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tv   ABC11 Eyewitness News at 10 on CW22  CW  November 25, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm EST

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a thanksgiving day tragedy. a young woman loses her life in a car wreck. a popular musician also hurt. how the bluegrass community is coming to support one of their own. plus-a woman attacked on a trail in fayetteville. who police are searching for. and the black friday rush hits the triangle. some of the hottest items people are seeking this year. eyewitness news starts right now. tragedy a crash 'kills' a young woman in raleigh--and 'injures' a 'rising star' in the local music world. good evening i'm joel brown. the crash happened yesterday evening on 'lynn road' near 'battleford drive'. police say the young couple... was headed to 'thanksgiving dinner'... when they turned right into the path of a toyota. dejuanhoggard live at wake med-- where friends of the victims are reacting to the
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we are learning more information about the 2 people involved in thursday night's tragic accident. and now the bluegrass community in raleigh is praying for one of their own to pull through. this was the scene thanksgiving evening -- of a car crash involving 22-year-old juana maria cardona- alvarez and her 25-year-old boyfriend and rising bluegrass musician, hiroshi arakawa...also known as hiro. the pair were hit by 18-year-old driver nicholas alberto rivera-rubio -- traveling at hour. the accident left cardona- alvarez dead, and sent arakawa to wakemed icu. leaving friends and family in disbelief. "thanksgiving is a really big holiday for travel and i always worry about family and friends being safe. and i think my first reaction was just shock." friends tell us, cardona-alvarez and arakawa had just left a thanksgiving dinner and were headed to knightdale to finish the evening with family -- unfortunately, they never made it. both were in the
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visas and met while attending wake tech. "he's been in pretty serious condition so i know he's probably unaware of anything that's happened to her right now. but i know it's going to hit him pretty hard." arakawa was a rising gem in the bluegrass scene and moved from japan to raleigh to play music. his friends calling him a "rare talent." "it's a really special story. this is somebody who came here to learn english and everything else. but i feel like he has this hidden agenda that he loved the bluegrass community and he loved the music sceen here and that's what he has family in the triangle, and also moved from japan to attend wake tech. "they had a really close relationship being friends, translators for each other, obviously partners as well. so it's going to be hard." there is a gofundme set up for juana, and the bluegrass community saying they will do what they can to assist hiro and his medical expenses. i
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healing and awaiting a call from rpd. live in raleigh, dejuan hoggard, abc11 eyewitness news. there's new about the school bus driver at the center of that deadly wreck in tennessee. police say johnthony- walker... was driving 'off' the 'designated' bus route... when he wrecked on a curvy road-- killing six children. walker is now charged with vehicular homicide. today, the school district released records... that include two written statements by students... 'complaining' about walker's driving. one wrote-- the driver would stop the bus... when kids were moving from their seats so they would hit their heads.
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police are on the hunt for a man who 'raped' a woman at a city park. cops say the attack happened on november 12th... along the 'linear park trail'. the victim says she was walking the trail... when she was raped by a 6-foot tall man in his late 30's.. with a 'scar' on his nose. the suspect was driving a dark four door sedan.. with tinted windows. anyone with information is asked to call police. new tonight-- the durham police department announcing it will host... a 'community conversation' at the site of this week's police shooting... that left a dead. d-p-d says its partnering the city's housing authority... for the event at 'mcdougald terrace'. it was last tuesday afternoon... clark was shot by three officers... after they say he reached into his waistband-- and an officer heard a gunshot. the meeting is scheduled for monday evening.. at 6:00... inside the t-a grady recreation center. today, a judge ruled accused charleston church shooter dylan roof-- 'is' competent to stand trial. this all comes
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roof is charged with killing nine people... at a historically black church in charleston, last year. if convicted, he could get the death penalty. jury selection is expected to begin monday. we turn to the malls, now... and the black friday bonanza playing out across the triangle. chopper 11-hd capturing the crowds 'early' this morning... at crabtree valley mall.. the streets at southpoint.. and the tanger outlets in mebane. an estimated 137- million americans... weekend-- hunting for the best bargains. shoppers came out bright and early to crabtree valley in raleigh... some still wearing their 'pajamas'... when stores opened at 6-am. drones seemed to be a hot item this year. shoppers telling us the lines weren't that bad. many retailers like macy's.. wal- mart.. and best buy... started their doorbuster deals
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lost some of its luster over the years. the reason? more people shopping 'online'. tim pulliam takes a look at the trend. :27-:32 1:14-1:20 1:21-1:25
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flocking to the cross creek mall in fayetteville for black friday shopping. people stood in lines to get the items they want. in a rare move--the mall was closed yesterday. they opened their doors at 6- am--where people had already gathered. 'black friday' across the country... was met with violence or 'tragedy' in several sates. one person died in a shooting outside a south new jersey mall. another man was also injured. and in nevada-- a man was shot and killed in a wal- mart parking lot... in what appears to be a dispute over a parking space. police say both men in this incident
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involved in the shooting-- but so far there's been no arrests. violence also erupting in chattanooga tennessee. two people were shot in a parking lot... outside a sears auto center. police say it all stemmed from a fight. one of the victims is a known gang member. officers took one person into custody... and detained a person of interest. and in modesto california--- a 'mass brawl' broke out during black friday shopping. a mall. security had to come in and break everyone up. it's not clear what led to the fight. there's a new struggle to contain those wildfires in the north carolina mountains. next on eyewitness news the fire that's overtaken a scenic trail. plus the progress being made in fighting the party rock fire. plus--trump transition. the two new names announced for the president elect's white house team. but first... a live look outside of
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explosion in syria senior chief petty officer scott- dayton... worked on a bomb disposal unit stationed in virginia beach. he was killed about 30-miles north of raqqa. the military says dayton was part of a multi-national force fighting isis. the death marks the 'first' time a u-s solder has been killed in syria. now to those wildfires burning in western north carolina. the 'rock mountain' fire is 'crossing' parts of the appalachian trail-- in the nantahala national forest.
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been affected so far. meanwhile, the 'clear creek' fire in 'mcdowell county' continues to expand. it's burned over 26-hundred acres... and is just 30- percent contained. helicopter crews dropped more than 50-thousand gallons of water on the blaze today. and, there's 'good' news when it comes to the 'party rock' fire. the flames near 'lake lure' are now 70-percent contained. to israel now-- where crews gained the upper hand on a blaze... that spread across the country's third largest city of haifa. more th were forced to evacuate. some returned today to see what's left of their homes. more than a dozen fires are burning across israel. so far no serious injuries or deaths have been reported. in a rare move-- israel called up military reservists to help battle the flames. new tonight-- baltimore police shoot a man they say was wielding 'knives'. officers responded to a report of a man threatening people. witnesses say the man 'refused' to drop the weapons. officers then used a stun gun. when that didn't work-- two
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in critical condition. this is the second police shooting in baltimore this week. an update tonight-- to a deadly shooting at a flag football game in louisville, kentucky. people were gathered in the park, yesterday afternoon... for the annual thanksgiving tradition... when gunfire rang out. two people died and five others were injured. today, the police chief said a group not affiliated with the game... gathered in the park. there was a dispute and guns were pulled. the shooters are still on the loose tonig group is joining the legal firestorm swirling around the north carolina governor's race. lawyers from the southern coalition for social justice... want a federal judge to reject a lawsuit--that questions voters who used same-day registration. the conservative civitas filed that lawsuit. they say the state cannot finish counting votes... until it verifies the addresses of voters who used same-day registration. a federal judge will consider the lawsuit next week. meantime, democrat roy
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hundred votes. mccrory has since called for a recount. turning to presidential politics-- president elect donald-trump naming 'two' staffers to his administration today. trump picked kathleen- mcfarland to be his deputy national security advisor. she previously served in the nixon, ford and reagan administrations. trump also picking lawyer don- mcgahn to be his white house counsel. meantime, there's an 'internal' struggle for secretary of state. trump loyalists are advocating for former new rudy-giuliani... 'mitt-romney' is also in the running... but he was one of trump's harshest critics during the campaign season. also rumored to be in the mix for secretary of state... is former c-i-a director and general david petraeus. the matriarch of the hit show "the brady bunch" has died. florence- henderson passed away late last night at the age of 82. she reportedly
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henderson was best known for her role as carol-brady. today, fans placed 'flowers' on her star on the hollywood walk of fame. now to an abc-11 together story. last year we told you about a high school musician... with dreams of a music scholarship. he ended up 'getting' that scholarship to a music camp. but now his music school in wake county is in trouble. stephanie lopez explains. :07-:12 :19-:24 1:25-1:30 kyrese washington is hard at work, plying mozart and note. kyrese washington - music student 00:35:25 "i do want to say thank you again to all the people who donated to help me get this flute because it has been a great gift." kelly roudabush - teacher, community music school 00:45:49 "he is doing fabulous laughs i'm so proud of him, he came within a point and a half of being able to audition for all state last year, so we've been working on the little nitpicky details. but while his music teacher said kyrese is doing great, their music school is not. they're having this lesson at the teacher's home, because
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temporarily shut down. the school offers lesson and instrument to low-income kids with talent for free or next to noting and runs on donations and grants. they need to raise $100,000 by january 21st, and they're about 20% there, but still, this music instructor is worried and says the work they do goes beyond sheets of music. kelly roudabush - teacher, community music school 00:44:19 "if kids appreciate music and appreciate the arts then they're going to appreciate what's your around them and it's also all about oh well- rounded student that's appreciative of their community." kyrese shington sudent 00:32:14"oh godn like i can't imagine what kind a musician i would be without them." now they said every donations counts, no mater how small . . . kelly roudabush - teacher, community music school 00:45:01 "it would really help a lot to have even a $20 donation from somebody." . . . to help over the dreams of over 100 wake county kids come true. kyrese washington - music student 00:31:25 "it gets me excited when people are just listening to my music, and how happy they get." stephanie lopez 02::27 "and thisspecting ilding right here off of enwood south is e communitysic school.fu'd like
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look on thmepage forhis s
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things against walls this afternoon-- next on eyewitness news-- the interesting ways folks took out their black friday anger.
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be on the lookout for the grinch!. they posted this picture of the green grinch-- standing on the side of the road. officers say you should not let him spoil the holiday... so be sure to 'lock' up your car... to prevent break- ins. people 'fed up' with 'black friday'... had a chance to take out their anger this afternoon. it was all for the 'smashfest' in durham on chapel hill road. items against a wall. they also got to destroy things... with a hockey stick or use the "claw of doom". coming up next in sports.... nc state stuns the heels in chapel hill... for the fourth time in five trips to kenan... the pack howled
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now - nc state has had trouble winning home conference games under dave doeren... there's something about kenan stadium though... it was pack domination in 2014, and today, despite being double digit underdogs, state was a bully once again... 1:17-1:20 1:30-1:35 1:48-1:53 2:00-2:05
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for the latest eyewitness news. we'll see you again tomorrow night for "eyewitness news at ten" -- here on 'c-w 22'.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harv ey: ok, happy day after thanksgiving, everybody! >> hey! harvey: so i feel semi-bad about what i'm about to put you through, not totally bad. but what i'm going to ask you to do is bring you up in pairs and blind f eathe t doughnut the fastest blindfolded will then get the clues, which if you get correctly, will lead to a bottle of champagne. >> yeah! >> all right, derrick and british. harvey: and go! >> wow! harvey: british is going to kill him. >> derrick, get that tongue in there! >> it's gross already!


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