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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  February 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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@betsy gives us the hour by hour @of when heavy rains will move @in @and when we can expect at's a local assistant living @at the center of an @investigation. @they r fears over @popular type of flooring they @had at home. gainst. @ @we take de the queue.
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@three are dead and dozens of @injured after at least seven @touch need a -- tornadoes @touched down in flis a brand-new video. @nbc is reporting that severe @winds in complex @there. @17,000 customers are without @power at this hour. @i of 19 million people @threat. @these storms sweep through. @and the same system that could @be a nday morning @commute. @we are keeping an eye on the @storm system. @we can't help but see how this @is coming be in tennessee @and kentucky to marwan appeared @to have this northward push. @look at all of this right and @that is now moving in the able state @south of us.
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@and that @romantic. @the brain is now given up into ley. @you're going to hear the rain @drop. @especially on areas of south of ink we will stay with @temperatures above freezing. @this is prime commute time. @heavy rain coming down. @tomorrow well the other day to @leave tes early. @we are anticipating in the rain @to continue. @the @wednesday. @we are expecting accumulations.
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@intog up in just a @few @minutes. @by now i've channel three @exclusive for going into the @death of a 72-year-old @alzheimer's patient. @a warning now. @you find some of them @disturbing. @he needed 247 care. @the loved ones placed him in @happy hearts. @but last month donald was like @late at the metrohealth. @and after suffering @face, @shoulders and chest they sent @also developed more so. @there should be no reason to @burned. @burns. @birds look like. @they are investigating @allegations that the 72-year-
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@five @minutes while taking a shower. @we entrusted the facility to @keep them safe and to give him @an acceptable level of care. @they confirmed that they were @recently inside happy hearts @with the search word. @on comes back. @i reached out to him. @they were exactly happy to see @me. @in addition to question @surrounding this date we have @learned some employees had @complained that residents were @limited to one shower a week. @they have to stay in bed 13 and @a half hours straight from @6:30 p.m. @to eight in the @morning. @that walker was taken away from @a resident as punishment.
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@it causes some of them to fall. @depending on what can be proven @there is a caretaker of @liability in a terminal sense @that you can charge as a @felony. @last june and the state @inspection of happy hearts @found @that a need to be kept in a @safer range. @there are questions now about @whether it was scalding hot @during this shower. @it issued an order that @prevents @the home from admitting any new @residents. @police are still investigating @tonight after a firefighter was @killed after she walked across @a @busy highway at last thing. @she was an 18 year veteran of @the camp fire department. @police say she got into a @argument with her newlywed
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@it. @donald trump is doing that. @they are live in dc. @that has been in their history. @it looks like the caucus in the @state this afternoon at the new @pattern. @they lined up for conferences. @the front runner promised to be @quick. @you got to sit around like a @bunch of dopes. @three days after he won the @south carolina the polls were @pointed to the front to
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@make america great again. @her member that. @the right time at the right @place. @you don't fool around. @they are charging for trump as @an unknown. @nobody knows what the heck you @do. @marco rubio said i can unite @this party. @as candidates drop out people @join our team. @they are buried in -- they are @fighting to be in front. @he could carry on to next @weekend. @most of them big. @it was ted cruz's state. @thanks c..
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@marietta this well mark the @sixth year. @because of the governor's @travel @schedule. @as he campaigns for president. @the government warnings. @they had one local family @worried or do they have no @answers from the company about @their force. @they join us tonight. @they had four kids under seven. @their children play around the @house their feet hit the limit. @their lungs and breathing air. @and now they are worried it's a @place that could make the loved @ones sick. @risk. @some liquidators. @three times higher than the cdc @first thought. @i think we both can about what
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@that is our floor. @about 500 square feet of @flooring made in china. @that is a big problem. @some of the companies have been @shown to have high levels of @format behind. @new-line on all day. @running it all through my mind. @makes me nervous. @you are at low risk that. @they got nowhere with the @company tonight. @they qualify for a few -- for @free test kit. @the statement made nbc news. @they have a significantly
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@and the cdc also says the @revised findings could mean @respiratory issues.
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@ @now to the latest on the got @virus. @they are investigating 14 in @new @cases in the u.s.. @and they all appear to have @been @sexually transmitted. @in each of the episodes a man @was traveling to a perfected @area and developed symptoms.
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@being a partner developed @symptoms consistent with the @virus. @and the virus is bent writing @rapidly in latin america. @they advise is expected mothers @to use condoms or ask a scene. @-- or abstain. @a popular sales tax holiday may @be on its way out this summer. @ohio it would give shoppers @three days to buy school @supplies and clothing tax-free. @the original bill would have @made it an annual event but the @state department after they @could be made at trial. @she isn't in the 9-year-old @melody.
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@she grew up in detroit. @the educators and so will write @later. @but it will go on sale this @summer. @bruce springsteen played in @front of a sold-out crowd. @it was part of the river to her @2016. @here's what they have to say @when they were leaving the @show. @it was one of the best ever. @his music his energy, it was @the @most unbelievable concert. @betsy makes us call her that
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@if you all believe that i feel @bad for you. @here is what we have going on. @we do have quite a bit as far @as @the weather is concerned. @the rain is going to be moving @in. @the morning commute. @that is a bit of a concern and @not only that but they add @insult to injury. @it's also going to be windy. @the advice. @i think will help slow going @for @the morning commute. @not necessarily the wide swaths @of rain. @the wind well certainly @continue. @it's just coming over the ohio @river. @we will get soaked later @tonight. @the snow going on in northwest @arkansas. @they have have a nasty storms @throughout the south. @the devastating tornadoes in @some areas there. @but the big share is going to
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@the severe weather threat will @stick to the south. @that is definitely going to be @a @concern. @i'm on the backside of the @storm @there is some wintry weather to @talk about. @the winter weather advisory to @our east. @it has not been a problem. @that is something that we are @going to keep an eye on. @as the rain comes and it will @be @falling with. @of heavy at times. @we also have a lot of the @debris @on the roadway. @after the winter weather that @we @have had. @it can get stabbed in the storm @drain. @so with one to 2 inches @potentially coming through the @day tomorrow the punting of @water on the roadways. @it will really get you @hydroplaning. @at 7:00 a.m.
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@raining. @it's likely to be active after @the morning. @the temperatures upper 30s and @low 40s. @we will see a bit of a wall at @times to the morning into the @mid day. @the area but low pressure. @it is likely to come up over @northern ohio. @we will get into the school. @the real action takes place on @thursday we transition to snow. @we will continue with periods @of @snow. @at times the snow could be @heavy @especially later in the day. @and it will be a little @fluffier @later in the day as well. @that makes a big difference as @far as it simulations go. @but especially on the roadways. @well have more blowing snow @late @in the day. @and that we get into some link @effects for thursday night into @friday. @they'll add to the
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@but as far as will be thinking @right now. @i am so going with one to @4 inches across all of northern @ohio. @this is equal opportunity. @this is coming at us from the @south. @the totals that you see here @will go through thursday night. @friday we will add a couple of @inches. @one to 4 inches across northern @ohio. @we will see how it goes. @the temperature profile could @mess with that a little bit @weird so rain, wind or the @datagram. @50s are likely further to the @south. @the reigning windy conditions @will continue. @the next couple days we can see @the transition to snow. @temperatures will be in the 30s @on thursday. @is going to be as chilly day on @friday. @we are only in the 20s. @the weekend that looks @fantastic. @just like that.
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@another chance of some mix @change over to snow on monday. @that certainly tomorrow the big @key is going to be take your @because of all that.
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@ @hi everybody. @troubling news for the browns @tonight. @last week at this time it truly @looked like they were going to @get their free agent back to a @new contract. @but tonight we find out the @contract talks had broken off @your injury this season he told @the media that he was 75 to 80% @ready to get a deal done. @they have moved the @negotiations @along in a very positive way. @but they did not get it done @and @now he is going to explore @other @opportunities with other teams. @and despite receiving @touchdowns. @not to college basketball. @they suddenly are in a little @bit of a tailspin. @they have lost two in a row.
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@they end up dropping another @one. @not happy bus ride home. @isaiah johnson gets the jumper. @he's got scores and ties the @game at 48. @but the rest of the game. @they lose 77-64. @10 and four at the conference. @they will play friday at home. @now we go to buffalo. @jimmy hall for the golden @flashes. @it hit the quick jumper in the @rain to bet they have a @two-point lead. @then the roof fell in on them. @they want to in a row. @the next game is saturday at @indy. @and now to the big 10 and a big @loss for the buckeyes.
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@mark has a three. @that was a tyke into the first @half you but to the former @cleveland state guard. @he hit 27 points. @and the buckeyes winning streak @came to an end. @and now the indian springs. @they always finish well. @but they do not stir well. @hopefully that will change. @thank you. @they held their first full @squad @workout today. @i hope they talked about april. @because the question we want @answered how does this team get @off to a better start. @it is a good question. @that question has been asked @quite a bit. @if we knew what the definite @answer was we would be @ecstatic.
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@we can to get ready and play. @we want to play the bass on @opening day. @last season the seven and 14. @they are 16 games below 500 of @the first month under. @so they are tackling the issues @you if we took a little bit @more @business bring it to the @forefront. @you can't let things slide in @april. @they just had to have a good @year. @i think if we start with the @emphasis on april. @score more runs. @that's how you win games. @we will be conscious of that. @that might be a focal point for @us. @we will see if there's any @tricks you can pull forward. @the big concern is how many
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@when it starts april 4th. @i would tell them to september. @it only feels like it.
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@be careful to my morning. @with all that rain.
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