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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  February 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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@ @ straight ahead, over 2 @weeks until voters of ohio @chime in and we'll tell you @what the primary in south @carolina means to hillary
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@>> the golden anniversary, the @legacy of the agora. @the auto show revved up and the @sunny weather to start the @weekend is going to get better. @greg diaz has a look in less @than 30 seconds. @>> . @>> this is channel 3 news @brought to you by universal @windows direct. @and now channel 3 news, at @6:00. @ thanks for being with us. @a stunning saturday night and @it's only going to get better @if you look this stuff, you're @going to love tomorrow. @greg is in the weather center. @>> as we end february and head @into march, temperatures will @be soaring as we go try the @next 24-36 hours. @you've got plans tonight, @temperatures are in the 40s and @that's warmest near the lake @shore. @those winds have been with us
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@sustained 15-20 and that @continues, so grab a jacket, @windchills in the 30s and even @though the temperatures are @reading in the 40s. @southwest winds go all of the @way back to the central plains @on the west side of a large @area of high pressure passing @to the south. @to the west of that high @pressure even warmer air now @spilling towards the north @central plains and heading @right here towards the great @lakes and northeast ohio. @staying mild above freezing @overnight and we'll start with @sunshine and strong winds on @sunday. @that's the one thing you'll @notice, how about those high @temperatures, mid 40s today and @they'll hit 60 tomorrow and @we'll talk about how long that @will last coming up. @>> voters are heading to the @polls in south carolina. @hillary clinton and bernie @the primary.
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@campaign trail with 3 days @until super tuesday. @>> confident about south @carolina, hillary clinton @within the to alabama. @>> we have work to do in @america. @what are we waiting for? @>> south carolina democrats @most of them african-american @voted for their long time @favorite. @>> she's a smart and capable @woman. @>> and the hair is salon, most @trust the clintons. @>> and canvassers hear she's a @d.c. insider. @>> she can make changes. @>> bernie sanders, um, i feel @like east honest. @>> he's honest. @>> he went to texas. @>> we're not going to allow the @trumps of the world to divide @us up.
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@trump focus on the biggest @state. @>> we're tied in texas and we @have a good chance of winning @texas. @>> ted cruz's home state, where @he leads in the polls. @>> pick a side, and i'll tell @you this, when it comes to @picking one, i pick the side @and i stand against washington @and with the american people. @>> like cruz, marco rubio on @paper can still beat trump and @their fight is ugly. @>> a con-artist never will get @control of this party. @>> little mouth on him. @>> the guy with the worst spray @tan in america. @>> i thought he was a liar but @rubio is worse. @>> three days until a showdown @and until now it's tv ads and @they shuttle like crazy around @the state. @>> and today marks a difficult
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@the day since the 2012 chardon @high school shootings. @three students were killed in @the attack and the shooter a @fellow student was convicted @and remains in prison, serving @three life sentences. @>> is somebody shot? @>> they're a body laying @outside. @>> frightening moments what @police say is a double homicide @is canton, on 10th street, and @two men both found shot and @killed. @no word on suspects, anybody @police. @ radioactive material @shipped from pennsylvania made @its way to scrap facilities in @stark and richland counties. @the ohio department of health @tested the material and
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@the material properly disposed @of. @the epa is investigating how @this scrap became contaminated. @>> it's one of the most famous @concert venues and today it @turns 50. @it's been in the current @location since the 80s, it's @legacy is u un mistakeable. @>> cleveland is the birthplace @of rock and roll and one of the @premier venues of the rich @music history turning 50. @we're inside of the agora @theaters here and the crowd is @filling in, i'll let you know @who is hitting the stage but @some of the names who came @through here in the past, this @theater, 103-years-old this @year. @he opened the first concert
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@27th, 1966, in little italy and @in these 50 years, bruce @springsteen and lou reed and @metallica, the clash, zz top @and smashing pumpkins and just @to name a few have come through @here, what about the future? @>> keep going and carry it on @and bring big names here and @make sure the curses and bands @have a great experience and @keep the music scene alive. @>> and so we've mentioned the @past and the future, and what @about tonight? @>> i see stars and the white @noise and rebel base is here @tonight for some of those folks @who are coming here after comic @con.
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@venues here and here's to the @next 50 years. @>> great place and lots of @great music. @>> she's lived 100 years but @her birthday comes every four @years, the leap day birthday @girl and her secret to @longevity. @>> the auto show is back and we @have the must-see editions when
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@ @ welcome back, we start this @segment on the east side where @the debate continues. @residents concerned over a @practice use over deer @population. @they're opposed to trap and
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@bolt gun to kill them but @inhumane. @phenomenal weekend. @but we go to the i-x center @where we get inside the @facility at the auto show this @year. @>> we're in to the buick @section and 40 manufacturers @with 1,000 vehicles to look at. @he's the president of the auto @show and this astin martin is @beautiful. @>> one of 20 in the world and a @sight to be seen. @>> how much? @>> it costs $2.4 million, and @next we're in the nissan @section and what we'll see on @the road in 2016. @>> you take that and then you @go over to the nissan winter @warrior, it's a bit different
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@and the first thing you see @when you walk in, the two give @away vehicles. @we have chuck here and he's the @chairman. @what do you have to do to @register. @touch the screen and register @and we've got lots of screens @so they don't have to wait. @you got to register. @we'll have a winner of the @tacoma and civic. @>> they say age is only a @number but for one local woman @it's actually two numbers. @this is elizabeth from @paynesville, born on february @29th, 1916, she's turning 100 @but the 29th, it comes up only @once every four years, in some @old.
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@making it to this milestone? @>> hard work, and i read one @time, when you use dental floss @every night, you live longer, @and i've been using dental @floss every night. @>> she looks tremendous and got @a great laugh and probably @great gums. @>> she credits her good health @to god and her family and her @friends. @she stays active from doing @puzzles and reading. @>> congratulations and happy @birthday. @>> we love to see the colors @like that on the radar and our @forecast models and how warm @it's going to get tomorrow. @it will put a smile on your @face. @>> remember channel 3 is @welcoming 2016 rock and roll
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@the show is friday may 6th, and @tickets start at $17.50 and @find out more on wky
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@ @ greg, these are the @february days that keep winter @tolerable. @another spectacular day and the @snow disappearing and that will @set us up for a nice one @tomorrow. @look at the set up around the @region. @a few scattered clouds and @these will filter out sunshine @until sunset. @we'll continue to see a mix of
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@overnight and no rain or snow @and these winds, they're going @to have a hard time, the @temperatures, getting below 40. @south of cleveland you'll slip @to 37 or 36 early tomorrow but @right along the lake shore. @we could see temperatures @sunday starting near 40 and @it's those locations that have @the best shot of hitting 60 @tomorrow afternoon. @and downtown cleveland should @stay dry but grab an extra @layer because the windchill @will be in the 30s at times. @sunrise sunday, 7:04 and the @temperatures climb and start in @the upper 30s to near 40 and @end up near 60 by 1:00 and that @is thanks to wind gusts and @these could be the highest in
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@south and we're in that winter @season still and there's a snow @chance ahead, a couple of them @as we go to the extended @forecast and we'll look at that @coming up. @high pressure to the south and @those winds, look at the clear @skies from chicago and oklahoma @city and the temperatures, even @more impressive. @des moines, iowa, 70 right now @and 65 in denver the core of @the warm air quickly shifts @right down the ohio river @valley and should push our @temperatures into the 50s to @near 60 and southern ohio, down @towards cincinnati, it may hit @the upper 60s tomorrow @afternoon and that is all ahead @of an area of low pressure and @is taking shape, this one, it's @not one of those areas of low @pressure, it is out of the @pacific and it's a quick mover
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@bring rain and then eventually @a change to snow on sunday @night and then another pacific @storm system behind that set up @for tuesday and this one is @bringing rain and snow as there @won't be enough arctic air @during the first half of the @week to bring us substantial @snowfall. @watch the winds, gusting to 25- @30 miles per hour early @tomorrow as we start in the @upper 30s and tomorrow @afternoon, dover is 60 and @upper 50s at the lake shore and @look at those wind gusts. @40-45 miles per hour and those @are above tropical storm force @strength and then rain moves in @sunday and i do think that @changes to snow before the @commute on monday and it will
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@another shot of rain and snow @on tuesday. @>> i was driving to work and i @literally saw a guy dressed at @thor holding his helmet because @of a good gust of wind. @>> beautiful cape weather. @>> thanks and next in sports, a @big day at the nfl combine but @bad news for a local product.
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@ @ and now the sports report. @>> quarterbacks took the field @today at the combine in @indianapolis as the future of @the browns were ready to show @their stuff. @but unfortunately for jones, @way short. @jones was prepared to @participate in all aspects @hoping an impressive @performance would help him, but @he pulled-- and top two @quarterbacks linked to the @browns and they took the field,
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@and jumped 9 feet in the broad @jump. @good for second among all @quarterbacks. @he showed a quick release good @velocity and timing and threw @deep with ease. @he's moving up as a prospect. @>> and many reports out of @combine said jerry goff had a @showing today. @he ran a 48240 and he set @school records at cal for @passing and completions and @attempts. @that was for a 1 and 11 team in @2013. @>> let's go to baseball. @the tribe has what nice mix of @veterans and young players @hitting their prime. @one more time to the desert to @get dave's take on how the team @is coming together.
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@goodyear i still have concerned @but i'm still pumped up about @chamberlain and he brings a ton @of leadership and he can't get @over the maturity of francisco @and how much better he @continues to get but the one @thing they've been lacking is @leadership and i think they @have found it, there's four @evident. @>> it's important not to just @show up and think things will @fall into place. @there's work that goes into it @and stuff that doesn't just @happen on the field. @there's that stuff in the @locker room that needs to, the @group needs to come together @and find an identity and that @takes time and the more you can @do that ahead of time, probably @the more it expedites it. @>> when we were coming up, when @we were done playing and so we
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@team now, but that being said, @we have guys like that coming @in and they've been around for @a while and they know the game @that we can rely on them. @>> time for guys to step up and @just be more vocal and make @sure we're doing things the @right way and we're doing that. @>> we'll see how it all turns @out starting on march 1st @around then april 4th the home @opener against the red sox. @ dave, thanks, final game of @the regular season, the team's @only senior getting honored and @they were trailing when they @went on a run in the second @half and rob edwards gets the
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@points but that's has close as @the vikings get. @they're in the horizon @tournament next week. @>> we'll review it later. @>> thanks for being with us, we @hope to see you at 11:00. @
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