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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  August 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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here he was disturbed. >> neighbor and close friend says she knows what he was going through. >> he was not in his right mind here that is all i can say. it was not a hate crime or i cannot believe he did that work i feel so bad for her.>> monday morning, quietly answering questions officially charged with ever pearl's murder church -- that she had her hands in the air when he shot her several times. a family pastor calls the case a sense -- senseless violence. fax something as basic and simple as a car accident would end up as a homicide. it is just beyond our comprehension.
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>> she was a woman of great eight. she loved the lord and she believed in god and we are trusting god to see us through. >> a judge set his bond at $1 million. he will be back in court on wednesday. his family and pearls family plans to be there. we also looked into his records and it includes a previous gun charge that happened just a few months ago and we will share what else we found out tonight at seven >> scary and disturbing for so many reasons. we will see you at seven. thank you. >> we are five days away from a possible teacher strike in cleveland. the good news is, the negotiators are back at the table. but there is still uncertainty just two months before the school district is asking voters to renew a tax increase. we have the latest from the cleveland high school for digital arts right across the street from us on 10th avenue. good evening.
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going on in the talks but we can say this -- if there is no settlement thursday, friday morning picket lines will likely go up at this and all other cleveland schools. the main issue, coming up with a new formula for teacher evaluation we decide, among other things, how teachers get paid. live on, the only district facing this challenge because of its unique transformation plan. parents are starting to get worried.>> as cleveland students head teacher strike starting to sink in with parents. kailee worried about her three children. >> that means the kids are back at home! no! they need to be here, where they can learn.>> reporter: she is trying to figure out her backup plan. >> probably teach them at home. >> reporter: how teachers get evaluated, the big issue your the only district in the state where experienced and -- experience and educational
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scores lay a big role and some teachers think, too big of a role here evaluation is the same for parliament teachers. test scores heavily weighted in cleveland. >> if they are doing poorly, why should they get a raise. if you are doing excellent comic you should get a raise. >> if the teachers are there and doing their job, i don't think they should be evaluated. >> working with the negotiators. the stakes are higher because of issue 107. the renewal campaign counting down and just getting underway work>> with no settlement, a strike vote could come thursday night with picket lines up front. >> now, we have been trying to find out all day, more information about possible replacement teachers and how this would impact xs --
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to prepare teachers for this possibility but definitely, silence to all of our questions. hopefully, they are making headway. channel 3 news, back to you. hillary clinton is coming back to cleveland. the democratic nominee will address a labor day crowd at the 11th district congressional picnic, an annual event. tom beres report, clinton is expected to speak in the early afternoon at a rally at easter park. east cleveland city council will hold an emergency meeting tonight. the subject, a possible merger. this comes days after east cleveland's merger proposal was rejected by leaders we will be at the meeting and we will have reports for you tonight on channel 3 news at 11. >> it is at -- it is closing
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struggle to keep it in business. jaqueline tells us from the newsroom, it was a case of too little, too late. >> the owners here at the tavern have tried everything from social media to even being showcased on the famous show, " our rescues." but it was still not enough. >> i know they gave it their all and we're going to miss them. >> it was a facebook post. travelers tavern closing its doors just last summer, the front man, tim and michael famously underwent a makeover. >> so, i am trying to market food at full price. >> fast-forward to today and now, they are closing. the two of them explained that their main careers have gotten way too busy. the mayor says he understands how juggling multiple
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did a very good job and we are sad and going to miss them, for sure. >> traveler's tavern is now the fifth business to close. losing them is a huge hit for the surrounding community. >> there is one thing i can say for sure if they are a positive force for the crowd they bring and also, personally, they were positive europe are always on the heat -- on the up the -- upbeat. >> the last day for live music will be september 3. i got a chance to speak to a lot of people in the area and they said traveler's tavern was a place of peace and fund and it will definitely be missed throughout the years to come. on the mobile newsroom, jasmine, channel 3 news. >> more and more youngsters will have access to the free books thanks to the division of the fbi. the fbi citizens academy gave eight local law enforcement agencies libraries.
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across eastern ohio working as a book exchange. counterreformation and how you can help to fight hunger in northeast ohio. the ninth annual taste of the pro football hall of fame is tomorrow night. you can enjoy food and beverages, local restaurants and wineries. this event serves as a fundraiser to support the food banks efforts to feed those in need.>> this is about showing a lot of different diseases, a lot of different people from different areas of life that come together and they are all raising money for the great -- same great cause. >> andre -- they will sign autographs and tickets can be purchased at the apple and counting -- act when canton food bank website. >> i will continue to stand with the people.
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calling after he refused to stand up during the national anthem. take a look at this heated debate took the speaking of heated, we are heating up outside. temperatures tomorrow are expected to its -- expected to stretch into the -- i will tell you all about it. >> to reveal what could be you and your child arnsparger doctor. yes. fired by your doctor. that is when we return after
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coming up, the news at seven. is the popular tower lights twitter about to shut down as the building falls under new ownership? pens. the cheaper option coming but is it enough. >> our region is rising and northeast ohio has overcome obstacles to achieve success. tomorrow night, we launch a brand new series, #rising and you will hear inspirational stories from across northeast ohio. be sure to join us tomorrow
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to a generation, he was known as willy wonka. gene wilder died today at his home in connecticut after battling complications from alzheimer's disease. the addition of the 1971 version of willy wonka's chocolate factory. also, young
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and stir crazy. he was 83 years old. >> now to a story the nation continues to talk about work colin kaepernick says he will not stand during the playing of the national anthem in protest of what he describes as widespread racial injustice. 's action is sparking a sometimes heated debate. krist heisman found this story for us. we have received more than 600 comments this morning. some say his acs disrespectful. david wright, staying in the locker room. state fair. stop the disrespect and actually, let him sit with the veterans and see how they feel. moving to the other side, mark says i think it is great that this american does not hold up -- america does not hold up its values. a lot of folks are waiting in an mark also says, tell me again how refusing to stand for the national anthem
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injustice a lot of folks are weighing in. a lot of leads as we take a look at video of how other statements are talking about this. the nfl thing "players are encouraged but not required to stand during the national anthem." the mba has the strictest rules requiring players to stand in a dignified posture or both the us and canadian emblems suspended if they did not comply. we also reached out to the oha's aa. they tell us there is not a statewide policy on the anthem and that it is handled on a school by school basis your this thursday, they travel to san diego for their final tuneup and it is safe to say that many in san diego will be watching him very closely. and the rookie from the eagles, a linebacker named mike taveras tells espn that he plans to set
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so we might be watching a lot of this pop up around the league. some colleges starting in earnest and high school. >> kaepernick is going to be cut -- not because of this but because of his poor performance on the field. >> it would be interesting to see how people perceive that cut if it happens. doctors firing their patients and it is happening more and more according to the says one in eight pediatricians say they dismiss nonvaccinated families by telling them to seek treatment elsewhere. many doctors are adopting the vaccination policies and letting parents know that their kids will not be treated if they are not vaccinated.>> more parents are being skeptical about immunizing and more pediatricians moving firm about saying, if you choose not to
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accommodate that.>> and robin will have more on this controversy or issue tonight on channel 3 news at seven. a county bowling alley is striking thanks to a game of chance that could bring a winter more than $1 million. we will explain how the queen of hearts game is helping one small town to the jackpot. >> welcome to garrett phil. population, just over 2200 except for sunday >> we had somewhere between eight and 10,000 people in the parking lot and building. >> there are several reasons. over 14 3 million of them because of a game called queen of hearts. >> there is a board with a deck of cards facedown. they are sealed into the board all mixed up. >> the cards are all numbered and the bowling alley sells raffle tickets. >> people put one number on each ticket and where they think the queen of hearts is hiding on that board. if it's the queen of hearts,
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jackpot. >> there is also a 50-50 raffle that supports local charities. >> we have now been able to get the local charities over $180,000 and it has been a tremendous boost to all of them.>> reporter: some have a lucky number. >> number five. >> others hoping their good fortune is heaven sent. >> my sister gave me this locket which has my husband ashes in it and i am hoping that is my lucky charm your >> reporter: if the queen his pick, the winner gets $141,000. good luck. channel 3 news. what do you think? road trip? >> i think we should go get the tickets. i don't understand the way it
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i tell you what, we have gotten quite the deal as far as the forecast goes, this is summertime weather and the temperature is in the 80s took i will put the forecast out there for everybody. we have no weather issues coming tomorrow except, if you forget to wear your sunscreen. sunny skies will be around for today. we will continue with sunny skies as temperatures heat into the 80s for the afternoon and we will stay mostly sunny as we head into the evening so no weather woes. where the weather woes are hain thunderstorm activity around us really, it is the top x getting everyone exported right now. hurricane gastown, not a problem. don't worry about that one but tropical depression nine and h, we're getting closer to home and both of these are on track to possibly either brush or make a direct impact into the united states. if you have any addressed,
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in the big bend area of florida and really, the whole peninsula of florida could be impacted or it will is -- it will feel raced to see which one could become hurricane hermine. it looks like it might hang a right and had to the ocean -- and go to the ocean. that they are talking about possibly posting hurricane watch is for the gulf coast of florida for tomorrow so we are not expecting nine to strengthen first. that would be hermin we're going to keep an eye on that one. meanwhile, not to be outdone -- oh, no -- we're going way out west where not one but two hurricanes are sitting east of hawaii and interestingly enough, these are on a western track. madelyn is a category three storm. watch what happens to hawaii over the next five days. as these storms come very close to the main island. thursday, 8 pm, a category one
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80 mile-per-hour winds and saturday morning, a storm to the north. to the surface going to be up, the time, for the hawaiian islands. back here to our little patch of the woods, we do have scattered showers and storms all across the eastern half of the country and we do have high pressure and control, now, thank you, sunny skies. at that cold front is the leading edge of our next batch of high pressure and that will be our first taste of -- canadian error in quite some time. temperatures tomorrow, mid-80s and no weather woes. showers and storms will catch up to us on wednesday. mid-seventies for thursday and friday but right now, the rest of the weekend looks amazing. >> no weather woes. words we like. thank you so much. coming up, a busy day. the browns cut a veteran and he is not happy about it. we're back with more after the
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and now, the window nation sports report. hello, everybody! what a day, today! we had roster cuts, trades and all of a sudden, the bronx should be the named, the baby boomers. are they going to be named all across the board? an amazing day. it started this morning.
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linebacker. i did not think he was playing well but there were other factors. number one, he has 30 years old. he came in 2013 and number two, he makes a lot of money. he was scheduled to make 6 1/2 million dollars this year. seven and 1 million last year. he was not happy about being cut by the browns. but then, he criticized the browns for his release. although completely mishandled, unfo wrong decision to release me, i do wish the browns and my teammate brothers great success. now, one of the few remaining veterans, had just -- had this to say. >> it was a shock but this is business, it never surprises you. you always have one or two every year for your kind of scratch her head and that is a do that you thought would be a part of the change but it is a
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business. >> but wait! they are not done. they traded their putter this afternoon. a three-time pro bowler your go back to friday night. hugh jackson was not happy with a deadly when he did not try to chat a pool -- when he did not try to tackle adam humphries. he gave up on him and he heard about that from the coach but he goes over and the bronx get a putter -- punter. the -- along with the bronx city 17. and they get back casey redfern in a 2018 pick. and andy lee goes to the super bowl last year. he lives in charlotte in the off-season. williams wasn't happy with the browns and he was cut, today. the defensive back who, according to some reports,
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he was upset about being demoted in their defensive rotation. he was cut loose today. austin davis, the quarterback was cut today and i think this was an expected move. i think this will force the browns out to make sure they hold onto josh to be their backup water back because freddie kessler is simply not ready to be the backup. the indians had a back week -- a bad week last week and they take on the twins in the start of a 10 game homestand tonight. lastly, they lost to the vanishing the road trip, 2 and 5 they scored 12 runs. that the tigers kept on losing. so according, the magic number is now 29 in a combination of indian wins and tiger losses at ed rupp -- adding up to 29 but you say the minnesota twins have lost 10 in a row? this should be easy, right? maybe not work they are five
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we will see what happens. >> one more round of cuts for the browns? >> and who knows how many trades? >> we're back tonight at 7 o'clock.
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tonight, shockwaves as hillary clinton's closest aid huma abedin says she's separating from her husband weiner. airport chaos. all out panic amid widespread rumors of an active shooter. what's going on? bracing for impact. florida on high alert as the tropical threat closes in. too little, too late. a prize move from the pharma giant over the cost of a life saving medicine, why critics say it's not enough.


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