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tv   Channel 3 News Saturday  NBC  November 19, 2016 8:30am-9:30am EST

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in northeast ohio we are talking weather. bringing new life to ohio city. the celebration happening in this neighborhood today. channel 3 news today starts rising now. all right, it's the big story of the weekend. we are seeing the wintry mix move in. all of you have been asking when will the snow hit the. micheal has been tracking it. >>reporter: a lot of us were tracking the rainfall and the wind out their as well.
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and then overnight we'll see the lake effect build-up. we have bottomed out. temperatures are in the 40s and 30s. the wind on top of everything else is picking up a whole lot too. through the afternoon and this evening we can see wind gusts over 40 to 50 miles per towards places like richland, ashland county. medina you will have a mix as well. we are tracking a cold rainbow. it's mixing with the snow. that will continue through late morning before we see the back end of this system began to clear.
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lunchtime. around sunset we'll pick up our lake-effect snow machine. when it starts snowing we'll measure it in several inches by the time everything is said and done. we will break down not only on the timing but the amount of snowfall. it's crazy to think about a lot of us won't get out of the 30s. of course the snowfall on the way. all four seasons in 48 hours. >> yesterday i had to take my coat off because it was too warm know i have to find my
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you can see how the wind was fueling the flame. we have no word on how started. next is a powerful reminder of the heroin epidemic. the video on facebook shows two men overdosing on heroin. it's hard to watch. we spoke to the victim and his family and have their reaction. >>reporter: this facebook live makes stand-up and gives you goose bumps. >> what did you take? heroin. we need to know what did you take. >>reporter: the man on the ground is micheal williams. he started using four months ago. when he lost his job he turned
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>> to get drunk on the streets. >> if i could get the help i want the help. >> we want micheal back. >>reporter: he will know get the second chance. amber hopes users see this video so they can get their life too. the family thanked eddy who recorded the 11 and hal >> i never saw it in person. seeing that, my four-year-old son had to see it. my son was asking was he sleep, i was like yeah. it was hard. >>reporter: it was hard for william and his family to watch too. >> it needs to stay up. i hope it travels all over the
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>> it only took a little bit. two people are hospitalized this morning after being hit by a car while walking along broad view road. police are trying to figure out the details. we don't know their conditions. we'll keep you updated. president-elect donald trump will meet with mitt romney today for the sectary of state. in new jersey. they had a contentious relationship. former arkansas governor mark huckabee won't have a role on trump's cabinet. he said we spoke about an
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many gathered cleveland's public scare to protest donald trump's presidency. half of the protestors walked on euclid avenue. many of the gathers spoke out about women's rights and minority rights. and spoke out about trump's policies. >> this is my first protest. this reaches people in a different way. the people. >> the protest lasted about an hour. no arrests were made. new developments in the rebate scandal. the owner will be questioned in regards to another lawsuit. pilot has paid $85 million
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several employees took fuel settlements. the owner said he hasn't done anything wrong. coming up, worse toy list. what you should avoid so you don't poke your eye out. craft
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welcome back. for months local artist have been working to change cleveland. you can help them. tiffany there are a lot of blank walls given new life. >>reporter: including the one i'm standing under. we arus under the parkway. the shore way as we know it, what a beautiful piece. you have been here for months. how long did it take to put this together? >> i came to cleveland in september. i approached them. i took photos. i interviewed leaders to inspire me to create the design
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i also put a lot of different styles. >>reporter: it's very beautiful it. you just finished this at 3:30 this morning. >> yes, i did. >>reporter: yeah, it's beautiful. we are here on washington avenue. if you want to come and see th in the next half hour i'll tell you about the celebration happening today that's bringing new life to the neighborhood. >> that was massive what she was able to do. just in time for the holidays a safety toy group sented out the worse toy list.
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call injuries. they included the peppy pup bouncer, the doom cast errand er. all of these toys are stilling be sold. oreo is bringing their chocolate bar to the u.s. it's been a hit in europe over it will come in two sizes, regular and big crunch. that's three times the size of the average candy bar. they will be available in january. taco bell is rolling out an new logo. the logo is sleek errand more
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strip. the rebranding is online first and later be applied to packaging. it's an $12 million investment in the beer scene. fat head brew brewery will double their space. >>reporter: this is the second st this is a state-of-the-art beer destination just off highway 71. it's hard to find a spot in fat heads. they have manage to sell and market across the country.
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brewery. >> it's a great opportunity for us to get our beer to more people. >>reporter: these are the first renderings for the project shared with us by major stark. drivers will get a good look at the 125 square foot building. it will sit on 8 acres. inside they plan to place the 250 seat dining hall an the center of the main brewery. you will be able to see canning, hopping and more. >> we have seen cleveland make a come back. part of that come back is what's happening in the
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>> right now fat heads oppose rights -- operates in a different location. that location will close once the new location opens. also a fit bit alternative and it's lowest price everywhere free shippings. weekends ways to save is coming up. micheal keep us updated on the snow. >>reporter: an warning mass been issued for the lake. today might be a good day to stay nodses and get some errands done. the lake effects that will immediately follow that, that will putdown accumulating snowfall for northeast ohio.
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t cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey, and real oats. ok that's still honey. ahhh, there we go. were back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy, figures.
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this unlikely animal friendship will met your heart. this dog and polar bear have a bit of a cuddle. you can see he nudges the paws
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coke ad. >> boy, that polar bear, if he was in northeast ohio in the next 24 hours he would feel right at home. >> seriously. >>reporter: let me show you what's going on. you are waking up right now. you would like to get your errands done. we are tracking cold rain showers that are beginning to mix with some snow in there in some spots. we are expecting a lull that will be our target time to get out and about and get your weekend errands done. by this evening right around sunset is when the snow machine will start kicking in. look what has happened over the past three hours. we started this morning in downtown cleveland at 67
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we are colder now towards mansfield. those winds sustained 50 to 20 gusting over 30. wind gusts exceed 40 nearing 50 miles per hour especially closer to the lake. if you are a boater not the best day to be out on the water. clearing taking place within the next few hours. right now it's a cold cold rain down south. broad view heights with a bit of sleet mixing in as well. akron it's a cold rain for you. notice this is generally along 77 as you head towards the south. here is where 77 is by the way. they are moving towards the
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opportunity to get out and about. between this and this this is where the lake-effect snow is. this will be driving into northeast ohio. we are thinking we may see a few bands here off of lake michigan began as well. that may affect our friends towards richland and ashland county. through the morning expect more clearing to take place. threw late afternoon you will be able to get a few errands done. that's when the lake-effect snow machine will kick in.
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began. down towards mansfield you will get snow. also towards tumble counties i anticipate you will see snowfall. through the overnight and early tomorrow on your sunday morning. heading up and out the door. it will be a rough go of things. dissipating generally afternoon tomorrow on sunday, let's talk about accumulation totals. your tv set. from the lake-effect snow bands we see from lake michigan began we will see a coating of snowfall. generally towards the snowbelt communities towards the lake up
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if you are on the southern even and the northern tip of tumble three to 6 inches are possible. north of medina county as well. in lorain we might see more accumulation as wel temperatures are only in the 30s. tomorrow stuck in the 30s as well. it will be a cold go of things on sunday. monday more sunshine. of course a big weekend of traveling as well with wednesday being one of the biggest travel days of the year. thank goodness it's just rain showers. traveling should be okay as long as your windshield wipers are working properly most likely someone wants a fitness wearable.
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fit bit. if i told you that you could get some thing that preforms the same function and has a easy traveling compartment. you would buy this. the scene is larger. how do you charge it? what if you could take the device off and plug it up? >> that would be easier. >>reporter: the fuon device that just hit the market. it's waterproof. it displays a call on your phone. it works with apple and android. i love the design and it just comes off to charge. our internal casey has this demo to chair. >> it shows you the time, date,
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calories you burned. the other feature i like is when i'm on the go i can look down and see the time, date, and text that my phone are receiving. i really enjoyed testing this product. compared to others you can't beat the price. when i connected to the app it us super easy. >> i'll agree with it's touch screen responsive. counts four footsteps and tracks your sleep. it does everything is fit built does at a fraction of the price. >> i was looking at what it does and the functions. it does everything except the heart rate monitor.
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rate monitor. because there are accuracy issues with that so it doesn't. >> we have a story about that on monday. >> i feel like this doesn't always go with the outfit. >> you look fantastic. >> thanks. >> you know, i get to the gym at least once of a year. i use it to i'm preaching don't care about your body. this is a cool way to track your sleep. >> that's one of the first thing i do in the morning. >> i like that. >> well, that's a good deal,
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other deals make sure you follow me. if you would like me to bring it to your website there is a link in every article. >> thank you. still to come this morning the world's largest pumpkin spice latte. we'll tell you how quickly it was consumed. whether it's rain or snow it doesn't matter. a transformation is happening here and we'll tell you how you
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all right we want to get straight to weather. micheal has been tracking it all morning long. we are seeing snowflakes and some sleet. >>reporter: in some spots, yes. we have been telling you about this all week. and canton have fallen by 15 degrees. in some spots mansfield over the past 24 hours. a chilly start this morning in the 30s. it's very windy outside. wind gusts at times over 30 miles per hour. that will be straightening through the day today. here is what it looks like right now on the radar. you can see where we are tracking the rain but the snow
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sleet in their. especially down 77. take your time. you are our eyes and ears. notice farther towards the west around 71 there is a dry slot there. i believe this will enable us to get out and do some errands before the snow machine kicks in. the moment it does so by that point we are expecting for th to continue through the evening, through the overnight, through the morning hours tomorrow and that will add up quick and in a hurry. temperatures for highs in the afternoon will be in the 30s. all transitions to lake-effect snowfall accumulating with overnight allows in the upper 20s and low to mid 30s. you know, we'll look at these numbers and i want to laugh.
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yesterday we were in the mid 70s. record shattering temperatures. today we are talking about highs in the 30s. that's a significant temperature change here. winter my friends has arrived. >> all right, weather we like it or not. >> i like that. we want to get you caught up on our big three stories of overnight fire crews from eight different departments battled a brush fire at the hinkley resident. the fire reached 25 acres. police are investigating after an u.s. congressman's grandson was shot and killed in his own home overnight. javon wilson was shot in the
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gym shoes. davis released a statement saying aggrieve -- i grieve for my family. here he is in his home minding his business and intruders enough his life away. it's still pumpkin spice latte season for some. this competitive eater mixed he said it was about 4,000 calories and he doesn't suggest anyone tries this at home. he's best known as 2015's
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transformation celebration is happening in the city. >>reporter: people are calling this bridging the gap between this neighborhood. this is one neighborhood but because the freeway is here this brings them both together. tell me about the celebration that's happening today. >> so, we are from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. it's at st. john. we'll have trolley towers to all of the sites. we will have games and family events. short artist panels. a lot of fun and games. we'll have hot cider. >> i want some of that right now. >>reporter: we are looking at this. this is along washington
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this is one of severaldition play -- several displays in the neighborhood. >> lakeview is part of ohio city. what essential awesome is that this is another reason for people to come out and out this beautiful murals and see the neighborhood. they can jump on a trolley and see the murals. they were able to bring arties from around the world but also flurries the neighborhood. >> this is artwork that will be here for forever. >> tiffany, thank you so much.
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start of their revitalizing with the revamped lock four. harvest fest is celebrating lock four with live music, food trucks, and craft vendors. this will start at 11:00 a.m. and goes unill the 8:00. there will be a free showing of willie wonka and the factory. the candlelight walk continues today and tomorrow through the historic public square. some of the highlightings includes public life, santa and mrs. clause arrival. the event is free to the public. in case you have been
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tickets to new kids on the block, boys two men, and paula abdul will be available today. coming up in sports. how the cavaliers took over the piston's in narrow first game together since they won the nba title.
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lebron james is on the court after resting the other night. jared smith was back after the injured ankle. second shot, another one from the three. cavaliers take the lead. he wasn't done another triple. nine points for j.r. last night. kevin love strong got a double double. the cavs up 17.
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this one on lebron. the cavs win 108-41. they will have two games over the next eight days and both are at home. the browns will be at home tomorrow as they host the steelers. pittsburgh have won ten of the last 12. it would be nice if this was a rivalry again. them into the win column for the first time the question is how does he respond as he gets benched in baltimore. kessler is not letting this affect him. >> i can always improv. this is a motivation to make
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not thinking about the last game. what a game last night at bedford regional finals. the big rivalry st. ignatius. that made it 17-7. they are up. here quarterback. a nice catch. the eagles trail with just 18
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have a good weekend. >>reporter: we are officially tracking the first flakes of the season. down 77 and more. it's the snow you are seeing flying in the air. when will this clear? this is your clearing time between 9:30 to 9:45. don't let your guard down on the way. how much we'll get is after
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>>reporter: i just got in from outside and didn't see any snowflakes. i just wanted to see a snowflake or two. >> i have people on twitter saying thank you but no thank you micheal. >>reporter: right. >> degrees. >>reporter: mid 70s record high. i know what you mean. welcome to the weather in northeast ohio. that temperature tumbled. lauren came in with barely a coat on. the moment you step outside you will need not only a coat but a sick winter coat because
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right around sunset is when the lake-effect snow machine will kick in. temperatures are already taking a big tumble from the 60s earlier this morning to down in the 30s. it's being ushered in with strong gusty winds. that's only going to straighten through the evening and overnight. by tomorrow morning we'll talk 40 to 50 miles per hour. notice the clearing we are seeing. it's 77 and west of 77. here is what it look like right
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akron, and kenton said they are seeing snowflakes. this is the first band of wet weather we'll see. we will see a lull in activity between the first band and the lake effect that will move through this afternoon. during this period here i suggest you get out and about and get your weekend errands done. get grocery shopping done. right around that's when the lake-effect snow machine begins to kick in. not only off of lake erie but off of lake michigan began. i know, it's traveling quite a distance, right. down towards richland is getting in on that. that will akuwait to accumulation. we'll talk about how much in 10 seconds.
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cleveland generally towards euclid, tumble things will taper some what around lunchtime tomorrow on sunday. let's break down the snowfall accumulation totals. you will remember heads up for our friends in heron county and ashland counties. we'll see a coating of isn't that true fall down your way. take your time along 71. let's get hyperlocal with things towards our snowbelt counties. if you are down towards menner three to 6 inches are possible. there will be a bit of melting
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is. we will see a trace of 2 inches of snow. one to 4 inches heading towards medina. totally tolerable. it's the first flakes of the season. make sure you practice it safe driving techniques. temperatures are in the 30s today. down. it's a holiday week. people are getting the turkey ready and the pies. if you will travel in and around northeast ohio. we will see some rain at that point. right now, traveling looking okay. for today though all four seasons in 24 hours.
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soon americans will gather around the thanksgiving table. this is all due to a mix-up in text. >>reporter: when jamal got a text. >> either my grandmother learned to text wrong number. >>reporter: she texted him a picture and he texted back his picture. >> he said you are not my grandma but i said can i still have a plate. >>reporter: i said sure you can. that's what grandma's do. the two met last night and his whole family is going for thanksgiving. >> i have to figure out how big
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>> i'm at 392,000 likes. 186,000 re-tweets, and 1.7 million views. >> people are seeking these feel good uplifting stories. >>reporter: how much do people rally around stories like this? >> you see tons and tons. >>reporter: early this year a couple sent a group text to strangers about the new baby boys. they brought gifts to the hospital. who could forget sad papa who hosted a barbecue for hundreds. for these two there is a lot to be thankful for. >> everybody sees the joy that two strangers could connect. >>reporter: leaving the rest of
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cutest dog video. you will be able to relate to it. we'll just put it that way. ?? hey dad! ?? wishes do come true. the lincoln wish list sales event is on. get exceptional offers on the lincoln family of luxury vehicles.
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this dog was very excited about the first snowfall in colorado. >> i hope your daughters are able to get out. >>reporter: seeing snowflakes right now towards akron and canton. remember this doesn't really get going until after sunset. after 4:00, 5:00 is when things will be temperatures tonight falling in the 3 thanksgiving looks pretty good. we will keep you updated on all things weather we late -- related. >> we don't have an 6:00 p.m. news tonight. we'll only have an 10:00. make sure you follow the
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