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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  February 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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@ first rain and now snow is @headed toward northeast ohio. how much will @be on the ground when we wake @up. @ a lawsuit, a family sues @johnson & johnson over a loved @one's death. about the product @that they say caused over @there in cancer. @ you might say these are @antiheroes.lking about @supervised that has made it to @25 -- super lice th@it to 25 areas. @ we believe @with a live look. changes are @ahead overnight as the snow @moves in. @that snow could make for a
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@commute. @>> we have details coming up @with betsy. @>> hello. ures on the bottom @of your screen tell the story. @we are now in the 30s. @we were in the 40s for much of @the evening. @there was a lake-effect @warning -- watch for until tomorrow @morning. @in the norwalk area we see @this and it will continue @eastward. @developing father southwest @across thearea -- @you can see this. @the center of the storm came @up over northern ohio and now @moves its way to the buffalo @area. @as it does so it will send @some snow showers our way. @we are expecting a the ground tomorrow. @hour by hour forecast, morning @commute does show snow showers
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@temperaturll to the low 30s at the @start of the day tomorrow. @we will be right about after @the freezing mark. @he still comes down on and we are @accumulations, especially on @elevated surfaces, bridges and @overpasses as well as your @decks. @it will also be very windy. @are near freezing, the @windchills will only be in the @teens. @how much snow will be on the @ground in the morning? @this will be a slushy start @but we will continue as the @day goes on. @as the next 12 hours go one, @we will have some snow showers @about 2 am or 3 am across @greater cleveland. @as far as school closings, i @know that's where many @people's minds are going. @we could have some, only a 20% @chance of closings for @tomorrow. @i have more on how much more
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@tomorrow coming up in a little @bit as well as the weekend @forecast. @ you can keep track of any @potential school closings or @any other closings with our @instant alert system. you can @go to /closings for @more information. @ super lice have become it @up -- a problem. @>> southern illinois @university has conducted a @study and shows that the @superbugs are in 25 states @including ohio. @hilary golston explains the @rest. @>> reporter: i did a lot of @itching today reporting this. @just the thought of lights @makes your skin crawl. the @problem is -- lice makes your @skin cool. @the problem is they are @becoming resistant to many of
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@there it is, -- @>> not good for styling @purposes. @[ laughter ] @>> reporter: i wanted to keep @my distance from lindsay. @she had lice. @>> i was so excited. @she had this in her hair.>> @reporter: besides being @delightful, she also removes @the eggs and the lice. @>> you can see some nits that @have come off of her head. @>> reporter: high-tech gear. @>> high-powered magnification @lenses. @>> reporter: scientists have @found these lice are becoming @super resistant in 25 states. @>> a lot of times people cry @and then they are very @frustrated. @>> reporter: what used to work @100% of the time is now only @effective in 25% of the cases. @ @>> we have been saying this @for years.
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@news recently that is @primarily why we are here. @>> reporter: when the gloves @go on, pam and hannah get @nitpicky. be where tiny bugs. @we also checked with the ohio @department -- the where -- @beware tiny bugs. @we also checked with the ohio @department. @don't share combs and brushes. @ @>> you would be in good hands @with pam. @>> you absolutely would. @there's about 6 million new @infestations every year. @ [ indiscernible ] finally @takes responsibility for @defrauding charities. @rocker pleads guilty. @as chris tye tells us @wintering cleveland has turned @to be -- turned out to be @tough for the former wide
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@cardiac kid, breaking the @hearts of those most trusted. @>> he paid for dry-cleaning @and spent this money as if it @was his money and not money @that had been donated for this @organization.>> reporter: he @was caught stealing $100,000 @from the charity atm cards at @casinos in cleveland, florida @and las vegas. @today in court he pled guilty @to those charges and will soon @learn his fate. @rocker will have to pay back @the estimated $100,000 he took @and could be sentenced to @between 21 months and 27 @months in prison. @it's up to a federal judge's @discretion. he will be @sentenced on may 20 there. @>> he knows he did something @wrong. @he has committed himself to @spend the rest of his life
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@days, lulling donator -- donors @to give money to the cleveland @peacemakers and [ @indiscernible ] the 60-year- @old is likely to spend time in @prison. @the exact length of time is @unclear. @we should get clarity in me. @>> -- in the month of may. @>> i should point out that he @has been a guest on our show @in many -- many times. @ we are turning to politics @now. @bernie sanders will make a @campaign stop, at the lou @higgins recreational center. @a.m. @hillary clinton's campaign is @moving into its new date. @members of her campaign held a @party at her new shaker square @office tonight.
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@the first official office in @northeast ohio. @ cleveland -- all cleveland @company is planning to help @make dreams come true for some @of its workers. @evergreen is working with the @local housing authority which @has homes available for a five- @year plan for homeownership. @employees pay for this with a @fair payroll deduction system. @-- with a payroll deduction @system. @ local entrepreneurs @participate in axillary 2016 @tonight. @it's an event where folks @pitch their innovative ideas @to help transform northeast @ohio. @the pitches come from five @categories, [ indiscernible ] @economic development, @educating for tomorrow, @quality of life, and @transformative arts and @culture. @event organizers say it's a
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@from people who live here. @work. @this is our home. @we are all proud of it. @we want to get back to the @communities where we are. @this is the opportunity for us @to actually find a way to @bring great ideas to the @forefront and find ways we can @expose this and move forward. @>> a winning idea came from @benjamin, a teacher who @proposed to help parents set @up their kids up for academic @success in kindergarten. @he won a 500 -- $5000 price. @ johnson & johnson, the @product that family says they @produce about contributed to a @family member's death. @ how you can take extra @courses to beef up your resume @without shelling out a lot of
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@ @ her family says and @alabama woman died from @ovarian cancer linked to @johnson & johnson's talcum @powder. @they just won a lawsuit @against the company. @they were awarded $72 million
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@lawyers for fox claimed that @she used baby powder and a @shower to shower for more than @35 years before she was @diagnosed with cancer. @johnson & johnson faces @several hundred lawsuits @claiming that it failed to @warn customers for decades @that it's top-based products @could cause cancer. @ news on the jobs front, @more training can help you @land a new job or move up the @ladder in your current job. @the high price of the training @may be a huge stumbling block. @ @ this is an acronym for @massive open mind courses and @can help boost your resume. @many of them are free. @amy hansen explains. @>> reporter: this professor @michael goldberg has been @teaching a class about @entrepreneurship for a couple @of years. @he says the first step to @finding a course -- to taking @a course is finding one line.
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@university. @you would actually use another @platform. @there's a variety of @platforms. @>> next check out 400 @universities including high- @profile schools including @princeton and harvard which @offer nearly 4000 courses. @courses include astro fidget -- @astro physics. lori pickard @wanted an advance business @degree without the price tag @or the traditional time @constraints. @while working in international @development in rwanda she says @but -- she spent less than @$1000 on an mba level @curriculum. @>> that ability to work this @into your schedule in a way @that you can't do -- that's a @really managed -- what's the @best way to market your
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@lawyer has some suggestions. @put all of your relevant @courses on your linkedin @profile and resume. @think about really good work @example such as test scores and @post those on a personal @website. @used your classes to your @advantage. @go to our website for a good @fit for you. @i'm amy hansen. @ a powerful storm system @spawned tornadoes from @louisiana to florida. @dozens were hurt and at least @three were killed in @louisiana. @150 trainers -- 150 trailers @were destroyed. @brick buildings were ripped @apart and many homes were @destroyed. @>> we have had some sort of
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@rain that we have seen today. @tomorrow morning things are @really going to change over. @it's the same storm system. @>> it's all away from the @south to the canadian border @and it is continuing to move @to the east. @they had tornadoes in @virginia. @we now have blizzard warnings @and all kinds of snow in @indiana and michigan. @we now look here in no -- @northern ohio, we will have @slushy conditions as well as @windy conditions. @it will be right around @freezing to start the day. @we will have scattered snow @showers with windy conditions @as we head to the afternoon. @notice that the temperatures @are dropping back to the 20s. @that is a key for how the @commute will go as we had @through the day tomorrow -- as @we head through the day @tomorrow. @we will see the swirls that @are bringing cold air into @northeast ohio which will @trigger a change to snow as we @go through the overnight @tonight. @rain throughout the day today, @most areas picking up over 1 @inch of rain. @snow will be developing.
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@west southwest -- winds have @come around to the west @southwest. @you can see the colder coming @in, 34 olivia, 37 mansfield -- @elyria , 37 mansfield, you can @see how this trend will take @us to the night with rain @changing to snow. @we watch the snow spreading @across the area through the @early morning, 7 am, scattered @snow showers in the area. @roadways will be a little bit @slippery especially the @overpasses. @we will have air temperatures @around for -- around freezing @that windchills will be in the @teens. @wins -- winds will be cranking @up toward midday and that will @impact your windchills which @will likely stay in the teens @all day long. @scattered snow showers are @still coming down and that's @going to be pulling the store @around as well. @you can see the snow starting
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@the midday up -- hours. we @have a wave of energy expected @to work its way through. @at times we will see a heavier @pockets of snow which will @give us a better chance of @accumulation on the roadways. @all this time odot is going to @be playing catch-up. @they don't have any time for @deicing because of the rain @that we had today. @not only are we going to be @dealing with that snow but we @also have moisture today @coming in from the lakes. @you can see this band across @much of northern ohio of @moderates know. @temperatures are near freezing @. it will be wet snow. we will @see some bands possible as we @go into the overnight. @how much snow is coming.
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@confused that we will get @we don't have to worry about @that's all it michigan. @we are still looking at 1 to 4 @inches across northern ohio. @where we have the best chance @to get 4, 5, or 6 inches of @snow, the snow belt out to the @east, we may see some of those @accumulation totals by @thursday night with a little @bit of additional snow coming @in friday night. there's a @winter advisory for ashtabula, @cuyahoga county for tomorrow. @the temperatures will be going @back to the upper 20s by the @end of the day tomorrow. @2 to 4 inches generally @speaking, glen taylor -- @greater dadeland area, acrid @and end mansfield, all of us @are in the 1 to 4 inch @territory, east of cleveland @as well. @we are chilly for friday. @lake-effect snow showers will @linger and then taper off. @that will lead us to a very
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@the upper 30s to 40s on @saturday. @we will be near 50 on saturday @and then the next storm system @will be making its approach. @linger will -- rain will @linger into tuesday and @wednesday as well. @ the cavs are looking to @bounce back from a tough loss @on monday and beat the hornets @at home. @can the team deliver? @that's next. @ [ muffled audio ] @>> [ cheering and applause ] @be sure to tune in tonight on @late night. @ [ cheering and applause ]
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@ @ the caster in town @tonight. @>> they were the cavs tonight @-- the cavs were in town @tonight. @>> and they were the cavs @tonight. @they beat the hornets and @everyone looked very good in @this one. @114-103 was a final score. @remember the hornets the to @the cavs a couple of weeks ago @in charlotte. @coast to coach -- coast to @coast way up. @he had 23 points in the game. @lebron steals it and then you @know what happens at the other @ends of this. @he had 23 also. @watch this play by lebron. @he goes in, curls, over his @head, off the rim and in, @beautiful layup. @he played very well. @he had 4 3-pointers. @the cavs win 114-103. @the game friday night is
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@toronto -- raptors. toronto @trails the cavs. @ you jackson left -- met @with the local media and @national media. @he left nothing in doubt of @the browns getting rid of @danny mademoiselle -- manziel. @by the time the draft comes, @when you've had an extra pick, @they will have 11 draft @choices coming up. @through the 11, you jackson @says we will find our @quarterback. @-- hugh jackson. @says we will find our @quarterback. @>> we have lots of choices. @we will find a quarterback. @this is more about where we
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@evaluating the guys that are @here. @>> now we go to arizona where @the indians get ready for the @[ indiscernible ] when will he @get off his -- get his @shoulder surgery recovery. @>> there are some concerns. @at the top of the concern list @is the health of [ name @indiscernible ] he wants to be @on the field for opening day. @>> i just keep pushing myself. @every day i come in here and i @am feeling great. @the trader has a good program @and i am sticking to it. @i am very excited for now @brantley is able to run, throw @and field. @he is hitting balls off of the @hill. @-- off of the td. @5 or 6 months after having @surgery on his right shoulder, @he is not taking it too fast.
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@plan. @>> at the same time i know @where i am at and how i feel. @>> remember we are talking @about one of the best @outfielders in the game. @two years ago he was third in @the al mvp voting, was an all- @star and won a silver slugger @award. @>> it ought to be a good year. @ @ we will be back here @tomorrow and dave will be with @us tomorrow night at 7:00 @right here on channel 3. [ @indiscernible ] will join is @too as we get to thinking @baseball before the indian @start.
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@ @ those kids look like they @are dressed for the elements. @you will need that tomorrow. @>> we will have snow showers @tomorrow but keep in mind that @we will be having windchills @in the teens for tomorrow. @we will mostly get just a few @inches but 5 or 6 in the snow @belt is possible. @near 40 on saturday and 50 on @sunday. @looking good for the weekend. @>> thank you very much betsy. @ be sure to tune in to our
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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