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tv   News 13 at 6pm  ABC  February 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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a teenager accused of supporting isil has been indicted. >> tammy: on the same day he's charged in a two year old murder. justin sullivan was charged last now the state has linked him directly to the death of his neighbor. >> larry: news 13's jennifer emert has details. what else do documents reveal. >> reporter: authorities now say a lock pit kit used in john bailey clark's death. in addition to the federal indictment, suleiman was also indicted. what appeared to be a blood trail and drag marks coming out of the house. authorities today say they
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the case which led to 19 year-old sullivan. he's being held on federal charges without bond. among the items seized were a lock pick kit. a black ski mask, laptops, and books relating to warfare and weapons. sullivan's mother received a silencer in the mail. when they questioned him about the purpose of the silencer, he offered an fbi agent money to kill his parents. >> larry: tonight we have a news 13 crew on the way to morganton working to bring you more information on this story. >> tammy: turning now to a developing story. an autopsy is underway to determine how a haywood county toddler died over the weekend. >> larry: the 17-month old little boy died yesterday near canton.
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>> tammy: rex, you talked to family members. what do they think happened? >> rex: they're not totally sure just yet but they suspect carbon monoxide from a carraseen heater. haywood county deputies responded to the home about 4:20 yesterday morning to a call involving an unresponsive toddler. after all attempts, they were not able to revive the little bit. webb thinks the kerosene heater is to blame.
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it should be mandated by state law that they have a carbon monoxide detector before we have to bury anymore of our children. >> rex: the autopsy done today will determine what exactly caused kyler presnel's death. there are no charges in this case. but the investigation is ongoing. reporting live tonight from ywood county, rex hodge, news 13. >> tammy: an update tonight in a kidnapping case of two asheville children. three suspects have been extradited extradited. they were being held in a georgia jail since their arrest in december when a one and three year old were dropped off at the swannanoa substation. the only known connection to the student is aiden, who police say
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edward buchanan is charged with first degree sexual offense, rape of a child and forcible rape. he's accused of sexually assaulting a female acquaintance for eight years. >> larry: an electric space heater went up in flames this morning. it was left close to the bed and that ignited the fire. the homeowners and their oldest son was there at the time. but they were able to get out safely. >> i came out of the bedroom and woke up dad. get out of the house because the house is on fire. >> larry: the house is a total loss. the red cross is working with the family. >> tammy: closing arguments wrapped up in federal court today as north carolina's new voter id law was on trial. the naacp are suing the state over part of the law that requires voters to show an id to
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news 13's ashlea surles joins us live. ashlea, the judge has not issued a ruling. >> ashlea: no, tammy. decision or not, hundreds of thousands of north carolinians are going to line up outside precincts like this one to cast their ballots in the north carolina primary. >> i think it's primarily older people. a lot of them just plain don't have driver's licenses anymore. >> ashlea: it's something many of us probably take for granted, a photo id. if you don't drive anymore, you might not have one. it's a worry in the primary election. >> the older the voters are, the
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a proper id. >> ashlea: an estimated five percent don't have a voter id officials will accept. the elderly and the impoverished are reportedly less likely to have id's than others. the paperwork you need to get one is lost or stolen. to get a voter id, you need to show the dmv proof of citizenship and residency. mail in an absentee ballot, which doesn't require one. or show up to the polls and give a reasonable explanation and cast a provisional ballot. right now, the board says, no one will be turned away and told they can't vote. the north carolina primary will
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it's just right around the corner. so far there's no time table decision. i'm ashlea surles, news 13. >> larry: hundreds of thousands of north carolina families now have healthcare coverage after meeting the deadline last night on it was a long week. they say there were no issues with the website and appointments went smoothly. >> it feels good to see people get quality affordable health insurance. we know that nearly nine out of ten people here in the state qualified for financial assistance. and we also know for any viewers out there who are worried about missing the deadline, that they're still here to help.
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talked about a moratorium on outdoor shooting range. there are no land use regulations that would prevent it. now some residents worry that an outdoor range would follow. >> we have no proposal at this time for an outdoor shooting range. and we are expending the resources of the county on studying whether or not we need to regulate outdoor ranges. >> tammy: some say an ordinance is needed for the future. others say the county should establish a commercial outdoor range in an appropriate location that would create jobs and revenues. >> larry: hopeful actors all across the mountains have a shot of working on a new independent film set in transylvania county. foundry entertainment held a casting call.
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days 'til midnight." the story is about a man who goes to the appalachian wilderness to find himself. it's expected to debut in 2017. tuition free? every college students' dream. a scholarship that makes that dream a reality we go all the way down to the bottom. wiggle, wiggle. >> tammy: getting the wiggles out before we start learning. next in never stop learning, pre-schoolers. >> karen: we remain so mild. 58 at 7 o'clock.
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light rain right
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are seeing dwindling class sizes and that means dwindling funds. >> larry: school officials say that's because families are moving away. they're looking for work. counties from transylvania to yancey to polk also report dropping enrollment. >> kindergarten enrollment is getting smaller and smaller. this past year i think we had 102, 105. >> tammy: because of sinking enrollment, the district has less funding dollars. funding is based on head count. isothermals powers scholarship allows students to go to school without paying tuition for two years. in exchange, they must maintain a 2.0 gpa. the board of trustees voted to expand that program to summer
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>> the world has changed. the economy has changed. if you would look, 67% of jobs today require some kind of credential beyond high school. >> tammy: the powers scholarship is offered to students in rutherford and polk county. if you would like to find out more, go to and click on news links. >> larry: >> tammy: as you'll see in my never stop learning, at one buncombe county facility, it's educational play and it works. >> what's that? >> a cricket. >> what sounds do a cricket make? >> crick-crick-crick. >> tammy: you actually see crickets in the spring and summer. since we're experiencing winter right now, you don't really see many insects. they're learning about the
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and the pre-schoolers are also learning how to spell their name. which can be challenging for some students. but they almost got it. >> tammy: what does your name weston start with? could it be a w? >> a w and o and x. that's the most i know. >> doing it without even asking is an amazing thing to know that every time they write their name from here on forward, i had a part. >> tammy: did you make good decisions today, larry? >> larry: yeah, for the most part. >> tammy: excellent. they provide services from infant to school age. they also offer before and after school care. >> larry: it's a great age. feeling a lot like spring. hopefully those kids got
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>> tammy: beautiful day today, karen. >> karen: oh my goodness. it felt so, so comfortable. showers are moving in, though. i'll show you where they are and where they're headed. some heavy rain coming our way. more on when. enjoy it all.
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now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> karen: we have a weak cool front moving in to the area with it. most of the showers now are i-40 north. and again, most of this is very light rain. as we show you the future radar, we are going to see some of these showers move off to the south and the east. rutherford county you could begin to get wet in the next
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asheville 59 degrees. with the cloud cover and the rain, a very comfortable evening. greenville even warmer. south-southwest winds at 10 miles per hour. that front right now between asheville and greenville beginning to stall out across our region. this is going to be the set up midnight on as we put the future cast in motion. that front in the region is going to keep that chance a very light rain around during the overnight hours. now tomorrow will be a little cooler with some air moving down from the north and the east. plenty of cloud cover. a little more rain, scattered shower activity. on again, off again rain. that will be the case much of the day tomorrow. ground hog day, by the way. but we are going to warm back up shortly after 6 o'clock on this future cast model. we see the warm front moving through. warm flow. a lot of rain ahead of our next front. the rain beginning to pick up tomorrow night in to wednesday morning.
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there could also be a few thunderstorms with this system. wednesday, early morning, that commute could be a little bit difficult. during the day on wednesday, the front slowly moves through the region. by dinner time, we should be drying out in most of the area. hour by hour future cast, we see that light spotty shower activity as we go through the evening in to the overnight hours. definitely keep the umbrella with you. you're not going to need it too much in the morning. maybe in the afternoon. tomorrow night in to wednesday morning where the rain arrives along with a few thunder storms. we see it all clearing out. by wednesday evening, rainfall totals. they are going to be heavy in locations between one to two inches. we see the swath moving on through the northern mountains.
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clemson 50 degrees with light rain and patchy fog. tomorrow we're going to be cooler in many places with that wedge of cool air moving down from the north and the east. average. forest city 59. newland 52. asheville 57. franklin 62 degrees. the next seven days show the big changes coming up. of course we have the rain and then storms behind that front on wednesday. we're going to be cooling down and thursday and friday, we feel a little more like february. you'll need the heavier coats with highs only in the 40s. lows dropping down in to the 20s. upstate also shows that cool down dropping from the upper 60s in to the lower 50s. you knew the warmth was going to come to an end eventually. >> tammy: a saw a honey bee today. >> larry: all by itself? >> tammy: yes.
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days away and you could enter to win our valentine's selfie contest. >> tammy: a chance to win diamond earrings from allen's jewelry and pawn. go to and click on contest to enter. >> larry: the winner will be announced during our morning show and that is february 9th. >> tammy: take a look at that. the pants are loud and the attitude is brash. that's how many people view cam newton. the reaction to the criticism next in sports. >> larry: tonight at 11, how prepared are you for aging?
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about getting older that i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day
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>> stan: super bowl 50 less than a week away. panthers the favorite over the broncos. we'll find out sunday, 6:35 from santa clara, california. the teams arrived. how exciting is that. the new wave quarterback, cam newton. this time it's the pants that's center stage. it has people talking and taking
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cam isn't worried about it. it's supposed to be fun. >> for me, you guys take it for what it's worth. i'm the guy who loves playing the game of football. and i love people to see it. it's something i've been doing. i've been playing this game since i was seven years old. for me to be in this position in super bowl 50 is a dream come true. >> stan: luke notestine in california this week for coverage. the pro bowl last night where tackling was option and nobody was going to miss. this is ridiculous. that's terrible. the worst all-star game in the world lived up to its bad name. let him go. we're not going to miss him.
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with the detroit lions decided to retire. his body has been beat up pretty good and he's had enough. he was asked to think about it. he did. and apparently decided adios. for the first time in eight years, duke out of the top. the devils are 15 and 6th. they've had some injury issues. oklahoma still number one. carolina number two. maryland fourth, iowa fifth. uva 8th. in women's hoops, another big game for unc asheville on the road at winthrop. winthrop is last. liberty is at charleston southern.
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this year. wednesday prep signing day. a lot of mountain players will be signing. if you've got a signing, call us or e-mail us at we'll try and get out to cover. >> larry: rain. >> karen: yes, rain picking up.
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