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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  February 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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@>> because i come out here, you don't i'm going to @shoot you like i did your son. @i wouldn't turn that alarm had to leave. @>> a very scary situation from @her as she waits to find out @the identity of the person @found inside of the back of @that are told that the @medical examiner will process @everything. @no timetable on that, but it @probably won't be happening @tonight. @we should have swers @tomorrow. @we're live here, i'm hilary @golston, channel 3 news. @>> very scary indeed. @>> reporter: a 14-year-old @student opened fire this @that happened in butler county. @that is about 25 miles @southwest of dayton. @police say two students were @shot and two others hurt while to get out.
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@students said it was total @chaos. @>> it was scary to think @someone could have came instead and i am thankful @that i was safe. @>> the teen was arrested after @running from the building and @the police say there is a @motive but they are not @releasing that at this time. s about a man @learning outside a teen girl's @bedroom window. @last week police reported three @other girls abductnd and @another targeted. @>> reporter: lorraine police @are trying to figure out who @this man is. noon, police @meant with police that are @trying to find out who the man @was who tried to pull a ten- @year-old girl out of her l five of these incidents @happened early thursday morning @and while they are not sure if
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@man, they are comparing notes for an arrest. @>> cops drive around here all @the time, because of this per @sweats. @>> it is unsafe. @there are a lot of kids around @>> another mother called police @on friday. @>> a man who was thursday @morning out in the yard, my seeing him. @>> he said this woman's teenage @daughter was getting ready for @school when she saw e her window either @zipping or unzipping his pants. @>> we're linking it to the incidents but until @we finish the investigation, we @won't know if they are related.
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@with young juveniles, that is @very concerning. @>> he said they hope to make @area. @we think somebody knows him. @>> here is the description we ce are looking for a white @male, mid 20s to 30s, between @5'10" and 6'". @he was last seen wearing kjack cut with a hoodie, @dark jeans, dark shoes, dark @gloves and possibly a black afternoon i spoke to a @city councilman who represents @the neighborhood where the @girls live in organize a block @watch meeting in the coming @weeks. @alyssa raymond, channel 3 news. @ thank you alyssa. @ tomorrow is a huge day in @the race for the white house. @super tuesday which will make @or break some hopefuls.
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@multistate push. @tom beres has more on what is @at stake. @>> reporter: well, a wild @scramble today. @as you say, a lot is on the @line. @super tuesday states most are @in the deep south. @they can not clinch their @party's nomination but could @take a big step towards that. @kasich hoping to stay alive and @keep the race going. @>> 11 states elect 632 delegate @of almost 2500. @campaign trail. @in virginia trump targeting @rubio. @>> then i have to listen to a @little guy like rubio saying he @is a con man. @>> in tennessee rubio calling @out trump. @>> i don't care how bad the
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@klu klux klan comes out @clearly. @he doesn't recognize it. @>> donald trump is not the best @to nominate against hillary @clinton. @>> there is a brokered @convention, i can't think of a @better place to have it than @cleveland ohio. @>> hillary clinton from @massachusetts. @>> one advantage i have is they @have been after me for 25 years @and i'm still standing. @>> @[applause] @>> bernie sanders wooing young @voters in minnesota. @>> we can win. @no question here in minnesota @if we have a turnout. @>> neither trump nor clinton @can lock up nominations @tuesday. @>> that would spend a strong @message that the frontrunners @are in a really good position @to be the ven full nominees. @>> we'll be watching to see if @there are any supersurprises.
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@trump win in all states but can @he lose in any and can bernie @sanders do well enough to keep @challenging hillary clinton? @>> it appears ted cruz has the @most to lose. @>> oh, yes. @if you cannot win your home @state or come close to donald @trump, it would be a big blow @to his campaign. @>> do or die in many ways. @thank you. @ and in other news tonight, @a man is dead after a house @fire this afternoon. @fire crews were called to this @home. @police say he was in his 70s @and was killed in the fire. @his wife was taken to a local @hospital with burns and smoke @inhalation. @ a first grade student @brought marijuana to school to @eat.
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@staff of the student's @intention. @the chile was evaluated. @ here is the tribute. @ @ @ a family says their final @good-bye to tonya johnson, @firefighter, mother, wife, @friend. @it was an emotional service. @>> the canton fire department @held its final bell ceremony @for johnson, her friend @bennett. @>> i wouldn't be here right now @if it wasn't for her. @she taught me to be a better @man. @>> friends shared their @memories of johnson and all @lifted their voices in song @celebrating her life.
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@you held my hand. @ @>> i sent her a text and that @text said, always remember that @i love you. @and she texted back ditto. @>> tonya was a fighter. @she was a believer in christ. @she loved life. @>> we all know that if she was @still here, she would do the @same for all of us. @i love you all the days of my @me. @>> in canton, carl bachtel, @channel 3 news. @ beginning tomorrow, sebring @officials will be flushing out @the water system to prevent @more led in the drinking water @there. @they will add a corrosion @control chemical to the water. @that will help stop the town's @older pipes from leaching lead @into the water supply. @the former water plant operator @waited months to notify people @about high levels of lead in @the water.
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@employees were fired and one @demoted as to how it was @handled. @ he sent a letter thanking @everyone for the thoughts and @prayers and thanks doctors and @nurses. @the bishop called it their @expert care. @he had chest pains earlier this @month and had two stents placed @in the arteries. @there is no timetable when he @will return to work. @>> you can call him the @rocketman. @how a northeast ohio man plans @to use a moon to get the space. @>> @>> the next 36 hours is about @as complicated a forecast as it @comes. @we have freezing rain, we have @rain, we have snow. @get the latest next. @>> we are lucky to have you @betsy. @ plus, this ohio native @being honored as a hero @tonight.
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@ @ coming up tonight at 7:00, @a local chef nominated for one @of the biggest awards. @he wants the best in the @nation. @ plus, transformationnal @clothing. @how students have created a @coat that doubles as a
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@we'll see you at 7:00. @ good afternoon from studio @3b where we're getting ready @for our super tuesday. @the man who shot compromising @video of aaron andrews tells a @court why he did it. @why the craving for salty fat @bed. @we'll see you later for nightly
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@ @ an ohio navy s.e.a.l. @was honored for his sacrifice. @edward biers received the medal @of honor, the nation's highest @military honor. @he received the honor after @rescuing an american civilians @from the taliban in 2012. @that operation cost one of his @teammates his life. @biers is the first living @active duty member of the navy @to receive this honor in four @decades and only the sixth in @history to receive the medal of @honor. @>> a local entrepreneur who is @a student is hoping to @revolutionize the space in @outer space with a different @way to launch rockets. @here is how he is doing it. @>> reporter: with all the new
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@people wanting to get into @space, it creates a little @backlog. @that is where brian stofiel @thinks he can step in. @>> 3, 2, 1... @blast off. @>> infatuated with space @exploration at an early age, @brian stofiel eventually joined @the air force before deciding @to develop his own satellite @and then found out it would @take four to seven years and @over a million dollars to get @it into orbit so he decided to @space. @>> i tailed it down to as @little engineering as i need, @as little materials as i need @and as little effort. @we're putting the rocket on a @moon and then launching the @rocket from there. @>> he started a company and @took on students to help out. @mostly self funded at this @point, they have done two test
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@they are going to change the @way satellites get into space. @>> i can be mobile because my @launches don't take place on @the ground. @rather than a cape canaveral @the mission. @>> @>> he is hoping to eventually @send a person into space by way @of rocket by way of balloon. @he is hoping he is on the one @on board. @>> i wanted to see space for my @own eyes. @the joke i have is when i @retire, i am going to retire to @space. @>> nasa used this technology @before. @he feels they can commercialize @it and take space exploration @into the future. @>> happy leap day, february @29th is surrounded in history @and superstition.
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@if they refused the proposal. @ she became the first black @woman to win an oscar and it is @a special day for leap day @babies better known as @leaplings. @a from gists say those boring @today have unusual talents. @you can get a free one topping @personal pan pizza from pizza @hut and free an tray from the @hard rock's special menu. @the world. @>> we're talking about a wintry @mix possible tonight. @that will clear out for the @then tuesday afternoon, rain @comes in, changes to an icy mix @for some of the area. @then tuesday night all of us @will take the rain and mix over @to snow with a little bit of @accumulation by the start of @the day on wednesday.
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@the forecast goes. @tonight, we have this front @that is coming in. @this is absolutely key with the @next 36 hours, how things are @going to go. @rain and mix over the lake. @the most part. @the east. @some rain. @that may change over to a @little wintry mix and possibly @the overnight hours tonight. @temperatures are likely to fall @into the 20s by the early part @of the day tomorrow. @what you did not see, massive @amounts of snow. @great news for tomorrow @morning's commute. @temperatures will begin to @bounce as we head to noon. @from now until noon tomorrow, @we have this little window of a @wintry mix possible tonight. @cloudy otherwise. @winds variable and temperatures @dropping back to the low 30s. @ here is our front we went @through.
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@out to the west, here is our @storm system. @what happens is we have our @cold front that drops in @tonight. @sits here. @then that becomes the movement @zone for the storm to the west @and as this comes in, it is @going to start to spin the @temperatures around and that is @where we get the wintry mix @chances. @through the afternoon tomorrow, @rain moves in. @it could be heavy rain at @times. @notice low 40s north. @colder air coming in. @rain through the evening. @then we'll see this change over @to snow by midnight wednesday @and then once we get into the @early part of the day @wednesday, you can see that @snow begins to move out. @how much? @little bit. @sandusky could get a glazing to @an inch of ice.
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@temperatures should be warm @enough to keep all that snow @kind of slushy so it does not @look like a lot of accumulation @south. @ the day tomorrow, we're @going to start with an early @mix chance and then late rain @changing to snow tomorrow @night. @wednesday, we don't even make @it out of the 20s as the snow @showers linger and lake affect @does as well. @the seven-day forecast, then we @get to do it all over again on @thursday. @in. @we'll be seeing that moving out @on friday. @a clipper hits us on saturday @with another bout of some snow. @then late next weekend into the @early part of the week we'll @start to warm up again. @basically, the bottom line, be @prepared for anything in the @next 36 hours.
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@ @ and now the mentor and ha @lean kia sports report. @ jimmy d, the cavs, fans are @getting frustrated. @the team itself has to be @feeling it a bit. @>> not happy campers the @cavaliers. @not playing good basketball. @they take on the indiana @pacers. @the start of four in a row for @them. @they had a bad weekend in
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@washington and now today steven @a smith from espn reports kyrie @irving wants out of cleveland. @he is not happy playing here. @the people that manage his @career want him to go to a @bigger market. @now smith went on to say it is @an absolute certainly, a @guarantee that if the cavaliers @do not win the title, one of @the big three will leave and @right now he is saying kyree @irving could be the one but he @is under contract until 2020. @cavs are playing lousy. @they lost 3 out of 4. after @yesterday's walloping at the @hands of the washington wizards @minus lebron, he is concerned @how the team is playing. @they lost to the wizards.
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@toronto and lost to detroit. @bo williams will not play @tonight. @eastern conference standings. @the cavaliers lead only by two @over the raptors. @celtics are playing well. @they are 7 back so the cavs are @still in the top spot. @the indians get set forth home @opener which is 35 days away @from the start of the season. @tickets sold out in 40 minutes. @they take on the cincinnati @reds. @there should be a meeting, one @of 45. @they play them hourly out @there. @michael bradley is doing more @and more baseball wise. @this is him today. @he is hitting in the cage soft @toss and brantley still feels @early in the season is a very, @very high possibility. @>> i'm doing great. @making progress each and every @day. @i'm on a good game plan with
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@hitting and i'm excited where @i'm at. @i really at. @ the defensive backs in @indianapolis. @a great one ohio state. @tie vis powell, the safety ran @a 4-4-6-40 today. @he should go to rio with that. @he was projected to be a third @or fourth round pick but he @could get shot up. @ the swimming and diving @team over the weekend captured @their third straight mid @american conference @championship. @they never trailed during the @entire four-day event. @congratulations to them. @they are happier than the cavs @are right now. @>> that is fantastic. @big game tonight though. @>> yes. @big game for the cavaliers to @turn it around. @they should but it is a full-
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@cavaliers happy. @with overtime i believe. @>> all right. @thanks a the l. @>> and we thank you very much @for watching. @jimmy and betsy back tonight at @7:00. @ the "nbc nightly news" is
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tonight the klan controversy exploding around donald trump after refusing to condemn the kkk's former leader. what he's saying now and what we found him saying years ago. plus, tensions boil over at trump's rally, and tonight some republican leaders are scrambling to stop him. school shooting emergency. all-out chaos as police say a 14-year-old suddenly opened fire in the cafeteria. taking the stand, an emotional erin andrews tells the jury about her hotel nightmare as a stalker secretly taped her and posted the video for the world to see. craving sleep. a wake-up call tonight for millions struggling to lose weight and trying to get more rest.


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