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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 20, 2016 2:36am-4:00am EST

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was sponsored by ideal living.nt terror attack. new video shows two of the muslim extremists standing next to burning cars more than an hour after the assault began. the government acknowledges it was more than four hours before police tried to enter the hotel and the cafe. isis has acknowledged the death of the terrorist known as jihadi john. a eulogizing profile of the british militant has appeared in an isis magazine.
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that they believed he was killed in a u.s. drone strike in syria. to california now, where driver fatigue is being eyed as a possible cause of that deadly bus crash. a passenger on the greyhound bus that crashed in san jose killing two people says the driver seemed to be nodding off before the crash. abc's david kerley for us. >> reporter: the overnight trip with that drowsy driver ended with the greyhound bus on its side in san jose. >> sounds like we're going to have multiple patients including a few 10-5-5s. >> reporter: that's the radio term for fatalities. two women dead, ejected from the bus. alex ellis was one of the 20 on board who said it sounded like a lightning strike. >> it was seesawing on the median. >> reporter: crews raced to the scene, providing blankets on the cold rainy morning. everyone on the bus was hurt, five taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. on average there are 35 deadly bus crashes a year-w more than 53 deaths associated with those accidents. and fatigue is one of the
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>> the basic problem here is that most commercial transportation is 24/7 but humans are not. >> reporter: the ntsb is sending a full ten-member team to try and determine why a fatigued driver was at the wheel of that greyhound bus. david kerley, abc news, washington. >> well, the sheriff says searchers have not given up hope on finding a missing 2-year-old alive. even though it's been six days since he disappeared. hundreds of volunteers have been braving the brutal cold in rural tennessee. some 85 miles east of memphis. but it was too cold last night. professionals did take over. the sheriff also says the family is not under suspicion despite what you may read on social media according to them. now, that same blast of cold is moving east, picking up enough steam for what's being called a major snowstorm to hit later this week. tens of millions of americans could be walloped byy a foot of snow or more along with frigid
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forecasters say saturday will be likely the worst day. mid-atlantic not looking good there, is it? >> stock up on groceries now. don't wait till thursday or friday. >> and your booze. well, it's not unusual for one minnesotan to pitch in and help a neighbor shovel the slow, unless the shoveller is 101 years old. richard mann, he knew that his neighbor in st. paul was traveling, so he took a shovel next door. >> that's really nice. another neighbor post the video on facebook. where it has gone viral. nearly 2 million views. mann says he can use the exercise and he knows his limitations. the irony is that the neighbors usually take care of richard mann's sidewalk. >> aw. you would have just handed him a bottle. >> i'll give you a dime. thanks, man, appreciate it. take on autism by going back to the diagnosis that changed history. as more and more families are affected by autism. but first, the bizarre and disturbing case of a teen accused of taunting her
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new developments on the so-called affluenza teen being held in mexico. lawyers for ethan couch saying he will no longer fight extradition to texas. couch and his mother were arrested across the border last month. they fled to mexico as prosecutors looked into a possible probation violation stemming from the drunk driving accident that killed four people. no word on how long it'll be before couch is back in texas. we're going to turn now to
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legal troubles for the part that she's alleged to have played in the death of her boyfriend. >> the 18-year-old is accused of taunting her boyfriend to commit suicide. prosecutors say that she pressured him to do it via text message and was even talking with him on the phone when he he ended his life. here's abc's linzie yooeie janis. >> reporter: massachusetts teenager michelle carter is one step closer to standing trial for allegedly convincing her 18-year-old boyfriend, conrad roy, to commit suicide. prosecutors arguing carter, now 18, encouraged him in dozens of text messages. >> she goes back, "when are you going to do it? stop ignoring the question." question mark, question mark, question mark, question mark. "you can't keep pushing it off." >> reporter: roy died of carbon monoxide poisoning in july 2014 after locking himself inside his truck in this kmart parking lot. at the time prosecutors say he was on the phone with carter for 47 minutes, at one point telling
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truck because he feared it wasn't working. >> he was scared. she told him to get back in the car. >> reporter: and just days before, in another text message, carter writing, "don't be scared. you're finally to be happy in heaven." >> it's inconceivable. i just don't understand how someone could do that. to encourage someone they claim to love. >> reporter: according to court documents, roy had attempted suicide and had been hospitalized before he had even met carter. and in one text message two weeks before his suicide he expressed his desire to take his own life, writing, "i can't get better. i already made my decision." the defense now trying for a second time to have the involuntary manslaughter charge dropped. >> he has in fact brainwashed her to the point where she's now accepting his idea of this is my only option. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news the defense says,
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by no means threatening" and is that "roy made his own conscious decision to take his own life." adding, "this is a tragedy, not a crime." linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> incredible. she'll be in court next month. could face up to 20 years in prison if she's convicted. >> it's such a horrible story. i've read all of the text messages exchanged between the two of them. and for many to say that she was not an enabler is very, very difficult after you read those messages. it was just so sad because she kept going at him to do it. >> what would motivate someone to do that? it's pretty remarkable. well, coming up, the first ever diagnosed case of autism. >> it was a diagnosis that changed one person's life. and the course of medical history and the mother who
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verbal and social interaction. and in many ways his journey from despair to hope mirrors the history of autism itself. >> all right. how are you doing today? >> reporter: finding donald was the culmination of 15 years of reporting for "nightline" correspondent john donvan and producer karen zucker. >> this little boy is named jake. >> reporter: among the first journalists to cover autism on network television, they began in 2001 with jake, this little boy undergoing what was then a relatively uncommon therapy called applied behavior analysis, or a.b.a. they explored the private thoughts of a young man with autism looking for love. >> do you like her? >> i said i love her. >> oh, you love her. >> but there's a problem. >> she don't love me back. >> she doesn't love you back. >> reporter: armed with their scripts, the duo have turned their first drafts of autism history into a comprehensive
2:50 am
"in a different key: the story of autism." >> your book is really a chronicle of a labor of love. >> "in a different key" is the story of all these unsung heroes who took their love and mobilized, literally. and any parent can relate to that. >> reporter: what are the future chapters in the history of -- >> adults. we have not looked at adults. >> as a society we have not -- but more or less we've said when kids we give them all these opportunities to have great adulthoods, then they turn 21 and all of that sort of goes down the drain in a lot of cases because people need continuing help but where are they? they're living at home with their parents often. and for those 40 years after school the person with autism has really not gone anywhere, not done anything. >> did you have a goal, john, going into the book? >> caren as a member of the community, at that time when we started out, you had a little boy.
2:51 am
i choke up over this. it's been a big -- >> what makes you emotional? >> her kid. i know that caren's always said what she wants is when her kid, now a man, is out there in the world that she won't be the only one who has his back. that it'll be everybody -- excuse me. and she wants this book to get people who read it to be willing to be those people, to be there for her kid. so i hope we did it. >> for "nightline" i'm juju chang in new york. >> see why we love john donvan. i think he's one of the most brilliant writers and journalists and you see his heart i think. $60,000 is how much it costs a family with a child with autism roughly. >> that's absolutely amazing. autism, by the way, now affects 1 in 68 children and 1 in 42 boys.
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with the lights out yes, it's dangerous here we are now entertain us i feel stupid i'm just doing the math. if you were a teenager when you were smelling like teen spirit back in '91 you're probably in your 40s about now. is that right? >> i wonder where it puts me. because i thought it was about the deodorant commercial. >> nirvana's teen spirit, a song for many generations to come. and for others that exuberance is a bit more sincere. >> ten years ago "high school musical" captured the hearts and minds of the nation's youth. abc's chris connelly caught up with the gang a decade later. together, together together everyone >> my heart is just bursting at the seams. it's just -- it's so crazy that
2:56 am
>> reporter: it's true. 2006 saw "high school musical" debuting on the disney channel and rocketing to the head of the class. here and now it's time for celebration its songs, dance numbers, and beloved characters creating a tweentastic phenomenon and turning its stars into overnight sensations. >> it was such a whirlwind. it felt like we were kind of swept up into this vacuum. at one point it literally felt like we were the beatles. >> reporter: this past weekend the cast, minus zac efron -- >> this is only ten years. let's have a billion more. i love you guys. >> reporter: -- reuniting to share fond memories for a disney channel tenth anniversary show on wednesday. >> what does it feel like to revisit a lot of where it all began for you? >> it's amazing. for me i kind of embrace the i want it all of shar-pei. and i'm doing it all. got a clothing line, a makeup line coming out. producing. the movie coming out in may. it's been insane. >> it taught me that what you do is potentially going to impact
2:57 am
>> just to come back into this room and to see everyone again and to go oh, my gosh, we were all part of this together, we made this incredible magic happen together. >> reporter: as they continue to work on projects from broadway and tv to the big screen, these actors reflecting on what made "high school musical" special. >> "high school musical" came out at the perfect time. we were found by fans seeking us out. >> we have tons of other friends, but they don't understand what we've been a part of. and it's like this connection between all of us. >> if someone comes into your life what do they have to know about this experience to understand you? >> that they all come with me. >> it's a package deal. >> it's a package deal. we're all in this together >> reporter: chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> do you remember watching it at all? >> i was abroad at that time period. so i missed that. but i will tell you even abroad in the middle east people loved "high school musical." >> popular. >> (coughing) coughing disrupts
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that's why there's delsym. delsym's advanced time release formula helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours. all night...
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this morning on "world news now" -- backing up trump. >> sarah palin going after the republican establishment, who she says is attacking their own front-runner. her major endorsement of donald trump coming at a crucial time in the primary race. and how ted cruz is responding. and for the democrats bernie sanders searches in the polls, taking a huge lead over hillary clinton. in the primary battleground of new hampshire. why clinton's camp isn't worried about that big number slide. the biggest phone scam in irs history. victims receiving phone calls from scammers posing as agents with threats related to their taxes. what the government is doing to stop it, and what you need to know about it. and say cheese. this morning we're celebrating ingredient, cheese. we'll follow kendis into one of mozzarella.
3:00 am
on this wednesday, january 20th. say cheese lovers day. >> why are you talking like that? >> announcer: from abc news this is "world news now." we're really excited about the cheese thing. good morning, everyone. i'm reena ninan. >> good morning. i'm kendis gibson. we would smother ourselves with cheese in f. it was socially acceptable. in some places it probably is. >> speak for yourself. i just saw you pull out the cheese from your backpack that we're supposed to eat later. i'm a little bit concerned about this. >> should be. are you supposed to refrigerate it? >> yes, you are supposed to refrigerate it, especially fresh mozzarella. >> because i've had it in the bag since yesterday. >> oh, boy. >> see what sort of impact it has. >> speaking of impact. >> yes. let's talk about this. a lot of people are saying this might be a game changer. talking about politics. in the heated republican race in iowa donald trump getting that key endorsement from sarah palin less than two weeks before the caucuses. >> making her announcement last
3:01 am
the republican establishment for "attacking their own front-runner." and she'll be joining trump today on the campaign trail. here's abc's lana zac. >> reporter: the tea party favorite sarah palin has weighed in with her endorsement for the gop nomination. >> are you ready to make america great again? >> reporter: giving it to donald trump. >> are you ready to stump for trump? are you ready for a commander in chief who will let our warriors do their job and go kick isis's [ bleep ]? >> i'm an politician. can i get a hallelujah? doggone right we're angry. justifiably so. >> reporter: the two former reality tv stars have long admired each other. in 2011 palin shared a pizza with trump as she pondered running for the presidency. >> how about a trump-palin ticket? >> that sounds exciting. >> reporter: palin's endorsement could be critical as ted cruz and trump run neck and neck in the two men locked in a battle of backhanded compliments.
3:02 am
>> reporter: the insults simmering just below the surface. >> last couple of days he's been getting rattled, he's been throwing some insults my way. i don't intend to respond in kind. >> ted is worried about his temperament. and people are talking about his temperament. i haven't talked about his temperament. but he's got to be careful because his temperament has been questioned a lot. >> reporter: lana zak, abc news, washington. >> palin's announcement comes one day after her oldest son was arrested in alaska. police picked up track palin on monday night after his girlfriend said he punched her in the face and kicked her in the knees. she also said that she was afraid that he would shoot himself with a rifle. track palin is charged with assault and possession of a weapon while intoxicated. as for the democratic candidates, they're also making some news this morning. with the latest poll numbers from new hampshire. they indicate that bernie sanders is crushing hillary clinton by 27 points. that's his biggest lead so far in that state. and with hillary clinton also
3:03 am
issued an admission saying "there's a real possibility we could lose those contests." she adds that she's prepared for a long race, pointing out that in 2008 she campaigned until june. well, the governor of michigan is apologizing for the water crisis in flint. rick snyder devoted much of his state of the state address to the disaster. he blamed government failure for the lead contamination, which left water in flint undrinkable. the warter supply was switched in 2014 to save money. problem. >> i'm sorry most of all that i let you down. you deserve better. you deserve accountability. you deserve to know that the buck stops here with me. >> the governor has brushed aside growing calls for his resignation. protesters gathered at the state capital in lansing to demand that he step down. and some sad news for the families of those marines who have been missing off the coast of hawaii. the coast guard called off the search for the survivors. the decision comes after an
3:04 am
the 12 marines who disappeared last week. they were on board two helicopters that collided during a nighttime training mission off oahu. they range in age from 21 to 41 and came from nine different states. well, two of the americans released by iran are now speaking publicly. one says that he and others are still in a state of disbelief that they're finally free. with more here's abc's brian ross. >> reporter: finally, something to laugh about for "washington post" reporter jason rezaian. in the first video of him as a free man released he is shown chuckling with his wife over a joke that poked fun at his iranian captors, proclaiming he was a spy. it was also a great day for another of the freed americans. 32-year-old amir hekmati. eager to tell the world iran did not break him. >> i feel alive for the first time. it's like being born again. and i just really feel proud to be an american.
3:05 am
the three other released americans so mistrusted the iranians that they did not relax until their swiss air force plane cleared iranian air space after a delay of some 12 hours. >> so the champagne bottles were popped. >> reporter: hekmati was held for more than four years at iran's notorious evan prison where his family says he was tortured. >> my name is amir hekmati. >> reporter: and forced to make this false confession video, after which he was sentenced to death for being a cia spy. a former marine, hekmati said it was his regard for his fellow marines that kept him going, especially after some of them organized an online hunger strike to support him. >> i didn't want to let my fellow marines down. so i tried my best to, you know, keep my head up and withstand all the pressures that were put upon me, some of which were very inhumane and unjust. semper fi to all the marines out there. >> semper fi. and now there's a new development in the fate of the
3:06 am
former fbi agent robert levinson, who was not part of the swap deal with iran. the white house now says it believes that levinson may not be in iran and they thought that all along. the levinson family says it was surprised to hear that news. brian ross, abc news, new york. turning our focus to the home front, two pregnant women in illinois have been found to be infected with the zika virus. health officials say the expectant mothers had recently visited countries where the virus is located. the cdc recently issued a warning about the virus, which can cause severe birth defects in children. it is spread through mosquito bites and found in certain countries. well, if you run into problems with your new health care insurance plan, you're not alone. thousands of customers around the country don't yet have their errors. many people shot for new plans for 2016. others were forced to sign up elsewhere after their insurance companies ended coverage.
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but experts say this year it is much worse. and speaking of every january, it also brings a new list of the most popular and worst passwords. it's actually amazing how some people just don't get it. tops on the list, 123456. the second -- that's not a typo. it is "password." >> and for those sites that require eight characters, number 3 is 12345678. the fourth are the letters under your left hand. i never thought of this. qwerty. >> qwerty, yeah. >> and you might as well just post your personal data on a hacker's website. they're saying don't do it, folks. >> i used the password one. but i'll use numbers at least. so passored and then 12345. >> they say changing it up, like an asterisk or dollar sign or whatever else. >> it makes is to difficult. >> then you forget it. >> exactly i've tried the space bar thing. >> i didn't know you could do the zblsh yeah.
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>> coming up later in "the mix," making art with frozen pants. but first a mom fights off three would-be carjackers tossing them out of her vehicle at a gas station. the whole ordeal caught on camera. and later we'll go deep inside the insomniac kitchen. along for my mozzarella mission to make the tastiest cheese i could possibly do on this national cheese lovers day. remember to find us on facebook,
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frightening moments for a very brave mom in florida. watch as two would-be carjackers run toward an suv at a gas station. the first driver locks her door. then tries to steal that red car but the driver yanks them out. her two kids are in the back seat. the two men and a woman were arrested a short time later. police found three guns in their possession. this could have ended so much worse. but a mama's instinct kicking in. they obviously say never to do this. but if your kids are in the back seat. and she didn't even know they had guns at the time probably. so wow. incredible. >> incredible video there. meantime, there are aggressive attempts to hijack your cash, and it's happening to americans across the country. right inside their own homes. >> it's a scam with crooks calling people on the phone demanding they pay back taxes, threatening them even if they
3:13 am
abc's mary bruce has the latest. >> reporter: listen to this call. >> before there is an arrest warrant issued i want you or your attorney to give us a call back. >> reporter: from someone claiming to be an irs agent telling you to pay up or else. >> within the next hour they will be at your doorstep to handcuff and you put you behind the bars. >> reporter: the government launching a new campaign warning you to be high alert for scammers as tax season begins. melissa degan says she was conned over more than $15,000. >> i was just like what can i do to fix this? arrested. >> reporter: 5,000 victims losing more than $26 million. the number of these calls tripling in the last year to nearly 1 million. even the treasury department's call. >> at the end i had the joy of telling them their day is coming. you called the wrong guy. call is fake? >> it's not the irs if -- >> if somebody tells you if you don't pay money immediately that you're going to be arrested. >> reporter: the real irs never
3:14 am
letter first. and these scammers are changing their game as people become more aware. but what hasn't changed, these threatening calls. if you receive one, report it. but first, just hang up. mary bruce, abc news, washington. >> it's amazing how they get some of your personal information to make you believe this is really legit. >> i've gotten a lot of these mails actually since i've been here at abc going to my home in d.c. >> wow. >> i'll look and think it's official and call the irs and realize okay, no. so it's -- you definitely have to be on the lookout. >> it's kind of scary. coming up in our next half hour, the growing backlash against the ochkz. jada pinkett smith and spike lee are boycotting this year's academy awards over the lack of diversity among the nominees. well, now actor george clooney is weighing in. but first, making your own cheese. it's national cheese lovers day. and kendis got a lesson in
3:15 am
ahead. cheese, glorious cheese tastes mighty inviting cheese, glorious cheese it's too tantalizing >> whether you like it saucy -- >> going old school today. >> remember that? >> it's from the national dairy it turns 29 today. and really,,hat is there not to like about cheese? sweet, creamy, saltiness. protein. >> absolutely. well, today is national cheese lovers day. and we will celebrate. and in honor of this sacred food holiday i decided to try my hand at making my own fresh mozzarella. but i did have a little bit of help. who am i kidding? a lot of help. inside our insomniac kitchen. >> reporter: if there is anywhere to celebrate
3:16 am
it is here, murray's. they've been in the business since the 1940s. but today they face their biggest challenge. teaching me how to make mozzarella. all right. here to help us celebrate is dan, who's the education maestro here at murray's. what are we going to do? >> these are pasta falata cheeses meaning pulled curd. we're going tyke some unaged mozzarella curd, heat it up, stretch it, roll it into a ball and turn it into the delicious fresh mozzarella we all know and love. let's take a look at the curd, this cube on your plate here. pick it up, take a look. go ahead and give it a taste, anything. >> it's kind of boring. you know what's missing in. absolutely. this is water straight out of the tap as hot as that tap can go. we want to bring the curd up to room temperature so when we add the really hot water it doesn't have to work so hard to heat up. >> it just feels like we're
3:17 am
are we making mozzarella soup? >> i would never want you to do what you're doing right now. >> my second batch. >> second batch here. just take your container and dump your water out. leave the in the bowl. now we're going to break up the mozzarella curd so increase the surface area again so when you add the really hot water it doesn't have to work too hard to melt. break them up. >> all of this is going to come back together? >> absolutely. >> what's the weirdest like form that somebody has made? >> i have a feeling you're going to make the weirdest form we've ever seen. i'm going to add some salt. one, two -- >> that seems like a lot. is that a pinch? >> yeah, looks pretty good. that's a big old pinch. toss the salt in there to coat. this water's sitting at 170 degrees. it's hot. >> okay. >> so what we do is work the curd toward the center of the bowl. >> doif to use my fingers? >> there's pretty much no other
3:18 am
without using your hands. >> we're going to add more hot water? >> eyre going to add more. it's getting good and melty. fold it over a couple of times so it gets this nice and smooth texture there. we're going to put it back in the water. get it right in the middle and take a big old pinch out of the center. let it stretch. you can gently guide it with your other hand. we're making a ribbon. soon as the ribbon's long enough just let it fall back into the bowl. go ahead and rip off what you've got, rip off the rest and work with the ribbon we've got so far. you're going to roll it up. now we're going to make an okay sign with our right hand. keep your thumb and forefinger together. push the curd through your hand. tuck more of your mozzarella curd. what we're going to do is take your other hand and sit right on top and rip what's in your hand out. tuck it in under the bottom of
3:19 am
up that shape there. and that's it. hallelujah >> all righty. let's do this. >> doesn't get any fresher than this. >> yeah, it's actually really good. proves that i can make something. not very well but something. >> happy cheese day. >> yeah, you too. >> so voila. this is mine. this is the finished product that i made. >> i thought we had -- wow. >> no, no. >> that's your actual ball. >> this is my actual mozzarella ball. here, you've got it. >> wow. >> want to dig in? >> thanks for displaying that for us. >> it was tougher -- don't mind me while i cut the cheese. it's really not that tough of a process to make mozzarella. it's really just salt and fat at the end of the day. >> yeah. >> and we have some now. >> you enjoy that.
3:20 am
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and when i know she's feeling like that, it makes me feel like we're both... when she enjoys it, we enjoy it even more. and i enjoy it.
3:23 am
i've got to say that cheese was really good. >> it was really good. it was a quick bathroom break there. but now time for -- time for "the mix." and we're talking about things that are -- it is so cold right now in minnesota. it's so cold in minnesota. how cold is it? >> how cold is it? >> thank you. it's so cold in minnesota that these pants are just frozen in their tracks. >> how did they get them up like that in. >> actually, there's a guy who -- he thought it would be funny. >> yeah. >> he got -- soaked them in water. molded them. and put them outside different parts of his town to put a prank on his neighbors. ? that's >> that's pretty funny. >> yeah. it's kind of cool.
3:24 am
and he did it in 30 minutes. that answers a question of how cold it is in minnesota. >ery interesting. i like this. very, very interesting. now, apparently there's a guy in england who was very upset with the noise that popcorn makes in movie theaters. he wants to ban -- he's got a petition out to ban people from eating popcorn and -- [ popcorn crunching ] that's a prop? i didn't know that. oh, my god, i just ate styrofoam. what happened to the popcorn i bought for the segment? >> it's back there with marcus. >> oh, my god. this didn't go as planned, folks. oh, my god. i just ate styrofoam. can you explain the story? >> this stuff is three days -- three years old. okay. so there's a guy. he hates the noise of popcorn. >> i think i just had some like cancerous --
3:25 am
>> -- paint. >> he's doing this whole petition to get people to stop making noises in movie theaters when they -- when they eat their popcorn. i didn't know that you were going to dig into it. >> well, it looked good. i enjoy popcorn. i was trying to make the point it doesn't make a lot of noise. oh, my gosh. i just ate styrofoam. on national television. >> good deal. all right. so you all know we healthy the noise of popcorn. look at this kid. trying to get a kid's tooth out is a tough thing. this is in seattle. some fans here. they used a football that is connected to his teeth. and ts solved that problem. take a look. nice.
3:26 am
>> yeah, it did work. this morning on "world news now" -- state of emergency. the michigan governor apologizing last night for the mishandling of the water crisis in flint. this as president obama meets with the city's mayor to see what can be done to help the children exposed to lead. sarah palin coming out last night with guns blazing. plenty of targets for the tea party favorite. and nobody off limits as she endorses donald trump for the presidency. her colorful comments just ahead. and new this half hour, the hollywood star's heroic actions. >> jamie foxx pulling a victim of a car crash from the burning wreckage. and now speaking out about the incident happening right in front of his home. and another hollywood star called out for being tone deaf. zac efron's racially insensitive post on martin luther king day.
3:27 am
backlash from fans and a mea culpa from the star. that's later in "the skinny" on this wednesday january 20th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good wednesday morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan. we begin with breaking news from northwestern pakistan where a terror attack is unfolding at a university. >> now, we're told that many people have been killed and more casualties are expected as police and army troops exchange gunfire with the attackers. witnesses say they've heard several explosions. two gunmen among those killed as others continued firing. the victims include students and professors. >> fog and low visibility have been hampering military and popoce efforts to regain control on the campus. but we're told it is now being searched door to door. >> now, we should point out the university is located about 20 miles from peshawar, where a similar attack by the taliban in 2014 left more than 1010 people dead.
3:28 am
monitor this breaking situation in pakistan. >> also new this morning, the governor of michigan speaking about the water crisis in flint. >> rick snyder has been strongly criticized for his response to this disaster. there have been calls for his arrest but he's now apologized and pledged another $28 million to fix the problem. it's been an ongoing crisis for several months. and we get the very latest right now from abc's elizabeth hur. >> i'm sorry most of all that i let you down. you deserve better. >> reporter: michigan governor rick snyder responding to critics and vowing to take action. >> i'm increasing the support from the mission -- michigan national guard starting tomorrow to ensure that every home we need to visit in flint gets visited as soon as possible. >> reporter: national guard troops are now on the ground passing out water and filters. but for some the damage has been done. >> our people need financial aid. we need it now. >> reporter: lawyers representing families from
3:29 am
have now filed three class action lawsuits seeking damages and an injunction to help families billed for water they could not use. this announcement comes as angry residents continue to rally, some even demanding the governor be arrested. the state is now under investigation after the city of flint changed its water source fromake huron to the flint river to save money. that change exposing residents to toxic levels of lead. but officials allegedly waiting five months to warn the public. >> we're paying for this water. and this water is poison. >> reporter: president obama, who earlier declared a state of emergency, on tuesday appointed an official to lead the federal respon and met with the flint mayor in d.c. even though the water source has been switched back, we're told the pipe system is so badly damaged the water is still not safe to drink. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. well, donald trump is
3:30 am
this morning saying he's honored that cononrvative favorite sarah palin has thrown her support his way. palin made her announcement last night in iowa, where trump has been locked in a dead heat with ted cruz. her speech was classic palin, marked by slams at the obama administration and the republican establishment. >> are you ready to stump for trump? i'm here to support the next president of the united states, donald trump! >> because a weak-kneed capitulator in chief has decided that america will lead from behind. and he who would negotiate deals kind of with the skills of a community organizer maybe organizing a neighborhood tea, we're paying for. some of their squirmishes that have been going on for centuries where they're fighting each other and yelling allah akbar calling jihad on each other's heads forever and ever. like i've said before, let them duke it out and let allah sort
3:31 am
this election is more than just your basic abcs, anybody but clinton. it's more than that this go-around. how about the rest of us? right-winging bitter-clinging proud clingers of our guns, our honor, our religions and our constitution. tell us that we're not right enough? yeah, coming from the establishment. right. >> you know, i thought it was interesting, she was asked if she -- what department she would like to be head of if trump wins and she said energy because oil and gas are her strong suits. and then she said she would dismantle the program. >> i think what's her strong suit is that outfit. i'm just going to be superficial here. what do we think? is that like from the marilyn mccoo line of clothing? what do you think of -- >> somebody tweeted out it's from a concert of earth, wind and fire in the 1970s. >> it kind of does. it's pretty cool. by the way, this is how the "daily news" of new york on its cover for this morning regarded the endorsement.
3:32 am
>> it says what, "hate minds think alike. palin endorses trump." >> it can at least be entertaining over the next couple of weeks. all right. in the democratic race in the meantime new poll numbers show bernie sanders trouncing hillary clinton by 27 points. and with her lead in iowa also shrinking a little bit, clinton is upping her verbal attacks against sanders. abc's cecilia vega has details. >> reporter: losing ground in iowa and new hampshire, hillary clinton now issuing this admission. there's a real possibility we could lose those contests. her desperate e-mail plea to donors a stark contrast to this. a massive crowd for bernie sanders. in iowa the vermont senator gloating. >> today the inevitable candidate does not look quite so inevitable as she did 8 1/2 months ago. >> reporter: that new poll especially damaging to clinton in a state where she has been on the offensive, dispatching her
3:33 am
in new hampshire and bring it home for her again. >> reporter: -- to chelsea. >> senator sanders wants to dismantle obamacare. >> reporter: but clinton has said she's prepared for the long fight ahead, saying she's done it before. >> i want to win. but i have a very long view about this. look, i campaigned until june last time, as we all remember. >> reporter: and the clinton campaign calling these polls meaningless. now, around this same time back in 2008 there were some polls that showed barack obama with a double-digit lead in new hampshire. we all know that hillary clinton ended up winning that state. cecilia vega, abc news, new york. driver fatigue is suspected as the cause of a deadly greyhound crash in northern california. passengers reported that the driver appeared to doze off moments before the accident. this is south of san jose. two women died when the bus overturned. the ntsb is now investigating this crash. weather experts are using every strong word they can to describe a snowstorm taking aim
3:34 am
one calling it a doozy. the storm is moving slowly but packing a huge punch of frigid temperatures. plenty of snow and gusting winds. road crews are all ready to work, trying to minimize dangerous conditions. you didn't like the doozy line, huh? >> i do. it's a technical term for a storm. it might not be cooperstown, but it is a baseball hall of fame. pete rose will be inducted into the cincinnati reds hall of fame this summer, and the team will also retire his number. just last month the baseball commissioner decided not to lift rose's lifetime ban from betting on baseball. the reds say that's one reason they're making the announcement now and they have the commissioner's permission to do so. well, the carolina panthers may be hovering around another trip to the super bowl. but they won't be doing it on hoverboards. coach ron rivera has banned the motorized scooters from the team's facilities. >> yeah. they've been very popular with panthers players. rivera says someone tipped him to the rash of hoverboard fires
3:35 am
>> he banned it. so i'm kind of scared to keep it at home now. so i kind of keep it in the hallway, away from everything. just because if it decide to blow up on me. >> so he says he even caught some players drag-racing in the hallways with it. >> so they would go to and from practices on hoverboards? >> yeah. >> i would be upset as a coach. you can walk. it's good exercise, folks. or jog. >> i think they exercise enough. >> you think so? >> two-a-day exercises. >> i've never been to their practices, so i would not know. >> yes, it's true. >> every type of exercise is good. >> the hoverboard, it's core exercise. >> oh. maybe i should get a hoverboard. coming up, the growing distaste with the academy. lack of diversity among the oscar nominees leading to even more hollywood heavy hitters calling for change and a boycott of the ceremony. and why this man right there is hugging jamie foxx, thankful for the actor taking action
3:36 am
but first let's take a look at the forecast map, where it is cold. >> it's pretty cold. >> announcer: "world news now" weather. brought to you by mucinex sinus max. so how ya doing? enough pressure in here for ya? ugh. my sinuses are killing me. yeah...just wait 'til we hit ten thousand feet. i'm gonna take mucinex sinus-max. too late, we're about to take off. these dissolve fast. they're new liquid gels. and you're coming with me... wait, what?! you realize i have gold status? do i still get the miles? new mucinex sinus-max liquid gels. dissolves fast to unleash max strength medicine. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. there's moving... and there's moving
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when she enjnjs it, we enjoy it even more. and i enjoy it. feel the difference with k-y ultragel. well, i'm standing on a corner in winslow, arizona such a fine sight to see it's a girl my lord in a black ford slowing down to take a look at me well, come on of course the late glenn frey co-wrote the eagles' hit "take it easy," reminding people of this town along route 66. take a look. last night the people of
3:40 am
favor, remembering frey. they gathered at the statue that commemorates the 1972 song and listened as a dj played "take it easy" and other eagles songs. >> it's a very sweet tribute. >> yeah. well, actor jamie foxx played superman monday night, pulling a car crash victim from his burning car. the accident happened right in front of foxx's gate at his estate north of los angeles. with the burning car laying on its side, the driver trapped inside, foxx broke the window, cut the seat belt, dragged him about 30 feet away. he's now downplaying his actions. >> i don't look at it as heroic. i just look at it like, you know, you just had to do something. you know. and it all just worked out, man. i mean, without going too far into it, it all worked out. >> and just hours ago on instagram, look at this. foxx sharing a touching photo of him hugging the driver's dad. he said, "no heroes. just happy fathers." oh, i love to hear this. it's such a great story that could have been so horrible, had a horrible outcome. >> they were both very
3:41 am
>> yeah, it was very emotional you could tell. elsewhere in los angeles a backlash against this year's academy awards gaining more traction. >> a number of actors of color are sounding off against the lack of diversity among this year's nominees. and now actor george clooney is adding his voice. here now is abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: george clooney now one of the hollywood heavyweights weighing in, telling "variety" magazine "i don't think it's a problem of who you're picking as much as it is how many options are available to minorities in film." >> the academy has a problem. >> reporter: actor david oyelowo blasted the academy. >> for 20 opportunities to celebrate actors of color, actresses of color. to be missed last year is one thing. for that to happen again this year is unforgivable. >> reporter: and now a growing number vowing to boycott this year's oscars, including jada pinkett smith.
3:42 am
awards, and i won't be watching. >> reporter: spike lee. >> we need to have some serious discussion about diversity and get some flavor up in this. >> reporter: and oscar-winning director michael moore, also a member of the academy, planning to be a no-show this year. the academy's president vowed to make big changes. >> what we all need to do now is actually take some action. >> reporter: the academy president knows there's a long road ahead with the academy at last check 93% white and just 2% black. linsey davis, abc news, new york. and with that note, tune in to "good morning america" later this morning to hear director spike lee speak more on his boycott of the academy awards. okay. when we come back, why zac efron is apologizing on twitter. and guess which famous country singer just turned 70. here's a hint. she's been a platinum blond since the johnson administration. >> she's one of my favorites. >> yeah.
3:43 am
"the skinny" up next. skinny so skinny time now for "the skinny." and topping the headlines this morning, an apology from zac efron.
3:44 am
on mlk day saying "i'm grateful for martin luther king and 10 million followers on instagram." but he also followed it with a raised fist and a pointing skin tone emoji that you have on >> i had no idea there was one. >> oh, i do. >> after a social media backlash the very next day efron deleted the post and issued an apology saying, "i have nothing but the greatest admiration and respect for dr. king. i realized that last night's post was completely insensitive, and i apologize to anyone who i may have offended. so sorry." >> all right. well, speaking of zac efron, here is his best asset. him shirtless. >> we're getting an eyeful of efron's pecs you see there in the first official trailer for "neighbors 2: sorority rising." in the sequel to "neighbors" seth rogen and rose byrne's characters are having a second baby, and just when they think the neighborhood's calmed down a sorority moves in right next door. >> it's a little hard to call the cops without a phone. >> give us that back!
3:45 am
>> what the -- >> it's called a cord. >> it's an old people phone. >> "neighbors 2" hits theaters on may 20th. when you get to see more of zac's six-pack abs. and seth rogen's as well as you can see there. >> and set to hit the small screen, a big fat dose of retro nostalgia. >> netflix has released a teaser of the first peewee herman movie since 1988. "peewee's big holiday" stars paul reubens himself meeting with a mysterious stranger who inspires peewee to take his first ever holiday. >> a traffic light. just like i've seen in national geographic! >> can you believe that paul reubens is 63 years old? isn't that incredible? he still looks like the same on saturday morning cartoons from the '80s. >> and he does. >> "peewee's big holiday" scheduled to debut on netflix in march of this year. that's incredible.
3:46 am
>> and speaking of getting up there in years, an american cultural icon has crossed -- that's kind of mean. anyway. an american icon has crossed over into her seventh decade. >> oh, my gosh. this is so hard to believe, but dolly parton turned 70 years old yesterday. the country music hall of famer has been performing professionally since 1956. but her singing career really, really took off in 1967 and then came one of her signature songs. oh, this is my favorite. from 1973. jolene jolene jolene, jolene please don't take him just because you can jolene, jolene, jolene, jolene >> and there she is with her goddaughter miley cyrus. >> over the course of her career parton had 110 career charted singles, eight grammy awards, 46 grammy nominations and sold more than 100 million records
3:47 am
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3:50 am
as we've been reporting all morning, donald trump has been given a major boost in his bid for the white house. the endorsement of former alaska governor sarah palin. >> it comes as two high-profile daughters hit the campaign trail. here's abc's david wright. >> mr. trump has a great capacity to use bluster and bigotry. >> publicly and professionally, hillary clinton was the single worst secretary of state in the history of this country. >> reporter: hillary clinton and donald trump apparently can't
3:51 am
but when it comes to their dutiful daughters -- >> i have my daughter, ivanka, here. >> reporter: ivanka trump there in new hampshire. >> i am so incredibly proud of my father. >> reporter: just as chelsea clinton was a few weeks ago. >> my mom is running to be president, and she's going to be president. >> reporter: they have more in common than you think. ivanka and chelsea's parents used to be friends. so they've known each other for years. as chelsea told "e.t." >> ivanka and i talk about everything. i'm so grateful she's my friend. i think she's a great woman. >> reporter: two 30-something women now earning their own place in the world. >> the responsibility sort of has to fall on you all now. >> reporter: ivanka apprenticed on "the apprentice." now she's an executive vice president for the trump organization. chelsea works for the clinton global initiative. both are pregnant, expecting before the election. both married to jewish businessmen. both have fathers-in-law who went to prison. long before the campaign ivanka tweeted this quote from chelsea's book -- "life is not about what happens
3:52 am
happens to you #wisewords." chelsea told "vogue" ivanka "reminds me of my dad and his ability to increase the joy of the room." while their parents may not be speaking anytime soon, ivanka and chelsea are reportedly planning a play date with their kids after the election. david wright, abc news, new york. >> all right. i can see why you'd wait until after the election. >> yeah, i think they'll be a little busy over the next eight or nine months. >> but it's good that they know -- that they are putting out there that they want to keep their relationship on track but they know they need to take a little breather. >> but many political experts are saying this is actually -- the fact that they're both pregnant will be a boon to both campaigns, trump and clinton's campaign. >> does that increase voters? >> at least two. >> in 18 years. facebook. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now."
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