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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  February 25, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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@weather center here because we @have holly and greg. @team coverage. @>> a tricky commute morning and @evening. @pretty much all day. @>> commute asking going to be @tricky. @basically. @it is coming in on the radar as @snow this morning but some of @it is mixing in. @>> where ditch any is snow is @coming down, hopkins is @reporting light snow right now @but as greg mentions, it is a @wet snow. @and can i just say every one of @us has commented on how we @commuted in on salt for @everything you treated so @kudos, and you will be thankful @too as you head out this @morning. @we have snow and in some cases, @rain coming down. @even though this is all showing @up as snow as greg mentioned @with temperatures low to mid- @30s, it is kind of a mix at @this point. @32 degrees right now in @hopkins. @light snow is reported there. @we are going to continue to see
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@showers west, moderate snows @from sandusky into western @lorraine county. @as far as cuyahoga county @scattered we've got snow. @coming down pretty good parma, @also through broadview heights. @on the east side it is more or @less hit and miss. @so through the day, i mean this @is the plan. @this is not just next couple of @hours. @we are planning on snowy, @blustery weather, 9:00 a.m. @noon right into this evening. @this is going to impact your @midday lunch plans coming home @from work and school and @getting there as well. @we'll keep you covered. @here's a look at your commute. @let's see what is happening so @far with danny. @>> reporter: this is all green, @normal drive times. @however the snow and rain could @spell for a tricky commute @throughout the day, so we want @to keep you safe right now. @no accidents reported.
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@here's 480 where it meets 9 @turnpike. @so we don't see snow in this @camera and drive times are @normal between 480, and 71. @9 minutes headed east and 8 @minutes headed west. @back to you. @ we have been talking about @it all night. @the road crews have been out @there and they are getting @ready for changing conditions, @which now we are seeing. @>> tiffany tarpley joins us @live from independence. @drivers are standing by? @>> reporter: they are standing @by at this point lena and john. @we are here at the garage in @independence. @and this truck driver here is @putting sacramento into their @trucks. @we have seen a few of the @trucks doing this, this morning @since we have been here around @4:00 or so. @at least three to four trucks @and there are 11 trucks and @drivers who work out of this @garage here in independence. @now we know that right now, it @is cold enough that they are @putting down salt all over the @place, i'm told.
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@temperatures were a little bit @warmer, they really just @focused on the bridge, because @they say that is what freezes @first when you are out there @right now as snow continues to @fall here, they are really @working on putting salt @everywhere. @earlier we told you they had to @change their game plan here. @o dot wasn't able to pre treat @because of all the rain so for @now, you'll have the safer @commute as you travel this @morning. @we are going to be here all @morning, showing you the @garage, live in independence. @tiffany tarpley. @channel 3 news. @ as the snow continues to @develop, we will be bringing @you updates all day long and @when you are away from your tv,
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@wkyc app for the latest weather @and travel conditions. @ democratic presidential @candidate bernie sanders will @hold a rally at baldwin wallace @this morning as he and @secretary clinton continue to @battle for the nomination. @>> reporter: all eyes are going @to be on ohio for awhile. @will, senator sanders starting @to focus on the march voting @states? @>> reporter: south carolina @votes saturday for the @democratic primary. @but all signs show clinton @having a sizable lead there. @sanders focusing on march @states, including ohio. @he spent the entire week in @massachusetts, he is also up in @virginia and did make a pit @stop in south carolina, @missouri. @now he is hoping the buckeye @state will feel the burn. @rally is set to begin at 10:30, @needed. @first come first served. @sanders getting money out of
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@his u.s. economy stance. @right now the two democratic @candidates are deadlocked in @ohio, according to a recent @poll. @sanders 45, clinton 44. @clinton would tie trump and @lose to kasich. @if you are planning on coming @down here they ask you not @bring any bags and keep things @in your pocket to a minimum @like your cell phone or wallet. @again it is free, doors open at @7:00, starts at 10:30. @coming up in the next half @hour, we'll take a look. @what candidate would you most @prefer to have a beer with? @that is coming up in half an @hour. @ a cleveland man who @threatened to blow-up a high @school last may will be @sentenced today. @prosecutors say spur lynn
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@girlfriend, slashed her car's @tires and phoned in a bomb @home. @ u.s. marshals and cleveland @police get four murder suspects @off the streets in 24 hours. @andrew hilton eric gun and @emanuel turn were rounded up @yesterday for the beating @death. @all three now charged with ago @-- aggravated murder. @hours after we told you about @the deadly shooting on garden @valley avenue and east 7th, @malls uarrested 33-year-old @richard amy -- u.s. marshals @arrested richard amy. @ can anyone stop donald @trump? @how the other gop candidates @are preparing to make a move in @tonight's debate. @ and thousands of flights @canceled across the country @because of wintry weather.
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@affect flights out of cleveland @and akron. @ we are planning on a snowy @traveling thursday. @bluftry temperatures will @gradually fall from the 30s @into the upper 20s later today. @right now we are hovering @around that 32-degree mark. @ 5:06. @in delays come in you are going @to know immediately. @ and we have a live look at @independence where it is indeed @snowing as we take to you @break. @follow us on twitter. @let us know what you are doing @in your neighborhood. @some of you are seeing snow. @others kind of a drizzly mix. @we have live team coverage. @greg is going to break down @amounts and we'll show you hour
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@ @ republicans have said @absolutely they are not going @to give any obama nominee a @hearing, but the committee that @would do that questioning, we @have now learned the led of @that committee is going to be @sitting down with president @obama to talk about it. @now the white house and the
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@grassley, the republican head @of the judiciary committee that @holds supreme court @confirmation hearings will meet @with president obama next week. @nbc news has confirmed the @white house is betting a @republican -v is vetting a @republican, brian sandoval to @replace justice scalia. @>> i think it will be very @difficult for mr. mccolonel to @explain how, if the public @concludes the person is very @well qualified, that the senate @should stand in the way simply @for political reasons. @>> this is a way for democrats @in the white house to extract @maximum pain on republicans. @>> reporter: democrats have a @petition. @1.3million people who say the @senate should not block the @president's nominee. @>> it is wrong. @the american people, i really @believe, won't stand for this. @the senate needs to do its job. @>> reporter: republican leaders @insist they won't even consider @an obama appointee during an
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@ and we still don't know how @long it might be or how soon it @might be before the president @names someone. @>> and before we go, you are @hearing republicans are using @vice president joe biden's own @words as leverage? @>> reporter: yeah so 24 years @ago vibe biden was the head of @the judiciary committee and @presided over a number of @hearings for supreme court @justices. @and back then when there was @not an opening he was making an @argument for reforming the @process and said the same thing @we are hearing republicans say @now, that you should not be @holding these hearings during @an election year and @republicans are waving fingers @saying see? @vice president biden when he @was in charge of this committee @said the same thing. @on the flip side you have @republican strom thurmond, the @top republican on that @committee at that point now @making the same argument then @that the democrats are making @now that we should go ahead @with these type of hearings @during an election year. @so both sides sort of trying to
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@what they would like to do this @year. @>> i'm glad we have you @following all this for us @tracy. @thank you very much. @ we have snow coming and @holly and greg both here. @>> rain yesterday, snow today. @>> a little bit of everything. @watching the radar, it is @really starting to pick up and @we may be seeing a little bit @of wind off the lakes. @right now as we are talking the @roads. @>> reporter: we'd love to hear @from you. @it is great to have you know, @your report. @at the bus stop. @so far we are going to school. @temperatures are in the 30s. @and we've got our snow shovels @ready. @greg and i believe you will be @shoveling out by later today. @we are planning on accumulation @with this heavy, wet snow that @will be impacting our day. @5:14 right now. @if you are just getting the @lunches packed, here's the @deal. @we have winter weather
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@in general a 2 to 4-inch snow. @if that happens you out a @little bit. @i know some you are excited @about the snow. @others are please get out of @here. @the weekend will do just that. @32 degrees and steady through i @think midday, and then we'll @fall back into the upper 20s @this evening. @snowy and blustery, pretty much @is the case. @still a bit of a transition @happening this morning as greg @mentioned you know, we are @seeing a lot of change over to @flow. @even in spots that are showing @something rain mixing in. @so it is a wet snow i think. @is the best way to look at @this. @west side of cleveland is where @we are seeing more of a @moderate snow at this point. @we head further east and you @can see the snow showers are @moderate in intensity. @we have the winter weather @advisory that continues through @7:00 for cleveland, lake @counties. @as we track through the day, @this is 9:30 this morning. @so as the commute continues, so
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@and i think more of the @problems are going to happen @probably from say 6:00 a.m. @through midmorning, as the snow @is moderate to each heavy at @times and lake enhanced, @getting into the afternoon. @greg, this brings us to 2:30 @this afternoon. @look at the band showing up. @>> yeah that band could be @heavy in some spots local any @morning, especially off the @lake, which may be starting to @happen as an area of low @pressure pulls away. @look at the close radar, the @bands filling in across @cuyahoga county and 271 on the @east side, part of the larger @flow off the west basin of the @lake. @so in terms of snowfall, @generally 1 to 3 inches outside @of cleveland, but watch that @little dark blue area, @cuyahoga, over toward lake @county, places like @strongsville, willoughby, @burton, and the east side of @cleveland, cleveland heights, @mayfield heights, you are going
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@higher elevations, generally @looking at 2 to 4 inches, @though with this being a lake- @effect, you could see isolated @spots come up with maybe 5, @maybe even close to 6, @depending on how long that @fetch off the lake lasts. @this isn't a long amount of @snow in terms of time. @we will see dry weather holly @as we head into the day @tomorrow. @>> yes it does look like an @improvement. @we have your forecast right @here, as greg mentioned 2 to 4 @inches for most and that @includes the area under the @advisory as steve was talking @about our primary know belt @region temperatures in the 30s @today and falling to the upper @20s toward evening. @blustery. @as we see any kind of snow @tomorrow, it would be early in @the day and really scattered. @i think otherwise, sunshine and @just a chilly friday. @then a much warmer weekend on @your window nation 7-day. @low 40s, breezy for saturday, @mild with around 50 degrees on
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@scattered, wet and even snowy @weatherly next week. @5:17 right now. @ good morning to you. @thank you for allowing us to @start your day. @we started this traffic report @in streetsboro, because this is @the biggest traffic alert we @have in our region at 5:18. @state route 303 closed at the @bypass because of flooding. @for those of you in this area, @you are familiar with this, it @typically closes every time we @have heavy rain, but you can @get around this by using the @303 bypass. @only will add a few minutes to @your commute. @no accidents right now, but @remember we have the snow @coming in, and when we see the @snow during the morning rush, @we typically have more @accidents. @so i'll be keeping my eyes on @this for you. @back to you. @ republican presidential @hope feels are set to face off @in houston tonight for their @tenth debate. @coming off his win in nevada
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@to build on his momentum as @super tuesday approaches. @senators marco rubio and ted @cruz are locked in a race for @second. @joining them will be john @kasich and dr. ben carson. @ more than 2200 flights @across the great lakes and @northeast have been canceled. @the biggest headache has been @at chicago's o'hare airport, @where almost 1000 flights have @been canceled due to the snow. @and flights have been canceled @today that were supposed to @leave from cleveland hopkins. @check the status of your @flights throughout the day, @call the airlines. @ the u.s. department of @labor set to release their @weekly jobless claims later @this morning. @last week's report saw the @number of weekly applications @for unemployment assistance @fall 7000 to a seasonally @adjusted 273,000. @this marked the lowest number @of people seeking jobless @benefits since november.
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@that the job market is getting @healthier. @ more internet service will @remain tax free permanently, @effect today. @president obama just signed a @new piece of legislation that @makes it illegal for companies @to collect tax on internet @services and dsl access. @the legislation does not @resolve the hotly contested @purchases. @last summer they started @collecting from amazon and @other epurchases. @>> stores were happy for that @because they could compete. @ 5:20 right now. @still ahead a cleveland group @not only offer jobs but help @workers become homeowners. @find out how about -- find out @about a 5 year program that is @transforming lives one day of
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@ @ the homeownership rate in @america sits at the lowest @level in half a century. @>> but one company here in @cleveland is taking action, @building its work force and @community through an innovative @program that turns employees @diana reports. @>> reporter: it was a dream to @own your own home. @>> reporter: a dream and a @prayer that weekend unanswered @for granted parents tim and @charla coleman for half a @until now. @>> i was out of work for about @a year, looking for a job. @>> reporter: tim found one at a @unique cleveland cooperative. @founded in 2009, ever green is @a worker-owned and operated @business that runs a commercial
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@the business also helps the @employee owners become @homeowners. @>> as we are hiring from these @cleveland neighborhoods, @oftentimes, you know, one of @the barriers to employment is @stable housing. @>> reporter: so with some help @from the county on taxes and @the local housing authority, @which had homes available @through an existing program, @evergreen offered employees a 5- @year plan to homeownership. @>> after financial training and @qualifications, our eligible @employees are able to purchase @a home that they then pay for @via payroll deduction. @>> reporter: from charla's pay @at the grown house and tim's at @the laundry. @>> that is in your neighborhood @where you came from. @>> reporter: together they are @paying for and living in this @house, right in the @neighborhood where they work. @>> one thing i like about it,
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@before you even see it. @>> reporter: cleveland is @ranked the most affordable @urban housing market in @america. @homes here are very cheap and @there are thousands after @bandoned properties leftover @from the foreclosure crisis. @that is why this program works @so well here. @the question is, would it work @as well in a priceier city? @>> reporter: but for now, at @least it is working for the @coal man's, who have always @loved their community and now, @finally, have a real stake in @it. @a home all their own. @>> and the story is getting @national attention, just @another great thing for @cleveland. @ the other thing that is @going to get a lot of attention @around here is our weather. @it is the snow, holly? @>> reporter: john and lena, it @is all about preparing. @snows are picking up as we @speak across northeast ohio. @we are seeing more and more. @many of you tweeting us, @facebooking us saying roads are @so far so good in my @neighborhood. @keep them coming in, because we @will keep you updated with
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@you are our eyes, we love that. @temperatures are going to hover @in the low 30 range, i think @through this morning and @midday, before we start to see @a drop in the upper 20s on the @travel map. @we have made transition and @from all that rain yesterday @over an inch to report at @hopkins, guys. @we are expecting accumulation. @we'll let you know exactly how @much and when this is all going @to come to an end, coming up. @ still ahead at 5:30, @governor john kasich barely @holding on. @coming up. @>> reporter: had his take on @whether he should drop out of @the presidential race. @ and former brown, reggie @rutger was from court. @the turn this case took when
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@ @ we have watched half a @dozen trucks come in, filling @up the trucks with salt and @heading out onto the roadways. @when it comes to cuyahoga and @lake county, 80 trucks are out @throughout that entire region. @drivers, of course right now @they are salting the roadways @conditions. @cases rain. @so we are having the heavy, wet @snow right now. @of course their motto is ice @and snow, take it slow. @that is exactly what they want @to you do out there as you are @driving for your morning @commute. @coming up at 6:00, i'll let you @know why the game plan had to @be changed to treat the roads @this time around. @ we are following developing @news this morning. @cleveland police say a teenager @opened fire at two police @officers sitting in a cruiser
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@a police source says the 16- @year-old accidentally shot @himself in the leg when he was @trying to run away. @officers in the parking lot @were able to catch the teen and @call an ambulance. @he is being treated at the @hospital, charges are pending @this morning. @ the woman found guilty of @the murder of her ex-boyfriend @will be sentenced today. @a summit county jury found @tiffany powell guilty in the @2009 beating death of her ex- @boyfriend james harrison. @there was a heated custody @battle with the ex couple's @four daughters at the time of @his murder. @powell was the second person @convicted. @the first was paul reid, her @new boyfriend. @powell faces 20 years to life @in prison. @ we edge closer to the @primary date. @and now bernie sanders making @steps here at the recreation @center. @today's rally at 10:30 a.m., @doors open at 7:00.
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@a ticket. @first come first served. @sanders expected to talk about @affordable college, getting @money out of politics and his @views on the u.s. economy. @right now a poll says sanders @45 clinton 44. @also who would you like to have @a beer with? @donald trump taking that with. @cruz jumping in there at 12%. @he has a like ability issue, he @question. @we'll look at how sanders would @fare against kasich and trump. @ blustery conditions, did @you hear that behind him? @15 to 25 miles per hour @sustained with gusts in the 35 @miles per hour range today. @snows picking up as we speak.
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@into the afternoon drive even @for this evening. @snow has been coming down in @spots, a mix of snow and rain @in others. @a lot of wet roads so far. @we have been talking about how @roads have been treated and we @continue to track the snow here @through the day. @just know as you head out the @door, it will be ongoing. @and that means plenty of extra @time in your commute. @we always advise, you know, @patience, extra time, to be @safe. @>> reporter: yes and good @morning for all of you. @we start here. @we have reports of a car into a @ditch 480 westbound as you are @approaching state. @we are not seeing it in here so @i'm going to call police to see @how we are dealing with that @one. @but no delays on the roads, and @that is the only crash that we @are seeing. @in fact we are seeing normal @drive times pretty much @throughout the region. @a little bit of slow traffic @there, 77 north approaching the @turnpike. @here a picture on 77 at the @turnpike where everyone is
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@in fact the drive time between @the turnpike and 480 remains 9 @minutes. @don't forget the turnpike, @there is a travel ban between @vehicles. @i tweeted it on the and posted @it on facebook. @back to you. @ governor john kasich is @taking a break from campaigning @in louisiana and mississippi @republican presidential @hopefuls had set to face off in @houston, texas tonight for the @tenth time. @kasich is currently trailing @front runner donald trump and @marco rubio and ted cruz. @he is trying to dispel rumors @that he is dropping out of the @race. @ this morning investigators @are looking into what caused a @fire in shaker heights. @it happened at a home near @fenway road just after 1:00 @yesterday.
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@bring the fire under control. @no energize are reported. @ former browns player reggie @rutger giving up his right to @appeal several charges against @him. @rutger pleaded guilty to wire @fraud and giving false @statements. @he is accused of taking money @from charities he ran because @of gambling debt. @he is out on bond until his @sentencing in may. @a judge may sentence him 27 @months in prison and to pay up @to $150,000 in restitution. @ two other cleveland browns @are pleading not guilty. @brian and saunders were pulled @christmas day. @possession. @saunders, who is no longer with @the team, was indicted for @improper handling of a weapon. @they are set to return to court @next tuesday. @former browns player and judge @dick ambrose is assigned to the @case. @ people in the southeast and
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@that the worst is over for @severe weather. @several severe thunderstorms, @which spawned tornadoes, @destroyed homes and knocked out @power to thousands. @three people died in virginia @when a suspected tornado tore @through the town of waverley. @severe thunderstorms made their @way up the east coast, leaving @a path of destruction all the @way from louisiana to @pennsylvania. @ lawmakers in iowa passed a @bill that would allow kids to @handle handguns. @children would be allowed to @possess a pistol revolver or @the ammunition with parental @supervision. @opponents argue the bill would @unnecessarily arm children. @ police say a kentucky man @is inn trouble if a bad prank @he tried to pull on his @girlfriend. @a staged murder. @police say they were called by @his frantic girlfriend, who @believed her boyfriend was @stabbed with a thief.
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@on the walls and kicked in her @door. @police a when they arrived, @they found the fake victim, @david herrera jiminez had an @active warrant for failure to @appear in court. @he is now facing deportation to @mexico. @>> how romantic. @ how about that. @ i have a question for you. @what will be higher the @temperature in goodyear, @arizona today or the indians @win total this year? @it is going to be 88 there. @ see why local entrepreneurs @came together last night to @help celebrate success in ohio
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@ @ we continue to track a snow @filled thursday. @over an inch of rain yesterday @at hopkins. @today we are going to have @several inches of snow by the @time this is all through. @we are going to tell you @exactly how much lena, break it @down hour by minnesota power.
5:42 am
@extra time on the commute @today. @ thanks holly. @ well lifestyle landscaping @is hosting a job fair this @afternoon at their north @ridgeville location. @the event is from 3:00 to 6:00 @p.m. @open positions include @landscape crew leader, garden @maintenance crew leader and @interviewees will meet with @current employees and interview @with management. @ we continue to see the @possible. @local entrepreneurs @participated in accelerate 2016 @last night. @it is an event in which people @pitch their innovative ideas to @help transform northeast ohio. @the it came from educating for @tomorrow and quality of life @and transformative arts and @culture. @then organizers say it is a @great way to get fresh ideas @from people who live here. @>> if this is where we live, @this is where we work, this is @our home, and we are all proud @it have. @we want to give back to @communities where we are.
5:43 am
@to find a way to bring great @ideas to the forefront and find @ways we can expose them and @then also get them to move @forward. @>> the winning idea came from @benjamin cole, a teacher who @won a prize of $5000. @congratulations. @ in sports after using the @word fatigue earlier in the @week lebron played only 30 @minutes last night against the @hornets. @that is enough. @irving 23 points, six rebounds, @5 assists. @lebron had 23 points. @but lebron has got to take @nights and minutes off as we @get ready for the post season, @because that is what really @matters. @more than enough though they @beat charlotte. @cavs leave the raptors by three @games in the east and they'll @meet tomorrow night in toronto. @ the indians could be in the @most competitive division in @all of baseball. @this is going to be a fight
5:44 am
@the indians may need a good @start, middle and finish to win @it this year. @channel 3's dave children now @and i is in arizona where the @hopes are high. @>> reporter: good morning from @arizona as it is another @beautiful day for the indians @as they get set for another @practice. @when looking forward to the @season, i'm optimistic. @i have high expect tation for @this team, but i have some @concerns as well. @one is the division in which @they play in. @last season the indians were 32 @and 43 against the al central. @the tigers have owned them in @the terry francona area. @>> there is not a place to take @a deep breath because if you @do, you are going to pay for @it. @kansas city obviously set the @standard the last couple of @years. @detroit is detroit, they are @good and they've got good @additions. @minnesota really, really played @well and they are young so they
5:45 am
@i thought chicago continues to @have good signs. @>> it is tough. @it is a tough division. @but i think this is a new year, @we are a new team. @and i think you know, we've got @guys with one more year of @experience at this level. @>> the more we can have success @and play individual games, i @think it will allow for better @results in the end. @>> reporter: our indians @coverage is far from complete @tonight at 7:00, it is our @special talking tribe. @jim donovan hosting from the @studio, i'm live here in @arizona. @i go one-on-one with jason, @francisco lind deer and terry @francona. @that is it for me from @goodyear. @back to you in cleveland. @ a fun show and season. @single game tickets go on sale @monday at 10:00 a.m. @hogly and greg.
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@>> we were talking about that @lovely weather. @>> perfect. @>> better by the weekend. @we should mention we have a few @delays coming in. @ these are mainly west. @because the snow there was @falling earlier. @>> do keep in mind, i think we @might see a combination of @delays and closings this @morning the way this is all @going down. @greg is going to look at @specifics with totals and @things, we are tweaking kind of @as we go. @you all know how a snow @forecast works. @winter weather advisories in @place and snowy travel is @expected throughout the day. @a general 2 to 4 inches for @most of you, but greg is going @to expand on that in just a @moment. @we'll hover in the low 30s @through midday and drop into @the upper 20s for this evening. @snow this morning, this @afternoon and into your evening @commute. @and you can see that the @intensity has picked up if @several locations, areas west @where we are seeing school
5:47 am
@snow has been heavy from @sandusky into lorraine county @and persistent now for the past @couple of hours. @as we get into cuyahoga county, @it is much more scattered. @but we are seeing it west ask @east suburbs at this point and @pretty light. @the thing is, it is going to @continue through the day, and @the plan is with these winter @weather advisories going @through 7:00 tonight with the @snow becoming lake enhanced, @the potential for what could be @heavier amounts. @>> reporter: especially the @banding off the east side here, @coming off the lake. @look at the current radar. @may be seeing some banding @setting up here in cuyahoga @county. @the higher elevations too, @where the temperatures are a @little bit cool. @that is a big factor with the @storm system today. @the wider band shows additional @heavier amounts coming in this @morning. @that is part of the banding @coming in off the lake. @here is the general snowfall @around the region. @i think overall, we are in that
5:48 am
@places like mansfield, @worcester, nor walk, even @toward even downtown in the @west side of cleveland. @but you get closer in on the @primary snowbelt and you see @these are elevations the model @is picking up here. @that is where you are going to @see the 3 to 6-inch amounts, @places like burton and the 271 @corridor euclid and beachwood @toward 480 and even the @southern portions of cuyahoga @county toward independence you @could see lightly higher @amounts. @snow all day today, 2 to 4 @inches with the primary @snowbelt east especially, @seeing maybe some amounts @approaching 4, 5 or 6 inches. @and holly, this is going to be @another heavy, very wet snow @too. @>> similar to the one we had @not too long ago. @that is going to mean you just @taking extra patience and time @as you are commuting through @the day today.
5:49 am
@might want to reschedule or @make sure you are allowing for @extra time getting the kids in @school and things like that @too. @30s is what we are seeing for @highs, we are hovering in the @low 30 range here through a lot @of this morning and afternoon, @before we see it drop. @temperatures will fall, snow @will continue. @tomorrow will be colder but @generally quieter. @maybe a few left over lake- @effect snow showers but not a @big deal. @we are in the upper 20s. @and then the warmer weekend. @look at that. @saturday 43, breezy. @50s on sunday. @looks like a really nice trend, @and it will be very well- @deserved after the busy middle @of the week forecast. @ you have to look at your tv @right now. @because joey is taking over. @how cute is joey? @he just turned one, and he @loves to play out in the snow. @you see the snowflakes all over @him there? @he chases the squirrels and the @birds. @sean and april from cuyahoga @falls sent this picture in.
5:50 am
@>> he is a cutety pie. @ by the -- a cute one. @ matt granite? @>> reporter: mine is not @heated. @after the break. @we are saving you money. @ we already have an accident @reported. @i 480 westbound at state road. @just spoke to cleveland police, @they are responding to a car in @a ditch. @roads are slick out there so @please be careful. @coming up, we'll check in on @the drive times for you. @we'll be right back, after
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
@ @ blustery, snowy conditions. @this is live downtown @cleveland. @not necessarily too snowy @downtown but some areas yes. @and snow will be picking up @of northeast ohio, impacting
5:54 am
@afternoon into tonight. @we have live team coverage, @guys. @ he was bundled up. @here he is. @>> this is nice. @>> reporter: this is not just @an electric blanket or heated @blanket. @first of all it is soft, it is @luscious, it is an energy @saver. @i just turned it on 10 seconds @ago. @we'll see what happens at the @end of the segment. @>> oh i feel it. @>> it is good though. @>> it is not to the edges yet. @>> reporter: you just wait. @so many of us are reaching for @our thermostat on days like @today for two reasons. @you are not warm enough on the @couch or you are not warm @enough in bed. @so you crank up the thermostat @another degree or two and you @are overheating all of these @unoccupied rooms in your home. @the key? @this pre sheet bed warmer. @take a look. @oh they are touching it.
5:55 am
@economically and efficiently @will warm all of your sheets @before bedtime. @highest safety rating, 10 @temperature controls. @top rated, and look at the user @reviews on your screen. @no one is ever happy but this @is pretty darn close. @51% off, 44 bucks down from @$90. @i tested 15 different blankets @and this one from sun beam was @my favorite pick. @do you start to feel the warmth @here? @>> yeah i do and i want to pet @it. @>> reporter: so many heated @blankets are not soft, they are @rigid. @and all of cheap ones are @complete fire hazards. @so it was really difficult to @find one that looked good that @felt good that heated well and @that preheat feature. @oh my goodness. @>> i do worry about spilling my @hot chocolate on the blanket. @>> you drink hot chocolate in @bed? @>> what if you are on the @couch? @>> actually i have a throw that @is the color of hot chocolate.
5:56 am
@in the kitchen you know with @the hot chocolate? @>> oh, no, we are going to let @you go. @>> i meant, don't allow food in @the tv room. @we stay in the kitchen with it. @>> i violated the rules i set @ speaking of kids? @>> reporter: yes, it is hard to @call these amazing students @kids. @these young adults taught me @more than i ever expected just @through their amazing @questions. @i went yesterday to speak at @these amazing feeder sessions. @trying to educate kids atkinson @high school on journalism. @kids interested in getting into @media. @amazing students. @i can't say enough good things @about there school. @our future if it is any
5:57 am
@yesterday, very bright. @>> younger, cheaper. @>> maybe not. @ good morning. @>> great school district. @>> so far you are not delayed @or closed. @but we do have some delays @coming in west. @a lot out of huron and erie @county. @so pay close attention. @temperatures in the 30s with @snowy weather expected through @the day. @2 to 4 inches for most of you. @greg and i have coverage as far @as when this is all going to @wind down, and we will track
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
@ @ crews are on the roads and @the snow starts mixing in with @the rain and we are going to @see accumulations today. @>> it is all going to make for @a tricky morning, afternoon and @evening commute. @as you get ready to head out @the door, we've got you @covered. @>> first let's start with @holly, who has been tracking @not only when it is coming, and @how much we are going to get. @>> it is true.


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