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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  February 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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@ @ crews are on the roads and @the snow starts mixing in with @the rain and we are going to @see accumulations today. @>> it is all going to make for @a tricky morning, afternoon and @evening commute. @as you get ready to head out @the door, we've got you @covered. @>> first let's start with @holly, who has been tracking @not only when it is coming, and @how much we are going to get. @>> it is true.
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@we speak, and we are going to @be talking about this not only @for your morning drive, but @really important to note, @afternoon commutes, into this @evening, coming home from work, @getting the kids from school, @maybe up lunch plans, maybe you @rescheduling. @and this morning you better be @thinking about extra time as @you leave. @numerous delays at the into the @of your screen. @two hour delays is what we are @seeing mostly out of places @like huron county. @because it has been snowing in @huron and in erie, and it @continues to snow over toward @sandusky. @we are tracking snow west of @cleveland and through the west @and east suburbs, and this is @all going to continue to @intensify, as it becomes more @lake enhanced throughout the @course of the day. @but right now, strongsville, @parma, broadview heights, @independence, we are seeing @snow to the east too. @into shake and university, it @is snowing.
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@moment, but do plan accordingly @for slick spots, o dot has been @working hard but with heavier @bands at times it is going to @be tough. @>> reporter: this is i 480 at @state road. @good morning to all of you. @we had a car reported into a @ditch, and cleveland police @were responding to that, but @that is all cleared out i just @saw as i was walking over here @that they were able to get that @cleared out. @480 east and west between 237 @and jennings, normal drive @times 7 minutes east and 7 @minutes west, but remember, we @are all dealing with this snow @that is going to impact our @morning rush and the commute @throughout the day. @little slow traffic on 71 north @before the inner belt bridge, @now. @john and lena, i'm going to @keep my eyes on there to help @people be prepared as they hit @the road. @>> we need that. @because as we have been talking @the commute, no matter what @time your commute is today, it
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@>> tiffany tarpley joins us @live from independence. @>> reporter: we have been @showing you all morning what @they are doing on independence. @the driver getting ready to get @that salt into the truck. @that is what crews are doing @salting the roadways. @we also want to take you inside @the garage here, because this @is a team effort. @when you are talking about what @happens to make sure that these @trucks get out there on the @roads, and that they get out @safely, you are looking at @scott right now this morning, @he is working on the truck @inside here and he is working @on part of the engine. @so you know, just like with any @other vehicles, you are going @to have trouble with some of @these trucks and they want to @make sure that things are going @well. @we have been telling you all @morning there are about 80 @trucks out there, 80 drivers in @cuyahoga, lake counties, all @throughout the area.
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@salting those roadways and @watching for changing @conditions. @now there are about 11 drivers, @11 crews here in independence. @specifically here in @independence. @and we told you earlier they @had to change their game plan @this time around because they @weren't able to pre treat the @roadways because of all that @snow. @at this point lena, it is about @getting the salt on the @roadways so the snow doesn't @immediately stick on your @drive. @>> and we appreciate scott and @thanks tiffany. @if you have travel plans, be @aware flights are being @canceled because of the storm. @the biggest problem area is @chicago o'hare. @nearly 1000 flights in and out @yesterday. @a few more are canceled today. @nearly all u.s. carriers have @put flexible rebooking policies @in place at last check. @be sure to check with your @airline. @ as the snow continues to @develop, we will be bringing
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@don't forget, when you are away @from your tv, you can count on @and travel conditions. @ cleveland police say a @teenager shot at two police @officers sitting in a cruiser. @this happened right outside the @fourth district police station @on capitol gains man road. @a police source says the 16- @year-old accidentally shot @himself in the leg while he was @trying to run away. @officers sitting in the parking @lot were able to catch the @teen. @they called an ambulance. @he is being treated at the @hospital and charges are @pending in morning. @ turning to politics, bernie @sanders makes a campaign stop @today. @he is scheduled to hold a rally @at the lou higgins recreation @center and is expected to talk @about making college more @affordable, economic security @and climate change. @entry is first come first @served and it begins at 10:30.
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@opens another official office @in northeast ohio ahead of the @march 15th primary. @the campaign along with local @democrats, held a party at the @new office at shaker square @last night. @the clinton campaign also has @west side headquarters in @lakewood. @ a former fugitive from ohio @who spent more than 50 years on @the run may win his freedom. @a parole hearing is set today @for frank freshwater as he was @arrested in florida in may @after escaping from a prison @farm in 1959. @he pleaded guilty to @manslaughter charges after a @deadly crash in akron. @the victim's family will @testify against his release, @citing he has lived free all @these years. @ in colorado, emergency room @visits related to marijuana use @are up.
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@legal. @are up 109%. @there is a push now to better @usage. @but health experts say those @personal responsibility. @ remember the police officer @from gainesville, florida who @made headlines for playing @kids. @after someone complained about @the noise the kids were making? @he is raising money to buy @basketball and his other gear @for the neighborhood kids. @>> wow. @that is fantastic. @ lena, it is 6:07. @specking of basketball, here we @go. @it was an incredible buzzer @beater right before halftime, @but the celebration ran into a @big problem. @biggest win enters biggest @losers, coming up next. @ plus we all know cyber
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@companies may not be as @prepared as we think they are @to protect our information. @ and if you are just waking @up, good morning. @snow is falling in a lot of @your neighborhoods. @we have alerts at the bottom of @the screen. @delays, mainly to the west is @what we are seeing at this @point. @ snow picking up throughout @this morning's commute, slick, @slushy conditions expected. @temperatures low 30s in most @spots, snowy, windy, upper 20s @by this evening. @and by this evening there will @be snow on the ground. @we'll keep you updated through
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@ @ a live look outside.
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@holly and greg are here for @team coverage, everyone in @northeast ohio is going to get @some of this. @ in the mean time a health @alert from miami university of @ohio the schooling is dealing @with an outbreak of norovirus. @>> the university says about @200 students have the highly @contagious virus and they have @sent out e-mails, they are @hanging posters across campus @urging citizens to take @precautions which include @frequent hand washing and @cleaning surfaces. @ a survey found half of @companies don't even have an @active plan to respond to cyber @incidents. @17% don't have any plan for @anything. @nothing. @despite cyber crime being @ranked in the top two types of @economic crimes that businesses @are worried about. @so they are worried about it, @but they are not doing anything @about it. @that is scary. @>> right. @they are self aware. @ so holly and greg have been
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@we already have some delays, @more in rural areas right? @>> @>> reporter: they are west. @huron, erie county tis. @that is where it -- erie @county. @the snow is going to be the @story all day long. @temperatures in the 30s at the @bus stop kids. @32 degrees at hopkins, make @sure you bundle up. @you need layers today. @here's the deal. @winter weather advisory, snowy @travel all day long. @just in, christie lane workshop @delay. @crest view local school delays, @most of these are delays. @low 30s through 9:00 and is @that correct a very gradual @evening. @one thing that is consistent is @the snowy, blustery weather
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@so this is not just a morning @thing. @you can see the snow, and what @is happening, they are becoming @lake enhanced as we get more of @that lake interaction. @the snows will become more @moderate to heavy in spots. @we are going to start to see it @add up. @always on top it have, doing a @fantastic job. @but when you can't keep up is @where we start to get into @problems. @so anticipate slowdowns before @you head out the door today. @as we do take a look, we have @numerous school delays. @you'll see around erie and @huron county that it continues @to snow, and it is much lighter @through cuyahoga county. @calling it decorative snowfall @on the west and east side. @still seeing it and you will @continue to notice that this @does intensify. @winter weather advisory at this @point through 7:00 this evening
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@hourly, this is 10:30 this @morning. @heavy snows off the lake. @as we think about getting the @kids from school it could be @intense. @>> especially on the lake right @off lake erie, filling in, @light snow here in much of @cuyahoga county. @starting to fall below @freezing, mansfield, that is @going to help this stick to @side roads this morning. @the darker blues out west @toward bellevue and london and @mansfield, those are pockets of @heavy snow and swinging back @around now into medinah, and @wayne county. @generally 1 to 3 inches of @snow. @i think that is what much of @you will wake up to. @some could see as much as 4. @but the higher elevations with @colder temperatures will see @higher amounts.
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@southern lake and ashtabula @county especially south of i-90 @may see higher amounts. @it is all about the temperature @in terms of accumulations. @if you slip closer to the upper @20s you'll likely see a little @bit more in the way of @snowfall. @that falls all day today, @generally 2 to 4. 3 to 6 east, @that is going to be a heavy, @wet snow holly. @that should stick to @everything, trees and power @lines too. @>> reporter: right greg and i @always appreciate hearing on @facebook twitter and instagram. @keep us updated on what is @happening in your neighborhood. @to recap, 2 to 4 inches in most @locations. @a gradual drop into the upper @20s and with windy weather @expected today obviously wind @chills will be an issue. @we are in the 20s for highs @tomorrow. @tomorrow is a much quieter day. @maybe a few left over snow @showers, a chilly friday and a
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@43 saturday, into the low 50s @sunday before more weather @moves in early next week. @6:16, let's check your drive. @ @ good morning to you and @welcome to your thursday. @as we look at this traffic map, @6:17, looking good on the @roads. @an incident state route 303 is @closed at the bypass because of @flooding. @those of you in the area, you @are used to this closure, it @typically closes when we see @heavy rain. @you can get around this taking @the 303 bypass. @and on cleveland's east side an @accident reported on wood hill @road at buckeye shaker @boulevard. @just use caution as you are @trying to get around it. @and slow traffic 71 north into @the inner belt bridge, but it @inner belt.
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@there, no delays really here. @back to you. @ 6:17. @time now for my biggest winners @and losers in sports. @biggest loser it is not the @player's fault. @he hit a great shot. @he was just trying to runoff @the court and celebrate but one @fan got in the way. @it happened at the baylor bears @right before the half against @kansas. @long pass, nails the 3-pointer @right at the buzzer. @great way to head to the locker @room. @fired up, teammates are fired @up. @one fan watch this tries to get @in the way and gets body @slammed to the floor. @no one is hurt. @but the big guy took a tumble. @here it is again. @that is one powerful chest @bump. @gathers is a good basketball @player but the size of a @linebacker. @he is 6'8". @you don't want to get in his @way or you are hitting the @floor.
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@from parma. @the flyers will play for the @championship after a dramatic 3- @2 win last saturday triple @overtime. @that is a long game for these 9 @and 10-year-olds. @all that pressure but they @broke through. @congratulations to the parma @flyers, my thanks to marcie for @sending in the picture. @that is a winning hockey team @right there. @>> chest bumps all around. @>> good luck to all the teams @at all the levels playing for @hockey championships this @weekend in the cleveland @suburban hockey league. @all games at strongsville @saturday. @it is fun to watch. @if you want to support local @hockey, this is a great way to @do it. @meanwhile send me the pictures @of champions and allstars. @e-mail them or tweet them to @me. @youth hockey is doing @remarkable stuff here in the @cleveland area you see the @teams playing saturday. @>> chest bumps.
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@>> maybe not at this @tournament. @ taxing the internet has now @been banned. @your wallet.
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@ @ a live look at the weather @coming down in downtown @cleveland. @holly and greg are tracking @heavy wet snow. @everyone is going to see some @of this, in northeast ohio @today. @they will be along to talk @about accumulations, coming up. @ there is some good news @tied to your internet and it is @the new legislation that @ultimately saves us money. @>> reporter: earlier this week @we showed you retailers
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@today that could extend to your @internet. @president obama just signed a @new piece of legislation that @makes it illegal for companies @to collect sales tax on @internet services, as well as @dsl access. @the legislation, which @unfortunately does not resolve @the hotly contested issue for @the taxes for all my purposes @debated in ohio, collecting tax @from amazon, this is a separate @issue. @this protects your internet as @a utility. @the utility is a very important @thing to look at. @take a look at the wins from @the situation. @we get uniformity, are that @means this state as well as all @the other ones will be under @the same legislation which is @great. @this offers consumer protection @and thirdly, this is an example
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@involvement when it comes to @the internet. @controversy between the @government and back door @policies, and you don't usually @like the government and @technology to come together @when it comes to our rights. @but this is get because @government has now said the @internet is a right. @it is not a luxury, it is not @your television, this is not @anything other than a right. @and we regulate a right and you @keep it uniform and don't tax. @i think that is positive. @just my personal opinion. @>> a sprite in many cases a @necessity. @trying to get weather @information too. @ sandy on instagram the back @thing says you have the best in @all capital letters deals @anywhere. @>> i love you sandy. @still in stock by the way. @>> it is. @>> @>> matt you do and you are the @best. @>> reporter: thank you. @>> he has a deal today that @coincides with the weather we @are dealing with.
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@getting colder. @we are planning on commutes @being snow filled through the @day. @alerts on the bottom of the @screen and we are seeing @numerous delays, so make sure @you are paying attention. @a lot of this is two hour @delays today. @the plan is going to be for @snowy, blustery weather. @into the afternoon and evening @with a gradual temperature drop @into the upper 20s. @as we take a look at what is @happening here on radar @locally, you can see the snows @are becoming a bit more intense @in spots, and definitely more @enhanced. @we have you covered. @ right now, weather out your @window time and this picture is @from mary lou in kent. @we are calling it deer friends. @thank you so much mary lou.
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@ @ we got a tweet in from @lakewood, where a dusting is @now on the ground. @so it really varies from wet @roads to just you know, small @amounts right now. @but snows are picking up and @that is the plan. @you know, everything has kind @of come together exactly as we
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@and we are tracking what is @going to end up being moderate @to heavy snow at times through @the day. @more lake enhanced snow showers @starting to happen, and real @consistent to the west. @we have numerous delays on eye @alert this morning. @huron and erie county, most of @these are two hour delays so @you are just backed up a little @bit. @a closer view here, the snow @has been quite moderate. @we are seeing rain in cuyahoga @county, west and east suburbs @continue to get hit with mainly @light snow. @but it has been pretty @persistent. @we are planning on it not only @this morning but through the @afternoon and into the evening @drive. @so it is just kind of plan in @your head for today it is going @to be slower travel, tricky at @times. @moderate to heavy snow, even @though roads have been treated, @it is hard to keep up. @a graduate fall into the upper
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@keeping a very great eye on the @roads. @what is the latest. @>> reporter: we have a few @small incidents this he @morning. @i posted them, but they are not @really impacting your commute. @i wanted to look at where we @may see slowdowns, we are @looking good to the south, all @green. @if you see the snow on the @weather and traffic map paired @towing, we like to look outside @to see what you can expect. @71 at 76, roads look good here. @give yourself extra time as the @snow moves in. @looking good to the newport, @slow traffic 71 north before @the inner belt bridge. @broadway. @snow. @so you may have low visibility, @great. @john and lena, no problems so @far. @ and i think part of that is @because the crews have been out
6:33 am
@a jump start on this. @>> that's right. @tiffany tarpley live to show us @what happens behind the scenes. @wow, look at that stuff coming @down. @>> @>> reporter: it is coming down. @very consistent snowfall here. @the last half hour we took you @inside and showed you two @mechanics who work here to make @sure the trucks are moving @well. @now we are back outside, and @there is a lull out here. @i mean, pretty much throughout @the entire morning we have seen @trucks coming in and out, @going out. @salt on the roadways right now, @there is a bit of a lull. @that means they are out there, @really doing their job, salting @those roadways this morning. @the past. @it gives you an idea of what @the crews are going to have to @the day. @one thing they really talked @about was earlier, when it was @a bit warmer out, they had to
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@bridges of course because that @is what would freeze first. @so now it is all about salting @all the roadways and watching @for changing conditions and @we'll be here with you all @morning long. @lena? @>> reporter: remember your @school delays, right now we @have a few of them, scrolling @at the bottom of your screen. @you can keep track of any @potential school closings and @delays with an incident alert @system. @sign up for text alerts at @ democratic presidential @candidate bernie sanders will @hold a rally at baldwin wallace @this morning as he and hillary @clinton continue to battle for @the nomination. @>> let's check in will live @where the event will be held. @they are starting to focus on @the march states now. @>> reporter: south carolina @votes here in a couple of days. @right now hillary clinton leads @most of those polls down there @by a sizable margin.
6:35 am
@to the march states. @and sanders has doesn't just @that all week long, been in @massachusetts, been in @oklahoma, in virginia. @he has also been in missouri as @well. @now he is going to the buckeye @state here this morning, honing @the buckeye state will feel the @burn. @the rally here at the rec @center stores open 7:00 a.m., @rally set at 10:30. @sanders expected to talk about @affordable college, getting @money out of politics, climate @change, hitting the u.s. @economy hard, that has been his @big talking point since the @beginning. @right now the two democratic @candidates are deadlocked @according to a recent poll. @sanders 45, clinton 44, 11% @undecided. @in a hypothetical match up @sanders would beat trump but @lose to ohio governor john @kasich. @clinton would tie trump but @lose to kasich by a more
6:36 am
@so everything is shifting into @march, ohio getting more @focused. @it is a tight race right now @according to the poll. @>> very interesting numbers @there. @will thank you. @ the republican hope feels @face off in houston tonight for @their tenth debate. @coming off his win in never @never front runner donald trump @hopes to build on his lead. @they will join cnn and john @kasich and dr. ben carson will @also be a part of it. @ lawmakers in the iowa state @house passed a bill that would @allow kids to handle handguns. @children would be allowed to @possess a pistol revolver or @the ammunition with parental @supervision.
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@receive that sweater you order @online the same day? @ups looking to get goods to @consumers faster. @they are investing in a same @day delivery company that works @with retailers. @it has not specified how much @ups has invested, but says the @investment will help broaden @the same day delivery market. @>> already expedited delivery @costs a lot. @>> soon you can order and a @hand will come out of the @computer and just hand you a @product. @>> that would be awesome. @>> until then it you want free @shipping we have matt granite @all the time. @>> reporter: i have been beta @testing one hour delivery. @it does exist. @it is amazing. @perhaps more about that @tomorrow today though, we warm @you up, we cut your energy @costs and holly, i think it is @a good day for us to join @forces. @>> yes, it is a perfect cozy @forecast for your deal. @that is coming up, along with @the forecast. @in detail.
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@lot of you, if you are just @waking up, that is what is @falling out your window, in @your neighborhood. @and it is going to be @accumulating throughout the @course of this thursday. @team coverage. @greg and i have you covered @through the day. @numerous delays on eye alerts @this morning because of the @snowy weather.
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@ @ snow coming down in berea, @heavy, wet stuff falling. @hogly and greg have been @talking -- holly and greg have @been talking about sexual @inches. @ now to the stories trending @online. @the heads of the largest social @media sites are the latest to @be threatened by isis. @>> a new propaganda video was @released. @photos of mark zuckerberg and @twitter ceo jack dorsey several
6:42 am
@in response by the sites to @stop terrorist activity. @the group claims to have hacked @more than 10,000 facebook @accounts and more than 5000 on @twitter. @this is not the only recent @threat against dorsey. @twitter was attacked a few @weeks ago after they suspended @accounts that showed support @for terrorist acts. @ adele picked up four @trophies, including one for @best album. @after winning best female @award, adele spoke out and @pledged her support for kesha, @who has been in a legal battle @with her producer dr. luke. @adele is joining lady gaga and @taylor swift who have come out @in support of kesha. @ jetblue offering a special @promotion to 150 passengers. @they could get a free round @trip ticket, but only if @everyone could decide on a @single destination. @they had to make it before
6:43 am
@boston land in phoenix, so @there was a little lobbying. @you see celebrating there? @yes all the passengers voted @for costa rica, proving that @sometimes americans really can @agree on something. @how about that? @>> nice social experiment. @ all right matt granite. @save us some money, happy to. @far beyond just a heated @blanket today, there are two @reasons why most of us reach @for the thermostat generally on @days like today. @you are either cold, sitting on @the couch, or you are cold in @bed. @and before you reach for the @thermostat to start heating all @these unoccupied rooms in your @home, this thing, i'm telling @you, is oh, heaven sent. @take a look. @this is just not your typical @heated blanket. @it has this preheat feature @where you can warm your entire @bed or couch before you get
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@product. @the price, under 44 bucks. @hands down the most energy @is. @and one of the things i hate @about electric blankets, they @are not particularly soft. @you have handled the goods @>> so soft. @just want to snuggle up, in @this weather. @>> especially in this studio. @>> i'm surprised you got it @back. @ let's talk about this @weather. @here we go, another douse of @winter. @>> right. @>> of course. @>> so we are back and forth @again. @kids heading out to the bus @stop. @delay, but mainly west. @we are seeing a lot of delays, @so please pay attention. @these aren't necessarily @closings. @ at the bus stop,
6:45 am
@just got a tweet from linda, @says just a dust omega @healthcare grassy surfaces. @roads are still okay. @ we have the winter weather @advisory in place. @snow travels to plan through @the day. @although right now a lot of you @are reporting conditions that @are favorable for travel, with @a 2 to 4-inch in general snow, @slowdowns. @and get more in-depth with @those totals with greg this @morning. @we have a snowy, blustery day @ahead of us. @temperatures will be kind of @steady in the low 30 range @through midday and gradually in @the upper 20s. @with the winds today, it is @going to feel colder. @you can see the snow coming @down, more moderate to the @west. @where numerous delays are @coming out of this morning, @toward sandusky and into nor @walk. @as we get closer in here, @you'll see where we see more @intense purplish shades, that @is where the snow is heavier
6:46 am
@cuyahoga county you are @matching up with that, saying @it is pretty as it falls and @not doing a whole lot yet. @winter weather advisory through @7:00 tonight, cleveland @included in that. @as we look at future view and @track hour by hour, this is a @fast forward to 11:00 a.m. @so wow, we have a decent band @showing up, snowbelt areas @into the afternoon. @maybe any plans you may have, @and also coming home from work, @this is 4:00 this evening and @we are still showing some @heavier snow. @things do become more scattered @as we head into tonight. @by 7:00 it looks a little @quieter. @the heavier band could be a @concern for later on today. @>> it could holly. @especially looking into the @future view, showing @temperatures in the upper 20s @by then. @that is going to help the snow @stick, especially to side @roads. @and this morning the @temperatures are really telling
6:47 am
@it is accumulating the most. @so places like mansfield, you @are below freezing. @akron canton, more freezing @there than places downtown. @it is mainly a light snow, @beachwood toward north field @and brunswick. @the heavier band showing up to @the west, huron, erie county, @moving into lorraine county on @the turnpike and down 90. @so generally, you see where the @heavier snow will set up west @and along the lake toward @ashtabula. @this is indicating lake @enhancement and you really @start to see the heavier @snowfall in the higher @elevations, the east side of @cleveland, 271 and 480, @beachwood toward lind hurst, @mayfield heights, and then to @the east of course, from burton
6:48 am
@even northern summit toward @cuyahoga falls, could see @isolated spots with heavier @mounds. @could see a heavier amount of @snow approaching 4 to 5 inches. @3 to 6 inches in the snow belts @east and it will be a heavy, @wet snow, so holly this is the @kind of snow that is difficult @to shovel and sticks to just @about everything and i'm sure @you will be sending pictures @in. @thanks so much. @and to recap, in general the 2 @to 4-inch accumulation is the @plan. @temperatures 30s for highs. @it will be getting colder @later. @and your window nation 7-day @forecast, as fast as this is @all happening, we go from @today's weather to a much @quieter friday. @it will be much colder @tomorrow, with highs only in @the 20s, and we are planning on @plain a little left over lake- @effect snow showers. @it is going to be very @isolated, like i said, @uneventful. @then it warms up. @weekend 43 degrees, breezy.
6:49 am
@and we see it melt away again. @ and the sheepdog on dog @gone weather. @the snowy sheepdog right? @she goes outside according to @jeff and michelle. @this is how sam takes control @of her emotions. @>> i don't blame you sam. @stay out there if a long time. @i believe sam is part husky as @well. @ after the break your @morning rush. @ let's check in with tiffany @out there in this stuff too. @>> reporter: it is a busy @morning, coming up i'll let you @know how many drivers are out @clearing the roads for your
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@ @ time for towed's hot @stories -- today's hot stories @coming up. @ we'll hear from tiffany in @just a moment. @but first, here you take a live @picture of the snow coming @down. @here are the other stop stories @we are following for you this @morning. @we have learned two police @officers were injured in a hit @and run crash last night. @we are told a driver crashed @into their cruiser with a @stolen van. @the driver took off, but was @later arrested. @two officers were treated and @released from the hospital. @ overnight cleveland police
6:53 am
@police officers sit in a @cruiser with its lights on. @this happened right outside the @police station oceans man. @the 16-year-old accidentally @shot himself in the leg while @he tried to run away. @officers caught up with the @teen, charges are pending this @morning. @ south carolina will be @voting in a few days, but all @focus has now shifted to march @and that includes ohio. @bernie sanders holding a rally @here this morning at the rec @center at 10:30. @he is expected to talk about @affordable college, climate @change and the economy. @no ticket needed, admission @first come first served. @a poll shows sanders and @clinton in a dead heat in the @state, and also in the poll, @who would you rather have a @beer with? @donald trump leads all
6:54 am
@second at 32. @at the bottom of the barrel ted @cruz. @ the republican presidential @hopefuls are in houston tonight @for the tenth debate. @kasich is trailing donald trump @marco rubio and ted cruz. @ we are at the yard at @independence. @drivers are filling up their @trucks this morning with all of @the salt. @throughout the entire area, we @are talking about cuyahoga @county, they are about 80 @trucks out. @they have been working for 12 @hours getting ready for this @snowfall. @we told you earlier they within @able to pre treat the roadways @because of all the rain, so @right now it is really all @about getting the salt down. @ we can tell that they have @been out, because we have not @too many problems out on the
6:55 am
@two incidents, route 303 bypass @closed because of flooding. @you can take the bypass to get @around that. @ and on the east side an @accident shaker boulevard @atwood hill, but no road @closures because of that so use @caution. @ and then in downtown @cleveland slowing on 71 north, @77 north, 490 east near @downtown, about a 3 to 5 minute @delay. @ you know what, you all use @your common sense. @you know how to deal with this @snow. @we are rough tough stuff here @in northeast ohio. @we can get through a 2 to 4- @inch snowfall today. @travel will be slower for @obvious reasons, just make sure @you are allowing plenty of @time. @as you look ahead, we are @planning on colder weather @tomorrow, warmer weather for @the weekend. @ matt's bonus deal of the @day. @>> reporter: $10 tommy hilfiger @and ralph lauren pillows.
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@just tweeted the link. @tomorrow we fight the flu with @being frugal. @ we are going to be with you @throughout the "today" show. @they have hugh jackman on the @"today" show. @ we'll see you in a few.
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good morning. breaking overnight, fierce storms move up the east coast after slamming the south. >> took my truck up in the air and glass is coming in. >> a new round of tornadoes killing at least four people in virginia. heavy rain and high winds knock out power across the northeast and in the midwest a crippling blizzard. mitt romney jumps into the presidential fray taking on donald trump. >> i think we have good reason to believe that there is a bombshell in donald trump's taxes. >> trump insist tlg is nothing there.


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