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tv   News 13 Tonight  ABC  January 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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people at "pisgah legal services" worked around the clock this past week... trying to get folks signed-up for the "affordable care act" before the deadline. it's less than one-hour away now... enrollment ends at midnight... so pisgah extended hours all weekend. staff and volunteers worked with people needing help... finding a plan suited to them. just yesterday... dozens of families re- enrolled... or signed-up for the first time. 3 "this is a really big deal for a lot of people. today is really the day that we're going to see a lot of people for the first time. they're really pushing the limits, procrastinating getting enrolled and they're realizing that penalty is going to hit a lot harder this year. so they're coming in last chance to get enrolled." that penalty is 695-dollars... or two-and-half percent of the household income. now keep in mind... experts say even if you are in line on the phone at midnight... you can still
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it. 3 3 what a weekend we've had... sunny, mild... a little spring in winter. karen wynne joins us with our sky-watch forecast. how long will it last??? ad lib weather tease 3
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3 the panthers are one step closer to the "super bowl"... literally... after arriving in san jose earlier this evening. the team was loaded onto buses and escorted by the califonia highway patrol to their hotel. 3 3 things may have quieted down for the "panthers"... but their send-off in the carolinas was anything but calm. hundreds of fans gathered outside "bank of america" stadium to cheer-on their team... departing for charlotte airport. as reporter angela hall reports... folks
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"panther pride." 3 there's no doubt in these there's no doubt in these fans mosfans gathered to give their team an energetic send-offoc: ... the lombardi trophy will have a seat on
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3 the "panthers" take-on the denver broncos in santa clara next sunday. luke will update us on last-minute preparations for "super bowl 50"... a little later in sports. 3 3 helping mountain drivers stay safe... by giving them another place to rest. the state dot opened a new rest area in haywood county this weekend. it's located near balsam... serving southbound travelers along u-s highway 23-74. the new, multi-million dollar facility has two restrooms... a vending area... and parking for cars and tractor trailers. 3 3 educating people about a childhood disorder... with the help of some child athletes.
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awareness classic" brought together more than 200 competitors. after tumbling, vaulting and balancing... kids who placed were not awarded medals... instead, puzzle pieces. they are the universal symbol of autism. four-time "olympic" gymnastics coach miles avery believes his sport can help overcome physical and intellectual difficulties. 3 "in terms of manuvering and getting your body from one place to the other, sometimes you have to think about those things to make it happen. it develops that tool. it helps these kids in more ways than doing gymnastics. it's a way to help their whole lives."3 a portion of the proceeds from today's meet will go to the "autism society". 3 3 celebrating cajun culture in asheville... chefs serving-up an early taste of "mardi gras". it's all to raise money for, and to publicize, the "mardi gras" parade set for next week. more than a hundred bayou-
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today. the celebration of cajun music, cuisine and entertainment also benefits the hungry. organizers held a canned food drive for "manna food bank". 3 sara widenhouse, asheville mardi gras queen 44:22 everything has been in the works for most of the year. but it's coming down to crunch time, we've got a royal float that's 20 feet long and 13 feet high and decked out like notre dame. the "mardi gras" parade happens next sunday it is decked out like notre dame. >> mardi gras parade habits next sunday afternoon at 3:00. right before the super bowl. if you can do both things, organizer still looking for volunteers to help finish off the foot. one more day before for iowa
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>>anchor: topic tonight's headlines authorities in michigan say five people died in a house fire near detroit. crews found victims after putting out the blaze. they tried to revive two of the victim's were not successful. investigators say it appears the fire started in the basement of the home. the cause is still under investigation. after months of hectic campaigning, presidential candidates facing the first test at the ballot box. i will caucuses tomorrow, voters finally get their say. the latest poll says tight races in both parties, that means undecided voters will hold the key to victory. we report from des moines. >>reporter: in the final push for iowa votes, >> thank you bill and chelsea. >>reporter: both hillary clinton and donald trump bringing out big guns. >> he will be unbelievable. the best deal maker, the best master negotiator.
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>> we have some breaks in the clouds. mainly in north location. a few places to cool into the 30s. but overall a very mild night around the region. with the cloud cover this is going to keep most of us well above freezing as we go through
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asheville is very balmy 51 degrees. wind out of south at six miles per hour. we take a look at greenville right now. a few more clouds, 52. if you have the white jacket, that is really all you will need. as we go through the overnight and early morning hours, very, very mild and comfortable. southwest wind at six miles per hour.the bigger picture shows a cold front is on the way. not too far from our region. out ahead of it, we have this nice warm southwesterly wind flow. this made for a beautiful unseasonably warm springlike weekend.and guess what, it sticks around tomorrow. even though we have the cold front moving in, no more cloud cover and light rain to begin the day. light rain on and off again. even with the front moving in. we are going to remain very warm. the front stalls out across the region. so it does not bring any cold air in here. it is just going to bring light
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picking up a little bit more by dinnertime tomorrow night. then that front begins to move back towards the north is a warm front bringing more mild air in here on tuesday. tuesday is slightly better chance you will need a brawl. we will have more scattered showers and notice a big storm wednesday. we can see this one has rain and a bunch of snow with it. but that heavier snow is staying well north of us but the major rain without should hold off until wednesday. so we will break it down hour by hour. little bit closer to home. midnight may be a few light showers popping up in our far western mountain counties. chances of that happening will be a little bit better by daybreak. wayne county, jackson, you could be waking up to a little morning. then we see the moisture spreading eastward.certainly not a washout. but very light pop up showers
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as we go into late afternoon, the commute home could be a little bit damn. now we see some literally sticking into tuesday morning. the rain really does not start to pick up until late on tuesday and then we see it filling in here. with the heavier rain, arriving on wednesday, possibly along with a few thunderstorms. the lows tonight, very mild. asheville, 44. hendersonville 43. 1140 in franklin. upper 40s and lower 50s in the upstate. tomorrow unseasonably warm again. february feeling a little bit more like april. 62 in asheville. franklin is 65. four highs. we do see warmth will continue on to the middle of the week. even with the rain picking up on wednesday, highs in the 60s. monday, tuesday and wednesday, we dry out and cooldown. we feel much more like winter
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we even have a very slight chance of a little bit of light rain and snow on saturday and sunday. on the a slight chance of that though. here's a quick look at upstate 7-day forecast.
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>>anchor: by this time next sunday night he will know who is when the super bowl between carolina panthers and denver broncos. it is a fascinating matchup with quarterbacks representing opposing ends of careers. the most important position of the game. according to espn, cam newton only the fourth quarterback ever to enter super bowl with 50 combined rushing touchdowns in a season. like we will be the mvp of league one award is announced the night before super bowl. and while peyton manning has 15
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he is one of the best to ever play the position. the panthers defense will certainly need to play well to slow down the denver broncos. confident and carolyn panthers ability. >> you can see there was something else pushing these my opinion. something else driving them. i thought they handle that tremendously well. i talk about keeping your personality. and energy. they seem to do that. day in and day out. that makes him special now in my eyes because they've done it. they had done it the entire season. almost. >> we will see if they can keep going next sunday. anderson broncos will take off super bowl l february 7 at 6:30 p.m.. the panthers let out a file with 10 players selected the pro bowl. the all-star game. panthers are playing tonight, because the pro bowl was tonight, in carolina has bigger game on the horizon. but the other best players in the league entered hawaii for
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second quarter wilson dives into the end zone. urban leads 21. in the second quarter derek connects with travis kelsey who makes a great grab for the touchdown. he cut the lead. 214. later in the game, ridgewater jumps off short pass to darren. keith urban 497. to win the pro bowl. the wake forest men's basketball team and this weekend desperate to win a conference game. they have lost five straight and have just one acc victory this year. they travel to notre dame. they pick up in the first half, notre dame drives into the lane. they get a layup to fall off of the glass with the irish open to games on seven nothing wrong. demetrius jackson berries to put notre dame up six. the irish would keep it rolling. rex gets a loose ball and goes coast-to-coast in the
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notre dame beats wake forest 852. since december 12 the of that was to give more than six weeks ago. 12 straight wins carolina is the number two team in the country. once he took care of business once again this weekend, dating boston college on saturday night. he missed 18 three-pointers in a row when he broke out of that slump and scored 12 points. bryce johnson continue to get job done making his pace to be possible all-american. the game for carolina will be monday night. >> remarkable performance from best player in the world and men's tennis.
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after >> congratulations to lynn evans champion hill's club in hendersonville. he is recipient of carlson harris north carolina tennis professional of the year award. he was responsible for naming the award after his friend back in 1983. the award. finally facing the australian open this morning. joke of it was on his game and marie cannot keep up as he wins in three sets. the six career australian open for him. 11 career glanced ram title which toys him for fifth. not bad. >>anchor: good day for tennis. >>anchor: tomorrow dodging a few light rain showers. but temperatures i would not
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doing anything outside. we are in the 60s through wednesday and enjoy.
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joining us tonight [music] >> joel osteen: well, it's a joy to come into your homes. and if you're ever in our area, i hope you'll stop by and be a part of one of our services. i promise you we'll make you feel right at home, but we thank you so much for tuning in today. and thank you again for coming out. i'd like to start with something funny. and i heard about this archaeologist in new york, he dug down 10 feet and found traces of copper wiring
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he concluded that new yorkers
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