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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  January 22, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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planes off the runway. we have team coverage straight ahead. the race for 2016. the conservative revolt. the list of names saying donald trump is not ready to be president. calling him unmoored, crazy. trump's new message in return. and barbara bush with her own message. is it aimed at trump? flying while drunk. the passenger plane, and the pilot arrested. breaking news, deadly listeria. now linked to lettuce. the new recall this evening. and the major new announcement from the academy. did will smith's wife win her oscar fight? good evening. it's great to have you with us on a friday night. we begin with the deadly storm. the blizzard warnings up at this hour. hundreds of crashes. the storm proving deadly already. washington, d.c., expected to get more than two feet of snow
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and live pictures from virginia. our camera showing the driving conditions there. what could be the biggest storm in washington in more than 90 years. cars flipped on highways in virginia. and in the south, already a nightmare. drivers in nashville trying to drive the car through the snow. the long lines at reagan national airport. and the radar at this hour, the storm marching north. team coverage tonight, beginning with david kerley in washington. >> reporter: this monster storm is pounding the mid-atlantic, after thundering through the south. >> did you hear that? >> reporter: washington, d.c., remains the bull's-eye. snow already accumulating. predicted to be the biggest snowfall in 90 years. >> it has life and death implications. >> reporter: seven states have 2 million tons of salt to spread. such a serious storm, a run at grocery stores. cereal, pasta, vegtables,
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hardware stores having a hard time keeping up. in pennsylvania -- >> it's been nonstop. since we opened our eyes. >> reporter: drivers topping off their tanks. >> you never know what's going to happen. >> reporter: and flyers are fleeing as fast as they can. >> can't wait to get out of town. >> reporter: either could this dallas-bound flight attendant in d.c. more than 6,500 flights already canceled through sunday. several airports will shut down. more than two feet of snow now expected in some areas. wpvi philadelphia chief meterologist cecily tynan. >> in addition to the snow piling up, fierce winds will blow it around. d.c., baltimore, philadelphia, new york. whiteout conditions for up to 36 hours and that's a big concern. >> reporter: it will be a blizzard. and now, washington, d.c., which failed a test two nights ago with less than an inch of snow, is feeling the pressure.
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center late today. where they're pro pairing for now 30 inches of snow. tonight, the district of columbia is already a ghost town. very few vehicles are out. and officials tell me, even though the storm will end on sunday, it's most likely the city will be shut down on monday as well. >> david, thank you. now to the disaster in the south already. ice, snow, even tornadoes. the mayor of atlanta telling everyone to go home and stay there. the images coming in, cars stretching to the horizon in nashville. in tennessee, whiteout conditions at this hour. steve osunsami in north carolina, where the snow is piling up. >> reporter: in his five years running a snow plow in asheville, north carolina, scottie shelton tells me this is
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>> yes, it's definitely ice underneath. i've slid several times this morning in my dump truck. >> reporter: the icy roads were too much for 150 drivers here who crashed today. around nashville, that number was more than 200. across the country, at least nine drivers have died. way too many people are having to push their cars. for this poor guy, the struggle is real. authorities are begging families to stay put, or else make sure they take along extra hats, and food. de-icer, rock salt, or even kitty litter could help free a wheel. >> we think you need to not go stay home. >> reporter: while it's blizzards in the north, it's ice and tornadoes in the south. two tornadoes in mississippi and down power lines in northeastern arkansas. tonight, tens of thousands of but the game must go on. the carolina panthers are hoping
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super bowl. they're holding practices out in the storm. >> it was like, man, everybody's feet and hands started to go numb. >> reporter: we're hearing isolated reports of a foot or more snow. this is a snow drift that hasn't been touched. it's knee-high, almost 2 1/2 feet of snsn. and another eight inches are possible tonight. david? >> steve, our thanks to you as well. coastal flooding warnings from maryland to connecticut at this hour. what could be the biggest test since super storm sandy. evacuations under way. linzie janis on the jersey shore. tonight, trying to make sure history doesn't repeat itself. sending in this report late today. giant sand dune. it's been built to try to protect the homes and businesses along the shore.
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big it is. about a mile and a half long, 12 feet tall. the hope is it will keep out the storm surge, 20-foot waves, from getting into the town. this area, the hordeardest-hit by sandy. and the big worry with this storm, like during sandy, it's a full moon, and tides will be higher than normal. david? >> thank you. and rob marciano, live in washington, d.c., tonight. the washington monument barely visible behind you. you have the newest track. >> this storm truly becoming a beast. and no reason to believe that d.c. won't be paralyzed by the storm. and for new york city, 10 to 15 inches of snow.
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baltimore, d.c., 20 to 25. maybe more in the southwest, philadelphia, 18 to 24 inches. and snow wrapping around, all the way to georgia. and snow arriving in new york city around 11:00 p.m. and by tomorrow, the storm off the coast of new jersey, that's where the winds really get cranking. huge winds, waves 30 to 60 inches. and tomorrow, parts of new york with snow drifts five, six feet or better. this is a dangerous situation. you will want to check on your elderly neighbors, and stay put, shelter in place until sunday. >> rob, thank you. in the meantime tonight, to the other news this friday. the race for 2016, and a revolt
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the party against donald trump. calling him unmoored, an opportunist and a menace. tom llamas on the campaign tonight. >> reporter: trump going from campaign brawler -- >> he's a very strident person. ted is starting to go down. he's getting nervous. he's a nasty guy nobody likes him. he had his moment and he blew it. >> reporter: -- to mature statesman with a message of unity. >> i will bring our country together. we will be unified. we will be one. we will be happy again. >> reporter: but trump now causing a civil war within his own party. the conservative "national review," issuing an s.o.s. a special edition called "against trump," including articles from 22 conservative leaders from the reagan days to the tea party era. all trashing trump. they call him a "charlatan, unmoored and crazy. fantasies. a tapeworm invading the weakened body of the republican party."
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stunt. >> the "national review" is a dying paper, it's got, its circulation is way down. not very many people read it anymore. >> reporter: he says polls don't lie. publishing these exclusive behind-the-scenes photos of trump and sarah palin looking at the latest numbers. former first lady barbara bush taking a shot at trump's ego in a campaign ad for her son. >> when push comes to shove people are going to realize jeb has real solutions. rather than talking about how popular they are, how great they are. >> reporter: former first lady barbara bush now entering the campaign. and david, donald trump heading right back to iowa tomorrow. that's where he's locked in the tightest battle with senator ted cruz. who will also be there this weekend. david? >> thanks. meanwhile, on the democratic side. the clinton campaign pointing to
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closer than previously thought. kayna whitworth with the story. >> reporter: tonight in iowa, the final push. bernie sanders now on top in the hawkeye state. and his campaign, trying to keep it that way. >> we joke, you can stand or sit. or you can caucus. >> reporter: at his des moines headquarters, supporters working the phones in a race against the clock. >> i want to see if you are a confirmed supporter. >> reporter: two hours away in cedar rapids -- you guys are busy here. inside clinton's camp. so how many people are you calling today? >> this phone bank has about 170 people. >> reporter: there aren't enough chairs for all the volunteers. in iowa, it all comes down to getting supporters to caucus. sanders has 27 field offices. clinton, 26. more than 100 paid sanders staffers. clinton's camp won't reveal how many. but each side says they've made millions of calls to get out the vote. from this clinton office alone,
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even more door knocks. >> it's about neighbors talking to neighbors, friends talking to friends. building that relationship. >> reporter: but just outside, in one front yard after the next, bernie sanders signs. and the clinton campaign is predicting a victory in iowa. they do concede it will be close. they're drankbanking on the ground game to pull off the win coming next monday. >> thank you. we have breaking news from canada, a shooting at a school in saskatchewan. five people are dead, two critically injured. an alleged shooter is in custody at this hour. and in flint, michigan, the whistle blower speaking out, saying it should never have happened.
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the house where it might have all started. >> reporter: tonight, our first look at ground zero in flint, michigan. lee-anne lee-anne walters called the epa to say that her children had been diagnosed with lead poison poisoning. plastic. >> no way. it was coming from the outside. >> reporter: it was this epa investigator that performed tests and found the high levels of lead were from switching the water to the flint river. the foul-smelling water coming from the taps. he made a stunning discovery. the river water was not being treated with additives that help keep the lead out.
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have the treatment in place. >> reporter: since then, life has been a scramble for residents. parents testing their children, and lining up for their one case a day ration of bottled water. >> i don't have time to come here every day for one case. >> reporter: and the director of the epa has now resigned. >> thank you. and now to new charges against a former alaska airlines pilot accused of flying under the influence. kayna whitworth with the eye-opening numbers now. >> reporter: authorities say this california airline pilot flew drunk twice on the same day. >> alcohol and aviation just do not mix. investigators say 60-year-old david hans arntson flew from san diego to portland, oregon, and then back to california in 2014, when he was selected for a
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he failed both. in court documents, arntson told alaska airline officials he didn't have anything to drink. but after a long investigation he was finally charged. >> the faa's stance is that there is an eight-hour rule from bottle to throttle. >> reporter: the faa says last year, more than 11,000 random alcohol tests were conducted on pilots, and 13 tested above the legal limit for flying. in the if the pilot is convicted, he faces up to 15 years in prison. >> thank you. and the listeria outbreak, we'll have more. and did jada pinkett-smith win her battle against the oscars? and one of the greatest rivalries in sports.
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next tonight, we learned today of a major change coming to the academy after backlash other the oscars. here's linsey davis. awards. >> reporter: response from some of the biggest names. >> it's a systematic bias that needs to be addressed. >> reporter: the academy taking ambitious reaction, doubling members by 2020. the vote, unanimous. and the academy president, saying the academy will lead, and not wait for the industry to catch up.
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>> reporter: many blamed the academy, which is 93% white, and 77% male. in an effort to change the makeup of the academy more quickly, members are no longer guaranteed to have voting privileges for life. three new governor seats will be added. all part of an effort that is hoped to change the big picture. >> thank you. and the deadly listeria outbreak. the new recall. it's one of the greatest
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finally tonight here, our person of the week. the young actress made famous on "the sopranos," playing the daughter. the real-life secret she revealed this week, gave millions hope. and she wants them to know, they can fight it, too. jamie-lynn sigler. playing tony soprano's daughter. but her secret, no one knew about it. but opening up this week about her battle with relapsing multiple sclerosis. >> it was a shock. >> she first told people, it took her three or four years to
6:57 pm
and she remembers james gandolfini's support. but now married with a young son of her own, she said she was ready to help others. >> at the time, i thought it meant wheelchair, your life was over. >> tonight, the national multiple sclerosis society telling us her announcement is proof, there is a future. >> you can have a career, be a mother, be a spouse, and have treatment options. >> so many writing. one saying, thank you, you are a brave young lady. another offering to be her advocate.
6:58 pm
ideas of what this means to them, and possibly give people hope that it's not the end. >> whoo! >> and so we choose, jamie-lynn sigler, and all the fighters living with m.s., proving their strength every from sony pictures studios, it's america's game. wheel... of... fortune! ladies and gentlemen, here are the stars of our show, pat sajak and vanna white. we're coming to get you! hi! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, jim. thank you, everybody. that was a lovely walk. i enjoyed it. okay. enjoy the rest of it. hi, boys and girls. how y'all doing?
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"what are you doing?" is the category. and sparkly vanna will get us started here. [ bell chimes ] devin. getting comfortable. yeah. and apparently, you are. [ cheers and applause ] how are you doing, devin? i'm doing well. how are you, sir? i'm well. thanks. devin mercer, cockeysville, maryland. yes, sir. a college professor. i am a college professor at delaware state university, where i teach voice lessons. mm-hmm. and you sing, as well, i assume. i sing as often as i possibly can. yes. uh-huh. talk about -- a little girl at home? i do. i have a lovely girlfriend named britney, and i have a lovely daughter named chloe. i love them both very much. all right. glad to have you with us, and you already have $1,000. you're ahead of the game. all right. thank you. let's say hi to courtney swenson.


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