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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  October 4, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> i. it is time to fall in love again with your home and now channel 3 news today. ng the latest poll has donald trump with a slight lead today. and bracing for matthew, the strongest atlantic hurricane in a decade hit it is caribbean and takes aim at the united states. >> one thing you're tracking. >> as we start off locally here, happy tuesday, it is the fourth day of october. it is not really going feel like it with these highs in the
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dense fog advisory, most of us will warm into the 60s by 9:00 a.m. but it is west. it is south and east that we're expecting areas of fog to develop. this will reduce visibility to under a quarter of a mile. right now visibilities are already down for in of you, back through worcester, otherwise it is still looking descent. i mean the fluctuation is just amazing as we go from half an hour to half an ashtabula was just at a mile and now they're down to ten. we will keep you updated, tweet u instragram, update us. >> here a check on your drive because i have a feeling as thing the starts to form we have slow downs. >> i will check them on twitter, and of course on air for you. right now we have normal drive timetimes, as you can see -- normal drive times, as you can see but it is not producing
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5:01 and not too in people are ares however if you travel in streetsboro, be aware that it is closed because of the late bridge closed until further notice because of unsafe driving conditions in that area. the bridge is unsafe. take 303 to 44 or 43 head through kent to 59 to get around that. i will tweet that out. back to you. schools need to cut millions from the budget table, now could hurt the "of education for student. >> a-- education of students. they're going be be protesting, carrying signs outside of the school. they're concerned about the possibility of losing teachers, losing programs and losing some of the school buildings within this district. so let's go ahead and show you what this plan entailentails we know it right now. the ohio department of
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needs to be cut from budget the next two years. the school board has proposed merging all high schools into one and cutting the number of elementary schools down to eight the school district is made up of parma, parma heights and southern hillhills that's not only thing that's happening today -- happening today. there's another meeting happening at the high school. coming up i will let you know more about channel 3 news. politic now. it is 5:03. first and only vice president debate will take place in prime time tonight. >> the debate between mike pence and democratic nominee tim kayne will be held at longwood university in virginia. the debate will be divided into nine time segments of about ten minutes each.
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candidates an open question with each having two minutes to respond. she's the first asian american germist to moderate a national -- journalist to moderate a debate. with just 43 days until election day, it remains a tight race. donald trump is leading hillary clinton, here in ohio by five points. it is still tight in ohio very much in focal point, hillary clinton was in akron, and today it is trump's campaign coming to buckeye state. >> he joins us with these details today and today clinton picks up an endorsement here, that's the point point leave. that's one trump opening will pick up here and widen with
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ruby julia know will be in town here, speaking around 11:30 to officially accept that endorsement. >> trump has picked up the endorsement of the from fresh order of police, but some aren't going along with it. locally, black seal has raised money over perceptions. it is the first time they have voted accept are thely in national meeting, he renounced her visit and have the union by the police department. >> the cpppa, they engaged in excessive force that led to distrust. now, you come out and endorse this individual. mr. chairman, it is a slap in the face.
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resolution to renounce the endorseal of a presidential candidate, something he was strongly about they should not be doing. coming up we will look at the polls that's going on here. we talked about trump with a five point lead here, and hillary clinton with some other swing statestates we will look and get a fell for where these candidates are right now. former president bill clinton will be campaigning for his wife. he northwest. he plans to late out the economy and the haystacks dupe at 3:15. a series of murder that is spans several county, shawn grade has been charged with two counts of murder, and has confess today a third. now, police have released a new sketch of a woman they want to identify in that case. a sketch artist met with himself monday, he reportedly
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marion county in 2005. he told police he could not remember her name. police also say he told them the woman sold his mother a magazine subscription and that he got angry and killed the woman when he mother did not get the magazine she sort ordered. >> overnighted n video was posted showing students and security at kent state chasing what they believed was a clown on campus. they issued a statement saying anyone dressed as a or of a danger to the hospital. >> east lake middle school students have admit today making clown throats on social media. similar threats are reaching out. we reached out to find out what punishment people would face the possible large mostly misdemeanors but which could be
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of valuable resources that could be better ideased somewhere somewhere else. >> each case is different. whether you are arrested could depend on your intent, the time of day what those on online is there. >> when an inmate struggled and and gassed during his execution. the new -- january -- three-year-old daughter in akron in 1993. attorneys for death row inmate say they will appeal. hurricane matthew is making its way across the caribbean packing winds of more than 140 miles per hour. >> yeah, it is already causing issues in the islands and later this week could impact the entire east coast.
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feeling the effects too. it is still too early for a definitive track but not too early to prepare. >> can matthew impact florida. >> it can be. we haven't suffered like this ton east coast in a long time florida's dismatthew is already blamed for two. a $12 million judgment against the boy scotts of america over sexual ais or turned. they ruled the jury said they should been hold they would be held liable if they made abuse more like think happen. the lawsuit performed a bodily harm former end repeated hen i cust. from the deadly transition train crash.
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which is is burred in the rear of the train wasn't working. that one was suppose today store speed and breaking information fm more than is 1 had-u were injured when the thrash tragus when it seems temperature. ford is introducing the police vehicle. after red and blue emergency lights inside the front visors of unmarked police car, ford is also introducing rear emergency lights lights into the spoiler. for police it meanmeans viz but for speeders, bad news. >> that's sneaky right there. oh those reading glass, maybe you can forget them the new ten minute surgery
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those sun glasses. >> the game schedule has been announced and we will have that for you after the break. the team has areas of dense fog and an advisory, otherwise sunshine this tuesday and warm. we are up to 74 or so this afternoon. it shall be around 67. we have a live look at the tower at west side market. bi fabulous. no problems. >> we will keep you posted because it is changing from minute to minute.
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all right. it is a quarter after 5:00 here. major league baseball has announced the first pitch time
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the tribe will play at home on thursday at 8:08 p.m. friday is 4:38 here, and then they will head to boston on sun. that game time will start at 08:00. and then the other games, you know, they will decide those times according to what the networks what to do. >> so the key here is thursday and friday we need good weather. >> sure. >> and sunday, sunday that storm needs to stay boston. >> right. >> i have a lot of requests here. >> i will have the answer. >> it is pretty. >> i love it. >> it is a really pretty mountain. in some spots your visibility is not this ideal. so fog has been what we have been chatting about and it is becoming a bit more widespread and i think it will continue to do just that as we get closer to
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be careful for the little oneones in some neighborhoods the fog is going to be there. it is burning off. by by it is expect today be out of here, and it is warming into the 70s. 707 at noon, 74 at 5:00 today and just sun-filled skies after partly cloudy conditions and area of fog here as we kick off your tuesday. not going to have an act 4th kind of get out there and take along your patience this morning. once the fog burns off it is sunshine and that's it. the advisory is issued overnight while you were sleeping and it goes through 9:00 a.m. so we are extra cautious as we're getting those commutes started today. just, know, we have all been stressing you can literally go from one street to another and
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weather conditions when it comes to fog. visibility is showing up low in two areas, and everywhere else is holding steady. but this will fluctuate. the good new, the fog dissipates and then we have beautiful sunshine today and warm weather for this time of year. >> on to the tropics, while you were asleep, matthew has strengthened even more no tow 145 miles per hour sustained winds. 155 in over would make -- and over would make this a category five. the thest on the scale. as we -- the highest on the scale. as we track there's a lot 06 concern because this is getting awful close. this is taking all the forecast and going down the middle of all of them. it is just off the coast but there's a huge margin of error and as this gets closer to
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tweaking. this could cause devastating damage we will keep you updated. it is moving north about 8 miles per hour right now. the window nation forecast, 70s until the end of the work week. so for the games thursday and friday, we're in absolute perfect shape. we're mid 60s on saturday with a chance of a shower being pretty small and i will cool off to near 60 on sunday. speaking of saturday, the showers aren't going to scare us away from the heart walk. we would love you to join my team. we have the health expo immediately following the cleveland land 16 heart walk and channel 3 is honor today be teamed up with the american heart association: let's beat this thing. i can't wait to see you there. i have the link on twitter to sign up to get on my team, danny. other to you.
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you by mike bass ford. >> thank you so much at 5:18 we are tracking the fog, again, here is 71 at 76, where you see low visibility here but no delays because of it, and also all of the accident versus cleared out. but again, watch for the fog this morning, we will be tracking it all morning long, especially to east if you are traveling 0 through lake county. here is say picture of 271 at grim boulevard where we are seeing a little fog your drive time, 271 between 422 and warrenville height, 12 minutes headed north, 12 minutes headed south. so john and leona, other than the fog we are okay on the roads. all right. thanks. have you been fighting the fact that you now need reading glasses? losing nearby vision is a common by-product of aging, it usually starts after 40 but there's a new implant making read glasses a thing of the past.
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don't need reading glasses. senior health correspondent monica ca robins more with the story. -- chris turner is a firefighter and over the years noticed it was getting more difficult to read up close. >> i et cetera first degree having to read document computers at home and at work it was getting to be more of a problem. >> he could barely read an e- mail even on a large cell disability, if you don't have your readerrer stranded. >> he became the first patient to undergo the brand new rain drop procedure. a corneal inlay that will free him of his reading glasses. if he doesn't like it afterwards. >> we have the luxury of going in and removing it. it is very reversible. >> dr. bill wylie makes a cut
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the rain drop the whole procedure takes about 15 minutes. afterwards, instant results he can read the third passage from the bottom. >> what about the cell phone. >> hello, chris, can you read this. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. >> monica robins,. >> i could read that between miffingers. >> anybody between myfingers. >> ? cracking down on fake review, what amazon is doing to make sure the customers aren't
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the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow!
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i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look. whoa.
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-- i like pickles with my ice cream. >> you have been eating a lot of weird things, is everything all right at work. >> yeah. >> it is 5:24. one of biggest crack downs is underway on >> we have some insight. i see the review and i wonder
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behind amazon reviews. there's people that spend all day writing reviews and there's also a sub culture of companies giving items to influential reviewers to write positive reviews for. >> it really skies the system and as we may have told you last week, more than 50% of shoppers begin their online shopping on amazon. take a look at the giant crackdown amazon last night. they are now banning, cracking down on and disabling companies that offer their item for free to people like me. to be honest, i don't accept things for free. we buy the items and donate them afterwards. there's a whole process: but for a lot of people it is not that cut and dry when they're searching for deals they're
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i also want to show you a resource to spot fake reviews called fake free resource, all you have to do is copy the link and it will tell you the likelihood of that being fraudulent or written by someone who may not have been that honest at the time. sit per if he can? absolutely not. i had -- is it perfect? absolutely not but for some of the items in america,. >> are theyki there's an algorithm that sorts through those factors. >> let's send it over to holly. >> we're tracking nothing morning. dense fog advisory through 9:00. sunshine highs in the 70s. waking up to the 70s. a little extra time. travel map it is quiet outside of the fog, but it is very active in the tropic. of course, hurricane matthew continues to make head lines. i have the latest track for you
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>> >> all right, thank you, holly. >> taking the stage, the vice president candidate also face off in prime time. 5:27 right now.
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time now for morning rush at 5:30. one man is hospitalizeed it morng from his car, following a rollover accident. it happened on st. clair avenue near east 108th street, around 1:00 in morning the man lost control of the vehicle, struck a poll and that's when he was ejected. officials on the scene say he was taken to university hospital, where he remains in critical condition. tiffany. >> reporter: the school district is facing the possibility of $15 million in cuts the next two years, and today, people in this community
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to voice their concernconcerns ask questions about some of the proposals already on table. it is a special meeting to get public input, also happening today, students plan to protest possible cuts to staff, programs, and cuts to some of these buildings. the meeting begins tonight at 5:30. we know the student protest begins an hour before, john. all right. the first and only televised vice president usual debate of they election year will tonightdebate between mike pence and tim kayne will be hold at longwood university in virginia. it will be divided into nine timed segments of about 10 minutes each. tracy will join us with the full details at 5:40. will. john, as all eyes turn to vp debate tonight. today the police patrolman association where they will giver their endorsement to
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a campaign spokesperson will be here to expect that. he will also be speaking around 10:30. trump also picked up the fraternal order of police but some enforcement labor groups aren't going along with it including the black field. also, councilman zach reed speaking out against it and going to pose the cppa endorsement. right now, trump is pulling 5% ahead of clinton in buckeye. good news clinton in north carolina, pennsylvania and florida, so a lot of work to be done with just over 30 days to go. four juvenile men have been arrested in connection with a gas station shooting in -- they have all been charged with attempted murder and are all being held on 500,000 dollars bond. the shootology curred at a gas station -- shooting occurred at a gas station at franklin
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lakewood detective versus not identified a motive for shooting. city of east cleveland once again has an operational ambulance thanks to a donation by oakwood village. they donateed it vehicle on monday after east cleveland had been without sun since sunday. they report four ambulance also be back on the road by the end of today. hey, holly. >> hi, john. 55 degree, switching gears and checking your forecast. it is 5:33. we are in the 50s as we wake and we're pretty foggy in spots. the dense fog advisory through 9:00arm for every one of you and then we will see a lot of sunshine today. we will be in the mid 70s for highs, it is an amazing day once we get past this morning. so you're all socked in with a potential for fog to form and our sun rise is at at 28:00 as we approach sun rise we will continue to see the fog forming and it is not limited to any
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much more isolated. zit visibility is still great, but it is pretty low from worcester and even akron/canton, visibility down to just over a mile from last check. this will have an impact on your drive. let's check the roads with danny. thank you so much. good morning to all of you and again the fog is the yellow on the traffic map and right now, i continue to look at the o d.o.t. traffic map with the cameras and here are available to us and right now -- cameras available to us, and right now i am seeing fog in the same spot, where 71, 76 and 224 meet. you can see dense fog here, so you need to use caution as you travel. the good news for you this morning is although we're seeing the fog, we do have normal drive time, no delays and no accidents. john and leona, back to you. hurricane matthew is move ago cross the caribbean with
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in the islands and late they are week, it can impact the east coast. >> the eye of the storm was expected to pass near or over the south west tip of haiti this morning. before heading to eastern ewe bah and bahamas. the u.s. will be impacted as the east coast braces for the storm but it is still too early for definitive track. >> a large grass fire continues to burn in southeast colorado. the buy that hill fire has burned least 7 structures are destroyed and dozens of people have been placed under manditory evacuation. no no injuries been reported and they're still trying to figure out what caused the fire. a successful delivery meal service may have groan too fast. blue apron ships million ready to eat meals but last year police responded to plan plants
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three time for bomb threats and 7 time for variety of assaults. there have been several safety problems including finds of why why bass proshops is buying the biggest rival. they will purchase caabels cabel aces. it is baseed in nebraska and it could not clear what it could me the ceo says he hopes to continue to grow the brand along side the brass proband. here is the good new, ca bell will is mostly hunting, bass prois mostly fishing. there's a little crossover but not enough so both companies can grow together. very good. >> that will keep jobs. time is now now 36:00. vp takes center stage. tracy has your details of the
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they're still not happy with a fumble report to the redskins so they're heading to league office. what they're saying right now
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. 5:39. tonight is the one and only
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president candidates. tracy pots has more on that and we will see a different kind of debate than last one, but donald trump is fighting back. let's hear about that. hi, tracy. >> sure. we are not expecting as in fireworks to night but you never know with these things. as for donald trump he's ununajetticly explaining how he used the tax laws to benefit himself. that's something that can come >> republican mike pence already in virginia giving a hint what he will focus on tonight. >> hillary clinton on foreign affairs alone could take up the whole 90 minutes and it wouldn't be a pretty picture. >> tim kayne is off the trail getting ready for his one and only debate. at times both have disagree window the running mate. >> if i knew thousand use the
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the report on the 199 ahas him explaining why he took such a big loss. nearly a billion dollars in one year qualifying for nearly two decades of 0 taxes. >> what kind of genius loses a billion dollars in the first place? >> trump hasn't confirmed or denied whether he avoided paying taxes. his supporters don't seem to care. >> any good businessman should never pay taxes. >> 0 taxes means 0 for our vet, 0 for our military. 0 for elegants to send young people to college. 0 for health. 0 for education. >> hillary clinton is in pennsylvania today with bill clinton, michelle obama and elizabeth warren all out campaign for her. and donald trump today is in arizona but he's also picking up a key endorsement in
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he's up five points right now in ohio. >> all right. >> of course we will be there. thank you so much, tracy. 5:42 a quick look outside, now, this looks pretty clear here. >> it does. >> but the fog is causing some problems. >> just depends on where you are. we do have a dense fog advisory in place. a quick look at my commuter, fog is being reported. lorain, -- and worcester right now anal have got visibility that's a quarter of a mile or less and also extending toward northwest ohio, toledo is reporting fog around finley and -- as well. so it is just depends on location. we still have about two hours to go until the sun goes comecomes temperatures are in the 50s and heads up for sure you might slow down because of reduced visibility.
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nice warm day past the fog this morning and it is evidence here it burn off by 9:00. 70 at noon, how fun will recess be in that weather? you can have gym glass outside today. 74 at 5:00, sunny, sunny, sunny. fog burns off and a stretch of sunshine real supply the afternoon and evening. fire up that grill, take vantage, this time of the year, it is nice to be able to have, and you can see that fog advisory is not only limited to northeast ohio but it northwest ohio, south into akron, canton to mansfield, all included. here are the visibility. it matches what i just told you on the computer with reporting sites coming in, really low, in placeplaces aleer i can't and worcester exam then it is descent out sid of that. i mean akron, danton and dover are down to three miles but that's still very doable. we have clear, with calm conditions a loft sunshine
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a national weather story without question, hurricane matthew. >> while you were sleeping, strengthened a little more. winds are now up to 145 miles per hour. it is moving due north at 8 miles per hour, at this point, and it is an obvious threat to anywhere long the eastern coast of the united states flax mr., georgia, the carolinas, watching real closely at this point, because of its location, and we will continue to bring you updates, but this is a major hurric above 155 miles per hour. think of hit way, we're only ten away from that. so it is a strong one, and it is a dangerous one. window nation, 70s for high through the rest of the week and school year. it is an amazing, warm week, close to 80 thursday, friday, saturday we have rain chances and we cool off. it will be around 60 by sunday. weather time, daisy lives and lovers relaxing outside.
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the breeze. >> daisy you are adorable and sarah you are very kind to share daisy with us today. thank you so much. >> it is 5:45. and we have to name our little baby. >> that's right. yesterday we revealed our puppy with a purpose live on the air he's so cute. he will soon be placed in train with a local veteran. >> we need you to help us name him. right now he's just baby boy. head the choice, cadet, cam moe, radar or wag, named after the organization. wags for warriors. radar is leading. we will reveal the name tomorrow morning. hi, danielle. >> i'm fighting for wags. my mappedden name was wagner. >> no problems on the commute as far as accidents or major delays but we are tracking the
5:46 am
the weather map on top of the traffic map but here is i will have 90. -- here is i-90. and in fact, 16 minutes heeding east, 15 minutes heading west. we're a-okay no. accidents or major delays. don't forget, tune in to our partner at tote traffic. they will have have updates you every tennes >> monday night football and vikings are going a 2- start and looks like a different quarterback. to cubicham feels like he's getting picked off -- beckham feels like he's being picked on. he thought it should have been a late hit. he said he can't even sneeze without being called unsportsman like conduct. that's quite a sneeze then.
5:47 am
only 4--team eagle also the buy so they're 3- . the browns, a bad call sunday has them wanting another explanation from the league and the video tape is heading to the league office. there's no excuse for three straight, but the one fumble in question is duke johnson. they will ask the league for an explanation, johnson was stand being the ball. as the rest of the pile thought fought for it but since it didn't show stick with the original call on the field, and that was red since. i know it doesn't make sense but that's the way they rule it. he could not challenge that call and as of this morning, they stand by the decision that it was washington ball. >> dewayne wade, in a bulls uniform. he made a chicago debut after 13 years and winning three championships in miami.
5:48 am
he took just three spots in the first game, made two of them and finished with six points. they lost to milwaukee. 93-91 is the final. the cavalier top preseason against tomorrow orlando. i think my mid season i will be used to it. >> kind of weird. >> all right. thank you, john. here at at we're commit today highlighting remarkable individuals in our community, those who have overcome obstacles and danielle joins us now with a preview of the rising story. >> no night i will introduce you to cleveland heights native who has beat three different cancers three different times and lena he's not even 40. but cancer did steal someone special for him, and how he responded to this and the people he's giving hope to is why he's this weeks rising story. remember rising airs every
5:49 am
if you have say rising story e- mail it to me at rising at wkyc. >> i have cried in times interviewing this man and he has so in smiles, i mean he's, he givers so in smiles to other people. i'm excite today tell his story. >> that's great. humbling. >> with three different cancers you will think enough, how much can a person take and that's a smile. >> that's not even all he's taking but to still smile through it all and say i will help somebody elseev much, i don't want to say the word but h-e-l-l it is amazing. >> it is 544 avenue 9:00. coming up with may ways to save. >> we're watching for your wallet, health, heart, everything else with smart watch and fitness tracker deals galore. you will not believe these prices, they're going up right
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when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. .. "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump.
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spicing up the men you. they announced that teersa. they rolled out the new item in five test markets in june. it went very well. it consists of spicy chick&pork sausage with -- three variations of paprika. they said look we will not change the menu, we will just offer what we have got and do it very well but a sales last quarter that make you change your menu. >> right. >> we will see what happen. >> we don't want this guy the ever change. this tech tuesday we smarten your wall and et and your rest. matt granite what do you have. >> never really wanted a smart match or a fitness tracker and for those of you watching you are looking at my upper armarm
5:54 am
once a year. >> i. . -- i am usually just -- all toffee which you are including my social media alerts. i'm at matt gran fit on twitter. this is something i want information on the spot from. before i show you the conference edible prices, our intern casey fell in love with this thing. >> so apaidside from its aexperience, the display is incredible. if you hold can switch different style, say i really like that one and then to get features slide left or right. connect your phone using blue tooth and you can see all these, it tracks fitness, heart rate, your sleep monitor, siri, calculator, it is incredible. >> it does everything the apple
5:55 am
require an apple watch. incredible. >> also the price drop the pack you can use it with apple or android. keep in mind you need a recent iphone. it becomes solely depend on that device where this has more inindedense. i am using itas sleep tracker, heart rate, it is also water resistance, you get your choice of bands, $57 off black friday safe pricing. not a paid product but if you want to >> i'm very elegant given phak that it is a price and this is a smart watch. you can wear it to business eatmeeting. >> it is not too large. it is not giant. >> i like that. >> very good. >> days top storys are straight ahead. >> let's check in with tiffany. stuns here are taking a stan.
5:56 am
the latest polls has donald trump with a slight lead here in ohio. he's hoping that widens with the endorsement but it comes with controversy. we have details coming up. >> another local clown scare overnight. when feeding the clown hysteria by dressing up becomes illegal. happy national taco day, where you can score free drinks and snacks in order, in honor of this tastety ho 02:00. i will give you around this state reticles your. we are also talking fog which is i i am just going to delays and lay down, forecast includes dense fog advisory until 9:00. otherwise we're mostly sunny and we're expecting highs near 74 today.
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. now at 6:00. millions of dollars in potential today and donald trump has a slight lead here in the buckeye state, he's opening an endorsement today will widen that lead. state of emergency, the u.s. braces for hurricane matthew as the strongest storm in a decade slam it is caribbean. right now let's bring in holly who's not only tracking that storm but also our weather. >> yes, and we will start locally. we will give you the latest


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