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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  October 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> also, light up the vacancy sign -- wills it is second school board president in a month. it rooks like a great morning out there. >> right. it mean we have got a much easier morning compared to yesterday. cloud cover, yes, and still a few sprinkles if you are east. that's not out of the question,
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the skies today as john mentioned it turns out to be a lovely, late october day. seasonal, highs will be in the 50s. and you should plan on sunshine but just have patient because it will be delayed. 7:55 the sun comes up and as we take a look at what's happening on satellite and radar, showers are fading as we speak. but there's still that possibility of some light messy rain even a few sprinkles to east this morning. zooming out, all eyes chicago, game no. 3 weather looks good but it is breezy. but dry, that's the good news. we expect partly cloudy skies and 60s through game in chicago. literately steady. rain chance tomorrow for game four and then a little cooler behind the front on sunday for game no. 5 with temperatures in the 50s. back here at home, as you get ready to head out for commute, 40s still that little leftover sprinkle to the east,
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let's get a check on your drive. wkyc traffic is brought to you by mike pass ford, get a great deal on a great deal more at mike pass ford. i don't know what it is about friday, but i will tell you, traffic is always lighter, danielle always mentions that and i just checked it latest. no accidents to report and outside of normal construction that has been on going, everything is move ago long. we will zoom in free flowing traffic along 90. 77 south in 222, everybody reporting normal traffic flow at this time. >> 71 for that matter. if you are ready to head out, here is the good new, you can turn on the wtam. 1100 you will get traffic report there is along with the weather forecast for day. so we are with you no matter from you at home or in the car. back to you.
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world series in chicago and right away because this game is mr. national league city, we will notice some big changes. the indians held a night work out at wrigley field to get use today the conditions last night. game three starter josh tomlin spent time in batting cage because the pitchers will bat this weekend but it could work against the cubs the hot hitter, kyle, was not clear today play the field. so, he is out of the starting line up. the cubs could use him as a pinch tt red hot so that could be a big loss for him. he will put santa in left so they can both be in line up. there's one thing that hasn't changed, and it is the indians attitude. i don't think there's going be a tonover people cheering for us. laugh laugh. >> but then that's where, you know, it comes in the feeling in the clubhouse, you know, because it is going to feel like it is us against world tomorrow but us is pretty good.
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>> tomlin against kendricks. he was 9-2 in 15 games at wrigley with an era of 132. >> that's tough. lena. >> while the team is say w local bars will likely be pack window fans watching game three. -- packed with fans watching game three. we will i don't live outside progressive field where there's a watch party there too. >> there is and the gates here at progressive field open about an hour before the first pitch, but if you go online to get th sure you print them before you get here, so you want to have the paper in hand, and we are talking about -- aren't talking about just today's game. watch partys are tomorrowing tomorrow and sunday. tickets are either $5 or $24. it is open seating. again you can get those tickets on the web site, the local bars and restaurants as you said, lena are ready for potential boost in business. this the time where families
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but you are watching the game at home, having your own watch party. this weekend, another historic one for cleveland sport, according to, it is the first time the browns, calfs and indian versus playing in one weekend, not including the preseason, and one good thing, one good thing that will happen here if you plan to go to watch parties here this weekend, the proceeds from the ticket, lena go to charity. >> just like they did during the cavs games too. thank you so much. remember, print it. you can't show it on the smart phone for the ticket. >> so if for coverage head to -- we have all of the watch party information. we will also have live game updates during tonight's game. the new president of the -- schools board of education has resigned. the district announced last evening that it was searching for a replacement for lynn.
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district say that is it is looking for someone to serve the remainder of the president's term, which expires at the end of next year. >> the district has been struggle being major budget issues in last several months, now, we will keep following that story as they are searching for another. here is lena with the machine e morning news feed. >> new york's airport is back open this morning after republican vice president usual candidate, mike pence's plane skidded after the runway. >> the indiana goor members of the media were on board. emergency crews rushed to the scene. no one was injureed and the plane was moved back on to the tarmac. the airport was closed for a short time but it is again back open the governor was traveling to new york for an evening fund raiser at trump tower which he canceled. a jury found 7 people not guilty for their involvement in a stand off at a wild life refuge in, organize. the brothers bundy and fiver
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charges of conspiring. some of the suspects were also found not guilty on weapons charges. you may remember they led a stand off that lasted about six weeks over long-running dispute over control of federal land. there is a major scam to tell you about this morning, that is circulating on twitter. often it looks like a shortened google link like yowie on the screen but if you click the link, your phone will immediately start calling 9-1- over and over even if you hang up. >> the nonstop calls are apparently tying up dispatch percent making it hard for authorities to help people with real emergencies. >> kind of scary, john. >> that's a mess too. >> more money for me, are you saving money or wasting it? matt granite has the best products to buy useed and the ones to always buy new. and what's your favorite scary movie? we will share some of your votes, the filling ohio voters
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made. holly. i don't think i could do it, john. >> we are checking out your forecast for this friday. >> welcome to it. it is going turn out to be a bright day. , eventually: 7:55. sun rise time. yesterday we hit 57. it should be similar today. mid to upper 50s, cloud cover, sprinkles lingering this morning and then, we start to see some sun peaks and good weather into the afternoon. what about weekend? wait, >> until you see warm up we have to talk about. >> we will talk about watch party at progressive field for this evening if you are heading down. let you know what to plan on
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>> apple unvail it is new mac book proand it is taking on a whole new look, the highlighted feature is a thin touch display above the key board called the touch bar. it offers different functions depending on the app you are using: it could even put emojis there. the price is 1800 for the 13- inch, 2400 for the 15-inch. app 18 already taking preorders. >> which one is the most popular in ohio. >> do you agree with this tech web site declutter put together a list of each state the winner in ohio is the ring. this was a favorite across the country the movie was released back in 2002 and features a creepy girl, calling out -- crawling out of a well. >> okay. >> the conjuring, the grudge
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tell us, what's your favorite scary movie. >> i just -- anything that involves religion and little kids, i just can't take it. >> i can't. >> yeah, you want some of the other state ins indiana- nightmare on elm street. >> kentucky the exorcist, michigan 28 days later. >> i don't even know what that is. >> scary stuff. >> are we seen don't think so. let us know your responses. holly is looking as well. >> i don't want to -- >> oh, okay. >> okay. >> do you like scary movies. >> i do. the shining, great movie. >> here is jonny. >> here is matt coming up. more store that aren before are trying to entice bowers refurbished products but as matt granite shows us, you need to choose that so-called sale
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it comes to refurbished, ask yourself how in times might the person before you have droped it item. cameras, bad purchase, smart phone, we drop it 3 to 5 times a day, bad refurbishing including tablet, this overpriced brand, am recertified come with a brands new warranty, and all of the other features that would otherwise make something new, a brand new battery. they amount come with casing that really gets rid of tall scratches prior to use, gaming and dvds that example with that play back guarantee will cut your cost up to 80%. that's phenomenal also if you are shopping for vitamix, you get same warranty and a way to afford something that would otherwise be prohibitly expensive. when you are not buying it keep in mind that in of the cleaning agents spell huge savoring, if you travel that refurbished
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refurbished buys and whatnot to buy, on web site is where you will find when you need. back to you. great advice. >> nothing ever scary about matt granite. >> no, no i just tweeted out to all of you at home, what's the scariest movie you have ever seen and sean tweets back the exorcist. >> my husband forces me to watch them sometimes because he likes them, silence of the lam. >> that's good. >> i slept with the lights on after that. >> true story. >> yeah. like two ye >> halloween, michael highers watch that in the dark sometime. that's a little scary. >> i get so much anxiety watching these things. can we just stick to sponge bob. >> your bus stop forecast around 50-degree, kids it is dry morning for the most part if you are east maybe a few sprinkles but most of us are not needing umbrellas today. it is going to get brighter. of course the sun is not up yet but we have a lot of cloud
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the way. if you want to hit a pumpkin patch tomorrow you are not even going to need jackets for your pictures and it is a beautiful time to take fall pictures with all the color and stuff across northeast ohio. we go from overcast so some sun to a lot of sun later today and it will be seasonal. it is great for football tonight and we have baseball to talk about. here are the showers fading fast as we speak. we will sow you th weather toward chicago. it is just fine a bit breezy, they're used to it that way. as we take a look at the forecast for game three, temperatures are going to hold in the 60s through the entire game. that's not just a first pitch. it is going to be extremely mild. rain chances tomorrow, and 60s and then we have got 50s. cooler as front pushes through on sunday but that's more seasonal for game no. 5. back here at home, if you are going to watch party at progressive field, we will
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considering temperatures steady in the 50s through the entire game here in cleveland. >> as you watch from progressive field with partly cloudy sky, so it is going be dry. this is a plan for today as we track on future view if you are getting breakfast on the table, let me tell you by afternoon time, we will see sun, 3:00, 3:30 today it is looking really nice. this is probably when you are getting the kids from school, and as you are heading out to football tonight, skies clear partly cloudy, you coat, no, it is more like wet shirt weter and stuff like that, typical for this time of year. >> and then, the warm up for your weather nation 7-day forecast, we are talking about 73 tomorrow, partly sunny and breezy, scattered rain on sunday, and temperatures are in the 60s. halloween is monday. weather is still looking good. 60 is the high. trick or treat weather, it will be in the 50s and then we warm back up into the 70s on tuesday, and 60s for the middle of next week.
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stretch. i mean still trending very mild. >> looking good. >> all right. thank you, holly. it is time now for the biggest winners and biggest losers today in sports and rarely does my biggest loser come with a disclaimer. this is where i must tell you this video may be tough for some of you to watch. it involves blood and teeth. some of you may want to look away, okay. >> here we go. >> watch this hard shot in tampa goalie ben bishop takes the mask is supposed to protect the goally from everything but it show that is bishop lost two teeth. we don't normally see that with a goalie. they usually the best teeth on the team, but somehow the puck got him in the mouth, and now bishop is about to make $10 from the tooth fairy. he's tough. after he they looked at him, he stayed in the game and his lightning won it the biggest
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come on you are built to protect that face. you let him down. >> the biggest winners a football team that wears orange. >> this is the -- eighth grade foot football team. they finished an undefeated season. congratulates to the whole team and head coach michael and my thanks to shannon for sending in the game. she's the proud mom of no. 65 who plays center. >> good looking team. great season there. >> $10 for the >> $5 per tooth, isn't that going rate. >> one year the tooth fairy did not have change and so it ruined my kids forever. >> all right. >> a hundred dollar bill. >> a check. >> let's just not go there. let's check in with -- literally on the move. >> . >> -- greg literally on the move. >> reporter: i am running through downtown cleveland this morning, we're making our way
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out there this morning. join me. okay, greg. and weather out your window, nora jean and jeff sent this photo in, we're calling it miles from the duck. this is over my good time three and we thank you so much for the beautiful view, gang. keep them coming. 6:20, we have got all kindsover things to talk about. world series forecast, weekend weather, halloween, trick or treat and all of those good things.
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6:23. cavs fans you can get one of your own cavs championship rings sort of. the team shop in kay jewelers selling replicas designed fbi same company that made the real
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from 300 to $12,000. the bringed out ring features over 3-carats in diamonds. i am holding out until they start selling the larry o'brien. weather on the run, we're going to be in the 70s this weekend. that's the perfect time to check out downtown cleveland on foot. >> he ran up east ninth street to lakeside avenue and now he's at public square on his way to pr >> hey there, guys, we're running all around downtown this morning, i mean take a look at the view behind me. it doesn't get any better than this. you have got the fountain and all kinds of activities. if you are heading downtown it doesn't feel that bad. let's take a weather reading here. i have got the weather app here, with my wind-o-meter. we were at the lake earlier, we were seeing winds of up to 10 miles per hour, for all the runners downtown notice the wind speeds are much lower
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you are really looking at a 2 or 3 miles per hour wind at some time, it is actually even calm. take a look at the forecast for runner, temperatures in the 40s this morning, northwest winds at 5 to 15. 15 near the lake, 5 away from water and if you are out there, i'm a little overdressed because we're doing standing in between the runs but a single layer and i know the hard corp. runners you probably just need shorts today. you will warm up really quickly on the run. it doesn't feel that bad the weekend it will look even better. i have got to keep running. we are going to run toward progressive field and finish there too do a little loop around downtown. guy, i will send it back to you. there he go. >> of course he has a wind-o- meter on his phone. >> most people run with a bottle of water. >> next week he runs with a -- >> how are you, holly. >> it is like -- he doesn't even lose his breath. he's a runner for sure and we
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we are going to see brighter skies this afternoon, as we gradually clear out. quite a bit of overcast this morning on the travel map, most of the rain has moved well to east. we have a few leftover sprinkle chances far east. >> forecast highs though, impressive. if you look to the west, to see what's coming our way. a lot of 70s showing up and i think we are going to end up really warm, as weigert into especially the first part of the -- as we get into especialir weekend. we will talk football weather for this evening and of course halloween coming up. maybe you are heading to the watch party at progressive field this evening, we will let you know what to expect there too. it is 6:26.
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. >> good morning. it is 6:30. welcome back. >> we have forecast coming up in just a minute. wa weekend. it is definitely worth a look put first as you wake up here is say look at what we're following the indians of course are in chicago for game three of the world series. they had a work out last night at wrigley field trying to mimic the conditions of what they will see tonight. series tied one game a piece. they're 3-1 on the road this post season. we will check in with tiffany with how fans can get the world series, see the world series tonight at the watch party at
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school will be black in class today one day after carbon monoxides was detected in building. some students were already inside the building before the alarm sounded yesterday morning but they were escorted after the campus to middle school. at this time it is not clear where the carbon monoxides was coming from. halloween is a time of year for all things spooky. the former doctors hospital in -- is off limits but we were able to get a tour. hospital shut down back in 2008 after being open more an stories of hauntings including a doctor who returned after his death to help in a delivery room and a former patient room that was so scary it was boarded up they're not allowing visitors in but you can take a -- if you get in you may not get out. >> don't say that. >> .
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>> that's not scary. >> . rumors are correct. we will talk about that for the weekend. today, not so much but seasonal and it will end up sunshine this afternoon, we have got a lot of cloud cover still leftover this morning so it is going be a gradual clearing trend. >> 40s right now, and seasonal with those mid to up every 50s later today. >> we've had a few sprinkles to east, most of those have stayed in but we are not going rule it out especially close to ohio pennsylvania border. as it is going be great weather, partly cloudy skies, breezy, and very mild. in the 60s for this morning through the game. , also in the 60s but very some rain chances, for game five on sunday. commute weather this morning, again, nothing like yesterday. it is 40s and like i said i think mostly cloudy skies,
6:33 am
in the 50s. we will grab the sun glasses. >> greg on the run. >> weather is what we're calling it. >> still making his way through downtown, and he's going be sharing one of his favorite running apps coming up in just minutes. >> weather on run is a very fun new segment that we're starting here today. >> look at him go. you can see him all the ray down east 4th there. there's no problem finding him with th safety, safety. greg is an avid runner. he's always posting about his runs on instragram and facebook and things like hawaii we will check in with him, i just checked everything on the traffic and there's not a thing going on, literally. it is free flowing, 271, 77, 480, everybody is looking just fine. there's not one accident to report this morning, either, but you know, we're always talking. bill and myself, on wtam.
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check in with our partners on the radio. you will hear my forecast and the traffic literally every ten minutes. john and lena. and while the tribe is chasing a championship in chicago, you can watch game three at progressive field right here in cleveland. >> tiffany joins us live from outside the ball park with all the details and tiffany >> they are, john and lena: -u get those tickets on the indians web site, not only for today's game but of course the at once weekend as well. saturday and sunday, if you remember when the indians were in the alcs they won, there were fans cheering outside of progressive field. so this weekend, you are going see some fans inside, watching the game on the big screen. really just a way for fans to get together and celebrate the world series.
6:35 am
the club lounge, food is included with the $24 tickets and you can only get four at that time. so, four with each order that you have. it is open seating so you probably want to get there early, if you want to get a good seat in front of the screen, and you need to print your tickets before you go. but, you know we talk about the watch party that is happening here at progressive field, but lena, a lot of people are going be watching the games anywhere, maybe the bar, at home, things like that. but coming up this morning, 6:40 we're going live to chicago. for latest tribe coverage, head to we have all the watch party information there for you: we also have live game updates during tonight's game. john. all right. 6:35. topping your morning news feed. more than a hundred people have been arrested in north dakota as thousand forties try to remove protesters from private property with the dakota pipeline is being built.
6:36 am
face bean bag bun guns and pepper spray near one construction site in central north dakota. they say the pipeline could contaminate water and disturb the burial grounds of the standing rock sioux tribe. the fight has been going on for month. >> new controversy over the secret service pay with the upcoming election, agents are extremely busy and we're learning in of them are not getting paid for all that overtime because their salarys are maximummed out at agents are currently protecting 26 people, the current president, candidates and their families. four former presidents, and some other top officials. congress says that they're working on this. and wal-mart wants to make your holiday shopping more fun so they have a plan at that bring in more holiday helpers to help find products and get through the check out faster. they will be holding a live demonstration of products so you can see how the toys work.
6:37 am
take a picture of your shopping trip and post it on social media because nothing says christmas shopping like a selfie. . >> you have got be kidding me. >> that's funny. >> somebody is going to get a battle in the background looking for that one day. 6:37. still -- still a lot to come. >> let's check in on today's ways to save. >> i am going stop your tech and smart phone from making you sick. it comes down to one spray and a whole lot of saving but first, spray-free forecast. >> you had better believer it. we're getting rid of the showers really fast too. i mean what's happened to east is already fading and we will talk sunshine later today. we're mr.40s as you wake up, 50s for highs which is seasonal. 58 normal high. we will hit 56 or so. what about the weekend? wait until you see warm up that we have been talking about. you won't believe it. you really won't believe it.
6:38 am
>> i know. >> all right, holly. we will take you back live to wrigley field where the cubs are hosting the first world series in 71 years against your
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>> a series between the indians and cubs. >> at wrigley field and jay gray is reporting live from wrigley field good morning. >> >> reporter: good morning. a lot of fans up before the sun, and out here enjoying themselves, and yeah, we have seen some indians fans as well. it should be just a tremendous day here. tens of thousands, not only filling wrigley field but spilling out into the seats. it is going to be a lot of fun here in chicago. tickets to game, if you are planning oncoming over and watching this weekend, bring your wallet, bring your checkbook.
6:42 am
for thousands online by sunday, game fiver, those who watch this could be the highest price scalp tickets in u.s. sports history. so a lot of interest around what's going on with the indians and the cubs. we were inside wrigley field yesterday for the batting practice, doing some light fielding and saw some of the indians players as they made ware way out, very loose, very light, very ready for game tonight. they say they're te townover getting. right now it should be a loot of fun and it should be a fun but tense weekend. >> yeah, guy. >> jay i have to ask. we're very confident here those cubs fans, are they confident or are they really nervous? >> i would say that there's a confidence that may be brought on at times by some adult beverages, perhaps. >> oh, oh. >> they seem pretty fired up. >> all right. >> you know what?
6:43 am
start to have world series. we know national narrative tbias and favor of chicago. we expect some cleveland right here. just saying. >> jay goes where he's told. don't bring him into it. he has a nbc boss that says you're not going cleveland but you are going to chicago. >> love you. thank, jay. >> thank you. thank. >> see you in the indians hat later. >> all right. >> 6:43. let's talk ways to . ways to save yourself from the flu e coli, listeria and all of those disgusting germs on your tech including your smart phone. >> today it comes down to the most amazing finger-print removing nontoxic safe -- before i kill the deal i texted casey. >> you can see this fingerprint spot right here and all it took was one spray.
6:44 am
>> on the iphone 6 plus or if you have the new i foreign 7, again, just a quick easy, look at that. not disgusting. >> you can see back of the lap top right here and all of these disgusting grease stains and just with one wipe,. >> now the wash web site where this is indicated said you can use this on an old man's bald head. look at that. nice streak. wrong way. nice little streak-free cleaning right here, germ-free. ai ever you want. >> yep. it is that gentle and to make sure that everything you touch does not end up on your smart phone, it even works from you kids in your household tsafest most effective way to get rid of the germs and fingerprint, two big bottles of this particular cleaner with two cloths, free shipping. >> service to rest of our community. these are savings you may want to take advantage of.
6:45 am
which is can you just use a hand sanitizer wipe. that can void your warranty by removing things -- forget that question. i want to know whose bald head that was. >> that belongs to very handsome chef banks. we were testing another deal and i said you have that head i juan to try this on. >> this height be the strangest segment you have ever done. >> i get that a lot. >> thank you, matt. >> all right. here is holly. not only are we talking about the weekend, i forecast too. >> yes and scary movies. -- movies. i posted a tweet and a scary picture of myself. final destination, halloween, wizard of oz, evil dead and leprechaun, movie that is scare you. let's look at the bus stop forecast, keep the movies coming in, maybe a lot of it get some ideas for watching scary movies this weekend to get you in halloween mood.
6:46 am
mainly dry, mainly being the inkey word because to east we still have a few sprays, gradual clearing, we been talking about this warm up, wait until you see it, it is impressive and today's weather will become impressive as we go from overcast to gradual clearing to eventually a loft sunshine, and in the 50s. it will end up seasonal. you can see the showers already fading pretty fast. zooming out let's go to chicago because that's where we playing baseball tonight. or series game 3. it is breezy but dry, partly cloudy skies, and i will tell you what, temperatures are really mild through the entire game. we are forking low to even mid 60s, rain chances for game four tomorrow, in chicago by game five we're more reasonable with 50s, but staying dry. if you are going to watch party at progressive field, partly cloudy skies, temperature also be in the 50s, and steady, we're also going to remain pretty mild as we head through
6:47 am
let's look at the window nation, 7-day forecast. it is exciting. we have got the weekend leading up to halloween, maybe a lot of halloween parties and fun happening, 73 breezy partly sunny for tomorrow, we will be in the 60s with scattered showers on sunday. that's still nice and mild for this time of year. then halloween is monday, 60 for high, by trick or treat we will be in the 50s. it will be dry. we warm back into the 70s by tuesday again. >> wow. >> all right. so we doing this was a fun picture, john. >> i love. thanks to candace for sending a photo. this is her kitten jonny who likes to watch johns take. >> now, again, i don't know if jonny agrees with john's take but that's okay. the point is to start the discussion but i love that. >> thank you, candace for sending in that photo and let me know if jonny disagrees or agrees. >> we are doing weather on run this morning. it has been tough tore drive or
6:48 am
the city on foot. >> he's on the run from north coast harbor to progressive field to show us one of his favorite running apps. where are you now, greg? >> reporter: we made out the sports central in chief lands. i'm at progressive field, of course we're watching the field for indians while they're win ago way. while i'm running here i wanted to tell you about one of my favorite running apps and i know there are so in out there. this is maybe look at. it is best one i have tested and i have tested quite a few. greek fix is ton road today. it is called runnetsic. there are two versions, one is free and one is $10 a year. i did opt to pay because i use it'd so much and you get extra bonus features with this app as well. so first of all it of course tracks your activities but it is not just running, it is walking, cycle, aerobic, baseball, basketball any physical exertion, this thing
6:49 am
calorie, duration, pace, and while you are doing that activity, it is giving you information in your ear. you can do a basic work out. you can set goals or intervals and go by distance, duration, distance and duration or maybe you want to burn a certain amount of calories you can do that to and the app will tell you when it is done. my favorite is the travel feature, where ever you are, you top app and it givers you distances and tracks to run saved by other use, and stories while yo you actually get immerseed into a narrative, your run becomes a story. for those of you that get board web you run long distances this is the perfect app to download. it is runnetsic app, free and premium version, ios and android. i love it. if you are running downtown or anywhere in northeast ohio, it is a great app to have. if you have a track or a course that you want me to run, maybe your favorite route, send it to me, at greg on twitter and instragram.
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great idea. thank you so much, greg. all the information you need to know before you head out the door in morning rush. let's check in with tiffany right now. >> if you plan to run to world series watch party here at progressive field, coming tup one thing you need to do to be able to get through those gates
6:51 am
6:52 am
. >> game three, it is part of
6:53 am
next two as well. you don't have to pay hundreds of dollars for a seat, just $5 or $24 if you want that club option with food. it is open seating and according to the indians web site, proceed also benefit cleveland indians and major league baseball charities. gates open an hour before the first pitch and you can only have four tickets per order hawaii one thing you need to know to get through these gates, print the tickets at home. all righ good reminder there with a budget issue, the new president of the board of education has resigned. the district announced last evening that it was searching for a replacement for lynn. she replaced former president kathleen, who resign during a contemptuous meeting in early october. >> district says it is looking for someone to serve the remainder of the presidents term which expires at the end of next year. new york's airport is back open this morning after
6:54 am
candidate, mike pence's plane skidded after the runway. emergency crews rushed to scene. no one was injured the plane was moved back on to the tarmac. the airport was closed for a short time the governor was traveling to new york for an evening fund raiser at trump tower, which he had to cancel. former president bill clinton will campaign for his wife in cleveland and columbus tomorrow. he's urging ohio to have -- holly. we're checking out e 28th already, and we're forecasting highs in the mid 50s. we're also forecasting sunshine, especially by this afternoon. and i think even peak peeks of hit morning. it is a lot of overcast sky, taking a look at this weekend, we are going to warm it up. >> rip out the short sleeves, i mean for that matter, shorts and flip flops. low 70s tomorrow, breezy, partly sunny skies, we're tracking some rain for sunday but still in the 60s.
6:55 am
will be in the 50s. >> there will be some tricks and treats happening on this show on monday. >> giving you a heads up. >> matt, what have you got planned. >> halloween freebies. follow me on social media you will see that on social media or twitter. along with cody getting terrorizeed in a haunted house if you missed it'd yesterday. monday, drone deals as we don't to bring you every door buster a month before black friday. >> dro jokessingly am ready for this. >> i am not. >> i can't believe those cubs fans sent one. >> right. >> can you imagine that. >> protect those. >> thank you. . >> all right. we will see you throughout the morning on the today show, make sure you have a great week -- weekend. >> go tribe. >> thank you for watching channel 3 new, take channel 3 news and weather with you where ever you go. text wkyc to download the free
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the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here
6:59 am
these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look. whoa. ted strickland. love this man. he's the son of a steelworker. he's the first in his family to go to college. he's a minister and a public servant. so when he was in congress, he fought to pass the children's health insurance program. as governor, he froze public college tuition. and even though he took office as your governor about a year before the recession hit,
7:00 am
i'm ted strickland and i approve this message. good morning, breaking overnight, a frightening moment at new york laguardia airport, the campaign plane carrying mike pence skids off the runway during heavy rain. >> remain seated investigation is underway. this morning, governor pence, joins us live. looking ahead, nbc confirming hillary clinton has vice-president joe biden on her short list for secretary of state, if she wins. donald trump hitting clinton for her time in that position. >> hillary clinton put the office of secretary of state up for sale, and if she got the chance, she would put the oval office up for sale.


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