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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  February 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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an exclusive interview. >> we would hitchhike in there. before we got in to theop we would have to get around the floor board so no one would see us come in there. >> a human talks about her story. how anfurc cc vote today could end up saving you a lot of on your cable bill. >> you'll final out which
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von and i got in to the car and i put my bag in there. i looked back and that was then of my mom and dad's house for a long time. >> we begin tonight with an emotional story on human a global problem but one that officials are tackling head on. >> requiring all law enforcement and truckers to be trained torachicing. live tonight to explain. hi hillary. >> reporter: ohio state highway truck stops are places where often there is a problem, where people who are the most vulnerabled. sometimes sex trafficking beginning at early as 11 and 14 years old.
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was takener family. >> if you ever went on the highway and there was no lights out>> i would be standing out there, flack flagging -- flacking down trucks. >> reporter: she was 16 years old >> there was a lot of girls, you could get anything you wanted out of. >> reporter: she was being trafficked as ahere was a lot of cops out there but they didn't know how to bust us. >> reporter: spotting the all law enforcement, all truckers, learning how to stop trafficking.
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do you think things in life are for free. and i said -- i didn't know what i'm a 16-year-old girl and he's asking me this question, and he said, things in life are not forou're fitting to pay me. >> reporter: what do you think is go prognosis ong in the mind of a man who could allow something like that top haen. >> when i thinkhen i was that gun, i was so numb to everything. i wasn't even on drugs then. i was more or less scared ofd to get beat. >> truckers are for the truckers flags. >> reporter: they have been instrumental about teaching people to spot the signs so who saw rachel today,
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>> they didn't have thethey was blindsided with all them girls in the truck stop. if one police officer would have taken me aside and said, "what are youut here?". >> reporter: the national human trafficking resource center reports, when it began in 2007, 3 callss. today, over 1100 callvise come in and victim rescues are real. a coordinated efforts, includinged more than 4800 kids and convicted more than 2000 wrong doers. now, if you need help, or youg and you want to say something, you can head to our website. we've got a link up there where you can learn a lot more information about how to spot the signs of human trafficking. >> pretty eye opening, thank you, hillary.
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the city of east cleveland. the city and the police officer, face a lot suit over a -- lawsuit over a man's death. his mother is suing for $25,000 in com pence tory damages. the lawsuit alleges the officer was driving at a high rate of speed without his cruise's lights and sirens on. the officer was responding to a hit and run and it was kim bell who was in the wrong. police continue to search for answers this evening after the disappearance of a 2-year-old. she is home after spending hours in freezing conditions. she had no signs of hypo thermia, despite being exposed to freezing temperatures and nothing but a pair of pajamas. she is not old enough to talk and tonight all investigators have is her 10-year-old sister's
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front yard. even that is not adding up. >> she seen somebody grab her where? >> grab her by the hand and run off with her. >> police believe whoever had her, had her inside before leaving her outside at the intersection of cleave lnl boulevard. -- cleveland boulevard. she was rescued within 15 minutes of that. no signs of abuse and no suspects. now to traumatic new video from hawaii. spieraled out of control and mrufrned in to the water. good samaritans jumped in to the ocean to safe the passengers. witnesses say, it's a miracle everyone survived. investigation underway as to what went wrong. challenge federal judge's
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help the fbi break in to i phone. google, twitter and facebook are voicing their support for apple. the fbi wants apple to create a new software that erases all data after ten wrong pass word attempts. the move would set a dangerous prez dent. if gives access to databased on legal orders but requiring companies to enable hack sg completely different. a war of word tonight between none other than trump and pope francis. >> today the pope returning to roam from mexican visit says anybody who is thinking about building walls instead of bridges on the mebscon border is
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trump fired back. >> for a religious leader to question a person's vote is disgraceful. i'm proud to be a christian. they are using the pope as a pawn and they should be ashame of themselves. >> a vatican spokesperson responded, coming the comments very strange. he's a billionaire, out to make a climate change a bigger issue in the presidential race. he's doubling down in ohio. new pole for his group has surprising results. >> reporter: a california billionaire walked away from managing other people's money now devoting his time and bank role. >> the only reason we exit and are doing this is because we believe it's the right thing to do. >> reporter: focussing on climate change. one of five states where the group set up shop. >> this is ground 0 for american
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>> reporter: using 50% of alternative energy by 2030. >> it forces the candidate to come up with a concrete solution. >> reporter: they have signed a pledge. >> no one has really put out a concrete plan. >> reporter: 83 of ohioans. >> that's a very high number. >> reporter: back that goal. >> that is a number i have never seen anywhere else. >> reporter: ohio slammed the breaks for winds and solar power. >> particularly disappointing, given the fact ohio has no many opportunities to create businesses if they move forward on clean energy. >> reporter: they welcome the clout. >> this is our bigger fight of the generation, whether we can transition. we need everyone's voice. >> reporter: channel three news. >> you can watch all of the
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a local beach has been nominated as one of the fresh water beaches in the nation. one of the ten best. appears in the gat goro along side bliss street in chicago. the winner is chosen by the public, so cast your ballot on our website. coming up, save money on cable. how an fcc rule can mean more money in your packet. they are making a comeback. when you can get your ham on the
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this measure would boost competition $20 billion. the fcc says nearly all paid t. v. users get the boxes from their cable companies and they pay an average of 2 $231 each year. it's back in production. happening in humble texas. the cars were first build in the mid-70s. when the company went bankrupt. >> it's a thing of the present as you see here today. it's a thing of the future.
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band new ones under a manufacture bill. they are expected to cost close to a hundred thousand dollars and expected to go back in production by this time next year. food lovers, maybe your favorite time of year in restaurant week. we kick off tomorrow and goes through next weekend. >> we were at the kickoff events and sampled a few of the restaurant for us. >> reporter: salmon, chicken, sushi -- you name is, you got it. we followed them as they tried different restaurant samples on thursday. 450 people registered in 72 hours to try thoofree satchm >> we have 55 participating
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they all have prefixed lunch and dinner menus, ranging frauch 15, 30 and $40. >> reporter: sure, i'll try one. this one from the catering. i'm not going to lie, it was a little spicy. >> this is really good. can i have some water? >> reporter: the counselman was one of the judges in the competition. they picked johnny's downtown. >> we won best presentation. >> reporter: i'll try this one too. >> it's with rumono palenta. >> reporter: i see why they won. >> that's one of the core -- portion size that you get. i offer two vegetarian entreeses and a vegan desert. >> reporter: iter run believable how many fine restaurants there within cleveland. we can't get to enough of them. this is a fine restaurant city.
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we are on west 6th. behind is the naughty mermaid. they will be participating in restaurant week. to find the full list go to our website. so many options. >> i'm starving. let's go. >> i know. we typically, every year, step out to restaurant week. try to get at least one of them in. seating will be available with some heaters. will be windy. that will be the biggest program. not the temperatures, but the wind is going to get your attention tomorrow. windy conditions will be around tomorrow. that commute could be tricky because of the wind and we'll have con tin yag of clouds and sun in the afternoon. it's going to be wine. look at the temperatures. we
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the first we will tackle, the winlz. on average, as far as your colonel speeds, you're going to see winds increase, especially along the lake shore. sthis going to be a warming wij for rus. the warming commute, especially on our east, west roads r 94, 76, 224, 30. don't forget the turnpike. you will have a cross winds that you will have to deal with. especially if you go on any of the high bridges. treat tomorrow. you know how that can be if you drive the bridge frekwenlly. they drive it frequently and nodding their heads. it can be tricky. slow down a bit. if a high profile reek is near you, be advised. by noon, the wind speed rp not
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wind direction more southerly. we will see the wind speeds generally staying from intaen to 25 at times sustained at 30 with gusts upward of 40 miles an hour, possible. it's all because we have warmer air coming in. this is actually one of those trade off things where we get the good and the bad. the wind we can handle. boy, do we get the benefit. warmer temperatures are off to the west of us as the warm air comes in. we have some freezing rain. there is a flight concern. we could get some of that moving to northern ohio late tonight. does not look like that will impact the morning commute. here is the forecast, hour by hour for you. temperatures should be in the mid-30s. we did not see the freezing rain or snow come through. every the slightest chance. i don't think it's going to put a coating in most areas. really nonimpact for us. by afternoon, look at this, midday temperatures around 40.
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chills will be colder. afternoon, kids getting out of school, temperatures, we could be seeing 50s tomorrow. i'm going to be more conservative on my numbers. upper 40 to around 50. with the windy conditions, i think it's going to be a nice day for us. we will stay windy and the temperatures will be climbing from 30s to the 50-degree range. like a winner. highs in the mid-50s. little rain and snow on sunday. pattern change coming to february standards by the time we get to next week. >> a roller coaster. thanks. coming up, the all-star break finally over. taking on the bulls. >> we have the highlights and the recap of their big trade today.
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cap can tonight they got it down for the 4th straight win. griffin had the busy day. then, in the game, lebron and donely. in right there. lebron behind the back pass right here to trusten. he scores it. then a little dicy here as christen tops it. jr smith and gibson get into a match with each other.
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lebron puts it away. 25 points. nine rebounds, nine assists and a vick torious dance after that. -- vick torious dance. it happened early this afternoon, the trade. the cavaliers got the guy they targeted, a guy that griffin was very comfortable in being able to welcome. 32 years old. three point shooter, didn't play much this year for the magic, averaging under six points a game. two more years left took in his contract. he's a veteran, wing player. . that's exactly what they want, come playoff time. he goes to the portland trail blazers. he got traded there when he got waved. he's been waved.
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of coursee had good years here in cleveland he had injury-filled years too. orlando gets cunningham. when you release a pop i'll player, it's a tough call to make. >> it made this trade an incredible difficult one to do, both on a human level and a real sense. it was a very difficult phone call to v. there is very little i've enjoyed letsz in my professional joy than letting him know that he was traded. a fan favorite but he was a real lebron favorite. after the game, this is the worst part of the business, losing a teammate like him is like losing a brother. good luck to him. the l. a.
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in him as a free agents. the browns terminated contracts of ranly starks. it was great to see chris tabert today as part of the new browns coaching staff but he rr part of the old browns coaching staff. this is the 4th head coach that he's worked for since being the spence teams coordinator. he looks forward to working with travis as lebron's kicker. snoop th. >> the kid is a kid that attacks things and listens. it took him a long time to break on to a team. he knows he needs to get better and i believe that he will. a week from tonight on channel 3 news, we'll be talking about him heading off to arizona we will have an indian special coming up next thursday night. getting close.
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campaign season could mean romance for some. newidating website aims to match up bernie sanders supporters. >> the website is a huge hit. a thousand accounts were created and crashed the website. a spokesperson for the sight says so far members are mostly college aged singles.
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who would have thupg. a man in his 80s, getting college kids together.
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