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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  February 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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@into carrollton back over to @the dover new . @all of this is pulling out @toward the state line. @good rain coming down into the @ashland area. @as this moves to the northeast @over the next hour or so, we'll areas like @congress and wooster, about @lake milton, 6:42. @now, how this fits into into @the bigger picture. @there's a lot to talk about @there. @'s severe weather to the east @of us there. @west @we'll give you that coming up. @the snow is important. @it's been swinging into our @area, there's blizzard @west, tornado warns warnings @east. @cuyahoga county, lake geauga @we have snow coming down. @over the next 12 hours or so,
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@you can see how the fall. @at about 2:00 a.m., that's when @the snow starts to show up. @we'll have a slushy @accumulation across northern @ohio to start the day ow will continue. @we'll still looking for one to @four inches of snow across all @of northern ohio. @then when you get into that ga, lake, geauga, @ashtabula county area, that's @where the lake can add more. @that's where we may get four, @five, @we're going to go hour by hour, @which could be tricky through lk about that coming up @in your full forecast. @now, take a look at this whole @storm system is encompassing @the region. @greg dee gives us an update. @>> the storm system is e entire east coast @of the united states. @severe weather from the @carolinas today to louisiana @back yesterday. @everywhere you see the report and they spread @all across the southeastern @united states.
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@on the cold side of the zard warnings in portions @of indiana, they're expecting @five to ten inches of th strong @winds in michigan for 6-12-inch @of snow there just from this side of the storm @affects the east coast today @with rain, showers, and @thunderstorms. as we @head into the day tomorrow, @spreading cold air into the @great lakes, and, yes, there @will be lake effect snow day tomorrow. @>> thanks. @so just to kind of sum things @up for the day tomorrow, we @have snow that will be coming @down, we have windy conditions. @obviously the be dependent on location, @but a slushy accumulation @morning commute. @we'll continue to have snow and @wind throughout thy-hour forecast is coming @guys. @back to you. @>> a lot to watch for. @with the rain today, a blast of
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@odot will not be able to treat @the roads. simmons @joins us with a few driving @tips. @hi, brandon. @>> good i-90 and now on route @2. we're headed downtown. @road conditions, as you can see @are dry right now. @all we've seen is rain @throughout the when that slushy stuff moves @in, there's things you want to @stay safe during your er you're a new driver @or veteran on the roadways, icy @roads with turn anyone into a @how to get better, skid in the @winter, one of the biggest @mistakes is overcorrecting. @some traction.
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@enough space between you and @the car up ahead. @this allows you to see what's @going on in front of you. @if i get up too close, it @delays my reaction time. @we teach four seconds of space, @early braking will be a key @with that as well. @>> early breaking is exactly @what it sounds like. @>> you're stopping much earlier @than what you think is @necessary. @if you wait until after you're @skidding to begin breaking, @you'll be in trouble. @i learned that firsthand. @>> one of the things i learned @to do is to break. @you're just going to added to @all the forces. @>> so when that snow moves in @overnight, remember, don't @oversteer. @keep your space and break @early. @>> now, here on i-90. @i just want to let you know @we're actually driving the safe @way. @i'm actually with my @photographer, george, one of @our new photographers here. @i'm not the one behind the @wheel.
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@things planned. @they're going to have 80 snow @trucks out, but if the snow @falls, like we expect it to, @leave early and follow those @tips. @russ. @>> brandon, will do. @thank you very much. @you can count on ialert closing @system for instant alert @closing system. @we cover everything from @schools today cares, churches, @businesses. @and you can get text alerts @sent to your phone by signing @up at @ breaking news tonight, @former browns receiver reggie @rutger could face up to two @years in prison after pleading @guilty to using money from two @different charities to pay off @gambling and personal debts. @a judge could sentence him to @jail. @rutger would also have to pay @restitution between 95 and @$150,000. @he'll be sentenced on may 23rd @23rd ! an officer's plea has
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@it's on at of how he could have @been killed on the road by his @own police car. @andrew horansky is joining us. @>> reporter: many of the @cruisers are hand me downs @because of their age and wear @they're no longer good enough @for other departments burk @they're all elyria can afford. @we learned the cost of that @after an officer shared his @story. @>> on facebook today, elyria @patrolman spoke about the @dangers of the job. @not the bad guys, but the @department's bad equipment. @>> they stepped away from us so @clickly it was embarrassing. @>> on sunday night, he led a @fast pursuit but lost after his @cruiser and two backups all @broke down. @>> i think something just blew @in our engine. @>> they were all from elyria. @>> when it's all said and done @you, realize how it could have
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@far as officers being injured @or killed. @>> police chief dwayne whitely. @>> we hire the officers, train @them, put them on the street to @do a job, and then they don't @have the equipment they need to @do the job. @>> the video is part of a @campaign by their first. @pushing for a yes vote. @helps. @>> your first reaction is to @cry. @in the end, it was the state @highway patrol that caught the @car, which wasn't just stolen @but had a missing girl too. @a car which was a 2005 dodge @neon. @>> if the levy passes, it would @bring a million new dollars to @the department. @they would add about 40 new @cars and eight positions. @away. @thank you. @>> andrew horansky, thank you.
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@visually attacked by a pit @bull. @involuntary manslaughter. @71-year-old annie williams died @in july after she was mauled to @death by the dog last summer @while visiting them at home. @they were expected to go before @a judge on friday. @ could it be the end of the @presidential campaign road for @john kasich. @with his poll numbers dropping @and his poor showing there's a @lot of speculation tonight. @our senior political respondent @is here with the governor's @reaction. @what do you think? @>> the governor trying to throw @cold water on that notion. @the big question is is there @any way to stop donald trump. @john kasich claiming he's the @last best shot to do that. @national news media don't give @him much chance, but his @message, i'm not quitting and @still see a path to the @nomination. @>> in mississippi, governor
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@doubt and thoughts he's getting @out. @>> of course i'm staying in the @race. @why would i get out when i have @the best chance to be the @nominee outside of trump. @>> sounding much different than @tuesday. @>> i don't know if my purpose @is to be president. @my purpose is to be out here @doing what i think i need to be @doing. @if it's not this crusade, it's @another one. @>> trump leads kasich in ohio. @kasich camp calls that a margin @of error. @points to kasich's double digit @lead over hillary clinton. @trump just squeaks by her 44% @to 42%. @a poll shows much the same. @kasich behind trump, but @beating clinton by double @digits. @trump just 2%. @>> i'm going all the way. @>> thank you all very much. @>> as we look at it, we're @reminded they're trying to push
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@>> that's exactly what's going @on. @last man standing, that's @exactly what's happening. @rubio's camp trying to make the @case that he's the one that's @more electable and appealing @and kasich could get out. @>> we'll see if kasich's @comments today are seen as @confidence or last ditch @wishful thinking. @ now the baldwin wallace @poll shows -- that's a big if @right there. @tomorrow. @>> tomorrow morning. @that baldwin wallace poll shows @him barely beating hillary @clinton. @a squeaker. @souper tuesday will tell the @tale for all these candidates @still left fighting each other. @>> once again, back in ohio, @trump and clinton still the @front runners. @>> that's still the case. @about three more weeks and 21
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@go until ohio voters get their @turns. @four other states are going to @be voting on that day. @again, john kasich hoping to do @well in the midwest and the @northeast. @>> right. @okay. @tom berras, thank you. @ i felt like a zombie. @>> what your doctor isn't @prescribing could be saving @more lives than the battle @against the opiate epidemic. @>> it's superman on an rta @trolley.
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@ @finally a glimmer of good news @regarding the heroin epidemic.
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@getting the message and @starting to prescribe less @opiate medications. @>> sharp agonizing pain like @there was a needle and knife @going in my back. @>> i could don't anything. @i couldn't move. @i couldn't lift up my daughter. @>> i felt like a zombie. @pain meds. @instead, we've been doing @trigger point injections, @massage therapy, physical @therapy, chiropractic care. @>> all drug free and working. @>> she follows the new strict @prescribing guidelines. @>> the past six months this @policy has been in place, it's @reduceed the opiate prescribing @by 21%, which is huge. @>> the heroin epidemic linked @to prescription pain meds, @doctors getting the message. @according to the governor's
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@dispensed in ohio dropped by @almost 42 million between 2012 @and 2014. @an improvement since the @department of health report @showing overprescribing was the @equivalent of 67 pills for @every man, woman, and child in @ohio. @the number of patients @prescribed opiates also dropped @11%. @the opiate action team released @their own guidelines to @physicians. @>> these new guidelines were @pretty hard core. @they actually say please try @not the write an opiate the @first time. @>> he says they should be @reserved for last resorts for @patient who is truly need them. @and education in both patients @and doctors needs to continue, @but at least we're headed in @the right direction. @>> that's progress. @>> superheros are popping up @around downtown cleveland. @and they're driving the @trolleys. @this is part of the fun @surrounding the world of
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@some of the operators are @driving costumes today through @friday. @you can enjoy a ride from @superman or bat girl for free. @our own weather wonder woman is @here with news of changes on @the way. @>> i like superman just can i @being back there. @temperatures are going to hold @here in the 40s, even 50s in @northern ohio through the @evening. @that means we have rain through @the midnight hour. @it's not until early morning we @era going to see the transition @to snow and the southwest winds @continue to pump in the air. @it's not until the winds change @around the northwest until they @start to get snowy across @northern ohio. @we have a couple of bands of @rain moving through currently. @one stretching from avon and
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@. treemont getting in. @heads up for parma and brooklyn @and continuing east into @garfield heights and up toward @euclid as well. @a nice swath of moderate rain @coming down. @this will continue to move up @into portions of ashtabula and @trumble counties also out in @the youngstown area. @farther south we're starting to @see the rain clearing out from @west to east. @we've actually seen breaks in @the overcast. @even blue skies reported in some @areas. @as a matter of fact, we have @this picture in the feed. @this is sitting in canton @looking east at the rain @showers. @the sun is at your back. @also have reports from the fair @lawn area and out here in @ashland county as well, we have
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@farther down into eastern secs @of wayne county. @they had reports of a nice @rainbow there too. @that is coming in on my twitter @feed. @thank you guys very much. @we'll continue to see those @rain showers moving off to the @northeast. @wooster, akron, parma here in @about the next little less than @an hour. @it's about an hour storm track @this. @rain is moderate at times it @could be heavy downpour that @sweeps through. @winds will kick up and it @should back off again. @we literally will see some @sights winds. @it will crank up later tonight @as the cold air pivots in @northern ohio. @temperatures are near freezing. @it's a very slushy wet snow @they're getting in michigan and @indiana. @you can see the line here where @areas around sandusky and out @toward toledo are sitting in @the 30s and areas east of @cleveland and down into the @south are sitting well into the
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@it's been one of those days. @as the storm system comes in, @it's going to stir everything @up. @let's go hour by hour in your @forecast. @by midnight, here comes the @snow. @the snow will be continuing on @and off as we head throughout @the night. @as we get into the morning @commute. @we could have pockets of @heavier snow. @slushy accumulation possible on @the roads, especially on the @berms, bridges, overpasses, you @know the drill. @we'll continue to see these @snow showers on and off. @could see the intensity picking @up as we head into the @afternoon. @tomorrow evening, we're going @see the snow moving out as lake @effect takes over. @>> 1-4 inches of all of @northern ohio. @all of northern ohio, 1-4 @inches, but it's the lake @effect territory that could @have a little bit of extra snow @coming down, thanks to the @lake. @so there's a winter weather @advisory advisory for these @counties where we could end up @getting four, five, six inches @of snow by the end of the day @tomorrow. @that winter weather advisory is @going through 7:00 p.m. @as far as your forecast,
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@the 30s. @i had to go back to the desk. @1-3 farther south. @that fits in our 1-4. there's a @chilly day on friday as the day @wraps up. @weekend is looking good. @it's not until monday that we @get our next chance for rain @and snow mix. @russ and sara. @>> thank you so much, betsy. @>> coming up, the combine is @under way. @>> here are the strong words @shared about johnny manziel
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@ @hi, everybody. @to the nfl scouting combine in @indianapolis. @hue jackson met with the @national media and the local @media today. @i bet you can guess what was @the first question that came @his way, and that was what are @you going to do with johnny @manziel. @he had a definite answer for @that. @finally this headache is going @to be gone and not tolerated. @>> i want to make sure we all @understand that that behavior @will not be tolerated as we @move forward. @that's all i want to say about @it. @i want to leave it at that. @our organization is going to @take a stand and move on from @those kind of situations as we @move forward.
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@of the year after that answer. @cavs take over the q. mo @williams, it doesn't look like @he'll need surgery. @they did not look good on @monday night. @they lost at home to detroit. @they're still, though, the top @team in the east. @the hornets beat the cavs. @right now they hold down the @number seven spot in the @eastern conference. @let's go to spring training @right now and catch up with @dave chudowsky. @us. @hi, dave. @>> reporter: jim, hello. @you're right about that. @i was thinking the other day, @franchise. @you could make an argument but @jason, he has to have a big @year if the indians are going @to get to the world series. @he's coming off what he calls @his best off-season.
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@>> i've had a finger that @needed surgery, the oblique @tear, the body is recovering @and firing the way it needs to @be. @>> the shoulder injury caused a @2nd half slump. @the indians need a big year to @fulfill his goal of delivering @a title to cleveland. @>> it would be amazing. @so i can only imagine what a @series is like. @the city rallies around the @team in the playoffs, but we @have to get there first. @i know they're counting on us. @that's the standard we hold for @ourselves. @we want to deliver as much as @they want it. @>> we would love to have those @years back. @the one thing i notice, his @leadership. @coming up at 7:00, we're going @to talk about lonnie. @i've dave chudowsky in @goodyear, back to you. @>> thanks, dave. @looks good out there. @>> dave looks so depressed to @be out there in the sun 'n fun. @>> i'm sure he can't wait to
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@>> thank you for watching jimmy @and betsy. @>> holding down with the rain @all right. @the nbc nightly news is just
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breaking news tonight. a new outbreak of deadly tornadoes. decimating homes and towns. a rising toll with nearly a dozen states on high alert. fears the biggest threat is yet to come. exploding air bags bombshell. news tonight half of all cars being driven right now in america might need to be recalled as investigators say the air bag maker continues to deceive customers even after deadly crashes. trump landslide. after crushing the competition in nevada, tonight he's aiming for a super tuesday knockout. also, milania trump, a rare one-on-one interview. does she ever think he's gone too far. and shocking blast


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