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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  March 11, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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amazing grace nancy reagan's funeral. my conversation with hillary clinton as she fondly remembers the former first lady. >> her steady support really incredibly inspiring. which first lady and famous faces united to honor nancc. >> lay down beside the man she loved until the nd of hhr days. >> john stamos turning heads with his younger datt. is she the same age as the olsen twins? madonna's custody battle her ex and son in court. why she's making a public plea dressed as a clown. the dog wwisperer under
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cruelty. could this bloody attack get cesar millan in trouble with the law. jennifer garner's new movie and the family's incredible story that caught hollywood's attention. >> i sat on jesus' lap. backstreet boys flashback with his dad. how he went from touring with dad to broadway. >> what about joining a boy band? now for march 11th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." nancy reagan, laid to rest. america says its final good-bye to one of the most influential first ladies in our history. thanks for joining us, everyone. samantha harris is with me. >> about 1,000 were invited including four first ladies and after days of public viewings, nancy is back beside her be husband president ronald reagan. kevin frazier is there with our exclusive coverage. >> today we honor a woman who
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our country. >> what do you remember most about nancy r >> well, on the personal front, she was always so gracious and welcoming to me, but i also remember her strength and her resolve following the attempted assassination of her husband. she really helped to guide our country through that >> when my father was shot and my mother rushed to the hospital they at first wouldn't let her see him. i have to, she said. you don't understand how it is with us. >> reporter: the first lady's service packed with celebrities, remember a lot of stuff. she was just a good friend. >> tom selleck, angelica houston, mr. t. melissa hugged john before the ceremony and arnold schwarzenegger sat with his estranged wife maria shriver. >> she did ove a party and she would want this to be a party.
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this is a celebration. >> it was interesting that two of the journalists who covered nancy reagan during her years in the white house were part of the service. diane sawyer read from the gospel. >> the word of the lord. >> reporter: tom brokaw. >> god bless, nancy. mrs. ronald reagan. first lady. and the unlikely friend of a reporter. thank you, nancy. >> reporter: mrs. clinton is one of four first ladies who attended nancy reagan's funeral. michelle obama, laur bush and rosalynn carter also made the trip to the reagan library. what does it mean to see the it's like to be in one of the most pressure-packed positions in the world? >> i admire each of these women. there's no guidebook about how you go be a first lady. there are extraordinary contributions from each of the women that i'll be sitting with today at the service and i couldn't be more privileged to be among them. amazing grace >> reporter: today's service was planned down to the smallest
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herself. and her one most important request is that she be laid to rest just inches from her husband, former president reagan, in a hillside tomb facing the pacific ocean. >> most importantly, she will once again lay down beside th man who was the love of life, the one she loved until the end of her days. but now i see >> watch the sun drop over the hills ii the west toward the sea, my father will tell her that the lights below are her jewels. >> they just were madly in i think from the very beginning until i'm sure the very last minut her steady support of him as her husband, as our president, was so incredibly inspiring. speaking of hillary during "grey's anatomy" they saw kerry washington, viola davis, ellen pompeo, talki hillary clinton being both
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it was directed by "scandal's" commander in chief tony goldwyn, and he told us how it all came together. >> initially came from the clinton campaign talking to shonda rimes about what we could all do together. >> hillary visited the set just weeks before. >> i make television filled with the characters we all can be. >> strong. >> but flawed. >> human >> but extraordinary. >> we shot the piece in less than a day. everyone just cleared the time and it was pretty inspiring. >> our characters are on television. but the real world, the real world has hillary clinton. >> directing this commercial was so wonderful because everybody was there for the simple reason that they felt a necessity to speak out about someone they feel strongly about. >> i'm with hillary. >> meanwhile, donald trump's is growing. he's supported by conservative clint eastwood and actor jon voight endorsed the republican
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to. >> the latest developments on other stories we're in front of. >> madonna two and a half hours late for her show tears e. when she arrived she looked like this. sheehad one drink while on oment during the night when she sang "intervention" with images of estranged son rocco playing in the background.-husband guy ritchie in a custody battle over rocco. a new york judge ruled last week rocco will remain with his case is resolved. madonna mis guy and his wife were there. the seattle seahawks announce ing their
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sparkle. the couple notorious forw to stay celebrate until marriage. >> we'redating. she loves thi >> now john stamos tod with his girlfriend reagan's funeral. the couple were also spotted yesterday eating ice cream and walking helilo. so who is younger woman? she is a actress. the olsen twins who with john in full house are also 29. she is best known for t shows and v diaries s well as the film "i amlegend." it was jennifer lopez's pink couture that received mix reviews. the star showing off curves in art pink silky mini. the dress also shown on the designer's website. did you see the dress she was wearing? it was pretty stunning.
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except you was looking good tonight, miss j. lo, always. >> there are no words. what i will do is go and e. >> it was just a few months ago that rita wilson shared th wonderful news that she is cancer free and healthy. and she is busier than ever withcome cd. i talked to rita about how music helped her he >> how has music helped you in recovery? >> music is a thi actually can change your mood no matter what you're doing. whether it's listening to music rite these songs it's been an amazing outlet not only when you're feeling sad, but when you're feeling happy too. rita wrote songs about her life for her self-titled album including her 27-year marriage to tom hanks.cameo in her video and he will travel with rita on her 21-city spring tour. they'll travel by bus and it's going to be packed. >> you have your own tour bus have another.
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>> seriously. >> yes. >> how many people in the band? >> there's eight total on the bus. >> what? i'm telling you, you can come. >> all right. >> be on my bus. >> rita was shooting the cover for a magazine ew. she's super busy, also producing and acting in "my big fat greek wedding 2," written by and ing her friend nina valdales. >> si the f what surprises me is how everyone sees their family in this family. >> i would have people coming up to me and saying, this is our story. >> ian is a vegetarian. he doesn't eat meat. you mean he don't eats no meat? that's okay. i make lamb. >> john corbett, joey fatone and the cast return for the sequel.
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and now their daughter is grown up. aching a screenplay i try to pull from my real life. >> my family showed up to be background actors. >> hi. >> i know now what it's like to be a mom and i can write about all the angst of wanting to keep h i'm taking a step back, i will always be right here. >> and now let's take a look at what's coming u cesar millan under investigation over this bloody april mall attack. was the show negligent? miracle from heaven movie. did hollywood et the true story right? >> i want to hear something from the movie that was real and something that wasn't quite the way you remember it. and our backstreet boy father/son sit down.serious medical conditions to become singing sensations.
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-p>> we'll be right back. kelly and sharon
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celebrity legal news to report. look at who is in trouble with the law. >> hey. >> cesar milan investigate animal cruelty following the february 26th airing of this >> stop it. >> durin a behavioral session, aulldog terrier mix attacks a pot belly pig biting its ear. >> got the ear. >> following an online complaint ontrol officers visited milan's dog psychology center where the episode was taped, but milan was out of town, cesar is reportedly still under investigation. >> what do you think? >> t owner came to milan's defense today. >> i'm so blessed to have had caesar's help. and people have what really happened.
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which airs "cesar 911" says he was careful to assess simon's leash. >> now let's take the leash off. it's important that i train him to behave properly off leash as well. >> following the attack the network says the pig was tended terward and healed quickly and showed no lasting signs of distress. in fact, the episode concluded with the dog and pig successfully co-existing. n' eat the pig, but you can eat with the pig. >> cases of extreme cruelty can result in fines and/or jail time, but those are very rare. in the continue to fully cooperate with authorities. >> good boy. >> and coming up next -- the real-life family inspiring new miracles movie, what this girl who a higher power. >> what did he look like? >> then a backstreet boy's tears for his young son battling a serious disease. trying time. >> that is straight ahead.
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hello, "e.t." join the chaos, getting ready for the premiere. om jenni plays in her new movii "miracles from heaven."re with the family as they were getting ready for the big event including 13-year-old annabell who the film is about. >> i'm excited for it and i want to take a lot of pictures so i can remember it. >> annabelle kept a diary of her adventures for us. this. >> you're all dolled up, on the red carpet, how -- i mean what has been your favorite part so far?ol. >> what an amazing night. for the family. they walked that red carpet like -ppros. at their hotel room they stopped by "e.t." so we could really talk about their daughter's miracle and how
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the big screen. >> met jennifer garner and she's really >> we met the very first time asnd she had read "the miracles from heaven" from cover to cover and she'd underlined and highlighted and dog eared. >> i was definitely inspired by mom. >> jen was always the first choice to play christy in the true story that's well a miracle.when it happened in 2011 playing with her sister annabelle fell 30 feet into a hallow tree. while unconscious she says she jesus. the accident seemingly cured anna from her rare and fatal digestive disorder. >> heaven was bright and peaceful and no pain and that's why i wanted to stay. and i sat on jesus' lap and i asked him if i could stay and he said no, annabelle, i have plans for you not compete in heaven, so whenever the firefighters get you out there will be nothing wrong with you. >> the words i sat on jesus'
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what did he look like?air and a beard and he had like a white -- like what they wore back then, not dress, but -- and then a purple sash. family and having hope in the midst of hardships but what ly happened and what didn't. >> i'm not leaving this hospital until i know what's wrong with my daughter. >> this scene when jen yells at real. and so is this family reunion in the hospital but there was a change to this rescue. >> i know that like when they picked out kylie out of the tree she was like not awake and she s and all bloody all over her face. when anna came out she awake, she just pushed it behind her ear.other hollywood change, queen latifah looks nothing like
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plays and that's okay.oes she know i'm white, catholic and irish, and i said yes. she goes, that's right, strong black woman, that's right. the real life angela actually loves queen latifah and queen latifah wound up playing this character. >> hey. i love it. >> you see.hat story. >> you feel me. >> awesome. i think that's fantastic. >> drop the mic.eet boy so hitting broad bailey is opening the show "disaster" becoming a secshowbiz kid and his dad is beaming proud. he wants it that way.t down i've been pushed around when will i be loved e son. 13-year-old bailey is kind
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his turn in the broadway musical "disaster" earning rave reviews.heated >> what was your reaction when you landed the part? >> loved it. >> we knew bailey had the performance gene when we coveredold wedding singer at his parents' vow renewal.credible, bailey, you toured with the back street boys at 3. >> i asked him if i could and e said you can sing a couple songs and i was li wait, did he just say yes? i loved it. >> bailey already has fans. was younger he suffered from a medical condition that inflamed the blood vessels around his heart. ed kawasaki disease, how did you come through that to >> i don't know. i don't know.
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know that i handled that and i remember i walked out of the hospital in a batman costume. i walked out of here and i survived this and everything is zing. i never want to hear you say >> at the height of his ame brian had a health scare. surgery at 22 years old, then being a parent and in a helplesst, it was a very, very trying time. our faith in our lives has always been our foundation. moved the family from atlanta to new york to support baile broadway dreams. he's planning to make a career of showbiz. t joining a boy band? following in your father's footsteps? >> i would like to follow in his footsteps solo. biz life can be tough on a family. lot of traveling. but brian says wherever
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their home. a tour bus, a hotel room or an to be together. in our "entertainment tonight" birthdays which oscar nominated actress's break was playing one of the jackson five in a tv movie. will smith, terrance howard or
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heir gorgeous maternity photos. it is time for the answer to tonight's "e.t." birthdays.nated actor's big break was playing one of the jackson five in a tv movie? that is terrance howard. he played jackie. he's 47 today. happy birthday. ust about out of time, but you know what, we want to squeeze in one more thing you have to see before we go. >> so long, everybody.
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watts with the cast will be at monday's world premiere lle she almost quit acting. >> what was the thing that kept you going? >> i couldn't think of what else maybe i could be a yoga teacher. you know, every time i would get to that point something would come along. as i was sort of packing back in. >> kind of reminds us of george clooney's interview where he >> he felt like the camera is unforgiving and people don't really want to -- >> gorgeous. >> george clooney >> call me.alk you out of that. >> poor george clooney having a
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