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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  January 25, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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turn on over to news 13 on my40. tonight, the blizzard of 2016. the ripple effect coast-to-coast. 30 killed, a mother and child in their car as her husband was digging out. thousands of flights cancelled. is there another storm brewing? and the countdown is on. seven days oto iowa. donald trump, and his comments, making a point about his popularity popularity. and the urgent man hunt. three escaping. the mid-air scare. the american airlines flight
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and buildings on the edge. good evening. great to have you with us on a monday night. we hope you were inside and warm during the storm, but tonight, it's still impossible to escape it. 80 million americans digging out in the east. records from baltimore to philadelphia to new york. this neighborhood in new jersey. this time lapse showing a parking lot in virginia. the storm has been deadly. a mother and child, among the more than 30 dead. and the storm, from arkansas to massachusetts. and tonight, we have our eye on another possible storm. gio benitez leading us off. >> reporter: tonight in new york city, even the snowplows, reeling from that record breaking snow. >> we have to finish this job today and get it done.
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still buried two days later. >> i don't know why they forgot about us. >> reporter: the long island railroad employing a snow blower powered by a jet engine to clear its tracks. 80 million people in all impacted by the massive winter storm. baltimore seeing its biggest snowstorm ever. nearby martinsburg, 40 inches. in newark, new jersey, a record breaking 27.9 inches fell. >> this is not right. they're not cleaning the streets or anything. >> reporter: the heavy snow caving in roofs, like this church in chester county, pennsylvania. this apartment complex in virginia. it also claimed at least 31 lives. in new jersey, 23-year-old mother sasha lynn rosa and her 1-year-old son messiah died from carbon mononide poisoning waiting inside their car. the car's tail pipe covered with snow. her 3-year-old daughter
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out the snow even before you start the vehicle. >> reporter: and in new york city, five people died while shoveling. a warning many are taking seriously tonight. you stop for rests so you don't get too tired? >> oh, no, not at my age. >> reporter: up and down the east coast, hundreds of accidents since saturday's storm hit. that 85-mile stretch of pennsylvania turnpike, finally reopened tonight, after more than 500 cars got stuck for hours. for the duquesne basketball team, a trip that usually takes four hours, took 22. this church group making do, too. celebrating mass in the snow. and the problem here tonight, just take a look. some free throwstreets in new york haven't been plowed. many saying they've never seen is this much snow. >> thank you. and this evening, washington, d.c. shoutut down.
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remove snow from the tracks of the rail road. and here's david kerley on the nightmare for thousands tonight. >> reporter: two full days after the blizzard, they're still working to reopen the capital. emergency. >> reporter: washington looking like a ghost town. in the suburbs, officials say it could be wednesday before street. >> it's a mess. >> reporter: it's been a mess in the skies, too. more than 1,600 flight cancellations today, as passengers begin to return to airports. >> it was cancelled, they re-booked me on sunday, it was cancelled. >> reporter: some of the snow being melted at reagan national.
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a day later, sunshine and heavy machine machinery. working to clean more than 200 miles of runway. today, runways are clear, but service will be limited for another day or two. it's just been announced that the city government will be open tomorrow, but schools will be closed for another day. david? there were major concerns about the coast going into the storm, already battered by superstorm sandy. linzie janis with the pictures. >> reporter: tonight, the jersey shore cleaning up after the monster waves and high tides flooded towns. these before and after shots
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in and recedeing within hours. >> this major nor'easter caused flooding from delaware to new jersey, hitting cape may county with a surge of more than nine feet. >> reporter: the water coming in here, destroying this deck. it was lifted up out of the water and carried into the yard. this man's home looked like this on saturday. >> it's heartbreaking. >> reporter: but some towns fared better. david, here's the defense thatednessthat didn't work. this is a retaining wall that was blown out. they're raising to fix it before
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>> thank you. let's get to rob marciano in lower manhattan. you're watching another possible storm system? >> yes, with two feet of snow, you have to get rid of it. they've been working with the giant snow melters, melting up to 60 tons of snow per hour. tomorrow, milder air coming in before another cold shot comes later in the week. and we're also concerned about the potential for a late week storm. at the moment, there's the chance of it getting closer to the east coast. but we think the likely track is well offshore. if that happens, light snow for eastern new england, but we'll update you tomorrow and on wednesday. >> we prefer the likely track, not the possible one to the left. thank you. and the race for 2016, seven
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our team on it all tonight. trump giveing voters the hard sell in the final days. over the weekend, saying he could shoot someone on fifth avenue in new york, and people would stick by him. and ted cruz, fighting back. tom llamas in iowa. >> reporter: tonight, the final march into iowa. >> i want to win iowa. >> reporter: trump providing his closing argument to voters. >> the establishment, the special interests, lobbyists, done donors, they're all against me. i don't owe anything to them. i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody, and i wouldn't lose any voters. it's incredible. >> reporter: but he's still
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>> everybody thinks he's a whack job. and ted can't get along with anybody. he's a nasty person. >> reporter: for cruz, the clock is ticking. >> 177 hours, that's how long we've got until the iowa caucus. >> reporter: seeing his lead slip after trump's relentless attacks. >> each day, i learn new and interesting things about myself. i think the people of iowa deserve better, and are not interested in seeing bickering and insults, so i'm not going to do it. >> reporter: now, they're seeing a different side of cruz, a texas teen with big goals. >> take over the world, rule everything. rich, powerful, that kind of stuff. >> reporter: but trump's big endorsement from sarah palin, tv gold for "snl". >> i'm for all you teachers and
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whether you're a mom or two broke girls or three men and a baby, or a rock and roller, holy roller, pushing stroller. >> she's a firecracker. she's a real pistol. she's crazy, isn't she? [ laughter ] >> tom llamas joining us live from iowa. and a late-breaking headline, trump saying he wasn't sure if he would show up at the republican debate this week? >> yes, he wants to make sure he'll be treated fairly. one of the co-moderators is megyn kelly, someone he says he doesn't care for, and who he
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and polls showing clinton with a slight lead over sanders. and now, what could be a bloomberg bombshell, revealing the former mayor may get in. here's cecilia vega. >> reporter: sources tell abc news, if bernie sanders and donald trump win the nominations nominations, bloomberg may enter the race. >> i have the highest respect for him. and i'm going to work hard to get the nomination so he doesn'n' have to jump into the race. >> reporter: the battle here in iowa, fiercer than ever. >> are you guys ready to make a political revolution? >> reporter: more than 1,000 people turning out to see sanders today.
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supporters that showed up for clinton's three stops combined. the grueling pace, seeming to catch up with her today. >> you do talk a lot in this campaign. >> reporter: but all that love that clinton has shown to president obama -- >> i'm proud of the progress we've made. >> reporter: now coming right back to her. the president calling her wicked smart. >> she had to do everything i had to do, except like ginger rogers, backwards and in heels. had to walk upke up earlier, handle all the expectations. >> and president obama didn't
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sounded like he came close. how is clinton interpreting it? >> it came close. clinton's interpretation saying she believes obama thinks she's the best-prepared candidate for the job. >> let's bring in jonathan karl. i want to get back to the michael bloomberg headline. clinton believes it's only in case she doesn't get the nomination. but who would he hurt the most? >> reporter: most would say he'd draw support from democrats. he's a socially liberal new yorker, but bloomberg is also an economic conservative, bringing crime down as mayor of new york.
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republicans who won't vote for trump or cruz. >> and trump saying he welcomes bloomberg? >> he sure does. we have major developments out of flint, michigan. the attorney general launching a new investigation.n. and children being tested for lead. and parents continue to be billed for the water. alex perez, back on the case tonight. >> reporter: the michigan attorney general announcing an independent team is now leading an investigation into the mishandling of the water crisis in flint. water, he admits, remains unsafe. >> i would not bathe a child in this bad water. >> reporter: a warning the family of 2-year-old sincere smith wishes they had sooner.
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says, caused by bathing in the contaminated water. some children in tears, as they lined up with families to get tested. and the anger only growing. as monthly water bills continue to roll in. >> we're paying for this water. and this water is poison. >> reporter: alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> thank you. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight." three dangerous fugitives on the run. the question tonight, did they have help? and where are they? new images coming in of the powerful earthquake rocking the united states. the suv rocking in the garage. and the super showdown is set. cam newton and peyton manning. will this be manning's final game?
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next tonight here, the urge end manhunt in the west. three considered armed and dangerous, rahppelling from the roof. was this an inside job? here's kayna whitworth. >> reporter: tonight, the manhunt intensifying for those three escaped inmates. now on the run for a fourth day. police say the three men cut through a metal grates in their cell, making their way through plumbing pipes to the roof. there they rappelled down the side of the jail using that rope made from bed sheets. >> we think it would be highly unlikely for someone else in there not to know what was going on. >> reporter: you can see in this surveillance video a shadowy figure, and the flicker. they believe that's one of the men on the roof. the fugitives, accused of violent crimes from murder to attempter murder, kidnapping and torture. they were last seen at the maximum security jail dawn on friday, but weren't discovered missing until late
6:49 pm
they escaped here, an area with government buildings, and neighborhoods. authorities tonight saying they think the men are still somewhere in southern california. >> we feel that they may be embedded somewhere in the community. >> reporter: authorities fear people may be too fearful to come forwrwd. >> thank you. when we come back, the new warning about the zika virus. and the 7.1 quake, hitting alaska. and the major grocerysscery store that economists say just living near increases the value of your home. we'll be back. what are you supposed to do? drive three quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart.
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wall comablerumbling down. the mid-air scare on a flight from miami to milan. seven passengers injured when their plane hit turbulence. the new warning about the zika virus, spread by mosquito. currently, no one has contracted it, but there are warnings it is likely to spread to the u.s. and the new images this evening of the earthquake in alaska. items falls off the shelves. and trader joe's and whole foods, homes within a mile are worth 10% more than other neighborhoods. when we come back, the rising star.
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reduced risk of stroke plus less major bleeding. ask your doctor... ...if switching... eleluis is right for you. finally tonight, it's going to be a super bowl for the ages. a young star versus an all-time favorite. here's ryan smith. >> denver wins it, heading to super bowl 50. >> reporter: super bowl 50 will be a game for the ages. 39-year-old peyton manning, the oldest quarterback ever to start in a super bowl. >> here comes cam. >> reporter: taking on 26-year old cam newton, making his debut there. newton only adding to his
6:58 pm
awe-inspiring game yesterday. >> he's in for the touchdown! >> reporter: and manning surviving an epic nailbiter against legendary rival tom brady. >> this is a sweet day, a sweet victory. but manning may be feeling his age. that's led to talk this super bowl may be his last game. with his on at his side last night, silently stealing the show. a win in the super bowl could make for a storybook ending on football's greatest stage. ryan smith, abc news, new york. >> we hope you survived the storm just fine. it will melt someday. we hope to see you
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