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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  WKYC  February 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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ywood vision for the mansfield -- see the haunting changes.
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0. now, at 11:00, big weekend sy will tell us how high the temps will get and how long it will last. >> so proud to knowple are considering him for the presidential medal of honor. >> plus the cleveland i had yanz wage a campaign. we sit down for an exclusivehe wife of the late bob feller. >> one of the very biggest names in hor make up effects takes over the haunting at theeformtory, we'll have a brush with the ma koem tonight. straight ahead.
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of the popular hover board, what they need to do to avoid a recall. >> in is channelt 11:00. well the winds have change will die down overnight leaving us with unseasonal temperatures. >> betsy is here with some great >> not just unseasonal temperatures for the weekend but for right now. it is warm out there. russ pointed to one of the monitors said it's 57e it is? it is. it is 57. that's a new temperature at the top of the hour. 57 the downtown cleveland. we are ar to the south. these brisk winds will continue to pump in the heat. we have sustained winds that have come up even higher than we had earlierhere from about 15 sustained in dover to 36 sustained in -- gusts. very gusty winds to continue as
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as a matter of fact, those winds are going to be mainly out of the southwest, sustained anywhere from 15 to 25, butre expected to come down a little bit as we get into the day tomorrow so that should help things a little bit. now, as far ass, it looks like we will be hitting the 60s for the afternoon. mostly sunny skies. there's a whole lot of melting going on across n so do expect it to be a little squishy outside. that's a shout out to ourr sunday and beyond, it does look like things will be changing up on us. we'll talk about that in your full forecast. >> we'll see thank you. he's a local legend before leaving for the major leagues to enlift in the navy during worldight there's a push to have bob recognized with the presidential medal of freedom. but organizers need your 3's wally explains.
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progressive field but his legacy goes far beyonds after pearl harbor, feller enlifted even though he didn't have to. >> prime of his career. >> you can actuallyere, the terrace club. a whole list of ac owe laid on his timeline when he came into the league inese ac owe laids for the next nine seasons before he enlifted in the navy. he served his country for four years before coming back with the team in 1945. another plethora of accolades here and retiring in 1956. >> because of thinched a month-long campaign to have the white house recognize feller with the presidential medal of freedom. in the u.s. the petition needs 100,000 signatures and with two weeks left, he is
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signifies what he meant for us. he was an ambassador for our club, for the game of baseball. so while it means a lot to us, i think it means moreo his family, to our fans. >> betsy is back now. you have a very special relationship with ann fell letter. e's a wonderful lady who i have had the honor to get to know. obviously it's a great honor for bob to be potentiallymedal of freedom. mrs. feller believes bob would be very grateful. he was 23 and had 127 wins under his belt when on december 7th, bullet bob put down the baseball, picked up his papers and joined the war. >> he was in the car on somewhere towards the west. and it came on the radio, pearl harbor had been attacked. and that was, of course, we know that was the beginning. we knew then that that was thef the war.
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went back to a friend of his and he said i'm -- i me in. i'm going to be in the war. and he was in touch with the uss alabama and they wanted their crew. one time he was telling me that there was loading fuel and ammunition on a rope and its but they needed -- fuel and ammunition now. and the last rope was going to bringt came apart before the mail got to the ship and they lost the mail. and i said, what did you do? and i said we just turned aroundnt back to our stations again. but you know, those -- little things but they're not. but he said it was wonderful to watch men helping other men. that's the alabama. then if they weren't actually shooting at them, they would go out on the deck and throw the baseball back and forth.
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atlantic and pacific is covered with baseballs because they couldn't catch them. but he did keep himself in shape because he knew he would be back at the indians. i'm just so proud of him, really, that he served and he was proud to have served. but he said, this was really my finest hour, to be on that battleship, fighting the war, and winning along with everyone else. that was -- that's what he was so proud of, really. >> well, bob feller returned to the indians a decorated war hero after his four years of service. went right back to winning games and over his 18-year career here in cleveland he won 266 games. but obviously he went to war in the prime of his pitching career and there would have been many more wins as well. 88,000 plus signatures still needed. this is totally a cleveland
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so this is going to have to be northeast ohio coming out for the indians and getting online. we'll be tweeting about it. posting it on facebook. and of course we'll have it on a website as well. we need you to sign that petition. >> they say he deserves it is an understatement. >> a hero in so many ways. thanks, betsy. we are just hours away from the next test in the race for the white house. republican voters head to the polls tomorrow in south carolina. a new nbc poll parks marco rubio in third place behind donald trump and ted cruz. he hit the campaign trail hard in south carolina today hoping to drum up some last-minute support and urging voters to get out and take part in what he believes is the most important election in recent memory. >> we are now about 12 to 14 hours away from the polls opening. in what i believe is the most important election in a
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i'm asking you will for your vote because i will win this election. the democratics do not want to run against me. they attack me more than anybody else running. >> the democrats face off tomorrow in nevada where hillary clinton lead owner e. over bernie sanders has been slashed to just two points. >> and the funeral for the late supreme court justice antonin scalia will be held tomorrow at the national basilica in washington. today, his body lay in repostin a great hall of the u.s. supreme court. 100 of his former law clerks lined the stairs to the court. his fell le justices, president obama, and the first lady were among those who paid their respects. thousands of others lined up just to get in side. scalia died last week in texas. the divorce attorney of a mother murdered in downtown cleveland is out on bail tonight. gregory moore pleading in to charges of -- and lying to police in ali saturday sherman murder case. he was shot and killed outside
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just as she was scheduled to meet with him. her killer is still on the loose. another warning this evening about those ever popular hoover boards, this time from the federal got government, it is stepping in saying all hover boards are unsafe. they have been implicated in at least 50 fires in 24 states. the consumer product safety commission believes the problem is how the lithium a on battery packets interact with the circuit boards. it is already sent a letter to makers that sell them that any that don't meet safety standards will face a recall or be seeds. amazon is already announced it will give full refunds on all boards purchased on its side. and today is the deadline to register your drone with the federal aviation administration. that new rule applies to owners of all remote controlled aircraft that weigh at least nine ounces. if you buy a drone after today, you have to register it before frying it. if you own more than 1, 1
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the process costs $5 and the faa has a website to register. so far more than 325,000 have registered their drones. harper lee has passed away. lee was born in monroeville, alabama in 1926. her most famous book, to kill a mockingbird, won her a price. last year harper collins published go set a watchman. her first draft manuscript which was promoted as a quell to kill a mockingbird. harper lee was 18-year-old old. . plus a new breakfast edition, mcdonald's creates its version of chicken and waffles. >> plus damage in the windy season. we'll show you the impact of some powerful winds blowing
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0. it is known for putting fear in the hearts of many and for being the filming location for much of the shaw shank redemption. >> now a legend in hollywood
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the gore at mansfield reformtory at the haunted house. channel 3's hillary goldston has the gory details. >> we'll be transported to 1964. a secret society of monster hunters and occult warriors have set up a heavily fortified monster containment facility. it's right here in the heart of ohio. the group the slayers of the dammed. sod is here to understand these creatures, study them and maybe. >> a hand in the nightmare on elm street series. >> hey do you have to call me. >> fat -- and austin powers engoldment. vam pier flick from dusk to dawn. this is where we make the magic. >> over 400 movies, now he can extend his best menacing my nigh
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>> i here by order you to serve two life sentences back-to-back. >> a place where the shaw shank redemption was shot and the creepiness and spook has delighted haunted house goers. >> i get anything horror related if i can write about hollow wean in the middle of february. >> he's sitting on a coffin with a fake skeleton inside. ryan took haze photos. he writes a blood red poster teases mormon ters and more scares than ever before. >> he is a god when it comes to the horror world. so i think his creature creations what he is known for. >> the prison beliefs by many to be one of the our nation's most haunted spots could see torment taken to another level. >> and how about this? this man he is toe of monstrous
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normal pen ten tri monster. kurtzman operates his visual effects in northeast ohio. it looks like these creatures are wondering over to the prison and the haunting begins in october sara. >> all right spooky. thank you, hillary. mcdonald's is giving a whole new meaning to chicken and waffles it looks like ohio will be a test state for the new creation. the new menu item is called the chicken mcgrid el it's a chicken and pancake sandwich. customers in central ohio locations will be able to try it. it sounds pretty good. i'm sure it's locale as well. >> i'm sure. most powerful winds blast in chicago which caused lots of damage. >> they were forced to close some downtown streets because of debris flying off buildings. the dangerous wind gusts reached up to 50 miles per hour, you can see just walking down the street trying to fly a plaque, pretty
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>> it is the windy city but >> that's a lot of wind. >> we had wind gusts over 50 miles per hour as well. again. winds settled down for a little bit and it seems like things are starting to stir up on us. as far as the wind goes, yes, the seeds are bad, but boy it's temperatures. there's a look at your sustained wind speed. look at that 36 miles per hour sustained wind. but guests are over-40 miles per hour in many locations. and we could see those again. now, as far as the expected wind speed during the night, the oranges, the brighter colors, that's where those really high gusts are. and the higher wind speeds as well. watch what happens as we go through the night. it's still going to be very breezy. will stay very breezy as we go through the day tomorrow. but the wind gusts speeds should come down. i mentioned the warmer temperatures that these winds are bringing in. and that is certainly the case. 52 in the motor city.
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and the temperatures in the 60s the doorstep. we are in the upper 50s right now in downtown cleveland. northwest. this will start to invade as we head through the afternoon and evening tomorrow from north to south. we're actually going to see a cool down especially along the but other than that, it looks like it's going to be a great day for us, albeit breezy. we'll see some sunshine. and as far as all the snow and rain that you see north of us, of us. now, let's talk about your hour by hour forecast, getting into you can he soo the temperatures, this is not going to be the case, my friends. these southwesterly winds will just hold our temperatures up as we go through the morning and that should easily get us into the 50s and 60s as we head into the day tomorrow. would not be surprised if cleveland clocks in some mid-60s. the car thermometer temperatures will be very interesting tomorrow. but we tend to get the warmest temperatures with the southwest wind closer to the lakeshore.
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farther to the south. tomorrow evening we'll start to see the temperatures cooling back down once again. and on sunday we are anticipating some clouds to be in play. and temperatures that will be cooler for the day. notice that we're only in the 30s, mid-day, we're probably going to be in the 40s early in the morning. and we stay cloudy. but we don't really have a great chance for any rain showers that are going to be showing up in the forecast. so as far as saturday goes, we'll just say 50s to start. probably peeking in the 60s as we head through the early afternoon. and then the temperatures will likely fall back in cleveland but stay nice and toasty as we head south. so 60 for akron. 61 mansfield. the breezy conditions around. we'll see the winds finally temperatures likely to be in the 30s for a good part of the day. isolated rain chances can't be ruled out. but i think we may get a few peeks of sun with all the clouds. we know nation seven-day forecast does have cooler air returning for monday with partly sunny skies. we do pick up some snow chances
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that's going to be quickly moving through. at this point, i would not count on any accumulation from that but we might be able to get an inch out of it. but temperatures will be in the low 30s for wednesday and thursday. and then look at that, back into the 20s on friday. so last weekend, we were complaining because it was so cold, this weekend we're so happy it's warm, but it's windy. next weekend it's back to the cold. so oh. >> see you at the pool tomorrow. >> picnic. >> okay. . >> a picnic. >> you got it. back in sports. rumors swirling tonight after former cavalier anderson varejao. >> what team may be interesting picking him up.
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others
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0. dave, if you weren't sad about andy varejao leaving before you read -- it's lick. >> he's crushed. and here in cleveland, boy, i do not want to see something happen in june where varejao is on another team. that would not be good. if you were not a fan of calf as parting ways. according to report by espn several teams are interesting in signing varejao including the golden state warriors. can you imagine? golden state contemplating making a play at varejao after he clears waivers on sunday and then release of andy by portland. the warriors have a need for him. head coach says it makes perfect sense. it sounds as though varejao will take the weekend to clear his head. he wrote a letter to cleveland fans today saying it was an honor to represent the city and the cavs for the last 12 years saying the cleveland fans are the best. he said he wanted to retire here
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so with that i say good buy but more importantly i say thank you. thank you for your support. thank you for coming out every night whether we were winning or losing and thank you for giving me the best 12 years of my life. man, the guy, the cavs received in the trade yesterday, channing frye is in town. he just watched practice today but he's expected to take part tomorrow. he will play on sunday. he injured his shoulder in fourth quarter. he pulled up after making a steal. said he was fine last night. he was held out of practice. the coach is unsure if he will play sunday. it's the same shoulder injury that called him to last five weeks. snow johnson is still in play to land with the calfs should he obtain a buyout of his salary worth $25 million this soon season. onson wants to come here.
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team by march 1st to be playoff eligible college basketball huge game tonight. it's the best rival ry. the 100th anniversary of the kent state and akron rival ry. can't stop isaiah johnson. two of his team, 24 points but the flash has come back, thanks to a hot shooting night. thomas had 22. at the half. second half spicer having his way down low. he had two as well. kent state wins -- flashes 73-71 all-time versus akron and now trail the first place zips by -- including the season finale in akron. the weather outside has us thinking spring as we inch closer to opening day on april 4th, a busy day for rt indians. spring training is really here now. seeing the visuals from goodyear, most players already outwest. the first official squad work
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today the first work outfor pitcher and catcher. the basically has been said for opening today except that pit spot, anderson hoping to learn that while learning from the other guys. >> it always seems like people watching from the outside they're just a robot, you know. but watching their day-to-day routine and adjust when they're doing good. whatever happens, they don't change who they are or what they're doing or how they treat anybody. >> the indians are bringing -- on board. it's worth 5 million to play third base. he will sign once issues with his -- are resolved. he returns to the u.s. and passes a physical. career .256 hitter. and he's great in the clubhouse and we will be in arizona all week next week. >> safe travels to you. >> thank you, my friend. next comic book record. find out how much the first
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>> it's a record for a dallas
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0. finally, this evening a record price for a comic book. a dal is-based auction house says a rare copy of a comic book with a first appearance of a spiderman sold for $450,000. >> an amonday nous collector purchased the 1962 edition of the amazing fantasy. the sale price is a record for a public auction of any spiderman comic book.
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purchased it in new york for just $12,000 back in 1980. pretty good investment. >> i'm guessing if you bout that, you don't put it on the coffee table. >> under seal, i'm sure. >> exactly. stay away. >> we thank you so much for joining us. have a great night and a good warm weekend.
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