is her face. @she's adorable. @she wandered away from her @home. @her name is lana lowther, two @years old, 3 feet tall, 30 @pounds, blonde hair, hazel
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@wearing pink footie pjs. you @can see what we found when we @got out here. @several police cars and @firefighters all with the same @mission, knowing that these @first hours are crucial in @cases like this. @this is a 2-year old. @people are showing up in the @parking lot where we are @standing and the police have @asked us to wait. @we are waiting for a press @conference any minute. @you will see these people @standing behind me. @more and more of them are @showing up, people who live @here who simply want to help. @we will continue to monitor @this whole thing for a happy @ending. @i am dawn kendrick, live in @lorain. @ coming up, less than 24 @hours away from the nba trade @deadline.
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@ who is cleveland targeting? @
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@ @ let's go through all of @the rumors involving the @cavaliers before tomorrow's @nba trade deadline at 3 pm. @let's begin with kevin love. @still mentioned a lot but a @lot of people still saying he @won't be moved at all. @he will be with the cavs @tomorrow night. @he is one of the main focal @point. @there is a rumor that there's @a three member trade. @-- a three team trade. @the pelicans as well a celtics @would be involved. @that would be ryan anderson in @that case, 27 years old and a @three-point shooter from the
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@average this season. @the deal is said to be very @fragile tonight. @the cavs have made an offer to @the orlando magic involving @anderson [ name indiscernible @] and they would get shannon @fry in exchange. @the contract still has to hour @years on it -- two years on it. @the cavs are looking for a 13 @to get involved in that deal @to make it happen. @the sacramento been says the @cavs would select a player ken @[ name indiscernible ] as a @part of the deal. @all of this trade talk and the @game against chicago tomorrow @night. @how do you deal with it lebron? @ @>> that is not something that @any of us can control.
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@every year. @teams make moves and others @don't make moves. @we will find out what happens @and there's nothing we can do. @ @>> the browns are going to @hold the line on ticket @prices. @when you only win three games @in one season, how do you raise @ticket prices. @it's the seventh time in 8 @years that they have held the @line. jim brown, happy @birthday. @the greatest running back to @ever play the game as we say. @the hall of famer statue will @be unveiled during the alumni @weekend. @in a statement today about the @statue, jim brown says it @humbles me to be honored in @this manner. @he thanked the hassle and @family and says -- -- hasland @family and said i will always @be a part of cleveland. @j.t.
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@and cap in for the buckeyes. @even though they went 12-1 @last year, they were not @hungry all year long. @>> it is hard to keep this up @to be the best. @we have a lot of guys coming @back. @we are just going to do it @again. @we didn't have the same hunger @. @>> pitchers and catchers @reported to goodyear arizona @today. @[ name indiscernible ] will be @in arizona with the indians @and training camp. @we will talk thursday night on @the news at 7:00 one week from
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@ @ we will keep you on top of @the search of the missing 2- @year old in the rain on our @website. @ have a great night. @-- in laura rain.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from stage one at universal studios hollywood, in


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