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tv   Today  NBC  February 23, 2016 7:00am-10:00am EST

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good morning. winning hand. donald trump with a strong lead heading into today's caucus in nevada. he plays tough guy with the protester at his rally. >> i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell ya. >> as he and marco rubio take swings at ted cruz over alleged dirty tricks. >> every single day, something comes out of the cruz campaign that's untrue. >> while the other candidates s s s s slug it out, it's trump on the way to the nomination. bill gates sides with the fbi, saying apple should unlock the phone of one of the san bernardino shooters.
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the government is asking for access to information. >> will apple relent under mounting pressure, or will it be up to a judge to decide? fighting for life. the mother of the 14-year-old girl shot by an uber driver in michigan is speaking out. >> it was a miracle. >> this morning, how that young girl proved she was alive even as the hopes of doctors were fading. erin andrews gets her day in court after a stalker records her behind closed doors. when the hotel negligent for letting it today? opening statements get underway today, tuesday, february 23rd, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "toad day" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning. welcome to "today."
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i'm savannah guthrie. we have willie in for matt again this morning. the battle between apple and the government got more interesting. >> one of the founding fathers of silicon valley, bill gates, came out on the side of the government against apple. >> we've seen titans line up on different times. sides. our top story is politics. today's nevada gop caucus and, of course, next week's super tuesday contest are looming large for both parties. let's start with nbc national correspondent peter alexander. good morning. >> good morning to you from here on the vegas strip. donald trump is in the driver's seat in the race and, yet, his rivals have barely touched him. today will pit trump against the son of the city, marco rubio, who spent his childhood here and has more family here than in miami. cruz is looking to sneak in
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>> reporter: it's starting to sound like its vegas act. trump, the inevitable. >> we have a big lead and don't want to blow it. we have to go all the way. >> reporter: venting his anger against a protester. >> we're not allowed to punch back anymore. i love the old days. you know what they used to do to guys like that when they were in a place like this? they'd be carried out on a stretcher, folks. i'd like to punch him in the face. >> reporter: trump is polling ahead of his rivals in 10 of the next 14 states. >> if we nominate someone that half the republican party hates, we're going to be fighting against each other all the way to november. we'll never win that way. >> reporter: with jeb bush out, marco rubio is trying to lead the establishment's large, . ted cruz is cleaning up the mess
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top aide showing cruz blow off the bible. >> we will conduct the campaign with the highest standards. >> rubio outraged. >> for them to take a video and transcribe words on it that's not what i said, it's disturbing. every day, something comes out of the cruz campaign that's not true. >> reporter: later, trump teed off on cruz. >> this guy is sick. >> reporter: despite speculation that a rubio-kasich ticket could prove formidable, kay aides say, no way. kasich described how he first won public office 40 years ago. >> we got an army of people who -- and many women who left their kitchens to go out and go door to door, and to put yard signs up for me, all the way back when, you know, things were different. >> reporter: the clinton campaign pouncing.
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a woman's place is wherever she wants it to be. kasich later apologized for what he called an inartful comment. >> this morning, we're getting a snapshot at where things stand. a roll shows trump holding on to the lead nationally, 36%. ted cruz in second. marco rubio creeping up in the last week. what's noticeable in the numbers, rubio gained this last week with two key republican groups heavily represented in nevada. white evangelicals and voters who identify as conservative. savannah and willie? on the democratic side, bernie sanders says he has no plans to leave the race, even with hillary clinton taking the lead in democratic delegates. clinton52 to sanders 51. a survey of super delegates finds 449 backs clinton and only 19 supports sanders.
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he sees a path to victory. y-e-s. end. we have gone much faster, much further than any or many people would have believed possible. >> they've got the resources to stay in. next up for democrats, the south carolina primary on saturday, where clinton holds a big lead in the polls. let's bring in chuck todd, "moderate " moderator of "meet the press." we want to run through the scenarios that establishment are running through right now. how you would stop trump, who is in a commanding position. there are a couple scenarios people talk about. the first one, you has cruz losing to trump in texas. explain. >> well, savannah, the cleanest way to stop trump is to hurry up and get this to
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what's the fastest way for that to happen? on super tuesday, for ted cruz to lose his home state of texas. neck race. this gives donald trump potential advantage because he can beat his rivals in their home e marco rubio, the fastest way to get to a one on one, cruz loses texas and, suddenly, everybodyand a possibility of a one on one is there. >> we hear it almost every four years. brokered convention. this is going to the conventionappened for more than 60 years. could this be the year, and what does that look like? >> it's possible. on super tuesday, of the 12 contests, essentially, everybody wins a few contests. rubio wins tennessee and cruz wins texas. donald trump wins his fair share. it's three or four didn't candidates who win regionalir home states and
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by the way, we will know this on march 16th. we'll know the day after the second super tuesday in march if 100 delegate lead for trump, we're going to a brokered convention. >> there's one other scenario, and that's a race. >> this would be if trump is blowing through march and then the panic really sets in, and then it's all about simply denying him a majority ofs, doing whatever it takes. to make in the california primary. maybe a mitt romney.o someone outlined to me a couple days ago. mitt romney would file late, you may get favorite sons and daughters to file late, simplyo beat trump, deny him delegates and create another way for a brokered convention. i have to tell you, it's the most farfetched. >> romney said he won't get maybe it'll change. before we let you know, let's look at the democrats and do math. we laid out the challenges bernie sanders has.
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grabs on hilary lary clinton has a good sized lead in a lot of the states. >> she does. the only way this starts to be -- to get tough for her again one, bernie sanders comes within single digits on saturday in south carolina. and then from there, he's got to beat her in a big state.nnessee, virginia, georgia. those are four of the biggest states on super tuesday. can he beat her in one of the four? if he does, i think maybe he has aet this race. right now, it doesn't look possible. >> chuck todd, thank you so much. >> chuck, thanks a lot. there is a new fight between apple and the fbi over a cell phone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. bill gates is weighing in and surprised by what he's saying. pete williams has more on that. good morning. >> good morning, willie. surprising because up until now,tech giants, include ing
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founder of twitter and founder of google supporters bill gates says apple should do what the fbi is asking. >> i think the people want the government to act on their behalf if the safeguards are >> reporter: bill gates, the founder of microsoft, says technology companies should be forced to cooperate with lawent in terror investigations. he disagrees with apple's ceo tim cook, that forcing apple to help open the iphone will setous precedent. >> historically, the government has gone to phone companies and banks and lots of companies to ion. >> reporter: washington lawyer ted olson, representing apple, says the government never much. >> privacy and liberty is important to the citizens of this country and to the people that buy apple products. are we going to allow terrorists away from us? without fighting back and asking
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>> reporter: writing in the," new york's police commissioner also goes after apple. he asks, how is not solving a murder or not finding the message that might stop the nextk protecting anyone? a new poll shows 51% say apple should help the fbi unlock the phone. apple. for gates, he says he welcomes the controversy. >> people feel like the government not being blind and being able to try and stop badefore they happen, it's a good debate to be having. >> apple customers who support the company stand against the fbi plan demonstrations todayhan 30 cities. they'll carry banners that say, don't break our iphones. >> fascinating debate. the other side, you have ansa and cia chief taking up for apple. pete, thanks so much. >> complicated questions. we turn to the tragic shooting spree?mazoo, michigan. a vigil was held for the victims last night.
7:12 am
a teenager clinging to life this hour, as police try to motive in the attacks that appear to be random. ron mott has the latest on this. good morning to you. >> good morning, r-old girl is one of two survivors of the shootings. she's being treated behind me at bronson as the community is struggling what drives someone to target unsuspecting people like her. >> she is alive, and she is life. >> reporter: late monday, tears and hope from the parents of abigail, the youngest victim in the kalamazoo shooting spree. >> abigail is a vibrant, beautiful young lady and didn't deserve this. >> reporter: the 14-year-old was spot? a cract, along with four women who are killed. while doctors prepared for organqueezed her mother's hand. >> it was a miracle on its own.
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other survivor has a bullet lodged in her kidney but isrecover. nbc news learned the girlfriend of tyler smith, killed alongside with his father in a carurvivored by hiding under a blanket in a car. the suspect, uber driver, jasondmitted involvement in the rampage that killed six people. >> he made a statement. >> from his little remorse. >> reporter: no answer to the questions why. >> i prefer to remain ter: authorities allege dalton was picking up uber passengers between shootings. >> no red flags. prior to that day, his record looked reporter: dalton had been on the job one month, undergone a background check by the company and had a high rating before his hundreds came together at a
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the survivors and remember the victims. >> the 45-year-old suspect is court in a few weeks on march 10th. back to you. >> ron mott, thank you. by the way, coming up in the next half hour, we'll how companies like uber screen potential employees. questions a lot of people have in the wake of this. bill cosby's wife hasions under oath in a civil suit tied to her husband's alleged sexual assault of seven women. lawyers say she answered two and a half hours at a massachusetts hotel. the seven women accuse her husband of defaming them by denying their allegations of sexual assault.s lawyer spoke after monday's definition af deposition. he said he beliefs the juries willames and reputations. >> at the end of the day, a jury is going to determine who has more credibility. is it the seven women that we is it bill cosby? >> camille cosby will answer questions at a second deposition
7:15 am
bill cosby has repeatedlyims of sexual misconduct. there is a threat of severe weather in the south today and al is watching that. >> today but into the overnight hours which can be potentially very dangerous. we're watching the storms already firing up from houston to galveston,risti, pushing to the east. we have a tornado threat from new orleans to houston, 21 million people at risk, large likely. overnight, tonight into tomorrow morning, we've got a severe risk, a strong risk, from mobile to crestview.e involved, as well. wind gusts of 60 miles per hour. this will push to the east early today, the storms in texas. then they go to louisiana,nder the gun. we move to this evening. the storms move to mississippi. damaging winds and really significant, rnadoes overnight. wednesday, it tracks into georgia, the carolinas.
7:16 am
threat in the eastern ll. over the next couple days, anywhere from 2 to 4 inches of rain. guys, the real threat here, especially overnight, we can'tenough, the danger of the tornadoes, especially long-track ones. there's a winter side to the storm, as well. >> we'll check back in a . news from overseas. the syrian government saying it accepted a halt to combat operations in line with the u.s.-russian plan for a syria would coordinate with russia to decide which groups and areas would be included in the cease- included in the deal. john kerry will appear before the senate foreign relations committee over enforcement of the the ongoing battle over the u.s. supreme court and efforts to fill the seat of the vacancy left by the death of antoninalia. biden was a senator 24 years ago.
7:17 am
92, biden said the ot consider a nominee during an election year. he was speaking hypothetically. the senate wasn't considering a time. biden responded. as my record shows, i presided over the consideration of justice kennedy, reagan nominee, who was confirmed in alection year. we have dramatic video out of australia. a construction crane was on fire in melbourne. that led to this. the arm of the crane the ground. thankfully, no one was injured in the accident. the fire may have started in the motor of the e waves are causing big problems in hawaii. a historic swell hit the north shore of oahu with waves jumping on to roadways and soaking cars.sportation officials were forced to close the highway. locals said the surf was the biggest they've seen in a decade. a few daring surfers jumped in ride.
7:18 am
forecast. we'll show you we are expecting the strong storms down through the along the west coast. we have snow out of the rockies. it'll make its way east later on. we'll get to your local forecast
7:19 am
snowy side of the storm will come up in ten minutes. opening statementsnd sports reporter erin andrews lawsuit. was the hotel where she was videotaped by a stalker igent? the vetting process in companies like uber in wake of the deadly rampage in kalamazoo, how do you know your driver is trustworthy?
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just ahead, kesha's dispute with the production she's
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it's tuesday morning, 23rd of february, 2016. it's like we're at a rave here. it's studio e a nice crowd outside. moments. >> this is the lamest rave. i love you guys but as raves go, this is not a great inside studio 1a, here's a look at the headlines. republican presidential candidates are vying for votes in the nevada caucus today. donald trump holds anotherd in the polls as he looks to make it three wins in a row. at a packed rally last night, even trump seemed surprisederformance so far.
7:31 am
happen? i figured maybe we'd be in the and edge it out at the end, like a racehorse. we win in the end. but we have a big lead and we don't want to blow it. you go all the way. >> no republican has ever won new hampshire andd lost the nomination. a judge denied bail to the uber driver accused of going on a deadly shooting rampage in kalamazoo, michigan. jason dalton is charged witheople and attempting to kill two others. so far, no motive has been determined. and the white house has just announced thating, president obama will make a statement on the detention facility at guantanamo bay, cuba, a facility he's vowed for years to> also this morning, sports reporter erin andrews and her $75 million lawsuit against a peeper tom who recorded herked and the hotel she blames
7:32 am
the trial against underway. a public personality's most private moments. this morning, sports reporter erin andrews is going after noter but the hotel that put him in the room right next to her. >> reporter: sports caster erin into a national courtroom this morning, eight years after a man secretly recorded her naked in her hotel room, then posted it online.or a payback, she's asking for $75 million from the stalker. and the hotel where it happened. in 2008, a el barrett, became obsessed with her and followed andrews from city to city. at this marriott hotel in nashville, according to court barrett requested his room be placed next to andrews
7:33 am
the complaint saying barrettltered the peephole of andrews' door and her getting dressed without her knowledge. andrews' emotions were raw still at the trial, agonizing over an eo that had been viewed more than 300 million times. >> i won't get this down in 30 years. my kids, my future husband, will have to deal with this.r: barrett pleaded guilty to stalking and shooting the nude videos and served 30 months in prison. he's free now. in a civil suit, andrews is suingnd marriott. the management company at the time. claiming the video caused and continued to cause her great emotional distress and andrews telling oprah. >> i kept screaming, i'm done. my career is over. i'm done. >> reporter: but she wasn't. she's appeared as a host andnt on "dancing with the stars." her career as a sports reporter
7:34 am
>> if i run and hide, it's showing the stalker victims you ashamed of yourself. i did nothing wrong. i should be allowed to live my life, but this isn't over. >> the jury of seven women men will hear opening statements this morning in a trial expected to last about two weeks. andrews' stalker will testify, but not he will be on video. back to you. >> thank you. now to more on the deadly shootings in michigan that killed six people and wounded two more. the uber driver now the case picked up passengers during his killing spree. there were no apparent red flags and uber did run a background check on him. but some are wondering could have been gone to prevent the tragedy, and how companies like uber their employees. tom costello has been looking into it. >> uber doesn't plan to change
7:35 am
in large part, because the suspect had no criminal background. in this digital age of apps and ride sharing and home sharing, how do you know if you'retally safe? >> reporter: it takes just a click and these days, you can borrow a total stranger's bedroom for a weekend get away, or summon a you, even your kids, home. all you have to go on is the other person's customer rating. every uber driver is rated. them on your app. they can rate you. it's like, it's reliable. i trust them. >> reporter: uber says driveralton had a close to perfect rating. 4.73 stars and he passed the uber background check. no criminal record. >> in a situation like background check comes back completely clean and the motor vehicle checks are behavior.
7:36 am
driver, an applicants must, address, social security number and insurance company. uber vets them through local and international databases. uber has been accuseddoing enough elsewhere. prosecutors in l.a. and san francisco last year said the background checks missed 5 drivers. including one who spent 26 years in prison for second degree murder. and uber doesn't run fingerprint checks of potential drivers companies do. >> because uber does not use fingerprints, it can't be sure applicant. >> reporter: one challenge, services like uber are growing too fast to thoroughly check >> you're not sitting next to the person who is going to hire you and looking them in the eye and convincing them to hire you. >> reporter: uber driverse been targeted. beaten by enraged or drunk passengers. some violence caught one sharing to home
7:37 am
for millions of americans, there is no substitute for safety. >> so of sharing, the question is whether simple arithmetic would suggest bad actors will get through, as they do in every ucation, schools, in industry. as one uber rider said to me, i believe in what ronald reagan used to preach. trust butback to you. >> tom costello, thanks so much. uber saying this guy had no criminal record. we couldn't have caughtt place. >> 4.75 rating, so he was good to that point. >> tragic situation. let's talk about the weather. >> we're talking about thef the storm. now, we have winter weather watches in effect from champagne, illinois, up to michigan. 11 million people under these we're watching this storm system push up through the ohio valley. rain will change to wet snow in
7:38 am
into the appalachians tomorrow. it'll end as snow for interior parts of the northeast. snowfall is be really confined to northern michigan, where we could see over a foot up near saginaw. chicago, you'll see about 4 to 6 before it's all over. that's what's goi >> that's your latest weather. >> much. coming up on trending, surprise stowaway. what a gorilla is doing aboard
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the best part of wakin' up so, where do you want to start? pretty good place. is folgers in your cup we're back at 7:43 with a dispute involving the royal family. >> the duke and duchess of kensington palace threatening to go on strike. keir simmons is in london with more. what is going on? >> hi, guys. good follows a history-making strike threat. that dispute was resolved last year, but now folks atace are threatening to walk out. what must the queen be thinking? ability about money. not the income the royals
7:44 am
for some staff.ome are complaining that william is a little, well, underemployed, putting in few shifts as a helicopter pilot andff at christmas. week. >> how long does it take to change over? >> reporter: editing newspaper for charity. no, stop the press, it's some strike. they're among those who work at kensington palace. royal employees fear they'll lose $5,000 a year. the salaries cut by a charity that manages the palaces.ff say when you work for the money. >> you've worked for the royals. why does someone work for the royals? >> the reason his privilege, the idea that i'm working next to a royal. >> reporter: it can't help that kensington palace just had an $23 million.
7:45 am
to william and kate, the guys that buttered their toast andea are not involved. but the royals are famously frugal. the queen is said to walk arounde switching off the lights to save electric. true story. >> she turns the thermostat down. >> a lot of places -- >> don't stand with the refrigerator door open. >> keir, thank you so much. just ahead, what ise massive fish the size of a car. >> what? >> it has the internet buzzing. and the change coming to sitting well with some customers. first, these messages. binge eating disorder, or b.e.d.,... ...isn't just overeating. it's a real medical condition.act cause is unknown... ...certain chemicals in the brain may play a role. b.e.d. is also the most... ...common eating disorder in us adults. hi, i'm monica seles.... ...i wasn't in control. i never felt satisfied... matter what the quantity was.
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all year long you worked hard to take care of business and take care of the people who matter most. und arrives, make it go a little further at walmart. from electronics, to home decor, even tires, prices on everything you need to get more fun out of your tax refund. walmart. we're back at 7:49 with what's upset a lot of starbucksday. carson is in the orange room with that story. >> wish me luck. starbucks announced on monday what they called exciting new
7:50 am
many on social media were not solled. here's the deal. right now, you get a star every time you make a purchase. basically, no matter what you order, you're earning points toward a free drink. come april, the focus you're going to get points based on how much you spend instead. if you are like me and get a simple coffee every day,ke $40 more to reach the free beverage each time. if you spend more, you'll get there faster. this was the number one request heard from customers. tim wrote, thanks starbucks for punishing those of us thatgular black coffee. steven wrote, now i have to spend three times as much to gain any rewards. sincerely, a tall dark roast starbucks are encouraging people to hold out for what's to come. they tweeted, we'll be introducing new ways to earn stars so the majority ofn stars just as fast, if
7:51 am
it remains to be seen if this will have impact on customer loyalty. we'll find out in april. >> you lost me at, try to follow this. >> all the time at starbucks and not getting the rewards, i've been missing out. >> if this is our biggest oing great as a country. thanks, carson. coming up, natalie's devil wears prada moment asitan's newest intern. first, your local news and
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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, the angelina effect. a new study reveals more women opting to undergo preventative mastectomies. is it the right decision? then the pop star versus the the man behind kesha's biggest hits breaks his silence after she accuses him of rape.court battle that has some of the biggest names rallying behind the singer. up for the job. >> here i come. >> natalie finds out if she has
8:01 am
>> first off, tea, little bit of milk, no sugar. >> today, tuesday, february 23rd, 2016. this is how wanna know what it is, make the boys>> we're from san diego and we love "today." >> hey, mom and dad are in new york city. >> hi, we love you. >> good >> happy anniversary to my wife back in virginia. i love you.t's 8:00 on "today." it's tuesday, february 23rd, 2016. i know i say this every day, but it's true, crowd. everyone is so excited and happen poi happy to be here.
8:02 am
>> al and i were doing a little joke. >> matt is a little under the he'll be back soon, we hope, but we have willie filling in. coming up, celebrity style for the rest of us. we'll show you how to tackle some of the season'strends that you think you can't pull off. >> willie, you could pull that off. >> you think so? >> absolutely. first, let's headwith natalie for a check of the top stories. donald trump boasting a big lead but playing rough headingto nevada's kau caucuses. trump said he'd like to punch a protester in the face. a top aide on monday for tweeted an inaccurate video that falsely accused rubiong off the briebl ible. with jeb bush out of the race, rubio is hoping to get
8:03 am
backed by a new endorsement by apple's refusal e ing to hack the iphone of one of thedino terrorist attack shooters. there were protests organized by tech freedomover half of americans back the fbi's effort to force apple to help investigate ors investigators. microsoft founder bill gates has come out in saying this is a specific case and not a general rekwex by quest by the agency. a new report women are opting for preventive mastectomies than ever before. dr. natalie azar, nbc medical contributor, is here to help usse of the study. >> good morning. >> women between the years 2005 to 2013 are getting, by more than 1/3, more mastectomies thanre.
8:04 am
cancer remained unchanged. >> yeah. >> what does this tell you? >> i mean, i definitely think the immediate women are being more aggressive about their care and they're being more proactive. but according to experts, the biggest risk for a woman inf recurring cancer or cancer in general breast cancer has to do with their genetic as well as family history. according to studies that have been done, what seems to be driving this more aggressivee fear and anxiety. maybe some misperceptions about what their actual risk is. because the studies would suggest for many early stage a more conservative approach has the same outcome asthma as as mastectomy. >> whatevercording to the same period, the women getting double mastectomies tripled.
8:05 am
they need family history isn't strong, you outcome would probably be similar if you do a at the trend. >> this study isn't taking into account the angelina effect because these were the years 2005 to 2013. >> which is a perceptive point. i think if this trend continues, we might see a higher the next five to ten years, if play. >> dr. azar, thanks so much. charlie sheen'sre on "today" that he was hiv positive may have had a life-saving impact. more people googled hiv and related terms after sheen'sn ever before. researchers at san diego state university say the number of searches for hiv information jumped by 2.75after years of waning interesting, news reports
8:06 am
on the day of sheen's exclusivew with matt here in november. a fish getting revenge on a young hockey fan? it is the hampshire tradition. you toss a fish on to the ice after the home team's first he tradition called, this guy flopped. he couldn't heave the heavy, slippery fish over the glass. tries. disgusting. his embarrassing performance, now a viral sensation. floppy fish. to make of that. >> wow. >> how'd the fish get there? >> it's a tradition. >> they bring it into the arena. if you don't get it quit and put it back in the bag. >> bring it to dinner. >> you could do that, too. now to a heated case pitting kesha against a >> she's fighting to get out of our recording contrast.
8:07 am
center of the dispute is speaking out for the first time. here's joe don't stop, make it rock, blow my speakers up tonight >> reporter: the highn a pop star and hit producer is turning into a trial by twitter. kesha getting a flurry ofellow singers and celebrities after her defeat on friday. a judge denied the singer's bid to be released from a recording contract with dr. luke, the currently suing, alleging sexual assault. her allies used the hashtag, free kesha. ariana rt is with kesha rose. taylor swift is donating $250,000 to help with legal >> kesha is going to have a difficult road ahead of her to win in the court of law. however, she seems to be big time, in the court of public opinion.
8:08 am
dr. luke, the man who discoveree sexually, physically, verbally and emotionally abused her. she alleges dr. luke continuous continuously forced himselfhe was intoxicated and drugged. monday, dr. luke also took to twitter, echoing denials he's filed in court. saying i never raped never had sex with her. we've been friends and she's like my little sister. kesha and her council are of ruining his career for financial gain. dr. luke is suing kesha, claiming she made up the she could get out of her recording contract with him ask sony ew and sony music.ttorneys argue her career is at a stand still because she won't work with dr. luke as the contract requires. his attorneys say kesha is free release music
8:09 am
a producer if she doesn't want to. to say she didn't free is a myth. both sides are digging in, fighting in and out of the "today," joe fryer, nbc news, los angeles. >> let's bring in our legallisa. we haven't gone through trial. this is the beginning of the case. she's saying he abused me, i don't want to work with him. therefore, i want out of thentract. sony is saying, you don't have to work with him, but you do have to be bound by the contract. >> importantly, this is ajunction hearing, which is an early hearing in the case. it's not trial yet. her lawyer had to meet a high legal bar. the judge said he didn't meet the claims weren't specific enough and he didn't bring forth evidence in support of her allegations. >> this is just the first step and she lost the first legal it doesn't prevent her from going forward with the case. >> right.
8:10 am
that she makes of all kinds of abuse by dr. lu in the court process with those? does she have to prove them? >> eventually, there will be a trial and her attorney can bring worth witnesses and evidence, and any have. at this point, the judge said, look, there is no irreparable injury pause beca work with dr. luke anymore. she's claiming maybe sony wouldn't promote her in the future. the judge said that's not enough at these stages. >> dr. luke, the producer,e gave a statement, kesha, under oath at a previous happen. is that a problem? >> she was an adult when we mstatement. the sexual assault survivors tend to say it didn't happen claims. it's tough for her to overcome. >> is it a problem for her thatarently never went to law enforcement and reported it? >> that's less of a problem. most repe rape victims don't go to law enforcement.
8:11 am
they're saying, free kesha and sympathetic to her and her is free to record as long as she stays with sony. if these allegations were proven, if she ultimately trial, would that be enough to get her out of the contract with sony? >> i think it's a winning point for sony, that she does not have to work with dr. luke ey point out that pursuant to the contract, they've lived up to their end. they spent millions of her music. they want to promote her music. sony and kesha want to make music. >> the court of public opinionull swing. >> girl power supporting her. >> thank you so much. coming up next, how do you handle it when you're at a messed up? the sneaky way one ceo puts jobndidates to the test. >> interesting one. plus, pigs in space. how about gorillas? we'll explain this sight on the space station.
8:12 am
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8:14, otherwise known as trending time. we've all been on job interviews
8:15 am
you see yourself in five years?r biggest weakness? >> right. >> the ceo of charles schwabrent approach. he takes the person to breakfast. it's not scones and green tea. beforehand, he tells the restaurant to mess up the jobt's order, to get something wrong to see how they react. do they get upset, frustrated, are they understanding, riented? he told the "new york times," we'll all make mistakes. the question is, how will we recover and will we be others when they make them? it's a way to look inside someone's heart rather than just their heads. >> great idea. >> i like it. >> it's in other hand, if you were on a job -- >> one has to do with the other. >> if you were on a job interview. to say that some bosses think if you're not assertive and don't say, i ordered the salmon, not the
8:16 am
i think if i were on a job interview and they brought the wrong order, i wouldn't say one thing. i'd just eat it and concentrate on the interview. >> not me. >> i wonder if anybody has shown up and gotten so mad and flipped the table order when the order was my guy right there. >> you're hired! all right, the words mola mola massive fish captured on video off the coast of portugal. it translates to ocean sunfish. it is the largest the world. the species can weigh up to 5,000 pounds. the size of a small suv. this video is up to more than 4 million views.ol. >> mola mola doesn't translate to terrifying fish? >> no. >> giant forehead. >> look at the shape of that >> translates to a special at red lobster.
8:17 am
>> rare mola mola. >> sorry. now to creature, at least in space. what is king kong doing aboard the international space station? of course, it's not king kong, it's astronaut kelly having fun, chasing around a fellow crew where did he get the gorilla suit? >> acme. >> no, a care package sent by his twin scott kelly wraps up his year-long experiment in space next week. >> that's what happens when you spend that much time in space. >> great excuse to playll music. >> they're american heros but it might be time to come home. >> it's their entertainment. now to the pop star who just of pop. a fictional president gets a real honor. >> rihanna is first up this
8:18 am
>> oh! >> i'll try and make it through. rihanna has a huge milestone here. she has a new song called "work"e.topped the billboard singled chart, giving her her 14th as one more than michael jackson. they'd been tied at 13. with the new honor, rihanna is only behind the beet les beetles. celine dion getting back to her residency where she'll her husband, who died after battled cancer. the show will kick off at 10:30 eastern time. if you'd like to see it, thebe live streamed on her website. finally, a big honor for one of the nation's most respected and feared leaders. you respect president frank t? >> of course.
8:19 am
carolina who is not above mau -- murder? kevin spacey played him. of a publicity stunt for the series which debuts march 4th. pretty good. that's your pop start today. tequila you keep a little flat today. >> thanks a lot. al, how is the weather looking? >> we have winter weather here in this area.ant to reiterate the threat of severe weather down south. for today, this afternoon, we've got a risk, strong risk,orleans to hat . crestview to al, significant overnight tornadoes.e watching wet snow in the northeast. it'll start around noon. as it makes its way to the north, snow in boston, rain
8:20 am
parts of pennsylvania all the way up to vermont. heavy thunderstorms on wednesday in the afternoon. we look for some placeso 3 inches of rain in the no latest weather. willie? >> al, thank you very much. day two of our up for the job "today" series, where we put our skills to the test by being on monday. natalie, it's your turn.
8:21 am
had the opportunity to work at n "cosmopolitan," the best selling young women's magazine in the country. sounds like a dream, doesn't it? i filled in for the executivehe editor in chief. what a day it was. here i come. oh, my gosh. i feel like i'm in my dream right now. i'm living my dream. i like that one. i like thatike that one. little bit like "devil wears prada." >> how are you? >> natalie morales. i'm your assistant for the day. >> good. my boots have got dog hairs on them. can you find a lint>> sure thing. i'll be in with a lint roller. >> thank you. >> where is the lint roller? >> first off, tea, little bit of sugar. lipstick, i can't remember the color.
8:22 am
the fruit bowl behind you, the e it's going to give off poisonous gases. get rid of it. these shoes, i want to meet the design them in this afternoon. >> okay. >> that should do for now. >> is that all? >> it is for you, but i'll have more things in a couple of >> okay. tea, tea, tea. she likes earl gray. there is none. there's english breakfast. this is her cup but it okay. >> natalie, natalie, when city for a cup of tea, i need it immediateleen in a desert, my inner organs would have shrivelled to the size of a walnut and i would have drated. >> i'll get it first next time. fancy, look at that. can i take a message for her? >> what is the n the cafe?
8:23 am
>> i need more tickets for "hamilton." >> she'd like to see, if possible, if tickets available for friday's show. >> this friday? >> i need some jewels. >> she would like to see if she can borrow garber. friday, four tickets. >> lipstick, i need to reapply. >> needle in a hay stack. >> i think i found a >> long earrings, feathered. >> natalie, try this on. >> cuffs. >> sensational too matchy? >> no. >> could you get that out? >> where do i begin? >> armani, we want the >> 3:00. >> think we got "hamilton" for friday. amazing.
8:24 am
look at that. these are amazing. oh, my gosh. >> what are you wanted to make sure -- these are the jewels. i wanted to model them for you. >> you did, did take them off now and put them somewhere. then will you disinfect the earring, natalie? >> sure. >> i just got in>> let's go down to a shoot later on. i want some help. >> little lower. bring it down a little bit. natalie? >> it was super fun, ladies, thank you, but i have to get back to the office.>> bye. >> you called? >> i just wanted to let you know my actual executive assistant is back, heather. you are relieved of your ught you did a good job. i thought you did a good job. i wasn't expecting a lot and, actually, you exceeded my expectations. if you need a reference, you can
8:25 am
>> thanks. >> i'm out! >> so glad to be back at my real job. obviously, a lot of that was --ou get a ticket for "hamilton"? >> no. but thank you to joanna and her staff. they were sweet to let me tag along and assistant assistant. if you want to be an intern there, you have to be in college to receive credit for it. she is tough but is a great >> she didn't notice you never got her the tea. >> don't tell the secret. >> too late but you're out. >> her assistant said, i switch it on her all the time. sorry! >> you threw her under the bus. >> that's her last day today. thank you very much. seriously, how'd you get ? >> know a guy at the front office. >> very resourceful. >> had to do something for my job, right? >> working hard. tomorrow on "up for the 's carson's turn. he went to the airport. >> had a great time.
8:26 am
you get on a plane and a you to the destination safe and you never think of the men and women and what they do
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
here 8:30 now. it's tuesday morning, 23rd of february, 2016. starting to see the clouds roll in in the northeas some rain over the next few days. some storms in the south that al has been telling us about. good day, nonetheless. >> look at the biggest>> he was just crowned the biggest loser, live on the finale last night. he's here and we'll talk to roberto >> also, we're catching up with debra messing. a lot to talk to her about, from her hit show to dirty dancing. what's>> you'll find out.
8:31 am
the box office but before book. we have your guide to the year's hottest reads before they hit the big screen. also, tailor made celebrity pull off yourself. don't forget to pack your bags, bring a friend and be on the plaza friday morning for a chance to win a to los angeles over the long leap day weekend. make a creative poster to show us how you'd spend your extra 24 hours. the trip includes threeat the line hotel, a bike tour on the beach, dinner and much more, courtesy of discover los angeles. you have to be over 18. don't forget, come to the plazay and rsvp at now let's say hello to roberto hernandez, the ear-old who lost a 160 pounds and crowned the biggest loser. roberto, good morning and congratulations. >> thank you. >> what a re just crowned last night. were you shocked?
8:32 am
i've been busting my butt since september 9th. the first day was i surprised? yes and no. i was working to it and i was a finalist. >> your brother. >> you lostr weight, 160 pounds or so, down to 188. >> yes. >> how do you feel physically? >> amaze ing. my body felt beat up working hard. at home you wake up, go cycling and during lunch, i would run three miles. after school, i would goa crazy workout. you know, workout constantly every four days from the time i begun. >> how did it change your amazing.
8:33 am
more. but that'll change. i won't work out four he will get more of my time. >> congratulations to your brother, as well. it's awesome. >> backstage, i was like, yes, hugging strangers. i didn't care who it was. it was amazing. >> you look great. congratulations, roberto. >> thank you. now let's get a check of the >> way to go, roberto. let's show you what we have going on for today. severe weather down through the gulf. watching that for tornadoes possible and strong storms. northeast. look for sunny out west. 58 in seattle. tomorrow, we're expecting that sunshine to continue in the 82 in l.a. 79 in phoenix. the eastern half of the country, if you are flying or driving, it is going to be a real windy and snowy. could be almost blizzard like conditions in the u.p. of michigan and parts of the upper great lakes.
8:34 am
and risk of strong storms along the mid-atlantic coast tomorrow and down to the southeast. western third of country looking good. that's what's going on around savannah? >> al, thank you so much. emmy winner debra messing is athe "mysteries of laura." when her sister looks to be in trouble, she pledges all she can do tolook.
8:35 am
jail for murder or being murdered yourself, let me help. i will protect you. pinky swear.ebra messing, good morning. >> good morning. >> are we going to have a cliff cliff-hanger?the end of the season. >> tomorrow is the first half of the two-part finale and it'll be major. don't miss it. >> your sister is in a little trouble. >> you'd think from thatat we were close, from the pinky swear, but not so much. >> is she like the dark side? >> she's the dark side. she's the bad one, >> i know she has her red hair just like you. >> she does. >> you look like sisters. >> it was actually my 11-year-old son roman's idea. > they were like, we want to
8:36 am
>> he was like, debbie ryan would be great. >> he's like a casting agentw. >> we watched "jesse" for years. >> the show is doing well. i was thinking, if you could invent a show, wouldn't you have made this up? funny, quirk i can y, mystery, you have romantic tension with the ex-husband. it has a little something for everybody. >> it, for me. it really does keep me on my toes, and it keeps me creatively you know, i love really difficult murder mysteries, to figure those out. i love that we keep the audienceng up until the last minute. you know, the characters that have been created, they're accessible, quirky andan care about. we have a lot of fun. >> you mentioned your little boy, he's 11. is it a good mom job, being on aike that? are you able to spend the time
8:37 am
all that? >> well, doing an hour-long drama is pretty brutal. >> great thing is, he's literally grown up on the set. thanks to "will and grace." home. after school, he'll come over and hang out. he knows everyone's name and says "action" and "cut."ts your sister, apparently. >> very well, also. >> you put a cute picture up on social media of his backpack, which is enormous >> look at that thing. i mean, it's insanity. you said it was like a microwave '70s. >> what does a 6th grader need that requires that much? you're going to be crippled by the time you're 12. going to have a back back like your mama. >> i have to ask about dirty dancing. there is an abc remake and
8:38 am
>> totally flipping out. it's been retooled. the character is really you know, singing, dancing, it's -- "dirty dancing," come on. >> yeah! i mean, come on. >> did you love "dirty dancing"? >> i loved it. it was the thing that kept me on my path to being an was the first time i remember sitting in a movie theater and seeing a character and saying, i could see myself playing that character. like, she's quirky and notaditionally beautiful. >> no one puts her in a corner. >> no one puts her in a corner. >>o much. you'll be back later with kathie lee and hoda. "mysteries of laura," season finale tomorrow night, central on nbc. the remarkable life story of the 106-year-old woman who danced her way through the white
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
we're back at 8:41. looking back, moving forward. our series in honor of blackh. >> monday on trending we introduced you to the 106-year-old who fulfilled a lifelong dream of visiting the hoda has more of her story. >> you're welcome. this is a good one. you can't help but smile when you see the video of virginia mclaurin, dancing with the lady. the meeting was part of a black history month reception following a letter and even a phone call to the white house. for virginia, it was a moment of joy after living through some times in our nation's history. >> hi! >> how are fine! >> reporter: a meeting for the ages. >> you want to say hi to
8:42 am
virginia mclaurin becoming america's sweetheart when the meeting prompted her to start a dance party in the >> what's the secret to dancing at 106? >> reporter: stunned by her newfound fame. >> i didn't think i'd ever be thisi said, why didn't they do it when i was young? >> reporter: an accomplishment she once considered >> i thought i would never live to get in the white house. i am so happy. >> i just startedi said, i'm here to represent black history month. >> look at him! right there. >> a >> that's me. >> yes! >> reporter: virginia's visit to 1600 pennsylvania avenue marked a milestone along a difficult journey that began in aed south carolina. born in 1909 as the daughter of
8:43 am
age 14 and had two years later, she became widowed and moved to washington, d.c. where she worked as a nanny. she lives there today ands a foster grandparent to elementary school children. with no signs of slowing down, she not only serves as an inspiration to the students, but to all of us. the first family. >> i want to be like you when i grow up. >> reporter: from only knowing a world of black and white, to one now allowing us to celebrate all >> i didn't think it'd ever happen, but it sure did happen. and i got a chance to see it. >> are you so happy right mclaurin thought it was time for a career change at 5 5 a seamstress. in 1994 she started schools because she loves the education aspect. she did this write-in campaign
8:44 am
the white house.'t worry, i'll come to you if it makes it more convenient, and she got to. >> now she's theup upstaged everyone. >> i love her. >> she's seen a couple world wars, civil rights,rican-american president. thanks. great story. nine books to read before they hit the big screen this year.
8:45 am
8:46 am
e back at 8:46. hollywood hit the jackpot in 2015 with book to big screen adaptations like mockingjay part 2, this year, there's a new crop of . if you want to read before you see them, we have your guide. welcome to the "today" show lounge. i've never seen these chairs befohave some scotch. >> we should.
8:47 am
let's go through some of these. 19 books you put out. people need to read before they hit the theaters. kids. first one, "the bfg." >> it tells the story of's taken to the land of giants by a big, friendly giant. it's directed by steven spiel -- steven spielberg and has been in the works forever. >> how about "the jungle book"? >> everyone is in this movie. you have bill murray. so many people the story. it was all c ji, except for the actor, and it'll be this visual >> we have this one with alice, "through the looking glass." this hasn't been a movie before? >> no. you had alice in wonderland." johnny depp is returning as the mad hatter and this time, alice
8:48 am
it's a move to young adults. this is a huge business for hollywood. you have the "hunger games," "twilight." so this is "the fifth wave." >> it's this story of one woman from ohio trying to brother. >> how about "allegiance"? >> so exciting.he third -- basically taking the third book, like with the "hunger games" and "harry potter," and dividing it in half of the end of the series. >> i get excited when i hear tim burton is directing this was on the top of the y.a. best seller's list for so long. it's a creepy, awesome book.ns love. they want a little goth. side. there's not a lot out on this movie yet. they're keeping it under l i'm excited to see what they do with the story.
8:49 am
tim burton. >> absolutely. >> highly anticipated ones for adults.train." >> it's this year's "gone girl." i'm just going to say it. incredible thriller. you have emily blunt in the role. she's taking this train every day and looks at this couple who seems perfect but they're not and she gets involved. >> can't go wrong with danown, "inferno." and my man tom hanks. going on a wonderful adventure. trying to find his way and figuring out, always tryingzzle. >> last but not least, for the whole family, j.k. rowling, "fantastic beasts and where to find them." >> this is the one everyone ist. returning to the wizarding world. it's here in new york city. wizarding world comes to america. it's j.k. rowling's first ing credit. this is a textbook. this is one of the books that harry potter would read at hog
8:50 am
her screenplay is one you'll have to go to theaters to see. >> love your passion. we have a lot of reading to do, my friend. >> keep read sia ee ya. fashion looks from without fear.
8:51 am
8:52 am
from sky high to head to toem, there are a lot of fashion trends to try. mastering it is not always easy. we have styleemily here to show us how it's done. >> good morning. >> you see things celebrities are doing and go, can i pull it off? that's what this is about today. >> exactly. i think it's 90% 10% know-how. just wear the trend or have it wear you. >> okay. >> you are wearing the first friend, a beauty trend, blue you have a little blue mascara going. >> can you see it there? >> we see it on some of the stars. >> kerry but not as scary as the '70s powder blue. it's a metallic blue. mascara, maybe an eye liner,f blue. >> if you have blue eyes, do more of a purple, they say? >> just so your color really pops. it doesn't compete again it's color of your ou do it with your nails and match or is that too much? >> fun colors for the nails is
8:53 am
we've seen it on a lot of celebrities. it's really cute. petite, they often think, i don't know if i can dos the question. even nicole richie pulls it off. the vertical lines make itng and lean. >> this is our model corrin. >> she's rocking the look. it's about the fit. high wasted pant, hug the of the body and skim all the way to the floor. >> heels are a must. >> they are. boot. >> exactly. >> any height ladies should wear heels with it, to keep the leg long and ou are petite, do you want to do the fitted top as opposed to something like a blouse? >> absolutely. she's wearing a body worry about the top coming out. it's completely going to stay exactly where it is. it is nice with the back of your
8:54 am
thank you so much. the next w celebrities because we've seen this look a lot. it can be very, very chic. >> sure. olivia wilde is wearing a big '70s can wear this to work at a law firm and go out afterwards and look trendy. what's fun is wearing it a little to the side. it's pinned a little offwearing like a trendy mini skirt keeps it modern and sleek. >> how do you make sure it's not too, ipris si sy, i guess? >> it's about keeping the shape, hugging the waist, long mini skirt and heels. keeping the hair down so it feel too pilgrim and covered up. >> no age limit on wearing bows. you can even do a bow in your >> it's a trend, wearing a little ribbon, maybe a loose,
8:55 am
not a "grease" >> thank you so much, aerial. riel. denim on denim. you have to get this one , we see, is that kate hudson? >> gwen stefani. it's a great airpo janelle modeling it. >> it's about two different washes. also, treat denim as a neutral. pattern. she's wearing the leopard flats. it's like wearing black but basically, you don't want to have the denims watch completely. have two colors or textures. a skirt. >> let's bring the models back out for one more look. ladies, terrific. you, too,re fashion tips, including how
8:56 am
pinterest page. casey affleck is coming first, your local news and
8:57 am
8:58 am
9:00 am
ng on "today's take," oscar winner adrian brody is here talking about his new thriller casey affleck on playing the good cop in "triple 9." plus, the gget you looking gorgeous. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefellercome to "today." it's tuesday morning, february 23rd, 2016. and al. tamron on assignment.
9:01 am
middle school, "the symphony" by marley marl and the juice crew. '89, i think it was, great fantastic. >> i remember that. >> great bass line. >> terrific. >> let's talk about this apple story. it keeps getting more interesting. a new twist, the fight between the fbiing an iphone used by one of the attackers in the san bernardino mass shooting. microsoft founder bill gates weighed in, siding with,ngly some people, the fbi fbi. saying tech companies should be forced to cooperate with law enforcement in terror investigations. >> i do think people want the on their behalf if they feel like the safeguards are there. historically, the government has gone to phone companies and banks and lots of companies tother information. people feel like the government not being blind and being able to try and stop bad things before they happen, it's a good
9:02 am
>> interesting because so many of the other silicon valley executives immediately side with apple and tim cook. facebook and twitter and google, as well, actually came in on the side of apple. he's an outlier and one of theathers of silicon valley taking this position. >> he says there is a risk even among silicon valley, as they're having the debate we are having. >> slightly more than with the fbi as opposed to apple. >> on the flip side of it, general michael haden, the head of the nsa and has the right idea. you can't predict where people are going to come down on this. >> it's fascinating. i think bill gates said, it is a good conversation to be having.. we have the freedom, and it's protected by our constitution. >> like the freedom to look like an idiot when you're texting and >> i'll refrain from using the word idiot because i've been
9:03 am
>> into a sculpture? >> not into a sculpture butens on rock center on a daily basis. not only me but i've seen people walk into pillars. this is this giant sculpture in called the kiss. the problem is, it's in the walking path. that's not going to present a problem, is it? well, it sure did. t high. they say within hours of installation installation, they had eight people walk right into it. >> how do you miss that? >> but it is right in the walking path. >> over the path. not in the path. >> in their defense, the people who walked into it.>> no. this hits close to home for you. >> i nearly walked into a table. >> don't move it. enough of this. >> put a camera on it. >> epic fails. fantastic. >> apparently, they had to
9:04 am
they put it to the side. >> oh, >> the artist said that texters apparently were not looking, of course, while walking. there you go. the huge sculpture is part ofay routine, like in that walking path. >> i can't believe they caved to texters. >> come on, guys! word gets stand your ground. i love this next one. if you've got more than one kid, you have them together, something is going to happen. check out this little girl fun with her baby sister. with a permanent marker. >> oh, boy. uh-oh. >> what? >> i did what? [
9:05 am
>> i love it. leave her scarred later in life, the little sister. >> she doesn't say anything. looks at her mom like, what's your problem? >> even her that's the best part. >> when the little one turns around. front and back. >> binky in her mouth. >> zebra. >> come on, zebra. >> i love zebra. >> and the lady gaga, covering the one a sharpie, a permanent marker? >> that's my question. >> permanent marker. >> it's not going to go off cheek, the face. >> oh, my gosh. >> clearly mom isn't that upset. coming in with the camera and asks the question. >> i can't wait ten years from payback is going to be. >> all-timer. >> it's great. it'll be one of those where dad and mom embarrass the younger sister byo a date. look what the girls did back then.
9:06 am
dinner. >> sibling rivalry there later in life. >> soou had a late night. a citizens brigade? >> the upright citizens brigade, the improvthe city and now across the country, it's started by amy poehler, and audience. this amazing group of young actors and writers at ucb write the material, they produce the they did all the hard work. they're so funny and talented. they're the future. they'll be thee writers writers. it's like a talk show. i did a monologue, had a side kick. was my guest, talking about the campaign. listen to this. >> oh, no. >> 24 hour mcdonald's inill try serving beer to
9:07 am
there's one thing i've thought while sitting at mcdonald's at 2:00 in the morning, it's, boy, everyone here was more drunk. >> i wrote some monologue jokes and they wrote some. >> you have a future, my friend, i've always said, you'll go places someday. >> ucb is awesome. if you get a chance to see a show here, l.a., wherever, check them out. so much talent in that played. we're asking, we got this shoutout going. moms, send us their wildest first concert t apply. >> why? >> i don't know. it's what they said. >> not fair. >> i don't think it is either but that's what this is. for a chance to be flown to new york and win a head to toe, courtesy of jcpenney. natalie shared her wildest first concert look when she was 14 and went to spandalllet. share your throwback pictures.
9:08 am
of the month. go to our facebook page, om/"today's take" and tell us why we should tell you rock your style. speaking of going to our day's take" page, today is day 20 of our 25 days of give aways. what do we have, britney? >> a cook ware worth $500. we want to break 300,000 today. what are we at? 296,000. come on,.com/"today's take" ." check it out. all right. also, check this out. what's going on here. somebody hit my ou go. now, we've got heavy thunderstorms pushing through galveston, houston, moving to louisiana. for today, we've gotat stretching from new orleans to concern is tonight to tomorrow morning, the risk of long-track tornadoes.
9:09 am
this is really be watching this very, very closely. system would be pushing up and through. behind it, snow from chicago, st. louis re expecting to see the rain change to wet snow there. heavier showers and thunderstorms. the rain into snow for interior northeast. some places picking up upwards of a foot of snow before it's all over.
9:10 am
>>"today's take." getting awfully close. guess what, guys? guess who is at our table. this guy. youngest person ever to win an academy award. now, starring in a new psychological thriller, adrian s and gentlemen. >> yes! >> we have an actor. joining us after this. pet moments are beautifurgies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved toprelieve both itchy, watery eyes pand congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. gens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substancls six. and six is greater than one. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide.nges everything. crisificial flavors. philadelphia
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if your family outing isg reasons. you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec is different than claritin . because it starts st day you take it. try zyrtec . muddle no more . 13 years ago, adrian brody shot to super stardom after winning the academy award for best actor in "the pianist." >> now, adrianple in his new thriller "backtrack," about a psychologist haunted by
9:14 am
take a look. [ >> okay, i'm out. you can let go now, willie. >> sorry. >> i was like, it's coming. something is going to happen. >> h it's coming. >> i know, but it still happens. >> adrian brody, what was this like, shooting this t was -- it's lots of fun. i mean, interesting thing about shooting anything scary is it's much less scary when you'reit. but i love the world of the super natural. i love -- it's the beauty of film. you can really get to a that can actually be frightening and exciting.
9:15 am
>> tell us about your character. you play a therapist, is that >> yeah, i play a psychologist who is going through a traumatic time, where his -- he his daughter, and he's mourning. he realizes that all of his patients are deceased. that's frightening. >> that's hard to bill. >> exactly, it is. >> al gets to the heart of the >> never going to see any money with that. >> very true. that was the least of his concerns, by the way.asn't thinking about accounts payable in those moments. so you're restoring -- or you have restored this 1800s stone barn, basically, in upstate. >> mm-hmm. >> you've made a documentary about it, which is a story to itself. any creepiness there, in
9:16 am
>> it's interesting. i actually, when i first moved into the house, it was an enormous process, to rebuildace. the first few nights of living there, which was after a seven-year journey, so it was only anaged to live in the main house, and i was in bed, trying to go to bed, and i heard what snoring. it was coming from the second floor. i crept downstairs. the house was snoring. i wasit was my own little -- >> and you still want to live there? >> i have no choice. i spent seven years working on the place. i'm living you get a breathe right strip for a whole house?
9:17 am
>> wow, crazy. >> it went away. i still don't know what it was. it was the first night. i thought it was some strange thing with the pipes but it >> somebody just let you know. >> i woke him up and he stayed awake, i guess. >> you're a braver man than me. thank you so much. available on directv until it hits theaters this friday. the good guy in the new action film l catch up with casey o great. hi. oose your match new revlon colorstay 2-in-1
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9:21 am
casey affleck starred in a string of hit films from block busters like the " oceans" to "gone, baby, gone." and the assassination of jesse james by robert ford, which earned him an oscar now, he stars in the new high-strung, "triple 9," where he plays a clean, new detective surrounded by a group of dirty here's a look. >> this ain't a game, chris. different. this ain you better learn fast. >> man, let me tell you something, you have a problem with me, put it on the table but don't question me like you knowon't know. you let an [ bleep ] in front of the neighborhood, you have explaining to do. >> casey affleck, good morning.
9:22 am
between anthony mackie, aaron paul -- >> what was the >> you raced through that one. >> it's how we do it. >> i was counting on you carrying me through.norman. >> what was it like on the set with all that acting power? >> i was the pain in the ass. they're all so good., this movie, i didn't always see them. they weren't always on the set when i was there. woody's first day, he is a nut, he showed up and he got an easy scene. driving down the street, park his car, get out and walk up the steps to see me. simple. woody takes the first take, races down the street and hits a tree, jumps out of the car, head runs up the path to me.
9:23 am
and stop and lay woody down for a minute.t to the scene. okay, i guess that's how we play it here. >> oh million , my gosh. >> did it make it into the final>> yeah, it did. >> that's always better, the unexpected, right? >> who is your guy in this landscape of characters? who is your character? fit in? >> i play sort of the only -- i'm the good guy. a bunch of bad guys. how's that? >> that's good. >> you play a lot of different and intense roles. what drew you to this, besides an >> well, you know, i've played a lot of bad guys, and i wanted to do -- this was kind oft. he was -- he has a simple, moral code, simple sense of right and wrong. that seemed appealing to me. i wanted to play a police i liked the script.
9:24 am
sweet guy. >> you got a lot in theur latest film at sun dance, "manchester by the sea," has a lot of buzz. tell us about that. >> that is by kenny and it was one of these -- it was a beautiful strict. everything he writes is well written. i don't know what else to say. it was a small movie, and it ended up turning out great. took it to sundance. i've been in a lot of small movies that didn't turn out great. this one turned out betterhave imagined. >> a lot of good talk about that. you worked with your brother ben quite a bit. you've said he's your sounding board when you're considering a have yo to ask you about that. >> he is. >> have to ask you about "batman." are fans are?
9:25 am
>> they're excited. >> i am very excited. this is the movie everybody wants to versus superman." >> versus "deadpool," yeah. >> exactly. >> i'm excited. i want to see it, nds excited. >> thrilled. >> let me try that again. i'm so excited to see this movie. >> much better. >> barely >> drive a car into a olay regenerist renews from within... plumping surface cells for a dramatic transformation your concert tee might show your age...your skin never will. olay. ageless. and try regenerist micro-sculpting eyeswirl.tes to plump and lift. if your family outing is magical
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taking a look at the headlines. new developments today in the fight against the zika virus. the country's first for the zika virus is now available. the announcement comes via collaboration between two texas hospit results within several hours. before developed, physicians faced the possibility of long delays of testing in local and state public health laboratories and the centers forcontrol. the food and drug administration will begin testing some foods for traces of the weed killer round-up. the agency plans to check soy s beans, corn, milk and eggs. it's the most widely used weed
9:31 am
scientists have debated links to health problems. round-up's maker is confident the testing will reaffirm the safety of what it calls thesed by farmers and homeowners. encouraging news for people struggling with their weight. a new study foundcan significantly improve their health by losing just 5% of their body weight. a small weight loss not only reduced total body fat but cut the risk of type and cardiovascular disease in obese adults. while losing more weight helps cell function and muscle tissue,urther benefits for liver tissue. every dog has its day, and today belongs to the lab rador retriever. it's in its 25th year as the top u.s. dog breed.
9:32 am
german ret and retrievers are in the top five list. the happiest city on earth is naples, florida, according to the latest port measures how residents feel about their physical health, social ties, financial security and salinas, california, was runner up. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> if you're in the southeast, you're not happy about where you're living because we have a lot of wind and rain.ther possible, especially along the gulf. icy mix in the northeast. snow back through the rockies. sunshine out west. 81 in l.a. today. we are going to be watching more wet weather and a risk of strong storms along the southeastern mid-atlantic coast. icy mix in the north with rainse. the eastern third of the country is going to be a mess for driving and air travel tomorrow. 66 in on. in l.a.
9:33 am
th your latest weather. natalie? >> thank you, al. now to the brains behind the beauty. high-tech apps andt you glowing and gorgeous. we have katie here with her favorites. good morning. >> this is a segment you'll i'm obsessed with this already. we have britney here modeling something for us, which is life-changing for those of us who have fought for our lives to find the match.
9:34 am
company that are now doing that for you. >> 94% of women actually don't have the matching cordation. >> yeah. >> now you can actually use the app. you scan your face with the app. >> what's the app called? >> matchco. in a few camera shots, you can calibrate to get your perfect skin tone. then sent to you is this bottlee on it. and the foundation that matches you perfectly. it's unreal. $49. >> it seems like it's a little expensive, but actually, a lot of than that. >> absolutely. $60, $65. this gets to you in 48 hours. >> britney is wearing it on one your face. you have great skin to begin with so you don't need foundation. i can't tell. which side has -- seamless. you can barely tell. >> and the bottle has her name. amaze amazing.
9:35 am
yoat i love, i'm going through the app's screen shots. it has a satin finish and cakey feel. awesome foundation. >> it'll be my new favorite thing. let's move on over here. vaporizer? >> yes, this is going to refresh the air and moisture rise it. what's cool is you can go into whole foods or drugstore and any natural essential oil. there's also an l.e.d. button. if you circle through l.e.d.s to changemeates it, whether it's orange. i have cinnamon in there now. giving the makes you feel good. >> freshen up an area, if you have a smokey area. >> cool for a nursery, yogaudio, anything you want. >> what's this? >> in the summer when you have your medication, snacks, and
9:36 am
makeup, all the stuff is hot ands. now you put this in the freezer and it'll keep things cold for four to seven hours. day. lotions, makeup, whether it is the medication, not a problem. put it in the cool it caddy. they make it for guys and girls. >> good what is going on here? cleaning the brushes, right? >> high tech. this cleans your brushes in 15 it goes through a soap cycle, two rinse cycles. i've never seen anything like this before and it's thorough.lean the brushes fast. all of us have so many. this goes through a process and it's amazing. >> i guess it's importantn your makeup brushes regularly, right? >> absolutely. >> reason for having this. i almost bought this at the airport the other day. i said this when i walked up, bought this. the lay n go cosmetic bag. >> my sister got me this for
9:37 am
travel bag. -- >> everything is laid out. >> everything is laid out. >> you can see everything. >> zip it up. it has a draw l part, you go to the hotels and lay this on the counter. don't fuss with anything. i'm always in a rush. i take it and go on your have a wired version, so there are compartments for your technologies. >> fantastic. >> starting at $25. >> what do nail polish colors. >> this is a free app called superduper. it's all about finding igh-end nail polish. it can cost up to $15 for nail polish. it's horrible. you can choose your favorite there, it'll tell you which shade has the appropriate color. you can go to the drugstore and buy the $9 knockoff versionome. >> looks the same. this is a phone case that lights up for the perfect selfie.
9:38 am
made by beyonce's stylist. we're going to do a selfie here. >> come in here. >> you can see the difference. >> look at the 's cut off willie. >> hey! you had me at beyonce's stylist. >> $80. it's also >> cool stuff. katie, thank youming up, handbags to hope. how one woman turned her loss into a gain for fam we invited women to a spa to test a new body wash. hi. welcome. dish soap?y not feel it but some body washes can contain cleansers found in dish soap. oh. on my skin? that's really scary. dove body wash is different. oh yeah.the gentlest cleansers. plus the unique care of nutrium moisture. it's so soft. just made me feel good. this is dove.
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9:42 am
artificial flavors our cereals. so you can love cereal. again! this morning on hope to it, how a new jersey widow is coping with a devastating loss by families. she's making a huge impact on the lives of those in need, one handbag at a time. >> we have this new r: for marissa, running her own boutique is a labor of love. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: handbags, her >> they are the essential accessory. you can pick out a handbag, add color, add style, and make yourself reporter: unlike most small business owners, where each sale represents a profit, at her store, lucy's gift, eachelps a non-profit. >> it makes my business so
9:43 am
>> reporter: marissa donates 100% of her proceeds to variouss, all in honor of someone she lost. >> i always wanted to be an entrepreneur. i do not think i would have doneut my horrific tragedy. i lost my beloved husband almost five years ago to a very sudden and violent reporter: he was killed while on a business trip, leaving behind marissa and their daughter lucy. the circumstances of his death, still under investigation. >> my benevolent. else. i really want to ensure that his legacy is carried on. it wasn't long before the maurice born. >> i believe through faith, love, support, encouragement of
9:44 am
little idea, selling handbags,t continuing to evolve. >> reporter: profit for each handbag funds charities,g. chambers school helping children with special needs, to safe, an organizationen and children affected by domestic violence. >> when you're in a hole and you really are deep at the bottom, it takes a long time to climb out of that. that i can continue to grow. if other people can makeunes, maybe i can make one and give every penny of it away. >> we need more companies that's willing to give back. give back to the less and e. anybody who knows my boss will say that she has the biggest heart in the world. all she really wants is for this to affect the if we can accomplish that one handbag at a time, why not?
9:45 am
back heals her already achieved the most important goal. my husband is smiling on me. making him proud is juso my daughter and i. he is always with me. >> what a great sentiment. coming up, should you debt or save for retirement? how to put your tax refund to good use with our pal, throttle! (over intercom) ann, are you coming in? negative! stay on target. what are you guys doing? artoo, thrusters! they're closing in! i'll guard the base. family that lives star wars, this is the place where star wars lives. where a galaxy far, far away... er than ever before. come join star wars awakens. now at walt disney world resort. hyperspace! it's not a quick fix. it's my decision to make beauty last. roc retinol started visibly reducing
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9:49 am
i'm sorry. >> want to read it together? >> no. >> the avenue tax refund is $3,000 this year.ting one, you probably have plans for the windfall. >> first -- >> listen to "today" financial editor, she has great advice for us. in a game of this orod morning. >> that's right, this or that, tax refund edition. i'm going to ask you questions and you pick this or that, by putting the $100the proper piggy bank. should you use your tax refund to, this or that, pay down debt, this, or put it in yournt account? willie is going with the debt. al is going with the retirement account. we want to pay down debt. interest rate on the debt is probably higher -- oh, my goodness. throwing away the i was celebrating my win.
9:50 am
probably higher than the return you'd get in the retirement. if you're getting matchinge retirement account, that's the way to go. always for the matching. >> that's what i was thinking. >> question two, getting a refund this year, like you do every year, is this, that, not so good. >> how could getting a refund be bad? >> al is the so good. it means you're giving uncle sam an interest free loan on your money. what you should do, go to human adjust your withholding. if you're not putting 100% of the max in your retirement account, bump up thatt the same time. >> okay. >> win all around. question three, if you're looking to add value to your home, should you use your refund to do this, get a new front , get a new garage door? both of you going with the front door. yes. a new front door will cost you about u get 100% of the money back
9:51 am
paint it red. that's my opinion. >> all right. >> should you, manyrk exclusively at home are afraid of taking the home office deduction because it's an audit should you take it or should you skip it? >> feels like a trick question. >> willie is going with that, skip it. al said al is correct. take it. >> trick question. >> if you truly have a home office. it has to be -- pay s. >> it seems obvious. i didn't think it'd be the answer. >> if you ever a home office and you don't take the deduction, you're leaving money on the table. but it has to be a office space. interestingly, the irs is only auditing about 1% of filers, except for people who make over $1 million a year. they're auditing 7% >> okay. >> this or that? if you're going to use your refund to replace an old
9:52 am
ten-year-old washer, or a ten-year-old refrigerator? willie is going oing refrigerator. there you go. the answer is this. washers made before the year really been improved upon. you'll save yourself about $180 a year by energy who is our winner? >> we get one more.ght. this or that? according to a new survey from hello, what are most people spending more of their s year? is it travel or clothing? >> the opposite to keep it interest. >> it is travel. people are spending 67% spending more on travel this year. goes with spending money on experiences rather than things. makes you happier and who is? al is the winner. >> i'm getting a bag of money, baby! >> wow! >> whew.
9:53 am
congratulations, al roker. >> thank you. >> back in a moment.
9:54 am
9:55 am
i like at? >> a zebra. >> oh! >> when your big sister has a permanent marker and a little too much time.oh! >> so precious. >> i can't handle it. >> the best video of the day. >> that wins. >> debra messing. thank you for asking. >> hello, debra messing. >> hello. >> beautiful new book coming out "come to the garden." i got the audio. >> yes, you did. >> and we'll cook something wonderful.
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from nbc news, this "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller hello, everybody. it is booze day, tuesday. it is february 23rd, also spanky tuesday. that mean s s thrills with sia. >> in our kitchen is the always fun debra messing. debra is not just hanging the kitchen doing nothing, she's


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