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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  February 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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@>> plus parents on high alert unty after four @attempted abductions, one child @nearly snatched from her @bedroom. @>> and medical break-through, a as a first of @its kind surgery that could
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@ @ this is channel 3 news at @11:00. @ @ we begin tonight with @four are dead including the @suspect and at least 14 injured @after a series of shootings. @>> it happened in about 40 miles outside @of wichita at four separate @locations. @nbc news dan sherman has >> everybody said there was @gunshots, a shooter. @we just kept hearing pop, pop. @>> reporter: it was near the @end of the workday when @authorities of south central called to a @shooting, a man driving a truck @hit in the shoulder. @that was followed by a report @of another attack at another @location and then word of an shooter inside excel @industries. @>> it didn't matter who it was. @he had no specific target.
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@got in his way. @ orities say @there were multiple fatalities @and more injured. @>> oh, my god, total shock, @just trying to get out of @there, you know, and @there was a couple -- there was @a guy down and he needed help. @>> reporter: outside the plant @relatives waited and worried. @>> it's just scary. @i mean you don't know what is coming to. @>> reporter: authorities @eventually confirmed the scene @was secure and the suspect was @>> the shooter himself has been @shot and killed. @he's an excel employee. @>> reporter: in all e four @crime scenes. @the sheriff says the attacks @are connected. @for now the motive is not @known. > back at home an alert to @parents in lorain county @tonight after four girls were day. @>> police have not said whether @these cases could be connected. @however, descriptions from the
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@>> channel andrew horansky @is live in elyria where this @began very early in the @morning. @>> reporter: a girl woke up to r bedroom @grabbing her leg telling her @that if she went with him, @nobody would get hurt. n of @events that would make any @parent sick. @>> it's the worst feeling in @the world having your daughter @come screaming at you 3:00 in e is trying @to take her out of her bed. @>> reporter: raymond is a @single father doing the best he @can raising two kids, but last @night even the locked doors ren't enough to keep @a predator from coming in and @approaching the person he @cherishes most. @>> she came in the room d, someone is in @the window pulling my leg @trying to get her out the @window. @didn't even put clothes on. @i was out reporter: chasing a shadow @the suspect disappeared leaving @little more than footprints, @but did he strike re were three
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@at washington and west -- and west 9th a @girl was punched twice and got @away. @at oberlin and west eighth a @man followed a girl into a-year- @old and allegedly exposed then just -- into a @yard and allegedly exposed them @and then another occurrence in @oakdale. @all the girls had been walking @alone. @tonight still no arrests. @the fbi went door to door. @>> we know this individual is @approaching juveniles, @physically touching these @juveniles and we take that very @seriously. @>> reporter: yet his @description is vague. @police are looking for a white @male in his 30s with brown eyes @and possibly acne scars. @witnesses said it was tough to @get a good look because his @face was partially covered by a @tightly pulled hoodie or @possibly a mask. @ @schools in lorain went in @lockdown because of this today. @tonight i was able to speak to @that little girl. @she is doing well planning to @return to class tomorrow. @i did talk to her dad as well.
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@staying with him in his room @for the time being. @>> incredibly scary. @thank you, andrew. @ a medical break-through @today at the cleveland clinic @as doctors performed the first @ever uterus transplant. @it's a move that could help who @suffer from a rare disorder. @channel 3's hilary golston is @live tonight with details. @hi, hilary. @>> reporter: the struggle with @infertility can be difficult @for many families, but this is @more than a medical miracle. @this is also a chance, a chance @for many women to become @pregnant and eventually hold @that baby in their arms. @ @[ audio difficulties ] @>> reporter: the transplant is @a first in the nation. @this video provided by the @cleveland clinic, a 26-year-old @woman is in stable condition @after a medical team worked for @nine hours to implant the organ @from a deceased donor.
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@looking for candidates to @participate in clinical trials @late last year. @the transplant is meant to @allow women without a uterus or @those who have a damaged womb, @to give them the ability to @carry a baby and give birth. @ @now cleveland clinic also says @they are still looking for @participants in this study. @now they also say we should @have a chance to speak with @those who have performed what @many are calling a miracle next @week. @we're live in cleveland @tonight. @i'm hillary golston, channel 3 @news. @>> pretty incredible. @thank you. @ now to a showdown in @houston, the five remaining @presidential candidates took @the stage for the final gop @debate before super tuesday @when voters in a dozen states @will be going to the polls. @>> it was a fiery night as @marco rubio and ted cruz @aggressively went after @frontrunner donald trump.
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@immigration was the early @focus. @stage that's ever been fined @your projects illegally. @>> i'm the only one on the @stage that's hired people. @you haven't hired anybody. @, so in fact, some of the @people i've fired as well. @by the way, i've hired tens of @thousands of people in my job. @you've hired nobody. @you've had nothing. @>> the answer is you of @complete the board. @you let people know once it's @done you don't have a right to @come in. @if you come in, we don't want @an excuse. @you're going back. @>> the governor said if elect, @he would have a plan in his @first 100 days in office to @solve immigration problems. @ ohio's primary is also @approaching fast. @senator bernie sanders brought @his campaign to berea today. @he told a big crowd he can win @the buckeye state. @new polls show him leading @hillary clinton nationwide and @doing better against donald @trump in a one on one interview
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@being turned off by normal @politics. @>> reporter: is it dangerous @for there to be this much @discontent and anger in the @political system? @>> what it shows is how far @removed the political @establishment and the economic @establishment. @we've got a lot of politicians. @they aren't listening to the @people. @this kind of distance from @politics from the needs of the @american people, that's what is @dangerous and that's what has @got to change. @>> sanders' appearance was the @first by a presidential @candidate in ohio for the @primary season. @ two days ago the @investigator tom meyer told us @exclusively about a criminal @investigation into allegations @of abuse at a local alzheimer's @home. @tonight tom reports that home @is now closed. @ @>> she is not equipped to @handle somebody with memory @issues. @>> reporter: robin morris knew @there was something wrong with @the way happy hearts assisted @living was caring for her @mother pauley now 89. @she described her as a night @owl who was confined to her @room for unusually long periods @of time.
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@long what i would call abusive @to her because of her nature. @>> reporter: morris was @shocked and angered to learn @that happy hearts owner @christine zippy sent pauley to @the psych ward at a local @hospital. @>> the owner wanted my mother @on behavioral meds which i @resisted. @her doctor resisted. @>> reporter: in an e-mail to @the state zippy complained @turnover at the geauga county @home has been significant and @she's exhausted from training @folks, teaching them good @manners and professionalism. @not everyone hired she said is @a good fit. @we've learned detectives are @investigating allegations @regarding unqualified staff. @>> and i feel like what they're @trying to do is just get rid of @the residents so that the staff @only had to do things like @clean, you know, that they @didn't have to deal with @anybody. @>> reporter: happy hearts @caught the attention of the @geauga county prosecutor just @recently when 72-year-old @donald sly suffered second @degree burns much like these. @no one is saying exactly what @happened, but detectives are
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@was left unattended while @taking a shower. @sly was lifeflighted to @metrohealth where he later @died. @the cause of death is @undetermined. @>> criminal charges are @possible once the evidence @we're waiting on comes back. @>> reporter: two days @following our report we @returned to happy hearts only @to find it closed. @even the sign at the end of the @drive has been removed. @problem in morris is glad she @found a -- robin morris is glad @she found a new home to her mom @not long before detectives @showed up to the home a few @weeks ago armed with a search @warrant. @>> i think it's a great idea @that they should close. @>> reporter: we tried @treatmentedly to talk with @happy hearts owner christine @zippy, but she has not returned @our calls. @she told the state the @sheriff's search of her home @forced most staff to leave and @she was preparing to close. @the prosecutor declined to @comment about evidence taken @from the home. @i'm investigator tom meyer. @ coming up tonight future @historymakers, a group of young @authors inspiring the world and
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@achieve their dreams. @>> plus big developments from @dallas as johnny manziel wants @to see if he will be charged @over an incident with his best @girl friend. @hi, besty. @>> hi there, sara. @we're keeping an eye out for @lake effect snow. @we'll take a look at the whole @forecast for you coming up @next. @>> also channel 3 welcomes 2016 @rock and roll hall of fame @inductees cheap trick to @cleveland. @>> they will headline the @spring benefit for the rock and @roll hall of fame friday, may @6th at 9 p.m. @at cleveland public hall. @tickets start at 17.50 and go @on sale this friday at 10 a.m. @that's tomorrow 10 a.m. @the concert will support the @rock hall's nationally @acclaimed educational program. @you can get more info at @ @>> channel 3 news at 11:00 is @made possible by universal @windows direct.
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@ @ in celebration of black @history month wkyc is @partnering with radio 1 to @recognize clevelanders who are @considered future @historymakers. @>> channel 3's wale aliyu @introduces us to daunte gibbs
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@institute. @he leads a group of teens from @all over cuyahoga county @already published authors @spreading their messages to the @world. @>> the emotional, psychological @stereotyping of females begin @when the doctor says it's a @girl. @>> reporter: these are the @future leaders of the world or @f.l.o.w. @>> before i came to f.l.o.w. @i was angry about a lot of @things, but i couldn't express @my anger without getting the @angry black woman stereotypes. @>> reporter: they turned their @thoughts into speeches and @their speeches into a @publication. @>> i have the experiences of a @black young lady. @i can write about it. @>> just different issues that @they come across, a fatherless @home or violence, bullying. @they're really challenging @themselves to think about @issues at a very young age and @to have a voice about it. @toward the end of the program @we take those speeches and @publish them into a book called @out of the mouths of babes. @>> reporter: the first book @had 26 authors. @>> it's really nice to know @when i'm gone, there's a piece
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@>> reporter: but their @instructor daunte gibbs has @bigger dreams for the group. @>> this year we'll be upwards @of 50 published authors that @we've been able to mold and @shape. @>> it made me feel important. @>> he has a very huge effect on @me. @>> i'm not used to anyone @listening to what i have to say @and not treat you like oh, @you're just youth. @you don't understand. @you're young. @you don't get anything like @basically baby me and at @f.l.o.w. @you don't get babied at all. @>> we definitely join with @radio 1 in saluting daunte @gibbs truly making a difference @for a historymaker. @the students are working on @their third volume. @the first two here are @available on amazon and kindle. @>> excellent. @ some lucky jetblue @passengers have earned a free @round trip flight to anywhere
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@the airline says it conducted a @social experiment on a recent @flight. @all 150 passengers had to work @together and compromise to @unanimously agree on one @destination by the end of the @flight. @if it wasn't unanimous, they @would lose the free trip, but @in a sort of instant primary @they whittled down the options @and all agreed on costa rica. @jetblue said it conducted this @unifying experiment to show @folks in washington how it's @done. @>> i think the question is more @like do you want the ice cream @or chocolate cake? @we could have figured it out on @something. @>> it came down to costa rica @and caicos and the turks. @so you can't really go wrong, @can you? @>> a high class problem right @there. @>> exactly. @ we got our own little bit @of problems going on here. @there is one thing that kind of @strikes fear in the heart of @many meteorologists.
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@surprises that it throws at us. @let's look at what we're @expecting tomorrow. @big snow continuing into the @morning and breezy, @temperatures around 20, mostly @cloudy in the afternoon, cool, @no big problems expected by the @end of the day as the lake snow @wind down, upper 20s. @we do have the caution light @out for tomorrow morning @because we are seeing light @snow beginning to develop. @as far as lake snow goes, it's @a pretty simple idea. @cold air coming across @relatively warm waters riding @in on those winds. @the winds point you in the @direction that all this is @supposed to happen. @the problem is there's a lot @more than just those three @things that come into play and @when you get a little shot of @energy or you get different @layering of the winds, @sometimes there are a few @little surprises the lake @throws at you. @indeed we have that happening @now. @we are seeing lake snow showers @blossoming east and west, this @one band shooting into lorain
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@portions of westlake, bay @village down into berea, too. @so this could be responsible @for maybe an inch or 2 or if it @sits here all night, maybe 3 or @4 inches, whereas areas farther @out to the east in the @traditional snowbelt where we @were already expecting another @couple inches of this lake @effect snow as we go through @the night. @then there's light flurries on @either side of that, but @remember temperatures are @cooling down. @we will probably start to see a @lot of slush on the road today @icing up, saw that when i was @out earlier this evening, @parking lot getting icy. @be very careful when you step @out the door in the morning. @i mentioned the lake effect. @you can see wuerl looking @upstream to the -- we're @looking upstream to the north @and west, lake superior, lake @michigan, lake erie, like huron @and you can kind of see these @streamers coming off the @northern lakes. @we have primer taking place, @the moisture coming off lake @superior, lake michigan and it @rides all wait down lower
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@bit of an -- all the way down @lower michigan and then that @little bit of extra moisture @coming out of lake erie really @helps ramp things up. @we have three lakes worth of @moisture coming in very dry air @that. @could mean a couple inches of @snow through the night. @you kind of see how this has @developed over the evening. @we're not expecting like a foot @of snow or anything. @then outside of this small @problem that we have going on @tonight there's nothing left of @this until you get into the @pacific with late sunday, early @monday snow and mix chance. @things are definitely looking @bit. @temperatures start off around @20 tomorrow. @we will be in the mid-and upper @20s heading through the @afternoon. @the lake snow is pretty much @confined to the morning. @we'll start to see winds @changing around as we head @through the afternoon. @let me back it up one map here @and show you the possible snow @through tomorrow, 1 to 4 inches @where bands persist and that is @through friday midday.
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@20s, mostly cloudy once that @snow winds down. @next seven days there's a nice @warming trend through the @weekend with 40s and 50s and @late sunday into monday we get @our next rain and snow chances. @>> thank you, betsy. @ tonight was all about the @bag for supporting the hunger @network. @the third annual fashion @benefit put some real models up @there and for folks like me @pretending to know what we're @doing on the catwalk tonight. @handbags, yes, and also grocery @backs tonight. @a donation of $5 can fill a bag @of groceries and all the @proceeds benefit the hunger @network of greater cleveland. @this is a hunger relief @location for more than 60,000 @people every month. @is that that's impressive. @. @>> that's impressive. @>> thank you. @ coming up. @the dallas police department @has completed its investigation @on johnny manziel. @>> we have more on where the
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@ @ hi, everybody. @news from dallas, texas, about @manziel. @the police in dallas have @wrapped up their investigation @into that incident a few weeks @ago, that domestic situation @with johnny manziel and his @girl friend colleen crowley. @interesting strategy here. @the police will send the @assault investigation to a @grand jury saying today there @was not enough evidence for @them to charge manziel today. @some in the legal community in @dallas are complaining about @the way the police have handled @this saying that they're opting @out and giving manziel some @kind of preferential treatment @in the case. @anyway back to the grand jury, @the other side if manziel gets @indicted for a class a @misdemeanor assault, now in
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@capitals with it penalties of @not more -- carries with it @penalties of not more than one @year in the county jail and a @foon of not more than $4,000. @$4,000. @he will not be a brown as of @march 9th when the team cuts @josh gordon will be a brown @even though he was suspended @all of last year. @the browns were optimistic when @i was out in berea next week @that gordon will be reinstated @him back. @the executive vice president of @football operations thinks @gordon finally has it all @together. @>> everything we see and hear @and talk with his @representation and those @representing him say he's eager @to get back and contribute. @we fool like if he's @accomplished those things -- @feel like if he's accomplished @those thing, there's a spot for @him on the roster. @ at the nfl combine the @quarterbacks met with the media @today and they'll throw in @front of all the teams coming @up on saturday. @we introduce you to carson
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@dakota state, 6' 5, interviewed @with the browns at the senior @bowl where he really jumped @out. @everybody really liked this @kid. @he's got tremendous upside. @the only question about him is @the level of competition he's @played against at north dakota @state. @first it's gerald goff at cal @who has played against some @great teams. @west has played against some @lesser teams. @>> everybody wants to be the @top guy, no doubt about it, but @what matters to me is a team @that picks me that believes in @me. @i want to go in somewhere where @they believe in myself to be @that franchise quarterback @whether right away or down the @road. @that's what's important to me. @i want to go into a good @situation, get good coaching @and keep playing ball. @ the indians continue @training in good year, arizona, @first cactus league game @tuesday. @baseball is a small little @world as detailed by dave @chudowsky who is out in arizona @with the indians. @>> reporter: jim, thank you.
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@interesting plots. @we found just that in good @year. @a 12th last year gomes sprained @his leg on this home plate. @now the tiger that slid into @him? @>> i have no grudge against @him. @i played with raj in toronto. @we are pretty good friends. @>> it's unfortunate it was him. @i really took a liking to him. @we're all cool now. @>> reporter: carlos corrales co @corrasco was -- corrasco was @one hit from a no hitter last @year. @>> that's not on me. @he can deal with it. @so i'm sure a lot of vps will @be fun. @>> reporter: in good year dave @chudowsky, jim, back to you.
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@the cavaliers may be getting @deeper and more powerful. @joe johnson brought out of his @deal. @if he clears waivers by @saturday by 5:00, the cavs want @him and he wants the cavs, a @seven time all-star, be a sixth @man here. @everything helps. @>> that's right.
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@ @ so again the weekend looks @pretty good. @>> yeah. @no complaints. @>> looks good.
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@be sure to tune into channel 3 @news today beginning at 4:30 @a.m. @>> tomorrow is friday. @have a good night. @we'll see you then. @ @>> thanks for watching channel @3 news. @take channel 3 news and weather @wherever you go.
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