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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  February 24, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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their surprising love story and "e.t.'s" interview with melania, what she said about her
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17 years ago. >> and chrissy teigen pregnancy controversy. why she chose to have a baby girl. >> also tonight, fact checking the people versus o.j. with nicole brown's close friend faye resnick. >> what we uncovered in our "e.t." v >> he used to check in the bushes. >> we would check the bushes all the time to see if o.j. was out there. >> i ate cranberries. >> why is our own mary hart having a melt down? >> be careful. very careful. >> now for february 25, 2016, this is "e.t." tonight. >> erin andrews breaking down in court today. after her father cries on the stand in her $75 million lawsuit against the mariott hotel. >> she said the hotel le stalker book a room right next to her and film her naked. >> this is a story you have to see a few moments away.
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dion returning to the caesar's palace stage in las vegas for the first time since the death of her husband, renee. >> cameron mathis there for what celine is saying is the most difficult performance of her life. >> our top stories, celine all by herself. all by myself any more >> so emotional, celine fighting back tears towards the end of "all by mys mid song she stopped. overcome by tears. overcome by emotion. took a moment, finished the song, crying, walked off stage. before last night's near two-hour performance, reserved as she prepared. inside her dressing room she stayed focused talking with her musical director and going over the speech she had written herself.
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nothing has changed. where would my heart be is now >> opening with a two-minute tribute video, personal photos of renee who loved to gamble. singer was a teen around the time they first met. celine pregnant. and touching images of all of the beautiful ways renee protected her behind the scenes. just months since his death, she still talks to him. >> i think of him all the time. i know he hears me. and now, i can feel that he's telling me to zip it. and start singing. >> and talk about a fearless performance at one point celine walking down the aisle a few feet from me and the fans all started swarming her trying to get selfies while she continued
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rmrmally opens the show with a white dress, but chose this black one to mourn renee. celine with her return to the stage, first song and speech so fans could join her in remembering the man who was the love of her life. but celine confessed to us, her heart break got the better of her performance. >> celine sounded out of this world. when she was walking down the aisle right beside me, in that sea of fan adoration, police just wanted to touch her, comfort her. at one point i thought i would have to step in and play a little defense and be a bodyguard. and nancy, people came from all over the world to support celine. no exaggeration. i talked to people from china, scotland, australia, brazil, canada, from everywhere. and i can tell you this, one thing clear to all of us in the coliseum is this is not just a
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definitely a transformative moment in celine dion's life. >> no doubt about that, right? such a song lady. >> pretty special to be here. >> somebody else strong and having transformed at this moment. erin andrews and $75 million lawsuit filed against the national mariott at vanderbilt university took an emotional turn today. her father took the stand and broke down in tears. >> a distraught steven andrews testified his daughter erin looked on crying. suing the national mariott at vanderbilt university because she claimed in 2008 employees gedly gave michael david barrett, a man later jailed for stalking andrews, her room number, 1051. en -- [ inaudible ] he had a room next to her.t to her and he is up next the door videotaping my daughter. she is undressed.
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the door. this guy is a --e ] >> erin continues to wipe away -ptears as hee dad talks about the leak of the 4 1/2 minutenaked daughter has changed her. >> she's terrified. she's depressed. >> seems the legal team is trying to show the jury who she as a little girl energetic, outgoing. after these videos surfaced, she did a complete 180. >> the scandal became front-page news and erin sat down with oprah.d you call fi >> my mom and dad. >> during the interview, she his red rash on her neck and she was telling me about what happened. >> i kept screaming, i'm done, my career is over. i'm done. to cover the rash. >> you can see the rash down her neck again today as steven told
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ay. >> on the stand, scared for eight years.rt issued a new rule of upcoming witnesses today. it is unclear if she herself will take the stand. meanwhile chrissy teigen andby girl is due in the spring. there is no such thing of chrissy because she is telling the world about her infertility. and talking about something controversial, about how she y to be. she said that she chose a baby girl thinking john would be the ughter. also in the new issue of people, quote, not only am i having a rom her little embryo. now some questioned the ethics of gender selection. which was originally created to ut serious genetic diseases. not for choosing a baby's sex. and one method an embryo's chromosomes are tested to see if it is male or female.dful of
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for nonmedical reasons and can cost up to $20,000. last night chrissy's growing splay in a dress, she and john met fans at a signing of her new cook book craving.big family, she thinks a boy will come along in the future and tells people they pregnancies don't happen naturally.ish i had frozen my eggs earlier, so we would have a few more on ice. e speaking out against kret iks. writing quote, my natural blessing to god was infertility. ded people, i forgot it is controversial >> we'll see john and chrissy he is presenting. she will be there adding to the beauty and glam. and chris is prepping material for the big show. >> it is a real hard hole to dig yourself out of. >> chris will take jabs at the
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meeting with el chapo.ked oscars with the hollywood reporter but the bigger question is, what won't he talk about on oscar night? >> probably say something more e it is 8:30. >> you have to address the big black elephant in the room. man who might know chris best, his little brother, comedian tony rock. >> he is known for pushing the envelope. >> tony is hosting that night all deaf movie awards and it is all about change. >> hoping this awards show will create dialogue to get things moving as far as oscars is movie awards air on fusion tv. last night another alternative airing b.e.t., the american black film festival award.ington awarding diane carol. don cheadle jamie foxx is there to present of compton won for best picture. >> we ain't worried about no other award
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a viral video of our very own mary hart freaking out on a producer. we have the story behind that back with the possible future first lady melania trump.p. >> plus the people versus o.j.icole brown's close friends say they told us during the trial. stick around. >> closed captioning provided
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you're not going to give up are you? >> in eddie the eagle, hugh -pjackman coaches a ski jumper
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monday "e.t." at the oscars as the stars dream of eryone says it's your year. >> we're going to have a great time. >> leo. >> gaga. >> j-law. >> parties, winners after hours. red carpet, breaking down the best and worst dressed of the night. >> you're wearing the best -- >> i know, crazy.e you won't see anywhere >> it is really overwhelming. >> monday only on "e.t.." a special on sunday from the red carpet. "e.t." at oscars live on top and to find it in your area go to .".com. >> mary is always with us in
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these days. working on the sitcom baby daddy. y, will see a side of mary that y have never ever seen before. >> cranberries? >> cranberries. >> mary's melt down gets auto rant as a producer was secretly taped. we should point out, mary is playing herself. but with a fon management issue. >> all the people in thisi have seen mad, this is one of them. >> they have created this exaggerated version of me, who is really a control freak and a mean one at that. so you know, it is my inner evil coming out, obviously. >> i'm mary hart! >> on the death of a senior
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>> taking part in hurricane hartaddy taj mowry. >> i'm sorry i'm taking this out on you. but wanting to vent. finally i do. >> how do you not know after allther that i ate cranberri >> the cool thing is everybody is seeing mary's sense of humor she is having a blast with the character.she is still as busy as of. she ran right off the set to a flight, right to a flight. she will never slow down. >> why should she? >> no. the chance to slow down melania, doing an in-depth interview. donald trump's wife, melania. and what she told us about y way back in 1999 as we go inside her lavish manhattan >> how many shoes would you say penthouse alone? >> last night on people versus o.j. simpson, faye resnick takes center s now "e.t." back withbrown's confidante. >> very afraid of him. >> why was she dropped as a witness?
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a resounding win in nevada caucuses last night. and his wife beby his side. >> meanwhile, his wife, melania, in new york doing her first solo& sit down since donald announced he was running. >> with his win last night, donald is the favorite to receive the republican nominatild make melania, if he can win the general election, the first foreign-born, first lady in modern american history. >> what was it that you saw in donald when you met him?
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>> his nd. >> what about sooe of the language he uses? he curses. time with him? >> mm-hm. >> no, i don't. and i tell him that. lan answered questioned in the gold plated entrance of the apartments. ding her husband. >> many felt he insulted mexicans. >> no, i don't feel he insulted the mexicans. he said illegal immigrants. >> you're an immigrant. >> yes. think he goes too far? >> i followed the law. i followed the law the way it is supposed to be. >> been in the u.s. 10 years for now. arriving from slovenia in 1996. del sat down with "e.t." for the first time. she was dating donald at the time and there were rumblings run for presiden
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of being first lady. >> i put all my energy, all my power, everything, and to the people. >> in 2010 she took "e.t." ent new york penthouse. >> this is the living room. >> this view, oh, my goodness. >> fantastic.s would you say you have just in your new york penthouse alon >> maybe, i would say, 1hat's melania with the then 4-year-old barron trump. >> what a nice picture that, he is running around and driving around. >> melania told msnbc nothing, usband's white house run, will keep barron from being the priority. >> i'm a full-time mom. and i love it. he campaign so much. but i support my husband a hundred percent.
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nguages. she speaks italian, french, and german english and her language, slovenian. >> this is a simpson. >> that is connie britain as faye resnick, one of nicole brown simpson's friends, who cashed in on the death while writing a tabloid tell all saying nicole is more sin than saint.ed the "e.t." vault and took a look back at our interview with faye to sort out >> my everythi she was mypiritual sister. >> that was true if you're to believe what resnick told us in 1997. >> i had never met a woman that was just so loving.t friend. >> but resnick parlayed her friendship with nicole into a
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tell-all that did tell all. >> nicole is my best friend in every way. and watch her have sex with other guys. >> did o.j. watch nicole from the bushes? they told us he did.heck the bushes all the time to see if o.j. was there.blem. >> throwing a monkey wrench into the trial, while o.j. could have been seen as an abusive story, ll not be a witness. >> faye resnick's name will not be on the witness list. he only had the purest of motives. >> it is my goal to tell who the vanishing lady was. >> that's pretty much what yed faye told us. >> the intent is definitely too
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issues that she had. >> but where did the tv drama h the truth? >> going clubbing and partying.caine. >> cocaine, really? >> actually nicole did use, according to faye. >> o.j.? >> i don't know now. >> they were the most undivorced couple i think i've ever known. >> that wasn't true towards the ends says resnick. >> nicole wasn't interested in him any more. him. >> half the time resnick appeared to resent the notoriety.s she seems to have embraced it. still besties with long time friend, kris jenner. faye is also friends with re richards but haunted from that tragedy two decades a >> i have nothing to say to
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ago. that was a very hard time. and we were frie >> one of the few things that that time period, she posed for playboy in 1997 and saying at fer playboy had ever made. >> in our entertainment tonight actor was originally considered for the patrick swayze ro "dirty dancing"? om
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>> travel consideration provide by -- lcome back to the show, everybody. tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which actor was originally considered for the swayze role in "dirty dancing"?
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they found out he couldn't dance. billy is 56. >> a little bit of a problem if dancing". we're going to get a brand new "dirty dancing" beca is working on three-hour tv eir johnny. his name is cole. he obviously works out -- >> a lot. >> a lot. like all the he proved in 2012 in pink's try video. y >> right now starring in rock of ages in vegas. >> cole will start rehearsals
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