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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  February 19, 2016 3:07am-3:37am EST

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>> oh, but you are winning, miss adele. i will pitchy voice or not she's always my favorite..s. tour in five years begins july 5 in st. paul, minnesota. got a little less than five months to figure out how to get a ticket inside. new york's fashion week came alive today to make sure that nobody repeated the fashion faux pas that blake lively committed. it's just awful.ere's the oops that had fashion insiders crying foul. blake sitting in the front row at new york's fashion weak with her legs crossed. h, we really don't know how she sleeps at night. show, the first thing that the producers shout is, uncross yourthe reason they do that is there are hundreds of photographers
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and theeason we don't want feet in the shots. >> blake wasn't the only one to commit the offense. and elvis's granddaughter did it too. she attended thew with her om elaine who even gave her a sassy spank on the behind. made most of our clothes. >> blake lively, she's one of the best stars on instagram. and afterwards she posted a picture of herself with this poppy dress with the caption, i didn't wake up like this. last night she gave us all fashion goals. 8 months pregnant and stunning n halter. with lace cutouts from the side. >> could not be better, it's perfect. and john were at the shoot. she told people, woet, i was
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in zanzabar. bruises and i had a littlecal kit. i had to cover the bruises with makeup. >> let me show you my favorite gift of the day right now. t and a look. >> she is magically delicious, honestly, she is so much fun. now, a little different situation for real housewife teresa giudice and her husband joe. and he's about to go in as you k and word on the street is t got busy and made a baby. jennifer asked her the correct the reco >> i have to ask you to address these reports of today that you are expecting a baby boy, is that true or not. , no. look at that tummy, completely flat. >> no, and believe me, that's not happening. i'm sure joe would like a little joe jr. running around. i'm like 43, done.
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jersey to begin his sentence. >> i'm going to be a shortly so i need to like i want to get businesses going got four mouths to feed. >> last night she partied to celebrate her best selling book "turning tables" bravo's andy cohen was there to support and now she's back shooting "the ey". >> are the girls happy the cameras are back? >> no, no, no. my girls, listen, they're notthey go with it, but it's really not her thing. she was going to do this whole nd she's decided it's not for her. now she says she wants to be a
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passed away. recently she sat down with dr. oz after the throat cancer spread to her brain. >> the reason she came on the e knew that cigarettes have taken her life. >> ange says she smoked for 40 she actually quit smocking on the day she found out she h cancer, but obviously it was too late. jamie-lynn sigler gives us ve update on her battle with m.s. and we go inside the secretsrity online dating. investigation revealed. >> the majority of people on raya are definitely tens. ose orlando bloom-katy perry romance
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ether? that's next. just added the to the list -
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academy awards, oscar winners r and john ty perry and orlando bloom, people have been
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couple or are they not? and cameron may have just gotten the answer. the thing, jason ba almond a couple of weeks ago was part of a big dinnerat included katy and orlando. so when i saw them at the hollywood premier, i gave it my best shot. >> there's photos of katy perrynd orlando bloom, do you like them together? >> they are so much fun. >> that sly smile says it all. >> the co-star glowing for a different reason. pregnant in heels is a whole other thing. jennifer goodwin expecting another boy. with apower message. >> shakira had to make up her character a little bit more hippy. >> i love that, no, it's gorgeous. everything's against an actress going into this business, and i'm not crazy skinny, so i'm extremely theyed is asked what with ose
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>> and joseph fine's family meet and greet with the pope. >> my daughter's really too young to underst but iat this was rather extraordinary. >> i thought thethe utopia premier acted pretty good. but joseph's kids will follow him one day. speaking of social media, itost liked instagram pic of grammy night. and taylor said she theate of the evening. and i think joe zee would agree. >> oh! n. >> i'm serious. >> this is amazing. ly served up some serious sex appeal, the makeup, the dress and that gorgeous hair. >> music is an expression in all i feel like in fashion
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overboard than you normally could. >> the 23-year-old is the face of pantene. lathe latest spot the new pantene about strong women and strong hair.wns that. >> i have been really excited work and collaborate with people who think whatever youlive makes you stronger. >> what's next? her revival world tour. >> this album means so much to me and i'm ready to do it. >> selena's tour in las vegas. >> and coming up, we reveal which stars are on the new g app. it's so private, but what's so secret? >> which hear that raya is the new big thing. >> no ranos star jamie-lynn sigler talks about keeping up
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>> mommy can't play baseball.p and running the
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it's totally unfair what mom is doing, now she's making this little movie scene out of it.e first met jamie-lynn sigler, on the 16 years old. >> she was halfway through that found out that she had m.s. now she's not hiding it anymore. she's t harris how she's living and working with m.s. >> how have you had to alter ? >> it's sort of like a gas tank and you have your amount of energy for the day and you sort of allocate and use it where you know you're going to be needed. when i need and i'm here and ready when the cameras are rolling.
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>> cameras are now rolling wheren with her baby daddy. >> it's been overwhelming in a good way. everything i feared about coming out about it has not happenedete opposite happened. i mean i have been working consistently since. which is crazy. >> although sigler has beenttling m.s. for years, and while you can slow the symptoms for years,lynn was still able to can go public. >> i thought it would mean that people were going to be judging me and i don't feel that way necessarily. and he's coming to an age where he will be aware, i don't want him to think i held anything back. >> her son beau is 2 1/2. >> wants to do is that mommy can hold him and cuddleim. >> and mommy can play baseball
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i just don't run the bases. g i can. >> actually cutter and jamie-lynn got married just last month. >> you married your baby daddy? >> finally. i used to call him my baby daddy and now he's actually my husband. ow? >> we're four years in relationship and we didn't think it would be necessarily any different, but it's fun to say husband and wife.and we're a unit, we're a team, we always have been, but it's even that much more official and real. >> now jamie lynne has said that she and cutter who happens to be to make more babies and just keep having fun.gler has found her man, but for many, finding the right one is not as easy. and the famous do not necessarily want to pop-up on
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is key. hear that raya is the new hot date. >> no comment. the elite. >> have you guys heard of the app raya? on it. >> it's lake a dating site where you have only approved people on and just what stars are on the secret app? kelley confirmed it andhe ill sure sounds lake raven simone is too. >> everybody is talking about it right now. >> now i like it's a like illuminat only, old school
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and it is hard to get into. >> the also claims that patrick schwarzenegger, matthew perry and joes on it. but the selection process appears using a mix of fame, looks and instagram followers. >> we asked one member who agreed to talk if we kept her entity a secret. >> so the application rocess starts by just entering the instagram handle of the friend erred you, who have to be a member of the app already. then they have access to your instagram.cepted to raya is like waiting outside in a line at a club. inside. >> no surprise, a lot of applicants are wait listed, but if you're accepted, the app
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when i signed up was joe jonas. and i immediately took aand sent it to my girlfriends and a notificati popped up on the screening telling me that i should protect then the a approximate p >> and kelly told us it's more about seeing who's out theredinging a soul mate. >> it's an interesting app, but what i like about it is that everybody actually has to do a v i'm not re looking to rely technology to get a date. >> we are in the vetting process to get on raya is so selective indefinite waiting list. thank goodness we don't have to go on there.a actress started on the fiist season of facts of life?
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plus paul mccartney's ex heather mills speaks out about why she's kept her daughter away
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has only ever had one boyfriend. we the show. in tonight's "e.t" birthdays, which actress starred on the first season of "facts of life" and the answer is molly ringwald. turns 48 today. >> her another lady's love back in the '8 0s, ricknd tomorrow he's only talking to us. >> 35 years after his biggest hit.
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developing news tonight. the pope versus trump. shock waves as popeancis weighs into the race for president. why he said donald trump is not a christian. donald firing back. it's getting ugly as rubio and cruz haveons. sudden impact. a terrifying chopper crash caught on tape near pearl harbor. news from hawaii. a hospital hacked. its computers frozen, forced to pay ransom back control. and a warning it could
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and hidden risk. even exercise won't lower the stubbornly high cholesterol. what doctors say you get rid of to bring it down. "nightly news" begins right now. m nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with good evening. it's virtually unheard of, a pope admonishing a u.s. presidential candidate, in case [ bleep ] donald trump over his immigration plan. pope francis returning home took the 's question about trump's pledge to build a border wall. in his answer, implied that trump is not a n. it was a high-level rebuke to say the least. but true to form, trump is not turning the other cheek.aty tur has the details. >> mr. trump, the pope made a statement aboutu. >> reporter: donald
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no thing or one too sacred for his political ire. >> he actuallyi'm not a good christian or something. >> reporter: the last presbyterian lashingout at the church. talking about the border wall between the u.s. and mexico. a person who only thinks about building herever they may be, and not building bridges is not a christian, he told reporters. just hours earlier,the pontiff was praying along the mexican side of that very border.nald trump declared his holiness should hope it's him. >> if and when the vatican is attacked byis, which as everyone knows is isis' ultimate trophy, i can promise you that the pope would have only wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president. >> reporter: another day, another controversy, but still no clear break in his support.nk he has to respond. the pope's coming at
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good christian, as is pe. >> reporter: south carolina is known for its religious voting block, but only 13% of republican primary voters in 2012 were . nationally that number jumps to 25%. swing voters who supported the last presidents. >> it's not unusual at owl for pope francis to talk about the dignity of the esident. >> reporter: trump even admonished the holy father for something trump did to ted cruz last week, questioning his faith. >> for a religious o question someone's faith is disgraceful. >> reporter: the top trend right now on this feud between donald trump and the pope. the pope himself does live behind very high walls that surround the vatican.ster. >> katy tur tonight, thank you. it's getting uglier on the campaign trail in south carolina with cruz and rubio trading ons of dirty tricks just two days
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primary. utierrez frames the dispute for us. >> reporter: if a picture's worth a thousand words, today the bitter fightbetween ted cruz and marco rubio got expensive. >> making things up, they literally made up a >> reporter: rubio claiming the florida senator shook hands with president obama, and supported amnesty for undocumented grants. the cruz campaign firing back. it's just pointing out rubio shifting stance on immigration. the texas senator also trying to buildmomentum in his battle against donald trump. >> in the journal," and for the first time in many, many months, according to that poll, there's a new national front-runner. reporter: rubio's getting a jolt from the surprise endorsement of governor nikki haley who had been heavily by the bush family.
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approval rating among an voters here. >> jeb is a dear friend. this is about fight, this is about passion. >> reporter: bush voters that his fight isn't over. for rubio, saturday could be crucial.night a diverse trio is on the trail. a cuban-american presidential candidate, an merican governor and african-american senator. >> are you the new face of the republican party? >> are we the newfaces of the republican party? i hope we're the faces of the new conservative movement. >> reporter: an upporter at a john kasich rally. >> i really appreciate what you've been talking about. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: he got the hug after sharing a difficult story about the tough period in his life over the past year. he says he sees hope in john kasich's campaign. tomorrow will be a hectic day here in
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gop candidates planning at least 20 stops throughout the state. lester? >> dave gutierrez tonight, thank you. democrats are preparing for a critical showdown at the msnbc town hall in las vegas. where the polls are showing it's a dead heat ahead of the nevada caucuses. clinton has a smaller lead before sanders' blowout victory in new hampshire. andrea mitchell has the details on a tightening contest. >> reporter: hillary clinton today reaching out to casino workers after seeing her support in nevada plummet over the last two weeks. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: both democrats now targeting minorities in the diverse state. bernie sanders meeting today with the urban league in washington. competing with clinton to champion their history. >> the fight for basic voting rights, the demonstrations, the lynchings, the
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to achieve what all americans have, the right to vote. >> reporter: both aggressively courting latinos. today clinton rolling out a new ad featuring a 10-year-old girl who fears her parents will be deported. >> let me do the worrying. i'll do all the worrying. is that a deal? i'll do everything i can to help. >> reporter: president obama is granting exceptions to undocumented teenagers and young adults. so-called dreamers. but not their parents. a huge issue here. sanders supporter is 18. >> we want to be citizens. we want everything that citizens get in the united states. we just want to feel like we're home. supporter perez came from the philippines when she was 6. >> we need to tell the gop, we need to tell the democrats, hey, you know what, we're out here and what are you going to do? you can't deport all 11 million, 12 million of us. >> i think what they really fear, andrea, is all kinds of new voters that bernie sanders is atacting into the process,


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