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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  February 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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@lana isn't old enough to talk. @and tonight, all investigators @have is her 's account of a stranger @in their front yard. @>> she seen somebody grab her @where. @>> reporter: grab her by the @hand and runoff with her. @>> reporter: and that up. @because a utility crew was also @there and didn't see anything. @snow. @>> i didn't have nt with that. @>> reporter: lana was found @several blocks from her house @near the intersection of @cleveland boulevard and @missouri avenue. @captain watkins says whoever @left her there likely had irst and he believes @she was picked up within 15 @minutes. @there were no early signs of @abuse, no suspects here, just a @little girl lucky to be home @with a story nable to @>> reporter: because police had @so little information to go on @they were unable to call @the quick actions of the @residents of lorraine as well
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@picture made all @ a major milestone today in @the battle against the heroin @epidemic. @a graduation ceremony at the @cuyahoga county drug court has @more than two dozen @seeing the possible. @monica robbins joins us live @from the justice center with @more. @good evening. @>> reporter: good evening ross. @the court has been active since 2009. @and today it celebrated its @300th graduate. @300 of them took control of @their now sober lives. @the majority of these @dependent. @the goal of the program is to @break the cycle of recidivism g drug dependency, @putting them through treatment @and holding them accountable. @only those assessed as drug @dependent are allowed into the @program and this year included @the safe first graduates of course. @those who not only suffer from @addiction but also mental @health issues relating to
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@and while this is certainly a the fight, @there is still a lot of work @left to be done. @we are on pace for one of the @highest overdose death rates in @years because of the rise in @fentanyl cases. @one mother is painfully aware @of those casualties. @>> i want to hear his voice. @and i want this to go @this is an epidemic. @people are dying every day in @this city. @>> reporter: one week after his @death, cathy phelps continues @to mourn her soon, ryan. @he is one of eight people who it county in @the last week, all from @suspected overdoses. @they knew ryan was addicted to @heroin and kept narcan in the when they found him, @it was too late. @>> his addiction was so @powerful it took over his soul. @it is so hard to waffer like that. @>> reporter: ryan's drug use
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@where he injured his back. @it began with pain pills and @when those didn't work, to heroin. @he overdosed back in october @and was revived using narcan @and back in december 2014 he @wrote about his struggles in ing will. @ryan called adoryx a vicious @rinse and repeat cycle he -- @addiction a vicious rinse and @repeat sickle he couldn't get . @>> he did know eventually this @was going to kill him. @>> reporter: ryan leaves behind @his parents and two sisters. @they have a message for anyone @out @addiction. @>> you need help and there is @help out there. @you need to want it though. @>> reporter: in akron, brandon el 3 news. @>> our hearts go out to dozens @those families just like his. @and there is hope on the @horizon and drug court is one @of . @coming up at 7:00, i'll
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@graduates, and how she turned @her life around and regained @her family and . @back to you. @problem across the world and @right here at home. @ohio now the first state to @require truck drivers and all @raw enforcement to be trained @to stop the @trafficking. @channel 2's hillary goldston @went to a class. @good evening hillary. @>> reporter: good evening @at ohio see, -- an had i @highway city has been ranked @number four for human @trafficking. @it is toledo. @ohio state highway patrol told @me very personal class, many of them @leaving a victim, saying thank @god what saved me was that e said if you go home, your @dad's going to beat you. @i'm believing this.
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@at the age of 16 told her. @>> exactly. @that is what they did to this @young lady. @they cut her @feet. @>> reporter: the realities of @modern day slavery laid out. @>> she leaves the house because @she got in a fight with her up next to her. @>> reporter: story after story. @>> let's rescue them and @>> that is why we are asking to @get this message out. @that is the main reason. @it comes in handy. @like i said you can be in ohio @today, you can be nebraska @tomorrow. @>> reporter: they can watch for @trafficking signs at stops and @along highways. @ohio has been ranked as high at @fifth in the u.s. for the @cases. @>> i can't say on tv what i
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@or had the chance to get my @hands upon that person that @abducted my child. @>> reporter: more than 1000 @children in highway highway are @victims of human -- in ohio are @victims every year. @on average prostitution @beginning sometime between 11 @and 14 years old. @>> his friends said take her to @the truck stop. @>> take her to the truck stop. @that is part of why lawen @forcement knows eyes trained on @truck stops question make a @difference here. @kasich said sometimes she would @be at a stop for two days at a @time. @at 11:00, a one-on-one with @kasich and how her trafficking @at these truck stops went on @for years. @ plus numbers that indicate @truckers can really help here @in bringing these victims home @to their families. @ @ changing directions now. @it is deal day in the nba. @one of the most popular
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@your social media below on the @screen. @jim donovan joins us now on the @trade of anderson. @>> a lebron favorite. @lebron liked having him on the @team to the tune of about $19 @million on his last contract. @but he has been traded away. @so the trading deadline hit at @3:00 and i can tell you kevin @love is a cavalier, but @anderson was trade ad way. @the player we have been telling @you about the cavaliers had @targeted was channing fry. @they got him from orlando. @he is 32 years old, a three @point shooter, only averaging a @little over five points per @game. @his contract. @he can play out on that wing. @he becomes a depth player for @the cavaliers coming off the @bench for them, a guy that can
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@behind kevin love. @anderson leaves cleveland and @goes to portland as the @cavaliers had to make it a @three team trade to get the @deal done. @he has been here 12 years, but @because of injuries, he has @lost a lot of times. @he has been on the bench a lot @this year, in fact he sat the @bench in 8 of the last 10 @games. @he is probably going to be cut @right away by portland but will @be picked up by another team. @there is interest in that @coming from the clippers. @this is a deal russ for the @now, and certainly for june. @this is all about the cavaliers @tweaking that roster. @not to beat teams in the @eaveern conference, but they @are -- eatern conference. @but they are trying to -- @eastern conference to go @against san antonio and @oklahoma city.
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@bench to match up against those @teams. @>> not a building for the @future move? @>> no. @it is now. @ i'm really hoping the girls @understand that they can do @what they want. @>> ahead at 6:00, meet the @newest inductee into sarah's @circle. @inspiring girls to shoot for @the stars and follow their @dreams. @ as far as the forecast @goes, we have a whole lot of @wind we are going to be talking @about, and not just by talking. @it is also going to be a lot @warmer as well. @we will talk about it straight @in your forecast. @ pope francis has strong @words against donald trump and
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@ pope francis takes aim at @donald trump and trump fires @back the pope, on his way home @after a visit to mexico said a @person who would build a wall @on the u.s. mexico border is @not a christian. @trump responded saying quote @for a religious leader to @question a person's faith is @disgusting. @the vatican called trump's @comments very strange. @ hundreds gathered today to @honor the life and legacy of @lewis stokes during the second @annual stephanie tubs jones @black history celebration. @the reverend andrew young was a @keynote speaker at the event. @the luncheon was named in her @hon nor, the first african- @american prosecutor in cuyahoga @county. @ 65 degrees from st. louis, @73 further west.
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@in this case we are going to @get the good with the okay. @we can deal with it. @ let's look at what is going @on. @we had beautiful clear skies @today for awhile, and that @allowed us to get a fantastic @shot of lake erie. @the ice is breaking up. @we have had a lot of near shore @ice but winds are beginning to @change around and about the @winds switch to the south that @begins to push all the ice back @out to the lake. @we have open water closer to @the lakeshore and areas from @cleveland west are beginning to @see that break up, although the @west end of the lake, @shadowlower colder end of the @lake has a lot more ice cover. @you can see this is a big @shift. @remember last year we had like @98%, 99% coverage and it was @thick ice. @temperatures going to be @holding here in the upper 20s @with the southeast breezes @starting to kick in. @and as we start the day @tomorrow, temperatures will
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@once we pass the midnight hour @i think we are going to see @temperatures cruising up into @the mid-30s. @russ mentioned st. louis, 59 @right now. @68 in memphis. @warm air off to the west of us, @beginning to lift northward and @in this transition from the @cold air to the milder air, @there is a lot of cloud cover. @we may get a little line of @freezing rain and snow. @i'll show that you in a moment. @but there is a lot of wind @coming along with this too. @we have seen the high thin @clouds. @i think we'll be dealing with @high thin clouds as we'll. @sustained winds 20 to 30 miles @per hour at times, and wind @gusts upwards of 35 to 40 miles @per hour. @here's the key. @we get into the early morning, @and you can see that those @winds out of the south will be @sustained 20 to 25, and that @means any of our east west @roads, so 90, 480, you are @going to be dealing with a @cross wind. @same for u.s. 30, same for i- @76, and 224.
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@with a cross wind that could be @problematic, especially if you @drive that big 480 bridge. @that one is going to be a fun @one tomorrow morning, so two @hands on the wheel for sure. @ we have clear skies that @have been seeing some of the @high, hymn clouds filling in. @we'll continue to have those -- @high, thin clouds filling in. @we'll continue to have those @through the night. @notice this is at 4:00 in the @morning. @by the time the big rush starts @in the morning commuted that @should be outside of here. @so i'm not concerned about icy @roads for the morning commute, @that should not be too much of @a problem. @winds out of the southeast to @start the day. @temperatures already mid to @upper 30s. @through the afternoon, cruising @up to 50 degrees in northern @ohio. @we have snowpack on the ground, @so temperatures will be varied, @i think upper 40s for akron, @canton and mansfield. @better than that friday in @cleveland. @saturday partly cloudy, @temperatures in the mid-50s.
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@what a beautiful start to the @weekend. @7-day forecast brings in a rain @snow chance on sunday, which is @the leading edge of another @cooldown. @but by mid february standards @not so bad, we can handle it in @and we stay in the 30s through @next woke. @the east coast storm system @looks like we could just get @brushed by the edges of that. @so we are keeping an eye on it. @ coming up, see how the @newest member of sarah's circle @is using her passion to be a @champion of science education. @ and in sports, jimmy's back @with more on the trade. @one of the most liked players @in cavs history.
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@ @ the trading deadline came @and it went past at 3:00 p.m. @today in the nba. @the cavaliers did make a deal, @perhaps the biggest deal of any @kind of note in the entire @league today, but it wasn't a @whopper although they take a @hit in the locker room as @anderson is dealt away as part @of a three team trade. @the guy the cavs had targeted @and he was a favorite of gm @david griffin and that is @channing fry. @32 years old a wing player. @he can stay out on the wing @left or right and shoot the @three. @although he has been on the @bench this year, only averaging
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@he has got three point shooting @prowess. @he has two years left to go on @his contract and so he fits @with the cavs. @anderson is gone, trade ad way @to the portland trailblazers. @so it is the cavs magic and @portland involve involved in @the deal. @a favorite for mylan years. @he had a lot left on his @contract. @expected to cut him but he is @expected to be picked up by @another team. @so the people are asking can @the calves oz pick up? @that is against league rules. @they would have to wait one @year to get him again. @the details the cavs get fry, @the magic get ajared cunningham @and a second round pick and the @blazers get anderson. @but here's the expensive part. @the cavs give up a first round
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@here's david griffin on @channing fry. @>> we envision he is a @complementary piece, a floor @shooter he can guard four and @his fives, his length will @enable him to play some fives @we may not have been playing @currently as well. @>> as the cavaliers basically @trade a real good friend of @lebron james. @when lebron james came back and @made the decision to come back, @one of the guys he was thrilled @to play with again was @anderson. @but injuries and the contract @made him expendable for the @cavaliers. @lebron james was not consulted @whether or not the cavs would @trade him away. @ now to the bulls game @tonight. @fry probably will not be @available for the cavs tonight @but he should play sunday in @oklahoma city. @the cavaliers start with 30 @games to go before it is go @time in the playoffs, so they @have that remaining. @they are 38-14. @best record in the east. @they haven't beaten the bulls @yet this year but chicago is a
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@injuries as they have lost four @in a row. @here's help. @>> we know what we are capable @of. @he want to -- we want to @continue to improve. @>> reporter: the browns made @roster moves today. @they cut tight end jim dry and @randy starks is gone. @starks did not play well last @year. @look who is back in town, ray @horton is back as the defensive @coordinator of the browns. @i asked him today from what you @did a couple years ago running @the defense and what the browns @have done the last two years @without you, how much work do @you have to do to get playing @good defense? @>> there is going to be change @no matter what happens in there @business and we have to find a @way to become a suffocating @championship defense and that @is what we are trying to do. @on do we have work? @yes we do. @>> suffocating is the word @right there. @>> intense.
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@ she believes girls can do @anything they put their mind @to. @>> how she is promoting girl @power in the field of science. @next in this week's sarah's
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@ @ every thursday we are @meeting women sharing their @trade and tricks to make things @happen. @these women are carving out a @better future for northeast @ohio. @tonight we welcome kirstin @ellen boeingen to sarah's @circle. @>> if you want to go to mars, @you have got to go through @cleveland. @>> reporter: nasa glenn is one @of the city's science element @she geek out over. @>> -- geeked out over. @>> reporter: great lakes @science center president and @ceo just started year three. @the detroit native is living @across the lake, the latest @stop on our cross country @career as a champion of science @education in and out of the @classroom. @>> to really feel like i can @understand science. @and maybe that affects you as
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@or the next time you are in a @grocery store. @if the science center plays a @little role in that, i'm very @happy. @>> reporter: how did you choose @science? @was it always your first love? @>> i grew up loving science. @my mother loved chemistry. @she kind of liked to blow @things up. @>> reporter: but mom, mary lou, @a proud lords academy grad, @didn't have the options. @options that are still @improvingering what would be @key in helping girls move @forward in stem careers. @>> i'm hoping girls understand @they can do what they want. @they can do what they are @passionate about and that they @are going to create careers @that i never even dreamed of. @some of the extraordinary @things that will be happening @for my daughter, who is 11 @years old now, it is a whole @different kind of future. @>> reporter: and as for 11-year- @old zoe.
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@>> they are growing up at the @center. @>> reporter: the byproduct of @two educators, her husband is a @metropolitan schools. @>> charles teaches english. @course opposites attract. @so if i can't help the kids @with the homework then surely @charles can. @one of the great things about @studying many different @families is to realize everyone @does it different and that, @that is perfectly okay and @people get to some of the same @wonderful outcomes of having @happy, legal any children @through many, many -- happy, @healthy children through many, @many different paths. @>> reporter: one thing that @feels right, settling down in @cleveland. @from the focus on the lake @front to the places our city @goes. @>> i'm going to be very happy @if i pack my kids off to @college some day and charles @and i move to a lake front @condo.
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@>> reporter: we are so glad she @does. @the science center has big @plans when it comes to lake @front developments. @>> she is so cool. @we are big fans down here. @>> absolutely. @thank you to her. @ and we thank you so much @for watching tonight. @jimmy and betsy back at 7:00. @ the nbc nightly news starts @right now. developing news tonight. the pope versus trump. shock es as pope francis weighs into the race for president. why he said donald trump is not a christian. donald firing back. it's getting ugly as rubio and cruz have accusations. sudden impact. a terrifying chopper crash caught on tape near pearl harbor. breaking news from hawaii. a hospital hacked. its computers frozen, forced to pay ransom


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