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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  February 25, 2016 3:07am-3:37am EST

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the door. [ inaudible ] >> erin continues to wipe away -ptears as hee dad talks about thee 4 1/2 minute video of his naked daughter has changed her. >> she's terrified. she's depressed. >> seems the legal team is e jury who she was as a little girl energetic, outgoing. after these videos surfaced, she news and erin sat down with oprah. >> who did you call fi >> my mom and dad.rview, she broke down in this red rash on her n about what happened. >> i kept screaming, i'm done, my career is over. i'm done. >> trying to cover the rash.see the rash down her neck again today as steven told the court his daughter's anxiety
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eight years. >> the court issued a new rule of upcoming witnesses if she herself will take the stand. meanwhile chrissy teigen and john legend's baby girl is due in the such thing of oversharing with chrissy because she is telling the world about her infertility. and talking about something controversial, about how she ender of her baby to be. she said that she chose a baby girl thinking john would be the best father to a issue of people, quote, not only am i having a girl but i picked a girl from her little embryo.d the ethics of gender selection. which was originally created to screen out serious genetic diseases. a baby's sex. and one method an embryo's chromosomes are tested to see if it is male or female. the u.s. is a handful of
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cost up to $20,000. last night chrissy's growing bump on full display in a dress,fans at a signing of her new cook book craving. hoping for a big family, she thinks a boy will come along in lls people they would do ivf again if pregnancies don't happen naturally. saying quote i wish i had frozen my eggs earlier, so we would n ice. outspoken star took to twitte speaking out against kret iks. natural blessing to god was infertility. i'm around so many open-minded people, i forgot it is controversialn and chrissy this sunday at the oscars. he is presenting. she will be there adding to the beauty and glam. and chris is prepping material for the big show. >> it is a real hard hole to dig yourself out of. >> chris will take jabs at the
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meeting with el chapo. talked oscars with the hollywood reporter but the bigger question is, what won't he talk about on oscar night? >> probably say something more risq is 8:30. >> you have to address the big black elephant in the room. might know chris best, his little brother, comedian tony rock. >> he is known for pushing the enall that. >> tony is hosting that night all deaf movie awards and it is all about change. >> hoping this awards show will create dialogue to get things moving as far as oscars is concerned. >> all deaf movie awards airfusion tv. last night another alternative airing b.e.t., the american black film festival award.awarding diane carol. don cheadle jamie foxx is there to present to packer and straight out of compton won for best picture.ain't worried about no other award >> oh, and we have to address this. a viral video of our very own
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producer. behind that coming up as well as a look back with the possible future first lady melania trump.ania trump. >> plus the people versus o.j.own's close friends say they told us during the trial. stick around. >> closed captioning provided
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you're not going to give up are you? >> in eddie the eagle, hugh
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." at the oscars as the stars dream of gold. s your year. >> we're going to have a great time. >> leo. >> gaga. >> j-law. >> parties, winners after, breaking down the best and worst dressed of the night. >> you're wearing the best -- >> i know, won't see anywhere >> it is really overwhelming. >> monday only on "e.t.." >> we're on sunday from the red carpet. "e.t." at oscars live on top and to find it in your area go to >> mary is always with us in spirit but she is a busy woman these days.
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daddy.c family, will see a side of mary that y have never ever seen before. >> cranberries?anberries. >> mary's melt down gets auto ant as a producer was secretly taped. we should point out, mary is playing herself. management issue. >> all the people in this mad, this is one of them. >> they have created this exaggerated version of me, who is really a control freak and a mean one at that. so you know, it is my inner evil coming out, obviously. >> i'm mary hart! >> on the death of a senior
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>> taking part in hurricane hartdy taj mowry. >> i'm sorry i'm taking this out on you. but wanting to vent. finally i do. >> how do you not know after aller that i ate cranberri >> the cool thing is everybody is seeing mary's sense of humor she is having a blast with the character.e is still as busy as of. she ran right off the set to a flight, right to a flight. she will never slow down. >> why should she? >> got the chance to slow down melania, doing an in-depth interview. donald trump's wife, melania. and what she told us about possibly becoming first lady waye go inside her lavish manhattan >> how many shoes would you say you have in your new york penthouse alone? >> last night on people versus resnick takes center s now "e.t." back with . >> very afraid of him. >> why was she dropped as a witness?
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a resounding win in nevada caucuses last night. and his wife beby his side. >> meanwhile, his wife, melania, in new york doing her first solo& sit down since donald announced he was running. >> with his win last night, donald is the favorite to receive the republican nomination.e melania, if he can win the general election, the first foreign-born, first lady in modern american history. >> what was it that you saw in donald when you met him?h him?
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amazing mind. >> what about sooe of the language he uses? he curses.e all the time with him? >> mm-hm. >> no, i don't. and i tell him that. answered questioned in the gold plated entrance of the apartments.view defending her husband. >> many felt he insulted mexicans. >> no, i don't feel he insulted the mexicans. he said illegal immigrants. >> you're an immigrant. >> yes.e goes too far? i followed the law the way it is supposed to be. >>een in the u.s. 10 years for now. arriving from slovenia in 1996. >> in 1999, the new york model ." for the first time. she was dating donald at the time and there were rumblings way back then that he could run
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of being first lady. >> it is a balance. >> i put all my energy, all my ything, and to the people. >> in 2010 she took "e.t." inside her opulent new york penthouse. >> this is the living goodness. >> fantastic. >> how many shoes would you say you have just in your new york penthouse alonwould say, 1 >> that's melania with the then 4-year-old barron trump.picture that is. >> here he has like, he is running around and driving around.ania told msnbc nothing, including her husband's white house run, will keep barron from being the priority. >> i'm a full-time mom. and i love it.d not to be in the campaign so much. but i support my husband a hundred percent.
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husband and several languages.talian, french, and german english and her native slovenian. >> this is asimpson. >> that is connie britain as faye resnick, one of nicole brown simpson's friends, who cashed in on the death while writing a tabloid tell all saying nicole is mo. owe opened the "e.t." vault and took a look back at our interview with fayetruth from the fiction. >> my everythi she was mypiritual sister. >> that was true if you're to believe what resnick told us in 1997. >> i had never met a woman that was just so loving.friend. >> but resnick parlayed her friendship with nicole into a
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tell-all that did tell all. >> nicole is my best friend in every way.used to hide in the bushes and watch her have sex with other guys. >> did o.j. watch nicole from the bushes? they told us he check the bushes all the time to see if o.j. was there.em. >> throwing a monkey wrench into the trial, while o.j. could have been seen as an abusive story, not be a witness. >> faye resnick's name will not be on the witness list. >> later telling us she only had the purest of tell who the vanishing lady was. >> that's pretty much what d faye told us. >> the intent is definitely too
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issues that she had. >> but where did the tv drama possibly take liberties with the truth?bbing and partying. drinking and cocaine. >> cocaine, really?e did use, according to faye. >> nicole was into drugs. >> o.j.? >> i don't know now.most undivorced divorced couple i think i've ever known. >> that wasn't true towards the ck. >> nicole wasn't interested in him any more. >> nicole was very afraid of him. >> half the time resnick ed to resent the notoriety. >> but these days she seems to have embraced it. still besties with long time friend, kris jenner.ds with re housewives kyle richards but haunted from that tragedy two decades a >> i have nothing to say to anyone.what happened 20-something years
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that was a very hard time. and we were frie >> one of the few things that faye finally remembers from thattime period, she posed for playboy in 1997 and saying at the time it was the best offer playboy had ever made. >> in our entertainment tonight ich actor was originally considered for the patrick swayze ro "dirty dancing"? billy zane, matt dillon or tom
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>> travel consideration provide by -- welcome back to the show, everybody. tonight's "e.t." birthdays, riginally considered for the swayze role in "dirty dancing"? >> that's billy zane. reportedly lost the part when
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dance. you can't dance for "dirty dancing". we're going to get a brand new "dirty dancing" beca is working on three-hour tv e found their johnny. his name is cole. he obviously works out -- >> a lot. >> a lot. like all the time. >> this guy can dance.n 2012 in pink's try video. got to get up and try try try >> right now starring in rock of ages in vegas.l start rehearsals next month for "dirty dancing".
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breaking news tonight. a new outbreak of deadly tornadoes. decimating homes and towns. a rising toll witharly a dozen states on high alert. fears the biggest threat is yet to come. exploding air bags bombshell. ht half of all cars being driven right now in america recalled as investigators say the air bag makerntinues to deceive customers even after deadly crashes. trump landslide. after crushing the competition in nevada,t he's aiming for a super tuesday knockout. also, milania trump, a rare one-on-one interview. does she ever think's gone too far. and shocking blast caught on camera. a man's pocket suddenly bursts into
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everyone who uses e-cigarettes. "nightly news" begins right now.nnouncer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with er holt. good evening. the death toll has risen even higher today from that violent storm system that tore through the south, and it's on the tonight. as we start here, cities from northern carolina up to the d.c. area under thereat of tornadoes. at least four more people were killed this afternoon, some in waverly, virginia, where there's been significant damage from an apparent at least seven people have died from this time yesterday. right now at least ten states are at risk for severe weather with the highest tornado risk this evening. iguel almaguer reports from the storm zone. >> reporter: tonight this is what they fear, funnel clouds,ssible tornadoes, a weather system still
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and whipping winds with. another night of dangerous weather still ahead. >> look at that. oh, my god >> reporter: forecast calls for 70-mile-an-hour wind of millions in the danger zone. the wicked winter weather a powerful linear system fueled by the strongest el ecord raking across ten states. the storm mangling the landscape, ripping apart homes and taking >> the glass is breaking and you can hear things flipping around outside, i mean, just total carnage. >> reporter: with three killed on injured, convent, louisiana, was in the bullseye, 160 homes demolished. >> we went from the floor to the ceiling, from the wall to the floor. >> reporter: braxton lott, his wife and three small children rode out the storm in this trailer. they were pulled into the air and rolled over several times street. savannah clinging to her daughter as she was being sucked out of a window. >> she was like flying
3:33 am her by her ankles. >> reporter: with up po to 30 tornadoes reported in pensacola, florida, a twister apart an apartment complex. it's said to have traveled two miles, described as a war zone, homes shredded, rvs flipped over andrs tangled in trees. with the same weather system triggering up to 18 inches of snow in the midwest, at least 67,000 have power and now more could, too. a state of emergency as the threat across the east isn't over as the rain continues to hammer down here in raleigh, we remain under a tornado warning until a bit later on tonight. storm is moving towards washington, d.c., and your area in new york. it's expected to hit that region around 11:00 if there is some good news, it should be packing a bit of a lighter punch. lester? >> all right. miguel almaguer tonight, thank you. scandal involving dangerous air bags in millions of cars appears to be growing even larger with u.s.
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saying they have uncovered evidenceat the takata corporation was deceiving automakers for years about its defective air bags, and there is a growing possibility that thecall could now grow to cover half of the cars on american roads right now. nbc's tom costello hasils. >> reporter: it was just before christmas when 52-year-old joel knight was killed in south carolina. his 2006 ford rangert a cow on a country road. the takata air bag inflater exploded on impact. >> when it contact, this could have prevented us, his death could have been prevented. >> reporter: the coroner found metal shrapnel that came from the air bag also severed his spine. at least nine have been killed from exploding air bags. now senate investigators say internal e-mails show takata was aware its air bag inflaters were defective and yet deceived its customers, the
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a 2006 takata e-mail says reports were cherry picked and somebody was schmoozed to accept certain deviations. in another e-mail an employee writes if the customer requests records or makes an audit we'll have a lot of failures, sometimes 38%, but takata disputes whether the knowledge. >> they were manipulating data to make it look like this explosive device was in fact safe. >> reporter: in a statement takata says it's deeply sorry for injuries that have occurred and the issues raised in the e-mails are entirely inexcusable and will not be tolerated or repeated. it's already been hit with a record $70 million fine. a stunning 24 million vehicles are under recall for a potentially defective air bag. now, regulators are under congressional pressure to expand the recall to include every takata air bag in america. potentially 120 million vehicles. that would be nearly half the cars on the road. meanwhile, in south
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family is suing both takata and ford. >> that someone could be so inconsiderate of someone's life. >> reporter: over an air bag meant to save lives that instead took yet another. tom costello, nbc news, washington. donald trump is aiming for a knockout after three landslide victories. the gop front-runner could be headed for a super tuesday sweep if his opponents can't stop him and frustration is growing from some in the party as rubio and cruz continue to target each other, not the man who is charging towards the nomination. we have it all covered tonight starting with nbc's katy tur in houston. katy, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, lester. donald trump is looking more and more like the favorite to win the nomination, and now the last nominee, mitt romney, is taking aim. donald trump with evangelical leader pat robertson in virginia today trying to hit ted cruz where it hurts, targeting christian conservatives at
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>> i've got to be a good person today, at least for the next hour. >> reporter: coming off his big win in nevada. >> soon the country is going to start winning, winning, winning. >> reporter: the new yorker is looking for a lock on the nomination sooner rather than later. >> we might not even need the two months, folks, to be honest, all right. >> reporter: around if polling is indication he could be right. the billionaire resonating across voting blocs. >> we won of the evangelicals, we won with young. we won with old. we won with highly educated. we won with poorly educated, i love the poorly educated. >> reporter: nevada numbers like new hampshire and south carolina show trump won evangelicals, conservatives, moderates, those who are worried about immigration, those who wanted an outsider and those who are angry. trump's abrasive tone working. >> stay on course, stay on message. >> reporter: in fact, donald trump alone got more votes than total votes cast in nevada's


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