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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  February 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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@get through friday morning and @what is left of this lake @effect, things will smooth out @with some nice surprises coming @our way for will take a look at that and @our other snow chances on the @horizon. @ out of lorain @county, residents are on a high @alert after four different @adduction@attempts, the first one at @about 3 am in the morning, and @we are inthe police @and fbi search for the person @behind the abductions.. @>> reporter: the police and fbi ing door-to-door, @and this illyria neighborhood, @trying to get any information @they can. short hours after @the first attempt, three more
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@lorain.>> reporter: s remained on lockdown @until the end of the day, and @there was a strong -- strong @police presence in the orhoods, and @until the suspect @their kids will not be alone. @>> we will pick them up every @day and take them to school @every day. @it is bad out here.>> reporter: under @the age of 13, and the first @attempt happened at 6 am and @the suspect grabbed a young @girl, punching her and ighbors heard the young girl @scream and saw the suspect @running. @13 minutes later the suspect @expose young @girl and followed her before @running away. @26 minutes later he grabbed @another female child from team and @oakdale. @the description on the wall in @the police
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@build wearing black clothes and @possibly a ski mask. arents @to watch their kids and @encourage them to walking @groups. @>> someone is mobile like this, h to approach the @children in broad daylight, and @do the things that he is doing, @he is very dangerous. @>> reporter: the lorain police @are pretty certain that one @suspect is responsible for @these three attempted @abductions, but what we don't @know is if this could be @related to the case in illyria. it is very easy and tempting @to try to link these cases, but @at this point there's no n that what @happened in the rain is the @first and same person that a. @nevertheless we spoke with the @father of the little girl that @was the victim of amanda tried
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@morning, and to @what happened in the rain, and @they want to ensure this @predator does not strike again. @>> she started screaming e is in my window pulling @my leg. @>> reporter: just imagine, one @moment you're fast asleep, and @the chasing @down the man that broke into @your daughter's bedroom, and @that is what happened early @this morning to this father in @illyria.the man caught. @a white male in his 30s, brown @eyes and possible acne scars, @and he is a medium build, and @he allegedly @old to cooperate so that no one @got hurt. @raymond said that he tried to @catch them but he got away, and @he insist that the doors and @windows were locked, and he has @no idea who could've done this, @and for now, his daughter will @stay with him, safe in his @room. @>> that is where she slept.
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@this is the worst feeling in @the world hearing your daughter @screaming at you at 3 am the @morning saying that somebody is @trying to pull her out of her @bed.>> reporter: the family has @never had any trouble, and the @little brother was not affected @by any of this last night. @>> how is the little girl doing @tonight? @>> reporter: i spoke off-camera, @but the family does not want @her to be identified, and at @this point they are just trying @to put this behind them and to @get back to normal, and i @understand she went to school @today. @but as you heard the father @say, she will not be sleeping @in her bedroom again anytime @soon. heartbreaking news to @tell you about, dallas police @taking the case against johnny @manziel to the grand jury to @decide whether the browns @quarterback will be charged the @class a misdemeanor, stemming @from the january incident where
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@assaulted her. @ they know that the rich are @getting richer and everybody @else is getting poor. @the issue is to we have the @courage to tell the billionaire @class that they cannot have it @all, that this country belongs @to all of us, not just a few. @>> bernie sanders made a stop @in northeast ohio, the first @presidential candidate to make @a trip to northeast ohio in @this primary season.>> reporter: @tom barrett spoke with him one- @on-one. @>> reporter: the bernie sanders @campaign has far exceeded @expectations, he has 11, lost @one and virtually tied one. @the new polls are suggesting @that ohio could be the tossup @between him and hillary @clinton, and that he will fare
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@he says he likes his chances.>> @the middle of the road and bold @ideas. @>> i think virtually everything @that i'm talking about is @mainstream. @president obama as lost the @reality for the american @society, and we are fighting @for something that works for @all and not just the 1%.>> @reporter: justice system reform, @and the key sanders issues. @>> this is a situation where @people are shocked. @all i will say is that the @police facilities cannot break @the law and date must be held @accountable.>> reporter: he is @cracked to seeing -- promising @so much, healthcare for all. @>> this is just not realistic @or doable. @>> it belongs to the power of @the drug companies, and the @insurance companies. @>> reporter: and some college
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@interest at lower interest loan @plans and support for serious @change. @the local political strategist @run the ohio campaign. @>> the fact that bernie sanders @has chosen to come to ohio just @before super tuesday because @you how important ohio is. @>> reporter: a possible trump @and sanders match. @>> you would be a very wealthy @person.>> reporter: and like @most campaign countries, @looking at the politics. @>> who cares about this, it's a @soap opera.>> reporter: the @polls show him tied with @hillary clinton in ohio, and @doing better against donald @trump.>> all over this country @we have a lot of momentum, and @something is going on. @people are feeling the burn. @>> reporter: loss of backers
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@by phone. @>> it would be my guess that @hillary clinton would be more @likely to get the ohio @democrats behind her because @she has lots of support and a @lot of collective officials @behind her. @bernie sanders depends -- plans @on giving her battle.>> another @debate. @>> everything is bigger in @texas, and we expect a big @battle tonight, big stakes in @the last debate before super @tuesday. @with jeb bush gone, expecting @more time for other candidates, @john casey convincing and will @stay in. @marco rubio is expected to go @after donald trump, big deals. @ and you can read your @engines up for the cleveland @auto show, and we will give you
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@rolling into town. @and you will see some of the @2016 top luxury cars, and you @could win a vehicle of your @own. @the show opens tomorrow night @at 5 pm, and we will give you a @behind-the-scenes look tomorrow @night. @ people would say to meet @your the only one. @>> making room for women by @breaking the glass ceilings and @doing it in her home town. @ we will return after the
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@ @ channel 3 is welcome the @2016 rock 'n roll inductees. @ @ good afternoon, targeting @trum, and it -- critical time,
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@and marco rubio can derail @donald trump. @ we will tell you what the @parents can do, that in more
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@ @ every thursday on wkyc we
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@inspire us, and these are women @that see the possible and make @it happen. @this week we are bringing laura @thompson into the circle. @>> people will say to me, but @lower you are the only woman in @the room. @and i say that i am in the @room.>> reporter: laura @thompson feels comfortable on @this from, the goodyear cheap @wine and shall officer. @>> i am proud of where you are @sitting right now, this @building and this campus, a @great thing for goodyear, and a @great thing for our @community.>> reporter: thompson @was breaking glass ceilings, @and building glass walls, and @cementing a space for women in @the next century, goodyear, the @second generation family @business. @>> my father mentioned to me @that right here in our backyard
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@had endless opportunities. @of course, being 17 years old @and in college i thought he was @crazy. @but it turns out he was exactly @right.>> reporter: and at is @here now. @>> he would be usually proud to @be were here now.>> reporter: @what was your first job? @>> while i was going to the @university of akron to get my @degree, i hired on in the @mailroom, and i wanted to @understand how the company @really worked.>> reporter: and @32 years, just been focusing on @learning and finding new @experiences. @>> these experiences are very @uncomfortable at first, and you @have to whether through that @and stick it out, and know that @it is supposed to be @uncomfortable. @each day gets a little bit @better, and i think if you keep @doing that, really good things @can happen. @i never necessarily said i was @doing all of this because i @wanted to be this cfo. @>> reporter: what is most
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@>> first and foremost, my @family. @>> reporter: she met her @husband goodyear, and her @mother and mother-in-law help @her with the details for her @young son. @>> it is very important to me @that things get done. @sometimes i cannot be involved @in that, and that is okay. @>> reporter: and for a woman @that lives at work she says to @keep it simple. @>> don't be preoccupied with @this perfect mathematical @equation. @find out what is important to @you, and focus on that, and @that is what matters. @>> reporter: thank you to laura @and all of our good friends at @goodyear. @it was great to get inside the @see how she works. @>> on the mailroom to that @office, not bad at all. @coming full circle. @ betsy promised a surprise @earlier this evening.
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@>> the big prize is the @forecast, and through the @evening will will see @temperatures trending downward @from the 30s to the mid-20s, @and northwesterly winds will @remain on the gusting say, and @dissipating, moving northwest @to southeast of the area, and @we are seeing heavier snow @showers today, but all in all, @it did not add up to a lot. @we had ground temperatures that @were pretty warm, relatively @speaking, and slushy snow @falling. @this is south of mansfield, and @they got a slushy accumulation, @and we have the same thing @across the good part of the @area. @it has been on the brisk side @with that northwest wind across @the area, helping to move the @snow out, but triggering lake @effect later tonight. @the wind speed are anywhere from @15 to 25 miles an hour
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@35 miles an hour. @we are in the upper 20s and low @30s across the area, and by the @time the day starts tomorrow, @upper teens and low 20s. @and there is some lake-effect @going on to the north of us, @and that is sometimes a vision @of things to come. @it does not look like it will @be significant lake effect, but @could add another inch or so to @the areas to the east. @and we open up to some nice @territory to the west, and out @at the pacific, late sunday and @early monday snow chances. @this storm system will come @ashore, coming into the central @part of the country, and @eventually by late sunday and @early monday, a rain-snow @changeover likely to impact @your monday morning commute. @northwest winds and the lake @effect, temperatures by @midnight in the mid-20s, and @the wind chills down into the
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@start the day tomorrow. @that will get your attention as @you step out the door, but no @drama for your morning commute, @just lake effect snow showers @coming and going. @tomorrow we will break out into @some peaks of sunshine through @the day. @temperatures holding into the @upper 20s to around 30 degrees. @that is a bit of a shift, but @at least we will see some @sunshine. @we will see an increasing @clouds, and by saturday it @looks like things will be very @nice. @looking at the snow totals to @reiterate the idea that we are @not looking at a significant @amount of snow, most areas were @not even see an inch. @your forecast for tomorrow, @uppers 20s to around 30, and @what is left of the lake effect @will move out. @mostly cloudy and partly cloudy @and 41 for saturday. @your 7-day forecast looking @pretty nice, to the 50s on @sunday, and everybody deserves @a break.
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@morning snow and mix and it @could be an issue. @something to keep an eye on, @and probably late tuesday and @wednesday another round of @precipitation moving in. @>> a beautiful weekend. @>> the perfect setup for us, we @deal with the snow and then a @wonderful weekend. @ coming up, more details on @the johnny manziel situation in
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@ @ jim donovan, just today we @will get a better sense of the @of this. @>> it sounds like the police @are not going to do anything @right now, a different wave @coming out of dallas. @the dallas police have wrapped @up the investigation on the @johnny manziel case, and here's @what will happen. @the police will send the @assault investigation to the @grand jury, but they did say @there was not enough evidence @to charge manziel, and the @grand jury will decide whether @he gets indicted for a class a @misdemeanor assault. @in texas, it carries not more @than one year in the county jail @and/or a fine of not more than
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@and sasha ground the executive @vice president of football @operations has been very tough @on the manziel situation, @saying that he is gone from @cleveland come march at night @when they can cut him. @at the compound we have a guest @and here is saucy. @-- sashi. @>> we are not gonna comment on @johnny manziel because we want @to give him some privacy. @we have spent enough time @talking about that, and we need @to focus on moving forward and @i will let the statements speak @for themselves. @>> he is going to march 9, and @they are looking for new @quarterback. @and we had the quarterback from @the university of california @and at the combine they measure @every part of the quarterbacks @body, and everybody was shot @today saying that he has small @hands. @something he is saying that he @is constantly overcoming, and @he says he would love to play
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@met the browns yet, and i know @he is a great coach and a great @offense man and has done a lot @with the great quarterbacks. @i am excited to meet him and @get a chance to talk to him. @>> you notice he did not show us @his hands during that @interview. @ and the rafters are only @three games behind the @cavaliers for the best record @in the east, and green still @getting treatment for the sore @knee. @the cavaliers could be the team @that lands joe johnson, and the @mets in brooklyn have brought @out --.out the contract, and he @is a free agent, and at the top @of the wish list is to come to @the cleveland cavaliers.'s -- @and saturday, the teams can @contact him, and there are six @teams trying to get him to come @their way. the indians are @continuing to get set for the @league starting on tuesday,
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@and we will hear from the @indians general manager, a high @expectations for the year, and @the first full gear as shortstop @, and a tremendous pitching, @high expectations, and can the @indians feel this. @>> we have a great goop -- @group of guys returning, a core @group of players, and how they @will play moving forward, they @inspire me. @i think we have made some great @progress and have built on this @this winter. @>> the key right now is for the @indians to get off to a good @start, 7-14 last year put them @so far behind. @we come up with an indian @special coming up at 7 pm. @we will see you then.
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@watching and we will see you @back here tonight at 7 pm. @ your see nbc nightly news
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developing news tonight. tornado disaster. states of emergency as over two dozen twisters carve a deadly path of destruction. hundreds of homes decimated. for the first time, we see the massive scope of the damage. targeting trump. a critical night for cruz and rubio. it could be their last chance to blunt donald trump's march to the super lice warning, striking in 25 states. extremely resistant to the ways we usually get rid of them. what every parent should know. don't drink the water. another big city warns its residents about what's flowing into their homes. and video horror. the chilling moment


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