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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  February 26, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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@ @ it is one of the finest @groups of new vehicles in @history polished and ready for @visitors. @hundreds of different makes and @models on display on the floor @of the imax center with cuss to @form cars. @take a peek inside, even take @plenty for a spin. @but not nose on billionaire's @row. @we'll tell you about those @later. @it's a great way to learn @what's available this year. @ and good evening from the @ix center. @i'm russ mitchell welcoming you @to the 2016 cleveland auto @show.
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@you the sights and sounds of @the cool things taking place. @more than a thousand cars here. @and it's a lot of fun. @normally on friday night, the @first friday night of the show, @in past years, it's been @industry night where dealers @bring their families in and @other folks from the industry. @but tonight they decided to @open things up to the public. @at 5:00, the doors open. @as i look behind me, it looks @like a very nice crowd already @getting underway. @first of all, we want to get @started right now. @want to rev up your engines and @let you know some of the things @you don't want to miss this @year. @>> reporter: more than 1,000 @sleek, shiny, new vehicles are @all celebrities inside the ix @center. @and ohio has plenty of @connections to this auto show @from parma, brook park, lords @town, toledo, and marysville. @if you want to get behind the @wheel and try something out, no @problem with plenty of indoor @and outdoor ride and drive
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@there's something to check out @for everyone from the sexy to @the heavy duty to the cutting @edge. @and if you have big bucks to @spend, you may want to check @out millionaire's row where you @have a 500 horsepower engine. @one of only 24 in the world. @but it has a $2.3 million price @tag. @and that will probably bring @you back to reality really @fast. @a lot of big names, big @stickers to go with it. @>> this show has been taking @place since 1930? @we have the president of the @dealers association. @he hasn't been part of this @since 1903. @but he knows what he's talking @about. @good to see you! @>> great to be out. @>> reporter: why a friday night @this year? @>> we wanted to give the public @the opportunity to see the show @firsthand. @we open up on friday. @it's two fridays now. @and it makes the show a 9 1/2 @day show.
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@a lot of them are three day, @five days. @we're here almost ten days. @>> reporter: what's different @about this year's show? @>> a lot of reaction. @but all the cars are new. @everything under one roof. @thousands of vehicles to see. @we have numerous of ride and @drives. @we have an auction coming up. @we'll talk about that later in @the show. @and you know what? @a lot of interaction with the @consumers. @now you can see the vehicles, @touch the vehicles, drive the @vehicles, and see what kind of @technology is being put in the @vehicles. @>> reporter: past year, i know @you talked with customers, @obviously. @are most looking for cars? @or is this just a fun day, fun @night? @>> it's both. @they're here to compare and ask @questions. @you can take them for a ride @off the premises. @it goes back to the dealership. @ @and there's a whole other @subset that says, hey, this is @entertainment. @it's been warm. @that's okay. @see the cars.
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@things for kids to do. @they're all here for one thing, @to see the cars. @>> reporter: we've had this @discussion the past two or @three years. @>> yeah, we have! @>> reporter: this is the spring @kickoff for dealers. @how important is this for them? @ @>> it is. @it is vitally important for the @northeast ohio car dealers. @there's different incentives, @different things they're doing @to attract you to the brand. @the cars are really built much @better than they were in the @past. @now you have to differentiate @yourself. @you have technology, design, @fuel economy. @some of the things in people's @purchase decisions. @that's what people are here to @figure out. @>> reporter: you have the auto @show on our butt, i understand. @ @you once sold auto tickets as a @kid? @[ laughter ] @>> who told you? @>> reporter: i won't say! @>> i actually cleaned cars in @high school. @>> reporter: oh! @>> that was my first job. @when i graduated from john @carol locally, i got tickets @and got through the ranks of @the association. @i've been running it for five @years. @>> reporter: and here you are. @>> yep. @>> reporter: give us the
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@how long, what time? @>> starting today all the way @through march 6th everyday of @the week. @11:00 to 10:00 on sundays 11:00 @to 8:00. @adults are $13. @seniors and preteens are $11. @always free parking. @>> millionaire's row, we'll @talk about them. @but you can't ride and drive @those, right? @>> oh, no! @that. @and you and i aren't getting in @them either. @[ laughter ] @year. @>> thank you. @ as we know, here in @northeast ohio, we're proud of @the ford motor plant and at the @koa boost engine me -- eco @boost engine they make here. @we have great news to the @economy in northeast ohio. @>> reporter: ford's all new f- @150raptor and f-150 lineup will @have cle under the hood. @the 3.5ecoboost engine comes @with a big investment from @ford.
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@this money in the cleveland @plants to bring those power @trains to market speaks volumes @to popularity and ecoboost. @>> reporter: a small high-tech @engine that uses less fuel, @reduces emissions and requires @less power. @in 2009, the ecoboost restarted @the idle engine plan with only @one model. @currently, seven different @engines are in the ecoboost @line with three more to be @added by 2020, this according @to ford. @this new investment will create @and retain 150 jobs. @>> i think it's fantastic that @new technology is coming to @cleveland. @it's the hardwork of the @membership that's brought this @work here. @>> last year alone we sold @about 1 million ecoboost @engines. @so just makes sense with the @demand that we expand to a @second general rigs, all new @version that will frankly have
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@that will have better @performance and fuel economy. @>> reporter: one thing i @learned today i didn't know, @cleveland was actually known as @motor city until 1908 when the @city named detroit took over. @we talked about manufacturing. @a lot of designing takes place @here as well. @plenty of graduates at the @cleveland institute of art play @a part in what happens. @one example is the chrysler @pacifica. @the goal was to keep the @features that people love about @the pacifica but change the @look and medical marijuana @people feel better driving it @around. @she has one favorite feature, @she told us about. @>> the hands-free sliding door @and lift gate opening. @and what you can do is, say -- @i don't know how many times @i've had a baby in my arms and @grocery bag, and i have to find @my key fob and figure out how
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@now you can wave your foot @underneath the sliding door and @the door would open. @and the same for the lift gate. @>> reporter: and she not only @designed the interior and @exterior but a look on @chrysler's current logo. @not a bad job there as well. @no matter what the design, @before you plug down your hard @earned cash for a car, you @probably want to take it for a @spin. @and this year at the car show, @you can do that. @our brandon simmons is live at @the drive and check it out @section of the auto show! @[ laughter ] @>> reporter: and he's here to @tell us more about that. @brandon, what are you driving @today? @>> i think i was going for the @aston martin, but they wouldn't @let me. @>> no! @[ laughter ] @>> but most the people, @obviously, you're looking for @the cars. @a lot of them, you can't @afford. @but if you're trying to buy the @car, there's 11 manufacturers @really trying to get you in the @driver's seat or passenger seat @to show you what it's like. @so all those brands letting you @ride and drive. @>> reporter: the first thing
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@show is take a look around, get @your barings, and find your @favorite brand. @then you take them for a spin. @there's more cars available for @ride and drive than in years @before. @popular. @>> we're in the jeep wrangler. @this is the hard rock edition. @>> reporter: for this course, @i'm sitting in the passenger @seat letting the pros show us @how it's done. @>> set up our traction and @torc. @pull it over there -- tork. @pull it there. @>> reporter: we went over bumps @i hope you never hit in @northeast ohio. @>> what do customers say about @the ride and drive? @>> they love it! @super busy. @that's the best part about it. @getting to see their reaction @and seeing their reaction as @well. @>> reporter: ram will also take @you for a ride on their course. @let other brands take you @outside and let you drive the @car for yourself. @brands like toyota, kia, and @mazda whose matter is driving @matters.
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@you want to take it for a spin, @there's some rules. @in most cases, you have to be @18 years old, have a valid @license, and may have to take a @breathalyzer test. @no alcohol allowed. @if you can't meet the criteria, @just let them drive you. @>> everybody gets out with a @smile on their face. @>> reporter: and, yes, that @includes me. @>> reporter: now, some of the @brands i didn't get to mention @there include ford, subaru, @chevy, also the rest of the @fiat and chrysler family. @all those car brands will let @you get in, ride and drive as @long as you're here. @i don't know. @i mean, we had a lot of fun @while we were over there on @that jeep course. @and if you get a chance, russ, @make sure you get over there @and try it out as well. @it's fun no matter how many @times you do it. @>> it looks like a lot of fun. @you're going to come back and @drive it, correct? @>> i'll definitely come back. @hopefully we'll get something @faster outside and erase the @airplanes next door. @[ laughter ] @>> i think you just sealed your @ticket now. @that's probably not going to @happen, brandon.
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@ and coming up, if you're a @fan of classic cars, you'll @want to check out the auto show @as well. @they have a section here of @classic cars. @they'll auction off. @we'll talk to a local @auctioneer who will work the @art. @he'll explain the special @language they use and what's @for sale. @that and much more as we @continue our live broadcast of @the cleveland auto show. @stay with us. @ wow, a '58 corvette.
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@ @ wow, wow, wow, this thing's @so cool. @it was a highlight of the show @in detroit and chicago.
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@the effects were made in the @'90s and early 2000s. @making it for a while. @but it's back. @i'm sure it ain't cheap. @it's quite impressive with its @sleek and sharp interior and @hand assembled engine. @ well, as i said earlier, @there will be an auction here @of classic cars. @this guy next to me has amazing @skills. @he can talk faster than anyone @you know. @mark is at the classic car @auction. @thanks for joining us! @>> thanks for having me! @>> give me a riff. @>> 5 bid down, 100 -- $800 sold @to you -- [ auctioneering ] @>> reporter: i hear you add @>> they're called filler words. @ @what it does is you have an @auction, you sing it. @one, now, two, two, three. @it's simple. @you ever play hide and seek as @a kid? @5, 10, 15, 20, now, what did
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@10? @10 at a bid. @15. @you're singing the numbers. @you're basically singing the @numbers. @>> reporter: you sound like you @world. @>> it is fun! @if you can't have fun doing it, @don't do it. @years. @>> reporter: what's the most @fun? @>> meeting new people and @seeing new things. @i've seen a lot of things. @things you've never recognized @before. @classic cars. @i'm a car guy. @so i love seeing classic cars. @>> reporter: you know what @>> well .... @i'm smart enough just to get in @trouble [ laughter ] @>> reporter: when you're up @there and rattling off @impressive nones, is there @somewhere in your mind @thinking, i can't believe this @person is paying this money -- @>> i don't care if you're @selling books, cars, boxes, @whatever you're selling, what i @tell my sellers, it's apples @and oranges. @you'll see things bring way up
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@so, yeah, there is that. @there's that in every auction. @there's always something that @blows your mind that it @actually did that well. @>> reporter: most expensive car @ever crossed your way? @>> most expensive car that's @ever crossed my way was about @50,000. @>> reporter: 50,000. @all right. @all right. @when you're not actually doing @the auction action you're in @the audience as well. @>> right, right. @you can call them ringmen, @floor personnel. @but the main term is a ringman. @>> reporter: and you're telling @people, you sure you want to @bid that? @>> you're trying to create an @auction near bring energy so he @can spot bids. @>> reporter: how does one get @in this line of work? @>> i think you got to be in @tune with what is really going @on. @i went to auctions as a small @kid. @and i grew up. @and actually how i got involved @in this, i was a career @firefighter for the city of @wooster. @retired in 2004. @we were screwing around at the @fire station one day.
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@something off. @and somebody said, hey, you are @pretty good at that! @you should go to school! @>> reporter: i went to the @school of auctioneering. @31 years later, here i am! @>> rubber city car classic @auction is right here at the ix @center in conjunction with the @cleveland auto show. @be here! @>> reporter: all right, mike, @thanks a lot! @see you next time! @>> yep. @>> reporter: and when we come @back, we have today's news from @the studio. @stay with us! @you're watching wkyc channel 3
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@ @ welcome back. @topping headlines in the @studio. @police are looking for the @second suspect of the murder of @a 5-month-old girl. @they issued a search warrant @for the arrest of charles @caldwell. @aavielle wakefield was shot in @a drive by in her car seat. @holmes is already facing 13 @felony counts in wakefield's @death. @ and they're still looking @for a suspect in lorain county @after four girls were nearly @attacked yesterday. @first a stranger broke into a @10-year-old's bedroom in @elyria. @she screamed for her father and @the suspect got away. @within hours, someone tried to @abduct three young girls in @lorain. @all three victims are okay. @but tonight, parents are @keeping a closer eye on their @kids. @the suspect is being described @as a white man in his 30s.
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@his eyes. @he also could be driving a @white van. @ a cleveland police officer @is recovering from an early @morning crash where @firefighters had to free him @from his cruiser. @authorities say the 51-year-old @patrolman crashed into a tree @after hitting an icy patch on @east 71st street. @after rescuers got him out of @the car. @he went to uh with serious @injuries, including a broken @leg. @police say he is still @recovering tonight. @ and it's about time to warm @up just in time for the @weekend. @betsy is out at the auto show @with a look at how warm it @could get and which car she @likes best. @how about that, bet is? @-- betsy? @>> reporter: you know what, @there's a lot of i like. @[ laughter ] @>> two of the most sparkly and @shiny things i've seen so far @are alana and kylie here. @they're besties and fifth @graders.
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@to hang out, too? @>> yeah, yeah. @>> reporter: fun for the whole @family? @>> yeah, yeah. @>> reporter: have you driven in @any cars? @>> no. @>> reporter: did you sit in any @cars? @>> yeah. @>> reporter: it's a nice place @for the kids to run off their @energy and a nice night to be @inside as well. @temperatures in the low 20s @through the overnight hours and @clouds skies. @light breezes as well. @we're seeing some snow on the @radar but not a ton from the @sky. @looks like a few lazy flakes @with us through the evening. @but not expecting accumulation. @ @the bigger view doesn't show a @whole lot anytime soon. @you have to go to the west @coast to see any type of storm @system that will be here late @sunday into monday. @temperatures in the 20s to @start tomorrow. @we'll be in the 40s through the @afternoon thanks to @southwesterly breezes it'll be @rather brisk. @i'm conservatively saying low @40s. @but very likely we'll see mid- @to upper 40s in northern ohio. @this keeps the warm air coming @with temperatures in the 50s on @sunday!
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@monday, we'll have rain that @changes over to snow. @monday morning could be a @little problematic to get the @day going. @but other than that, just @wednesday our next chance for @some snow showers around. @the good news is even if @there's some snow showers, we @do have some four by fours you @can choose from here. @and i know there's asten @martins and mercedes and the @nice stuff, but i'm here in the @work truck section. @back to you, sara. @[ laughter ] @>> you know, betsy -- @>> i'm sorry! @russ, back to you! @>> it's okay, betsy. @you're so flustered by the @cars. @i understand! @sunday sounds not like a @convertible day. @but do you think they'd take @one home for the weekend? @>> i think we can arrange @something! @we'll try. @>> that's how you roll, as they @say. @[ laughter ] @>> that's how you try it! @>> thanks a lot! @ and taking you to a place @called millionaire's row. @we're talking about flashy, big @time blingy.
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@to miss. @we'll show them to you when we
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@ @ if you're looking for a way @to beat the snow, check out the @nissan winter warrior! @check out the tires! @whatever they are. @it's not your average tires. @it's a mix of pathfinder, @murano, and rogue, for a @vehicle that can conquer @extreme weather. @ going to show you some of @the most incredible cars here. @it's the millionaire's row. @it's one of the most popular @features of the auto show. @everybody is talking about this @here. @only 24 of these in the world. @looks like a star trek vehicle. @ @asten martin calls it the @vulcan. @not meant for running errands @to the piggly wiggly or
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@for the track only. @this, by the way, $2.4 million @earned by bernie moreno, the @super car dealer. @ massachusetts ratty. @gorgeous -- mazzarati. @sport scars with a radiator @grill, steering system light @and smooth. @the auto show runs until next @sunday. @we'll join you in the studio at @11:00.
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tonight, jennifer garner breaks her silence on her crumbling marriage, telling all about ben and the nanny and what she thinks about his giant back but would she take him back? find out why they're still living on the same property. >> shees like look, i don't hate him, you don't have to hatehim, let's not beat the guy up. behind the scenes of k clarkson's "american idol" break down, making grown men cry. >> the judges take us inside her


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