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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  March 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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@ @ we can help have a guy @that's creating this kind of @toxic atmosphere and pitting @one group of people @against another. @>> governor john kasich braces @silence on a donald trump in a @cleveland exclusive interview. @coming up, why he says he @finally has to say something @about the gop front runner. @ our team election coverage @continues with how you can @still change parties in today's @election.
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@cast their ballots? @the polls today, we know @weather can greatly affect the @turnout. @so back setback hollie is @tracking the election day @forecast. @fog is the story this morning. @>> it is, if you are tuning in @awaking up, we hope -- we do @have a dense fog or he and put @-- fog advisory in place right @now. @we are not seeing any file, but @that is where it is going to be @most likely. @through at least the next few @hours. @definitely the thing to watch @out for will be some fog, as we @get into late afternoon we are @going to know some sunshine. @in the scheme of things your @commute this morning is going @to take longer and as we take a @look at the timeline . @you will know through 8 a.m. @we are still seeing foggy @conditions perhaps a few @leftover sprinkles. @cloud cover through noon @abrasive sunshine later today. @a lot of you will end up pretty @close to 60. @if you're closer to the @lakeshore, will be a little @cooler.
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@another round of rain. @i will let you know when that @moves and peer the big thing @for your commute, walking out @that door is the fog @ yes, it is, as i walk into @the traffic map you can see the @fog covering our region, or @portions of it. @71, 76, two to 24, medina @county, know the cameras not @broken it is just all covered @in fog. @there is going to be some @potentially tricky conditions @there. @please use caution, no big @delays in that area. @also we are seeing fog those @drive times remain normal @between dead man's curve two @minutes headed west, 11 minutes @headed east, 480 on the @westside, here's a picture at @state road, we are seeing fog @pretty much all through cuyahoga @county. @ we go now to our team @coverage of today's election. @big numbers expected in ballot @boxes across ohio today. @polls will open up and just
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@will remain open until 7:30 p.m. @tonight. @there is a lot on the line for @governor casey koo says he will @drop out of the race for the @nomination if he does not win @ohio today. @he's hoping to celebrate the @victory on the other side of @the ticket hillary clinton is @expected to beat @bernie sanders. @there is potential for confusion @and you cast your ballot for @the presidential primary. @tiffany tarpley joins us live @with what you need to know. @>>reporter:the confusion @surrounds the republican @ballot. @we are outside the gunning @recreation center where this @polling location center will @open in the next half hour. @we also want to make sure you @know what to expect when you go @to vote. @here is the question that is @being raised on the republican @side. @people are asking why am i @voting twice for presidential @delegates?
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@president, one for an at-large @presidential delegates and one @for a district delegate. @there was a time when ohio's @republican vote was divided. @now in the 2016 republican @primary it is winner take all. @the roundtable conservative @policy group says this ballot @language is very confusing. @>> they have places for you to @vote for each. @but if the winner takes all how @do you determine a winner. @you tally both at-large @delegates in district @delegates? @you cannot split them. @if you like your candidate for @president vote for that @candidate's at-large delegates @and vote for that congressional @district delegates. @>>reporter:here's the bottom @line, the secretary of state's @office says that all of these @votes will be tallied, @but the republican party here in @ohio, they are saying that it @is the at-large delegate count @that will count. @so, that is the bottom line. @make sure the at-large delegate @that you choose -- choose as
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@coming up in the next half hour @we are talking about this @presidential election, but @there is some other big issues @here in northeast ohio. @i will break those down at 6:50. @ ohio governor, john kasich, @says today's primary in ohio is @do or die. @he will drop out of the race if @he loses. @and an exclusive interview, the @governor says he is not @nervous, he is confident of @for the first time john kasich! @how he feels about donald @trump's recent remarks. @>>reporter:you took some direct @aim at donald trump today, @explain what took you to that @mindset. @>> i watch these fights that @were occurring on friday night, @then i read a bunch of his @quotes that he has been saying @at these rallies, and i was a @gas, i believe the voters will @speak, i think they wanted the @record that i have brought to @ohio, and i think they've had @it with all of the negative @nonsense. @>> john kasich went on to say @he was focused on his own
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@when asked how he was feeling, @the night before the election, @he said he feels completely calm @ meanwhile, some 17-year- @olds will be allowed to vote @today after a federal judges @ruling on friday. @bernie sanders successfully @sued republican secretary of @state, john, over the @interpretation of ohio's @election laws. @so, 17-year-olds who turn 18 @before the general election @canal vote for nominees. @there are an estimated 16,000, @17-year-olds registered to vote @in ohio. @ we will also see if ohio @semi open primary will have any @impact today. @it means voters can cross party @lines. so, a democrat could @vote for trump, or cast a @ballot for john kasich. @voters simply have to ask for a @parties ballot at the polls. @cuyahoga county reports more @voter switching parties this @year. @almost 60% of democrats @requested republican ballots, @and a little over 1% of
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@ballots. @ thousands of ohioans have @cast their ballot, early voting @begins february 17 and wrapped @up yesterday afternoon. @more the foreigners 17,000 @absentee ballots have been cast @, 45% of them were for @democrats, 53% of were for @republican ballots. @our extensive coverage @continues tonight. @we are live all night at, to report the latest @results as they come in. @tune in during prime time, for @updates, for special edition of @channel 3 news at 11 p.m. @until midnight. @we will have the very latest @results as they come in. @ the city of parma has a @warning for residents, this @morning, if you get a call from @someone claiming to be with the @irs. @be suspicious. @at least three city employees, @including a counsel man i @received calls from scam artists
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@victims to pay a tax obligation @, or face an arrest. @the city advises the scammers @may have basic information, @about you, but do not send the @money. @ a plea deal in the case of @a cleveland father accused of @taking his son 13 years ago, @and raising him under a new @identity. @bobby hernandez pleaded guilty @to charges including @kidnapping. @he is now 18-year-old son did @not attend the hearing. @his attorney wants to ask the @judge for probation as @sentencing in april, but @prosecutors called the father's @actions cruel, and will @recommend a longer sentence. @ topping the morning @newsfeed, three chicago police @officers have been injured, and @a suspect is that after a shoot @out at chicago's west side. @police say it started when @narcotics detectives watched a @drug deal happening late last @night. @the officers confronted the man @and the woman, the male suspect @opened fire. @three officers had non- life- @threatening injuries, one of @the officers was able to return @fire killing the male suspect, @this female suspect was also @taken into custody.
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@on the other side of the law @today. @after misbehaving during a pot @rate. @the officers were caught on @camera eating some of the @suites inside a medical @marijuana dispensary they @rated. @the officers can be seen @knocking down doors, and using @crowbars to destroy security @cameras. @but they did not destroy all of @them. @the remaining cameras caught @them passing around the weed @laced candy. @the officers now face charges @of theft and vandalism. @ this beach in argentina @has gone to the dogs. @take a look at the crowded @beach where pets can run free. @this is what -- six expected to @be the first beach exclusively @for dogs. @there's a recreation square, @private swimming pool, free dog @snacks and an @ la carte menu. @all the current menu! @i want to be like them. @the founders of the service @organize dog walks in the
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@there is off-site recreation @>> how about that? @alright. @that's pretty neat. @have you ever seen a racehorse @wearing a suit and tie? @>> only on our newscast. @ still to come, reading main @easy. @you can now -- -- reading made @easy. @you can now check out a book @without leaving your car at one @local library. @ a tornado touchdown here in @ohio, coming up. @hollie we don't have any of @that to worry about today? @ no, but what we have for @the morning commute is a fog. @cuyahoga, medina, lorraine @especially being impacted this @morning prayed we will see some @sunshine later this election d @ay, tuesday, but the fog was @slow you down to start. @sometimes the fog will create @some delays. @as you can see downtown, @visibility -- well, hard to @make out those building tops, @that's for sure. @let us know what the weather is @like as you are waking up in @your neighborhood. @we are up on twitter i would @love to hear from you.
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@ @ you will soon be able to @pick up your check books -- @checked books at a library. @construction is set to begin on @april 4 . the drive-through @will allow you to pick up items @checked out online without @leaving your vehicle. @construction will be done by the @summer. @ i am sure you heard them, @thunderstorms rolling through @northeast ohio last night. @but people in the southwestern @part of the state spotted @funnel clouds. @police in inglewood ohio near @dayton capture this video. @a funnel cloud raced across the @sky in nearby phillipsburg for @the national weather service to @confirm that a tornado hit.
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@ it's about that time of year @, we have two starting in @about severe weather. @>> we are really lucky, we do @not see a ton of tornadoes @around here. @but we definitely get our share. @this morning it is all about @the fog. @a live look at downtown, and @boy it is a foggy commute. @not only for cuyahoga county, @medina, lorraine also under @dense fog advisories that go @until 9 a.m. @this is really going to slow @you down, visibility is less @than .25 miles but in spots, it @will be hard to really see cars @in front of you. @heading out to the polls, make @sure that you are allowing @plenty of time. @i know for some of you you are @trying to get that in earlier @in the day as opposed to later. @that is why most of our @commuter challenges will come. @around 50 of the bus stop, it @is still pretty mild, that is @for sure. @it will be today, in general, @before we start to see really @chilly weather and the extended @we have the dense fog advisory @now, joy was sunshine later, @and we are forecasting another @round of rain before we get to
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@the dense fog advisory for @cuyahoga, lorraine, and medina @counties all highlighted in @gray. @as you are going out to vote @today, the fog will fade mid to @late morning. @we will end up mostly cloudy @skies through lunch, honestly i @think it will be patients today @for sunshine it will be more @later this afternoon. @upper 50s to low 60s. @if you're close to the lake @sure you're going to be 50s, if @you are inland you are to be @low 60s today. @rain showers fading fast, and @moving eastward as they do. @that's really not an issue. @the bigger problem is the fog @because it's impact on @visibility. @as we track on future view, @this is 10:30 a.m., a lot of @overcast skies, at this point @fog advisories will be done, @and as we get into the afternoon @we start to see some breaks of @sunshine which will be good. @and then heading into tonight @it's pretty much quiet until we @get to daybreak where we got @scattered showers, @they be a few rumbles it looks @like for tomorrow morning's @commute we will have somewhat @roads, then into the @afternoon we see some scattered
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@temperatures cool off slightly @off until we actually get to @the weekend. @here is your seven-day. @get out and vote, do not let @some fog so you down. @yes, it will take some after @time this morning, but you allow @that. @perhaps a shower. @we are in the 50s and then it @what temperatures back in the @40s heading into the weekend. @6:17, here's a check on your @drive. @ good morning, we have one @traffic incident to tell you @about, other than the fog, we @are waiting for this vehicle @fire to clear out on andorra @road near lanson road on @cleveland's east side. @no road closures because of t @hat. @watch for the fog richland
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@lorraine, portions of western @cuyahoga county. @we are also seeing in summit @county, i to 71 at state route @eight, as you can see heavy fog @here, but normal drive times. @back to you. @ time now for my biggest @winners of my biggest losers in @sports prayed for the biggest @losers, we have seen many @famous horses from secretariat @to american pharaoh, to trigger @to mr. ed. @they've all had one thing in @clothing. @i mean, mr. ed would wear @glasses from time to time, but @no clothing. @why should we start now? @look at this. @this is racehorse more stead, @and the jockey had a tweed suit @and tie made special for his @horse to wear to big racing @festival. @[laughter] @i admit the horse look sharp, @is this necessary? @it took 59 feet of tweed to
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@10 times more than a human suit. @ridiculous? @how is the horse race in this. @he would be better off in a @tracksuit. @[laughter] @horseracing is the sport of @kings. @get him a robe. @not a tweed suit. @i will admit he is very dapper. @the biggest winners come from @chagrin falls, this is a @seventh grade boys basketball @team after winning the @championship. @the tigers had a perfect @season, 19-zero record. @congratulations to coach mike @and all of the boys who will be @out to defend that title and @keep the winnings be going next @year. @thanks to johnna for sending in @the picture. @if you would like to nominate @your champion, or all-star if @you have pictures of another @animal in clothing, e-mail them @to morning show at, or @tweet them to me at john@wkyc. @>> i wouldn't want to measure @that inseam. @[laughter] @just kidding. @>> i know.
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@continues this morning. @chuck todd joins us live in @just minutes. @>> his perspective on why @today's vote is so crucial @moving forward. @hollie. @ thank you, john, can't take @a little peek at 6:20, kristin @sent a picture and,-- -- sent a @picture in.
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as polls showed donald trump losing ohio, he attacked our john kasich
tv-commercial tv-commercial
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but, guess what donald? four hundred and seventeen thousand of us now have good jobs here because of our governor. kasich cut state spending, cut our taxes, increased our wages. ohioans are too danged smart to ever trust you. new day for america is responsible for the content
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@ @ we continue our primary @election coverage. @we are known as a battleground @state here in ohio. @today is no exception. @>> nbc's political director, @chuck todd, has been following @the presidential primaries very @closely. @john kasich and donald trump @say they will win today in @ohio, but many say it is john
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@>> i tend to agree with that it @is john kasich's race to lose. @of all the candidates that have @been running for president, @over the last nine months, only @one has not seen his approval @rating in his own state @collapse. @and that is john kasich. @he has held steady, he still @has a high approval rating. @he only needs -- needs 35-40% @to win among republicans but if @he cannot get that, then he is @not a very powerful governor, @and maybe his approval ratings @have been an illusion. @i think it is his to lose. @trump knows that that is why he @has added a stop. @he added rallies in ohio, he @spent a little more time in the @end the way the numbers work, @losing ohio for trump means we @are coming to cleveland for a @contested convention. @winning ohio means he can wrap @this up without having to fight @it out of the convention. @>> truck, with this convention @today, i am hearing from a lot @of people, i need to go out and @vote, so so-and-so does not win @. versus, well i'm throwing my
6:25 am
@it? @>> it is, strategic voting @never works. @we will see. @but this idea of i'm going to @the polls to stop ask @particularly in a primary, @usually whoever acts is usually @wins. @>> that's good to know right @there. @>> the higher the turnout, @particularly in the democratic @side, the better the news for @debt -- for bernie sanders. @the democratic race will be @just as close, just as @important to shaping the rest @of the democratic side as well. @>> we are expecting a to go @down to the wire. @thank you very much. @>> it's ohio, it always late @and then i prayed you know @that. @>> we don't get any sleep @around here, neither will you. @thank you so much. @ let's talk weather, a foggy @start, a dense fog advisory in @effect, hollie @>> it is so true, especially @for those of you heading out to @the polls earlier, i think this
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@your delay because of dense fog @advisories. @by 9 o'clock they will have @expired. @cuyahoga, lorraine and medina @counties included in the fog @advisory. @but even outside of the we have @patchy fog of spots. @upper 50s and low 60s for highs @today. @and then beyond today as we @take a look at the travel map. @i am tracking another round of @rain and eventually some cold @and a few snowflakes. @>> say it isn't so. @ still ahead, you have seen @the commercials, or maybe have @received a phone call, on which @candidate you should vote for. @we have an exclusive luck at the @faces of these political @volunteers making that push, @including some of their @sacrifices. @hi, maureen. @>>reporter:coming in on the @morning news feed, for the @first time, ever, the nfl @admits a link between @concussions and brain damage.
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@that is coming up after the
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@ @ the polls are open across @the state of ohio for today's @primary location. @this is a life like i gunning @recreation center in cleveland. @we are expecting big numbers at @the polls. @and ohio is not the only state @voting today. @florida, illinois, missouri and @north carolina cast their
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@>> there are -- there are a lot @of delegates on the line for @the candidate who takes florida @or ohio. @john kasich said if he does not @win today he will and his @campaign for president. @john kasich has never lost an @election here in ohio, and is @expected to beat out donald @trump, according to polls along @with ted cruz, and marco rubio. @on the other side of the @ticket, polls show hillary @clinton and bernie sanders are @they each say they essay they @will win ohio, but polls show @clinton on top @>> a lot is riding on ohio's @primary today. @which means a lot of attention @from the candidates. @will ujek joins us live now. @we've seen them over the last @week, it has been so busy @around here. @>>reporter:yet, if you have not @seen a political commercial, @had your door knocked on, or @your phone buzzed by a @candidate you have either been @out on vacation or you have @been doing a very good job of @avoiding it. @for some people here in the @state of ohio, and all over the @country this is the exact @opposite and giving up life for
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@believe in. @he does not live in ohio but he @has for the past week. @>> i really like what i was @learning about john kasich, and @i thought the country has been @wonderful all my life, i want @to keep it that way. @this is something i can do for @a candidate that i believe in. @>>reporter:lancaster, @pennsylvania resident loved @what he was hearing from john @kasich. so much so that he @decided to get involved, @grabbing a phone next to brett @smith remember brett @>> i really appreciate that how @you been talking about. @>>reporter:brett made national @news for a head he shared with @john kasich in a town hall in @south carolina. @senior at the university of @georgia, brett is giving up his @spring break this year. @trading in his swimsuit and @towel for yard signs in a @dialtone. @>> it's nice, it's better than @watching things unfold. @i've got a lot of hugs here, @that's been nice. @town, diane morgan has found a @sanders
6:33 am
@you to know that i am going to @do everything that i can to @help get him @elected. @>>reporter:diane started @organizing back in august and @has put her farm, husband, and @friends all on the back @burner to focus on bernie @sanders. @>> my husband was like, how @about me? @[laughter] @and i was like, bernie. @bernie needs me. @>>reporter:they do not get @paid, or much recognition for @these political volunteers, @it's about passion for @the biggest payoff will be @seeing their candidates in the @oval office. @>> john kasich is the only @candidate who is different. @>> the only qualified, i think, @person to be president. @>>reporter:while these places @are set up in ohio, they have @really been helping out all over @. making calls to other states @have been voting recently like @michigan and south carolina. @today it is crunch time for them @they will be calling to remind @people to vote. @some places going in picking @people up and taking them to @the polls of they cannot get
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@closely hoping they can see @their candidates get the win @today. @>> thank you. @ let's take a look now at @some of the other races and @issues that may appear on your @ballot. @if you are a democrat in @cuyahoga county will be making @a choice for cuyahoga @prosecutor. @mcginty challenged by michael @malley @>> democratic voters across @northeast ohio will have to @choose between former ohio @governor ted strickland and @cincinnati city councilman @said failed in a political @newcomer named kelly fraser for @u.s. senate. @our extensive coverage @continues tonight we are live @all evening long and @to report the latest results as @they come in. @tune in during prime time for @the latest updates, and for a @special edition of channel 3 @news at 11 p.m. @until midnight. @as the results roll in. @ this is an all-day story @with the primary spread if you @are heading to the polls early @this morning for there is fog @out there. @we are dealing with that but @what about the rest of the day?
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@>> i think it's going to get @easier, i do. @it looks like this morning will @be your biggest challenge as @far as a take any longer. @a dense fog advisory, if you @are just tuning in, cuyahoga, @lorain and medina that is until @9 a.m. @for those three counties. @even outside of the county, we @are talking of patchy fog. @probably late afternoon for @most of you. @notice the way temperatures @ring, it is going to be 50s to @60s for the vast majority of @you. @sunshine starting to pop out @between 2 o'clock and 4 o'clock @today. @that fog and cloud cover @persisted through this morning. @as far as any showers, most of @those have faded with the @exception of what's happening @to the east. @the bigger story, no question @this morning, as the fog. @danny has a look at your drive, @and i would assume it's going @to take extra time @ it may take extra time @right now, but the good news is
6:36 am
@delays. @the fog is in causing any @accidents or huge delays right @now. @give yourself extra time as a @precautionary. @we are seeing our typical snow @-- slow traffic into the inner @belt bridge rated clears what @you get to the inner belt, 71 @goes down to one lane right @there around west 14th street. @that drive time on 71 north @between 480 and 490 normal nine @minute commute. @one last traffic alert to @remind you about north marginal @road is closed to westbound @traffic today between east @ninth street and east 55th for @resurfacing. @the details are on wkyc. @com. @time and we have "breaking @news" coming into the newsroom @this morning, cleveland mary @school is closed today because @of vandalism at the school. @>> the school says they are @already working to clean things @up. @an investigation is underway. @this is a polling location, so @we do want to let you know that
6:37 am
@and you can cast your vote. @ "breaking news" also, pope @francis has announced that @mother teresa will become a @saint on september 4. mother @teresa is sometimes known as @the saint of the gutter, @because of her love for the @poor, and the abandoned. @in december of this last year, @pope francis signed off her @second miracle needed for @sainthood. @and today, she gets the @official approval to be a saint. @ hears maureen with a check @on the morning news feed. @ to escapees who prompted a @massive manhunt across mexico @are back behind bars. @they send the video of the pair @being loaded into a prison @transport van. @police say they likely freed @themselves from the van using @some sort of wire for the @corrections officer also @duty who were transporting the @inmates had been on the clock @the escape. @police are looking to press
6:38 am
@ for what's believed to be @the first time ever, an nfl @official acknowledged there is @a direct link between playing @football and developing @degenerative brain disease for @the nfl vice president, for @health and safety @policy, during a roundtable @discussion with washington @lawmakers. @back in 2013 the league settled @a lawsuit for former players @and their families agreeing to @pay evidence $35 million in @compensation. @ free ice cream is a reality @today for free county, dairy @queen kicks off spring season @five days early with its annual @free cone day at participating @locations. @in exchange for the free cone, @dairy queen is once again @accepting donations for the @children's miracle network @hospital. @so, if it's for charity, the @calories do not count. @in other news. @>> absolutely. @>> you can go ahead and have @that free cone @>> thanks a lot. @we appreciate it.
6:39 am
@ still left to come this @morning let's check in with a @money man, matt granite. @>> a deal so delicious it has @already crashed websites within @our company. @i will have this for you after @the break. @ we are talking fog this @morning, matt, and it is going @to be really slow, because of @reduced visibility. @sunshine expected later. @it is election day tuesday. @upper 50s to low 60s. @lots more to talk about @including rain and even a few @snowflakes.
6:42 am
@ @ "breaking news", there is a @party going on in nome, alaska @for the 1000-mile iditarod race @has just crowned its champion. @dallas crushed the finish line @when his fourth overall title
6:43 am
@the one lawson, during that @stretch , 2013 he lost to his d @ad. @it stays in the family. @they have a trend going here. @the party will continue there. @the race started on march 6, @with 85 mushes in the race, 12 @.-dot doubt. @again, dallas wins again. @ a group of 200 @motorcyclists traveling on a @fort worth, texas highway @highway say they were pepper @sprayed by a police officer. @this video was caught on helmet @camera worn by one of the @motorcyclist. @it shows fort worth police @officer stepped out of the @vehicle, after pulling someone @over on the shoulder, and spring @something directly into @oncoming traffic. @the bikers say it was maze. @the video posted online, went @viral for the fort worth police @department says it is @investigating @ rapper drake proved toronto @raptors the number one fan per @he showed a knack for getting
6:44 am
@head last night. @here we go again, it's against @the bulls, and the bulls guard @haunted by the singer as he is @attempting to throw the ball @and print holiday was hit with @a 52nd violation because he got @confused after drake serenaded @him from the front row. @the bulls coach was not happy @about this mental mistake at @such a close game rated but the @bulls did win the game 109-107. @[ music playing ] @[laughter] @ a new trending video shows @a live freestyle rap @performance at the rose garden @with president obama.
6:45 am
@show, hamilton, took their @talents to dc and put on a @performance for the president, @and the white house staff. @they use only a drumbeats, and @cue cards that the rapper had @never seen before. @at the end of the video, @president obama can be heard @saying he was sure the video @would go viral. @he was right. @ there is another story that @is taking over the internet, in @fact it is crashing websites @this morning. @you know who is at the center @of that? @>> asked who is proud? @>> i am so proud, today's deal @is so delicious, and so rare, @only having one time per year. @it's already completely knocked @down an entire website at our @company and another station i @work for. @take a look at what was just in @my hands, sponge candy. @and easter favor, been around @since 1910, only drops in price @once a year, outside chocolate, @inside magic. @this easter favor, which is @only made in one place, and the @entire country, and considered @to be the original, the best,
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@under $25 with free delivery. @if you head over to, @our website has not crashed @yet. @this deal happens once only @happens once per year, it is @made limited production, sponge @candy deliciousness at half- @price. @>> i'm going to have to try @this. @>> are right. @we have a better it department @in grand rapids. @[laughter] @just a saying. @>> for everyone in grand @rapids, you will get internet @service in the next week or so. @ here is hollie with the @weather forecast. @the computer model is showing @fog. @>> it is, and it's pretty @accurate. @this will impact your commute @to the polls this morning. @i think it's going to be easier @for you later today. @there is a live luck. @thank you for all of your @pictures that you are tweeting.
6:47 am
@always appreciate this because @a lot of you are waking up to @similar weather. @if it is the polls you are @heading to this morning, or @maybe thinking about the @commute getting to school or @work, there is going to be fog @to deal with downtown @cleveland. @we've had plenty and the fog @advisory will get there. @let's get you out to that bus @stop, first. @and temperatures, right around @50. @upper 40s into the 50s, that is @the range. @as we take a look at the @headlines for today, dense fog @advisory, we will dry things @out, there are still a few @spring goes around. @some sunshine before the day is @through, believe it or not. @then we are tracking more rain, @i hinted earlier there is even @a few snowflakes in the @forecast. @all kinds of stuff to get to. @there is a dense fog advisory @if you are not staring at your @tv, i totally get it. @get the waffles and on toaster @so the kids can have breakfast. @outside of that it will be more @patchy than steady fog. @but, burning often fading away @between 8 a.m.
6:48 am
@and then overcast skies until @noon. @partly cloudy skies expected @until 5 p.m. @upper 50s to low 60s today. @showers already fading fast @heading off to the east. @with the father could be a few @sprinkles. @you might be using the @windshield wiper every once in @a while. @notice as we get into the @afternoon how we start to see @some sun. @and, those of you further @inland have a better chance of @seeing highs in the low 60s @today. @very quiet weather overnight @towards daybreak. @tomorrow here come scattered @showers maybe a few rumbles of @thunder. @even into the afternoon, at @times, and then, st. patrick's @day, and still forecasting a @few showers, but also some @sunshine, which is going to be @terrific for all of you @leprechauns. @it's a big celebration here in @cleveland. @through st. patrick's day it @gets kind of chilly. @let's be honest. @36 is a normal high, we will be
6:49 am
@only around 40 a for this @upcoming weekend. @time for dog on weather. @this is lexi, and so sweet. @vanessa from orville santos @this picture, and john, she @said she has been a fan of @yours, she was watching you and @kristin back in the day here at @wkyc. i wanted to pass that @along. @she is a golden beetle, she @says the family loves the whole @morning show, her day would not @be complete without us. @how nice is that? @>> and i just say is there @anything cuter with that -- @then a puppy was snow on its @nose. @that's adorable right there. @it's not the same when i have @it on my nose. @so you know what, let's get @some, put it on your nose. @we will see. @ after the break, your @morning rush.
6:50 am
@tiffany and cleveland. @>>reporter:of course, this is @more than a presidential p @rimary, there are some big @issues on the ballot here in @northeast ohio. @coming up after the break i
6:51 am
6:52 am
@ @ it's time for the top @stories in your morning rush @ hollie has a foggy forecast @coming up, jenny with another @check on the roads. @maureen has the latest on an @investigation into kellogg's @cereal plant and we will start @with tiffany live at cleveland @with our cut -- our election @coverage. @>>reporter:there are some local
6:53 am
@support to fund services within @those communities but here in @cuyahoga county, issue 23 is @health and human said -- human @services levy it is not a new @tax, it's actually a renewal to @help find things to for seniors @and other programs like that. @in the rain county, people will @decide if they are willing to @give more from their paychecks @to fund police, @roads, and parks. @issue six reporters have posted @videos of failing police and @city equipment because of the @financial situation @there. @a first of its kind levy for @school safety is on the ballot, @the polls open about a half an @hour ago, they close tonight at @7:30 p.m. @ voting today will be for @some 17-year-olds that a @federal judge ruled on friday, @bernie sanders successfully @sued over the interpretation of @ohio's election laws. @so, 17-year-olds who turn 18 @before the general election
6:54 am
@there have been 16 -- 16017- @year-olds registered to vote in @ohio. @-- 16,000, 17-year-olds @registered to vote in ohio. @ we are live covering @today's excitement on @tune in during prime time for @the latest updates, and for a @special edition of channel 3 @news at 11, until midnight as @the results come in. @maureen. @>>reporter:we are switching @gears to some "breaking news" @that we have been following @within the last hour. @pope francis has announced @mother teresa will become a @saint on september 4. mother @teresa is sometimes known as @the saint of the gutter because @of her love for the poor, and @abandoned. @in december of this last year, @pope francis signed off on her @second miracle needed for
6:55 am
@miraculous healing of a @brazilian man with multiple @brain abscesses. @today, she gets the official @approval to be a saint. @danny, over to you @ right now, you take a look @at the traffic map, and @although we are dealing with @fog we are only seeing a few @spots of slow traffic area 271 @north. here is a picture of @broadway avenue a five minute @delay on 271 north. @also two-three minute delay @into downtown on 71 north and @77 north. @hollie. @ thank you, 6:55, it is foggy @, as danny just mentioned, @that is your morning commute. @by late this afternoon we will @see some sunshine. @upper 50s to low 60s today. @more scattered showers and @rumbles for tomorrow, st. @patrick's day. @fingers crossed all you
6:56 am
@and then it gets cold. @ i robot vacuum, 40% off. @lowest price. @i just tweeted it out. @>> that's exciting. @tomorrow we are going to protect @you from rfid theft. @if your card is at risk, we are @going to stop it. @>> we like that. @ it out and vote today. @we will have results as they @are coming in tonight. @>> we will have a news, weather @and traffic update in about @half an hour.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. make or break. key contests in five states today. trump wins in florida and ohio would knock most of his rivals out of the race. >> if we win ohio and florida, it's pretty much over. >> if hillary clinton sweeps the day, will it be the end for bernie sanders? >> i feel goo about where i am in this campaign. >> our team ways s weighs in on what could be the most decisive day of the race. admission. >> the answer is yes. >> the nfl acknowledging a link between football and brain disease. where does the league go from here, and what does it mean for the future of america's most popular sport?


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