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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  January 19, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> larry: ha breaking news tonight. at this hour, sarah palin is back. the event right now, revealing she's all in for donald trump. tonight, the palin factor, and why it matters. also breaking now, the stunning new poll out of new hampshire. not good for hillary clinton. the deadly greyhound bus crash. the bus flipping onto its side. and what the driver has now revealed. we are watching a major storm brewing at this hour, that could bring more than a foot of snow. several major cities along the possible track. and developing now, the latest on the toddler and the hundreds who have shown up to search in the brutal cold. stealing your money. the irs says it's the biggest telephone tax scam ever. calls in every state, demanding
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tonight, you'll hear from the victims and how to protect yourself. and, george clooney, speaking out tonight. what he's now saying to the academy, amid the oscar backlash. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a tuesday night. and we begin with the bombshell endorsement on the campaign trail. no matter where you stand on sarah palin, she is a force among conservative voters, and tonight, she's about to take the stage, right there in iowa, a short time from now, in fact, moments ago, she declared she is, quote, proud to endorse donald j. trump, throwing her conservative krecredentials behind the republican front-runner. it comes chess than ss less than two weeks before the crucial state of iowa. so, what now of ted cruz? abc's tom llamas is at the event in iowa, and he leads us off live tonight. tom? >> reporter: david, good evening. at any moment, we are expecting
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there is a lot of excitement in this room, surrounding this announcement. the candidate who has surprised us throughout the campaign trail surprises us yet again. tonight, sarah palin is back, shaking up the republican race with just 13 days to go before the iowa caucuses, declaring, "i am proud to endorse donald j. trump for president of the united states. "crisscrossing iowa today, shaking hands, trump building the hype, promising a mystery guest tonight, refusing to confirm who it would be. >> i'm a big fan of sarah palin, but i'm not saying who it is. >> reporter: the two former reality show stars have been close for years. palin sitting down for new york pizza in 2011 as she pondered her own run for the white house. >> how about a trump/palin ticket? >> that sounds exciting! >> reporter: trump recently appearing on palin's talk show, where she sang his praises. >> this is a movement. the trumpeters. the trumpservatives. these are what these folks are called. everything about donald trump's campaign, it's avant-garde and
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coming at a pivotal point for trump, as senator ted cruz and others attack his, quote, new york values. mr. trump, both rush limbaugh and senator ted cruz are warning voters you are may not be real conservative. what do you say to that? >> well, i am a real conservative, and rush has been terrific to me. >> reporter: now trump is counting on palin to rally republican skeptics, especially trump's big win today, a big blow to cruz. was one of his biggest supporters. >> you know what, she can pick winners. let me tell you something. i would not be in the u.s. senate today, if it were not for governor sarah palin. >> reporter: in new hampshire today, cruz trying not to sound disappointed. >> regardless of what sarah decides to do in 2016, i will always remain a big, big fans of sarah palin's. >> reporter: but his bad day was about to get worse. another surprise announcement -- iowa's republican governor,
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wants cruz to lose the caucuses. >> i believe it would be a big mistake for iowa to support him. and i know he's ahead in the counts is the one they take on caucus night. >> and tom llamas back with us now live as we look at live pictures from iowa. donald trump on the scene. shortly. and tom, the big question, is campaign trail for trump? >> reporter: she will, david. we know that she'll be campaigning with donald trump tomorrow here in iowa. and then both of them fly together to tulsa, oklahoma. in the past, sarah palin has worked very hard for the candidate she's endorsed. now, that said, a palin endorsement sometimes comes with right now. just last night, we learned that sarah palin's 26-year-old son, track palin, was arrested in a domestic violence incident. palin or trump camps. david? >> tom llamas, thank you. meantime, on the democratic side tonight, a breaking headline, as well. the eye-opening new poll out of
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bernie sanders beating hillary clinton by 27 points there. his biggest margin over clinton in any new hampshire poyet. new hampshire has been good to secretary clinton before, but the snims between these two candidates now being replaced by sharp words on the trail. with iowa and new hampshire coming quickly. abc's cecilia vega on the campaign for us. >> reporter: losing ground in iowa and new hampshire, hillary clinton now issuing this admission. "there's a real possibility we could lose those contests." her desperate e-mail plea to donors, a stark contrast to this. >> bernie! bernie! >> reporter: a massive crowd for sanders overnight. and today in iowa, the vermont senator gloating. >> today, the inevitable candidate does not look quite so inevitable as she did eight and a half months ago. >> reporter: that new poll especially damaging to clinton in a state where she has been on the offensive. dispatching her most powerful surrogates, from bill -- >> you need to talk to everybody
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home for her again. >> reporter: -- to chelsea -- >> senator sanders wants to dismantle obamacare. >> reporter: but clinton has said she's prepared for the long fight ahead, saying, she's done it before. >> i want to win, but i have a very long view about this. look, i campaigned until june last time, as we all remember. >> reporter: tonight, the clinton campaign calling these polls meaningless, now, around this same time back in 2008, there were some polls that showed barack obama with a double-digit lead in new hampshire. david, we all know, hillary clinton ended up winning that state. >> cecilia vega with us tonight. cecilia, thank you. federal investigators were on the scene today of a deadly greyhound bus crash and late word coming in, the driver admitting he was fatigued. it happened in california, on highway 101 in san jose. at least two dead, nine injured. the bus traveling from l.a. to san francisco, flipping over. shoes strewn across the highway, passengers tonight describing the chaos. abc's david kerley tonight.
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with that drowsy driver ended with the greyhound bus on its side in san jose. >> it sounds like we're going to have patients including a few 1055s. >> reporter: that's the radio term for fatalities. two women dead. ejected from the bus. alex ellis was one of the 20 onboard, who said it sounded like a lightning strike. >> the bus was seesawing on the median. >> reporter: crews raced to the scene, providing blankets on the cold, rainy morning. everyone on the bus was hurt. five taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. on average, there are 35 deadly bus crashes a year, with more than 53 deaths associated with those accidents. and fatigue is one of the biggest worries for safety investigators. >> the basic problem here is that most commercial transportation is 24/7, but humans are not. >> reporter: the ntsb is sending a full ten-member team to learn why a fatigued driver was at the wheel of that greyhound bus. david? >> david kerley tonight. david, thank you. tonight, our weather team is following a major storm brewing
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foot of snow by the end of the week. here is one of the possible tracks. major cities including washington, d.c., philly, new york, boston, all bracing for a possible hit. rob has much more on that in a moment. but first booeshgs in the middle of a deep freeze from the south to the mid-atlantic to the northeast, and in one tennessee town, it is hampering the search for one toddler, now missing for days. here's abc's linzie janis. >> reporter: tonight, hundreds of searchers braving brutal cold, combing the woods for any sign of 2-year-old noah chamberlin, now missing for a sixth day in rugged terrain west of nashville. >> people have just been praying that this child will miraculously be okay. >> reporter: the toddler vanished on thursday afternoon while on a hiking trip with his grandmother. conditions so cold, authorities only allowing people to search for an hour at a time. officials say the search will go on, but there's snow and sleet on the way. that snow already hitting omaha, nebraska, making striving near
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meanwhile, two-thirds of the country tonight shivering in bone-chilling cold. this morning in chicago, it was 2 below and felt like negative 13. at those temperatures, frostbite can set on exposed skin in just 30 minutes. david, tonight, drivers behind me face a chilly commute home, but it could turn into a very snowy commute later on this week, with a major snowstorm in the forecast. david? >> so, let's get to that storm. linzie, thank you. and rob mars yab knowciano is here. >> reporter: let's talk about the storm that's going to hit tennessee, with winter weather, winter storm warnings posted for the ohio and mississippi river confluence there with six to eight inches potentially. but a slick go from st. louis to nashville. now, to that storm that is plowing through the west. a lot of energy with it. it's going to get over the rockies and by thursday, it's overlouisiana. taps moisture from the gulf of mexico. it moves north into colder air,
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hits the atlantic on saturday morning. i think the heaviest snow looks to be baltimore, d.c., back through the carolinas. over a foot of snow there, but it is early in the game. boston and new york still in play. >> the tracks can always shift. rob, thank you. we turn now to michigan, and to the battle over lead in the water in the city of flint. and how long authorities knew about it. tonight, that state's governor will address the people of michigan, already conceding he has, quote, lost some of the public's trust. it's estimated nearly 9,000 children drank that water. abc's alex perez is in flint again tonight. >> reporter: today, protesters nonstrait ghon demonstrating outside the governor's home. >> they were silent. they sat on it. >> reporter: at least 500 flipt residents seeking to joint the class action so far, including melissa mays, who blames officials for not reacting sooner. >> we tried everything we could to scream, yell and say, hey,
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said the water's safe, the water's safe. >> reporter: rosie reeves and her husband now use bottled water for nearly everything, but they still get a water bill each month. recently released e-mails show officials waited nearly five months to warn the public of the toxic levels of lead created when they switched over to water from the flint river. governor synder set to deliver the state of the state address tonight, says he acted as soon as he learned of a problem. meanwhile, flint's new mayor meeting with president obama late today, who has already declared a federal emergency in flint. and, david, that class action lawsuit also seeking to have residents' water bills reimbursed for all that time they have been unable to use the water. david? >> alex perez, thank you. we have major developments tonight, after americans were released in that prisoner swap from iran. tonight, one now speaking out. the former marine with a message for his fellow marines, revealing what happened at the moment their plane cleared
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and, late today, new images of another prisoner and his first hours of freedom. here's abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross. >> reporter: finally, something to laugh about for "washington post" reporter jason rezaian. in the first video of him as a free man, released tonight, he is shown chuckling with his wife over a joke that poked fun at his iranian captors for claiming he was a spy. it was also a great day for another of the freed americans. 32-year-old amir hekmati, eager to tell the world iran did not break him. time. it's like being born again and i american. the three other released americans so mistrusted the iranians, that they did not relax until their swiss air force plane cleared iranian air space, after a delay of some 12 hours. >> champagne bottles were popped. >> reporter: hekmati was held
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iran's notorious evin prison, where his family says he was tortured. >> my name is amir mirazy hekmati. >> reporter: and forced to make this false confession video, after which he was sentenced to death for being a cia spy. a former marine, hekmati said today, it was his regard for his fellow marines that kept him going. especially after some of them organized an online hunger strike to support him. >> i didn't want to let my fellow marines down, so, i tried my best to, you know, keep my head up and withstand all the pressures that were put upon me, some of which were very inhuman and unjust. semper fi to all the marines out there. >> powerful to hear from them now. brian ross with us tonight. about the american left behind, the family of bob levinson talking to you right here tonight. what are they saying now? >> reporter: well, today, the mystery of the american left behind only deepened as the white house said the u.s. has reason to believe that levinson is no longer in iran. the white house says its long had that belief, but the lechson family today said they were
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statement. >> all right, brian ross, you'll stay on that for sure. we're going to turn now to the oscar backlash. tonight, george clooney is now weighing in. abc's linsey davis tonight. >> reporter: george clooney, now one of the hollywood heavy weights weighing in, telling "variety" magazine, i don't think it's a problem of who you're picking, as much as it is, how many options are available. >> the academy has a problem. >> for 20 opportunities to celebrate actors of color, actresses of color, to be missed last year is one thing. for that to happen again this year is unforgivable. >> reporter: and now, a growing number vowing to boycott this year's oscars, including jada pinkett smith. >> i will not be at the academy >> reporter: spike lee. >> we need to have serious discussion about diversity and
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>> reporter: and oscar-winning director michael moore, also a member of the akaldmy, planning to be a no-show this year. last night, the academy's president vowed to make big changes. >> what we all need to do now is actually take some action. >> reporter: the academy president knows there's a long road ahead, with the academy at last check, 93% white and just 2% black. david? >> linsey, thank you. and director spike lee will be weighing in first thing in the morning on "good morning america." in the meantime, there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. the new and concerning health headline. a virus dangerous to unborn babies confirmed in two pregnant women in america. also, the irs calling it the biggest telephone tax scam ever. threatening calls in every state. demanding you pay taxes you don't even owe. so, how to protect yourself tonight. and then, the accident outside one famous actor's home. and then, the stunning moment on final jeopardy!.
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if we all do that we can all win. prudential bring your challenges next tonight here, we're getting answers amid the new warning, just as tax season begins. the phone calls demanding you pay back taxes you don't even owe. here's abc's mary bruce. >> reporter: listen to this call. >> before there is an arrest warrant issued, i want you or your attorney giving us a call back. >> reporter: scammers pretending to be irs agents. telling you to pay up or else.
6:49 pm
launchinglaunch ing a new campaign, warning you to be on high alert. melissa degen says she was conned out of $15,000. >> like, what can i do to fix this? there's no way i can be arrested. >> reporter: 5,000 victims losing more than $26 million. the number of these calls tripling in the last year to nearly 1 million. even the treasury department's top investigator received a call. >> at the end, i had the joy of telling them, your day is coming. >> reporter: you called the wrong guy? >> you called the wrong guy. >> reporter: it's not the irs if? >> if they tell you that you don't pay money immediately, you're going to be arrested. >> reporter: the real irs never threatens. and they always send a letter first. and david, these scammers are changing their game. as people become more aware. but what hasn't changed, these threatening calls. if you receive one, report it. but first, just hang up. david? >> great advice. mary, thank you. when we come back here, the preg innocent women with
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expert medicine works here. find out why at cancer cancer treatment centers of america. to the index and a new development involving --s over the zica virus. two pregnant women have illinois have contracted the virus. health officials saying the women do not pose a threat. the virus spread by mosquitos and we have much more on our website tonight. academy award-winner jamie foxx being thanked tonight, after springing into action. a car crash outside his l.a. home. foxx calling 911 and pulling that driver out of the crash to safety. america strong tonight. meet richard mann. he's 101 years old, from st. paul, minnesota. shovming his neighbors' sidewalks every time it snows. >> it's nice to get the exercise. >> he says he could use the exercise. that video now viewed 2 million times.
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bristol-myers squibb thanks the patients and physicians who participated in the opdivo clinical trial. finally tonight here, it's only happened a handful of times on jeopardy! and it happened last night. here's abc's david wright. >> we deal with this today -- >> reporter: final jeopardy! the category, state capitals. >> you risked and lost everything. >> reporter: strike one. >> no. that, too, is incorrect. >> reporter: strike two. >> let's see what mike lost. >> reporter: strike three. all three contestants bet and
6:58 pm
the answer, little rock, arkansas, home of the clinton library. an embarrassing gamam show fail. there have been plenty of others. >> name an animal with three letters in its name. >> alligator. >> name a yellow fruit. >> orange. >> i have the wine by johnny cash. >> that is not correct. >> reporter: tonight, a clean slate on jeopardy!. no returning champion. >> so, sorry, folks. >> reporter: don't forget the what is format. david wright, abc news, new york. >> thank you for watching here on a tuesday night. i'm david muir and i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. from all of us here at abc news,
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good night. from sony pictures studios, it's america's game! wheel... of... fortune! ladies and gentlemen, here are the stars of our show -- pat sajak and vanna white! [ cheers and applause ] hi, there! hi, all! thank you. thank you. appreciate that. thank you, jim. i will see you, like, at the end of the show. hi! welcome. grab those little doodads there, and let's get going. "phrase" is the category for our first "toss up." vanna's in place. there's the puzzle, and here we go. [ bell chimes ] kaidren.
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you got it. yeah.


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