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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  WKYC  February 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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@ @ now at 11:00 a night of ng wins and we're @talking politics. @a busy night in the @presidential race. @ a body found in the back of @a dump truck and s @getting hotter tonight because @of the momentum of the area and @what did cedar point unveil has fans so excited? @>> this is channel 3 news at @ we begin with our coverage @of decision 2016 on a busy @start night. @there are some big winners @tonight and they're named @donald trump and hillary and another big name
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@let's start out west. da and hillary @clinton won over bernie 47. @polling dead on in the @republican side. @donald trump was expected to @win and he did, and he did so @by 10 rubio @but look how close second and @third are. @jeb bush came in fourth and 8% @around he dropped @race tonight. @more on that in a moment. @and kasich comes in fifth while @he did worse he sees a pathway @to the white house by r tuesday. @hillary clinton wins, donald @trump wins and that's where nbc @starts our coverage tonight. @>> it's the second victory in for the national republican @frontrunner donald trump, and @the first for him in the south. @>> when you win, it's @we're going to start winning
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@let's have a big win in the @nevada and the scc and @put this way. @>> main stream republicans @flock to marco rubio. @>> tonight here in south @carolina, the message is r. @this country is now ready for a @new generation to guide us to @>> and ted cruz kept his spot @in the top 3. @>> we're the only campaign that @has beaten and can beat donald trump. @>> jeb bush finished far down @in fourth and quit the race. @>> we put forward detailed, face the @challenges that we face because @despite what you heard, ideas policy matters.
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@lost her once big lead but i'm so thrilled and grateful @to all @some may have doubted us but we @never doubted each leaders pushed a big @turn out. @>> clinton comes here next s the presumed @frontrunner, it's going to be a @fierce fight between the top 3 @ and as you mentioned jeb @bush is out, how does this @impact the campaign of john serves to help him, he's in @the final 5 and one fewer t candidate and it
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@he focused less on south @carolina spending time in dwest, namely michigan. @what's next as the candidates @race to earn their nomination? @>> tuesday, republicans hold a and following @democrats today and a week from @today, the democrats are in the @same position, a flip of a in south @carolina. @and the big day to circle, @march 1st is super l on the same day. @>> there's other news, a @mystery in summit county after @a dead body a garbage @truck but it drove through @several cities so they don't @know where the body is from. @before it was found, the truck @drove through akron and copley.
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@downtown cleveland you may have @seen football like crowds. @a huge event called bright @winter. @it's a big music and art @festival. @the up and coming area and how @is it surging tonight. @>> last year it was in ohio @city and now it's at the flats @and they're being revitalized. @>> we've been here four year @and it's cool to see it @transformed. @>> people who have been here, @they love the transformation. @>> it's like, being in the @woods and this was years ago. @man, you had nothing over here @but salt mines and that was it. @>> it's the renaissance. @>> it used to be a lively place @and it is again. @>> i can see that they're doing
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@that, you can see it in the @faces of the people that show @up here. @everybody is cleveland-based. @>> grab a bite to eat and @drink, don't forget to pose for @a picture. @>> and enjoy live music that's @indoors and outdoors. @>> now in the 7th year, they @haven't always met here. @>> it started in the flats many @years ago, and we spent time in @the neighborhoods and we came @back to the flats this year as @things revitalize here flex to @the water. @>> they're so cool, like @rockefeller got his start here @and it's so cool to see the @place lit up and full of music @and think about the history and
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@of the area. @bright winter-fest, you can @tell but all of the people but @in the past, they've seen up to @20,000 people. @>> fun night, thanks, to @sandusky. @mode, makeover work is sprucing @up the raptor and for the fans @of smaller rides, they replaced @the bumper cars with new ones @and a specialty restaurant as @well. @they're calling it the front @tier frontier inn. @>> looking war ways to bring @folks together. @our own monica robins was @honored there.
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@foundation and shining a light @on the heroin crisis and she's @done great work on that front, @congratulations to monica. @ massive turn out for @supreme court justice for @antonin scalia. @>> this is the kind of day that @makes it more tolerable for the @plunge. @they were wearing sunblock @today. @>> breaking records in some @towns, now the temperatures are @dropping and we'll talk about a @return back to reality coming @up. @ @channel 3 news at 11:00 is made @possible by universal windows @direct, you'll say i love my
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@ @ we head to washington where @thousands came out to pay their
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@year-old antonin scalia, the @justice's son a catholic priest @led the mass attended by joe @biden, over 3,300 people total, @including politicians and @friends and family. @his son brought levity telling @a story of his dad coming to @his church for confession only @to learn his son was on duty in @the confessional. @>> like heck if i'm confessing @to you. @the feeling was mutual. @>> he died last week in a texas @ranch and spent 3 decades on @the high court. @he was one the most influential @conservative voices. @president obama said he'll @nominate his replacement in due @time and he wants a vote,
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@>> dallas police collecting @evidence on johnny manziel and @it could be presented to a @grand jury who will decide if @he'll be charged. @his ex-girlfriend alleges he @hit her and dragged her into a @car, they've not talked to @manziel personally yet said @police. @ in the next few hours the @temperatures shift and greg has @a number. @how cold was it last year? @it will stop you dead in your @tracks and the rest of the
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@ @ most years, it's freezing @cold outside when hundreds of @people dive into the portage @off easier. @the polar bear jump and they @were with smiles and probably @beers. @$102,000. @you know, i went running and @laid out afterwards. @it was just that nice. @the sun was warm and an @incredible difference from last @year, to this year, little did @we know, last year when @cleveland set a record low for @the entire winter of 17 below @on february 20th, little did we @know we'd be over 80 degrees
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@67 is the high today and we @missed the record by two @degrees an akron-canton beat @your record. @seeing clouds moving through, @and that is something we didn't @see today, and there's cloud @cover up to the north and it is @going to work its way south. @expect more cloud cover on @sunday and turning overcast @late in the day. @starting to say good-bye to the @warmer temperatures and notice @the chill, look at ashtabula, @35 and wind off the water @today. @still in the upper 40s and 51 @in mansfield and north wind @pushes that wind back. @winds are calm but pretty @steady out of the north a @couple hours ago and that
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@over the lake and that came @back to the county. @mostly cloudy tomorrow and @chilly and dry. @and the day ends up dry as well @as we watch the storm system @move by just to our south @tomorrow afternoon. @big split in the jet stream @over the u.s. today. @active southerly and active @northerly jet and as long as @they stay apart you won't get @any storms. @area of low pressure coming to @the central plains and watch @the showers now coming up on @rapid city and moving into @kansas city, missouri and @thunderstorms toward southern @illinois but with a west to @east flow these showers @following the ohio river and @stay south of i-70 so columbus
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@kentucky, we'll get clouds but @will avoid the raindrops here @in northeast ohio. @look at future view, we're in @the day tomorrow and that's @sunday, 7:30 and low 30s and a @couple of 20s and the clouds @will be few and then increase @through the day, 40s to upper @30s during the afternoon and @that depends on the sunshine, @and then places near the lake, @they're going to be cooler @because of a persistent north @breeze, and clouds stick around @and notice no rain and no snow @and temperatures are starting @in the 20s and we'll wind up in @the 30s for monday and tuesday @looks good and wednesday, it's @now looking even more likely @we'll see rain all day and then @transition to snow from a storm
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@lake effect snow and chris, all @of that snow we lost, we could @bring it back and build it back @up and then maybe in some @places, even add more by friday @morning. @>> it vanishes and comes back @happen thursday. @ coming up, news out of @independence, the cavs practice @and dave fills you in and
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@ @ and now the sports report. @>> the cavaliers ready to begin @a brutal stretch, 6 games in @the days starting tomorrow and @they're back on the court @before leaving for okc. @they beat the thunder in @cleveland and they're the @fourth best in the nba at 40 @and 15. @rarely mentioned was the @warriors, spurs and cavs. @how do they matchup tomorrow? @>> i'd like to say we matchup @well versus anyone. @not just those guys, when you @have two guys that give you 40 @or 50, at any given night, @that's a matchup problem and @for our team we have to defend
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@it tough on them. @>> the new guy, channing fry @won't play tomorrow and he @didn't practice today. @he's in cleveland and didn't @travel because he's not @completed his physical. @he missed the 2012-2013 season @because of a heart condition @and they have a couple days to @add them and no issue here. @>> no concern, at all, being @through and we have to be, and @that's it. @>> seems long, we'll see how @that goes. @he calls it a stinger and game @time decision tomorrow and @doubtful it's the same shoulder @injury. @>> onto johnny manziel. @the police said they
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@medical reports and have @surveillance as they build @their case, they haven't @interviewed manziel. @his ex-girlfriend said he @assaulted her and browns have @said they'll part ways in march @with him. @>> the catchers and pitchers @continue to work out and @they're reporting tomorrow. @the first squad workout is @tuesday. @i'm intrigued by mike, i think, @he can help. @he's not here to platoon and @can do damage against left- @handed pitching and is expected @to be the regular starter at @first base. @>> he's a baseball player and a @grinder, plays with an edge and @been on winning teams and has a @catching background and he's @made himself a pretty good
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@>> i'll be in arizona next @week. @college basketball, ohio state @at nebraska, slow start for the @buckeyes but they get it going. @lyle, that gives them a 41-30 @lead and nebraska charges back @and under a minute to go, and @they tie it and lyle leads them @to victory. @buckeyes win 65-62 and they've @won four straight. @>> tough day, brock hits this @triple and that gives milwaukee @a lead and that was the score @at half-time. @vicings are 8 and 23. @>> excite today see that cavs @game. @it's going to be a good one. @>> pumped up. @>> thank you for being with us. @"saturday night live" is coming @your way next.
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@our next newscast is at 6:00 @a.m.
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