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tv   Channel 3 News Sunday  NBC  February 21, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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@a live look downtown. @you can see the sun is shining. @a lot of you are hoping for had yesterday, but @the temperature is changing. @olga is here with a check on @the forecast. @the warm temperatures are gone. @we have to get back to it. @>> we enjoyed it. @it was a nice break. @i think we're back to ity. @we have a mix of sun and @clouds. @you definitely want your @sunglasses when you step on @out. @you also need a heavier jacket @or a coat than you @high pressure will be settling
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@sunshine today and tomorrow @with a few, high, temperatures are the major @change. @winds are solidly out of the @north. @not too much of a wind chill e temperatures are feeling @like the middle 30s around the @region. @even the lower 30s in some @ have the layer as @you step on out. @the day planner is a mixture of @clouds. @we get to the 32-degree mark time. @most of us top out to the near @50s. @maureen, i'm tracking some rain @and snow along the way. @>> olga, i guess we have to pay some point. @thank you. @the cleveland botanical garden @brought in more than 1,000 @orchid plants for the orchid ow. @alyssa raymond joins us live @this morning with a look at @these beautiful flowers. @you've been giving us tips on @how to keep these flowhome.
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@i know it's a huge challenge @for you. @they have an orchid that's part @of the show. @they have close to 200 @different varieties. @for the third year in a row. @kent state university fashion of the @show. @that's why we have it at jr @campbell here. @you're the title and professor @and director of hool at kent state. @what was the goal for these @students in. @>> well, the goal really was to @have a chance for the students @to engage rments @that are unique and specific to @a circumstance. @we used our tech style lab, the e laboratory @to have the students work with @photos from the orchid ons of the past. @>> i thought it was fascinating
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@pick these fabrics off the @how did they create them? @>> they're using using the @photography, bringing it into @photo shop or illustrator, @engineering the s, designing the fabrics, @and printing them digitally. @so this first jacket by claudia @has some @prints. @the next garment here by @jessica utilizes our laser @cutting technology, as well as ther. @the third one down in a row by @emily shows great use of the @fabric as a shaping technique the floral motif. @>> they're beautiful. @thank you so much. @coming up, we'll show you three @more designs. @when you come here, you can @vote on which one you look the there will be a fashion show of @all the designs, and the show @runs until march 6th. @>> those are absolutely @>> it's hard to believe @students made those.
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@>> we're proud of them. @all @thanks, alyssa. @as we move on to the race for @the white house, donald trump @has won another primary state @victory. @this time in south @out in nevada, hillary clinton @holds off bernie sanders who @still had a strong showing in @the democratic caucus here. @>> when you win, it @we're going the start -- we're @going to start winning for our @country. @let's go. @let's have a big win in have a big win at the @sec. @let's put this thing away. @>> i am so, so thrilled and so @grateful to all of my rs out there. @some may have doubted us, but @we never doubted each other. @>> we put forward details. @>> meanwhile, it was a final bush. @he has dropped out of the race.
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@on, the democrats be held in south carolina next @saturday. @the republicans head to sh is out of the @race, how does this impact the @campaign of ohio governor john , it only helps to serve @him. @kasich has made it to the final ne less person to compete @with and has left kasich as the ing. @he spent a lot of time in the @midwest, namely michigan, which @votes on march 8th. mmit county @this morning after a dead body @was found in a garbage truck. @the problem is the truck drove @through several cities before @the body @police are not quite sure where @it's from. @the body was discovered when @the truck was in fair lawn at @the town center shopping plaza. @the truck had driven through @akron and coply.
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@led to the death. @ we're also learning more @this weekend about the @continued johnny manziel saga. @dallas police are still @collecting evidence in their @domestic violence investigation @of the browns' quarterback. @reports are saying evidence @could soon be presented to a @grand jury who will then decide @whether manziel should be @charged. @his ex-girlfriend alleged that @he hit her and dragged her into @a car back on january 30th. @>> up to this point in the @investigation, detectives have @continued communicating with @the complainant, interview @witnesses, and receive medical @records from the complainant as @well as obtained video from the @surveillance cameras. @detectives are continuing with @their efforts to fully @investigate the facts of this @case. @>> at this point police have @not talked to manziel. @the browns are expected to cut @him in the next few weeks. @ on saturday, changes to the @park were revealed.
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@the park even replaced the @bumper cars with brand new @models. @plus, a specialty restaurant @near the maverick called @frontier inn will serve @southern style favorites. @it opens on may 7th. @ the drive to and from @edgewater beach is changing @this week. @traffic reporter daniel wiggins @has details on the closeures @and how long they will last. @hi there. @i hope you're having a great @weekend. @i'm daniel wiggins and always @here to help you minimize your @delays. @let's talk about the @construction project. @we're going to see some ramp @closures at edgewater starting @on monday. @now, all the ramps are going to @be closed to and from the west @shoreway headed in the @westbound direction. @they close again on monday on @february 22nd. @this is this monday. @it's gong to be closed through
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@let's talk about the detours. @if you're headed westbound and @you need to access edgewater, @you take the west shoreway west @and hop off there and get back @on lake avenue where you can @access the shoreway in the @eastbound direction and exit @west 73rd, which will get you @to edgewater. @if you need to access the west @shoreway headed west from edge @water, i know you see all these @arrows, this is how you go. @you head east on the west @shoreway. @exit at west 45th street to @detroit to west 49th where you @can access shoreway in the @westbound direction. @i know it's a lot to take in @while you're watching tv. @so i posted hall of -- all of @this on @>> dani, thank you. @ next on channel 3 news, a @deadly day after a man goes on @a shooting spree. @we have the latest on the @investigation. @ plus, a man credited for
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@tables turned when he suffered @a heart attack. @how the quick actions of these @officers helped save his life.
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@ @welcome back. @thousands paid their respects @saturday at the funeral mass @for 79-year-old justice antonin @scalia. @the supreme court justice's @son, a catholic priest, led the @mass attended by vice president @biden and other senators. @overall, 3300 people attended, @including politicians, friends, @and familiarly. @his son brought some levity to @the some per ceremony, telling @the story of his father coming @to church for confession, only @to learn that his son was the @priest on duty. @>> as he put it later, like, @heck, if i'm confessing to you. @the feeling was mutual. @scalia, who died last weekend @at a texas ranch, spent nearly @three decades on the high @court.
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@most influential conservatives. @in the meantime, at least 7 @people are dead this morning @after a shooting spree in @kalamazoo county, michigan. @we've been following this all @morning. @police have arrested a man they @say is responsible. @jason dalton. @multiple reason was shot and @killed late last night in three @different locations, including @a cracker barrel parking lot @where five people were killed. @police have not yet released @the names of the victims. @fiji is cleaning up and @assessing damage from one of @the strongest storms ever @recorded in the south pacific. @tropical storm winston packed @susaned winds of 177 miles per @hour. @wide devastation in remote @villages. @ a story of survival in @medina. @a series of coincidences saved @a man's life after he supported @a heart attack.
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@story. @>> an emotional step back into @this medina high school @auditorium. @>> i almost died on this stage. @>> while giving a speech to the @faculty about the heroin @epidemic, he suffered a heart @attack. @>> the cardiac arrest actually @kills 90% of the people that @get it. @>> for the first time, he's @thanking the three men that @saved his life. @>> usually i'm giving the life @saving information. @here the favor was returned. @>> medina police officers are @trained to protect and save @lives with cpr and aeds. @>> i've used it several times @in the past. @it never said to deliver a @shock. @this is the first time i've @seen the shock. @fortunately we were at the @right place at the right time. @i mean, we were here. @within seconds. @>> assistant principal had just
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@>> i remember telling my wife, @i will never doubt an aed @system again and the training @we undergo. @>> he received five stents and @a defibrillator to jump start @his heart. @>> dozens of witnesses sent him @words of encouragement. @>> i'm going to come back and @give this message to the entire @district again with more heart @than i had before. @>> monica robbins, channel 3 @news. @ coming up, we're going to @hear from lebron in your @morning sports report. @the bar. @what top list they're making @that is getting many cheers. @that's a few hints for you, @olga. @>> okay. @if you like your winter weather @-- weather more winter like, @we've got something for you. @things are shifting. @highs in the 40s. @we'll get colder and wetter. @i will have details in my
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@ @according to nonprofit wine @council, millennials drank 42% @of all wine last year in the @u.s. that's more than 159 @million cases of wine or about @years old.
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@number one. @followed by millennials, and @then generation xeres. @ oprah winfrey fans will @soon be able to dress just like @her. @now, anyone can buy gently used @items from oprah's closet for @as little as 99 cents. @she's selling more than 250 @pieces on ebay on march 1st @march 1st from dresses and @coats to shoes. @bidding starts at 99 cents. @all the proceeds will go to the @oprah winfrey leadership @academy for girls. @if you ever saw her in an @outfit you liked, there you go. @there's your chance to own it. @i have a feeling bidding is @going to start at 99 cents, and @then all of a sudden you're @going to be bidding $9,000 for @a piece of jewelry or @something. @>> good for the academy, @though. @>> yes.
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@who wouldn't love to own a @piece of her wardrobe. @ it's not the spring @forecast like yesterday. @>> i think the hat and gloves @need to come back out today. @we're not too terribly cold @we're a whole lot colder than @yesterday. @it's a snapback to reality. @you will feel the breeze on @shore. @we're definitely going to be @sitting with variable @cloudiness as we go through the @afternoon. @sometimes a little sunshine and @then cloud cover. @you get the picture. @temperatures are decidedly @cold. @that warmer air is down to our @south with that system that's @going to stay there. @we're not going to be seeing @the 50s or 60s for the near @future. @the colder air up to the north @for the cold front that's over @the granges will start to sag @down to the south and break up @a little bit. @starting to shift the winds @northerly. @winds are filtering in. @we're much cooler up by the @lake shore.
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@the 40s are further down to the @south. @all of us are going to be in a @chill as we move on. @the warm weather is out of @here. @we're keeping a trend this @week, and we're tracking a big @midweek storm that will bring @rain and snow opportunities as @well. @>> we're sitting at 38 degrees @in downtown cleveland right @now. @40s later on this afternoon. @i think most of us will settle @in the mid-40s. @down toward the south, up near @50 degrees, also a little more @sunshine. @further south, a little more @cloudy. @overall, it breaks down hour by @hour with a mix of clouds. @we're still pretty good. @at least the moisture stays @away. @so a chilly start as you head @tomorrow morning. @then by tomorrow afternoon, a @lot of sunshine. @your evening plans will be fine @by monday. @going into tuesday, that's when @we'll see moisture move back @in.
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@rain until tuesday and @wednesday. @so, for today, northerly winds @becoming brisk later on. @also, the cloud cover will come @in later on today. @in all, the window nation 7-day @forecast features a cooling @trend. @we'll struggle to get near the @freezing mark for tomorrow. @by tuesday, we have a bit of a @wind shift, more southeasterly. @the temperatures come up just a @touch. @upper 30s to near 40 degrees. @we're going to start to build @in more cloud cover as the @moisture moves through. @we'll see some snow showers @from tuesday night into @wednesday. @it won't last too long. @we're too warm on wednesday. @by thursday we're tracking a @more significant chance to see @some measurable snow move in. @at this point, it's too early @for a snow accumulation totals. @we're tracking anywhere from an @inch to three inches. @now, also, we have a friend in @the studio here. @i'm being joined by mandy @osborne. @she's from the lake county @humane society. @she has a special friend here @today.
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@>> this is drexler. @he's a one-year-old pit bull @boxer mix. @he came to our shelter because @he was abandoned by his owners. @he was left behind, and now @he's looking for a home with @us. @>> all right. @what can you tell us with his @personality? @he's obviously affectionate. @>> yes. @he loves to give kisses and @hugs. @he loves car rides. @the whole ride here, he was @very excited to come. @he's very energetic. @he needs to be in a home with @people who like to go for walks @and runs. @a fenced in yard would be @great. @>> has he had experience with @other animals in the household? @>> he would do best without any @small animals or cats. @he could live with other dogs @as long as they got along. @>> so if somebody wants to open @their home to drexler or maybe @another pet, what's the @process? @>> they would come and visit @with the pet they're interested @in.
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@everybody in the home would @visit. @they would complete an @application. @as long as everything checked @out, they would go home with @him. @>> thank you very much. @we'll do our best to get @drexler a new home. @>> all right. @i'm sure he'll go fast. @dave joins us now with a sports @report. @>> hi, everyone. @good morning. @the cavs ready to begin a @brutal stretch today, six games @in the next nine days starting @with the showdown at oklahoma @city this afternoon. @one of those marquee matchups @on the schedule. @cavs back on the practice court @yesterday before leaving for @okcment they've won four @straight. @39-14. @cavs beat the thunder back in @cleveland in december. @one of their better wins. @okc has the fourth best record @in the nba at 40 and 15 led by @two of the best players in the @game. @westbrooke and durant. @rarely mentioned with the
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@how do the cavs matchup today. @>> i would like to say we @matchup well versus anyone. @not just those guys. @they're a matchup problem. @like i said, when you have two @guys that can give you 40 or 50 @in any given night, that's a @matchup problem. @for our team, we just have to @defend the best way we can. @try to make it tough on those @guys. @>> a game time decision today @sounds doubtful. @the new guy, channing frye, @will not play. @he didn't practice either. @frye is still in cleveland. @he didn't travel with the team @because he has not completed @the physical. @he missed all of the 2013 @season with a heart condition @and played the next season. @the cavs have a couple of days @to add him to the roster. @>> there's no concern. @no concern at all. @we're being as thorough as we @need to be. @we have until tuesday. @>> all right. @let's talk baseball. @indians pitchers and catchers
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@the entire team has to report @by today. @the first full squad workout on @tuesday. @most of the guys are already @there. @i'm intrigued by mike napoli. @i think he can help. @he can do damage against left- @handed pitching. @has a great glove. @expected to be the regular @starter at first base. @>> that he's a baseball player, @you know, a grinder, really @plays with an edge. @he's been on some winning @teams. @he has a catching background, @which i think never hurts @anybody. @he's changed the to first base. @he's actually made himself a @pretty good first baseman @through a lot of hard work. @tomorrow morning i leave for @arizona. @i will be in good year all week @covering indian spring training @action. @don't forget, talking tribe @comes your way thursday night.
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@spring training special. @11:35 after the late news. @we talked the okc game. @jensen lewis joins me for three @strikes. @sports tonight right here on @channel 3. i'm dave chudowsky. @have a great sunday, everybody. @>> thanks. @ still to come this morning, @how an event in the flats this @weekend is helping to brighten @up the downtown scene. @and alyssa is brightening us up @with flower this is morning. @>> reporter: we're live at the @cleveland botanical gardens for @orchid mania. @how kent state university @fashion students are involved
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@ @it is 9:30 on this sunday, @february 21st. @hopefully you got out and @enjoyed yesterday because it @was so springlike yesterday. @today, put those shorts again @for another day. @we're headed back toward winter @. @>> we are actually going to @check in -- i'm sorry. @we're going to check in with @alyssa first who is out at the @botanical gardens. @yesterday probably gave you a
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@no need to worry, those @temperatures are going to go @back up eventually. @you can go to the botanical @garden for now. @>> i could give you the weather @forecast from inside the the @cleveland botanical gardens. @it's sunny, humid, 70 degrees @in here with all of these @beautiful orchids. @they do well in different @conditions, different @temperatures. @they have them positioned in @different rooms of the @cleveland botanical gardens, @depending on what they need. @>> they have close to 200 @varieties. @students use pictures and @created these dresses that @pretty much look exactly like @the orchids. @jr campbell, the professor and @director of the fashion school @at kent state university. @these dresses, how are they @involved with the show?
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@bow tannic gardens to gain @access to imagery. @>> we have our students work @with them to create and @conceptualize new garments that @display with the exhibits here. @you can visit the exhibition @and vote on your favorite @designs. @we have three categories, best @use of inspiration, best fabric @design. @best in show. @the voting happens online. @even if you don't come, you can @vote for them online. @>> what is the end goal? @for us to showcase the @student's work and experiment @with the digital textile @necknologies and to partner @with the botanical gardens that @helps us to have a presence in @cleveland. @>> the fashion show, what are @the details for that. @>> from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.
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@it will have live models. @to showcase the pieces. @>> thank you so much. @and the whole entire show wraps @up on march 6th. @you still have time to check it @out. @marijuana, back to you in the @studio. @>> it has been beautiful to see @on tv. @to see it in person is probably @a whole different experience. @thank you so much, alyssa. @ now we want to get you @caught up on your forecast. @good morning. @>> good morning. @i think alyssa has the right @idea. @some of those indoor @activities, a good bet for @today. @the temperatures are -- we're @tracking it a little more @chilly. @we're getting a mix of sun and @clouds. @it's taking a while for our @temperatures to budge for @house, however, i thinks will @be changing. @increasing clouds will hit @those 40s by 2:00.
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@most. @then it is downhill. @we get much cooler fairly @quickly. @once that moisture moves in, @yes, it means a chance of snow @later this week. @maureen? @>> thank you so much. @we want to get you caught up. @the identity of a body found @inside of a garbage truck in @summit county is still unknown. @the truck drove through several @cities before the go ahead was @discovered. @police are still trying to @determine what led to that @death. @ dallas police are still @collecting evidence in their @domestic violence investigation @of browns quarterback johnny @manziel. @reports are saying evidence @could soon be presented to a @grand jury who will decide @whether manziel should be @charged. @his ex-girlfriend alleged he @hit her and dragged her into a @car on january 30th. @the browns are expected to cut @him in the next few weeks. @ februaries of thousands @went out to the wake -- tens of
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@bank yesterday for the bright @celebration. @big crowds came to the arts and @music festival, partly because @of the nice weather but also @because of the revitalization. @it started at the flats seven @years ago and moved away. @they decided to bring it back. @>> i think it's great to see it @down here in the flats. @it's transforming, as we all @know. @we're seeing it on the east @bank. @to see it on the west bank. @>> this evening in the past has @drone almost 20,000 people. @>> well, it was a nice day to @take the plunge on saturday. @we take you to the polar bear @plunge. @if you spent some of your @weekend spring cleaning. @this next weekend is for you. @matt granite has a nice price
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to know about life, you can learn from granola. keep it simple. let other people know what you're made of. don't be fake, don't be artificial, but always be sweet. and of course, wear sunscreen. no artificial colors,
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@ @>> they're brave. @hundreds took an icy dip into @the waters yesterday. @780 people turned out for the @polar bear jump. @they were able to raise @$102,000. @the money from yesterday's @event will go toward a ronald @mcdonald house and camp @quality, ohio. @at least the temperature @outside was warm.
9:39 am
@>> there are a lot of things @you do for charity. @>> that's a pretty brave one. @today would be a worst day to @have that kind of a plunge. @>> the air would be chilly. @plans instead. @sunshine is great outside. @we're going to have a mix of @sun and clouds, especially as @we head toward the middle of @the day. @it's a little cooler by the @shore. @be prepared for the on shore @breeze. @we've been lucky. @all of the action on the @satellite and radar has stayed @down to the south. @they have some pretty steady @and heavy rain showers earlier @this morning across southern @portions of indiana and ohio @now moving into west virginia @and the panhandle of maryland. @no moisture tracking us today. @what we have seen is a shift in @our winds, solidly out of the @north, still a little calm by @the seashore. @by the lake shore.
9:40 am
@of that northerly cooler air. @that's going to be the case @into the afternoon. @we're talking about @temperatures, even as we head @in toward midday, pushing the @40-can agree mark. @we'll have the opportunity to @get into those mid-40s later on @today. @but this is our return to @winter reality. @our temperatures will be more @seasonable today. @we'll see a cooler temperature @trend take hold as we head @throughout the week. @also, we're tracking another @opportunity for not only rain @but for snow to re-enter the @extended forecast. @>> here's what you need to @know. @i mix of sun and clouds. @we'll see quite a dose of @sunshine. @then the clouds are going to @take over. @i think temperatures will go @from the 40s back down into the @30s later on this evening. @we've been talking about chilly @temperatures tonight. @a mix of sun and clouds. @warmer temperatures closer to @our southern zone because of @that south and southwesterly @wind flow, but from all of us, @we'll see a chilly night @tonight. @colder temperatures than we've @seen in the last few for many
9:41 am
@hour by hour, you can see with @future view just how much the @clouds will fill in either by @6:00 this evening. @and then early tomorrow morning @as you head back to work and @school, we'll definitely see @more sunshine and cooler @temperatures into the day @tomorrow, but that range should @hold off until we get to @tuesday or wednesday. @so overall, your window nation @7-day forecast features a @cooling trend. @i think we get to the freezing @mark by monday. @into the 40s by tuesday. @we'll definitely see the @opportunity for more showers @and even some snow showers the @to move on in later in the @week. @>> all right. @olga, thank you. @>> tonight is the reunion we've @been waiting for as the stars @of friends, cheers, fraizer, @taxi, will and grace, and more @come together. @>> we really wanted to connect. @i think it was sort of @unspoken, but we instinctively @felt like we need to be @friends, and we need to get @along and connect.
9:42 am
@poker, and jimmy gave us his @room. @>> the show is to honor @acclaimed director james @burrows. @he's celebrating his 1,000th @1,000th episode of crowded. @must-see tv is here on channel @3 tonight at 9:00 p.m. @make sure you catch that. @>> i think today we also @deliver the sharpest saving in @town by viewer request. @matt granite takes care of the @most wanted deal. @take a look. @>> great to be with you this @weekend. @i always assume die son was @some high end brand that i @would never be able to afford @where you're paying for the @name. @i noticed the amazing quality @based on your regulations. @before we get to this deal. @take a look at your requests @for the month. @awesome deal on that. @die son was -- dyson was the @number one spot.
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@talking about them. @give me a couple of months. @i will come back to that. @i'll show you how this dyson @works. @you can use it in your car. @comes with all sorts of @accessories. @i found it at its lower @recorded price. @it cleaned better. @i was able to get it in beside @the washer, which is a very @difficult place to reach just @because of its size. @under the table and other nooks @and crannies, again this, made @things totally accessible. @look at how much dirt it picked @up. @i like the accessories. @again, this is not a paid @product. @if you do want to take a look @at this, it's on our website @right now. @it's probably going to sell out @pretty fast. @diagnostics. @back to you. @>> all right. @thanks, matt. @in this morning's seven minutes
9:44 am
@down with paul clark and @discusses the major changes in @today's banking industry.
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9:46 am
@ @ i'm russ mitchell. @a homegrown product with an @interesting story, civic and
9:47 am
@continue to make a big @difference in northeast ohio. @paul clark is the regional @president of the pnc bank. @he joins us for seven minutes. @thanks for having us up to your @office. @>> you're welcome. @>> we never take it for @granted. @we can keep an eye on the @studio. @>> thank you. @>> going back to your @childhood, did you ever think @you would wind up on the top @floor of an office building? @>> no. @i'm the last person you would @expect to be doing what i'm @doing. @i've enjoyed every minute of @it. @it's a privileged place to be. @i never take it for granted. @>> i read somewhere you wake up @every morning with a smile. @>> i love this job. @>> you really love this job. @what do you love so much? @>> the people i get to work @with. @it's the things i get to do in @the community on behalf of the @cleveland. @it's a real thrill and @privilege.
9:48 am
@>> i would guess there are @fires and issues every day that @come up. @is there such a thing as a @typical day. @>> there really isn't. @that's the part i love. @you can plan what the day is @going to be like and have a @sense of how the day may go. @by 7:00 in the morning. @the plan is pretty well gone @for the day. @you deal with what you have to @deal with and love every minute @of it and just keep working on @the next thing. @>> you've been in the bank @industry for 40 years. @>> 40 years. @>> how have things changed @since you got into this @industry all those years ago? @>> dramatically. @all for the good, i think, for @the consumer, for the customer. @what i'm most excited about is @what's ahead. @i think the consumer's ability @to choose what they want to do, @when they want to do it and how @they want to do it has never @been greated. @i think as we move forward, to @watch that happen with the @digitization of the financial
9:49 am
@-- continue to use mobile and @continue to use online, it's @going to be a fascinating time. @>> in reading one of your bios, @you were there in 2008 when the @national city collapsed and pnc @took over. @i read that one of your duties @was to make sure they new @everything was okay, calm the @employees, and keep the @tradition somewhat of national @city at the same time by moving @forward into this new entity @that you were joining. @i would guess that at times @that got difficult. @is that correct? @it was difficult and yet the @most difficult moments were the @most rewarding moments because @you were at that point @connecting with what was real. @and you had an opportunity to @try to do something about it. @so it was very interesting @time. @the emotions every day went up @and down in a rapid cycle way.
9:50 am
@>> i know you received a lot of @kudos. @what was the most difficult @part. @>> to be out all the time, be @with your customers and @candidly communicate what was @going on and listen to what @they were they were saying to @us. @it was a very challenging @opportunity that i had. @i came to the conclusion that i @can never talk about culture. @what was so remarkable was the @values of the two companies @that came together in 2009 were @almost identical. @it was simple stuff like hard @work and accountability and @team work and life balance. @once you got into that and talk @to employees about that, it got @a lot easier.
9:51 am
@do you think the industry has @recovered. @i think we work hard at it @every day. @like regaining trust in any @relationship, i think you have @to keep working at it. @we're working at it better than @ever. @>> you've been persistent. @a professor wouldn't write you @a recommendation. @you wanted to punch the guy. @you moved on. @you applied at national city. @>> yes you admit you were in a @job that was a bad fit, but you @kept going. @>> that was the hard part. @>> what do you say to people @that are being told no. @if someone is being told no, @what advise do you have for @them? @>> i think we're taught that @you're climbing up the ladder, @but that's the last image i @would think of when you talk @about a career. @i think of a spiral staircase. @sometimes you go up and back @down and sometimes you may hop
9:52 am
@at a different level. @it has ups and downs. @it's all just that, it's all @what make as career. @you're going to have good fits @and maybe times when it's not @such a good fit. @i learned more from that @experience when it wasn't a @good fit for me. @everyone saw it before i did. @fortunately i worked for a @company that was generous and @cut put me in a different roll. @>> what keeps you going? @what keeps paul clark doing? @i love working for my kids. @i think it's a genuinely noble @purpose to try to educate your @kids. @i think that's what drives me @the most right now. @i love getting up in the @morning and working with @people. @i can't imagine doing anything @else.
9:53 am
@i'm not going to mention them @all. @because i will leave someone @out and they will get angry. @as someone who sees it from @your level, is this a @sustainable renaissance? @>> that's a great question. @i think it is sustainable. @i think these renaissance @periods, they're 15-year, @overnight success stories. @go back to 1985. @15 years late zero when gateway @and the lake front all @developed, right. @and then you go through a @little bit of a decline and 15 @years later we are where we are @today. @i think it's sustainable @because the the leadership @model has changed dramatically @from where we where we were. @i use the imagine of fire to @talk about leadership. @we used to have a bonfire @central, hot, easy to @understand. @now it's brush fires. @there's thousands of them
9:54 am
@when they come together, it's @brighter and hotter than that @bonfire ever was. @>> i'm excited about the @future. @>> i've got less than 30 @seconds left. @you talked about your family. @it's very important to you. @you're a big music person. @>> i love music. @>> who is your favorite. @>> springsteen. @you can dance to his music and @he always surprises me with his @next record. @>> paul clark, born to run. @>> every day. @>> thank you so much. @really appreciate it. @>> thank you. @>> and keep an eye on us. @>> right over there. @>> we definitely need it. @>> thanks. @>> and that's all for this @week. @i will see you monday. @back here next week for seven @minutes.
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@well, it is back to reality for @northeast ohio after our very @springlike day yesterday. @make sure you get that coat and @maybe some hat and gloves @ready, at least. @it's good for the winter @weather lovers and most winter @people are winter weather @lovers. @i'm the other person that likes @it tropical. @i'm just waiting for may. @for now, we're getting back @this those chilly temperatures. @30s tomorrow and then when the @moisture comes in, that's when @on things. @tuesday. @that will transition to even @snow for thursday. @>> all right. @we'll get those shovels ready. @thanks for being with us this @morning. @be sure to tune back if for @channel 3 news at 6:00. @remember to check out the very
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this sunday morning, another big win for donald trump, now the undisputed republican front-run sgler it's tough. it's nasty. it's mean. it's vicious. it's beautiful. >> but republicans believe it's a three-man race as marco rubio and ted cruz vie to become the chief trump challenger. >> and the 21st century conservative movement is the son


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