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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  August 10, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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f0 right now at 5:00, trees down and power out across part of ohio. >> and revenge for michael phelps, a huge night, too, for u.s.a. women's gymnastics. the amazing local athletes prepare to go for gold today. >> a round of severe storms and much needed rain swept through northeast ohio last night. this is a look at east 55th where a car got stuck. if you see high water while driving it's best to turn around. more than 27,000 homes and
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without power. we've also got video of damage from west 11th street in cleveland. >> half of cleveland heights are in the dark. that's where we find tiffany tarpley. they're hoping to get power back in the next hour. >> reporter: we're at hyde park and compton. we were at a different area earlier. this is the reason why. that power is out. you can see the street in the middle it snapped basically in half like a tooth pick. you can see it barely missed this car here on this block. maybe a knew scratches to this car. but this is the scene really no matter where you drive in cleveland heights. lease show you a live picture now, a driving live shot, our photographer is giving us this vannage point of cane park.
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because wires are down. that's what you want to be careful with this morning. earlier this morning i spoke with a cleveland heights police officer. he told me intersections are on generators, so those important intersections, they're using generators to power the traffic signals. the department of forestry in cleveland heights, they are working to get all of this up and out of the roadway, all of this debris, all of these branches. coming up in the next i'm going to put in call to first energy to get an idea of how long it mike take for -- might take for them to get the power back home. that could happen around 6:00 this morning, but we want to see what the process is and how it is moving along. for now i'm going to turn it over to holly. thank you for that. maybe this is one of those where you're watching and you have power but you know maybe you have friends in the cleveland heights area you can
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this morning. it's going to be a pretty active day again, too. we're going to transition with quieter weather for the morning drive. we have a lot of humidity in place. i think there will be some patchy fog, which will be a tough one with all this storm damage, at least in parts of the area. 85 at lunch. isolated showers and storm chances at any point today. the better opportunities later in the day. upper 80s to near 90. overnight what did move through is well to our east. thunder, lightning, and what a light show it was. i live on the east side and i was passing, if you're familiar with the bishop and chardon road area. huge trees where giant eagle is, and it's one where you want to take extra caution. there's no storms at this point. i'll keep you update. road closures in akron will
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more time to your driver. the i-77 north to 76 westbound ramp is shut down along with state route 8 to i-76 westbound ramp. if you go to our web site,, danielle has lots of information that will help you with the closures in this area. let's also find out, because the weather has caused problems, danielle is watching the whole area for us. >> right now columbia road is shut down to the west because of a john road, that's near the country club in the area. use caution as you are traveling. you can detour fitch road to get around that closure. also downed power lines on west 11th street near clark avenue on cleveland's west side. not sure if the road is closed here. i'm going to call police to see. if you travel in this area near i-90, use caution. over that, we're looking good
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drive times. holly is keeping track of your fog. so use caution as you're traveling. back to you. while some frightens one u.s. reporter says their bus came under gunfire. but officials are saying it came from rocks, not bullets. the bus was returning from the women's basketball venue. windows shattered, two people had minor cuts. olympic officials are increasing security in that area. now they're the best in the world, team u.s.a. continues to collect medals. ahead in the overall
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thanks to newcomers in the gym and veterans in the pool. >> jay gray has more on the wins. >> reporter: power, grace, and gold. >> i'm so happy to be a part of this team with all these incredible girls. >> reporter: the final five leaving no doubt they are in the best in the world, with a dominant performance. while the most decorated olympian ever added gold medals 20 a with an emotional win with the 200 fly, joining his teammates to take the 4 x 200 relay. katie ledecky found gold the second time, winning the 200 free. >> good to see team u.s.a. racking up medals. >> reporter: they'll be looking for another medal tonight in the men's 100 freestyle, jay
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hit the water in the women's pair semi-finals. they had a fantastic finish earlier this week, earned them a spot in today's match. the challenge is matching the other's speed, acceleration and timing. >> i know there are a few things i can do better in the next race, and -- >> likewise. together as a group. >> and as a pair it's all about working together as a it >> mueller says she has about 14 friends and family members to cheer them on. i'm sure we'll hear them all the way here. she appreciates the hometown support behind her. good luck to them today. 5:07. when you're driving around town you probably won't be surprised to hear greater cleveland's roads rank among the worst in the country. a new report says more than
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cleveland are in poor conditions. it statements area drivers are paying $845 more a year in vehicle maintenance, fuel consumption and tire wear. cleveland ranks 6th worst among major u.s. cities. police say the elyria man who shot and killed his girlfriend hacked into her facebook page after killing her. an autopsy will be performed toda police say buford shot his girlfriend after an argument. in the post he wrote, never play games with someone's emotions, adding, someone may end up hurt or dead. police spotted buford's car early monday morning shortly after the shooting. he fatally shot himself after officers shot his car in cleveland. search is on to find the arsonist who set a historic school house on fire.
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the restored school house is used by the greene local schools and some elementary school classes. police do not have any suspects but are asking anyone with information to call the summit county sheriff's department. thousands came together in akron to fight the heroin epidemic. it was hosted by a nonprofit called heroin is killing my town. people were wearing anti-drug t shorts orthos memorializing lost friends or relatives. >> why akron when you can be anywhere? >> every day i get messages of people dying in akron. >> for more information on the movement, head over to
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northeast ohio cities. the epa will announce new funding today to help prevent algae blooms in the lake. but less rain this season has prevented phosphorus from flowing into the lake that fueled the algae bloom last year. on campaign front today, we will hear hillary clinton's plan to give the economy a boost. at moines, iowa, clinton is scheduled to reveal plans she says will create an economy that works for everyone. donald trump with a new controversy with what some are calling an assassination against hillary clinton. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do,
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know. >> trump's people called the controversy ridiculous. the clinton campaign says what trump said is dangerous. saving high school students. the new bill that's bringing a heroin anti-dote drug into schools. plus, a new name for the monsters. now you have to buy jerseys, the new souvenirs. this is marketing 101. i bet it is. wow, how humid is it, right? if you've been outside to take a look at storm damage, it's muggy, patchy fog possible this morning. i think the possibility of more showers and thunderstorms
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wow! looks like rob portman sure knows how to clear out a factory! ohioans used to work here, but not anymore. portman voted to give tax breaks to companies that shipped our jobs overseas. and get this: he even gave them a tax break to pay for packing up the equipment and shipping it to places like china. rob portman certainly isn't going to get a lot of votes from here in ohio.
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f0 5:15 now. florida police are investigating after a woman was shot and killed during role play at a citizen's police academy. a police officer accidently shot a 73-year-old who was taking part in th his gun was loaded with live ammunition instead of blank rounds. the officer involved is on administrative leave until the investigation is complete. a march to remember the second anniversary of the police shooting of michael brown turned violent last night. the confrontation began when a police officer ordered a group of protestors to clear the vetoes. gunfire then broke out. a pedestrian was struck by a
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including music and poetry readings. a new jersey legislator plans to introduce a new bill that would require high schools to carry a heroin antidote. the bill would require high schools to carry the antidote. if passes, school nurses would be responsible for carrying and administering the drug. if you are looking for a cheap fall get away time to book. jetblue is currently offering one-way flights as low as $39. the deal is only good for travel dates between august 23rd and november 17th. the same time of year when tourism drops off, which means you may get a good deal on hotels as well. to get the cheap tickets you will have to book by midnight tonight. john. the lake erie monsters have
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cleveland monsters. maybe not a big change, but it's all about money. minor league hockey team's championship win was a big victory and a lot of fans got excited. they had 20,000 when they clinched the championships. they become the cleveland monsters. now the team gets new jerseys and they'll be wearing wine, gold and black. all the fans excited now are going to buy new merchandise. this is genius. little change, change the jersey it. >> money. >> it's about money, right? >> a money move. >> money move, all right. let's check traffic. good morning to you. it is a busy morning in traffic at 5:17. another road closure because of the storm damage. garfield road is closed between minter avenue and johnny cage
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night's storms. i'll be working on detours and get that out for you. akron central interchange a third ramp is closed, ramp to 77th close to late november. state route 8 southbound 76 west and 77 northbound ramp to 76 west also closed un normal drive times, but more storm damage causing road closures, columbia road in olmsted township closed between parkway drive and john road due to downed power lines. look at this, more storm damage on lee road here, the starbucks is out of power, so the coffee drinkers, they'll be upset this morning.
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you frequent that starbucks, make other arrangements today. awnings with literally blown down and clearly there's no power, thanks to our photojournalist derek for being out and keeping us informed. i had a comment on social media from matt who says, i just am asking what you're waking up to in your neighbor, and he says 10 to 15 inches of rain, i live we're still going to smile through this all. we have a lot of damage, but biggest thing hopefully you're all safe and sound as you are waking up and opening your eyes this morning. we've got the tropical humidity in place. we're expecting some patchy fog. and that's going to be a little tricky, because with all this damage, see this happened last night, so obviously it was dark, so a lot of you will be seeing this for the first time as the sun comes up this morning. there are more storm chances later today, especially.
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rule out an isolated storm. we're drawing up humidity from the gulf coast. 85 at noon. 88 to 90 for the high today. we'll see some sunshine past morning fog. and it looks like we'll have several hours of mainly dry weather before we bring in more shower and thunderstorm chances for later on today. now everything we dealt with overnight, the stormy weather we have a few showers popping up, but no thunderstorms. we'll keep a close eye on it for you. the humidity is worth making mention, because it is unbelievably humid. dew points 70 plus. 60 degrees. when the dew point is 60, it feels very sticky. when you're in the 70s, you think you're in louisiana or florida. really, it does feel that way this morning. you're going to notice it.
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is 9:30 this morning, filterle sunshine. later today we see the rain chances again. this afternoon into this evening when we'll up our opportunity to about 40 to 50%. seven-day forecast shows a very similar pattern through the rest of your work week and even into this weekend. never all-day rains, but scattered showers and thunderstorms are going to be possible all the way into sunday. and even a few left over monday. we'll start to be more seasonable next week, highs in the low 80s and plenty of sunshine tuesday. time for access to today's summer game schedule brought to you by ohio's number one hospital, cleveland clinic. later today during nbc's daytime coverage, michael phelps and ryan lochte meet in the pool in the prelims of the 200 medley. and men's beach volleyball and kayaking, as the u.s. goes
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1 event. that's your access to the olympic summer schedule brought to you by cleveland clinic. a month after 9/11, i got a call from david and he told me he was going into the national guard. he was sent to iraq to be a gunner on a humvee. a car pulled up in the driveway and three soldiers got out,
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ly don't want to live anymore, it's a fate that i would not wish on anybody, not anybody. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. ...wife, she was standing there, she had nothing to say, she probably... i would like to tell donald trump what it feels like, the sense of emptiness, that only losing a child can bring. those people should be honored and treated with kindness for the rest of their life,
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f0 this never gets old watching michael phelps wearing a gold medal with our on he won two more last night, pushing his total to 21 and overall to 25. he shared this special moment with his family, including his young son, boomer. when it comes to gold medals in hope history, he has 21. the entire country of brazil has 24. he may catch them. best performance by an athlete is brought to you by
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meanwhile, doping allegations against the russian olympians have led to drama within the games. >> russians deny they're fighting over it. >> olympic athletes must play by the rules or not banned. for u.s. athletes, it would be difficult to slip past the committee. we talked to the track and field director nathan taylor who says every week an athlete must log onto a web site and let the committee know where they are. >> the athletes i have are probably tested randomly, any time and anywhere 15 to 20 times a year. and it's typically about a 3-
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>> there are a few russians competing in track and field sports, but won't be representing russia according to taylor. they'll be competing under an international refugee flag. they had to prove that they are not in russia and subject to testing by outside groups. back to you. thank you so much. checking out our local forecast for today. it's muggy, will get foggy in spots. waking up to storm damage in many locations after a really stor let us know on social media what you are waking up to in your neighborhood, we're getting reports and they are helpful to our crews. upper 80s to near 90. on the travel map, with muggy weather like this we can't rule it out at any point. thanks, hollie. we are staying on top of the storms. live look at the overnight storm damage and its impact on
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about 27,000 homes and businesses without power this morning in cuyahoga county and lake counties. first energy crews out and about working hard.
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when people ask me what it's like to win an olympic medal, the medals you've earned are all around you. your bronze. your silver. your gold. and liberty mutual insures them all. liberty mutual is proud to insure every team usa medal won in rio, just like we protect the medals you've earned in life. liberty stands with you.
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f0 time now is 5:31. powerful storms problems still in morning in eastern parts of the viewing area. >> tiffany tarpley joins us live this morning. quite a mess to clean up out there. >> reporter: we've been showing it to you all morning long. we're still in the area of hyde park and compton. you see this tree here, we showed it to you last half hour. but if we can pan over, look at this, it actually ended up pretty close to hitting this house. it looks like it kind of barely touched the porch. there's going to be still a lot
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branches here. we know the power is out, so we didn't really notice this house like this until our photographer came over, lit this up and that's what we saw here this morning. the homeowner just walking out now to assess the damage. let's show you a live shot. we have a driving live shot of power crews working in another area over on lee road. there is a leaning power pole in that area. literally, i just got off the phone with someone from first energy who tells me she confirms 6:00 is the time they're supposed to be getting the power back on here in cleveland heights. we're just waiting for that to happen. she tells me crews have been dispatched and you're looking at that right now. even last night throughout the night, overnight, we've seen a lot of these trees in the middle of the roadways. so a lot of those cars they had to drive around it, drive through it if they can, kind of being careful. you're looking at this tree
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going to try to speak with the homeowner, if he's willing and see what's his plan moving forward after this. hollie. >> tiffany, thank you for the report. keep you updated on instagram, facebook, twitter this morning. it's much calmer than it was last night where we had the really strong and severe storms moving through. patchy fog. this is going to become an issue in spots with all this going to be tricky because of power outages and trees down and things like that, but we're going to add fog to the equation. staying very humid and chances for storms do continue today, especially into the afternoon. we're close to 90 degrees. for now, most of the stormy weather is to our east. as we zoom in we're definitely seeing a few showers. this is evidence it's so humid. dew points are in the 70s.
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anything 60 degrees or higher is very humid. with this kind of humidity in place, showers could really pop at any point and that's what we're seeing. roads are also wet in spots. speaking of which, danielle has been keeping a close eye on things. so many closures. so many closures. i've been busy. i didn't get a chance to finish putting on my make-up because the road closures. minter two closed between the garfield roads. you can detour johnny cake road to get around it. garfield road closed in the same area between minter and johnny cage ridge. if you need to get around that, take fairview avenue or center street. we have a road closure in rocky river, west way drive closed between west more road and lake view avenue because of a broken water main.
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so far, normal drive times on our highways, but you may want to give yourself tra time if you -- extra time if you run into storm damage. back to you. another day, another chance in gold for team u.s.a. did you notice the basketball team was there cheering on michael phelps? they re selfies with him. they're in awe of him. today they'll have a challenge against australia, which has three nba players in their starting five, including delly. think about this match of today, delly against irving. team u.s.a.'s jay gib and casey patterson face a must win over spain to reach the final
5:36 am
carrie walls generals and walsh take on switzerland. sam mcyou will luck aims to dethrone japan in gymnastics. and plenty of power in the pool. the women led by katie ledecky and missy franklin look to continue their dominance of e freestyle relay. the u.s. has won olympic gold in each stop since barcelona. the stakes get higher for a rower from gates mill. >> rio today is brought to you by your northern ohio london da dealers.
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gets back in the water tomorrow, and she is one half of the women's pair to watch. a fabulous performance, that's what announcers called it as mueller and grace finished both lengths out in front. >> i think we're excited to get to race today. >> reporter: when you're good to go like this duo, the waiting is the hardest part. wednesday the semi-finals, then friday's finish wins a medal. >> i know there are a few things i can do better in the >> and together as a group. >> as a pair, it's all about working together as a unit. >> reporter: in their sport, that's what's tricky. >> yeah, it's the pair. you have one oar on eve side and you have to match speed, intention and acceleration. that's why it can get tippy really fast. you can get offpace. almost like a three legged race.
5:38 am
hardware. >> i deally, if that happens. >> yeah. i think our goal is move the boat fast and whatever happens we'll be happy. >> reporter: that's a safe answer, but expect their performance to be fierce. >> we're dying to know, say you want to win! they're like, no, we want to do as best as we can. i think they have what it takes to win. >> reporter: elyse says 14 family mes be there. >> it's great, i feel like i have a family and community behind me. >> reporter: we are behind her and we know you are, too. i'll be there tomorrow as she races towards the final, which will be held on friday. back to you.
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5:39now. an injury update and parent cause of that -- apparent cause of that accident that caused the girls to fall from a ferris wheel. one girl is in critical condition. a witness says the girls were rocking their gondola so hard it hit another one and they stuck together and the girls turned upsaid down. inspectors say a mechanical problem is to blame. flooding has tucson, arizona under water. and there is an evacuation underway. 45 stranded motorists were rescued during the storms. this affects all of southern arizona as moisture from tropical depression javier moves into the state today. take a look at this, officials in rio are still trying to figure out why the olympic diving pool turned a shade of green on tuesday. the bizarre part is there's a swimming pool right next to it
5:40 am
the olympic committee says water tests found there was no risk to health, so they still competed, even though the water was green. >> lovely. yeah. i think the prevailing theory now is algae. either way. >> unhealthy. >> not nice. thanks, john. another controversial comment. what donald trump is now saying about his opponent that's causing quite a stir. trac did you see this? this guy goes all out to will
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?? protecting your dreams goes beyond the car itself. for just the right insurance for you, get a quote at
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f0 5:43 now. donald trump on the defense again, for something his campaign calls ridiculous. >> tracie potts has more, plus now we're even talking about the debates and whether they're going to happen. >> if hillary appoints justices of the supreme court, you're going to have a lot of problems, folks. >> reporter: that's how donald trump toned it down after democrats reacted to this.
5:44 am
judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people maybe there is. >> what he meant by that was, you have the power to vote against her. >> reporter: that's not what democrats heard. >> violence is not something any leadership -- [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: senator elizabeth warren tweeted, it's a death threat. gabby gifford said, trump's word could follow unstable followers bent the secret service. clinton's campaign calls the comment dangerous, but the candidates steered clear, focusing on money to fight the zika virus. >> i would very much urge the leadership of congress to call people back for a special session and get a bill passed. >> reporter: clinton says she'll debate trump, but lease asking the commission on
5:45 am
it's not clear at all if the commission is going to do that, but interestingly, what they are doing is urging the debate sites to set up or be ready to set up a third podium in case gary johnson and jill steins gets the percent to qualify. that's interesting. >> every day there's something new. thank you for following it all for us. 5:45. a live look at cleveland heights. by the storms overnight. >> still dealing with power outages. our crews have seen the power crews working. look at the cleanup in this yard. they have their hands full today. >> let's check in with hollie. you also have something special. you have to smile through the storms, too, right?
5:46 am
brothers. they play outside and they literally have to touch each other when they're sleeping. how cute is this? >> i think they're wrestling. >> no, they're cuddling. >> they're touching, snuggling. >> they're brothers, joey and jacks. embrace it john. >> i don't have any problem with it. i think it's cute. >> they're hugging. >> i have a take on that later this morning. i'm kidding. adorable. >> it really is. something this morning patchy fog and more storm chance. wednesday and you're halfway there. tenth day of august. it's 5:46 now. if you're scrambling a bit, a lot of you are waking up to damage, we were just showing you pictures from cleveland heights, and it's really going to be achenial on your -- a challenge on your commute because of the damage that happened from last night and
5:47 am
next several hours more or less dry, but can't rule out a shower. we're seeing a few showers, but not seeing storms. all the stormy weather is to the east. that's the great news as you're waking up. we do have some rain and it is really muggy. we're seeing a few popup showers here and there. i think the potential for fog is going to be there with all of this humidity in place. dew points are literally in the 70s. i mentioned this earlier, think of it this way, when the dew point is 60 degrees it's when we start to say it's humid. well, we're literally in the low 70s this morning. we might as well be along the gulf coast, it's how it feels. as we track over the next several hours you'll notice into the afternoon especially as we start to see scattered showers and thunderstorms again continuing through this evening, just like yesterday, it won't be all of you. i have several tweets and facebook posts mentioning hey, we could really use the rain around here, we didn't see anything. so it's going to be scattered.
5:48 am
week, even into the weekend. here's your seven-day forecast, upper 80s to near 90 should take us through saturday, mid- 80s sunday. chances for showers and thunderstorms, warm, humid every day. low 80s monday of next week and looks like we'll dry out completely by tuesday and have a lovely seasonal sunny day. wrap time for access to today's summer game schedule brought to you by ohio's number hospital, cleveland clinic. later today during nbc's daytime coverage, michael phelps and ryan lochte meet in the pool in the prelims of the money's 200 -- men's 200 medley, and men's volleyball
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f0 5:51. indians win, tigers lose. but concerns for tribe's manager, took himself off the
5:52 am
he rested at the hotel and they checked him out and said to be better. brad mills took over. hopefully terry will be back for today's game against washington. the indians' bats were quiet. scherzer had a no hitter until the 7th, then the indians broke through. ramirez off the wall, bringing in runs. indians win 3-1. tigers lose 5 to seattle in 15 innings. tribe plays today in d.c. before coming home for 11 straight home games. good news for robert griffin iii he won the quarterback spot for the browns, but he didn't have much pressure. rg 3 is ranked as 32nd best
5:53 am
should this guy even be starting. he has the chance to prove them wrong. preseason game friday night against green bay. we know it takes full effort to win a medal at the olympics, but that's not just the athletes. check out this video of a japanese announcer on live television cheering his team on to the bronze medal. >> come on, come on! [ yelling in japanese ] >> japan fell to third to michael phelps and the u.s. team, but this broadcaster wins the gold for his announcing. he's a former pro tennis player who gets caught up watching sports. japan may have a new olympic star. >> and that got him a bronze. imagine what he will have to do for gold.
5:54 am
5:53 right now. today we head back to school with snackble savings. money man matt granite has your lunch bag bargains. >> like college, i'm alone in the dorm room. no visitors or friends. it's fine. the savings will make up for that. i'm excited with what we've found. all week we've been targeting different reductions. today i have something that many of you have seen on tv before, as seen on tv product. a tumbler that accommodates snacks, a pop, and a drink on the bottom. take a look. i didn't think i was going to like this, but while it is stylish and you get your beverages kept cooler longer, i absolutely love that this is a great way to keep your snacks.
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at $6.99, this up held beautifully in all of our tests. finally on the lunch bag front, you can your choice of colors. $11.99, for all those double and triple this price, this insulateed flood and beverage better than anything else. >> hi, i am christopher and i'm going into fifth grade. i like this lunch it has this big pouch right here. and it has a big strap that you can put around you, and it's very big so you can fit a lot of stuff in it. and i think i would put in it a peanut butter sandwich, apple cause, tomatoes and cucumbers. >> christopher will soon have my job. that kid is awesome.
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on the forefront of frugality today. if you want to check out the lunch bag bargains. some these are no brainer. >> great kid, healthy eater. bright future. >> i would have just put cookies in mine. he had all these other options. >> see you in the gym later. today's top stories straight ahead. >> let's check in with tiffany. >> reporter: work is happening now of northeast ohio, and clear trees that have been snapped in half. coming up, we'll have an update on the progress. >> reporter: the first time in over 15 years, vegas is taking bets on the olympic games. hall of fame game lawsuit. what dozens of fans who made
5:57 am
from the nfl. coming up, we'll run through the list of road closures and detours and we're tracking the fog. sure are. we could see more showers and thunderstorms. some of you seeing a few showers this morning. today's medal count is brought to you hospitals. the united states with more
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when people ask me what it's like to win an olympic medal, i tell them, "you already know." your bronze. your silver. your gold. and liberty mutual insures them all. liberty mutual is proud to insure every team usa medal won in rio, just like we protect the medals you've earned in life. liberty stands with you.
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good morning everyone, it has been a rough night with severe storms and rains that swept through northeast ohio last night. >> crews will be out cleaning.


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