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tv   Channel 3 News Saturday  NBC  February 27, 2016 8:30am-9:30am EST

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@ @. @ coming up on channel 3 @news today, a warmup is on the @way for the final weekend of @february. @olga is in with the details @and how long the warm weather @will last. @it's a big day in south @see which democrat has a @dominant lead going into the @first of the south contest for @this primary season. @but first we are checking out @auto show. @good morning. @>> good morning. @all morning we are going to be @live at the cleveland auto @show where you can experience @what 1,000 vehicles have to @offer. @what's new this year at the
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@ @ check out that downtown @skyline. @isn't it beautiful? @we are in for a beautiful @february weekend. @i think it's only fitting that @we round out this february @with unseasonal temperatures @because that's just been the @this @entire winter. @it's amazing. @>> timing is everything. @the timing of this break is @wonderful. @most people have the day off. @warmer tomorrow. @things are changing. @on satellite and radar we had
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@but all of that should move @out. @sunny skies. @we'll get there. @this is a quiet pattern @leading to the mild warmup. @we are trending warmer through @the remainder of the weekend @and then in the extended @forecast there is a chance for @precipitation to move on back. @temperatures in the 40s by @3:00. @we should hit the high about @5:00 this afternoon before we @start to bring in the clouds @overnight and pull down those @temperatures. @>> all right. @olga, thank you so much. @ we begin this morning with @breaking news. @two people are dead following @a shooting in canton. @here's what we know so far. @two men were found dead from @gunshot wounds on tenth @industries northeast. @this happened just before 6:00 @this morning. @canton police have not @released any suspect @information just yet. @we are going to continue to @bring you updates on @ an elyria township man is @fighting to keep his head @above water. @a driver under the influence
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@vehicular homicide slammed @into his home. @his wife died and his baby was @left scarred. @now he is facing a new set of @challenges. @we want to warn you, some @viewers may find these @pictures graphic. @channel 3's hilary golston has @the story. @>> at the time my other son @come down the stairs and he @couldn't make it down the @stairs because the car was in @the way. @in the process, he saw his mom @crumpled up dying or dead, @which, um, is weighing heavy @on his heart right now. @it's something a 12-year-old @shouldn't have to deal with. @>> reporter: jacob's mother @dead, his baby brother marred. @fifth degree burns left on the @infant's face. @>> a car drove through the @house! @>> reporter: debra trapped @under the car of adrianna @young. @authorities say she had @marijuana in her system.
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@it's been seven months now @walking around doing whatever @you want. @it's just not fair. @>> reporter: the aftermath @also unfair. @consider the damage. @the loss of a wife. @>> i always depended on my @wife for everything. @and i'm kind of loss. @>> reporter: 1-year-old @jaxon's scars and thousands in @medical bills. @>> i was at work. @my wife was laying here on the @couch in this exact spot when @it happened. @how is any of this my fault? @>> i did not know the family @going into this. @but i do know them now. @and my heart is super heavy @for them. @>> reporter: that's why @christie stepped in. @>> i appreciate everybody @doing everything. @>> reporter: she helps @brighten the jack cut family @christmas but now she is @hoping one more time the @community will open its heart @and help. @hilary golston, channel 3 @news. @>> hilary, thanks.
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@help pay for jackson's medical @bills and remember deborah mac @cut. @it will be at the vfw march 6. @donate on our website, @ to lorain county where @police and the fbi are still @searching for the suspect or @suspects they believe believe @tried to abduct four girls @thursday morning. @no suspects have been caught. @police say they aren't sure if @it was the same suspect in all @the attacks but it is @possible. @ meanwhile, cleveland @police have issued a warrant @for the arrest of a second @suspect in the murder of a @baby girl. @charles caldwell is wanted in @the disof 5-month-old aavielle @lakefield who was shot and @killed on cleveland's eastside @last year riding in her car @seat with her family. @two others have been arrested @in connection with her death. @ the search for answers @continues after a kansas man @shot and killed three @coworkers and injured 14 @others thursday. @governor sam brownback says
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@went into the plant alone @without waiting for backup. @he shot and killed the suspect @cedric ford and likely saved @lives. @>> hesston police chief in @particular went in immediately @to address the situation @rather than even waiting on @backup. @he went right in and did @heroic duty and service. @>> police say ford had a rifle @and hand gun. @hours before the rampage, he @was served with an order to @stay away from his girlfriend. @police are trying to figure @out what triggered the @shooting. @police have arrested a woman @and charged her with knowingly @transferring a firearm to a @convicted felon. @ @ a political bombshell @yesterday. @new jersey governor chris @christie, who dropped his own @presidential bid just weeks @ago, announced he will be @endorsing donald trump.
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@an event in fort worth, texas. @christie argued that @experience is critical to @being president but friday @said he was supporting trump @just days before super @tuesday. @>> america must have a strong @leader again that can restore @american jobs that can restore @american confidence and donald @trump is just the man to do @it! @>> this is the one @endorsement that i felt very @strongly about. @i wanted to get. @>> there's some speculation @that christ any may be aiming @to be trump's running made. @christie plans to remain @governor of new jersey until @2018. @ john kasich picked up an @endorsement during his @campaign tour. @former new jersey governor @todd whitman voice his @support. @governor kasich is the lone @voice of reason and optimism @in a very loud room, whitman @was quoted saying. @however, governor kasich was @hoping for the current new @jersey governor chris @christie's endorsement. @but noted that you win some @and you lose some when asked @about it yesterday. @kasich will be campaigning in
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@ and a big contest for the @democrats today as south @carolina holds its democratic @primary. @hillary clinton spent her day @there. @then held a rally in atlanta @ahead of super tuesday contest @in georgia and spoke out about @gun control to a crowd at @georgia state university. @>> we need to strip the @immunity that the congress @voted for including my @opponent giving gunmakers and @sellers immunity from any @liability. @the only industry in our @that. @>> both clinton and bernie @sanders spent the evening at a @democratic fish fry in south @carolina. @ stay with us for the @latest on the primary results @from south carolina. @tomorrow morning. @we'll discuss all the @tuesday. @ coming up on channel 3 @news, see why the cyber
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@the irs will contact those @taxpayers affected. @>> and john lennon's wife is @in the hospital this morning. @an update on her condition @coming up next. feel connected, informed, included, on every screen in your life.
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always here for you, wherever here may be. text washington.
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@ @ thanks for being with us. @some new information about the @zika virus this morning. @this centers for disease @control and prevention say @there have now been nine
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@infected with the zika virus. @two of those pregnancies ended @in miscarriages, two of the @pregnancies were aborted, one @was born with brain @abnormalities and the other @four are healthy. @all the women had traveled to @countries where zika is @spreading. @ a new report out this @morning shows cyber attacks on @the irs may have been twice as @large than previously thought. @the government review found @hackers potentially accessed @more than 720,000 taxpayer @data starting in february of @2015. @that's about 390,000 more than @initially reported. @the thieves access a system @called get transcript where @taxpayers can get tax returns @and other filings from @previous years. @the irs says it will notify @affected taxpayers starting @monday. @ yoko ono one of the widows @of the beatles john lennon's @widow is in the hospital. @a spokesman for her denies
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@possible stroke. @he told nbc news that she had @flu-like symptoms and her @doctor recommended she admit @herself to the hospital. @she turned 83 earlier this @ it is the most iconic @building in ohio and it may be @the longaberger company @announced friday it will leave @the basket building in ohio. @they will move into the @company's home office near @frazeysburg. @all the affected employees @will stay with the company. @the famous building which @resembles a popular product @will likely be sold. @ take a look at this space. @there is a new dog on the @street in streets borrow. @this dog is six weeks old and @according to the department's @facebook page will be staying @with his handler officer jason @hall. @the two will start training @right away. @the department says to expect @lots of pictures and videos of @the dog as he grows up.
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@returns to the ix center this @weekend. @this year's show features high- @end eye candy to @say the least. @alyssa raymond has an inside @look at a lot of different @vehicles this morning. @what do you have for us now? @>> reporter: we are in the @buick section. @there's 40 manufacturers here @with about 1,000 vehicles. @with me this morning a car @expert is robert morris the @president of morris cadillac @buick gmc in north olmstead. @you have been part of the show @for so long. @>> right. @>> this year's concept car, @tell me about this. @>> this buick won car of the @show it detroit last month and @it shows the new styling and @aggressive stance where they @are trying to, you know, show @more perceptions and what @really buick can become. @>> reporter: what is that? @sleek, just something that you @wouldn't think of buick with, @right? @>> well, right. @as you can see from its @styling when you see that car @you can think of other @manufacturers but not buick.
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@that it reminds them of this @or that. @but then when they hear it's a @buick they are really @surprised. @>> reporter: what else did you @bring to the showroom floor? @>> buick has a number of new @entries this year of the we @have the 5-passenger buick @envision which goes on sale @this summer. @we also have the buick cascada @a fun convertible which is @buick's first convertible in @over 25 years. @>> reporter: i was going ask @you, this is new for you guys. @that's right of the its brand- @new. @it debuted during the super @bowl and it was buick's first- @ever super bowl spot. @>> reporter: some of the @highlights you were talking @about wi-fi, is that -- @>> that's right. @all of our buicks now have on @star with 4-g lte wi-fi @standard which is a great new @feature that obviously the @public, you know, is in tune @to. @>> reporter: what else do you @want people to come down check @out with what you have to @offer? @>> we have so many new @vehicles here. @the new 2015 buick la crosse @is on display. @it's a great time to come down
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@the car show and see our 2017 @buick la crosse. @>> reporter: the doors open @today at the ix center at @11:00 and close at 10:00 and @the show goes through next @sunday. @maureen, back to you. @>> a lot of fun features for @the family to check out there. @thank you, alyssa. @ coming up, it's ways to @save. @find out how math can help you @beat the nagging back pain for @$20 and we break down the @ongoing legal issues between @apple and the fbi. @see why google and facebook @will be backing apple. @a full report next but first @here's olga with a weather @check. @sunshine outside. @yes, you will need your @chilly. @our temperatures around the @region still in the upper 20s @and lower 30s with a slight @wind chill. @i'm tracking a warmup for @sunday and even some rain
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@ @ today $20 can help you @beat back pain. @money man matt granite brings @in the experts for this @bargain. @>> reporter: great to be with @you this weekend. @like so many of the wonderful @people watching us right now, @let me guess, you have back @pain or perhaps now someone @who does. @if you sit a lot or you have @always searched for a product @that can make a big @difference, finally found one. @at the age of 30 i started
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@out to chiropractors, fitness @experts and tvs dr. derek to @put this $20 deal i found to @>> matt, thanks for sending @this orthopedic cushion. @i'm a huge fan of taking @pressure off the back. @people come to me with back @problems. @it usually stems from not @having enough support in the @lower back. @using a curbtion like this @what it does is it pitches the @pelvis forward and the lower @back pain is gone because the @pressure is off of it. @take something like this and @you sit probably 40 hours a @week at work not including the @hours that you're going to sit @at home doing desk work or @just watching television. @sit on something like this. @the back pain is going to @dissipate and at the same time @although it's not a piece of @exercise equipment it will @strengthen and tone the abs. @i'm a huge fan. @>> i'm a huge fan of the @price. @i have zero abs whatsoever. @you probably guessed that. @but i also no longer have back @pain. @quite simply, sit on this a @50% off deal with free @shipping under $20 of the very @quick free shipping.
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@if you are someone that's on @your feet a lot, if you are @someone that sits a lot or @even want to use this in a car @or at a stadium, this is your @way to go. @happy savings. @"back" to you. @>> that matt is so clever. @you were saying you would use @that in the car? @>> yeah. @prop me up so i can see over @the steering wheel. @>> he had me at like it helps @your abs. @that's what i need it for. @ everybody is looking @forward to this weekend. @>> its starting out chilly of @the it's taken a while this @morning. @we are already close to the @clock and we are still with @some pretty chilly @temperatures so you want to @keep that in mind as you move @on out. @it looks like we'll actually @see our forecast moving on @through. @as we get in toward the @afternoon and evening hours @with our future view, we have @some rain moving on through @maybe tomorrow's forecast, but @for today i think we are going @to be just okay. @what you need to know heading
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@going to be cloudy but make @sure that you take those @sunglasses with you because we @are actually going to see the @cloud cover begin to @dissipate. @a lot of sunshine headed into @midday. @by late afternoon we'll see @the opportunity for some @sunshine and not only that, @but some clearer skies later @on this afternoon. @i think with all of that @daytime heating, our @temperatures have a good shot @of making upabout 44, 45 -- up @to about 44, 45 degrees at @least in the downtown area. @we could even see a slightly @higher temperature in a few @locations where we might @happen to see a little bit of @cloud cover. @so our seven-day forecast @isn't too bad of the we get up @to the 50s for sunday. @by monday we are bringing back @cooler temperatures but we are @pulling in the opportunity to @begin an early-morning mix of @some snow showers and also @some rain showers. @but that temperature is very @close to the freezing mark so @it will be a little slushy in @some areas. @then as we get into tuesday
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@the middle of the week but @then once we hit wednesday @into the weekend, we'll be @decidedly into those chillier @temperatures. @so overall i think it's going @to be a pretty decent forecast @for us. @we are watching for the @possibility of a wintry mix in @the tuesday forecast and then @pulling any think a little @more sunshine as we head into @next weekend. @i want to remind you because @of the rains over the last @several days, there is @currently a flood warning that @is in effect for basically @kill buck creek area that's @affecting just portions of, @uhm, holmes county and wayne @county until 7:30 tonight. @ the fight between apple @and fbi over security @protections on the san @bernardino iphone has been @fierce for the past few weeks. @as you know, the fbi asked @apple to create a back door to
8:54 am
@data but apple refuses. @joining me this morning to @break it all down, ken stacey @of secure state. @now, you guys hack for a @living basically. @>> right. @>> if we can sum it up that @way. @i'm sure i'm going to be able @to wind you up and let you go @but what are your thoughts @initially on creating this @back door? @>> i think you have to look @at where we've been. @this has been simmering for @quite some time. @and now we reach a boiling @point. @we have disruptive technology @emerging technology, fitbit, @cell phones, all this stuff @coming in. @and really federal laws have @not kept up with it. @so now apple is being singled @out and saying hey, can we @create this back door? @can we decrease our security @so we can get in? @that's going to set a @precedent i think that's why a @lot of tech giants are @standing behind apple saying @hold on let's not go so far to @do this because what's it's go @to do for us moving forward? @>> i think a lot of the @argument, too, has been the @fbi saying, can you just @create it for this one time so @we can get maybe some of the @terrorist's contact list?
8:55 am
@can they create just a one- @time back door? @or does that create the @software to then expose all of @us? @>> i think it's a good point. @maybe fbi says we need 11 more @and it's not an isolated @example. @even director comey came out @for the fbi and said i can see @i have the privacy. @i want my information @protected but also as law @to get access. @so night to protect and enable @-- protect our privacy but @enable law enforcement to get @in. @the challenge is, if they get @into the iphone and apple does @create the back door, which i @don't believe they are going @to do anytime soon, what's @next? @what else is on the phone that @they are going to have to @break? @so telegram is an app that @does secure communications and @it encrypts. @so does the fbi then go to @telegram and say, well, we @need to you do the same thing @just like apple did? @do it for us now. @>> just so we can -- i don't @want to say dumb it down be @but i guess dumb it down, me i @have nothing to hide on my @phone.
8:56 am
@it's well, you want access to @my phone, okay, have fun @looking at my baby pictures. @but what does that mean for @the average person like me if @somebody could get into my @phone or could get into my @data? @does that expose m @financially? @the information pertinent to @my life? @>> if we create this back @door, do we feel confident @that the federal government @will protect it or apple or @does it give insight to the @fact that a back door can be @created that then allows other @people to get into the phone, @your banking information and @all the other stuff that you @do on your mobile device? @and so that's the issue is do @we feel like the federal @government will protect this @back door or that just the @knowledge of having this back @protected? @fascinate, isn't it? @it's just another issue that @pops up with all this @technology. @ken, thank you so much for @>> absolutely. @ still to col this morning, @we take a look at two big @events in cleveland.
8:57 am
@at the convention center. @find how long the show is in @town. @and alyssa is at the ix center @for the auto show. @>> reporter: we showed off @millionaires row and then the @off roading vehicles. @coming up next, we are going @to show you which vehicles you @can take home from the ix @center. @stay with us. @we'll be right back. @>> stay with us.
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@ @ thank you for being with
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@that's right, it's the last @saturday in february. @usually, we are just sick of @the snow and the cold by this @point. @maybe you're sick of snow and @cold. @but at least we have a very @spring-like forecast. @this weekend. @olga is in the weather center @tracking very warm @temperatures moving into our @area. @>> i know. @this is really kind of a treat @especially from an out-of- @towner like me. @i was told february the @toughest month in northeast @ohio. @but to this month, it's been @pretty good to us. @today included. @right now on satellite and @radar we're fairly quiet. @we have some cool temperatures @moving through but at least we @have broken out that dose of @sunshine. @we have had a wind shift. @winds are out of the south- @southwest ushering in milder @air. @the green area is a flood @warning for killbuck creek in @holmes and wayne counties @because of the saturation and
9:01 am
@the moment. @breezy this afternoon and a @wind chill at this hour. @that will end midday of the @our planner for the day will @actually take these @temperatures out of the 30s @and into the 40s. @it will be very comfortable @this afternoon and not too bad @this evening, as well. @what i'm tracking though, the @real treat this weekend, will @be our much warmer @temperatures coming our way in @the sunday forecast. @now, of course, this is still @winter. @so there's a lot more to @consider as we head toward the @middle and the end of the @workweek. @>> thank you. @ are you looking for @something to do this weekend? @there are plenty of events @happening around northeast @ohio and that includes the @akron home and flower show. @the event started friday and @runs through sunday at the @john f knight center. @it features hundreds of home @improvement exhibits and @gardens showcasing latest @trends in plants and garden @accessories. @ the world famous cleveland
9:02 am
@rock and roll legend the late @henry la conte senior opened @the concert club which has @hosted some of the biggest @names in music over the years. @bruce springsteen, pat @benitar, bob marley and justin @timberlake, to name a few. @it originally opened strictly @for kids under the age of 26. @the current location of the @theater is at 5000 euclid @avenue. @ so what do the walking @dead, happy days, jay and the @silent bob strike back and @power rangers all have in @common? @as you can tell by the video @right there they are in @cleveland now. @this world's wizard world @comic-con features a guest @list of celebrities from @heroes and villains. @the event continues through @sunday afternoon at the @convention center in downtown @cleveland. @tickets start at about $40. @ well, as the hilton @cleveland downtown prepares @for its grand opening, it has
9:03 am
@jobs to fill from servers to @electricians and everything @else they are interviewing @candidate. @the rnc isn't the only event @that will pack the hotel. @it's working with destination @cleveland to book other bug @events, as well. @hilton will begin accepting @online job applications this @tuesday and we have a link on @ also going on this weekend @the annual cleveland auto show @began last night and it runs @through this next weekend. @channel 3's alyssa raymond @joins us live from the ix @center with a peek at this @year's features. @no mom mobile for me this half- @hour alyssa? @[ laughter ] @>> reporter: we're far way @from the mom mobiles this half- @hour, maureen, even though @that was a really great car @for you. @and i think the girls would @love it. @george says his five girls @would like it, as well. @there's a lot of room. @there's individual tv @monitors, pretty cool car. @but the auto show opens at @11:00 today goes until 10:00.
9:04 am
@when you walk in this year are @the two giveaway vehicles. @chuck is the chairman of the @cleveland auto show. @these two vehicles, tell me @about them. @>> fantastic. @the civic is brand-new this @year. @it's got every award you can @think of. @north american car of the @year. @auto week's best in compact @car. @it's, um, built from top to @bottom, it's all redone. @one of the most exciting cars @that honda has ever made. @>> reporter: and the tacoma? @>> another exciting car. @it's all new skin on the @outside. @[ non-english language ] when @he took over a few years ago @said his goal was to make the @tacoma more exciting. @it also comes with the two- @year 25,000-mile maintenance @assistance. @so it's a great car. @>> reporter: what do people @it looks easy. @>> simple. @can come in. @and register and it's simple @as that. @and we got lots of screens you @can see all around so
9:05 am
@not going to have to wait. @you definitely got to register @because somebody we're going @to have one winner of the @tacoma and one of the civic. @so it will be fantastic. @>> reporter: how many years @have you been involved with @the cleveland auto show? @>> a long time! @well, over 30 years. @>> reporter: what's your @favorite part year after year. @the best part of the auto show @is the kickoff to the selling @season. @for being a dealer, you know, @this is what gets our market @started for the spring. @we have been through a cold @long winter and no one, you @know, has done anything except @hibernate in their houses. @you can get out and see all @the cars in one place. @every manufacturer has their @cars here. @one-stop shopping. @and it's a fantastic @opportunity. @but it kicks off our selling @season and it's kind of an up @lift for all our employees @because now they are saying, @wait, spring is here. @we can, you know, start @selling more cars. @that's an exciting time. @>> reporter: time to pull out @the convertibles from the @garage for sure. @>> yes.
9:06 am
@40 manufacturers here with @about 1,000 vehicles. @maureen, something for @everyone from moms to the @single wildlife people, @everyone has something here. @>> little do you know i still @live that wild life. @just with a couple of car @seats in the back. @>> reporter: right. @>> though one believes that. @no one. @>> i was in bed by 8:00. @all right, thanks, alyssa. @[ laughter ] @ cars appeal to people of @all ages but especially to one @mentor. @you're going to love this @store i r while this brave @little guy continues to fight @cancer he is also continuing @his studies on different cars. @that's why senior health @correspondent monica robins @thought he would be the @perfect tour guide at the auto @show. @>> reporter: a lot has @happened to liam in the past @year. @he is now a safety engineer @with chrysler. @thanks to cleveland based @special wish foundation liam @took charge of a crash test at @fch proving grounds in @michigan. @he also took a trip around the @track in a hellcat.
9:07 am
@>> reporter: how fast were you @going? @>> 200 miles an hour. @my mom was -- hands were @sweating! @>> reporter: this time, liam @test drove a jeep wrangler. @>> what's special about it? @> @[ indiscernible ] @>> it was safe. @>> reporter: very much so. @absolutely. @>> it also comes standard with @a sway bar disconnect and has @locking front and rear axel's. @>> cab i have a turn driving @it? @>> reporter: -- can i have a @turn driving it? @>> reporter: maybe something @more his size. @drive a car? @>> 16. @>> reporter: liam what kind of @>> a chrysler pacifica. @>> reporter: what's special @about it? @>> it has a tv. @>> reporter: and a few other @features. @one, two, three! @ @what's that for? @>> me. @can i get there? @it's a top safety pick.
9:08 am
@>> if someone gets sick. @>> reporter: maybe that's what @i use it for. @but what's this mirror for? @>> to see what's behind you. @>> reporter: does this car @have a camera so you can see @behind you? @>> i can find out by putting @it in reverse. @>> reporter: monica robins, @channel 3 news. @>> what a cutie. @ coming up, the top two @teams faced off north of the @border last night. @see how the cavs fared against @the toronto raptors next in @sports. @>> but first, channel 3 @welcomes 2016 rock and roll @hall of fame inductees cheap @trick to cleveland. @they will headline the 13th @annual spring benefit for the @rock hall. @tickets for the may 6 show @start at $17.50 on sale now. @cheap trick's benefit show @will support the rock hall's @educational programs. @find out more now at
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@ @ good morning, everyone. @last night the top two teams @in the east had a north of the @border clash. @the first place cavaliers @against the second place @raptors in toronto. @this was good down to the @wireless than two minutes to @go cavs down by three kevin @love changes that with this @triple. @even at the 5. he had 20 for @the game. @even at 95. @five seconds left tied at 9 7 @for the lead. @raptors by two.
9:12 am
@lebron james the three-pointer @at the buzzer for the win. @wide left. @game over. @raptors a winner 99-97. @they have won 10 straight at @home. @they are two games behind the @conference. @ akron holding bowling @green last night at the jar. @this was all zip led by reggie @mcadams hits the three to @double the falcons at the half @52-26. @mcadams game high 27. @akron 89-54 perfect at the jar @this season. @ the tribe received bad @news yesterday from major @league baseball. @one of their outfielders has @been suspended for half the @season. @abraham almonte is out for 80 @games after violating major @league baseball's drug policy. @he was suppose to be the @tribe's starting centerfielder @on opening day. @now the indians will have to @figure out a different plan. @almonte is the first indians
9:13 am
@suspended since bettencourt in @2005. @ to football the nfl @combine rolls on in @indianapolis running backs @working out for the teams @yesterday. @lots of eyes on ohio state's @ezekiel elliot 4.46 seconds in @the dash one of 14 buckeyes at @the combine. @look at him go. @later today the quarterbacks @take the field. @jones of interest for @cleveland and, of course, for @cleveland browns fans those @three quarterbacks geoff, @wentz and who is it going to @be? @we'll get a closer look and @we'll have a review on channel @3 sports. @ today cleveland state at @1:00 taking on wright state in @the regular season finale. @plenty happening. @check us out tonight. @we'll update you on channel 3 @news. @have a good one. @ just ahead, some great @movies in the theaters this @weekend. @we have a preview you won't @want to miss. @but first, let's send it over @to olga with a check of the @forecast. @>> we have some wonderful
9:14 am
@clearing and temperatures @warming up. @right now we are quiet on @satellite and radar but we'll @bring in some breeze later on @today and we will be dealing @afternoon. @i'll let you know how this @weekend's going to wrap up on @sunday and what to expect when
9:15 am
9:16 am
@ @ all right. @here we are. @i got the warning. @we popped up.
9:17 am
@night this weekend there are @some great movies in the @theaters. @eddie the eagle debuts in @theaters this weekend. @it's the story of eddie @edwards the first britt ever @to be an olympic ski jumper. @his inept 19 8 19 88 @performance endeared him to @fans. @ dead pool pulverized the @take last weekend. @the raunchy comic book film @starring ryan reynolds as the @wisecracking superhero earned @$235.4 million in the u.s. @making it the sixth highest @grossing "r" rated movie ever. @head out. @grab a movie, some popcorn, @something to eat but you get @all that stuff down outside @because it's another great @weekend. @maybe you're like me, to start @the gardening. @i have been looking outside @and thinking i can get a jump
9:18 am
@>> you're not alone. @a lot of people are heading @into that prep stage to start @to plan their gardens at least @get a little bit of @preliminary work done. @it's going to be chilly. @we have a brisk wind. @close to 15 to 20 miles per @hour winds we are seeing gusts @above 30 miles per hour. @so even with all this sunshine @this morning in our skycam @view we're dealing with the @wind chill so be prepared as @you move on out. @satellite and radar itself has @been fairly quiet for the lass @couple of hours and we haven't @seen too much in the way of @precipitation around the @immediate area. @however, there are some snow @showers the upper portions of @michigan, well on into canada @but for us, it is quiet and @calm and that's the way we'll @keep it all the way through @the remainder of the weekend. @already up to 33 degrees @downtown, 30s for dover and @elyria, but the temperatures @are feeling much colder than @that so be prepared. @you want that jacket as you @step on out. @and it's going to be a little @bit milder today than what we @have seen the last few.
9:19 am
@that's going to continue @through the midday and early @afternoon before the clouds @start to move on through. @but with the current warming @trend it's going to stick @around for the next couple of @days. @and i'm tracking a chance for @some snow in our forecast, as @well. @so plan for the upper 30s by @about 11:00. @we should hit 40 degrees close @to the noontime hour. @and then top out right around @45 later on today. @for most of us, it's going to @be pretty variable cloudiness @into the afternoon. @we'll start to see the clouds, @though, decidedly increase @when we get around the subset @hour. @i'd say between 6 and 7:00 @we'll become partly cloudy and @that's how we will stay @overnight. @there's a wide range of @temperatures for this @afternoon. @areas that get up to about @that 45-degree mark will @depend on that southwesterly @wind flow. @it will also depend upon how @many breaks we get in the @cloud cover and when the @clouds will come back in the @later afternoon. @these are going to be @scattered about. @but the future view hour-by- @hour forecast keeps everything
9:20 am
@big dose of sunshine until @6:00 this evening. @your evening plans should be @just fine. @tomorrow morning, no @complications for you. @in fact, it will be sunny in @the morning. @but by midday we'll start to @see a few high, thin clouds @move on through. @i think sunday will be just @fine and the warming trend for @tomorrow because of those @southwest winds will take us @about 10 degrees warmer. @many will top out in the @middle range 50s and will even @push some of those upper 50s @across the southern zones. @we'll see opportunity for @moisture on sunday night into @monday morning. @but then the temperatures will @take a dive, as well. @temperatures by monday. @window nation seven-day @forecast is actually going to @monday's though the day we'll @have starting out with some @morning snow showers and maybe @even a wintery mix, some @through.
9:21 am
@because we'll be back to 50 by @tuesday. @>> all right. @the type of forecast we like. @thank you. @ find it difficult to hit @the gym during the winter @months? @well, trainer nick solves that @with easy and efficient home @exercises. @and another installment of @weekend warrior. @ [ music ] @>> welcome to the weekend @warrior. @today what we're going to do @is show you a few exercises @that you can do from home some @light dumbbells and a band. @our focus is going to be your @upper body strength with some @core activity. @the first move we're going to @do is a plank triceps @kickback. @there's a full-length version @which we start with. @the hispanic squared. @elbow should be parallel -- @the hips squared, elbow @parallel to the floor and @you're really hitting your @obliques and your abdominals @here. @you're going to want to open @up the hit. @to fight that put more weight @on the same side that you @kickback to hold you square. @drop down to the fore arm so @we can see the modified @version.
9:22 am
@strong enough to hold yourself @up, go to a forearm. @the v hold biceps curl next. @the v hold biceps curl putting @a lot of attention on the @abdominals, full range of @motion on the biceps, legs @elevated to activate the core. @ten to 15 reps. @use a nice full range of @motion on those. @so everything we do is going @to be 12 to 15 reps as we're @moving through three to four @rounds without rest. @we are going to keep moving. @sit upright. @we'll do a shoulder press up @to the top. @really work the front deltoids @anterior side continuing. @keep those abs tight and stay @tight on that. @let's go ahead and drop that @grab your band. @from the band we are going to @be working your upper back @your rear delts and traps. @overhand grip pull it across @elbows tight not bent.
9:23 am
@upper back and rear delts. @the wrist, keep them down to @keep the attention centered on @the rear deltoid. @by implementing a few key @exercises, you can get a good @workout and calorie burn @without much equipment, just a @little bit of know-how. @for more training and @nutrition tips, make sure you @go to @ [ music ] @>> all right, nick. @thank you so much. @quick check of your final
9:24 am
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@ @ this is another great @weekend we are always the @bearer of good news. @it seals like every weekend we @have been saying unseasonably @warm and that's the story @again for this weekend. @>> yeah. @the clouds are moving out this @morning. @so we got a pretty good dose @of sunshine headed into @midday. @temperatures have been slow to @respond so it does feel chilly @when you step out right now of @the but we're heading into the @40s today. @50s tomorrow. @we'll bring in that wintery @mix early on monday and then @we'll bump back up to 50s on @tuesday. @when we turn that corner and @revert back to winter, that @will be on wednesday. @>> we have made it through @february like this. @it's amazing. @>> yeah. @>> olga, thank you so much. @thanks for being with us. @channel 3 news will be back at @6 p.m. @in the meantime, check out @captions by: caption colorado
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