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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  February 26, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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@ @ they are traying to solve
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@here is a picture at snow row. @please beare minded, 71 shut @down. @also, spoke to streetsboro @police. @ice on the road because of @flooding in that area. @k take the 303 by pass. @john and lena, back to you. @ thank you. @we are learning more about a @series of deadly shootings in @south central can sis. @four, including the gunman, are @dead. @37,00 is the population. @the sheriff says the gunman was @an employee who shot people from @his car before opening fire @inside the factory. @he was then shot dead by police. @14 others wounded. @this comes five days after a @gunman killed six in a random @rampage in kalamazoo, mish @comban. @kansas officials say they think @they may know the motive, but @they are not ready to give out @that information 6789 @ breaking news at hoek, a
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@into a pole trapping that @officer inside. @>> tiffany, icy roads are being @blamed here. @>> lena and john, you can see @that tree over my left shoulder. @this is the tree this officer @hit this morning. @as you said, those icy @conditions. @this shining that you see on the @street, that is the black ice. @we are at east 71st and @lawnview. @happened. @overnight here. @it's just after 3:00 this @morning that officer hit the @tree. @the officer was trapped for @quite some time, at least 15 @minutes if not more. @other officers were standing by @watching anxiously as rescuers @worked to free him. @eventually, they were able to do @so. @the good news is he was upright. @he was talking when he was @transported and put into that @ambulance. @we are told he suffered some @sort of leg injury, but, also, @we told you about the icy @conditions. @there was another sergeant out
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@injured his knee out here. @here is what we know about what @that officer was doing. @he was not responding to a call @at the time of this accident. @he was just out here patrolling @the area. @that's when he hit that tree. @of course, we are going to @continue to follow the story @this morning. @we just learned within the past @15 minutes or so. @he is at university hospital in @serious condition. @live here on cleveland's east @side, tiffany tarpley, channel 3 @news. @>> thanks so much, tiffany. @ the driver in a crash that @killed two bicyclists and @injured three others has found @not guilty. @a jury acquitted timothy wolf @for vehicular homicide. @cleveland oikt defense attorney @said -- local cycling group is @expressing outrage over the @verdict this morning along with @tactics of blaming the victims @for the crash. @ good news for the ford @plant.
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@$145 million in upgrades at the @jobs. @the improvements are for @production of the new engines @for the 2017 ford f-150 trucks. @the brooke park engine plant @workers. @ the future is here with the @cleveland auto show kicking off. @will is live there this morning. @he is getting the first peek of @the new cars. @let's talk about this acura, @which is being called a super @car, huh? @>> looks pretty super. @looks like something maybe @batman would drive. @lou joining me here, the @president of the cleveland auto @show. @this is not only a sweet-looking @ride. @it's also very sweet to the @state of ohio. @this thing is made in @marysville. @>> it's back. @the vehicle is going to be @produced in ohio and designed. @everything is being done right @in marysville. @>> tell me a little bit about it @because people look at this, and
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@like something that you imagine @bruce wayne jumping into in the @next batman movie. @how fast does it go? @how quick does it get to that @speed? @>> there's actually two drive @trains in this vehicle, one for @the -- for the wheels and power @train, and it's a hybrid. @i mean, people think -- it's @crazy, but this car will go, you @know, zero to 60. @it's just a piece of art really. @>> we were talking before, a lot @of sign and drives out here @where you can test drive. @is this one of them? @that they are going to put you @in a hundred-thousand-dollar @plus vehicle. @that's not one. @but there's 11 brands here that @allow you to take the vehicle @off site and drive it and get a @feel for the car. @so you can see it here and drive @it. @>> in the elements, too. @sdpr definitely, they want you @to take those cars out because @they want you to experience it @like you experience it every day @in cleveland. @>> we'll check back here in the @next half hour.
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@157,000 is where that car @stands. @can i get financing? @>> i probably shouldn't, like, @fall into it or anything, should @i? @>> stay away. @stay away. @ @off that one. @getting richer. @they are not getting a new acura @in the swag bag at the oscars, @but find out what they are @getting, and it's worth more @than $200,000. @ and another debate is in the @books for the republicans, but @now, the candidates are hitting @the road to prepare for super @tuesday. @we'll get all the details next @in a live report from @washington. @ happy friday. @tgif. @we've get a little snow. @leftover snow showers and @flurries this morning. @not expecting accumulation with @this, dusting, if anything at @all, and then sunshine, but it's @going to stay cold today. @weekend weather forecast, wait @until you see.
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@instant, and we've got a live @look here at 5:07. @you can see light nurlys and @snow showers as we stare back at @the city. @follow us on twitter. @we are up and ready and happy to @talk to you.
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@ @ 5:11 right now. @democrat and republican @candidates have their sights set @on super tuesday states. @>> so the republican candidates @all tried to shine in the debate @last night to win some support. @nbc news correspondent edward @lawrence has the latest now from @washington. @good morning, edward. @>> good morning, john and lena. @in a slug fest, the remaining @five republican candidates took
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@cases to make jokes, all to get @air time in this last debate @before super tuesday. @>> the debate, contentious. @>> this guy is a joke artist. @sdpr donald trump was attacked @from the right and left by @senators ted cruz and marc o @rubio who joined in a tag team @to knock trump. @>> anyone who really cared about @illegal immigration wouldn't be @hiring illegal immigrants. @>> you hired some workers -- @>> i'm the only one in the state @that's hired people. @you haven't hired anybody. @>> rubio went on an all-out @offense, attacking not only his @immigration ideas but his @healthcare plan, among other @issues. @>> that's the only part of the @plan? @>> i thought ant -- you have @many different plans. @you'll have competition. @you'll have so many different @plans. @>> now, he's repeating himself. @>> no, no, no. @>> mr. trump.
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@five times four weeks ago. @>> i saw you repeat yourself @five times five seconds ago. @>> the fighting by ben carson, @who felt he could not get air @time. @>> can somebody attack me, meez? @-- @please? @>> last night's debate set the @stage for voters to decide on @super tuesday. @>> and donald trump is winning @in all of the polls in super @tuesday states except one, @texas, leading in the poll @there, senator ted cruz, who @represents that state here in @congress. @reporting live in washington, @edward lawrence. @now, back to you, john. @sgled ward, i got to admit, i @just laughed again at ben @carson's comment. @he just wants some attention. @>> it was the moment of the @debate. @>> it really was. @don't forget about me. @ time right now, live look @outside. @there you see first energy @stadium in the background. @much different story this @morning, holly. @>> yes. @we are all kind of taking that @deep breath.
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@a few light snow showers kind of @in the air more than anything, @and visibility is great so this @is not a major issue for us this @moshing, and i think that we @will end up seeing sun peeks, @too. @bus stop forecast, and we are @chilly today. @in fact, temperatures are going @to be below normal. @that will be the story chl @around 20 degrees is the way i @plan it. @hey, i'm going to plant the seat @right now. @if you want to smile from, like, @ear to ear, stick around because @our morning pick me up is coming @up in just minutes. @this is probably one of my @favorite to date. @just saying. @ below normal today. @a warmer weekend in so much so @that we're talking 50 plus on @sunday. @the normal high for this very @day is now 40 degrees. @we will only be in the upper @20s. @we've got the leftover flurries @and snow showers still showing @up around 9 a.m., but i do think @by noontime, it should be dry, @and we are going to see some @sunshine later in the day. @snee showers. @they are light in intensity,
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@where we see them a little more @persistent, maybe a quick @dusting, maybe. @but that would be about the @extent of it as we look ahead on @future view, this all matches @up. @notice that by 9:30 this @morning, you are all dry. @temperatures, though, really @struggling today. @we are going to be upper 20s, @and that's a good 10 to 12 @degrees below normal for this @day. @we'll make up for it heading @into the weekend. @a large area of high pressure @builds in so overnight tonight, @we'll end up seeing more partly @cloudy skies. @we'll start in the 20s tomorrow, @and then we are going to end up @with a good amount of sunshine @by tomorrow afternoon. @this is 3:30. @you can get out with the kids, @definitely take this in. @temperatures are going to be in @the low to middle 40s, and it's @clear looking really fabulous, @and there's more where this is @coming from. @we should hold onto a more or @less clear sky into the @overnight hours saturday into @early sunday. @it starts off with temperatures @30s to near 40 degrees, and
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@before our next round of rain @and maybe even a little snow @moves in for sunday night into @early monday. @the nice thing about this next @system is that it happened @sunday night into early monday @so it's almost a while you're @sleeping kind of thing. @with 7-day forecast,upper 20s @today, 40s tomorrow, 52 sunday. @mild, breezy. @that's looking beautiful. @then sunday night into monday, @we'll have a rain/snow mix @possible. @the chances will be so early @monday, a lot of it before @daybreak, and then we're back to @partly sunny skies and mild @weather for the start of march. @next chance of rain will be @wednesday, and behind that, it @looks like we get really cold @again for thursday. @5:16. @let's check your drive. @ wkyc traffic is brought to @you by mike bass ford. @get a great deal and a great @deal more at mike bass ford. @ good morning to you. @hopefully you are having a great @start to your friday. @good news for those who take 71 @north, as you can see here, 480 @and brook park. @cars are moving both on the
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@71 north is back open between @snow road and i-480. @it was closed earlier due to a @crash, but brook park police say @everything is a-okay. @normal drive times to the north @where we do have a crash on the @east side, east 155th street @just north of holmes avenue and @south of the east shore way. @be careful out there because @roads are icy, and i remember i @got out of my car this morning @and almost tripped on the roads @because of the ice. @so please be careful. @again, normal drive times. @john, back to you. @>> even the driveway was -- @>> yes. @>> good message there. @thank you. @ topping the morning news @feature. @5:17. @a massachusetts teenager who @murdered his math teacher will @learn his punishment today. @prosecutors are asking a judge @to sentence phillip chisholm to @25 years. @he was found guilty of killing @and raping his teacher in 2013. @he was 14 years old at the time.
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@that sports caster erin an drus @was anxious and deprezzed after @the man who stalked and secretly @recorded her was let out of @prison. @andrews is suing her stalker, @michael david barrett, and the @owner and manager 06 the @national marriott for $75 @million. @an drus' lawyers allege hotel @management was negligent, @allowing to book the room next @to her after he learned which @one she was staying in. @she learned that information @from the staff. @ the sea world aquatic theme @park is in another controversy. @the company admitted thursday @that employees have posed as @animal rights activists in order @to spy on the opposition. @the admission comes right after @animal rights group, peta, @accused sea word of having a @worker infiltrate the group and @get intel and rile up members. @the employee was placed on @administrative leave but was @later reinstated to a different @department. @ the red carpet, there it is. @it's been rolled out for the @oscars this weekend. @one of the most over-the-top
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@only the nominees in the biggest @categories get it, but this @year, it's worth $232,000. @>> great. @>> some things are so over the @top, the academy is now suing @the company that puts this @together. @here are some of the items. @$300 worth of personalized m @&ms. @>> wow. @>> that seems okay. @15-day private walking tour of @japan. @that's valued at 54,000. @a year's worth of rental cars @from silver car. @$45,000. @but causing a lot of raised @eyebrows is the vampire breast @lift worth almost $2,000. @>> i had to look that up, john, @because i was like, what is a @vampire breast lift. @well, apparently they draw blood @from your arm. @>> yeah. @>> spin it through a centrifuge @to separate the platelet-rich @plasma then reinsert it in your @chest. @>> and it promotes the growth of @tissue. @>> yeah.
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@up. @frz @ still ahead. @>> just like that. @>> that's how the vampires do it @in the movies, isn't it? @ we talk a lot about security @on our smart phones, right? @>> u need security. @>> but coming up next, greg dee @has ways to make your android @phone more secure. @ but first, on our way to the @commercial break, you have to @come look at your television @here at 5:20. @we have a quick morning pick me @up. @the city shared this sweet @video. @now, doris lives and walks to @the end of her driveway every @single day to wave to the school @bus that drives by. @earlier this week, the kids on @the bus gave her a special gift @to celebrate doris' 88th @birthday. @check this out.
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@ @ channel 3 welcomes 2016 rock @n roll hall of fame inductee to @cleveland. @they headline the 13th annual @spring benefit sponsored friday @may 6th at 9 p.m. @at cleveland @public home. @tickets start at 1750 and they @go on sale today at 10 a.m. @the @concert will support the rock @hall's nationally-acclaimed @educational program. @get more info now at @ smart phone security has @been in the headlines, of @course, recently, and as the fbi @and apple battle over getting @secure information. @>> greg is here now with more @information about the enkripgs
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@phones starting with android @phones. @greg. @>> hi. @yeah, we'll start with android @first and do iphone in about an @hour at 6:20. @basically, it takes your dau @that and puts it in a safe, and @the only way to get in is @through a key. @now, the key is generated with @two pieces of data. @one that is actually part of @your phone's hardware. @it's unique to every device. @the other part is your password. @the unlock password on your @phone. @so it's very important that if @you do encrypt your phone or @have a phone that is encrypted, @you have a good, strong @password, more than just a @four-letter pin, because that @goes into locking the data on @your phone. @here is the deal with android. @up until android 6, which just @came out. @encryption is not standard. @most phones have it turned off. @here is how to turn it on. @i'm going to do it for samsung @here. @go to settings and click on lock @screen and security.
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@bottom and click on "other @security settings." @once you've @done that, click on "encrypt @device." @read the warning. @it takes about an hour to @encrypt all your data. @make sure your phone is @connected to a charger, and @every time your phone restarts, @you are going to need to put in @that very secure password. @just like with apple, if you @insert it wrong too many times, @your device is locked down. @it's very important that you do @have your device encrypted to @keep that data secured. @holly. @>> that's great information. @ we're taking a look at the @travel forecast, which still @includes some snow showers and @flurries this morning, john and @lena, but then notice all the @clear skies to our west. @that's sort of the indication of @what's to come. @i'll tell you all about it @coming up. @ all right. @thanks, holly. @still ahead at 5:30. @we take you live to south
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@killed three people in a @manufacture plant shooting. @find out the latest details and @the information police may @release today. @ plus an update on
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@ @ we start your morning rush @with breaking news from @cleveland's east side. @a cleveland police is injured @this morning after crashing his @crewer into a tree. @let's show you video from @overnight here. @it was a very intense scene, @very dramatic scene around 3:00 @this morning at 71st and lawn @view. @the officer was trapped inside @in his vehicle for at least 15 @minutes, if not more. @others just watching anxiously, @and about 15 minutes or so in, @he was freed from his car. @we saw him as they were wheeling @him to the ems vehicle. @he was sitting upright and
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@we were told he did suffer some @sort of lower-leg injury. @this morning, he is at @university hospital. @we've learned he is in serious @condition. @lena. @ @ all right. @police are investigating a @kansas home of the gunman who @was killed after shooting more @than a dozen people last night. @authorities say it happened at @industries. @the company where the gunman @worked. @about 14 people were injured. @4 people, including the gunman, @are dead. @they are now working to identify @the victims. @police say they do have a lead @on a motive. @ ohio's primary is @approaching fast, and senator @bernie sanders campaigned @yesterday. @he told a big crowd that he can @win the buckeye state. @new polls show him leading @hilary clinton nationwide and @doing better against donald @trump. @sanders' appearance was the @first presidential candidate in @ohio for primary seat. @ our woeter can't stop the @campaign trail. @we know that yesterday was not a
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@>> it was challenging at times. @thank you for all of your @reports again. @really appreciate it. @flurries. @snow showers. @when i show you radar, it almost @looks a lot worse than it is. @most of this is just really @doing much otherwise. @we are only in the 20s today. @we will see sun peeks later into @our tgif. @here's the leftover snow that i @was talking about. @on. @like i said, hopkins, most @reporting sites literally just @flurries. @so it's just a lot of snow in @the air, and if anything, i'd @say maybe a quick dusting in @spots. @not going to cause any problems. @temperatures are going to remain @really cold. @we are not going to make it out @of the 20s today. @right now, most of you are low @20s heading out the door. @warming up. @i will tell you all about it, @danny, but i know you've got a @lot going on in the traffic. @>> yes, actually, but, holly, @those traffic incidents, they @have cleared out. @a lot of the accidents and @crashes that we have been @seeing. @now, this tells me that the
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@so even though they may look @clear, you do want to be careful @because we are getting reports @of black ice in areas and at @streetsboro where our only @traffic alert is right now, @state route 303 closed at @jefrson street because of eyes @on -- ice @on the roads. @please be careful. @streetsboro police say you can @take the 303 bypass to get @around that. @again, use caution because ice @in the area. @now, don't forget when you hit @the roads, tune in to our @partners at wtam 1100 total @traffic. @they'll have traffic updates for @you every ten minutes. @john and lena, back to you. @ this morning, asking pafrnts @to walk their kids to school @after four attempted child @abductions yesterday. @>> this began in alyria. @police say a man went through a @window and grabbed the leg of a @ten-year-old girl. @she got away. @so did he. @within hours later, three more @close calls for girls walking @alone to school. @no arrests have been made so @far.
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@buildings will be on high alert. @ dallas police will take its @case on johnny manziel to a @grand jury. @the grand jury will decide if @the browns quarterback will be @charged with a class a @misdemeanor assault. @this all stems from a january @incident where manziel's @exgirlfriend alleges he @assaulted her. @ it's life in prison for the @woman convicted of having her @exboyfriend killed. @34-year-old tiffany powell will @spend her life behind bars for @the brutal death of james @harris. @there was a brutal custody @battle with can couple's four @daughters at the time of his @murder. @ the fbi says it hasn't been @able to find any evidence @suggesting a machete attack at a @columbus restaurant with @terrorism. @that story starts our morning @news feed right now. @the restaurant was owned by an @israeli man. @the fbi says there is no @information that the attacker, @30-year-old barry, from the west
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@working with or directed by @anyone. @four people were injured. @barry was fatally shot by police @when he lunged at hem with a @weapon. @ kohl's will be closing 18 @stores across the u.s. this @summer. @this will be the first time in @52 years that kohl's will close @multiple stores at once. @there's no word of any local @stores will be affected. @the locations are expected to be @announced tomorrow. @the chain ceo says this move @will hopefully boost profits. @ are you strong enough to @take a selfie with your @computer? @check out the macbook selfie @stick, as the name suggests. @it's a selfie stick strong @enough to hold a macbook, but @there is a catch. @you won't be able to buy one @just yet. @the maker of the cringe-worthy @sticks were created more as more @of an artistic piece to show the @current culture of self-vanity. @so sort of, like, social @statement there. @i mean, you have to have some
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@>> yeah. @but the minute this gets out and @people want this, they are going @to manufacture them and make @money. @>> right. @>> come on. @sdpr exactly. @>> you know what else people @want? @fancy smancy cars. @the cleveland auto show is @underway. @>> $157,000 car. @we saw that. @now, what, you're in @millionaire's row? @>> not yet. @we are following that up here @with a very expensive car. @this is the corvette. @this actually was designed by @someone from cleveland. @a guy from the cleveland @institute of art designed this. @>> it's a great thing. @it's a connection to cleveland. @at the auto show that are @designed by cia graduates. @today, matter of fact, designer @of the brand new pacifica is @coming back to the press @conference to show off what he's @done. @i think this jose gonzales, i @think is what it was, he was the
5:37 am
@i think the exterior designer on @this corvette. @that's a hundred thousand @dollars, beautiful, beautiful @chevrolet. @but it's a testament to what we @do here in cleveland, not only @about manufacturing but also @design. @>> the interesting thing about @it is this car was actually here @as a prototype first, and now, @it's back as something you can @actually purchase so it's great @to see kind of the full wheel @going on here. @guys, plenty more to see down @here. @if you haven't been here before, @it's huge. @we are going to keep checking in @from that corner next time and @see what we can find other @there. @we'll check in back in a half @hour. @>> you've spent about 350,000 so @far. @nice job. @>> spent a lot of money today. @>> is it payday? @ all right. @5:37. @the indians still have one big @question mark as they get ready @to start playing spring training @games next week. @thinks they can fix it. @his answer from good year coming @up. @ and, next, we take you live @to south central kansas where a @gunman opened fire inside a @manufacturing plant yesterday @killing three people.
5:38 am
@information, including what @police may be saying about a
5:39 am
5:40 am
@ @ welcome back. @5:40. @a gunman killed three people and @injured 14 in a shooting spree @in south central kansas. @all of the dead and most of the @wounded were shot inside a
5:41 am
@ one police officer who shot @and killed the gunman is now @being called a hero. @sarah is live ouz the plant @where the @shooting happened with the @latest. @sarah. @>> well, this morning, police @are working to figure out what @exactly sent the shooter over @the edge in this otherwise quiet @community. @everybody is in shock. @>> a massive police presence @outside of the excel industry @slant in heston, kansas, after a @gunman entered the complex and @opened fire. @workers inside the building @described a chaotic scene. @>> everybody was running. @people were screaming. @people were crying. @we just didn't know what to do. @>> and more people running, pop @pop pop pop pop, and i'm @going -- i start running, too. @>> when it was over, four people @were killed, including the @gunman. @more than a dozen wounded, many @critically. @witnesses say the suspect, who @was an employee of the plant, @was armed with an assault-style
5:42 am
@police say the man also shot and @wounded three people he @encountered on the way to the @plant before he went inside and @opened fire. @>> it didn't matter who it was. @he had no specific target. @he just shooting anyone that got @in his way. @>> the first officer to arrive @immediately engaged the gunman @and single-handedly took him @down. @>> even though he took fire, he @went inside of that place, saved @multiple, multiple lives. @a hero as far as i'm concerned. @>> about 150 people were inside @the plant at the time of the @shooting. @police would not discuss the @motive but say they do have @leads on what may have triggered @the attacker. @>> and so later on this morning, @we are hoping to find out more @answers in a news conference @here at the harvey county @sheriff's office. @back to you. @>> all right chl thanks so much, @sarah. @ time right now, 5:42. @in sports, big one for the cavs
5:43 am
@a win tonight, and the cavs will @have a four-game lead. @ steph curry and the warriors @are one away from clenching a @playoff spot. @curry with another record last @night. @it was this three pointer early @in the game against orlando. @he now has a record 128-straight @games with at least one three. @kyle corber had the old record. @curry also did it from half @court again. @right there. @the buzzer beater to end the @third quarter. @he was feeling it. @ten three pointers on his way to @51 points. @golden state wins 130-114. @the warriors are 52 and 5. @ we know the indians have @pitching, and we know their @defense was much improved last @year, but they are still face tg @same @question. @the indians have enough hitting @and scoring to reach the post @season. @dave is with the indians in @arizona. @>> hi, everybody, and good @morning from good year. @our final day of coverage here @covering the ipd yans in spring @training, and i have an @outstanding guest, a special
5:44 am
@everyone loves him in cleveland. @sandy jr. sandy, how are you @doing? @>> doing fine. @how about yourself? @>> i'm doing great. @this is unbelievable weather @here in arizona. @it's great to be out here, isn't @it? @>> warmer than it's supposed to @be, but i'll take it any time. @>> take it over that snow in @cleveland they're getting? @>> that's correct. @>> this team, expectations are @high for a lot of people. @you are there every single day @watching this team. @what are your expectations, and @when you watch this club, do you @think they have the ability to @take it to the next level? @>> after watching this team a @couple years ago with young @talent that we had and being @able to be make it through the @basically underachieve last @better this year definitely. @>> do you think there are enough @runs in that lineup @>> oh, yes. @i think that we were in need of @a right-handed bat, and @hopefully brings us that. @much more balanced lineup now, @and having francisco in there @from the beginning, there will
5:45 am
@>> sandy, we would hate to lose @you here in cleveland. @i have no idea what the future @holds. @at some point? @>> right now, just focus on the @job, what u eem doing. @enjoy spending time with kids, @so much invested with these @young guys here in cleveland. @like you say, cleveland loves @me, so i'm here right now. @>> 455, we all know about the @good times. @do the guys ever ask you about @that, what it was like every @single night to have that crowd @there? @>> get tired of hearing. @they see the number in the post @in the outfield. @when they see the highlights and @all the attention we have in the @past, like, in the 90s, they @looking forward to something @similar to that chl you know, @got to get some wins out here. @>> thank you so much for taking @year. @>> thank you very much. @>> there you have it. @that wraps up our coverage this @week in good year. @march 1st, that's the first @spring training game against the @reds and then the home opener @april 4th against the red sox. @i'm dave in good year. @back to you in cleveland. @all right.
5:46 am
@ now, will return next week, @but i want to know what's on @your mind. @let's get the discussion going @on social media now anyway. @what are your thoughts on the @indians' season ahead, the @johnny manziel case going to the @grand jury, the browns thinking @about bringing back josh gor @don. @let's talk cavs, steph curry. @you name it. @let's discuss it. @tweet me @johnwkyc. @we can still have a discussion @on takes. @>> we don't want to talk steph @curry. @>> give me a take on the @weather. @>> i'll take that. @ pictures in arizona. @man! @>> that's okay. @>> the weekend is going to warm @up. @>> see, there you go. @>> yes. @>> thank you, holly. @>> dave must be blowing it this @way because we are forecasting @50s by sunday, which is pretty @nice. @i'll tell you, we've got @below-normal weather today. @that's really cold as you're @waking up, and it's going to @stay cold through the day with @highs only in the 20s, plus
5:47 am
@transition to just a few @flurries by 9 a.m. @then i think @we'll go from mostly cloudy @skies to some sun peeks by @afternoon time, especially maybe @even a little bit before that @for some of you. @as we take a look at radar, @there is still snow flying. @most of this is really light in @intensity. @as we zoom in, it's almost one @of those deceiving pictures @because it looks worse than it @is. @all reporting sites, flurries, @or just light snow, if anything. @otherwise, just a lot of @overcast reports. @and as we do look ahead on @future view, what's going to @happen is we'll see any snow @showers or flurries fade through @mid-morning. @we get some sunshine today, but @we stay really cold. @we should be 40s for the high. @we're only going to be in the @upper 20s. @and then things start to @transition, giving into our last @weekend of february here, we're @going to see high pressure build @in and truly take over as we get @we'll transition from partly @cloudy skies to mostly sunny. @this is 4:00 tomorrow.
5:48 am
@that's seasonal to a few degrees @above by the time sunday rolls @around, we're going to add and @talk highs 50 plus. @so it really will be a very nice @weekend after a busy weather @week. @we look forward to it. @ leftover snow this morning @and cold otherwise. @highs in the upper 20s today. @your window nation 7-day @forecast, we're in the 40s @tomorrow. @we are going to go with 44 and @becoming mostly sunny into the @afternoon. @ 52 degrees on sunday and @breezy. @it'll be more of a partly sunny @sky by later sunday. @clouding up to sunday evening @with rain chances moving in @sunday night and even some wet @snow mixing in. @so that's a sunday night into @early monday deal, and then @monday turns out to be decent @with skies turning partly sunny. @we're in the 40s. @starting off march, pretty darn @nice. @highs will be in the 50s on @tuesday, and then we see colder @weather return for a little bit
5:49 am
@ time for on weather, john. @>> all right chl thanks, we have @to find a couple homes here. @first of all, meet mango. @>> that's a great name. @>> it is. @six-year-old little girl. @now, she's at the petsmart in @parma. @she's a little shy. @she loves to be pet, and be once @she sits on your lap, she comes @out of that shell. @so let's find a good, loving @home for mango. @>> next, also six years old, we @have tom, last name cat. @tom cat. @yeah, there you go. @now, tom is not shy. @he loves humans, and he loves to @play. @he's at the adoption center in @tremont. @if you'd like to meet mango or @tom, let's find them homes this @weekend, two very beautiful @kitty cats. @>> soubds great. @ hey, if you are searching @for a job, you may feel like any @job will do, but there are @things you should do before @accepting any job. @according to, the @first step is getting the @employee handbook and reading @it. @yeah. @they say the handbook can @actually provide crucial
5:50 am
@a feel for where the company @puts its emphasis. @be sure to find out what the @real work hours entail because @many jobs may seem like they're @9:00 to 5:00, but in reality, @workers are expected to be in or @early, stay late, or work from @home without any additional @compensation. @third, agree on priorities. @talk with your manager about @your goals over the next 30, 60, @and 90 days, and make sure it's @all in writing. @>> good advice. @or work 20 hours a day like matt @dpran nit. @matt. @though. @bargains. @coming up after the break, a @breathe better. @we fight the flu with some @frugality. @if you got a cold, this is @something for you. @>> thank you, matt. @you are so kind. @ well, good news for those @who traveled on i-90 for the @west side. @street. @we are all clear, and everyone @getting by just fine.
5:51 am
@giving you the green light to @go, however, i would still say @take it a little slow this @morning because ice on the roads @those snow showers that we saw @yesterday.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
@ @ 5:54. @who says you can't get anything @for a penny anymore? @jcpenney will now be living up @to its name. @different spelling. @the retailer says it will begin @offering some pruks, mainly @their in-house brands, for just @a penny. @the new campaign is called get @your penny's worth. @it replaces the motto, when it @fits, you feel it. @the ceo said the same thing. @what is that? @i don't like it. @let's get rid of it. @so it's now get your penny's @worth. @>> yeah. @i like that. @ all right. @we talk about with tech a lot, @viruses. @>> yeah. @>> now, we are also talking flu, @and you want to -- @>> i know. @look at a screen. @>> we all touch things that have @germs. @>> here's the thing. @i just cleaned that at the gym @yesterday. @>> my bet is the way you cleaned
5:55 am
@fingerprints but didn't actually @remove the bacteria. @>> i bet you're right. @sfr one word for you, people. @>> what is it? @>>ings it is the deal. @take a look and get ready. @day. @>> this is a warm cell phone @mixed with bacteria, mixed @with -- what is a bacteria @party? @it's disguging. @this exists on all of our tech. @how many germs? @more than a million. @living on your cell phone right @now, these germs form the flu, @pink eye, all sorts of other @gross stuff that i'm not going @to mention right now, even acne, @actually, tied to what could be @on your start phone. @this is the best dleener on @earth ever. @it eets a germ killer, @environment tally friendly, @nontoxic, nonharmful, safe for @all kinds of tech. @>> i love it. @country.
5:56 am
@deals on this other places, but @they are actually offering @smaller bottles. @this is the best price. @the deal is on our web site. @look at the difference between @the clean side and the not-clean @side. @the teal that i found actually @gets you a two pack. @so john's phone. @>> yeah. @>> you can actually -- @>> yeah. @look how gross. @>> i mean, give it one wipe. @there. @ @>> wow. @can i borrow that? @>> please do his ipad here. @i don't even want to touch it. @look at this thing. @>> here you go. @close the display off so @you can see. @amazing, right? @>> wow. @>> that looks so good. @>> and i thought i needed @reading glasses. @>> i know cht we were going to @call in the hazmat team. @>> this will sell out. @it's on our web site. @>> your -- you know what @that's called, all those @fingerprints? @>> hard work. @ we are going to wish away @the cold weather. @that's a fabulous deal, matt.
5:57 am
@we are struggling. @we should be 40 the high this @time of the year. @we still have leftover snow this @morning. @as you look ahead, we've got @warmer weather to tell you @about, and i will fill you in on @all those details coming up, @guys. @>> all right. @thank you, holly. @ coming up at 6:00, good news @for the ford plant in brook @park, how many millions of @dollars will be invested there @and what it means for jobs. @ and overnight breaking news, @a cleveland police officer gets @trapped in his cruiser after @hitting a tree. @find out why police say the @accident happened in the first
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
@ @ a kansas plant's employee @goes on a shooting spree killing @three and injuring many more @before being shot by police. @ and closer to home, four @girls nearly abducted. @bedroom. @what the schools are now asking @parents to do this morning. @ plus, breaking news at the @cleveland police cruiser crashes


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