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tv   News 13 at 6pm  ABC  January 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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bring a sidewalk to a mountain neighborhood pays off. filled with colorful and creative signs urging drivers to slow down. now city council has approved a plan to make people safer. justin, where would this sidewalk begin? >> justin: if you take a look you can actually see where the current sidewalk ends. the new sidewalk will extend from here all the way to the brevard music center. it will be six feet wide and start on the left hand of the street. it will switch over to the right hand of the street and that intersection will become a three-way stop. as for the signs, it looked like the current ones may have served their purpose. >> clearly the sidewalk and the
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control traffic. maybe we'll put up thank you signs next. >> justin: beginning construction in march. they'd like to finish the project in june when the music center opens. justin hinton, news 13. >> frank: a local man will spend at least seven years behind bars convicted for robberies in asheville and weaverville. michael benoit pleaded guilty. obtaining status in habitual felon. police captured him shortly after. people at pisgah legal services worked around the clock trying to get folks signed up for healthcare.
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pisgah extended hours all weekend. staff and volunteers sitting down with people. helping them find a plan that worked. some signed up for the first time. >> this is a really big deal for a lot of people. today is a really good day that we're going to see a lot of people first time. they're realizing that that penalty is going to hit a lot harder this year. so they're coming in last chance to get enrolled. >> frank: that penalty, $695 for 2 and a half percent of household income. even if you are in line, on the phone at midnight not getting through, you can stay on there and still get a plan in time. last day of january but feeling like may. sunny, spring-like weather but there's gotta be an umbrella in the not so distant future.
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there is an umbrella in the not so distant future. better that than a shovel. made it up to 64 in greer. franklin, you had a high of 65 degrees. we are still so nice and warm. current temperatures have fallen back in to the 50s. asheville 56. bryson city 59. morganton 61. greer 59 degrees. we take a look at the clouds as they continue to move in namely from the west. these are going to continue to thicken up as we go on through the evening. overall, though, a very comfortable night with that cloud cover. we are going to be kind of slow to cool. we remain in the 50s much of the evening. by 9 o'clock, we're down to 51. by 11, still nice and mild in the 40s. that light jacket should about do it for you. in the upstate, 58 at 7 down to
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coming up, more on when that wind is going to fall and where it's likely to be for that morning commute. >> frank: hundreds of fans line up outside of bank of america stadium to cheer on the super bowl bound charlotte panthers. supporters showed off their panther pride. this is only the second time carolina has made it to the biggest of big games. they take on the denver broncos next sunday. a different kind of game, a mad dash in the hawkeye state. presidential candidates from both parties are crisscrossing
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brandi hit with the latest. >> reporter: it's a push to sway underdecided voters. the final pull before the caucuses shows donald trump leading five points ahead of ted cruz. >> donald trump can practically do anything and they're going to still vote for him. they're going to still caucus for him. >> did you ever imagine then that on the eve of the iowa caucus, you'd be leading? >> the truth is no, i didn't. >> a vote for marco rubio is a vote for amnesty. >> reporter: declaring that 22 e-mails sent from clinton's private server contained secret information. >> there is no classified marked information on those e-mails sent or received by me.
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and pull off one of the great political upsets in recent history. >> reporter: and the candidates here are pulling out all the stops blasting the airwaves with non-stop television ads. brandi hitt, abc news, des moines, iowa. >> frank: the state dot opened a new rest area in haywood county this weekend. it's located near balsam serving south bound travels near u.s. highway 23/74. there's two rest rooms. the miles avery autism awareness classic brought together more than 200 competitors. tumbling, vaulting, balancing, kids who placed were not awarded medals.
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miles avery believes his sport can help overcome physical and intellectual difficulties. >> getting your body from one place to the other. sometimes you got to think about those things to make it happen. and it develops that, too. it helps these kids in more ways than doing gymnastics. it's helps their whole life. >> frank: proceeds will go to the autism society. a missing virginia teen's body is found in north carolina. who has been charged with her murder and how friends found out about her death. a deadly terror attack in the middle east. how delayed explosions led to maximum damage. >> lauren: coming up tomorrow morning on news 13, the fletcher chilly cook off is this weekend and we will be preparing some delicious chilli recipes live in the studio.
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the >> frank: two virginia tech
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of a missing 13-year-old whose body was found. she disappeared from her blacksburg, virginia home. david eisenhower is charged with murder and abduction. natalie is charged with accessory after the fact. nicole's body was recovered just a few hours before a candlelight vigil in blacksburg. >> reporter: it's the vigil no one wanted to attend. >> she's not alive. >> reporter: pastor mike honnicer shared the news with others who gathered. >> just draw all of our strength and attention to praying for this family. >> reporter: instead they were praying for peace. >> i didn't think that would happen to her because she was
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>> it's really a sickening feeling knowing that she wouldn't be coming back. >> we can't begin to imagine what heaven looks like. we can't begin to imagine right now what nicole is seeing. >> reporter: disbelief spread as quickly as the news. the last pieces of hope fell away. >> to be a mother myself and to know that this could very easily been one of my children, it really hit home. >> we want to pray because that's what we came to do, right? >> reporter: the community staying united saturday night for nicole's family and each other. >> so we pray right now for nicole's entire family that they would feel the warmth of your embrace, the power of your presence, god. >> it's just crazy how someone could do that to her. >> reporter: perhaps the largest question in the crowd was why this had to happen to a
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>> and god, we trust you tonight
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>> frank: why >> frank: three explosions killed 45 people. that story tops tonight's news reel. terrorists detonated one bomb. then two suicide bombers targeted responding medicic and onlookers. the attacks happened as representatives from president al-rasha's regime. a british helicopter pilot
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night. roger was killed by poachers. gouer was able to land his chopper but died before help could arrive. officials say three suspects are under arrest. zookeepers are heartbroken after the death of an elephant. 37-year-old chai was moved. animal rights groups had tried to stop that transfer. they said a sanctuary in california would be better. nekropsy has been perfrfmed. results should be in tomorrow. unusual weather for january 31st. here's meteorologist karen wynne. >> karen: 60s for highs. that trend is going to continue. spring in january turns in to
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that is our top headline. do pack up the umbrella as you head back to work. i'll show you how long it continues. chill? yes, eventually it returns. more on wheny y y y y y y y y rd! can i have your autograph? of course. now don't forget, new scratch-off tickets from the north carolina education lottery come out on first tuesdays. thank you! you're welcome. how about a date? oooh, a date...let me check my calendar. all right, say first tuesday! first tuesday! first tuesday, tuesday, t-t-t-tuesday, tuesday! you checkin' out my easel?
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now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> karen: on this beautiful warm day, chimney rock state park, a great place to be. leicester carpet sales news13
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of the crowd to leave the big rock. but a few hours earlier, it was definitely happening. 54 degrees. and we can see the flag flying there. a little bit breezy. clouds continue to stream in mainly from the west. satellite and radar showing them a little bit thicker in our northern and western mountain counties. they are going to thicken as we go through the overnight. making for a mild night. much milder than we had last night. in asheville, clear skies, 66 degrees. we can see beautiful skies here on the unc cam behind these current conditions. 59 degrees and also breezy. that light wind breaker is going to feel good if you are about to head out to dinner. overall, the real chill, it just kind of stays on vacation for
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we'll show you what i mean on the future cast bigger picture. we have a front which is moving closer to us. by midnight it is actually going to be over central tennessee. we continue to get this nice southerly flow. we see some widely scattered showers with that front moving in. by dinner time, that front stalls out. but it's a very weak front. we're not going to cool down. light, spotty rain showers. that is really about it as we finish up monday. then on tuesday, the front moves back away as a warm front. so that means another day in the 60s. a few more hours. so i would definitely keep the umbrella around on tuesday. then wednesday, we have a stronger front approaching. this is going to move some heavier rain in to the mountains on wednesday.
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all the snow with that system stay well off to the north of us. let's go ahead and take a closer look hour by hour with the future cast. 8 o'clock, a few clouds. by day break tomorrow, spotty rain showers for that morning commute. jackson, swain, macon, graham counties have a better chance in the foothills. but we go in to the afternoon, by 5 o'clock, we can see a little more green there, especially north of i-40. don't leave that umbrella behind. hit or miss showers picking up a little more on tuesday. lows tonight are going to be very mild. asheville 44. franklin 40. upper 40s in the upstate. highs tomorrow back in the 60s we go. then we check out the rest of the week as we begin february wishing the 60 train would last
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40s or highs on thursday and beyond. feeling a lot more like february. later in the week, we could actually see a few storms in the upstate thursday before we cool back down. enjoy the warm-up while it continues in to the early part of the week. >> frank: the first of february tomorrow, so we'll eventually get back to winter, i guess. the carolina panthers are
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super bowl. >> luke: just one week from today, the carolina panthers will face the denver broncos in super bowl 50.
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all week long to try to win one more game. carolinas offense generated the quarterback cam newton is the favorite to win the mvp award. it's been the carolina defense that has consistently shut down the teams. >> this first week was all about getting the ground work in place. now you go out there and it's just another place to practice. it's like you said, tuning it up. we've got a good idea of what we want to do. next week is tightening everything up so we're ready to go. >> luke: panthers and the broncos will kick off in super bowl 50 next sunday evening february 7th at 6:30. the lake forest men's basketball game entered the weekend desperate to win the
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today lake traveled to notre dame. notre dame the irish open the game on a seven-nothing run. the irish would keep it going. rex fluger picks up the loose ball. goes coast to coast, gets fouled. notre dame beats wake forest. the bulldogs are tied with winthrop for first place. asheville has been a well-balanced team all season getting contributions from a variety of players. on saturday, ahmad thomas 8 and 3 in conference play. the next game will be wednesday against charleston southern. winthrop and asheville tied
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high point is 3rd. coastal carolina is fourth. gardner webb and liberty are tied for fifth place. lane is the recipient of the carlton harris north carolina tennis professional of the year award. lane was responsible for naming this award for his friend. 32 years later, and lane wins the award. jokavich was on his game today in murray. he just couldn't keep up. he beats murray in six sets. 11 grand slam championships. what a win. >> frank: absolutely. and what kind of weather we still have. >> karen: very spring-like to kick off february. a little bit of light rain. that is not going to put a
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ground hog day on tuesday. we cool back down on thursday, friday and beyond. >> frank: that little ground hog just popped right up. i want to see that again. 10 and 11 if you want to see it,
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captioning c tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight." the final push. just 24 hours to go until the iowa caucuses. the new poll. donald trump in the lead. we're right there with him. >> how do you close this deal? >> his daughter and wife hoping to help seal the deal. also, hillary clinton with a razor-thin lead. but can they stop sanders' momentum? also tonight, the storm moving across the country. powerful rains, blizzard conditions. here in iowa, they're preparing for a hit. and the virginia tech student accused in the death of
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his friend also under arrest.
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