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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  February 23, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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@ @ how a few bad reviews on @facebook may have led @to a battle between two local @businesses. @>> hi, betsy. @>> there's a lot happening in @the next 48 hours. @we could have very heavy rain @moving through @tomorrow, snow falling on @thursday. @i have the latest in your @forecast. @. @>> and they're off. @the race is on to end hunger. @how some friendly competition @is kicking off a huge @effort to teach feed thousands @of people in need. @ from the station that sees @to it possible, this @is channel 3 news, brought to @you by universal @windows direct. @you'll be saying, "i love my @windows." @and now channel 3 news at 7. @ good evening. @we are learning more about a @firefighter who died @crossing a busy highway in @akron yesterday. @she was an 18-year veteran of
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@it happened near the eastal @imagine avenue exit, and @temporarily shut down route 8. @channel 3's brandon simmons @spoke with some of @victims' colleagues, and @explained what led up to @this tragedy. @>> reporter: forty-three-year- @old tanya jackson @was attempting to cross 6 lanes @of traffic on route @8 after a verbal argument with @her husband. @unfortunately, she was killed @by an on coming @vehicle. @several frantic 911 calls came @in to dispatchers @around 4:00 a.m., reporting a @woman trying to cross @route 8. the woman killed is 43- @year-old tanya johnson a @veteran firefighter. @her coworkers saddened by the @news @>> we can be hardnd on the @outside, but it's @brought sensitivities out, the @tragedy. @>> reporter: police satania @and her newly-wed @husband were stopped on the @highway having a verbal @argument. @she exited the car, jump the @median, was struck and @killed as she attempted to
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@>> a lot of talk on social @media, speculation about @what happened. @tanya wouldn't have killed @herself. @i can tell anybody that. @>> reporter: today her long- @time friend at the @department describes tanya as a @strong woman? @she was beautiful. @she wasn't afraid to show her @emotions, and she @loved everybody. @>> reporter: today he says her @family, including @her three children, are @devastated by her loss, and @still wondering what happened @out on that highway. @tanya is is a woman who will @never be forgotten. @>> she never gave up. @and she worked her butt off to @get what she wanted, @and never asked for any favors. @she's a role model to all of @us. @>> reporter: now, we talked to @police earlier @today, and they say there's no @reason to charge her @husband at this time, because @it was just a verbal @argument. @of course now, funeral @arrangements are underway for @this fallen firefighter. @in akron, i'm brandon simmons, @channel 3 news.
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@over a bad online review, and @it appears of it @escalated after someone smashed @one of the shop's @windows. @andrew baransky joins us to @explain what happened. @hi, andrew. @>> reporter: hi, jimmy. @what you see online can @apparently come back and @sting you, because the owner of @this eclectic music @store says all of this, these @bashed in windows are @the result of giving a one-star @review. @emma white says it began a @month ago on facebook @where she gave the lowest @possible grade to a in @brooke park. @she had never been there, but @was angry after the @owner allegedly laid into @friends of hearse who had @given online reviews. @later that night she said that @owner found her, and @gave her one star as well. @she figured that was it until @today. @this morning, someone threw @rocks through her @windows. @then she said that same man @allegedly messaged her @to say don't throw rocks if you @live in a glass @house, and, quote, "that's only @the start of this @war."
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@drinks to anyone who @caused her trouble, causing her @to rethink her post. @>> i mean, obviously, i do just @because of the @backlash it's had on my @business, and, you know, i @was a five-star review. @i never had any negative issues @whatsoever of any @kind. @so i'm mostly bummed out about @that. @>> reporter: but she knows @it's also hurting him, too. @his business continues to @receive more bad reviews, @not from patrons, but from @people hearing about @their feud. @we reached out to him today, @but did not hear back. @we can tell you investigators @did check out the @scene. @they told white, though, @there's not enough hear to @be pressing any charges. @no surveillance video, no @witnesses who saw these @windows being bashed. @jimmy, to you. @>> all right. @thanks very much, andrew. @ now police searching far @man they arrested @during a break-in, who then @escaped from jail. @police in bradnal say they @arrested giovanni smith
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@body cam video shows officers @arresting him as he @was breaking into a home on @haskih road. @he managed toes cape the police @station through the @back door. @this is not smith's first run- @in with the law. @police arrested him for @trespassing back in @december. @if you have any information you @are asked to call @police. @ all right, everybody. @circle the day. @we are three weeks away until @election day in ohio, @and one big on the chi hoe bay @county ballot is @renewal of the health and human @services levy. @it affects thousands of people, @and senior @correspondent tom barr,tt shows @an important program @for seniors that the program @funds. @>> reporter: cheryl lives in @her broadview @heights apartment with her two @fluffy dogs and a @cat. @just getting around is tough. @>> i have arthritis, and i have @copd, and i have @bone on bone in both these. @i can't do a of this stuff @anymore.
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@>> reporter: lois davorsky. @>> she's a hezbollahing. @i couldn't do without her. @>> reporter: spends four hours @every tuesday @cheryl. @>> i don't want to leave here. @i don't have anybody. @i'm by myself. @>> reporter: lois. @>> i didn't do it for the. @it gives people dignity. @it gives them an opportunity to @remain in their @home. @>> reporter: the man in charge @of this program, @called options and other senior @services -- @>> we have a growing population @that is 85 years and @over. @we are it. @we are the place they turn to @for support. @>> reporter: those polls show @the levee reupped @passing, but takes nothing for @granted. @>> i don't want this to slip @between the cracks. @>> reporter: the owner of a @hundred thousands @dollar home would keep paying @$147 a year. @cheryl spends lot of time
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@>> i look forward to my @tuesdays, because i know @she's going to be here. @>> reporter: to put a face on @what the safety-net @levy means in broadview @heights, tom b,res, channel @3 news @>> thank you, tom. @ another big race this @election is for chi hoe @bay county prosecutor, and both @candidates face off @this afternoon in a debate at @the city club in @cleveland. @the handling of the tamir rice @and michael brelo @cases were big parts of the @conversation. @when michael malley questioned @prosecutor @mcgibbonty's relationship with @the community, @mcginty fired back, saying, @"malley dodge @important questions." @. @>> so the first thing i will do @is get out to the @communities, introduce myself. @i've certainly been out into a @lot of communities @already as part of this @campaign, but to continue to @do so. @the worst thing a prosecutor @can do is be stuck on @the ninth floor of the justice @cent glare mr. malley @has continued to dodge the @review questions in the @newspapers and everyone else, @what would he have @done in the tamir rice case? @would he have indicted or not
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@>> reporter: since no @republican candidate is @running for prosecutor, whoever @wins it march 5th @primary, they will be allowed. @ now to presidential @politics. @democratic candidate bernie @sanders is coming to @town this thursday. @the ohio for bernie sanders @facebook page says he'll @hold a rally in berea. @the rally is scheduled to kick @off at 10:30 in the @morning at the lieu high begins @recreational center @on the campus of baldwin @wallace. @ it is a race to combat @hunger here in northeast @ohio, and the grocery games @kicked off the annual @harvest for hunger food and @funds drive at the food @bank, and our own matt granite @represented us at @channel 3, rushing to fill @these cart and bags with @now, we may not have won, but @the point of the game @is to raise awareness. @the annual campaign raises @money to ensure thousands @of northeast ohioens don't go @hungry this year. @. now, when we come back at 7,
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@that the rat pack put on the @most sharp show of all @time. @so can it be replicated? @we'll take a look at an effort @to reck reyate the @music magic right here in @cleveland. @>> plus distraction solution, @the simple tool some @teachers are using to help @figety students focus on
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@ @ it's called vegas after @dark, and cohosts come @nookshae, which, of course, you
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@walnut in italian, and russ @masha, they join me @tonight. @first of all,, i feel -- i feel @underdressed. @>> no. @>> can you tell me, we were @going to go tux and @white tie? @this -- why is that such a @treasured time? @. @>> i think it was the mystique @of it, the -- @>> so we're talking senate @area. @we're talking sammy davis. @we're talking joey bishop. @we're talking dean martin. @>> uh-huh. @>> and at times peter lorre. @>> and they lived the music. @they not only sung a song, they @lived that song. @>> would you agree with that? @. @>> oh, yeah. @>> and i don't know necessarily @it has to be -- i @don't think it ever really left @people's, you know, @fondness. @>> you're right. @that's why we call it the @modern-day rat pack, @because we pay home imagine to @that style of music. @>> so you all perform. @>> i don't. @>> and you take on -- you're @both singers. @>> uh-huh. @>> and you do a great frank
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@>> andy and martin, and come @nick does lionel @richey, and barry manilow. @we incorporate it as if senate @area and dean martin @were alive today, what the @songs would they do? @. @>> yeah. @>> and that's the basis of our @show. @>> and the production, how long @did it take to put @this idea together, and put it @out there for @everyone to see? @. @>> we performed at the 9, and @that's right down the @street, all last year. @well, the difference this year, @we have a live @orchestra with us @>> yeah. @>> . @>> that makes it rally good. @>> you know the great thing @about it? @that is a time when they would @perform -- these @tremendous performers would @perform with a drink in @one hand and a cigarette in the @other? @that was part of the whole @mystique. @>> the only difference is we @have two drinks. @>> [ laugher ]. @>> we incorporate the audience @in the show. @very important. @>> oh, yeah. @>> there are other productions @going on at the @theater. @>> oh, yeah. @>> can you tell us about some @of those? @.
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@they have a show coming up on @what, march 18th. @>> and also "burlesque" at the @9, which we have @local and national talent @dancers, ander with host @of that show as well. @>> came. @when is the next "vegas after @dark"? @. @>> this saturday. @>> saturday. @>> the 22nd. @>> are tickets still available? @. @>> yes they are. @>> we sold out the last two @shows, so -- @>> over at -- @>> this saturday. @>> atal extheater, which is @right there -- @>> in the 9. @>> in the 9. gentlemen, good @luck with it. @barry man,low, it's a miracle. @>> we love barry manilow. @that's a great song. @>> bring him on. @>> one little senate area line @or anything like @that? @ingly feel sorry for people who @don't drink, because @when they get in the morning, @that's as good as @they're going to feel the rest @of the day. @>> for tickets. @>> i enjoyed seeing you guys. @i tell you what -- @>> we'll give you some tickets @>> absolutely, guys.
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@good luck on saturday night. @get out to see it. @ still to come on the news, @singers who sound @awful unite. @the reason one group is @recruiting tone-d,f votes as @part of its tombless choir. @>> plus betsy shows us when @plenty of rain moves in @and when that rain could turn @into snow right after @a time-out. everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola. keep it simple. make every piece count. let other people know what you're made of. always be real. don't be fake, don't be artificial, but always be sweet.
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nature valley granola bars. no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.
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@ @ thaw created what they @called a busy bar. @that's a few pipes connected to @the desks, and it @allows kids to swing their feet @while they work. @students say it's fun. @teachers around the world now @have expressed @interest. @the busy bar creates are @putting together a video @tutorial on how to make them. @>> . @>> here's the story about one @choir who's embracing @singers who are tone deaf. @anyone can audition for the @singing group, which is @in england. @the founder said she avoided @singing in public for @years all because her school @music teacher told her @she was spoiling it for @everyone else when she did. @so she created the so-called @tuneless choir to @remove any pressure, and invite
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@have fun and belt out songs. @>> there you go. @>> that's what your car is for. @>> that's right. @>> roll up the windows. @>> crank it up a little bit. @>> we'll have to record one of @those. @>> that's a good one to watch @and not listen to. @>> going to get a little dice @say here. @>> things are going to be @interesting next couple @hours. @first we get rain, then we get @snow. @very typical ohio spring @weather. @take a look at we're looking @at. @storm system in the deep south, @across texas, now @moving into portions of @arkansas. @they are getting snow reports @in the higher @elevations of northwest @arkansas already. @the nasty severe weather @outbreak is ongoing in @portions of mississippi and @over into al. @there are active tornado @warnings. @many areas reporting some @damage now. @but farther to the north, you @can see has to pinks @here. @that's where the winter storm @warning is. @that winter storm warning will @encompass michigan, @indiana, illinois, not ohio. @winter weather advisories @downstream of us we don't @have to word about.
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@the south. @that is something to keep an @eye on. @the rainfall during the day @tomorrow puts us at 1 to @2 inches of rain. @we have pretty saturated @ground. @the other part of this is a lot @of the storm drains @are blocked by winter debris. @we may have localized flooding @on area roadways. @hour-by-hour forecast does keep @clouds in the area @as we head through the night @tonight, and that rain @will be moving in through the @morning tomorrow. @slowgoing for the morning @commute. @not only rainy, buts a windy. @we'll see that rain black up a @bit as we got in the @afternoon. @temperatures surging. @i think cleveland may end up @getting stuck in the @40s; but you can see period i @can rain showers, @even the chance for some @thunderstorms. @then late wednesday night into @early thursday, you @can see that snow begins to @wrap in, and we are @looking for about 1 to 4 inches @of a slushy @accumulation across northern @ohio, and it looks like @the snow will be periodically @coming and going @through the day, and then @starting to clear out as @we head through the evening, @transitioning then to @lake effect. @and that lake effect will
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@accumulations east of @cleveland. @we do have rain, breezy @conditions for tomorrow @again. @temperatures are going to be in @the 40s and 50s, @and once we get into the rest @of your weather -- @excuse me -- window nation 7- @day forecast, we'll be @in the 0s to start early @thursday, and a fewing back @into the 20s by the end of the @day. @1 to 4 inches of a slushy snow @accumulation. @late snow tape irs off friday, @and now the weekend @is still looking good so far @with a chance for snow @returning monday. @>> well, when we come back, we @have some breaking @browns news for you. @>> going to meet one of the new @members of the @indians, and why sitting in @does not keep him up at @night anymore. @super dave is live in goodyear
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@ @ travis benjamin, the speedy @wide receiver of the @browns, his contract @negotiations with the team have @broken off. @they were very close to getting @a new deal done, and @now benjamin says no deal with @the browns, and he @looks forward to meeting with @other teams as a free @agent. @had 68 caps last year, just @under a thousands yards, @and 5 touchdowns. @ go to baseball. @indians spring training. @full squad on the field for the @first time. @a name we know from other stops @will's had his major @league career, mike napoli, and @his story as he @becomes a member of the indians @here's dave @ch,dowski live. @hi, dave. @>> . @>> reporter: jim, hello to @you. @yes, indeed. @mike napoli -- really, the @indians don't make a huge @splash in free agency. @with napoli, you get a 34-year- @old.
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@aid out here in @goodyear, but i think they got @a good deal. @meet the new guy working under @the sun in goodyear. @why would someone that's @delivered serious power @over his last 8 seasons join @this tribe? @. @>> ultimately the thing was, @you know, be able to @play every day. @you know, a good opportunity @for me. @that was a good fit. @you know, looking at the @pitching staff and type of @position players they have @here, filling in; but you know, @be a good place to win. @>> reporter: there's more to @this story. @mike napoli is coming off a @rough 2015 season traded @for boston to texas. @his numbers, production down. @turns out he wasn't getting any @sleep, suffering @from sleep apnea. @>> tired all the time, you @know. @you know, our schedules pretty @tough, flying @everywhere, late hours getting @up. @i was tired all the time.
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@so it was an ax to grind for @me. @i feel great now. @>> reporter: after a long, @grueling recovery @after surgery, napoli sleeps @like a baby. @he's been to the postseason 0 @of the last 9 seasons, @including a world series title, @and is ready to wake @up this offense. @>> these guys want to pick my @brain about it. @i've been fortunate to be on a @lot of winning ball @clubs. @i'm not going to come in here @and try to do more. @just going to be myself. @>> reporter: so one-year deal @worth 7 million. @jimmy is going to play first @place. @he can play great defense. @we need our sleep, don't we? @. @>> absolutely. @thanks, dave. @ we'll be talking tribe all @night thursday night @here on the news at 7. dave @will be continuing his reports @live from @goodyear as we set the indians @up for the upcoming @season. @>> and that will be coming up @again on thursday @night at 7 live from goodyear. @imagine that. @he can't sleep. @we never put that together.
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@ that wraps it up on the @news at 7. that's why the two @of us are here. @>> "entertainment tonight" is @next. @hopefully we don't put you at @sleep. @russ and sarah back at 11. @we'll be with them, constant @updates on our app and
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tonight inside andrews new $75 million court case. >> her most private moments recorded through a peephole. >> why she's now bringing the hotel for the stalking scandal. then inside charlie sheen's legal battle with denise richards. >> $55,000 a month tax free. >> her allegations of death


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