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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  January 12, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> darcel: join us again at tonight, breaking news here. the u.s. naval vessels with nearly a dozen sailors held by iran. we have late details coming in as we come on the air. martha raddatz standing by. also tonight, the pileups on america's highways. the chain reaction collisions on icy roads. drivers caught in whiteout conditions as a major arctic blast now moves east tonight. the deadly new terror attack. authorities say isis targeting westerners. the race for president tonight. and new numbers this evening, is hillary clinton in trouble in iowa and new hampshire? and donald trump takes aim at ted cruz, and then, the hecklers. >> this is not your stage. the young american woman murdered overseas in florence, italy.
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the last time she was seen alive. and authorities revealing how she was killed. and here in washington, the president's final state of the krun union. tonight, what he will tell america. good evening tonight from washington. and we have breaking news as we come on the air this evening. a tenuous situation involving america and iran. two small u.s. naval vessels with nearly a dozen sailors are being held by iran tonight. the u.s. navy operations center in bahrain lost contact with the two navy vessels. there are five sailors on each craft. the white house and the pentagon are watching this very closely and so is our chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz. >> reporter: tonight, those ten sailors remain in the hands of the iranians. the revolutionary guard navy,
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trying to prove the sailors were what they called snooping. the two small navy vessels with the sailors on board were transitting between kuwait and bahrain when an official says one of the boats experienced a mechanical problem, with both then possibly drifting into iranian territoryial waters near farsi island. the iranians have given assurances that the sailors will be allowed to continue their journey once the sun rises. secretary of state john kerry personally reaching out to his iranian counterpart to find a diplomatic resolution to the situation. incidents with iran have exacerbated tensions in the already tense persian gulf region. last month, as the aircraft carrier "harry s. truman" was entering the gulf, iranian navy boats conducted live fire exercises just 1,500 yards away. over the summer, u.s. officials
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ships and helicopters with laser devices. and in 2007, the iranians held british sailors for 13 days, despite early promises to release them, claiming they had entered their territorial water. >> and martha is with us live now across town in washington. martha, you reported the americans are being held until the morning. why are they being held at all? >> reporter: well, the iranians may think it would be safer for them to continue their journey during daylight hours. u.s. officials are saying that the rein yans s iranians have been very progress professional. but you heard the accusations of the snooping. but of course, the u.s. has signed that historic nuclear deal with iran, so, relations are better, david, but until those sailors are released and on their way, the tension remains, david. >> martha raddatz leading us off here in washington tonight. martha, thank you. we're going to turn now to the other developing headline back here at home. the dangerous come mute across much of this country.
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eastward, major pileups in indiana, i-74 there. trucks sliding off the highway, pileup stretching to the horizon in richmond, indiana on i-70. treacherous highway conditions in hamburg, new york. and at this hour, major cities across the east from philadelphia up through boston bracing for their first blast of snow. abc's linzie janis in the storm zone tonight. >> reporter: blinding snow and icy roads making driving treacherous in the midwest. in indiana, more than a dozen vehicles sliding off i-70. >> i got hit five different times. >> reporter: to the south, at least 17 semis, more than two dozen vehicles in all, crashing on i-74. >> still have wreckers moving forward the wreck. >> reporter: miraculously, no deaths, but one person badly injured. accidents littering highways from minnesota to pennsylvania. that system rushing east.
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bands of snow. more than 30 inches in less than 24 hours. those arctic temperatures creating surreal scenes. in omaha, nebraska, the remains of this building now a giant igloo. firefighters battling a weekend blaze there. and here in new york, justin's frozen car now famous. times on our facebook page alone. have you asked a mechanic what you might expect when the thing that yous? >> no, i'm going to go with my own release that my baby will run. >> reporter: and with more storms rolling in, it could be awhile before it goes anywhere. and david, here in springville, new york, you can see, it's really coming down. that clipper system is pushing east with more lake effect snow behind it. an additional one to two feet in spots through thursday. high winds behind all of this. 40 to 50-mile-per-hour gusts. and then, the cold.
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like negative 4 in pittsburgh, two degrees in rochester, and feel like the low teens. david? >> winter is definitely here. linzie janis with us tonight. linzie, thank you. we have major developments 2016. clinton tonight. already trailing bernie sanders in new hampshire, this even, the new numbers from iowa now. where sanders ss has now pulled ahead there, as well, with less than three weeks before voters have their say in iowa. abc's cecilia vega in iowa tonight, with a fiery clinton on the trail. >> reoporter: tonight, facing an unexpected battle here in iowa, hillary clinton telling her supporters, it is time to get serious. >> we're getting into that period before the caucus that i kind of call the "let's get real" period. >> reporter: but as clinton turns up the heat on bernie sanders, the vermont senator has some choice words of his own. >> it could be that the inevitable candidate for the democratic nomination may not be
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>> reporter: clinton may be trying to convince voters that sanders won't win the white house, but the new poll shows two out of three iowa democrats now think bernie sanders has a good shot at winning in november. and here in the hawkeye state, it appears the very person running to be the first female president has a man problem. sanders winning likely male caucus goers by 31 points. >> i'm a volunteer for the sanders campaign. >> reporter: sanders spending more than twice as many days in iowa and holding more than twice as many campaign events here. clinton now calling in backup. daughter chelsea, in her first solo campaign stop, jumping right into the fray. >> senator sanders wants to dismantle obama care, dismantle the chip program, dismantle medicare, dismantle private insurance. >> reporter: and hillary clinton did not want to talk about the new poll numbers when i tried to ask her about them on the trail today. but tonight, david, her campaign remains she's got the team on
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win the race here. >> but you asked the questions there, anyway. cecilia vega live in iowa tonight, thank you. and the other major battle brewing in iowa is between donald trump and senator ted cruz. and trump with a new tweet, saying, where was cruz born and is that issue -- is he eligible to be president? donald trump trailing ted cruz in the newest polls in iowa, as cruz tries to capitalize on any momentum in new hampshire. he ended up fending off protesters, though, as well. abc's tom llamas on the campaign trail from new hampshire. >> reporter: in new hampshire today, protesters getting all the way onstage just inches from senator ted cruz. >> it's just weird, you know, i mean, why is everyone so excited about guns? >> sir, who are you? >> they kill people. >> reporter: cruz supporters pulling the heckler away. but moments later -- another one. >> son, thank you, but -- >> hey -- >> hey, this is not your stage. this is not your stage. >> reporter: cruz also fending off incoming fire from donald trump.
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from a top harvard law professor who says there are real questions about whether cruz is a natural born citizen. trump tweeting, "such a serious problem for ted and the gop." >> it is more than a little strange to see donald relying on, as authoritative, a liberal, left wing judicial activist harvard law professor, who is a huge hillary supporter. >> reporter: cruz, who's in a dead heat with trump in iowa, lags far behind him in new hamphire. do you need new hampshire to win the nomination? do you need new hampshire? >> we are campaigning hard in new hampshire. we're campaigning hard across the country. we don't view any one state as a must-win. >> reporter: and david, donald trump is also campaigning hard, but his way. on television. today, sending a warning to his rivals, saying that if anyone attacks him at thursday's debate, he's going to hit back five times harder. david? >> tom llamas in new hampshire tonight. tom, thank you. we turn now to isis, and to a new and deadly terror attack targeting westerners. this time, in turkey.
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of istanbul, a suicide bomber with ties to isis and now at least ten demdad. chilling new images the moment a fire ball erupts. in the aftermath, armed guards lining the streets. abc's alex marquardt on the scene in turkey for us. >> reporter: this was the moment the blast went off. ripping through the heart of istanbul. between two of the most famous mosques in the world, must-see stops for throngs of tourists. >> there was an explosion, we just go inside the mosque, to hagia sophia. it was really close to us. >> reporter: and tourists were the victims. at least ten dead tonight, most germans from the same german tour group. over a dozen more wounded, several critically. the suicide bomber was from isis. turkish officials say, a 27-year-old syrian born in saudi arabia, named nabil fadli. turkey's president erdogan claimed today that no other country fights harder against isis or has paid a higher price. this is the fourth major attack in just six months in turkey,
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claimed scores of lives. witnesses say they could hear the sound of the explosion on this square from several miles away. as the fight ramps up against isis, they have set their siteghts on europe and turkey, determined to widen their campaign of terror. david? >> alex marquardt in turkey for us tonight. thank you, alex. and senior white house officials tonight confirming to me that the president will address the threat from isis during tonight's state of the union. arguing, we must stay the course. but he will also try to offer a hopeful view of where this country is headed. in his address, not far from where we are standing here tonight, it is president obama's final state of the union address, and this image today from the oval office. the president putting his final touches on the speech. we're told it will not be a list of policy priorities like speeches in the past, but that this will be something much different. and abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl tonight, getting a first look at the speech just moments ago. hey, jon. >> reporter: david, this is big themes, this is making the case for his presidency. we've just gotten a look at some of the excerpts and one of them,
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under his presidency to big changes in american history, saying, each time there have been those that told us to fear the future, who claimed we could slam the brakes on change, promising to restore past glory, if we just got some group or idea that was threatening america under control. this is making the case to history, for what his presidency has accomplished. the president was still making changes to his speech late this afternoon. big things to watch for tonight? first, legacy. making the case that his presidency has been a success. but the optimism won't be an easy sell, with anxiety about isis and to the economy. second big thing to watch for? the campaign. he willon't come out and say it, but a major underlying message of the president's speech will be that a democrat should replace him. the president will also be sending a message with his choice of guests. among those in the first lady's box, a syrian refugee now living
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a former undocumented immigrant from mexico who went on to serve in the army. and, in a symbolic move, there will be an empty chair, representing the victims of gun violence. as always, vice president biden will be on hand. the closeness of their personal bond just revealed in a story biden is now telling for the first time about a conversation he had with the president after his son beau became seriously ill. >> i said, if beau resigns, he has nothing to fall back on, his salary, i said, but i worked it out, i said, but jill and i will sell the house, we'll be in good shape and he said, don't sell that house. promise me you won't sell the house. he's going to be mad at me saying this. he said, i'll give you the money. whatever you need, i'll give you the money. >> reporter: the optimism you hear from the president is not shared by republicans, in fact, david, just today, paul ryan said, the world is on fire, because the president does not have a strategy to combat isis. >> could be another tumultuous final year.
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entire powerhouse political team will be right here tonight for the state of the union, starting at 9:00 p.m. eastern and jon and i will be here with them. in the meantime, right here tonight, to the stunning video from inside the takedown of el chapo, the notorious drug lord, responsible for a quarter of the drugs coming to the u.s. we have new reporting tonight, moments after the takedown, his beard gone, his head shaved, and abc's matt gutman is in mexico with the video in what el chapo revealed to sean penn. >> reporter: tonight, the beginning of the end for el chap pope. last october, mexican marines wearing body cameras descending on his mountain hideout. just a day after he mugged for the camera with sean penn. in this video, you see the marines burst in this hut. there's a twin bed, wifi, even his colorful silk shirts were there, but no el chapo. for three months, they tracked
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dell kas teecastillo. he said, the drug war will not end. but for el chapchapo, it did end with a bang. mexican marines lobbing grenades. this is where some of the most ferroocious of the fighting. in the narco's bedroom. interesting things here. bandages, and a little bit of marijuana. >> that is kate dell castillo's show. it would take five more hours for the marines to catch him. this is the secret passageway that leads. you have to crawl under that to get over there. and tonight, he's in even more spare accommodations in jail. his new prison mug shot showing his hair and mustache shaven off. matt gutman, abc news. >> matt, thank you. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. the young american woman murderered while in florence, italy. tonight, the last known place she was seen alive. and also this evening, the
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killed. and what investigators have learned about her final hours. here at home tonight, the deadly and mysterious house explosion in suburban america. the family of victims found inside. investigators on the scene tonight. and, the new consumer alert this evening involving cough syrup. the medicine now being recalled. we have a lot more news ahead from washington in a moment.erm control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid.
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you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. we're going to turn next tonight to the murder mystery overseas. the young american strangled in florence, italy. abc's gio benitez on the new images from her final hours. >> reporter: tonight, the prosecutor in the case of a murdered american expat saying she could have been strangled to death with a thin cord or chain. but who killed 35-year-old ashley olsen? her italian artist boyfriend discovered her body. they reportedly had a fight days earlier. but italian media says he has an alibi. inside the apartment, no signs of a scuffle, no forced entry and nothing was missing.
6:49 pm
was seen alive. these photos taking been daily show the inside of a florence bar. olsen left here around 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. early friday morning. it's about ten minutes away from her apartment, where her body was discovered. >> whoever did this to her, i hope that they get what's coming to them. >> reporter: the case brings to mind that of another american, italy. amanda knox, who was initially found guilty of killing her british roommate, meredith kercher. after serving time in prison, she was acquitted by the italian supreme court. in fact, the olsen murder is being handled by thehe same detective who niche little ran the investigation in the kercher case, which was heavily criticized. but tonight, olsen's friends and family are only thinking about her. gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> gio, thank you. when we come back tonight, the consumer alert at this hour. the cough syrup recall making headlines. also, the mysterious house explosion in one suburban
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that's why i eat amaz!n prunes now. they're delicious and help keep my body in balance. i love these. sunsweet amaz!n prunes, the feel good fruit. zbloi the index of other news tonight. the mystery outside cleveland. a fire ball in a quiet suburb. this home engulfed in flames a family of four found dead. investigators trying to determine the cause. early reports that it was not a gas leak. a consumer alert tonight. a warning for parents and grandparents. two types of children's cough syrup now being recalled. the dosing cups marked incorrectly, raising fears that children could accidentally overdose. it involves several brand names sold at right aid, kroger, cvs. the entire list on our website tonight for you. and david bowie this evening, and the world now listening to his music again. streams of his music soaring on
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jackpot is now so big, in beverly hills, even the rich are trying to get richer. >> howkeepers are coming by, couple a hundred for the boss, like, today, this morning, two girls that coming by $400 for their bosses. >> reporter: but the wealthy have some stiff competition tonight. with the rest of us lining up in droves. last year alone, americans spent more than $67 billion on lottery tickets. that's about $210 for every american. we spend more on lottery tickets than sports tickets, books, videos and music combined. 1 in 292 million odds of winning, that's like putting the name of every american into a bowl, a bowl much larger than this one, and still, somehow managing to pull out your own name. david? >> linsey, thank you. good luck, america. we'll see you later on for the state of the union.
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