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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  February 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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@ @ now at 6:00 a head @scratcher a body discovered in @a local garbage truck but they know where it's from. @ they're voting in south @carolina and caucusing @showing an incredibly tight @race between bernie sanders and @hillary clinton. @ the ation. @and it leads to a police @conference. @what we learned @ incredible, temperatures @near 60 and a look at the @record set today and the big @changes ahead coming up. @ from the station that ssible, this is channel 3 @news brought to you by @universal windows direct and @now annel 7 news at 6:00.
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@supposed to feel like this but @ve @65 degrees and in the bottom @right corner, tell us. @>> it's going to last a few @more hours at least and then we come to regular february @weather. @incredible numbers, we didn't @break a record in cleveland, 69 @but it got to 67 and @the records in akron and tied @it in mansfield, at 66, and @more incredibly on this date @last year, a @record low, the coldest of 17 @below and today, 80 degrees @warmer than it was back @incredible difference in just @that year. @>> look at this time lapse in @check out the snow pile @clinking away over a course of @a couple hours as temperatures
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@now. @downtown bringing temperatures @to the 40s and that will set us @back up for more typical er and grab a @jacket tonight will be in the @sunday morning. @we'll look at the second half @of up and @tell you about additional @chances for snow. @ the weather means a big t for some of the @popular activities in february. bright winter. @we're live from the event, and @looking behind you, i can't be @convinced this was a july live bout to do. @>> you know, you've got to
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@here at year of brightt. @today, great temperatures and @the 50-degree temperatures and @this event is expected to draw @out tens of thousands of people other reason, to celebrate @revitalizations. @they started here 7 years ago @and they brought it back here @at a celebration to the changes and renovations happening. @especially the west bank. @>> nothing over here but salt @mines and that was it, i can @see they're trying to do more and not only that, you can see @it in the faces of the people @that show up, @cleveland-based. @>> they're going to appreciate
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@>> this event in the past drew @up to 20,000 people and you see @you can see the crowds over @there and that kind ever thing @and indoor stages and es as well, what's crazy, @many of the bands compete to @perform at this e of the cool things @but not just the music, it's @the art and it's just the @people, there are food ts to do. @if you're cooped up, getting @sick of @temperatures, a beautiful day @to come out. @>> they say the news is @negative but we're see @something the possible out of that. @ summit county, we have @developing news, police @investigating after a dead body @found in the back of a garbage
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@along his route, and discovered @a body in the back of his truck fair lawn @and copley and they're trying @to figure out which town the @body is from. @that way they can begin their gh investigation. @ also, in the johnny manziel ng to figure out if they @should charge him or not. @dallas police said they've witnesses and @obtained medical records and @surveillance video as they @build their case but @not interviewed him yet. @they plan to part ways with him @in the next few weeks, as far @as his team goes.
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@projected winner, leading @sanders by a small margin. @we're still waiting for a firm @number, but that's the news out @of nevada. @and that's one of two states as @voting is underway as the race @to the white house continues. @ the republican voting is @underway and looking for a @clearer picture of who is going @to represent the gop. @ for hillary clinton a huge @relief as nevada democrats @gathered to vote in their @caucuses today and the polls @narrowed, and they project @clinton to win. @>> the dispute as to whether he
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@tough guy legend about a u.s. @general killing 49 muslim @extremists with bullets dipped @in pig's blood. @>> and the 50th person, you go @back to your people and tell @them what happened and for 25 @years there wasn't a problem. @>> jeb bush said his party's @problem is the frontrunner. @>> he can't win, plain and @simple. @isn't about appealing to @people's anxiety. @>> last night, cruz said, @people in south carolina want a @conservative, he's 5 polling @points behind trump but marco @rubio is appealing to anti- @-trump voters. @>> rubio was dreaming of his @rivals dropping out. @>> and i think once you get the
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@you'll have a traditional @campaign. @>> that's what the democratic @race may have become today. @the republicans out in nevada @for their caucuses and the @democrats will be here for @their primary in a state where @hillary clinton was already @stronger and will be stronger @still after her win out west @today. @ up next, a massive turn out @to say good-bye to the supreme @court's most conservative @voice. @the funeral of antonin scalia. @ and olympic gold medalist @diagnosed with the zika virus.
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@ @in washington, a time to put @aside politics and remember the @longest serving justice on the @supreme court.
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@remembered before thousands at @the largest roman catholic @church on the continent. @>> draped in an american flag, @the casket of antonin scalia @was taken into the nation's @largest roman catholic church, @basilica of the shrine of the @emacu lat conception. @they came to pay their respects @including his fellow supreme @court justices. @>> hope does not disappoint. @>> presidential hopeful @attended the service and @despite criticism, president @obama was not there, but paid @tribute to the justice at the @supreme court friday. @>> god bless dad, with a love
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@>> father added humor telling @his father to come to church @for confession only learning @that his son was on duty. @>> the feeling was mutual. @>> he died last weekend at a @texas ranch, spent 3 decades on @the high court and he was @considered one of the country's @most influential conservatives. @>> . @>> president obama said he'd @nomnatal his nominate his @replacement in due time. @>> time. @ get used to hearing that, @the rio olympics is coming and @she's claiming she got zika @virus while training in brazil.
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@painful symptoms and she was @diagnoseled with it, brazil is @the epicenter of the virus. @it may scare athletes from @attending. @ wind surfing in brazil. @you might be able to play golf @or tennis with these
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@ @ the only people that don't @like this weather are the @snowbirds in florida. @>> i can't send them pictures @of me on the beach, they're @hanging out there too.
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@temperatures will be falling @back overnight. @>> headlines, as we go through @the next couple of days. @temperatures fall overnight but @no arctic outbreaks, just @typical february chill on @sunday. @cloudy skies and definitely no @more 60s out there and the big @headline in the week ahead is @watching the track of a big @storm moving through the great @lakes and western pennsylvania @and remember last week we were @doing the same thing, the @previous weekend. @this is another type, where @those storms, this one however, @it may track differently and @bring us different tastes of @precipitation. @we'll have that in the extended @forecast. @this is the satellite picture, @i got to tell you that, it's @not seeing a cloud in the sky, @that's the other part of today. @not just the fact it was 65-70 @but it was so warm with no @clouds around.
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@that's incredibly unusual for @this time of year. @still, 59 and 63 in akron- @canton. @right on the lake, it's going @to get chilly. @but if you're away from @downtown, it's probably 10 @degrees warmer there. @onshore wind off the chilly @lake, and that's why it's @chilly in burke and those will @turn northwest overnight as the @cold front moves by. @still for an overnight @temperature, this is mild. @partly cloudy and getting @chilly, it's a slow process and @tomorrow is a transition day. @>> no big storms in the country @and the jet stream pattern is @split and the southern jet is
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@as long as they stay apart you @don't get big storms, you get @quick moving systems and we @have one heading our way, and @there it is, in wyoming, this @is going to fly from denver to @washington, d.c. in a matter of @18-24 hours and because of that @it won't develop into a big @storm and won't grab moisture. @we'll see the clouds and all of @the rain will stay south of i- @70. @here are your temperatures. @9:00 in the 40s so grab a @jacket. @overnight, clouds begin to @build and cloudy skies on @sunday morning and then we stay @in the upper 30s and low 40s on @sunday and looking ahead, a big @commute, no big deal monday,
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@again, no big storminess in the @next couple of days. @tuesday is looking fine but the @middle of the week, i think @this one, starts as a rainstorm @on wednesday and then could @potentially transition to a @lake snow event on thursday and @chris, we could be building @back as much snow as we lost @the last couple of days and @then some by thursday @afternoon. @just reminding us, it's still @february. @>> but still sunny, 80 degrees @warmer today than a year ago @today. @>> rare to see a swing that @big, today was that day. @ this was the day we were
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@ @ and now the sports report. @>> we're expecting to see @channing frye at the practice @and tomorrow on the court in @oklahoma city, neither is the @case. @he didn't take part of the @practice today and he didn't @travel to oklahoma city this is @because he had not completed @his physical as of this @morning. @he missed the entire season @with a heart condition in 2012,
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@days to test him or the trade @is voided. @they say there's no issue. @>> no concern at all. @just being thorough and we have @until tuesday. @>> he didn't practice for the @second straight day due to the @shoulder injury. @they're being cautious with @him, doubtful, and it's the @shame shoulder injury that @season. @>> they beat the thunder in @cleveland by four points with @irving and they lost at home to @indiana last night, still they @don't get mention with the @warriors and spurs and lebron @credit? @>> i'm not concerned, i have no
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@far as okc, they have great @dynamic basketball players. @behind those guys. @as far as being, what's talked @about, i don't know. @>> i don't buy it, if you @missed it, dallas police say @domestic violence investigation @of johnny manziel next week. @police said they interviewed @witnesses, but they haven't @interviewed him, his ex- @girlfriend told police he @assaulted her and a judge @issued a protective issue @against him. @ indians pitchers continue @to work out and they must @report by tomorrow. @you'll hear a lot about them. @some think danny could be the
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@remember, he started the season @in the minors, but this year @he's locked into the rotation. @>> knowing that you have to do @your job, and you know, and @that you're ready for it, right @now, i work a lot during the @offseason, i think i'm ready @for it. @>> i'm getting the fever, why @not jump on a plane and head to @goodyear. @we'll be there all next week @and don't forget, our indian @special on thursday, live at @7:00 as we get you set, tough @way to end the sportscast but @we'll do it in milwaukee. @man, that was the score the at @half and vikings are now 8 and @23 and 12, our friend al is
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@>> maybe a few beers at the @miller factory. @>> the cavs are 3 and a half @point underdogs. @>> probably right on the road @and with the injury situation. @if it was in cleveland, that @line would favor them. @>> i'm calling a cavs victory. @>> heading to arizona, 85-90 @every day and not a cloud in @the sky. @>> if you're looking for @empathy look elsewhere. @>> thanks for being with us.
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on this saturday night, high stakes. politics. the results on a critical test for the democrats in nevada. a republican showdown in south carolina. some on this night fighting for survival. final farewell. the large outpouring and powerful tribute at the funeral of supreme court justice thousands of students at public


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