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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  March 16, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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tonight, is adele secretly married? what we just found out about this diamond sparkler on her wedding finger. and mariah carey's wedding secrets. when and where is she saying i do. and taylorswift's and calvin harris's sex eisland get-away. and ben affleck and jennifer garner speak out about their split. their new interview today. >> and then ben versus harry. the real hot men behind batman versus superman. >> not the kind of training which just makes you look pretty. >> hollywood smile makeovers. reality star's $100,000
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to be >> amy schumer shares her red carpet fashion secret. >> i weigh 109 million pounds. >> and behind the scenes of melissa mccarthy's must movie. >> put it way. >> flashing, cursing, punching kids? >> i'm sorry to the parents. >> now for march 16, 2016, this is entertainment tonight. >> thanks for joining us. >> nancy o'dell and kevin frazier has the night off. >> let's get started tonight's top story. ben and jen present a united front as they air out their break-up. >> i know it's been kind of a challenging year, obviously. you and jen are putting the kids first. >> we're good friends and doing our best and our kids are fabulous. >> and that's the most important thing. >> what are you going to do. >> jennifer garner and ben affleck talking co-parenting. he was on "ellen", she was on the "today" show. >> we're doing well. kids are doing great.
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ben is there and he will be taking them and we will make it work. >> interviews are tricky. jen and ben both have big movies to promote while they divorce. split comes after cheating rumors involving ben and their nanny which he vehemently de >> it's not easy to go through something like that in the public eye. >> it's not easy go through it, period. >> people adore you, jennifer. if they could give you a hug, they would. >> that's very kind. >> a hug for jen. then on to fun speculation. did adele just get married? hello from the other side >> singer sending the rumor mill into overdrive. after last night's concert in london. wearing this dazzling ring set on yeah, her ring finger. there are rumors she is already married to her boyfriend. talk about romantic. when adele spotted a couple getting engaged during her
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stage to celebrate. now from london to glasgow. and mariah's wedding countdown. >> looks great, mariah. >> the pop diva dazzled in scotland kicking off her european tour. she will reportedly tie the island with her fiance in june. on a caribbean island. keeping it intimate with 50 guests. >> intimate? james is worth nearly $4 b i think they could go bigger than that. >> but she had that big wedding when she married tommy mottola. and when have you that mu money, you don't have to flaunt it. just wear it like that. >> they are looking pretty hot together on their spring break vacation. >> beautiful. >> taylor and calvin chose the bahamas. luther movie worthy pda.
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bikini, check. avoiding a full wipeout on a floating trampoline? check. after celebrating one year together, this happened. sealing their love in the sand with calvin's real initials, with aw for adam wiles. and amy schumer and her man, ben. amy went hog wild in a black cut away one piece. she captioned this, that's jerry seinfeld and wife jessica posing behind this island slime in the bahamas. jessica's intragram caption? reenacting the swimming pig scene from the bachelor. oh, this one? yeah, this big party, way chill. meanwhile in cabo, a pig pile for julianne hough's family. >> what is happening? >> from sharing a laugh with mom mary ann, to pool yoga. nice accidental downward dog,
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the hough ladies kill at r & r. and while she is off dancing, she has a wedding and bachelorette party to plan. hopefully without sea sickness. famil also on britney's mind in nashville. >> she's my little sister. >> last night, surprising her on the grand ole opry stage. before jamie lin's performance. >> i can't believe my whole family kept this secret from me. >> go ahead and cry, it is a special night for you. >> my big fat greek wedding 2. rita wilson, tom hanks, simply adorable. and this premier became a 10. >> bo derek who turns 60 this year and still a perfect 1 supporting her man, john corbett. and rita getting their greek on. >> we're getting a plate. >> have some spanakopita.
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movie, wrote a song for it, and bum out. >> going on a tour. on a bus. >> are you joining this? >> >> i'm not going to miss out on tour bus experience. >> also on the blue carpet. g up dad to be some words of wisdom. >> any dad advice to nick carter? >> i have two girls. pray it's a b is a boy, actually. >> scandal in party mood last ni show is honored at a festival that celebrates the best in tv. and "scandal" has a lot to celebrate.season six and fans are loving that this season has more sex than ever.allows hard core fans to meet stars and share feedback. tony goldman found fans aren't aunched in the white house. >> they don't mind olivia with
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but or some reason when he does it, it's not with t fans but wants to keep it all about the she said unlike other stars she' about her personal life. >> are you hoping that will put an end to it once and for all? >> i don't imagine it will. that's not how this business works. that's not how you guys roll, is it? >> we know yell e /- ellen hasn't given up waiting for sandal secrets.eep with everybody else. >> yeah, i'm with you, ellen. i like to watch it when it happens. there is big news about a cbs star. michael weatherly is leaving "ncis" and moving on to play dr. phil? r a new drama about dr. phil's early career when he was head of a consulting firm. i don't know if i see this yet. maybe when he puts on the mustache. i'll wait for that.bout to go to the city of new orleans. this massive live musical running through the streets of the big easy.
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hard to get ready be a part of one of the greatest stories ever told is something that really kind of appealed to me. >> seal plays pontius pilate who tries to spare jesus's life. the timeless story of jesus's last days told using c. a park is the setting for the last supper. a food truck sup he the meal for the apostle and music superstar jeancalos canela. >> it's live. if you mess up, that excitement, that adrenaline -- >> it anything can happen. >> it truly makes a performance way better.ris daughtry is judas and
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of christ.this sunday on fox. >> i'm freaking out. i've acted. some.done the two really tooether. hard to sing when you're crying. >> it is not that easy to do. >> that is very true. and you know, here is some news. just announcing a new cast member. >> i'm very glad they did.idekick. little tyler perry. >> i like that moniker.elf, interviewing people along as it winds its way through the streets of new orleans. that cross, by the way, huge.. >> do you get to sing in this? >> funny, right? no singing. i'm leaving that to trisha yearwood.
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her shocking new movie. >> later tonight, plastic surgery exclusive.he reality star as she gets a full smile makeover. >> plus, mary hart is back. why is she body slamming this guy? >> stick around, everybody. >> we'll be right back.ight, dysfunctional celebrity families battle it out on premier of family therapy with
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>> look at that. >> careful, it's a bit temperamental. >> not so bad. >> about melissa is you never know how far she will go to get a laugh. she is pushing that boundary more than ever before in her movie "the boss.">> who wants to hear about an exciting opportunity? >> she speaks to children the full of a adults. i loved playing that. i felt terrible filming it. apologize. >> crass is one word to d melissa's character. her assistant, kristen bell, has
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>>imes unkind. curvy lady. >> oh, my god. do me a favor and tell me if i have any --d. put it away. >> entertaining to work for her. to work for the buoyant melissa mccarthy.t. all your accounts have been frozen. >> get me a new lawyer. >> you don't have any money you stupid -- ch entrepreneur moves in with kristen after doing time in prison. now trying to turn a quick profit by any means necessary. if somebody doesn't want to buy? >> buy my brownie or i'll kill you.crystal. >> we were sitting around the brutal brave heart kind of
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is burnt! >> quite the comedy person, also starring in the all female ghost busters reboot.july 15th. >> that will be awesome. here is what we have coming up next. superman henry trying to is better than batman. but is he hotter? we rank the us what is behind her super fun red carpet looks. >> how stars have fixed bad teeth. how years of drug abuse nearly destroyed this model's smile.
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y schumer and her stylist to give us the truth about dressing real women with real curves. >> you know, i weigh 109 million pounds.eone fluctuat between a 6 and 12, usually when someone is insecure they make it seem like it is your fault. so if the costume wasn't sure about their choices, i think a lot of them shame you about your body. >> key words, confidence and fun.he hidden pockets in this golden globe gown and the naughty of the lvd. >> premier train wreck was edgy, side boob. >> we love the edgy black and
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reporter. generaled the similar dress. a look not loving as much, oh, gwyneth. she was out last night in this super skin tight body suit and bell thi bad clothes happen to good people. >> love it or hate it, with a body like that, she rocks. speaking of rockin bodies, here comes superman versus batman. they are both han but who wins? we went behind the scenes and here is how each guy rates.e first question people ask is well, why batman versus superman. why are they fighting?we're both good guys. >> tell me -- >> so here it is, matching fight blow for blow but ben gets the running down the streets of gotham.
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can you say endurance? >> son ofus bat of gotham. >> if i wanted it you would be dead al >> he also scores for the cool suit and sweet ride.ionaire bruce wayne after all. but when it comes to who's stronger, we got to give it up to henry. he could win sheerly based on this shirtless instagram but g us video of his intense workouts. bulking up to 220 pounds. 8% body fat. >> not the kind of training that tt it is the kind of training which first and foremost is useful. >> ben got strong to practically had to imagine muscles through t-shirts and econd shot of him working out in the trailer. cue the rewind and slow-mo.e ben is redeemed by his one-liners and scenes with new girl crush wonder woman.
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>> she is beautiful, strong, assertive. good actress.tle girls can see and be inspired to know that they can be strong and independent. and just powerful women when they grow up. >> but henry gets the final point for this adorable viral video of him trying to convince little kids superman is better than batman.better? >> he can fly. >> i think you got batman confused with superman. haven't you? >> superman can fly. >> he has wings. >> he kind of has wings but can't go up. only go down. >> yeah.ry. every mom knows how tough it is to win an argument with e series celebrity plastic surgeons of beverly hills, they do face lifts, nose jobs, lipo, all of it.
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dentist to stars.mous to what so many covet in hollywood, beautiful teeth. >> your smile is everything. first thing people see when they talk to you.r job, better date, better acting jobs. >> you look at the before and makes sense. bad teeth have become big business in hollywood. with many stars choosing to go fake with ve everyone from zac efron, fixing the gap in his front teeth, to had a smile makeover. it's worth it but it's definitely not cheap. >> the price of my mouth is >> meet susie feldman, corey feldman's ex and playboy of what not to do. in about five years her teeth went from this to this. >> as my marriage started to serious proolem. i had an eating disorder,
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wouldn't wish on anyone.eteriorates your he is connected to many famous smiles. susie is an extreme cas second chance. >> i was in the chair for about 21 veneers, one day. not sedated. completely awake. no pain m because i'm sober.was very -- i was very aware. very raw. >> and the results, left her very emotional. >> why are you crying?re beautiful. >> you're beautiful. you're going to make m >> a smile means everything. >> he is very close to the elped. his mother was his first patient. >> which parenthood star worked
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costume? petercrawford? laura graham? craig t nelson?
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all on provided by -- welcome back to the show, everyone. in tonight's "e.t." birthdays, arenthood star worked as a mascot in a dog costume? >> lauren graham. >> we were both wrong. 1994 world cup soccer conference. >> we will leave you with a tune-in alert. our very own mary hart is guest daddy" on abc
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>> she really gets to show her comedic side. in real life mary is possibly rson you could eve >> for what i mean. bye-bye everybody. >> watch me! >> somebody whack angela. >> what was that like? &- >> watching myself, no matter how tall and big and strong s odd to trust you will do that. so i went oh, i did this when i was a cheerleader. magic. that's no her stunt double stepping in for the tackle. but it sure looks r
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. tor: in the criminal justice system, sexually-based offenses are considered especially heinous. in new york city the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squadthe special victims unit. these are their stories. [upbeat music] [exhales] morning. - hey. honey.


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