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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  February 24, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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@how an officer is asking @residents for help. @ cleveland group offers jobs @and helps workers become @homeowners. @the five year program that is @transforming lives. @one day of work at a time. @ plus, cleveland comic fame. @the plan by two artists that @could put a local superhero in @homes and in movie theaters @across the country. @ good evening. @winter weather is on the way @witness. @betsy is here to show us when @to switch to snow. @>> it's still rain coming down @in northern ohio right now. @as we take a look at the radar, @you can see it's scattered rain @at that. @most of it moving southwest to @northeast through the area. @but the bigger picture shows
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@that snow will be wrapping into @northern ohio on cold winds. @blizzard warnings in indiana @and @illinois. @we don't have to worry about @blizzard conditions, but things @will get a little interesting @through the day tomorrow. @especially in cuyahoga, lake @geauga and ashtabula counties. @a winter weather advisory goes @through 7 a.m. @to 7 p.m. @we could see a little bit extra @as far as the accumulation. @in the next 12 hours @temperatures fall back into the @30s. @we are lookinging for train to @snow changeover in greater @cleveland about 2 a.m. @or so. @as far as the accumulations, a @general 1-4 inches across @northern ohio. @where that winter weather @advisory is active east of @cleveland, looks like 4, 5, @6 inches. @ a police officer is @sounding @off tonight online about the @dangers of the job.
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@bad guys, but it's the bad @equipment. @channel 3's andrew hranksy. @>> reporter: it's an account of @how he could have died on the @job not because of the suspect @he was chasing, but because of @his own aging cruiser. @are @happened @on sunday may be proof of it. @embarrassing. @one moment he was leading a @high-speed chase. @the next his cruiser and the @two @others he called in for backup @had all broken down. @all while the car they were @chasing, a 2005 dodge neon, was @stolen and carrying a missing @girl. @had it not been for the state @highway patrol, they would have @gotten away, and tonight @grooms, @the police chief and members of @city council want everyone to @snow. @>> when it's said and done you @realize how it could have been @catastrophic for us as far as @officers being injured or even @killed. @>> this is the equipment that's @protecting our officers, and @our
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@>> reporter: the video is @getting a lot of attention and @it's part of a campaign called @elyrias first. @it would raise income taxes for @parks, roads, and police. @now, if the levy pass it is @would bring about $1 million @into the department. @money, jimmy, which they would @use to add 40 cars to the fleet @replace these older ones and @add @eight new positions. @>> thanks. @ former browns wide receiver @reggie rucker is giving up his @right to appeal several charges @against him. @now, cameras were not allowed @in @court this afternoon. @cameras never are at a federal @proceeding. @and rucker pled guilty to wire @fraud and giving false @statements. @he is accused of taking money @from charities he ran to pay @off @a gambling debt. @because he doesn't have a prior @record he is out on bond until
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@a judge may sentence him to 27 @months in prison and pay up to @$150,000 in restitution. @ meanwhile, two other @cleveland browns are pleading @not guilty to drug charges and @more. @armondy bryant and dionte @saunders were pulled over @during @a traffic stop on christmas @day. @bryant was arrested for drug @possession. @saunders, who is no longer with @the brown, he was indicted for @improper handling of a weapon. @they are set to return to court @next tuesday. @former browns player and now @judge dick ambrose is assigned @to that case. @ america's home ownership @rate is the lowest since 1967, @and rental prices are rising @across the country. @but in cleveland one company is @helping workers see the @possible. @cnbc's diane olak shows us this @innovative program that turns @employees into homeowners. @>> it was a dream to own your @own home.
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@prayer that went unanswered for @grandparents tim and sharla @coleman for half a century @until @now. @>> i was out of work for about @a @year, and i was looking for a @job. @>> reporter: tim found one at a @unique cleveland cooperative. @founded in 2009, evergreen is a @worker-owned and operated @business that runs a commercial @laundry and a greenhouse. @the business also helps the @employee owners become @homeowners. @>> as we are hiring from these @cleveland neighborhoods, @oftentimes, you know, one of @the @barriers to employment is just @stable housing. @>> reporter: so with some help @from the county on taxes and @the @local housing authority, which @had homes available through an @existing program, evergreen @offered employees a five-year @plan to home ownership. @>> after some financial @training @and some qualifications, our @eligible employees are able to
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@pay for via payroll deduction. @>> reporter: from charlotte's @paycheck at evergreen's @greenhouse and tim's at the @laundry. @>> you know, investing in your @neighborhood where you came @from. @>> reporter: together they are @paying for and living in this @house right in the neighborhood @where they work. @>> i like it comes out the of @your check before you even see @it. @so that builds your credit up, @too. @>> reporter: cleveland is @ranked @the most affordable urban @housing market in america. @homes here are very cheap and @there are thousands of @abandoned @properties left over from the @foreclosure crisis. @that's why this program works @so @well here. @the question is, would it work @as well in a pricier city? @but for now at least it's @working for the colemans, who @have always loved their @community and now finally have @a @real stake in it.
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@>> evergreen's ceo suggest that @more expensive cities might @need @more none upfront to get a @program like this one started, @and it could take eight years @for employees to get through @the @program instead of five. @ when we come back on the @news at 7, pants on fire. @the common object that exploded @in one man's pocket prompting @him to strip down outside of a @convenience store. @ plus, super powers in @cleveland. @how two local writers are @turning their comic book into a @movie that's bound to put a
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@be the star of a feature film @shown across the nation. @two local writers are planning @to shoot the movie based on @their comics by the end of the @year. @the hero's name is apama. @you can learn about it at this @week's wizard world cleveland. @joining me now are the @co-writers of the comic book @ampama the undiscovered animal. @he comes into being because of @another project hero tomorrow. @>> that's correct. @>> how did it come together? @>> it was about a guy who had @an @idea about a superhero. @it's a dark comedy. @in the film he needed to be @working on a superhero project. @we came up with a crazy idea. @it's based on the premise that @so many heroes are creature @themed, spider-man, batman, but @ @the good ones were taken.
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@his girlfriend is an aspiring @fashion designer. @she makes him a costume. @he runs around trying to @research his character getting @into fights and trouble. @when the movie debuted at comic @con, played at festival all @over @the world. @this idea is unlike anything in @comics. @you ought to try doing it as a @book. @>> and that's what you did? @>> we did. @we didn't want to do a @continuation of the movie. @this is a book in the @character's head. @>> describe opama for me, it's @the story of a hungarian ice @cream driver. @>> there you go. @that's it, na. @>> who discovers a way to @unlock @powers of this undiscovered @animal. @it's the story of ilya and his @adventures through cleveland as @he channels the energy of this @native force. @>> that's important, everybody. @it's cleveland. @let's talk about the movie @project, how it's going.
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@>> sure. @well, when we started doing @this, you know, this is like @the @third incarnation now. @it's sort of like telling the @story of this hungarian ice @cream truck driver in @cleveland. @it's completely different than @hero tomorrow. @we started reaching out to some @of the people we met through @the @previous film. @>> right. @>> and everybody responded to @it @really strongly, like they @thought it was a good idea. @we loved the idea. @and the people who have gotten @into the book. @>> right. @>> you know, they are all for @that as well. @>> when could we see it? @do you have a -- mine, is it @still -- is it right out there @for you to get it done? @do you have a target on this? @>> hopefully we will start @shooting by the end of the @year. @>> terrific. @how long would it take to go @into production? @>> well, to go into production. @>> into production and get it @done? @>> probably six months in @production. @>> you will learn more about @apama this weekend, right? @you have a booth at "the @wizard"
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@that. @>> wizard con is, i think last @year they drew about 15,000 @people. @it's at the convention center. @can you see celebrities, you @know. @there is artists lined up. @>> it's gonna make cleveland @the @nexus of all things pop culture @for this weekend, whether it's @gaming, whether it's film, tv, @or comics. @it's gonna be there in @cleveland. @>> we invite everybody to go to @it. @obviously, to come in, stop by, @see the guys and learn a little @bit more -- (technical
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that's what we're made of. no artificial colors. no artificial flavors. no artificial sweeteners. nature valley granola bars. and now introducing delicious biscuits with almond butter or peanut butter. @ @ nobody could have predicted @what happened at a kentucky @convenience store. @a man was shopping when an @e-cigarette battery exploded in @his pocket. @he tried to put out the flames @that shot out of his pants and @he ran out of the store to take @his pants off as quickly as he @could. @the man has second-degree burns
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@this accident does serve as a @good warning not to store @e-cigarettes in your pocket. @ you have five more ways now @to express your emotions on @facebook. @not only can you like @somebody's @post. @now you can pick from love, @laugh, angry, wow, and sad. @on a desktop you can choose by @hovering over the like button. @on mobile devices you have to @hold down the same button to @see @the options. @the mission is to give users a @more nuanced way for users to @interact with posts. @of course, you can still @comment, too. @ a michigan dog can make his @job for making limit famous. @piper works in wildlife control @in traverse city. @the popular pup is on a @three-month break from work @after fracturing a toe while @jumping oft his handler's week. @he will be getting his cast off @soon. @good for him. @ all right.
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@into tomorrow morning. @the @way. @it looks like it could be a @little bit slushy. @closed? @we are going to go 20%. @i don't think it's completely @out of the realm of possible. @>> you do your homework. @>> definitely. @but just a 20% chance. @we will have some slush on the @roadways and i think some of @our @larger school districts may end @up getting some of those delays @or possible closings. @the problem is, as we go @through @the day, the snow is not really @going to be ending for us. @so we're dealing with rain now @and there are pockets of heavy @rain showers that are moving @through. @just had a strong storm out of @roberts county to stark county, @carroll county as well. @scattered showers around the @menorah area. @this moves to fair port harbor. @richfield over towards @macedonia @and hudson getting heavier @downpours.
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@towards solon, chagrin falls @and @the bainbridge area. @the heaviest rain showers on @the @radar south of canton and @maclin @around brewster and wilmont. @we are sealing the heavy rain @showers around dover and new @philadelphia. @that continues northward @towards @bol ver and towards the @louisville area as well. @this fits into the big picture @of our swirling storm system @that is quite a doozy. @they have many active tornado @warnings right now in virginia, @delaware and down into north @carolina. @meanwhile, blizzard warnings @going on in indiana and @illinois @with winter storm warnings in @central michigan. @that's where the cold air is. @this will pivot into northern @ohio as that area of low @pressure passes right over us @and moves out. @so the rain to snow changeover @comes tonight. @we will have snow around for @the @morning commute and that will @continue as we go through the @morning and into the afternoon @even. @we will have a northwest wind. @so lake enhancement is likely.
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@seeing a swath of two to four @inch snow totals. @backing out. @how much? @enhancement. @right now 1 to 4 inches across @northern ohio. @if we get extra, probably into @the prime snowbelt areas where @we have a winter weather @advisory that goes through @tomorrow. @so temperatures will be in the @tomorrow. @generally that 1 to 4-inch @snow. @as far as your window nation @seven-day forecast we will have @lake effect that lingers into @friday before tapering off. @weekend still looking good. @temperatures near 40 saturday. @near 50 sunday. @and another rain-snow chance @coming back on monday. @>> all right. @ when we come back, we go @live to goodyear, arizona, for @spring training. @a bunch of agents on their team @and none of them look like they
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@ @ well, all the nfl is in @indianapolis. @that's where the scouting @combine is going on. @hue jackson met with the mediad @to. @the new browns head coach. @on browns roster they have as @free agents alex max, desean @gibson, mitchell schwartz, are @travis benjamin. @they can all leave unless the @browns can get deals done with @them. @right now it looks like they @are @gonna get none of them signed @to @new deals. @here is the head coach. @>> they will not be @disappointing because they have @a right do that. @when you say disappointing, to @me we still then have another @opportunity to put other @players @on our football team to play.
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@there on offense and defense @and @special teams to play. @do i want them to stay? @yes. @if they leave, i can't worry @>> all right. @let's go to baseball. @spring training is underway and @the indians are having a good @year in goodyear, arizona. @the story of lonnie chisenhall. @a great position change for @right? @right. @remember in '08 he was the @first-round pick drafted to be @the future third baseman. @he was going to save the @indians @at third base. @the power hit are they needed. @it didn't turn out that way. @but i guess it's turned out. @>> a bright spot for sure. @i mean, you know, when a guy @goes down to triple-a. @and @if a player will ever come back @to the bigs. @with @lonnie chisenhall. @after years of trying, it @wasn't @going to work at third base.
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@been a cinderella story. @it rarely is for guys. @>> reporter: it's a story that @continues. @in the minors, lonnie said put @me in the outfield. @they did. @it worked. @he was brought back to @cleveland @to play right field after @brandon moss was traded and now @it's his job to lose. @>> it's exciting. @i have never been in spring @training as an outfielder. @so it will you new to me out @here. @a lot of day games. @so the sun will be an issue and @how the ball flies, it carries @a @little bit more out here. @a lot of things to learn. @i look forward to it. @>> reporter: a popular player @with another chance to remain a @bright spot with the team that @took a chance on him. @>> i am very happy. @fortunate to play this game. @i am with a great organization, @you know. @you see a lot of other guys and @it's nothing but positive @things @about the indians. @i don't have a negative thing @to @say, you know. @they have drafted me. @they have groomed me. @this is where i am today @because @of them. @>> reporter: what a positive @guy.
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@situation to keep an eye on as @the season gets closer. @a weakness you could say @abraham @owe montay is dealing with a @sore pack. @we will see how that goes. @the men michael brantley, i @have @that story at 11. @back to you. @>> thanks. @ tomorrow night we will be @with you all night long. @we will be talking tribe on the @ @news at 7 from goodyear, @arizona. @if you remember, at one time @casey blake was a great third @baseman for the indians. @then he became a terrific right @fielder for the indians. @he played very well out there. @you can do it. @do @it this year. @that's one of the many topics @we @will talk about tomorrow night @during our talking tribe @special. @whelen jig by jensen lowis and @dave live from arizona. @ other sports news tonight. @coming up the cavaliers take on @the charlotte hornets. @had that's at -- that's at the
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@off the cavs a couple of weeks @ago in charlotte. @the hornets the number seven @record in the eastern @conference. @barely hanging on to a playoff @spot. @ that does it for us. @"entertainment tonight" is @next. @russ and sarah back at 11:00. @betsy and i will be with them. @remember updates on our app and @at
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their surprising love story and "e.t.'s" interview with melania, what she said about her


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