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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  March 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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something. we're going to go all the way to cleveland and secure the republican nomination.>> governor john kasich's campaign moves forward after a big win here in ohio and have a look at the impact his when against donald trump.>> this country is
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we do not win anymore.>> meanwhile as the gop field narrows to three hillary clinton widens her lead over bernie sanders. >> we are moving closer to securing the democratic party nomination and winning this election in november.>> we have team coverage of the presidential primary plus a look at the big local upset as decision 2016 heats up. >> the primary election results are scrolling at the bottom of the screen and will have all the reaction to the big races throughout the morning. >> first it is a windy start to the wednesday and holly is tracking over is left over showers and we had thunder boomers. >> it is a good, thank you for those tweets, it will transition as john and lynna mentioned and by noon we noticed the winds pick up.
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degrees and sunshine by midday. will be even more significant is the sunshine towards this evening and there will be some glare and low 60s after starting off with left over showers this morning. wind advisory at 8 am for cleveland and that is new since he went to bed last night, and as john and lynna mentioned showers up anyway, some wet roads to the east but that is the extent of it. wind advisory for cuyahoga county, east and west ciders, including lorraine county and further west into sandusky and toledo but as i mentioned for cleveland and these areas just to the east and west that was literally issued just hours ago. it is new and it will be a day of wind thought means patients on your part, danny will talk more about the commute and still wet roads. >> especially the wet roads to the east, right now it is a good commit, the wet roads are not impacting the drive and no
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those of you waking up preparing to head of the downtown cleveland all routes look great, all green, westshore, interstate 90, 71 and even 77 looks great, here's the picture east 30th where the down into and out of the downtown cleveland remains seven minutes. ohio governor john kasich will be back on the campaign trail this morning after winning the primary last night>> is right, tiffany tarpley joins us live this morning and tiffany the governor is hopeful that he will eventually be the nominee. >> reporter: john and lynna he is hopeful for that contested convention right here in cleveland and of course that means votes would come down to the convention floor because he when i have enough delegates ahead of the convention here so he would need that contested convention but what does this mean for governor john kasich moving forward? the delegates he picked up in ohio are not enough to put them
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means the gop race will likely last a lot longer, this race to continue to be intense through june 7 primaries which is the last of the primaries and possibly beyond then. today governor john kasich will be in pennsylvania, a state not voting for six more weeks, as part of a strategy we've seen of his to skip ahead to the state he sees as winnable and judging from his words to supporters last night he believes it is going to work. >> we have got one more trip around ohio this coming fall where we will be hillary clinton and i will become the president of the united states.>> another date you want to mark on your calendar, april 26, at least for governor john kasich because that is when they will be a lot of eastern primaries including pennsylvania and the latest polling has him in last place. it will be interesting to see what happens and how it might affect his campaign moving forward.
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i will have a rundown of the delegate counts so far.>> we will see if it changes at all. hillary clinton beats bernie sanders here in ohio on the other side of the ticket and and four other states giving her a clear path now to the nomination. >> for closer look maureen kyle has been following the numbers for us. >> reporter: where the closest races was in missouri where overnight donald trump hillary clinton were declared winners, the race was so tight, he had to take a look. donald trump looking at 41%, it came down to 2000 votes for the republicans. trump edged out ted cruz. let's take a look, 41% to 41%, a really was just a margin of a few thousand delegates, 2000 voters. hillary clinton got 50% of the vote in missouri to bernie sanders 49%. clinton ended up sweeping all
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over 700 delegates and here's where things stand this morning. hillary clinton has just over 1500 while bernie sanders has 100, 23 delegates - bernie sanders has 823. marco rubio suspended his campaign after losing to donald trump and his home state of florida. trump also went on to win missouri, illinois and north carolina. governor. john kasich has never lost here in ohio, and something often note as this moves forward, exit polls say 57% of republicans feel like their party has betrayed them so we will see how that plays out as other candidates drop out as well.>> thank you. a local race was too close to call much of an overnight but overnight we learn of the shakeup for the cuyahoga county prosecutor, wical o'malley
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and trances - will ujek joins us with more. >> reporter: in the end michael o'malley wins this one by double digits in a race that was heavily concentrated on the use of deadly force and that was the center point of both campaigns, a hot button issue. michael o'malley and his supporters and campaign gathered at the harp last night over on detroit road to celebrate and count the numbers and then celebrate when the race was finally called, o'malley was safety director in parma as well as the former cleveland city councilman and a former assistant prosecutor, actually under mcginty and his predecessor bill mason . o'malley says he plans to meet with atty. general. mike dewine and state officials in the coming weeks to get the ball rolling on his plan to provide impartial investigations and prosecution into use of deadly force cases.>> this county needs to rebuild confidence in the criminal justice system and they need an individual who is willing to work to do that.
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willing to go out, meet with individuals, and restore some type of confidence in the office and i am the individual.>> after o'malley was declared the winner mcginty said i love the prosecutor's office and i am proud of all we have accomplished and all the outstanding dedicated professionals who work there and i will do everything i can to help mike, the office and county succeed. as far as what he does on day number one o'malley says he wants to very early in his tenure when he takes office meet with all the prosecutors locally to make sure they get a very uniform and consistent approach to prosecuting criminals here in the cuyahoga county region. let's take you to summit county where voters and norton shot down tool or to school levels - shut down to school levies. 60% of the voters said no, the
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operating levy but the voters did approve the levy renewal for norton fire and ems. election coverage continues throughout the morning coming up with 622 election coverage continues throughout the morning coming up with 6:22 am rob frost the head of the republican party hearing cuyahoga county will sit down with us and talk about the impact these primary elections are having on the party and also the national convention. plus at 6:30 am or donald trump had to say about a cleveland business and what had one poll worker pulling out a gun. still to come, new details this morning in a nightclub shooting from last week and what police are now telling us about the case and a possible suspect the first let's go check that whether.>> thank you john, and a great wednesday to you. what we're talking about today is breezy weather, we have wind advisories that will kick in later on this morning, where
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and will end up around 60 or so today, leftover showers and patrick's day? what about the cold weather on the way? when does it arrived?
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it is 6:13 am and one person is now dead following the shooting that took place inside a cleveland nightclub last week cleveland police say 55-year-old james hennings died in the hospital over the weekend, this happened last week inside the alibi in on rockwell avenue and the suspect is described as a black male, 5'10" with tattoos on his face wearing all gray clothing and a red. thunderstorms moved out from overnight but now we're left with the wind.>> that is
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it is breezy, wind advisories will kick in, but you to the bus stop kids. it will be upper 40s to around 50 degrees, umbrellas and the book bags not a bad idea with still scattered out shower chances, 46 is the normal high but 56 yesterday and by the weekend will be 10 degrees below that. let's talk. wind advisories start at 8 am, this is new. yes cleveland is included and mainly dry for st. patrick's day and i will explain that mainly in a moment and with a colder weekend as well. low 60s today which is fabulous considering we should be in the mid 40s, with the sunshine through the day and we will have hit or miss shower chance through early afternoon. i think it should be totally drive for the evening commute. here is the latest on the wind advisory. cuyahoga county included which is new, lorraine and back towards sandusky and toledo and the advisories were in place west overnight and before you
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development and unit is the winds today, 15 to 25 miles per hour in that is sustained with gusts as high as 30+ miles per hour. that is going to be the huge part of the forecast no question. you cannot help but notice it already breezy woodwinds 10 to 20 miles per hour sustained. showers are fading already and we see if you to the east but no big deal. there are no thunderstorms are just some wet roads and mainly east, or future view you see the possibilities not only this morning but into the afternoon to some extent, we will also see a lot of sunshine and even more so as we get into early evening. tonight whether is totally quiet and tomorrow is st. patrick's day, what are your plans? let us know on twitter, the day itself will be dry so good for the parade and all the fun things going on. towards dinner tomorrow from 5 pm to 7 pm we see passing
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look what happens, a few wet snowflakes showing up, not a big deal and no accumulation but yes there could be some wet snow flying because it will get colder. 60s today, 50 tomorrow, a fun st. patrick's day and around 40 with the mix possible on friday, and 30s for highs this weekend but at least we dry and it will start to warm up again next week. here's a check on your commute. wkyc traffic, get a great deal more at my passport. >> good morning, hope you have a great start to your wednesday, it is a great start to the commute, no accidents or major delays and traffic moving along just fine on 480 e. and west. in fact we are all green on interstate 480 and green through out so you're good to go. almost 6:17 am and time now
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biggest losers today in sports and thank goodness it is still spring training in baseball. some teams are showing they still have a lot of work to do on the field and this is tough to do. a double loser on the same play, take a look at this, let's go to the arizona game for the angels and mariners, this looks like it will be a routine play. the angel daniel nava next the catch, he thinks it is three out and he throws the souvenir they spoke to the crowd, problem number one was it was only two outs as of the baserunner takes off running. here's the problem with that, stefan romero never attacked up after the catch and so he made a goof as well, first base and he is out. so a bad play turns into a good play for the angels. just to make sure this does not happen again, nava after the game says he will now have his two-year-old teaching how to count to three outs.>> [ laughter ] >> here are my biggest winners, the canton south wildcats sixth-
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where a friend they are on. they when the press news leak and the tri-counties league for the canton silver division and they are all on the honor roll at school. so these are very smart basketball players my thanks to proud basketball mom for sending in the pictures>> that is a double win.>> and makeup for the double loser. >> exactly. you should ask that ever the ball back. still to come, change is on the way to instagram, find out how users will get to see more of what they want and when the new layout will be rolling out. more reaction to governor john kasich big night in ohio and visit me were closer to a brokered convention coming up in july?>> pictures from you, we are calling this one a
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what do you think he is thinking about? thank you so much eileen and gary for the photos, keep them coming in, is almost 6:19 am, it is coffee time so go grab a
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6:22 am, the change is coming to instagram the social media site announced it will start testing a personalized feed for its users similar to facebook, images and videos will be sorted based on what users will likely be interested in including interests with other instagram followers. the company says that on average users will miss 70% of their feed, instagram will roll out the changes over the coming months. amazon has filed a patent to allow customers to pay by selfie.
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make their purchases by taking a photo or video of themselves rather than using a password. the amazon system would ask users to take one photo to prove their identity and a second photo to prove they are a physical being by either moving their head, smiling or blinking.>> there you go. more analysis from the ohio primary and join now is the chairman of the republican party of cuyahoga county good night to sleep last night?>> got some sleep and it was decided in ohio fairly early.>> governor john kasich one and he had to send out as he how to build momentum?>> the other development obviously was senator. rubio dropped out of the race race. you will see it in some of the very big states like new york and california, a trove of delegates yet to be decided and
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there and in places like sylvania next-door which will be decided soon as well, you will see him start to garner that momentum. the question becomes why should only the early states get to choose? we will hear from the late primary states. >> lunchtimes it would be over to those states will factor in. >> to think in ohio it was more pro-casey for antitrust?>> i think it was just more pro-gov. kasich. the people who were registered democrat or independent and supported him in the general election want to cross over and wanted a chance to vote for him and help nominate him as president, and that was long before the trump phenomenon. now i believe it did add to it a little bit but it was a really a strong degree of support behind our most popular governor.>> now we're really getting started because we have a convention coming to town and all this talk about a contested
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bad message about the republican party that it is too divided and doesn't hurt you we look to the democrats and the democrats seem to be getting more together?>> right, the republican party will be fine and we have a long way to go before we know who our nominee is and it certainly is not over as we sit here today and it will be decided here in cleveland. having said the democrats are in a little more trouble because they have their front runner under fbi investigation international party is broke. we will have a great party for the republican party here in cleveland, where welcoming our republican colleagues and friends around the country to come and it is here on the stage in cleveland the nomination will be decided. >> do have a theme for the convention?>> we will see where they go. it looked like hillary clinton had a good night but is that a good night for democrats given her other investigation troubles?>> good luck with the work of the convention coming up, still lots of things to do in planning that we know you'll
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let's talk weather now with lynna .>> thunder boomers overnight. >> and the lightning show was spectacular, though nothing was severe. everything is quiet now and here's look at the forecast, leftover showers and low 60s, wind advisories click in for cleveland at 8 am and ethnicity went to bed last night. on the travel map we're checking more travel chances and we will see if there's any impact on the st. patrick's day
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we're back and it is 6:30 am overnight results from the primary here in ohio continue to roll in, they are posted for you on our website and wkyc app. coming up with a look at what governor. kasich and what hillary clinton's win in ohio means for the race moving forward and the big shakeup happening in the prosecutor's office>> first want to show you a live look outside on your wednesday morning, and holly is checking both rain and wind and right now the bigstory are the winds. >> i feel that will be the headlines, it works as alliteration as well, a windy wednesday. we wind advisories will kick in at 8 am, this is new since he went to bed if you're just waking up and cleveland is included, breezy and wendy, we are already it 20 miles per
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low 60s for highs and sunshine, and by 5 pm today that attempts are nice and mild. the thing is the winds will make it feel a bit cooler. everything from overnight fading and we have an amazing picture on twitter of hail from storms overnight but those are gone and now it is just all about the winds. here are the wind advisories that will be in place a little bit later on, danny will talk about leftover wet roads along with the wind, keep your hands on the wheel.>> 480, with a breakdown right here on 480 eastbound, the left lane is blocked so scrooge over to the right, no delays on 480 e. because of the breakdown, still a nine minute commute between state road and northfield road. as we take a look at the entire traffic map we are looking pretty good, just a little bit of slow traffic, 71 n. before
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drivetime still remains nine minutes between 480 and 490 on 71 n. and 490 on 71 n. we continue our election coverage this half hour with a big upset in the race for cuyahoga county prosecutor. a close race called overnight for michael o'malley to be incumbent tim mcginty. channel 3 will ujek joins us with more. >> reporter: it was close as he mentioned lynna for most of the night but a late surge of both came and michael o'malley's favor and pushed him ahead and now he will win by double digits. it was a very joyous occasion for them over at the heart where they were gathered with supporters, campaign volunteers and all very excited. they watched the numbers poor in all night and he tried to keep a smile on his face. the search really pulled him ahead, he was the safety
6:33 am
former cleveland city councilman, former assistant prosecutor and he says the race looked unwinnable a few months ago but the people of the county finally started to hear his message.>> this is a new day. i will be sitting down with prosecutor mcginty and have a long way to go before my term starts but i am looking forward to the challenge. there are great things we can accomplish if we work together and i think what this room shows you is when people work together great things can be accomplished and i am so proud of everybody.>> bring it to a - mcginty served 34 years and much of the race was focused on tamir rice and o'malley has big plans to meet with atty. general. mike dewine. now to the presidential primary governor john kasich pulled out the big win in ohio and he says it will secure the republican nomination for
6:34 am
and tiffany tarpley joins us live downtown, governor. kasich is pushing for the contested convention now tiffany . >> reporter: yeah john that is really the only way he would be able to secure the nomination hearing cleveland if there is that contested convention let's show you the numbers here this morning, the new delegate count after last night's races, you can see the republican nominee would need 1237 delegates in case it only has 138 compared to donald trump's 621 this means with the races left it is mathematically impossible for governor john kasich to secure enough delegates to win the majority head of the convention and the next races for the gop presidential candidates are on tuesday in utah and in arizona. after a stop in pennsylvania this morning governor. kasich will be hosting several events in utah, but by winning here in ohio governor.
6:35 am
more intense and the final primary is in june and likely right here for some cleveland.>> we're going to go all the way to cleveland and secure the republican nomination.>> those are some pretty powerful and strong words, so it will be interesting to see how this race moves forward here over these next few months to live in downtown cleveland tiffany tarpley channel3 news heard spirit thank you. on the other side of the ticket hillary clinton won ohio, clinton now has more than 1500 delegates this morning but bernie sanders is not giving up, he is already in arizona campaign for next week's primary. donald trump is also expected to head to arizona this week into campaign, the gop front-runner pulled off big wins in north carolina, illinois, missouri and florida.
6:36 am
marco rubio bowing out of the race and meanwhile donald trump is focusing on what he plans to do if you becomes the president started with bring jobs back to the us.>> i was in cleveland at eaton corp., they are leaving and semi companies are labeling and frankly i am disgusted with it. >> donald trump went on to say that our country is not winning anymore and we need to win. for complete coverage of last night's election results go to our website or our mobile wkyc at. 6:36 am now and police arrested a cleveland poll worker yesterday for pulling out a gun, it happened it louisa may alcott school and police say the island - allen dathea pulled out a gun, threatened them and fled and police arrested him nearby.
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morning at students are one east side school, mary to soon was canceled, school officials say windows were also broken, it was doubling as a polling location and remained open for voters, cleveland police are still investigating. if you seek a lot of police at belden village mall a way to know that it is hosting an emergency training session, canton police and other first responders will gather this morning in the parking lot and the training is closed to the public but the mall will be open. a kent woman is accused of breaking into an animal shelter to steal back her two cats and police say surveillance video caught christine pasco after she broke in through a window at the portage county animal protective league last week and the two cats had been seized from her last month and pasco faces charges, however the apl
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found. we are saving identification. >> that is right, what are you doing today matt? >> where making sure that you know this morning why your credit card is more at risk now than ever before and a quick solution to stop the hackers. what's going on with the weather?>> matt we have winds, wind advisories and new overnight says your waking up there is new information for cleveland who is now under a wind advisory and i will let you know when that kicks in. low 60s were the highest today and john and lynna there is cold weather to track.>> americans sentenced to hard labor in north carolina - in north korea, let's see what got
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6:42 am right now. >> let's turn over to maureen who has been following the dangers illinois tornadoes captured on video and we have been hearing about them now we're getting the picture. >> have not seen this video, nature put out an awesome and potentially dangerous display in the sky over parts of illinois, supercell the produced several small tornadoes swirled ominously over the countryside and western illinois and a passerby shot video of the storm cloud as the tornado warning siren blared in the background. so far there have been no reports of any injuries. north korea's highest court has sentenced an american tourist to 15 years of hard
6:43 am
attempted to steal a propaganda bander from a restricted area of his hotel was arrested in january. 21-year-old university of virginia undergraduate student was convicted and sentenced in a one-hour trial this morning. he was originally from the cincinnati ohio area. at fort worth police officer is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries this morning after being shot several times by a suspect, a car chase involving two men and fort worth police ended with a shootout in the two suspects tried to run and shot at officers. one officer was shot several times and one of the suspects was killed, the other suspect is still on the run this morning. turning from the national headlines to ways to protect your identity let's check in with matt. this morning those new credit cards many of us and northeast ohio received in the mail are even more at risk for one type of id theft than ever before, radiofrequency id theft. take a look.
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please come look for a moment to see if your credit card has one of these symbols. if it does illegal scanners can easily be purchased online to take advantage of this new chip data cards. the chip credit cards are protected from databases that they are not protected from this form of rfid theft all it takes is someone with a scanner to brush up against you and they can grab your credit card number or passport on the spot. if you have one of these new rfid blocker's you are safe. it is easy to get a scanner and i tested one right here on channel3 last year once you have these barriers in your wallet you're good to go and amazon sold two of them for $20 and they are extremely well rated and i found an even better one where you get for them for under $18, quick and free shipping, on, hear from a victim of rfid theft. there are lots of knockoffs of these products and these were the best and i am telling you
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your wallet guys heard>> is it like this leave you put your credit card and?>> this leaves work but anyone with each credit card, these are better, but the one on each side and the card is in the middle you have that area so you don't need a sleeve for each one.>> okay great.>> that is good. if you have a lot of credit cards. i would need a deal on a new wallet.>> thanks matt. what do you do to those wallets? [ laughter ] we have a look at your forecast and we're tracking wind, that is the headline, kids headed to the bus stop but the umbrella and the book pack or a windbreaker or something with a hood. upper 40s to near 50 right now with scattered showers, they will be hit and miss through today so it is not like it is pouring at this point by any stretch heard wind advisory, this is new since he went to bed for cleveland, we're
6:46 am
maybe you get to dress in green for st. patrick's day at school, it looks mainly dry with a cold or weekend 55 at 9 am number 57 at noon, 61 at 5 pm, it will be bright and mild but very windy. winds out of the south and southwest so it will be a very springlike breeze. the wind advisory for cleveland, cuyahoga county kicks in at 8 am and goes into 8 pm tonight, lorraine also included, further west towards toledo and sandusky all under this advisory. the winds will be anywhere from 15 to 25 miles per hour and that is consistent with gusts 30+. and right now it is already 10 to 20 miles per hour as we take a look at current winds downtown, sustained winds at 20 miles per hour compared to about 12 miles per hour in akron and canton. it is a breezy already and wind
6:47 am
in and those who are not under the wind advisories will still be doing with breezy weather. showers moving out for now and as we get closer agency to the east where we had wet weather earlier, there are still chances through the day, midmorning we see the possibility of a shower around ashtabula, and then we see bright skies as the sun is setting tonight and then tomorrow for st. patrick's day it looks like we'll have a good amount of sunshine through a lot of the day itself. this will work out great for the parade in any plans, it is towards dinner wear ribbons and corn-based sandwiches piled high it will add showers. here is a look at your seven- day forecast, 60s today, 50s tomorrow and hopefully 40 and wet snowflakes with raindrops friday, no big deal, very scattered. the thing is, it will get cold with only the 30s this weekend
6:48 am
seasonal weather on tuesday. doggone, brenda said this picture in of shirley and marley who watches the news every single morning. just like that, all cuddled up.>> they are snuggling.>> and then they discuss politics. [ laughter ] the morning run. >> speaking of all the dogs stated where the complete wrap of last night's primary results and where to go moving forward.
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just about ready to hit 6:51 am and we're back with everything you need to know, we will have a check with weather and traffic.>> but we talk about primary election results talking with tiffany tarpley. >> reporter: after that big win ohio governor john kasich says he will secure the gop nomination right here in cleveland this summer. later today he will be campaigning in pennsylvania and that is where a race will happen six weeks from now. he will then move on to utah where there is a presidential caucus on tuesday, a full delegate win for casey is mathematically impossible so the only way he could get the nomination is if there is a contested convention which
6:52 am
it will be interesting to see how this gop race plays out over the next several months.>> it all comes down to delegate counts and donald trump was able to pick up a lot of delegate last night as he won illinois, north carolina, missouri and florida and right now take a look am a he stands at 621 delegates. almost halfway there. and because marco rubio lost his home state of florida he is suspending his campaign which is the other big story this morning. rubio told disappointed supporters in miami that wave of anger and frustration of the political establishment has been building and he included himself in those and he said he's seen it coming. his political future is up in the air and he says he will not jump into the race to keep his senate speed, he could be a potential vice presidential running mate now over to will carry a big local race. >> reporter: a very close race for much of the night on the cuyahoga county prosecutor front, timothy mcginty running
6:53 am
eventually turned out to be a double-digit win by michael o'malley overnight and everyone is celebrating at the campaign headquarters at the heart where he had supporters of volunteers in. he was the safety director in parma and a former cleveland city councilman and a former city of assistant prosecutor under mcginty and his predecessor bill mason but he says one of the first intuitive and offices try to get a uniform consisted charges for county. nuts u.s. senate on the democratic side former ohio governor. ted strickland begot cincinnati's councilman by a good margin, he had two thirds of the vote and strickland is now headed to northeast ohio today making a stop in parma as he focuses on the general election where he will face senator. rob portman. voters in cuyahoga county best issue 23 health and human services renewal tax levy will pay for programs for kids, seniors and families in crisis
6:54 am
the money pays for emergency services and programs to protect children and home health services for senior citizens heard are election coverage continues as governor john kasich will be live on the today show starting in a few minutes.>> and you can get results anytime on and also on our app and let's check in with danny now heard>> thank you, web one incident to tell you about a breakdown on the 480 eastbound ramp to northfield road, this is a live picture outside where you see the left lane is blocked so go to the right, no delays in the area. we are seeing slowing for 490 e. getting off at east 55th and 71 n. into downtown, the delay no longer than two or three minutes.>> checking the forecast at 6:54 am, a wind advisory kicking in for cleveland at 8 am, we are about one hour away and it is already breezy. a chance of showers today that we will also see sunshine and low 60s.
6:55 am
i think most of the day including the parade will be okay and dry, 50s and we've had our share of snow st. patrick's day so that looks awesome. rain chances movement towards dinner tomorrow by that time we hope to be stuffing our faces with corned beef and always happy and then rain and so friday, scattered, cold this weekend in the 30s and warm back up next week but it is now time or mats bonus deal of the day. free speakers, free fitness trackers, all part of a freebie roundup, if you following on social media beginning at 11 am today i will have that. everything is free. and this is a kickoff for additional freebies will have on st. patrick's day tomorrow and this will be a day unlike anything you've ever seen on television. everything is zero dollars, fully widget. >> even the shipping?>> there is a four dollars shipping fee
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worth $100.>> join us, tomorrow we will release the brackets, we will make our picture of ncaa tournament. student one potato, two potato three potato four. >> [ laughter ] >> this is why deal with every day, now someone could win $1
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good morning. all but one. donald trump wins four of five states, including florida, forcing marco rubio out of the race. >> after tonight, it is clear that while we are on the right side, this year, we will not be on the winning side. >> john kasich hangs on with a win in his home state of ohio. >> we are going to go all the way to cleveland and secure the republican nomination. >> for the democrats, a clean sweep for hillary clinton. sanders hanging in, but it's trump she's setting her sights on. >> our commander in chief has to be able to defend our country,


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