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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  February 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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@ @ a kansas plant's employee @goes on a shooting spree killing @three and injuring many more @before being shot by police. @ and closer to home, four @girls nearly abducted. @bedroom. @what the schools are now asking @parents to do this morning. @ plus, breaking news at the @cleveland police cruiser crashes
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@we've got an update on the @officer injured in the crash. @ but first, let's get a check @of the forecast. @for that, here's holly. @>> okay. @lighten it you will considerably @here, guys, and talk about what @is going to turn into a much @quieter weather day. @happy friday. @tgif. @today. @i think that's probably the @biggest headline. @we still have light snowfalling @this morning, which will @transition to just a few @leftover flurries by 9 a.m., @sun peeks, and hopefully more @and more of those as we get into @the afternoon, but we are only @highs. @on radar, we continue to see @light snowfalling. @a lot of you yus reporting @flurries. @let us know what you're waking @up to chl it's always great to @hear from you on twitter. @we appreciate the reports, but, @if anything, this would be a @quick little -- temperatures in @the low 20s, as you're waking @up. @bundle up for the bus stop and @for work today. @wait till you see the warmup i @have for you. @we'll see how warm it gets this @weekend. @and check on your drive.
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@>> happy friday to you. @good morning to all of you. @we take a look at the traffic @map. @we are all green to the south so @normal drive times. @no crashes reported down there, @and in streetsboro, though, we @still have state route 303 @closed at jefrson street because @ice on the road because of @yesterday's flooding. @you can day 303 bypass to get @around that. @just add a few minutes to your @drive because of the icy @conditions in that area. @to the north, we're all green. @crashes. @here is a picture on the east @shoreway at east 185th street. @everyone getting by just fine so @for those of you who come in to @downtown using the east @shoreway, dead man's curve, it's @a ten-minute commune. @john and lena, back to you. @>> thank you. @ breaking news, a cleveland @police officer crashed right @into a pole trapping the officer @inside. @>> tiffany joins us live, and, @tiffany, icy roads are being @blamed here. @>> just within the last half @hour or so, we saw another truck
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@roadway here. @this is east 71st near lawnview. @this is the road where the @accident happened. @that officer, hitting a tree @around 3:00 this morning. @he was trapped inside, and there @were a lot of people out here. @of course, rescuers were here @trying to free him, and others @were watching just anxiously @waiting for him to come out of @that cruiser. @at some point, they were able to @get him out. @we saw as he was wheeled to the @ems vehicle and then taken to @the hospital, he was sitting @upright and talking. @there was another officer out @here, as well. @we believe it to be a sergeant @who was injured. @he fell out here on the ice and @jired his knee. @of course, we see this morning @that accident investigators were @out here trying to recreate the @scene to figure out exactly how @this happened, but as we've been @saying all morning, very icy out @here, and we were told, lena, he @was not responding to a call @when this accident happened @>> just a reminder everybody
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@ right now to developing @news, four people including a @gunman, are dead after a @shooting inside a plant in @kansas. @the sheriff there says the @gunman, whose name has not been @released, was an employee. @the first shot was fired in the @parking lot outside excel @industries, then the gunman went @inside the plant and started @shooting. @he was later shot dead by @police. @14 other people were wounded in @the shooting. @kansas officials say they think @they may know the motive but are @not ready to give details. @we will continue to follow this @throughout the morning. @ today, two police @departments in county continue @to investigate four attempted @abduction cases. @there were two reports of a man @dprabing a girl. @there was another report of a @man exposing himself to a girl @chl a representative says there @will be increased police @presence. @ earlier, abman went through @a window, grabbed the leg of a @ten-year-old girl, and tried to @get her to leave request him. @she was able to get away and get
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@we spoke to her dad. @>> she came in the room @screaming, "dad, someone is in @my window pulling my leg trying @to get her out the window. @the suspect got away, but police @did gather a description in all @four incidents and they say it's @a white male in his 30s with @brown eyes and possibly acne @scars. @ the driver in a crash that @killed two bicyclists and @injured three others has been @found not guilty. reports defense @attorneys said sun glare @contributed to the crash. @local cycling group bike @cleveland is expressing outrage @over the verdict, along with @defense tactics of blaming the @victims for the crash @ all right chl john, more @people have been sickened by a @listeria outbreak at parts of @the country, including ohio. @the centers for disease control
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@into a multistate listeria @outbreak lipged to dole package @salads. @three more people were sick. @two from ohio. @that brings the total to 18 @people across nine states. @all were hospitalized. @one person in michigan died. @the salads were produced in a @springfield, ohio plant, which @stopped production. @ a former fugitive on the run @for more than 50 years has been @granted parole. @the ohio parole board ruled @frank be released april 24th, @about a week after his 8 #0th @birthday. @he was arrested in florida last @may after escaping a prison farm @back in #19d 59. @he originally pleaded guilty to @manslaughter charges after a @deadly crash in akron. @conditions for his release @include five years of @supervision. @ sea world is involved in yet @another controversy. @the company admitted thursday @that employees have posed as @animal rights activists in order @to spy on the opposition. @the admission comes right after
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@sea world san diego worker of @infiltrating the group to get @intell and rile up members. @the employee was placed on @administrative leave but was @later reinstated to a different @department @ still ahead, a medical @breakthrough performed right in @our own backyard. @how the cleveland clinic is @giving new hope to women with @infertility. @will. @ got some good news here @announced by ford that actually @coincides nicely with the @cleveland auto show. @$145 million worth of news. @what it means for the cleveland @area coming up, holly. @>> okay. @i just threw it out on twitter. @it makes sense. @we asked the question. @temperatures in the 20s this @morning, and we are not exiting @20s today. @going to be cold. @some leftover snow is falling @for this morning's drive, but i @do think we'll see sunshine @before the day is through. @forecast. @i will tell you all about it @coming up. @ i alert closing delays @instant.
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@been a busy week here. @6:07.
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@ @ 611 toim time right now. @a medical breakthrough right @here in northeast ohio. @the cleveland clinic has @performed the very first uterus @transplant in the united states. @a 26-year-old woman in stable @condition now after the medical @team worked for nine hours to @implant the organ from a @deceased donor. @this is video provided by the @hospital. @the clinic announced it was @looking for candidates to @participate in clinical trials @late last year. @the lans plant is meant to allow @women without a yut rous or @those with a damaged womb the @ability to carry a baby and give @birth. @>> amazing work. @ good news for the ford plant @in brook park. @the company says it will make
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@engine plant that will keep or @create 150 jobs. @improvements are for production @of the new engines for the 2017 @ford f-150 trucks. @employs about 1,500 workers. @ all right. @let's talk about fancy cars now. @the cleveland auto show begins @tonight from the ix center. @>> will got -- somehow he got @inside the building this @morning. @what are we going to look at @now? @>> we're going to talk about @just what you talked about. @perfect segue, john. @this announcement by ford. @this eco loos engine produced @here. @they've announced $145 million @up dprad to the cleveland engine @plant so they can make this new @eco boost engine. @talk about this here. @>> best thing about it is it's @built here. @this engine is actually going to @be in the 2017 rap tore. @ut produces more horsepower out @of a v6 than the old v8 that was @in this. @it was 411 horsepower for the
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@boost is going to produce more @horsepower to run this truck. @>> so you are getting more @horsepower out of less @cylinders? @>> yeah. @less cylinders. @more fuel efficient. @it has just as much torque to @move this unit. @you're looking at a @new rap tore. @>> i could see these tires on @this. @this looks like you could drive @over a mountain of snow if you @really needed to with this. @winter. @at this point, we can get @through anything we need to. @it's a beautiful truck. @>> the great news about this, @145 million being invested here, @creating and retaining 150 jobs. @that's always an issue. @every place wants to keep the @jobs they have and create more @jobs so more coming into the @cleveland market here. @that's always dpraet new us. @>> it is great news and what @ford has done for the northeast @ohio market is tremendous, @especially with the engine plant @right around the corner from the @auto show. @it's something that we can shout @about, about cleveland, and @what's great, what we can do and
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@industry. @>> other cool things we are @seeing down here all over the @place is the move to -- hybrids @move to electric vehicles. @we are seeing companies come @autowith all electric. @talk a little about that. @are we there yet where people @can feel comfortable jumping in? @a lot of people before were like @what if sng goes wrong with @this, anybody know how to fix @this? @>> any time you have brand new @technology, it takes some time, @you know, to get to a point @where there's a comfort level. @something that's thrown a little @bit of a wrench into it now is @the low fuel prices. @when people are looking at that, @the prices of those type of @vehicles all electric @alternative fuels have come @down, but at the same time, if @fuel prices are down, people are @sometimes looking at suvs, some @of the larger vehicles. @so right now, we are in a period @of whether those decisions are @right for certain people, but @they're all out there. @they're all here. @>> we all know the gas prices @are going to go back up. @something to check out down @here. @check back in one more time,
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@where i think they got the @terrain there. @>> i love that thing. @>> yeah. @>> it's fun. @>> thank you, will. @>> all right. @ let's talk weather. @>> yeah. @i mean, maybe some people going @to the auto show to escape some @of this. @we have some flurries out there @right now. @>> we do. @some light snow showers. @u think we'll continue to see at @least a few leftover snow @showers this morning then things @should start to clear up a bit, @but it's going to stay cold @today. @bus stop, we're in the 20s, and @we will not climb out of the @20s. @high fives for friday. @last weekend at february. @march arrives next week. @march a big month. @we've got easter the month of @march this year. @st. patrick's day coming up. @the start of spring and all @kinds of things to have fun @with. @a warmer weekend is on the way. @50 plus by sunday. @even though we are below normal @today, things are really going @to reverse again. @we are upper 20s for our highs @today. @we will see sun peaks, i think, @into the afternoon and evening.
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@light snow showers. @the idea. @all awe kroz the great lakes, @we've got light snow. @it is literally more in the air @than anything else, sort of that @fluffy light snowfall, and not @really impacting driving @conditions or anything like @that. @though. @always nice to hear from you on @twitter. @if you are waking up to maybe a @dusting, let us know. @reports. @as we look ahead on future @vushgs we are seeing things dry @out by mid-morning, and we start @cover, too. @so i think it'll be kind of that @mix of clouds and sunshine for @the afternoon. @upper 20s, about the best we @will do. @40 is the normal high on this @day. @we are going to improve, and @watch what happens as we get @into tomorrow. @high pressure builds in, so @we'll start partly cloudy skies. @by afternoon, it is mostly @sunny. @this is tomorrow, 4:30. @we are in the low-to-mid 40s. @it's going to be a beautiful @saturday, and sunday is looking
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@forecast. @by sunday, 52 degrees. @it will become partly sunny @again sunday late in the day @ahead of another system that has @an impact @early monday. @we'll see rain and maybe wet @snow mixing in. @mild as we start next week, @temperatures 40s to near 50 then @colder again but thursday. @6:17. @here is a check on your drive. @ wkyc traffic is brought to @you by mike bass ford. @get a great deal and a great @deal more at mike bass ford. @ good morning to you. @thank you for allowing us to @start your day. @we start your commute. @we are looking pretty good. @normal drive times throughout @northeast ohio. @however, i would say take it @slow out there because we are @getting reports of black ice on @the roads and icy conditions. @we had a number of accidents @earlier this morning. @now, rebecca reached out to me @on twitter and said is it still @closed? @i love answering questions on @twitter.
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@where it was closed earlier @because of an accident. @here is a picture. @it's all clear so you are good @to go 71 north and south. @in fact, here is 71 close to @downtown at west 25th street. @even though we are starting to @see the slowing just before the @innerbelt bridge, 71 remains @normal drive times. @14 minutes headed north and 14 @minutes headed south so, john, @we are good to go. @>> sounds good. @thank you. @ 618 time type. @today, a special flashback @friday edition of biggest @winners. @this all started 15 years ago @when i had a segment on the @morning show called fish friday. @you catch a fish, send me the @picture, and i would show it. @that's when i met today's @biggest winner, bryan. @>> i knew three-year-old bryan @was a real fishing pro when he @sent me this picture of his @first catch so i wanted bryan to @give me a lesson. @>> okay. @>> okay. @now, you got to tell me how to @do this. @okay? @>> uh-huh. @>> how do you fish? @sgli mean, if you push this
6:19 am
@whip it. @>> whoa. @very good. @how long do we have to wait? @>> waut about this long. @>> that long? @>> uh-huh. @oh, i caught one. @>> you got one? @>> i'm just kidding. @>> oh, look at you. @>> we didn't catch any fish, but @we had a good time and came up @with good fish stories. @did you notice, we even dressed @alike. @same navy shirt. @the khaki shorts. @we had a great time. @this is bryan today, and i want @to send him a big @congratulations because he was @just named an eagle scout. @>> oh, yay. @>> numerous leadership positions @here in 22 merit badges and @organizing completed a service @project for his hometown. @trail. @he led the effort to fix the old @observation, three benches were @built, and the trail now has new @marker signs. @>> oh my goodness. @>> bryan will be honored on @march 6th, and i just want to @say, great job, buddy. @i'm proud of you. @>> that is wonderful. @>> we had so much fun fishing @that day. @>> oh my goodness.
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@>> we ended with a box of @donuts. @that day. @>> we'll have to send him some @>> we will. @great honor and the work you've @done for the community, you've @done outstanding work. @good job. @>> all grown up. @you still have your hair. @but yeah. @work on that. @>> all right. @>> it looks fabulous. @ let's check in with greg. @>> we are talking about phone @security today. @your iphone is already @encrypted. @coming up, i'm going to tell you @how to make that encryption even @more secure. @good morning there, holly. @>> hi there, greg. @you got to look at your tv for @this one chl this is creativity @at its best. @sent this in from snow we had @several weeks ago. @wasn't good packing snow so she @decided to make a flat snow man. @why not? @totally worked. @thank you for this weather @out your window. @absolutely fabulous.
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@ @ 6:24 right now. @smart phone security has been @top of the line lately as the @fbi and apple battle over @accessing secure information. @>> greg is here now with more @about the encryption options we @have on our phones. @now, let's talk about those @iphones. @>> iphones go a little step @further. @if you are using ios 8 or @higher, your phone is @automatically encrypted. @that's 94% of all iphones out @there. @the way the data is encrypted, @it's put in that safe, and the @only way to unlock it is by @making a password. @that code is generated by @hardware in the phone and your @user-generated pass code. @it's the code you use to unlock
6:25 am
@that's important, and that means @that that pass code that you use @to unlock your screen should be @very secure. @now, this is information for @those of you who are @extremely -- who see your data @very important on your phone and @want to be very careful with it. @you want to go with touch id and @pass code under the settings app @and click on change passcode. @when you do that, click on @passcode options and change your @passcode from a four-digit knew @numeric code to a custom @alphanumeric code. @that will make your encryption @more secure and krour data more @secure with it. @go back to that touch id and @pass code setting and then @scroll to the bottom and also @make sure that erase data is @checked on. @this will actually set the @iphone to erase your data if @someone enters your pass code @incorrectly ten times. @after the tenth attempt, your @phone is wiped.
6:26 am
@that you remember, but that will @really keep your data safe. @now, you can go one step @further. @if you're really concerned about @your data getting in the wrong @hands, you want to make sure you @are not backing up your iphone @to icloud. @go into the settings app, click @on icloud, and make sure backup @is off. @why? @when your phone is backed up to @icloud, it is put into apple's @servers, and that information @can then be accessed by @authorities, both apple and @google have allowed authorities @to access data off their @servers. @so if you really don't want your @dau that out there, do not back @up your phones. @>> wow. @i guess little warning all the @time. @your phone has not been backed @up, you know, i mean, it happens @every couple of days. @greg. @>> thanks, greg. @ let's send it over to holly. @a few flurries out there. @>> tgif. @i think we'll see the flurries @fade, along with any light snow @that's happening, then we'll @transition to a few peeks of
6:27 am
@big thing on the travel map is @all the clear skies to our west. @high pressure builds in. @wait until you see the weekend @warm warmup. @i'll let you know how warm in @just minutes. @6:26.
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@ @ welcome back, everyone. @i'm john anderson. @>> weather and traffic is coming @up in just a minute. @first, a number of developing @stories to get to. @let's begin in cleveland where a @police officer crashed his car
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@the crash had the officer @trapped until rescue crews could @get him out. @he was rushed to the hospital @with lower leg injuries. @he's in serious condition this @morning. @icy roads are being blamed for @this crash. @another officer outside of the @car was also when he fell on @ice. @ also developing this @morning, police in kansas are @looking for the motive behind a @shooting spree that killed three @people and injured more than a @dozen others. @police say an employee at a @lawncare plant, excel @industries, shot three people on @his way into work and opened @fire inside the plant before he @was shot and killed by police. @ this morning, schools say @there will be extra police at @all schools, this after two @attempted abductions thursday @and then another report of a man @exposing himself to a girl. @this prompted loraine schools to @go into lockdown. @today, parents are being urged @to walk with their kids to and @from the bus stop. @that all happened after an
6:32 am
@a man entered through a bedroom @window of a ten-year-old girl @and tried to pull her out. @she was able to get away. @so far, no arrests. @police are working together to @see if all four cases are, in @fact, related. @ all right. @6:32. @holly has been telling us all @week, just get through thursday, @and then we can coast into the @weekend. @right? @>> yes. @>> hear where we're ready now. @>> okay. @coast, please. @just grab your coat as you do so @today. @temperatures, they're cold, but @it's a much quieter forecast. @we've got a few leftover snow @showers and flurries happening. @by 9:00 this morning, it would @be a flurry, if anything at all. @mostly cloudy skies will give @way to system sunshine peeks @today, but we are not going to @climb out of the 20s. @28, the expected high. @we do have light snow still on @the map this morning as you're @waking up, but this is not @causing any problems. @most of you just reporting a @flurry, if that. @the good news is things really @are looking up. @after we get through the cold @warmer weather again. @got a look at your weekend
6:33 am
@we'll see how warm we get. @first with a check on your @drive. @tgif. @>> we have made it. @that is causing a little bit of @icy conditions throughout the @region so please be careful. @a crash already reported on east @91st street at union avenue. @no big closures here, but just @use caution as you are @traveling. @we move to streetsboro where @state route 303 is closed at @jefferson street because of ice @on the road. @this is due to yesterday's @flooding. @you can go ahead and take that @state route 303 bypass to get @around that closure. @now, don't forget, when you hit @the roads, tune into our @partners at wpam 1100 total @traffic. @back to you. @ all right. @thank you. @dallas police have announced it @will take its case on johnny @manziel to a grand jury. @the grand jury will decide now @if the browns' quarterback will @be charged with a class a @misdemeanor assault. @this all stems from a january @incident which manziel's @exgirlfriend says he assaulted @her. @the charge carries a maximum
6:34 am
@a $4,000 fine. @the browns have indicated that @they will release manziel as @early as march 9th. @ a woman convicted of having @her ex-boyfriend killed received @a sentence of life in prison. @34-year-old tiffany powell will @spend her life behind bars for @the death of james harris. @prosecutors say there was a @heated custody battle with their @four daughters at the time of @his murder. @she will be eligible for parole @after serving 32 years. @ now, here is john with the @morning news team. @>> all right. @6:34. @the fbi says it hasn't been able @to find any ed suggesting a @machete attack at a columbus @restaurant was terrorism. @the restaurant was owned by an @israeli man. @the fbi says there's no @information that the attacker, @30-year-old barry from the west @african nation of guinea was @working with or directed by @anyone. @four people were injured. @barry was fatally shot by police @when he lunged at them with the @weapon. @ a psychotherapist testified @that sportscaster erin andrews
6:35 am
@the man who stalked and secretly @recorded her was let out of @prison. @andrews is suing her stalker, @michael david barrettings and @the owner and manager of the @nashville marriott for $75 @million. @andrews' lawyers allege hotel @management was negligent @allowing to book the room next @to her after they told her -- @told which one she was staying @in. @ all right. @are you strong enough to take a @selfie? @this selfie, with your computer. @check out the macbook selfie @stick. @as the name suggests, it's a @selfie stick strong enough to @held a macbook computer. @there's a catch, and, boy, there @better be one. @you won't be able to buy one of @these yet. @the maker says the cringe-worthy @sticks were created as more of @an artistic to show the kufrnt @culture @>> i want one that can hold, @like, a hundred-inch tv.
6:36 am
@i would not be surprised if we @see those @ let's see what's huden on @the market. @will be started tonight as the @cleveland auto show gets @underway later today. @>> big crowds. @this is a dpraet time of year to @go look at new cars. @hi, will. @>> good morning, john. @tonight. @normally it starts on saturday, @opens the doors at 5 p.m., and @they are going to be gone all @through next sunday. @a lot of things to see, a lot to @do down here. @lou joining me again here, the @president of the cleveland auto @show. @this is something people look @forward to that come back year @and year. @if they haven't been here @explain what we are looking at @here. @>> you are looking at an indoor @track that will basically show @off what a jeep can do offroad @inside this building. @there's all kind of different @scenarios where they have ground @cleern, articulation, traction. @there's a -- there's a certain @grade that you're looking at @right now that the vehicles go @over.
6:37 am
@here 11 years, and continue to @change it. @there are some different things @this year than in the past, and, @you know, it's just a great @opportunity to experience a @vehicle. @>> and all different kind of @jeeps here. @i see the renegade out there. @i think i see a patriot over @there, as well. @a jeep is something that you're @looking at, you can really test @it out here on some different @types of terrains. @>> yeah. @not just the one vehicle, the @wrang ler we've seen for years. @you have the renegade. @you have the patriot. @they are all trail rated so @there's something, and different @vehicle for everybody that's @interested in the jeep. @>> for everyone -- you are for @everyone. @tickets $13, 11 for preteens and @seniors. @kids six and under begins @tonight 5 p.m. @to 10:00. @they go 11:00 to 10:00 monday @through saturday. @next sunday finish up with @11:00. @what is your favorite thing @here? @>> it's the cars. @at the end of the day, @everything in this building is @brand new.
6:38 am
@them, and then ultimately, i @don't have a favorite, but being @here t is the best part. @>> really cool to check out, @guys, if you get down here. @see something you're never able @to afford but nice to see in @person. @>> can you imagine the smell of @that place, that new-car smell? @>> they're just spraying it @around here. @>> all right. @will, thank you. @thank you to both of you. @6:38. @still lots to come here. @>> let's say hi to matt. @>> good morning and good buy to @the flu. @good buy to the cold. @we are going to fight it all @with the most incredible product @right after the break, but @holly, tis the season to maybe @think about the germs. @>> yes. @we are going to also say good @buy to the cold weather, but in @the meantime, it is chilly @today. @temperatures in the 20s now. @we're not going to make it out @of the 20s. @leftover snow showers this @morning from sunshine, but wait @until you see the weekend @forecast.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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@ @ channel 3 welcomes 2016 rock @n roll hall of fame inductees @with 13th annual spring benefit @friday may 6 at 9 p.m. @at @cleveland public hall. @tickets start at 17.50 and are @on sale right now at @all ticket master locations will @perform the rock hall's @nationally acclaimed educational @program. @get more info now at @ now, here is a look at some @of the stories trending online @this morning. @the academy awards are this @weekend, and we all know the @controversy about the lack of @diversity among nominees. @ there's another controversy @now, the oscar swag bag. @only the nominees in the big @categories will get it. @this year, it's worth $232,000. @some of the things in it are so
6:43 am
@suing the company that gives @them. @so here is some of the things in @it. @$300 worth of personalized m & @m's. @i don't think that's a @controversy. @>> why 300? @>> i don't know. @15-day private walking tour of @japan. @that's valued at 54 grand. @>> wow. @>> a year's worth of rental cars @from sill veer car. @causing a lot of the raised @eyebrows. @a vampire breast lift, which is @worth almost $2,000. @>> that's when you -- they use @up. @>> so they are giving away @medical procedures now. @>> okay. @frms it is a day full house fans @have been waiting for. @the tanner family is back. @you can now watch it on netflix. @the first episode of fuller @it @reunites most of the original @cast. @tanner joins @forces with her sister stephanie @and best friend kimmy to raise @daughter.
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@of a studio audience on the same @warner bros.lot where the tanner @house was rebuilt. @ a call police officers in @california never thought they'd @get. @it was an escaped unicorn. @outd fitted in the unicorn @escaped a children's birthday @party, leading officers on a @wild chase. @the pony named juliett got away @during a photo session, darting @into traffic and weaving between @vehicles. @several drivers called to report @seeing, hey, police, there's a @magical creature on the loose. @she was eventually caught. @luckily no injuries were @reported. @not sure -- i mean, the kids all @watched this. @>> she was looking for romeo, i @suppose. @>> i guess so. @>> either that or get this thing @off my head. @>> matt yoshgs u get to follow @that one. @ i'm pleased. @right now, we go from that to @fighting off the flu. @protecting you from the cold. @and protecting you from germs
6:45 am
@you are about to reach for that @may be in your hand. @take a look. @did you guess what it is? @your phone. @it's disgusting. @we all have this. @in fact, the warmth of the phone @plus bacteria equals all sorts @of buildups that we never clean. @today, we are going to fight it @off, clean your phone with more @than a million germs on it right @now linked to the flu, pink eye, @even acne. @my favorite screen cleaner today @is a 100% non-toxic environment @tally safe germ-killing, @fingerprint-preventing screen @cleaner. @best deal in the country today. @not only scores you basically @two bottles for the price of one @and a full cleaning kit, but its @cleaning results are absolutely @stunning. @there is not a product i @could swear by more and, again, @no company pays us to talk about @them.
6:46 am
@it's going to sell out. @you gus saw the effects when i @cleaned your phones and ipads @last hour. @what did you think? @>> fantastic. @>> it's so funny because i make @fun of john all the time because @his ipad is so gross, and then @you wiped it with that and it's @like he's a changed man. @>> yeah. @>> it looks brand new. @>> it does. @i mean, i can read it now. @>> the deal is on @>> i'm buying that stuff. @>> new context. @>> now contacts or reading @glasses, you just solved my @problem. @thank you, dr. matt. @>> let's send it over to holly. @ we've got a good-looking @day. @just going to be a cold day. @>> i'll be able to see it, @holly. @>> you can actually view the @weather app, john. @ temperatures are in the 20s. @we are not going to climb out of @them today. @it will be a below-normal friday @as far as numbers go. @40 is the normal high. @25 the normal low.
6:47 am
@20s, as i said. @much warmer weekend with 50 plus @by sunday. @so the recovery is on the way, @and we are looking for just a @few of those leftover snow @showers right now. @a few flurries maybe through 9 @a.m. @but that would be it. @then we're upper 20s with sun @peeks, and as we get into radar @here, you'll see some of this @light snow not causing any @issues. @we haven't had any reports of @any problems. @that's great. @this is literally more snow in @the air than anything else, and @i would expect that it really @does continue to calm and quiet @down over the next couple of @hours. @as we look ahead on future vie, @11 a.m., we are already seeing @breaks in the cloud cover into @this afternoon, but we just @don't get that break in @temperature today. @so upper 20s is about all we'll @do. @we'll stay in the 20s tonight. @high pressure builds in. @watch what happens for tomorrow. @we totally clear it out into the @afternoon. @we're going to warm into the 40s @so we'll be a little bit above @normal, and sunday looks even @better in the numbers with skies @starting off mainly clear.
6:48 am
@the window nation 7 day, i do @think we'll get into more of a @partly shunny sky later on @sunday ahead of our next weather @system, but 52 degrees the high. @that's good stuff right there. @sunday night into monday, we'll @have some rain and wet snow @chances. @40 for highs monday and then @back into the 50s before we get @cold again for the middle of @next week. @john, let's do some weather. @>> let's do it. @let's find 1078 homes. @first of all, mango. @six years old. @she's a little shy but loves to @be pet and warms up. @she is looking for a home. @she's at the par ma petssmart. @next, we have tom. @tom is always 6 years old. @loves humans so that's a good @thing. @he just loves to play all the @time. @tremont. @if you are looking for a new @friend, mango and tom are @frms after the break, your @morning rush. @>> let's check in with tiffany. @>> well, john, a cleveland @police officer is injured @overnight after his cruiser @crashes into a tree.
6:49 am
@what we've learned about his
6:50 am
6:51 am
@ @ 6:51. @welcome back. @it's the morning rush. @>> we also have an update on the @three people killed inside a @kansas plant in a live report. @but first, let's start with @tiffany. @ well, lynna, a cleveland @police officer is in serious @condition this morning after @crashing his cruiser into a @tree. @it happened here on cleveland's
6:52 am
@around 3:00 this morning. @he was trapped for several @minutes, at least 15 minutes, if @not more. @rescuers worked to free him, and @they finally did. @when they were able to get him @out, he was alert and talking, @sits upright on that stretcher. @we're told he has injuries to @his lower body. @we also know a second officer @was injured after falling on the @ice, ice to blame for this @crash. @of course, we are waiting to @find out exactly what caused it. @now, i'm going to turn it over @to sarah. @good morning, sarah. @>> good morning. @we are live at newton, kansas @where a tragic scene is @unfolding. @a gunman opened fire, killing @three people and injuring as @many as 20 others. @his name is cedriy, barging into @his workplace, exce l @industries, shooting at random. @he was gunned down by police @officers and a standoff @situation ensued by his trailer. @now, police are working to find
6:53 am
@hours, we hope to hear more @information about what pushed @ford over the edge at a news @conference here at the harvey @county sheriff's office. @back to you, john. @ all right. @this morning, schools say there @will be extra police at all @schools, this afternoon two @attempted abductions thursday @and another report of a man @exposing himself to a girl. @this prompted schools to go into @lockdown. @today, parents are being urged @to walk with their kids to and @from the bus stop. @police are also looking into @whether this is related to a @case in allyria. @ the driver in a crash that @killed two bicyclists and @injured three others has been @found not guilty.a jury @acquitted timothy wolf of @vehicular homicide. reports defense @attorney said sun glare @contributed to the crash. @local cycling group bike @cleveland is expressing outrage @over the verdict. @ now, here is what the today @show is working on. @>> hi. @good morning. @i'm jeff. @coming up this morning on today,
6:54 am
@germs. @there are some photos a mom just @posted on facebook -- it's going @viral -- showing mold building @up hidden inside her kids' sippy @cup. @it got us wondering what kind of @mold and bacteria is lurking @inside of your home or my home. @yeah. @we're in my home right now. @guess what, there are some @secret places to look to find @it. @i just found this inside my @bathroom. @when we open it up, yeah, that's @all mold. @we're going to show you the @secret places to look inside @your home to keep your family @safe this morning right here on @today. @ right now, we are taking a @look at the traffic. @looking fete -- pretty good. @however, remains closed at @jefferson street because of ice @on the road. @you can take the state route 303 @bypass to get around that. @crash on east 91st street at @union avenue in cleveland. @click conditions in the area. @also snowing 71 north before the @innerbelt bridge.
6:55 am
@25th so no delays really in this @area. @ 6:55. @checking the forecast, which @includes leftover snow this @morning but then peeks of @sunshine just cold today, @otherwise quieter. @highs will be in the upper 20s, @which is below normal. @we should be about 40. @we're making up for it, though. @we are in the 40s tomorrow. @partly to mostly sunny skies for @your saturday. @sunday, we are in the 50s, and @pretty mild to start next week. @let's get matt's bonus deal of @the day. @ 70% off a five-piece @cuisinart knife set, $14.50. @have a nice day, #350e78. @>> what? @a five-piece -- cuisinart. @>> just sweeted ed -- tweeted @that @deal. @monday, we are going to go past @90%. @90% off deals here on monday. @>> when are you going to start @giving me, like, cash.
6:56 am
@>> by tuesday. @u bet. @>> all right. @thank you. @thank you for being with us. @of course, we'll be with you @throughout the today show with @news updates always at @as well. @>> see you in about 25 minutes. @in the meantime, have a great @day, great weekend. @>> thanks for watching channel 3 @news. @take channel 3 news andwet we @are you wherever you go. @text wkyc to 25543 now to
6:58 am
again! r again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal...
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good morning. tragedy in kansas. four dead, 14 injured after a gunman goes on a shooting spree at a factory where he worked. >> everybody was running. people were screaming. people were crying. >> the shooter identified as cedric ford. this morning, police say they know what may have triggered his rampage. texas smackdown. things get ugly at the republican debate, with cruz and rubio taking repeated shots at donald trump. >> if he hadn't had $200,000, you know where donald trump would be? selling watches and hats. >> anybody who cared about


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