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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  November 19, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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coming up today a brush fire rips through one the local metro parks. new information on how many fire crews it took teapot it out another protest in downtown cleveland over the presidential election. why demonstrators say these rallies aren't disruptive. >> and artists are transfming one of cleveland's up and coming foods. live to the creative fusion spectacular. 5:00 a.m. and oh, my goodness are we in for it. weatherwise.
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if you're one of those who really enjoyed yesterday, you're going to want to hit rewind on your life. because michael's here track it. he was updating me just as we were headed into the show. this is going to be an unbelievable difference in such a short amount of time. mansfield literally within the past three hours went from 61-41 degrees. that was within three hours. we are expecting to not get more cold, but also more windy then, of course, the rain moves in. the rain, then transitions to a mix, eventually to a snow. look at the temperatures right now. 64 is where we were at. 41 where we're currently at. much colder air racing into northeast ohio. 49degrees right now. we will easily fall into the 30s later on this afternoon. look at the wind right along the lake by the way. sustained at 30, gusting to
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with it, as well. if you're waking up with us this morning back towards places like eastern ottawa county, over towards huron, mansfield already seeing the rainfall and even here in cleveland a couple rain drops. this is going to continue through say part of the morning. i think that we will see a couple of breaks in between. so mansfield heads up on that. grab the umbrella. forecast for today temperatures falling quick and in 41degrees in downtown by 9:00 a.m. by noon temperatures in the 30s and lake effect snow begins to kick in more so after sunset tonight. we'll, of course, update you on how much snowfall we'll pick up by tomorrow at this time coming up in just a couple minutes. that's going to be something that we'll be following not only through today and tomorrow, too. >> absolutely. well, we want to get you caught up on overnight news.
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crews from eight different departments battled a fire at the rheasishization in hinckley reservation. the wind appears to be fueling the flames. the fire reached 25 acres no. word yet on how the fire spread or how it started. next is a powerful reminder of the heroin epidemic in our area. a video showing live on facebook of two men overdosing on heroin is difficult to watch but a greg problem. channel3's alyssa raymond spoke with his family and has their reaction. >> reporter: this facebook live makes the hair on your arms stand up and gives you goosebumps. >> what did you take? >> heroin. we need to know so we can save his life. what did you take? >> reporter: it captures reality. two men overdosing on heroin. the one lying on the ground is michael williams. >> i never expected it was
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using heroin four months ago. before that he drank a lot and took pain pills. but when he lost his job, he turned to something cheaper. >> it's harder to get help than it is to go back on the street and get high. >> reporter: he wants help now. >> right away, yeah. if i can get the help right now i'll definitely go. i need it. i want it. >> reporter: his older sister amber wants it for him. >> we want the sober michael back. >> reporter: he now gets that se amber hopes users all over the world sees this video. her family thanking man who recorded the 11 and a half minute facebook live. >> i have never seen it in person. i heard about all the ods. but like seeing that, my fur- year-old son had to see it. he like dad is he asleep? i'm like yeah. so it was hard. >> reporter: as you can imagine it was hard for williams and his family to watch, too.
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wakeup call. >> it needs to stay up. i'm hoping it travels all over the country so people all over using can see what can happen to them. >> it only took a little bit. >> reporter: alyssa raymond channel 3 news. two people were taken to the hospital last night after being hit by a car while walking along broad view road. police are still trying to figure out the details as of this morning we don't their conditions. we're going to get information as it becomes available. police are searching for suspects in a string of car jackings on the west side. they started on october 29 and continued through thursday. seven happened yesterday alone. lakewood, brooklyn, brooklyn heights, new burk heights and cuyahoga heights are all affected. >> police shared this image from an incident on thursday night. protesters gathered last night at public square and
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president-elect donald trump. channel3's hilary golston was there. >> reporter: very disruptive is that the goal? >> i think if you sit by silently nothing will change. sometimes you have to raise your voice to get anything done. >> reporter: the things they want to get done their perspective. no banning,. >> reporter: steve his top advisor. >> reporter: love froms hate. >> he is a hateful man. honor the vote. donald i had an abortion how long should i be in jail. that sign written by this woman. >> what kind of punishment are we talking about since i believe that it's already really hard for women to access abortion procedures in ohio and increasingly across the country. >> reporter: about 400 protesters made their way from
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state's campus. and back. >> he's scapegoat minorities. >> the most vulnerable in our society. so he can get power. >> reporter: many different people, different perspectives. >> this is my first protest ever. s i'm just -- this is, you know, it reaches people in a different way. we're here to check the people that are showing hate. >> reporter: hilary golston channel 3 news. new developments in rebate scandal involving brown's owner jimmy action lan. he will be questioned in a deposition next month. >> pilot has paid 8 5 million- resolve suits alleging that the company cheated trucking customers out of fuel rebates. 10 former employees have taken plea deals in the can dal and 8 others are still awaiting trial on fraud charges. hasham has not been charged with a crime and says he did
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second largest craft brewery is relocating and expanding. we're going to tell you the plan to serve one of the thirst request states. >> hoverboards are a hot item. not talk about explosions. last year's sale culled be making a safer come back.
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for months local and international artists have been working to transform a part of cleveland. today you can celebrate that change. tiffany tarpley joins us live. tiffany they've given blank walls new life so exciting to see this. >> reporter: it definitely is. not only that but they've turned things up side done a little bit here. i couldn't wait to say that this morning. we are here on west 29th street.
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gordon square and talk a little bit about this. this is ashley with the ohio city incorporated. this is creative fusion. >> what is that? >> creative fusion is an international residency program founded by the cleveland foundation launched in 2008. this year we are hosting in ohio city six international artists and 10 local artists. a collaboration among the arts in the neighborhood. >> reporter: what crew looking at a differt i'm here with the artist. you're from vienna here in cleveland. welcome. you've been here for three months. tell me about your inspiration. >> yeah, hi. i'm very happy to be here in cleveland because for me, normally it's super complicated to do such big installation. it was just like well, let's think big. wow, he's like different. of course, mobility in the u.s.
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irritate people. so this is seen by people who are interested in art, that's a big point like the murals, as well. yeah, i work with mobile structures for 10 years now. that's a big thing. >> reporter: so you like to irritate people i. know when i turned the corner i was like what's going on here? what do you think about cleveland. >> i think it's something in europe we dent know what's going on. i was treated soup ser friendly. the work was super professional and also we had big fun. like great. i just live two blocks. so what can better happen? >> reporter: he's going to be coming back with his wife. >> i hope to. >> reporter: to so much. this is just a little bit of what we're going to see this morning. >> s cool. all right, thanks tiff zany last year's holiday hit could make a comeback but will they be safer? hoverboards may seem so last year. especially many were recalled following reports of fires and
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>> but electric powered skate boards could potentially be a hillary day hit again. both wall part and target have included hoverboards in the thanksgiving night door buster black friday deals with discounts more than $100 off. matt granite will wilmington have everything you need for black friday shopping. d you of or hate gift cards for christmas? according to a new study just 27% of americans prefer to receive gift cards, yet half of americansu cards. something your gift card might have this year. the use of a personal identification number. 67% now have that option available. well, it's a $12 million investment in the greater cleveland beer theme. pat heads brewery announced a major expansion in middleburg heights that will create dozens
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company's brewing capacity. carly morgan gives you a look. >> reporter: the city of middleburg heights and fat heads are continuing their partnership as they commit to a state of the art beer drinking destination off interstate 71. it's hard to find a seat at fat heads in north elm said. the craft beer industry is crowded field. they've managed to flewish. >> we need to build a bigger facility. >> reporter: matt is a master brewer. he's excited about central brewery they'll increase annual brewing capacity from 30,000 to 60,000 barrels. >> it's a yet opportunity for us to basically get our beer to more people. >> beer being brewed as well as the tanks, stainless steel from germany. >> reporter: these art first renderings for the project. outside drivers will get a good look at the 125,000 square foot building from i-71.
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baggily road. they plan to place the 250 seat dining hall and bar in the center of the main brewery. down a corridor visitors will see brewing kegging, making middleburg heights a craft beer destination. >> this is big for middleburg heights as well as greater cleveland. we've seen cleveland make a comeback. the part of that comeback in cleveland is what's happening in the suburbs. >> reporter: the expansion will also create bigger. that makes it pretty exciting. >> reporter: right now fat heads bruise most other beer at a facility on sheldon road in middleburg heights. >> that building will close when the new one opens. that's set to happen in late 2017 or early 2018. just ahead, facebook is launching a new tool to help you navigate disasters and crises. >> also, dangerous grains.
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>> but first, oh, those temperatures. the drastic temperatures, might be making us sick next week. >> you better believe it. here's what it looks like. a big polar plunge in temperatures we went from the 60s to 40s in just a few hours with rain on the way. we'll time out not only when the rain get here but when it all transitions to snowfall.
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welcome want facebook just made it a lot easier for users to find and in give help in the wake of crises and disasters. they created community help a new tool tied to the safety check feature that lets users ask for and offer help after marking themselves safe in a crisis. facebook will lead you to a page that shows others' safety statuses, as well as posts
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it will officially launch in january 2017. more from facebook ceo mark zuckerberg says the social media site will start eliminating fake news. they say fake stories about the election were being posted on facebook and that impacted the results. but he says that's extremely unlikely and have begun to work to get rid of hoaxes and fake articles. it will take time to roll out to the 1.7 billion subscribers. >> what i was hoping was or a rumor was these cold temperatures. >> so just s everybody knows, when i was leaving i live west. when i was leaving i was prepared for colder air and it wasn't there yet. >> nope. >> but is it there by new? >> it is rolling in quick and in a hurry. >> you know, two hours ago. >> exactly. that's the thing, the temperature drop asked here. temperature plummet will be remarkable. literally 20 degrees in a
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be unheard of this morning. it's the rain showers that we'll track for you through the morning a little lull in the activity during the afternoon to get out and get things done. >> then it begins to mix up in the atmosphere. and then the lake effect snow machine kicks in. temperatures right now 60s back towards akron and canton. lower 60s in dover. mansfield 40 degrees right now. winds out there also going to be a hight gusting up to near 40 miles per hour. i think that we exceed that 40 mile per hour threshold around midnight. so a very cold and windy night ahead of us. here's where that rainfall is for you this morning. we'll take you into cuyahoga county right now it's just lighter rain we're seeing back there t. further towards the west from sandusky and cedar point. mansfield all feeling the effect of light to moderate
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you're traveling along 71 that's also where we're seeing rain. so where is it headed? i think it moves to downtown cleveland right around 5:50 this morning. kent around 6:30. akron 6:18 when we're expecting that light to moderate rain to move into your neck of the woods. let's time it out. keep in mind that i think this all stays in the form of rain despite what the future view is showing here. so even through 10:00 a.m. i think it's rain on the east here's the lull in activity around noon. dubuque 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. by that exhibit we may see a little mix. notice the rain mixing with not only snow showers in there but perhaps even what we call grauple, as well. before everything tran sixes to all lake effect snow after sunset. what i want to bring to your attention is this sliver right here of that lavender color. see that?
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michigan. we'll talk about why that's important in a second. east of cleveland, though, here's what we're tracking the lake effect snow showers through midnight tonight. through tomorrow morning. and through the wee early part of tomorrow afternoon. that, of course, leaderring to an accumulating snowfall. sop remember that little sliver suv snow off lake michigan? i think that we'll see a coating of snowfall from that. and then towards our primary b we'll see anywhere between three and perhaps even upwards of 6 inches in some spots. so southern end of lake county in towards geauga county, ashtabula county. even here in southern cuyahoga county, up to an inch to 4 inches of snow possible. window nation 7 day, we're in the 30s this afternoon. around the 3:00 p.m. hour. that's what that 37 means for
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monday. and then maureen as we had towards thanksgiving i think that temperatures right around 50 with more rain thank goodness. so traveling around the holidays, shouldn't be bad. could be a little rainy but we went be dealing with snowfall by that point. >> a lot of people drive. they drive from house to house. or whether it's 5 minutes or 30, or an hour or whatever. >> out of town i know i'll be heading up to michigan facebook a few. >> got to go see your family. >> exactly. >> i'm not kidding i il because i was like i have to do it today or else. >> see you in april at the earliest. >> exactly just brace for the cold weather. >> thanks for keeping an eye on it. cancer could soon become the leading cause of death in the united states. heart disease u currently at theton of that list with cancer second. >> the risk of the average person dying from heart disease has been declining faster than
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much the cause of the decline. bag salads or mixed greens are easy to use but a new study found they could d more harm than good. researches found the bags contain moisture and nutrients to greater cleveland bacteria but they're not recommending that you toss it out. the best way to avoid food poisoning is eat the greens the same day that you buy them. and avoid bags with mush leaves. after the break, the vi president elect marches on to broadway when he's met with both boos and here's. a cast member delivered a message to the incoming administration. we'll show you. >> also a baby is saved thanks to an older brother who sprang
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just fifteen minutes and a little imagination are all you need to make thanksgiving magic. chex party mix. it's what thanksgiving is made of. ? sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside.
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welcome back. it's just about 5:30. we are tracking a snowy forecast for you. very cold. >> not starting out soup ser cold. michael will be here with the forecast in just a second. >> but we want to get you caught up with the big three stories other morning. overnight, fire crews from eight different departments battled the brush fire hinckley reservation. hinckley police posted these photos on their social media page. take a look. wind appears to be fueling the flames. fire reached 25 acres. no word yet on how it started. vice president-elect mike pence attended the broadway hit hamilton on friday night. as you can hear some audience members booed. others cheered as pence entered the theater t. afterle cure in call after brandon victor dixon who plays the nation's third vice president thanked pence
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however he had a strong message for the vp elect telling him that the multi-racial and multi- cultural cast is worried about the donald trump administration. pence left the theater before dixon finished his message. you have to just look at your tv, take a look at this video. a baby is saved thanks to the quick thinking actions of his brother. the mom left her 11-month-old son on the changing table for just a moment. then the tiny boy rolled over. that's when sprang into action. check that out catching his brother just in the nick of time. we're going to play that again. just in case you didn't see it. she says it happened last month. she was too embarrassed to post the video. now she says it's a miracle and wants to spread positively. she's the mother of five children and was in the middle of getting three ready for bed when it happened. >> maybe he was like super man for halloween and he just had
5:32 am
brother he almost fell off the table. >> they always talk about moms or dads have that instinct and you all of a sudden have superhuman strength. fact that a 9-year-old boy went and did that is phenomenal. >> that is the type of older brother that you want. >> babies are so fast, too. and they manage to find trouble. >> wow. >> i speak from experience. >> listen, i hear you. speaking about trouble, by the way, if folks are thinking about today. >> who would dotted that? i've seen people, i know. >> you'd be surprised. >> i think you're crazy today. >> i'd agree especially with waves between 7 to 10 feet. it's one of the reasons why the national weather service issued a gale warning. wind over 30 miles per hour. and the temperatures taking a nose dive. we started this morning in downtown in the 60s. maureen we were talk about this
5:33 am
so grab the jacket and we will be free falling into the 30s later on this afternoon. so it's that, it is the winds gusting over 30 mile per hour, it is the rain that we're tracking for you right now. if you're waking up with us in sandusky, lorain, down towards mansfield up 71. all of that rain begins to then transition to a snow after sunset tonight. we'll talk about how much accumulation you could be waki tomorrow morning. coming up in just a couple minutes. you told me how many inches some areas could expect when they wake up in the morning. >> yes, it is -- >> how was i wearing a t-shirt parents record shattering 74 significant in some sports possible remarkable. so we'll talk about just how much some folks could pick up.
5:34 am
colds next week. well, a transformation celebration is happening in cleveland. tiffany tarpley joins us live this morning. tiffany, local and international artists are making positive changes to the neighborhood. >> reporter: they definitely are. last half hour we shed you the cars upside down. that art display that's here for 30 days. but there's a lot more throughout the morning that we're going to show you. i'm here, again, with ashley. she's with ohio city incorporated. tell me a little bit about free event for the community. >> so this afternoon we're having a event to celebrate the combination of all the public art that's been put on the street in ohio city. thanks to the fusion program. this afternoon we have three trolley tours from 1:00 to 5:00. the event happens at st. jobs at west 26 and church avenue. they will tour the neighborhood and show off all the public arts sites. give background information.
5:35 am
on, as well. >> yes, so we have a live deejay. food and drink and kids activities. all free, family friendly. there's also the artists will be in town doing interviews. >> reporter: why do you think this is so important not only for this neighborhood but maybe even cleveland as a whole? >> i think it's important for a lot of reasons. i think the biggest thing it's bringing new visitors to the neighborhood. encouraging people to walk around in areas that they there's also some disconnections with physical barriers like the freeway that cut off parts other neighborhood. so we're trying to make more safer and welcoming connections. >> reporter: to so much. so coming up in the next half hour, we're going to take you on that tour and show you a little bit more some of the murals that are actually being drawn or already done right here in ohio city. >> such a great neighborhood, too. tiffany, to so much. still ahead this morning lebron leads the cavaliers past
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faceoff since last year. >> and early behalf deal and
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hi everyone and good morning. great bounce back win for the cavs last night as they take down the pistons and they make up for that loss on wednesday in indiana. and they did it at full strength. lebron james back after resting the other night. the big news, smith back after missing three games with the injured ankle. he was ready to go throwing up darts his first shot. good from 3. his second shot another one from 3. cavs take the lead. he wasn't done. another triple. nine points for jr last night. all cavs on this friday night led by the big three. love strong for two of his 12. another double double. cavs up 17.
5:40 am
hits the 3 from way out. hitting 11 of the 15 shots. he also had 11 assists. no turnovers this one to lebron james at 21 b points. hit 3 combined for 58. cavs win 104 to 81. they don't play until next wednesday hosting portland. two games over the next 8 days and both are at home. speaking of home, that is where the browns are tomorrow. as they host the steelers. boy, pittsburgh has won 10 of the it would be nice if it would become a rivalry, again. really it understands just one sided. the steelers dominate. so the browns will look for kessler to try to get them into the win column for the first time this year. browns zero to 10. the question, how does he respond after getting benched in bought mr.. he's zero to 7 as a starter. he has another shot to improve and getty win on sunday s. kessler not letting what
5:41 am
affect him coming up tomorrow. >> only find somewhere to improve a little bit more. for me it's been more of a motivation this week to make sure i have everything down and ready to go. not thinking about obviously last game. what a game last night. at bedford regional finals: big rivalry st. edwards. patrick an back the other. that makes it 17 to 7. st.ig neigh sus up. touchdown. 73yards to make it 17 to 14. eagles trail with just 18 seconds left before halftime. what a finish. 38 to 31 in overtime and the wildcats move on to the state
5:42 am
olentangy liberty. college basketball cleveland cleveland state a loser last night. kent state a winner.
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most likely somebody on your holiday gift list want a fitness wearable. one of those fitness trackers that i wear all the time. >> if you have $150 go buy a fitbit good for you. i've told you, you could get something that costs $33 has bigger screen and easier charging process, you might be a little bit interested. >> interested. >> can you hold up your beautiful wrist? so everyone see the size of the screen. the screen that i have is larger. how do you charge yours? >> i don't know. there's a -- >> reporter: what if you could take the actual device off and plug it into a usb port. >> that would be a lot easier. >> reporter: the functionality is tied to a very well rated
5:46 am
displays whatever call you're getting on your phone could be an extension of your smart phone. works with apple and android. i love the design and the charging. our intern casey has this demo to share. >> it shows you the time, the date, and also shows you the all of the steps you've taken, how many miles you've travelled and calories you burn. when i'm on the go i can look down at my watch and see what time it is, e also see the text that my phone would be receiving. overall i really enjoyed
5:47 am
[ no audio] get it at >> i was looking at what it does and all of the functions it does everything that i mean does except i have the heart rate monitor. so this does not have the heart rate. >> it does not but because there are some accuracy issues tie today some of those. >> story coming up on monday. >> is it really? >> yeah. >> so that was the main reason this manufacturer didn't want to get invoed get two bands which is also kind of cool. fitbit does not have that. >> interchangeable bands. because i always feel like this doesn't go with the outfit. >> you look fantastic. >> well, thanks. >> for those of you watching, i get to the gym at least once a year. i use this to track my sleep. i don't care about the fitness aspect. i'm not preaching don't care about your body. i care deeply about what my sleep schedule is, how many
5:48 am
find out. >> i look to see how much sleep did i actually get and it's depressing. >> i like that. >> well, that's a good deal, buddy. were do we get it. >> if you want every major door buster early from beats to tv deals everything else, please make sure you're on my deal list. some will not have enough time to show on tv. >> i fell like since i sit next to you. >> i bring it over to your desk. >> there article. >> thanks, matt. to both so much. here's what it looks like. expect a polar plunge. many in the 50s and 60s. however, we are on the way down quick and in a hurry. by 9:00 a.m. most of us in the 40s before late morning temperatures fall into the 30s. here's what happens. rain to start there's a little lull in the activity around say lunchtime. then after lunchtime, i think
5:49 am
before everything transitions to an accumulating snowfall overnight. you can see where that polar plunge in temperatures are taking place. mansfield, sandusky. temperatures in the lower 40s. 48 in downtown that was after 67 degrees just two hours ago. 60s in akron and canton and those winds really beginning to howl. notice that the wind are also accompanying the colder temperatures. wind gusts up to 25 in elyria. 31 in downtown. ashtabula and youngstown winds only at 10 miles per hour. but look what happens during the overnight hours tonight. winds up to 45, perhaps pushing near 50 miles per hour. are expected. it's one of the reasons why a gale warning has been issued for all of lake erie. here's where the rainfall is right now from huron back towards places like new haven, wellton, seeing the
5:50 am
south and rainfall fairly steady. at times even some heavier rain showers towards mansfield all cruising up 71. i think it moves into cleveland just before 6:00 a.m. akron, canton, 6:30. the rain in your neck of the woods. i think that into warren, just after sunrise, so 7:30, 8:00 when we're expecting that in your neck of the woods. >> here's what it looks like. this comes down in the form of rainfall despite what future view is showing. we'll see that little lull in acty to the 3:00 to 4:00 hour. then that lake effect really begins to kick in. and notice what it does. there's a band here, there's also a band east of cleveland. so how much snowfall are we talking about? through tomorrow midday? well, i think that some spots picking up three to 6 inches as you can see towards places like ashtabula and the northern tip there u. auto also any temperatures in the
5:51 am
a huge travel day as you very well know. we'll finally see temperatures around of round the 50 degree reading. a real long story short. cold, it will be windy. we're also tracking the rain that will then e, then transition to the accumulating snowfall. just got to brace for all four seasons today. >> i just -- all right. >> you know? >> i saved everything that i needed to do inside for like today and tomorrow. so we're going to get th and then, of course, you're going to keep us updated we appreciate it. well, precipitation drug prices are they too high? a whistle blower tells us why
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
he's risking his job by talking to us but he says you deserve truth about middlemen behind soaring precipitation drug prices. the investigators delivers the
5:55 am
our exclusive investigation. >> they will price things to make money. and they will gouge because they can. >> reporter: he's a local pharmacist who agreed to talk with us if we kept his i don't concealed. he fears losing his pharmaceutical contracts for blowing the whistle on the way the precipitation drugs are priced. wendy held her breath waiting to hear the new price of her inhaler. we found it's on that has ballooned in price. >> when i left i was nearly in tears. >> reporter: she was paying $7 just to breathe. then her pharmacist broke the news. >> when see said it was $75 i'm like yeah, we're degree to have to put that one back. >> reporter: wendy went home without her meds. doctors say it's not unusual. >> there's actually evidence now that patients are not complying are not taking the prescribed medication, the high
5:56 am
often secret formula with many players working as middlemen. >> every single one of the players in the middle are incentive is ad to have drug prices higher. >> reporter: when you buy health care insurance you likely get what's called a pharmacy benefit manager. it's the pbm that tells your druggist how much to charge. pbms are among america's biggest corporations. three of them, crust health, express scripts and op tom ar fortune 500. >> all accountable to share holders. it's the pb ms that they believe inflate prices. you and i are paying on the back end. >> they have grown into a very aggressive and frightening industry. >> reporter: many hands touch our scripts before the pharmacist hands you that white paper bag. along the way, everyone takes their cut. some more than others.
5:57 am
wild west in health care. >> reporter: let's break down the pricing maze using the epipen. the life saying drug has shot up in price 400% to $600. according to the drug maker it costs $2,000,275 tour manufacture. the-- $275 to manufacture. it on to the pharmacist who gets about $20. what's left is roughly $280. >> the pbm, yes. >> critics argue that they have too much influence on prices and too much reliance on profits. they collect rebates from manufacturers and they pull the money from pharmacies in a scheme calmed a claw back. on occasion, pharmacies actually lose mondayy filling a precipitation because of pbm pricing. >> nobody knows where the money goes. it's an arbitrary number. nobody has explained. >> reporter: make no mistake drug companies can average
5:58 am
best possible deal at the pharmacy. you can find help on our investigations page at i'm the investigator tom meyer. by new i'm sure, you know,
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you said you wanted to feel better about your cereal. general mills big g cereals hear you. that's why we say "yes" to whole grains as our first ingredient. and "no way" to high fructose corn syrup. ? in every honey nut "o". every lucky charms spoonful. and every cinnamon toast crunch square. ?


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