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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  February 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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@telling her don't throw rocks you give in glass house and @this is only the start of the @war. @he offered his own patrons free @booze if he caused her leads me to believe it @was him or associate of him. @throwing rocks and then i get @throwing rocks through my makes sense. @>> unfortunately, there's no @witnesses. @as the fight continues among @fans of both businesses now other bad online @reviews with no end in sight. @>> back live we can tell you ked out @this scene but told her at this @point there's no information to s. @we reached out to the owner. @weation on the @woman killed yesterday after an @argument with her husband.
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@learned today she was a @firefighter. @brandon simmons has the latest @on the investigation. @brandon, good evening to you. @>> good evening. @tonya johnson was an @veteran firefighter. @she was crossing six lanes of @traffic. @today her co-workers and family @trying to understand happened. @it was 4:00 p.m. @yesterday when 911 calls came @into dispatch. @reports of a woman attempting @to cross over re being struck by a @vehicle. @the woman identified as 43-year- @old tonya johnson was a veteran @>> they see a lot of tragedy @and being paramedics, the same. @but when something like this brings home how @frail life is. @>> police say johnson got in a @verbal argument with her newly @wed husband when they stopped @on the side of the he car and walked @across the southbound lanes,
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@struck as she attempted to @cross the @long time friends describe how @wonderful of a person she was. @>> her being an @american woman in a male @dominated industry at the fire was beloved and respected. @that's all you need to know @about her. @>> he met with tonya's family, @including her three devastated and @wondering what happened out on @route 8. what he'll remember @most about tonya. @>> she prayed when things were @and she prayed when things were @bad. @not a lot of people do prayed for me. @we talked to police again ey say no charges @will be filed against her @husband at this time because it
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@today, of course, her family is ng funeral @arrangements for tonya. @live in akron, brandon you. @>> new at 6:00 tonight, dash @cam video of the moments @leading up to the arrest of a @shaker f. @chief bailiff jerome shepherd @was arrested over the weekend. @an officer over the bailiff for speeding. @police smelled alcohol coming @from the car. @shepherd was arrested and @refused to take sobriety @tests. @>> a renewal of the health and @human services levy is an issue @on the ballot. @we'll talk about the big @presidential caucus night out @west. @many ways. @we're talking about seniors. @it's important to try to keep @seniors living independently in
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@now, the program does that in @cuyahoga county for almost 1400 @seniors. @provides a helping hand. @81% of81% funding for the @programs comes from the levies. @>> she spends a lot of time in @her apartment crafting rugs. @>> it's a loving project. @i just love doing this. @>> but she has trouble doing @many things she used to. @>> i have arthritis and copd. @sometimes i do fall. @you know, it scares me. @>> every tuesday sharon gets @household help from lois. @she does laundry, house @hours of help. @>> for her to be able to hand @that will on her own, it @wouldn't happen, and she would @need to go to assisted living. @>> where do you think you would @exist? @>> i would probably consider a @i love my home.
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@>> issue 23 supports metro @health programs, protects at @risk children. @it's not a task hike. @the owner of a $100,000 home @would pay $147,000 a year. @it's predicted to pass. @a lot is at stake. @>> we shouldn't be @lackadaisical. @we shouldn't take anything for @granted. @we should do all we can. @>> i don't have anybody. @i'm by myself. @i've got lois. @she's the other half of my @heart. @>> now, seniors can afford to @pay on a sliding scale do so @for four hours a week. @sharon pays $16 a month. @something else to think about. @as baby boomers get older, @there will be a big need for @these serious. @>> okay. @ primary night coming up. @it's the republicans turn in @nevada. @what is expected to happen? @>> the wonderful world of @caucuses. @what is expected to happen is @another big win for donald @trump.
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@looking stronger and maybe @invincible every day. @polls don't predict caucuses @accurately. @cruz and rubio battle each @other instead of going after @trump. @he looks stronger every day. @kasich is not expected to do @well. @>> i saw on our website today @that trump actually leads john @kasich in ohio, which is @interesting. @let's turn now to the @democrats. @bernie sanders will be in -- on @thursday. @>> hillary clinton opening her @east side office tomorrow @night. @timing a coincidence, i'm sure. @it's have barack obama had his @offices twice. @>> a lot going on. @>> thank you, tom berras. @>> you bet. @ back here in cuyahoga @county with less than a month @before the election, tim @mcginty and mike o'mally
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@including the handling of the @tamir rice case and involvement @in the commute. @the city club hosted the @debate. @voters would decide on the @county's next prosecutor on the @march 15th primary. @>> a holiday saving you money @in stores could return this @summer, but only temporarily. @in a bill moving through the @legislature. @shoppers get a three-daybreak @from the sales tax. @if that bill passes, you can @enjoy it august 5th through the @7th. @ the greater cleveland food @bank today, all in an effort to @drive out hunger. @the game kicked off the annual @harvest for food fun drive. @the annual campaign raises @money for thousands of @northeast ohioans don't go @hungry. @>> matt granite represented @channel 3. you see him there.
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@it was all in good fun. @>> that must have been mom's @sense that she knew something @was going on. @>> back at 6:00, a mother being @held a hero tonight. @we'll tell you the action she @took that saves more youngsters @in kalamazoo, michigan. @>> as far as the forecast goes, @it is going to be very active. @we have heavy rain potential @tomorrow. @we take it back to snow on @thursday. @and there's even more to come @on your 7-day forecast. @i will have all of that next. @thanks, betsy. @plus, new cases of the zika @virus detected in the u.s. @thousand virus is being spread
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@ @coming up to want at 7, modern
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@ @growing concerns of zika @spreading in the u.s. tonight @as the centers for disease @control investigates 14 new @cases that appear to be @sexually trans mitted. @two of those cases involve
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@it's accused of causing severe @birth defects. @they're advising pregnant @mothers to use condoms or @abstain. @disease specialists still @believe the virus is almost @always spread through the bite @of an infected mosquito. @>> surveillance pictures @revealing what happened hours @before a man went on a shooting @spree in michigan. @jason dalton in a gun store, @he's accused of killing six and @injuring several others. @one of the shootings is being @called a hero tonight. @channel 3's alyssa raymond has @more on the story. @ tina caruthers remains in @serious condition. @she was taken here. @many people are calling her a
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@stepped in front and stepped in @between the shooter and a group @of her children, not all of @them were hers. @>> with where all the bullet @holes are -- @>> tammy george says four @bullet holes ended up in her @closet where her 15-year-old @son and his friend were @injured. @>> we were home and settled @down to dinner. @she found out those noises were @not fireworks. @>> our neighbors between the @pickup and the curb were @screaming about her kids. @she was asking about her kids. @then she said he just shot me. @i don't know why. @>> police say jason dalton shot @more several times. @near a park in the parking lot @orange spray paint marks tire @tracks and the shots where @eleven shell casings landed. @>> that must have been mom's
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@she told them to run and from @my understanding the kids said @she stood in front of them. @>> tammy said she stayed with @her children and friends. @>> and i told them that their @mom was out there talking about @them, that she was talking. @she was talking about them. @so she was okay. @>> the next day she watched @wash -- washed some of the @reminders away. @her kids were still here. @they should not have to see @that. @>> tammy says she wants to @properly meet her and the @incredible thing is she can. @>> they were extremely lucky. @someone was watching out for @them. @>> earlier this afternoon, her @mother released a statement @saying, quote, our hearts reach @out to all the families touched @by this tragedy. @we appreciate every prayer and @every tender thought extended @to us. @we also offer thanks to law @enforcement teams, ems
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@and nurses who are providing us @compassionate care. @recording live in kalamazoo, @michigan, alyssa raymond. @>> incredible story. @thank you. @while public square gets its @new look, it will get a new @name. @it will be branded jack casino @cleveland. @it's becoming jack @entertainment and two other @ohio locations will also be @renamed. @>> the detroit based company's @other properties, including the @careen casino there will also @be renamed. @>> betsy is here now. @it's going to bet that we're @not going to see those 70- @degree temperatures we saw this @weekend. @ever again. @>> june is right around the @corner. @>> oh, okay. @>> you know how that goes. @today is an interesting day as @far as the temperatures go. @we have very cool temperatures @along the lake shore.
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@we can blame northeast wind. @they point toward a storm @system. @there's one brewing in texas. @we have a boundary here. @we have warm air trying to make @its way north. @it's running into this cold air @and these northeasterly winds. @where we have the collision @zone, you can see we have a @boundary lakeside. @50s to the south. @we had a 20-point degree @temperature difference. @now, the winds are pointing @toward a storm system that's @going to have pretty big @impacts over the next 48 hours @here in northern ohio. @flooding is expected for @tomorrow. @we have rain coming. @it's falling at times heavily @upon the area. @when that happens, the water is @going to try to get into the @storm drains, but the problem @is we've got a lot of debris @the winter. @i think a lot of storm drains @are going to be plugged. @be aware. @we'll have flooding issues @locally. @temperatures will drop and snow
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@i have bumped up snow @accumulations from 1-3 to 1-4 @inches. @so the heaviest stuff is going @to stay to the west of us. @the problem is we have a rough @commute. @wednesday with the rain but @thursday with the snow. @there's the storm system. @it's a beauty. @huge storm system, big @circulation, nasty severe @weather outbreak outgoing in @the deep south right now. @you can see tornado warnings @lining up at east mississippi. @here in the great lakes region, @storms are off to the west of @us. @michigan, illinois. @that's downwind. @don't worry about that. @and flood watches south. @the stuff we have to worry @about is south and west of us. @and the rain will be coming in @first. @we'll talk about that. @we have one to two inches of @rain potentially coming in. @as we head through the day @tomorrow. @so that localized flooding @threat will be with us.
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@take us through the transition. @we stay cloudy through the @night. @temperatures are going to hold @steady here. @we'll have rain moving in for @the morning. @note the brighter colors have @heavier rain. @that will be here for the @morning commute. @the rain becomes a little more @scattered. @periodically, the temperatures @are surging as we head through @the day tomorrow. @thunderstorms are a possibility @in the afternoon and the @evening. @then tomorrow night, @temperatures will start to @fall, though snow begins to @crank up as we head to @thursday. @we'll have periods of snow. @6:00 in the evening. @we'll be dealing with a rough @commute on thursday. @now, how much snow? @as i mentioned, i bumped it up @to 1-4. the heaviest snow will @stay well off to the west of @us. @it's rain for tomorrow. @it will be windy. @temperatures are going to be @surging. @i think cleveland may hold in @the 40s, but sheeshly 50s are @going to be on -- certainly 50s
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@falling for thursday. @accumulation. @thursday possible. @then friday the lake snow, @winding down. @it will be chilly. @we're still bracing for a very @nice weekend in your 7-day @forecast. @monday looks like we could get @in. @next couple of days, a lot to @forecast goes. @ coming up, the cavs had the @day off today, but it was a @travel day for one of their @players. @>> jimmy fills us in on why mo @williams is visiting a doctor.
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@ @all right. @bed bugs is the topic. @so is mo williams' knee. @the cavs were off last night @and tonight. @they took last night off when @they lost to the pistons. @mo williams, he's really been @bothered by a barking knee. @his knee has been giving him @fits all year long. @he's had an injection to try to @solve that, and that hasn't @worked. @so he was going tonight for a @second opinion about his sore @left knee. @he was meeting with dr. james
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@williams hasn't played the last @three games. @he said it's worrisome. @now to the bed bug story. @kyrie irving was bit and @attacked by bed bugs. @today a local brand manager @sent him this message on @facebook. @i will arrange to have one of @our best technicians on your @trip. @we'll make sure they're bed bug @free so you can focus on a deep @playoff run. @go cavs. @>> and the hotel, the hilton in @hillsborough county city @formally apologized to irving @today. @i believe he's picking up @unlimited points. @ the nfl scouting combine @under way in indianapolis. @hugh -- hue jackson will meet @with the media tomorrow. @and the browns get a look at @the quarterbacks. @that will be the focus coming @up as they get set to go for @the draft. @remember, they have the number @two pick.
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@on this kid from the university @of california. @jared -- he seems to be the @quarterback of choice. @that seems to be the guy that @the browns have a good read on @and the quarterbacks will throw @on saturday and then they will @continue to do their due @diligence. @we will too. @the indians under way. @dave chudowsky is live out in @goodyear tonight. @dave, tell us, are you out @there live with the ballpark @behind you, or is that just a @really good painting behind @you? @because it's beautiful. @>> reporter: it is @unbelievable. @it is live, jim, yes. @and there's no bed bugs here. @all is well in good year. @the indians had their workout @today. @i got a chance to talk with @jabba chamberlain. @i know you remember him back in @2007 on the yankees when the @indians beat them in the
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@nine years later, it's still @incredible to watch. @>> it's something that will @never be forgotten. @that's for sure. @i guess i can say i'm fortunate @enough to be in that position @but unfortunate enough to lose @that game. @>> the indians win, thanks to a @wild pitch. @>> i hope it doesn't happen @again. @it's something i will always @remember. @>> it could. @they come around. @>> they do. @this time, if it happens, i @will know how to combat it and @take extra time and get it out @of there. @>> it could be worse. @>> and he plans on it. @>> 100%. @i wouldn't be around this long @if there wasn't something to @provide for this team. @i think there's so many aspects @of a ball club. @i've been fortunate enough to @win and understand what it @takes. @these guys were so close last @year and have been close for a @lot of years. @>> he's a good guy. @we'll meet mike napoli at 7:00. @jim, back to you. @>> thank you.
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@highlight of the week. @thursday night, garfield @heights willie jackson will get @lose on the fast break with a @monster slam. @he led with 21 points as they @won 66-60. @we'll see you tonight. @>> superstar.
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breaking news tonight. state of emergency as tornadoes explode across the south. millions under a severe threat. fears the town could be demolished in the dark. trump towers as nevada votes tonight and can he win three in a row? and can anyone stop him. murder mystery, chicago images of the uber murderer in a gun shop hours before prosecutorses say he went on a shooting rampage. a popular sports skast e fights back after being secretly videoed in a room next door. could someone be watching you. and eating


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