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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  February 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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@ @right now at 6:00, cereal bars @laced with drugs send local @students to the er. @the green light for two loraine @motels to be demolished, just @when they will be brought down @is coming up. @>> we'll give you a live look @outside, a look at your @beautiful city this morning. @that's excellent. @hollie is tracking some changes @that will be here before you @know it. @again, beautiful picture right @there. @24 hours from now we'll be @grabbing the umbrellas.
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@it's a gorgeous morning. @it's been spectacular for @viewing the full snow moon @that's bright and brilliant in @the nighttime sky. @we'll see them to start today. @obviously it's clear today. @cloud cover will be increasing @ahead of this next storm system @we're tracking. @today's weather, totally quiet. @if you're going to the bruce @springsteen concert, you will @have cloudy skies. @as you wake up and get the kids @to the bus stop, 20 to 30 @degrees, but as john and lynna @mentioned, we're tracking a big @storm system out of the south @and southwest. @it's going to bring rain first, @and then we'll see snow again. @we'll talk amounts and all that @good stuff. @right now dani is talking your @commute. @>> we have it all posted on @clear and dry for those of you
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@to get breakfast. @downtown cleveland is a great @commute. @things are all looking great. @90 into downtown. @your drive times between avon @and downtown cleveland. @john and lynna, we're good to @go. @this morning we're waiting to @learn what kind of drugs were @found in cereal bars that made @several students sick. @>> joining us live from @headquarters. @>> the 8th grader who passed @him out will not be in school @today. @>> lynna and john, the @investigation not only with the @police and the school, it is @really just beginning. @we know the four students who @are sick are at home. @here's what we know happened. @we know the four students went @to the er after eating the @cereal bars laced with the @drug. @they say the student approached @the dean on monday saying i @don't feel well.
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@started to figure out what @happened here. @a robo call went out to parents @but not before channel 3 broke @the news to some of these @parents. @>> oh, my goodness. @i didn't hear anything about @it. @i hope it wasn't one of mine. @>> we do know our kids. @we love our kids, but part ro @of that love is making sure @they're safe and protected. @if discipline is necessary, @discipline. @>> it's unclear what type of @drug was in that cereal bar. @coming up at 6:50 p.m., i will @let you know why, laced or not, @these students should not have @access to the cereal bars. @ two loraine motels deemed @nuisances and dangerous to the @publy, they will be demolished. @the board of appeals ordered @the parkview motel to be raised @by october. @it will also be knocked down, @but so far a date has not been @set.
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@old drowned in a hotel pool @this weekend. @when they arrived at the double @tree on saturday, a hotel @employee was trying to @rediscuss state the boy. @>> 29-year-old ryan gaston @faces federal charges after @authorities seized more than @900 sentinel pills marked as a @less potent drug. @they were marked oxycodone. @he's charged with possession @and intent to distribute crack @cocaine. @>> meanwhile an akron man could @be sentenced to as much as 14 @years in prison today for @selling drugs to a person who @later died. @21-year-old ranaudo owens pled @guilty to trafficking and @heroin.
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@what killed a 62-year-old woman @last september. @police arrested owens when he @tried to make another drug @deal. @a drug will sentence him this @afternoon. @now, here's maureen. @>> lynna, thank you. @we're learning more about the @uber shooter. @jason dalton switched cars @during the rampage. @police say the 45-year-old may @have crashed his suv fleeing @the shooting scene and was @driving the second car when he @was arrested. @dalton is accused of injuring @two, shooting people at random. @they appeared yesterday when @denying bail. @ this move was voted on 7-4 @by lawmakers. @it prohibits --
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@investigation. @federal regulators are trying @to determine the safety of @lumber liquid day tores @laminate flooring. @those exposed to certain type @of flooring face a higher risk @for cancer than previously @thought because of @formaldehyde. @they also have an increased @rigging of asthma. @ beer brewed by monks in @italy is so successful it's @going to be available in the @u.s. soon. @they use the money from the @beer sales to fix up the @italian monastery. @it's a belgian style brew. @it's on its way across the @atlantic right now. @you can look for it soon. @here is a little known fact. @the tradition of monks brewing @beer goes back to when monks @drank it during lent to help @them fast. @if you end up having a beer @during lent even though you @gave it up, you can say you're
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@ what if i tell you this @island is home to hundreds of @poisonous snakes. @the plan to save an endangered @snake, but some people are @fighting back. @ plus, after scathing @reports about the safety of @hover boards and their @batteries catching fire, @another major retailer is @pulling all hover boards from @its stock. @hollie. @>> lynna, thanks, happy @tuesday. @get some coffee brewing. @that's what we're doing here. @we have a really beautiful @beginning to this day. @we're going to see partly @cloudy skies rain to track, @snow to track. @a lot to talk about. @40s and quiet today. @much more ahead as we keep you @informed with the ialert. @closing delays are instant. @by later this week, and more @snow accumulation, we may have
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@ @ 611 right now. @happy birthday strongville. @here is a picture where the @city is celebrating its by @centennial. @1816, in honor of 200 years, @the city is offering free @admission to the rec center. @they're offering tours of the @police station and fire @station. @ we keep hearing more @stories of battery of those @popular hover boards bursting @into flames, sometimes @destroying homes. @now another major retailer is @pulling them. @>> toys "r" us is pulling hover @boards from their website out @of an abundance of caution. @no hover board on the market @meets safety standards and
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@toys "r" us is working with the @manufacturer. @after the investigation, they @will decide if it's safe to @start selling them again. @amazon stopped selling them @last month. @residents want to relocate @venomous timber rattlesnakes to @a 1400-acre island that's off @limits to the public. @they want to move the @endangered snakes. @these are the only 200 left @because humans are a threat to @their habitat. @people are worried the @rattlesnakes will leave the @island and head to the nearby @woods. @those in charge say that won't @happen. @>> there's a lot of food. @a lot of habitat. @a sentry from now, they will @never be off the island away @from that spot. @>> all right. @well, no word on when the @proposal will be put into @place. @an informational meeting from @the public is being held @tonight. @don't mess with mother nature. @>> i would love it if your job
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@hey, how are they doing? @>> you go do it. @one may say mother nature is @really moody this week. @>> there's all kinds of things @going on. @it's going to be quiet today. @temperatures are in the 20s. @it's seasonal. @normal low is 25. @mid to upper 20s. @comes up at 7:12. @record low set one year ago. @five below zero in 2015. the @good news is the weather is @quiet again today. @we're starting off with the @brighter skies through the @morning hours. @we'll start to see more @overcast move in midday @throughout the afternoon. @still dry. @if you're going to the bruce @springsteen concert, be safe,
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@mostly cloudy skies in place. @at least a lot of talk about @that. @ temperatures in the 20s as @we wake up this morning. @take a look at the bottom of @the tv. @you will find rain. @we expand the view. @you will see really what we're @tracking as we head through the @next 24 hours. @a storm system is out of the @south. @this is going to continue to @push our way through the day @into the overnight hours. @by this time tomorrow, a lot of @you will be seeing rain. @it's going to start during our @show. @i don't think it will be @raining at midnight. @i don't think it will be @raining at 3:00 in the morning. @i think it's going to be toward @daybreak. @here we go, hour by hour. @everything looks great. @with the exception of seeing @more cloud cover, this is the @low 30s. @you're getting the kids from @school and into the evening. @40s, it's going to stay really @mild overnight. @we're in the upper 30s to @around 40 degrees. @we'll have the rain start to
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@this is 4:30 tomorrow morning. @we're really starting to see @moderate rain to the south and @all of that pushes northward. @i think one of the most active @times of the day from 7:00 to @9:00, we're going to have @heavy, heavy rain. @so, something to already start @to think about. @rains let up a bit tomorrow @before snow moves in. @and that's how our thursday is @going to go. @46 today, partly cloudy to @mostly cloudy skies. @tomorrow is an all-rain day. @then we've got the snow on @thursday. @we are expecting accumulation. @it will be blustery. @temperatures falling. @upper 20s on friday. @we warm back up into the 40s @this weekend. @you see what i mean by moody. @6:15, let's take a look at your @drive. @>> it's brought to you by mike @bass ford. @ @ good morning to you. @i hope your tuesday is getting @off to a great start.
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@wonderful start because it's @still an accident free commute. @we're not tracking any major @delays. @here is 70s. @71 north and south. @both moving just fine. @so if you're moving from this @point at 480 and 71 going into @downtown at 490 on 71 north, @it's an 8-minute commute. @normal drive time throughout @the region. @now, don't forget, 1100 total @traffic. @>> it is 6:16. @time for my biggest winners and @my biggest loser in sports @today. @for my biggest loser, okay, you @have college traditions @involving fish. @some frat guys swallow fish. @in new hampshire, they have @another one at their hockey @games. @it's a major fish fail. @fan try to throw a fish on the @ice. @this guy had all kinds of
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@one toss the fish came back and @slapped him in the face. @it took a few attempts, but the @fan finally tossed the fish @onto the ice. @we delayed the game for this. @this guy has quite the fish @story to tell, but instead of @telling everyone about the fish @that got away, this is the fish @of the story of the fish that @wouldn't leave. @come on. @>> by the way, the game ended @in a tie. @3-3. got to move on. @my biggest winners are from @aurora and the fourth grade @travel became. @they won the youth travel @basketball tournament and then @they just won the madison @tournament this weekend. @great job, ladies. @tim sent me a little update @yesterday. @>> oh, yeah? @>> i appreciate that. @that's a team effort. @team effort by adults is great @too. @if you would like to nominate
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@picture and story or tweet them @to me at john wkyc. @if you catch a beautiful fish, @we'll make that a winner. @if you're going to do it, do it @in the first few minutes. @>> hoist it up. @ time now is 6:18. @at a time when a lot of @companies are raising their @prices, there are some @companies doing the opposite. @>> matt granite has the three @big names working for your @business. @first, here's hollie. @>> john and lynna, 6:18. @they than hud -- nathan hudson @sent this in. @beautiful, nathan. @thank you for sharing your @pictures every single day.
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@ @there's a new warning that @certain types of driving @distractions are riskier than @others, things like applying @makeup or interacting with a @passenger in the backseat has @little impact on accidents, but @driving while angry, sad, @emotional actually created @almost ten times the risk of a @crash. @speeding was the most dangerous @driving behavior, increasing @the risk of an accident by 13 @times times. @someone is just doing the @opposite. @>> they're on our side. @they're out to make money too. @>> i think they're out to @disrupt the challenge. @level the playing field. @>> with savings. @now, i want to mention -- i'm
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@companies that have taken @everything we know and flipped @it. @while grocery prices are @goingup, there are two on the @front that are in some ways @lowering prices. @they have actually lowered @prices across the board in many @ways and then more @considerably, that challenger @to blue apron, they have family @meals lower than anyone they @were offering last year. @that's a very interesting thing @to see. @on the smart phone front, t- @mobile has not only revamped @it, they're giving them a run @for their money. @t-mobile was the first to @eradicate contracts. @they do not have roaming fees. @they're channeling other @companies to offer better @customer service and eliminate @overages. @they're offering more than just @a year ago. @and, dish, well, cable
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@and direct tv not answering to @any promotions of this nature. @they will give you three years, @all in, with a one-year netflix @included at 49.99. @this is disrupting the industry @because it's always been you @get locked in at a rate and a @year later they jack it up 70%. @this is a 49-dollars promise @for three years, which is the @first of its kind. @>> how about that? @>> with t-mobile, you always @hear they don't have as much @coverage as at&t and verizon. @so are they just trying to make @up for the difference? @>> they're improving quickly. @if you're on a suburban area, @on a farm, they're not for you, @but if people in cities, @they're a good grab. @>> thank you. @ all right. @one of the nfl's controversial @players could be looking for a
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@reports out of dallas say the @cowboys are about to cut ties @with greg hardy. @cowboys took a chance with @hardy and gave him a one-year @contract that was loaded with @incentives, but the pass rusher @has been nothing but trouble. @he was suspended for four games @following his domestic violence @incident with his girlfriend. @he got into altercations with @coaches on the sideline. @they thought he deserved a @second chance, but if reports @are true, that second chance @will be over. @ we now know the full story @of kyrie irving's illness. @he says it was bed bugs, not @the stomach bug that caused him @to get sick. @he calls out the hilton hotel @and said he found five big bed @bugs on his pillow and one of @them pit him on the forehead. @>> by the way, it's also known @for being haunted. @they have an old housekeeper
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@they believe that's the coast. @by the way, the chicago bulls @no longer stay there because @they used to hear noises at @night. @>> whatever. @i'm more worried about the bed @bugs. @>> don't they have people to @take care of that? @>> do you think somebody checks @all the beds. @>> they need to have some @people, hollie. @>> not checking anything. @>> you don't want that job, @hollie? @>> no. @who would like to check for bed @bugs? @ we have a beautiful day @ahead of us. @skies. @temperatures in the 40s. @we'll transition from partly to @mostly cloudy skies. @we're tracking a storm system @out of the south that is going @to bring rain by this time @tomorrow. @i will let you know the snow @behind it, all that good stuff @coming up. @good morning to you. @>> good morning, hollie. @in the morning news feed, we're @following stories of families @that are filing a lawsuit
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@we'll tell you their argument. @we have top stories we'll be
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@ @nice to have you with us. @i'm john anderson. @>> i'm lynna lai. @>> there's plenty to track. @our tuesday is going to be @uneventful.
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@it's up a few minutes after @7:00. @we'll see filtered sunshine @through the early afternoon @hours. @42 degrees at noon. @46. @that's really nice for this @time of year. @mostly cloudy skies at 5:00. @right now as you're waking up, @temperatures, mid to upper 20s. @make sure those kids have their @coats on at the bus stop. @you too. @you will need them today. @we're tracking a storm system @out of the south. @this is going to be with it @rain for tomorrow. @then we're tracking snow. @we'll fill you in on all the @details as we go hour by hour. @dani has a look at your drive. @everything looks green. @>> it does look green. @we have an accident to the @east. @it's in bainbridge. @your right lane is blocked @because a car hit a deer. @i spoke to bainbridge, they @said, hey, they're waiting on a @tow. @minor crash is getting it out @of there. @we take a look at the drive @time between 306 and 271, only @ten minutes.
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@other than that, we're looking @pretty good. @don't forget, tune into 1100 @total traffic when you hit the @road. @john and lynna, back to you. @ donald trump is hoping to @rack up another lead today in @nevada when the caucuses get @under way. @>> tracy potts is reporting @some of the candidates wrapping @up the rallies. @she's live in washington with @the preview. @>> reporter: several hours ago @they were still rallying in @north nevada. @this is the first time the @republicans have competed in a @state with a large latino @population. @>> the men and women in this @room have a national -- @>> a final late-night push to @win nevada. @>> this guy is sick there. @'s something wrong with this @buy. @>> the latest poll shows a 16- @point lead over ted cruz. @>> the republican party is @waking up to the fact that
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@donald trump could be @unstoppable. @>> not all voters are @convinced. @>> i think he's turned this @whole thing into a circus. @>> marco rubio is hoping to @score here. @>> we can't win if we nominate @someone -- if we nominate @someone that half the @republican party hates. @>> i don't know what makes @anyone believe that donald @trump supporters are going to @peel off of him and go to @someone else. @>> john kasich is seeing @protests after signing off to @defund planned parenthood in @ohio. @>> i found his comments today @to be completely deplorable. @>> those attacks tell me that @somebody is listening out @there. @>> he and ben carson round out @the five republicans left in @this race. @>> back live it will be late @when we start to get results @because those caucuses can go @until 9:00 p.m. @they can start as late at 9:00 @p.m. @in nevada.
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@or after the late news when we @get some definitive results. @the other thing is turnout @there has not been historically @great for the republican @caucuses, about 33,000 last @time. @that's considered pretty thin. @>> you're right. @a win does give a candidate @momentum, but historically, @does nevada tend to pick @winners in the race? @>> well, it's kind of mixed. @first of all, nevada has not @had the caucuses early for for @long. @this is the third election @cycle. @in 2008, they didn't pick @winners or republican nominees. @in 2012, they did pick mitt @romney who won the nomination. @we'll see what happens this @time. @>> thanks so much, tracy. @>> we just had an army of @people, and many women who left @their kitchens and go out door @to door and put yard signs up @for me all the way back, you @know, when things were @different.
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@under fire this morning for @those comments he made while at @a campaign stop in virginia. @>> so what he did is went on @cnn to clarify his comments and @to offer an apology. @>> sewer sure. @i'm sorry, anyone who is @offended. @of course. @of course, i'm more than happy @to say i'm sorry if i offended @someone out there. @it's not intended to be @offensive. @if you hear the whole thing, @you will understand the context @of it. @>> kasich went on to say he's @where he is today because of @the women who helped elect him @into office early in his career @and he's grateful. @ bernie sanders is coming to @town on thursday. @the ohio for bernie sanders @facebook page says he'll hold a @rally. @the rally is scheduled to start @at 10:30 a.m. @akron police are investigating @a deadly accident that shut
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@happened near 4:00 p.m. @yesterday. @the woman was in an suv with @her husband when they got into @an argument. @she got out of the car and ran @across the highway, jumping @over the median. @that's when he was hit by the @truck. @the woman was killed instantly. @people are looking into what @happened before the incident. @>> an update on the breaking @news we first brought you @yesterday morning. @a 29-year-old man who fell into @a dumpster is telling that @story only to channel 3. he @tells us on sunday night he had @a couple of drinks. @wasn't drunk, and took the @prescription adderall. @next thing he knew, he was in @the dumpster being picked up by @a dump truck. @>> there was a broomstick @leaning up against the wall. @i didn't know. @i started baining on it. @it -- banging on it. @hour. @i don't know. @>> the man was able to make @enough noise to get the
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@station. @the man has an injured foot, @fine. @here's maureen now with a hook @at the morning newsfeed. @>> thank you. @ the families say ar-15 used @by adam lanza in the 2012 nasa @car in newtown should not have @been sold to the public. @20 children and six adults were @chilled. @generally gunmaker can't be @sued over the use of their guns @with some exceptions. @a judge will rule if the case @can move forward. @ people in damascus are @reacting to the -- it's just @after a wave of bombing. @people are skeptical it will be @enforced.
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@50 different stores across the @u.s. they're protesting an @order for apple to assist in @the san bernardino terror @investigation. @families are also expected to @take action, filing a brief @support. @and, drink up this morning. @a new study is linking coffee @drinking to a lower chance of @river damage. @researchers linked drinking two @cups of coffee each day to a @44% reduced risk of liver @cirrhosis, a disease that can @be caused by drinking a lot of @alcohol. @that risk dropped even more for @people who drank three or four @cups of coffee a day. @so pour the third or fourth @cup. @>> sugar is still the enemy. @>> yeah. @ still a lot to come on the @show.
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@>> i'm going to steer you clear @of one of the tech industry's @worst markups ever. @hollie, any weather markups of @sorts? @>> well, we'll see temperatures @rise before they fall again. @yes, matt. @we're tracking another really @calm day. @starting off with sunshine. @cloud cover increases later. @46 and then we're going to be @talking rain and snow. @i even think some snow @shoveling before the work is @threw.
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@ @6:42. @here is a look at stories @trending this morning. @we told you about this @yesterday. @the wife of bill cosby @testifies in an oath in a civil @case against the comedian. @>> camille cosby gave 2.5 hours @of testimony.
6:43 am
@not to speak about @conversations with spouse. @women accused -- starbucks @announced it's changing his @rewards program to speed up the @line. @under the current program, they @get a star per purchase. @people wanted them to ring it @up separately. @that delayed other customers @for customers -- from getting @service. @customers are still complaining @on social media, upset because @they say now they have to spend @more money to receive the same @rewards as before. @the company says the change was @requested by some customers. @by the way, 11 million are part @of their rewards program. @>> well, count me in. @>> yeah. @>> take a look at this. @could this new haircut despite
6:44 am
@start a new trend. @watch this. @it is a mix of swirling a @symmetrical layers. @rough bangs and areas of @exposed scalp. @it has been seen more than 8 @million times. @as you can imagine, most of the @comments are pretty bad, saying @if that's in style, i don't @want to be in. @and i think i gave myself that @haircut when i was three. @>> that's got to be a joke. @>> you never know. @it could be a trend. @>> really is this. @>> i'm getting a haircut next @week. @we'll see what i'm coming back @with. @>> i'm never bringing back the @dorothy dorothy dorothy hamill. @>> as we save you money every
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@you plug into have a markup of @300%. @if you buy a pair from ebay or @the dollar store, they cannot @only damage your phone, but @they break quickly. @today, the best cables money @can buy. @first, apple certified, brand @new, $6.99. @these work better, faster, more @durable than anything we threw @at them. @they had the fastest charging @and data syncing of all the @data cables i tested. @android front. @70% off the top rated android @high speed cables. @these are made out of a leather- @like type material. @they bend 4,000 times @guaranteed. @and other than loving the @packaging, the deal on, guys, these were @faster, more reliable than @anything else i tested. @if you do want to save money, i
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@same problem, a little cut in @the cord is all it takes. @that's why the leather wrap is @really great. @9 bucks. @>> again, to go out and buy the @cheap ones, some of those are @fire hazards. @>> now, here's a look at your @forecast. @good day today. @that's fine. @we're minutes away from brutus @and bear. @doggone weather is coming up. @we do have a lot to talk about. @kids at the bus stop. @it's quiet and chilly, but in a @seasonal way. @you grab your coats and make @sure you bundle up before you @head out. @it's going to be a quiet @weather day. @we're expecting rain tomorrow @and snow on thursday. @talk about one extreme to the @next. @this evening. @it will be more filtered
6:47 am
@after a bright start this @morning, we've had clear skies. @it's 7:12 today. @it should be a nice sunrise. @mainly 20s to report. @we'll end up mild for the 40s @today. @we're tracking rain. @take a look at the satellite @and radar, there's not a whole @lot going on until you zoom out @and see what's happening to our @south and west. @and this is going to be our @weather for tomorrow. @rain, wet weather. @not going to impact your @evening commute. @in fact, i don't think it's @going to start to have an @impact until daybreak tomorrow. @if you're going to the @springsteen concert, the @weather will be dry. @11:00 a.m., we're seeing @sunshine. @we'll start to see filtered sun @as we get into the afternoon. @even a few peaks toward dinner @time. @by tomorrow morning, here we @are, 6:00 a.m. @we have rain moving in from the @south to the north.
6:48 am
@tomorrow. @downtown. @this will all spread northward @throughout the morning drive. @at our busiest time. @although it's just rain, we're @times. @plan now. @there are going to be slowdowns @tomorrow. @it's going to be a lot of wet @in for thursday. @i think we'll have snow on the @through. @accumulation. @inches. @preliminary model suggestions. @temperatures in the 40s today. @partly to mostly cloudy skies. @at times. @rain to snow. @thursday. @with temperatures falling. @cold friday, but then we're @weekend. @we're definitely bouncing back @and forth. @6:48. @doggone weather. @bear. @foreground.
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@bob and angela sent the picture @in. @pretty dogs. @>> yeah. @>> they're adorable looking. @look at that. @>> very artsy. @very sweet. @>> thank you much. @ after the break, the @morning rush. @>> and we'll check in with @tiffany. @>> reporter: john and lynna, @students sent to the emergency @room after reportedly eating @drug laced cereal bars. @coming up, why drug or no drug,
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@just about ready to turn over @to 6:52. @i'm john anderson along the @lynna lai. @hollie has your forecast and @dani has another check on the @roads. @>> tiffany has more on drug @laced cereal bars brought to a @local school. @first, here's maureen. @>> thanks, lynna. @we're learning more on the @kalamazoo suspect. @police now believe jason dalton @waif switched cars during the @rampage. @police say he may have crashed @his suv fleeing the first scene @and was driving a second car @when he was arrested. @they found 11 rifles in his @home, but the shootings were @all from the same gun. @he's accused of killing six @people and injuring two. @a judge denied bail yesterday. @dalton will be back in court on @march 10th. @the today show following the @public safety side of this @story, here's what they're @working on. @>> coming up on today, more on @the case of the uber driver in
6:53 am
@what does it say about this @sharing economy that we're all @in? @how do you know if the driver @who picks you up is @trustworthy? @what about the person whose @house you're renting? @can you trust them? @what about the background @checks? @how do we know whether somebody @has been vetted? @a new question about the brave @new world we're working in and @sharing in. @i'm tom costello. @that story is coming up today. @>> and, tom, four students who @reportedly ate drug laced @cereal bars are out of the @hospital this morning. @it all happened at lake erie @prep. @an 8th grade girl brought the @bars to the school and four of @her classmates ate some. @students were not supposed to @be eating those bars because @the school has a policy about @students bringing items to @share. @the grader who brought the item
6:54 am
@itest unclear what type of drug @was this that food. @ one of the widowers of the @plane crash is suing. @everyone on board was killed @when the plane crashed into an @apartment building no. @one on the ground was hurt. @>> we've learned two loraine @motels deemed as nuisances to @the public will be demolished. @the parkview motel was to be @knocked down. @all right. @dani, how are the roads @looking? @>> they're looking pretty good. @we have a little bit of slow @traffic on 422 westbound. @a car hit a deer in the right @lane. @scooch over to the left. @also, slow traffic getting off @at east 55th. @it's about a two-- minute delay @in both spots. @slow traffic into downtown
6:55 am
@you see the stop and go at west @25th. @it's about a two-- minute @delay. @it's 6:55. @we're tracking more of a @partial sunshine today. @clouds will be on the increase, @but it's going to be a quiet @weather day, even with more @overcast. @rain for tomorrow. @breezy, heavy at times, and by @tomorrow, we're talking towards @daybreak. @this is not going to have an @impact. @i think accumulation we shall @keep you posted. @>> here's matt granite with the @bonus deal of the day. @>> american airlines and @jetblue, both dropped their @prices significantly in @approximately five minutes. @i had to look at the clock. @i wasn't avoiding eye contact. @i had to look at the clock. @bargain to protect your back. @it's huge. @>> that is huge. @>> under 20 bucks. @it really will protect you.
6:56 am
@cable coupons, they're on our @website right now, @>> you will be tweeting all @day. @>> yeah. @>> the music, the sendoff @music. @>> maybe it's not at the @concert. @>> today is next. @we're going to have more music
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good morning. winning hand. donald trump with a strong lead heading into today's caucus in nevada. he plays tough guy with the protester at his rally. >> i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell ya. >> as he and marco rubio take swings at ted cruz over alleged dirty tricks. >> every single day, something comes out of the cruz campaign that's untrue. >> while the other candidates s s s s slug it out, it's trump on the way to the nomination. bill gates sides with the fbi, saying apple should unlock the phone of one of the san bernardino shooters.


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