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tv   News 13 at 1230pm  ABC  February 1, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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>> welcome back. 12:31 on your mony morning -- monday afternoon. it is turning out to be a great afternoon. >> it is in many locations. later this afternoon, increase in clouds, light rain can't be ruled out. there is significant rain coming our way later this week. 56 degrees out there. temperatures across the area right nownow, asheville 61. humidity at 67%.
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52 at chimney rock. that is a pretty sight. boy/boy, the clouds are moving in. a lot of rain is coming. i'll let you know how much coming up. >> new information concerning a family who lost everything in a house fire. the fire broke out at old spartanburg road. lauren brigman joins us live from there. we now know the cause of the fire. >> the fire marshal confirms that an electric space heater was left on in this carport that had been converted. it was left on and in close proximity to the bed. that ignited the blaze. officials say they were able to get the fire under control in 30 minutes but then had many hot spots to deal with. starting in the carport area of the home that had been converted, the fire quickly spread to the rest of the home,
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lee and his wife and his three kids lived here. lee and his oldest son were the only ones here when the fire broke out. >> i was like, get out of the house because the house is on fire. >> the fire marshal confirms the home is a total loss. the red cross has responded. they are already working with the family and the family says for now, they plan to stay with relatives. the good news out of all this, no one in the family was injured. they did lose a pet dog in this fire. they are still looking for one other dog. as you can see behind me, these two vehicles were also damaged in the >> the arraignment set for two virginia tech students charged with murdering and kidnapping a 13-year-old girl. that story starts today's newsreel. nicole's body was found 100 miles from her home in virginia over the weekend. authorities believe david eisenhower knew lovele and used their relationship to lure her
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natalie keepers is accused of disposing of the body. so far, the motive is not clear. >> police in alabama are looking for a missouri couple suspected in a crime spree across three cities. the pair committed or tried to commit three armed robberies within two hours yesterday morning. police say the suspects abducted a woman from her home and also kidnapped the hotel clerk. both of the victims were released unharmed, investigators say the couple is armed and dangerous. >> the highway patrol reported a 25 car pile up at the california state line around 1:00 yesterday afternoon. several big rigs jackknifed. i-85 eastbound and westbound were closed for nearly two hours. after turning traffic around to clear the roads, troopers were able to reopen both lanes. >> severe winter weather snarled traffic on the roads in california. traffic was at a stand still on highway 58 as reports came in of
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car flipped over a railing. as the temperature dropped yesterday concerns grew amid snow and the potential for black ice. >> it is the first morning in a while we haven't had concerns of black ice -- >> you are right. all those 60's melted everything away over the weekend. feels like spring in february. pack the umbrella, you'll need it not just today but tomorrow and wednesday. the big chill returns. temperatures outside incredibly mild. 65 in franklin. everybody in the upstate of south carolina in the 60's as well. wind speeds from the southsouth. 12 in greer. from the west, 8 miles an hour in greenwood. three from the south in franklin. satellite and radar, here'shat is going on. right now here in the abville
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a few passing clouds. a few showers tootoo. later today, notice significant rainfall over in east tennessee. that's arcing over us right now. later the air will moisten up, pop up showers will happen along the border of south carolina. lower part of the upstate should be ok. tomorrow in our area, the front part of the system is going to park over us. better chance of scattered showers tomorrow. now, by wednesday, it is a totally different scenario. the back end of this system right here is going to come our way. it gets vertical in nature. warm air hitting cold air and consequently with that, thunderstorms can't be ruled out wednesday in our area. significant rainfall coming our way midweek. many of us in the asheville area
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not more in isolated areas. thursday and friday, all this is out of here. the cold air filters in. only 40's for highs by then. notice in the pacific northwest, 3 in seattle. 30 in salt lake city. this is the cold air i'm talking about that will filter in just in time for thursday night and into friday in our area. on future cast, put into the motion for you not a lot going on. by 5:00, just in time for the drive home, northern mountains might be an isolated shower, the same is true in the western most counties. by and large, not too bad. overnight, hit and miss showers along the way. it really is wednesday morning into wednesday afternoon when the brunt of the rainfall is going to get here. it stands to be significant at times. two inches of rain i'm thinking right now. all this could change between now and then. as for today, 62 degrees,
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of a shower especially north of the asheville area. unseasonably warm. winds from the west-southwest at 5 to 10 miles an hour. greenville, 66 degrees. mostly cloudy, well above average. tonight in asheville, 44 degrees. slight chance of a shower, especially before midnight. next seven days, you see it remaining in the 60's through wednesday. the brunt of the rain arrives midweek. cooling down and clearing out, those days only mountain 40's for highs. six 30 wednesday, barely thursday through the weekend. >> candidates wrap up a big weekend trying to get out the vote. a presidential campaign delivered many surprises may
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>> there has been a remarkable amount of anticipation. finally election day is here in iowa. monday, it is less about trying to find last minute supporters as it is trying to get those already on board to actually go caucus. remember, it is a somewhat different process than many people may be accustomed to. in iowa, it can take hours, especially depending on which party you belong. as a result, today the candidates are doing a lot of pleading. >> we will win on monday night. here's the big if, if there is a large voter turnout. >> of course, it is close, it is competitive. >> if you need anything, it is donald j. they'll tell you where to caucus. come out monday night at 7:00 p.m. bring your friends, bring your family. possibly complicating matters a bit is the weather. there is a snowstorm expected to move in later tonight that could
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iowan voters take pride in saying we are hardy souls. if we are convinced a candidate is best for us, we'll make it to the polls. coverage all day long from des moines, iowa, i'm scott newman. >> the caucus in iowa looks different than the pry mayors. instead of casting ballots, the voting doesn't start until 7:00 local time. that's 8:00 our time. voters will gather at 1700 community centers in high school gyms across the state to cast their decision. republicans vote in the caucus by writing down their pick to president. democrats break into groups according to their preference and if their candidate doesn't have enough support, they have to switch to another candidate before the vote is official. turnout can play a huge role. >> here's a look at the stories trending.
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trophies but there were plenty of winners on the red carpet. >> i chose a dress i wouldn't
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>> >> supermodel noo more, cindy crawford is stepping away from her models career as she prepares to hit the big 5-0 next month. she made the declaration, explaining she has had enough of that life. she turns 50 on february 20. >> aree at that franklin is launching her own food line. her contemporary patti labelle made headlines during the holiday season. franklin said she had not tasted
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miss patti will have to move the pie to the side. >> we are about to change your mind, coming up in the carolina
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mayonnaise >> welcome into the carolina kitchen. cathy with west end bakery is with us. >> thank you. >> we made the recipe, these grit crackers now you have with. >> absolutely. we'll make pimento cheese. the trick to good pimento cheese is good cheese.
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if you want a lighter versionversion, use lighter maize naz. this is a mixture of proef lon and parmesan. that's really good too. you can use all provolone. you can use process reallyla if you wanted to do that. this is a little bit of mayonnaise. salt, and freshly ground black pepper. you want to use freshly ground if you can. it has a better flavor. if you like it spicy, a little dash of cayenne is good.
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you can use any kind of chopped up roasted red pepper too. it doesn't have to be specifically pimento pepper. that's it. we stir it up. you can use your hands to stir it. if you soften the cream cheese beforehand, that helps. while you mix, talk to us about this. >> that book over there is the west end bakery cookbook. these recipes are in the cook book. half of the proceeds go to the program. feast believes all children deserve to eat healthy food every day. we teach cooking and gardening classes in schools and after school programs to facilitate that. >> you have been working with that for awhile.
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>> yes. children of all income levels deserve healthy foods. >> we all love it. you can pop it on burgers, chicken sandwiches, melt it on toast. go to our website, send a self-addressed envelope to 110 technology drive. check us out on pinterest. you can always go to west end bakery. thank you so much. that's what is cooking in the carolina kitchen. >> coming up tomorrow, the perfect winter vegetable tart layers like lasagna and sharp cheddar cheese. >> a scam involving fake designer purses. up next in consumer news, how you can know you are buying the real thing.
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go to >> in consumer news, getting a good deal online for what would typically be designer items. >> there are con artists patrolling the web with the goal in mind to rip you off. >> khanel, coach, louis vuitton. are they the real deal? that's the question at the heart of the scheme. collin spence noticed several complaints linked to the craig east list account. he reached out to victims. >> they thought they were buying authentic handbags when they turned out to be counterfeits. when they tried to return them or contact the person that sold them, they couldn't. >> with the help of one victim,
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operation to buy a bag. when inspectors received the bag, they sent it to to louis vuitton who confirmed it was fake. how are you supposed to know if you are buying the real thing? >> you have to be familiar with the bags and what an authentic bag looks like. obviously, copies are very high quality. it is the stitching, it is the color of the stitching itself, it is the patina to the leather. >> he was charged with trademark infringement and order today pay restitution to the victims. >> she is about to marry the man of her dreams who she has never het in person. >> why they plan to get married minutes after meeting for the first time. >> later at 5:30, residents in one county may soon get a free
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how the community college plans free. >> closing arguments expected in law. we take a look at how the
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>> a romance in full display over the weekend in california. >> they planned to get married minutes after they first met in person. >> we'll be like, my god, there he is. >> erica harris of marietta waits inside the nearly empty airport friday night. she is about to marry the man of her dreams who she has never met in person. >> you don't drag your feet with real love. you leap into that like there is no tomorrow. >> a year ago she and arty randomly connected over instagram. call it hov over first click but
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for months, their romance grew through original poetry with videos. >> i love you. >> arty bought a one way plane ticket and the two planned to elope minutes after he lands. >> we have been patiently waiting for the past hour. erica is getting nervous. we got the call arty landed and any seconds he'll come down that's escalator. ? travelers look on in anticipation. >> nice to meet you. >> i'm erica, don't drop me. >> arty pops the question. >> the two still in disbelief, quietly exchange vows. >> it is surreal to be part of this experience.
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>> follow your heart, follow your soul. >> for anybody that doesn't believe in fairy tales, it can happen to you too. >> it is a wild story. they are so happy. >> i hope they will be happy. >> i absolutely do. people are unconventional so why not? >> might be getting to uber for the divorce. >> they are happy. let them be happy. >> i will let them be happy. happy about the weather. >> we are. >> let's get outside. >> absolutely. >> 62 degrees for a high today. 60 tomorrow. 60 again on wednesday, significant rain coming our way on wednesday. that could result in flooding. thursday, friday, saturday and sunday clearing out. cooling way down.
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