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tv   News 13 Tonight  ABC  February 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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the night >> tammy: 19-year-old justin sullivan was indicted in federal
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isil and for a murder. jerrika, federal authorities are involved but so was that sheriff's office as well. >> jerrika: yes, this office is investigating the murder of his neighbor john clark after doing a welfare check and finding him shot to death. that was 13 months ago. and now this case is no longer unsolved. hearing of someone local was a shock to morganton. >> it's crazy. everybody is talking about it. >> jerrika: but monday's news shocked them again. seeing the same 19-year-old was indicted by a grand jury for murdering 74-year-old john clark. >> that's very sad. the youth of today, they don't have no respect for elders. they take advantage of them and then they kill them. that's not right. not right at all. >> jerrika: federal authorities saying justin sullivan watched
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planned to purchase a high powered rifle. sullivan even offered an undercover fbi agent money to kill his own parents because he thought they were interfering with his plan to attack. when they questioned him about a silencer that came in the mail. investigators linked sullivan's fafaer's .22 caliber rifle. >> isis and murdering somebody in his backyard and burying him out there. i never would have thought that. >> jerrika: the only thing easing the minds of this community is the fact that he's behind bars at the buncombe county detention center. the district attorney did not
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murder is directly involved with sullivan's indictment with isil. >> larry: we have an update on last thursday's shooting that put three henderson county schools on lockdown. deputies say a 17-year-old fired shots at a vehicle in east flat rock. he's out on $2,000 bond. he's due in court tomorrow morning. meteorologist karen wynne is tracking a system heading our way. >> karen: right. it is heading our way but not coming within the next several hours. we do have one more day to enjoy. today, wow, just beautiful. 67 the high in asheville. not a record high but unseasonably warm for february. upper 60s in many mountain locations.
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right now we are still warm for being so late at night in february. franklin 55 degrees. a little cooler in those northern mountains. burnsville 44. newland 41 degrees. we do have light rain moving in. that is courtesy of a cool front that is actually stalling out in our region. very light spotty activity. much of this is going to go away for a few hours and then redevelop. so a look at that tyson furnish bus stop forecast, it's going to be a mild one. we're up to 51 by midday. a few more showers as we go in to drop off time. coming up, i'll show you when that wind begins to get heavy. how long it lasts and how much rain fall we could see accumulate right here in the mountains. >> larry: two presidential candidates are dropping out of
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democrat martin o'malley and republican huckabee. tonight, cruz came out on top for the republicans. it was very tight also between clinton and sanders. here's abc's brandi hitt with the latest from iowa. >> reporter: high turnout making for high drama in iowa. a huge win for ted cruz, upsetting gop frontrunner donalal trump. and marco rubio running strong. on the democratic side, the race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders is too close to call. >> the american people are very dissatisfied. >> reporter: tonight the presidential hopeful gave one final pitch at caucus site. >> we will win this election and we will turn this nation around and we will do it together.
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important. >> reporter: this caucus even held in gary and mary weaver's living room. >> we're doing it as a convenience for ourselves and our neighbors. >> reporter: for republicans, even a third place finish here is key. giving that candidate momentum in to moving in to new hampshire. >> this has shaken the establishment. right now we don't know if the earthquake to the establishment is a category 1 or a category 5. >> reporter: both jeb bush and chris christy aren't even here for tonight's results. they're already in the granite state campaigning for next friday. >> tammy: closing arguments wrapped up today for a legal battle over the state's voter id law. it requires voters to show a photo id in order to cast a ballot. u.s. justice department and the naacp sued the state over the new law. and the case went to federal court last week. supporters say it will cut down
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but opponents say it's creating an obstacle for senior citizens and homeless residents. >> for seniors, both political parties. because the older the voters are, the more likely they are not to have a proper id. >> tammy: there's no timeline on when the judge will make a decision. new tonight, a major upgrade is coming for travelers who drive to and fly out of asheville regional airport. a five story parking garage will be built directly across from the terminal and that means hundreds of more spots. frank, how soon will this happen? >> frank: construction will likely begin this august. completion by late summer 2017. many agree, it's about time for improved parking. you'd hardly know it was the
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as the airport and its flight schedule grows, so does demand. officials say there's only one way to go and that's up. >> we need a parking deck and the board did approve moving forward with this project. >> frank: still in the design phase. so no artist drawings of how it might look. but the aererl overlook shows it located right on top of the main lot, directly across from the terminal. >> when you're pulling a lower bag or a couple of suit cases, you know, you might be thinking about, boy, it would be nice to have a parking garage. >> frank: 1100 spaces for the public. 200 for rental cars. that's 1300 total all under one roof. >> if you have a covered environment that shelters you from the weather conditions, that is only going to be a positive. >> frank: for frequent flyers like ben bradshaw, extremely positive.
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i think it will keep all the snow off of cars and make it easier to get in and out. >> i brought my wife here last week when we had the snow. it wasn't very easy. so this will be nice. we're getting right up there. waynesville is getting a chick-fil-a pretty soon and we're getting a parking garage. good. >> frank: about 300 spaces will be lost during construction. but a nearby lot has been converted for that. parking spots. a net gain of 800 public spaces. now officials say this could cost almost $20 million paid for through airport funds. no local tax dollars involved. larry. >> larry: haywood county sheriff's investigating a this was yesterday morning. despite attempts to revive this little 17-month boy, he was
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later. jane webb suspects that her grandson tyler may have died from carbon monoxide from a kerosene heater. >> i think their heating sources in their home should be assess. >> larry: no charges have been filed. >> tammy: the henderson county board of commissioners unanimously approves an incentives package for a new manufacturing plant. the package is worth $55 million that will be paid over five years. the plant will create 26 new jobs at a salary a above the wage in henderson county. no word on when it will be located. how much long term care will cost. they even are somewhat in denial. >> larry: if you think you're
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you might want to i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone e uld find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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>> tammy: 40% of older americans surveyed think they're very prepared for the aging process. >> larry: but professionals who work with seniors see a much different story. they say seniors often find out too late. >> tammy: sheila gray has the family 411 on why waiting for a crisis could cause families to make bad decisions. >> reporter: marly is making plans. >> they don't have the family to help them out. >> reporter: marlean works with folks who didn't have a good plan. >> i retired. that's when the stocks went. i was one of the victims who lost pretty much all of their
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>> reporter: marline had to go back to work. friends stay healthy by working out at their local senior center. they have prepared for this part of life by staying active. but admithere are surprises. >> i can't do the things that i used to do on a continuous basis. i can, i mean, i trying to come home from work, and i wouldn't come home until sunday night or the weekend. >> reporter: a big gap in perceptions about the aging process. while older american's top concerns are with physical and mental health, doctors, financial planners and others say they need to be planning for affordable housing and protect their money. >> they need to estimate how much long term care is going to cost. we're even in some sort of denial, we all are, that they're even going to need care. they estimate better housing
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>> reporter: what she most wants people to remember is they have to make choices about how and where they want to live and how to pay for it before there's a crisis. it's important to research things like living options and long-term care before you need them. think about consulting an expert so you make good decisions before a crisis. even more important, family conversations. that doesn't cost a thing. >> being upfront and honest with each other about who is going to do what? who is going to take care of mom. >> reporter: senior centers are a good place to look for resources. not to mention, finding a purpose. >> i thought i'd be sitting with a cup of tea reading the paper. but actually, it was kind of borning. >> reporter: marline's crisis led her to a job helping people. >> i think it's important that you have a reason to get out of bed in the morning.
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i think if you can get up in the morning and say good morning, god, rather than good god, it's morning, that's the start of a good day. >> reporter: attitude is everything and age is just a number. >> larry: they say even young families should have a will, a living will and power of attorney documents. >> tammy: and you should also keep them updated as you age. >> larry: parts of the mountains got a little bit of rain tonight. there's more coming. >> tammy: karen wynne is tracking that wet weather. she's here with us with more of a timeline. >> karen: i'll have that coming up. we have that light rain tonight. heavy rain and storms coming our way. i'll show you when and how long that's going to last. how long you'll need that rain gear. we do have chillier conditions returning. i'll show you when you'll need that winter coat again. that's all coming up after the
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. now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> karen: many of the light showers we had going on just a couple of hours ago have pretty much died down, gone away.
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the mountains. no worries, though. we have much more rain coming. enjoy this low and this very mild damp overnight we have. 62 degrees in asheville. if you have that light jacket, you should be very comfortable. winds are calm. we are quite humid. right now in greenville, cloudy andd very warm, too. at 57 degrees. calm winds, feeling that humidity at 96%. patchy fog. especially in the valleys is going to form during the overnight on in to tomorrow morning. i'm going to show you several future casts here to give you an idea of what's going on, on the bigger picture. we have a front that's moved out to our r rion that's stalled out. we have rain showers during the evening. as we put this in to motion during the overnight, we're going to keep our clouds. maybe a few more sprinkles by day break. on tuesday, we have slightly cooler air moving down from the north and east.
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day is we're going to bee about ten degrees cooler in some mountain locations. even so, highs are still going to be well above average. we remain very cloudy much of the day. scattered shower activity on tuesday. by 6:00 p.m., though, we are on the verge of changes. with this warm front approaching our region as it moves through, we warm up. we get very wet with that rain becoming heavy at times. this is late tuesday night on in to wednesday morning. that wednesday morning commute could be quite a challenge with heavy rain, even a few thunderstorms possible ahead of this strong cold front. the cold front moves in on wednesday. behind that front, we have dryer and cooler air moving in by wednesday evening we actually see some of our far western mountain counties beginning to clear out. hour by hour future cast, we can see during the overnight, not much. maybe a few pop up showers by 6 o'clock on tuesday.
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to the late afternoon, 5 o'clock, better chance of those showers south of i-40 than the northern mountains. tuesday rain, that rain rolls in. heavy rain at times. of course a few thunderstorms. by midday, the heaviest rain to the east of us. how much rain are we talking about? between one and two inches in many locations. morganton, boone, burnsville all could pick up over two inches. your lows tonight are going to be very mild. lower 40s to around 50 in parts of the upstate. highs tomorrow, cooler in the foothills. 57 morganton. burnsville 55. 57 in asheville. in the lower 60s in our western mountain counties, franklin and bryson city. we check out the next seven days, we can see that cool down coming our way going from a high of 60 on wednesday.
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plenty of sunshine as >> larry: two people were able to make it out of a burning home and one of the victims was blind. it happened in virginia. the man felt intense heat on his face when he opened the door. when he realized no one was hearing his calls for help, he
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minutes to spare. his family says they don't know how he managed to do it and calling it a miracle. >> tammy: today marks 13 years since the destruction of the space shuttle columbia. seven astronauts died. the spaceship was on its final mission. exterior tiles were damaged during lift off. >> larry: a denver broncos team bus crashed in sunnyvale. nobody was hurt. the front windshield of the bus was cracked. the california highway patrol is still investigating. >> tammy: before the panthers and broncos face each other, they face the reporters. why this year's super bowl media day is a bit different than in years past. hey, guys, it's annie. now, if you're anything like me, you're always looking for ways to save money, especially when it comes to
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well, with walmart every day low prices, saving money while keeping the pantry full... that's easier than you think. in head-to-head shopping, the total at walmart beat that of bi-lo. greenville, the total amount saved at walmart vs. bi-lo was $27.40 on this week's groceries - that's 19%. so head to walmart and see what you
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>> stan: it was media day for super bowl 50. a change from the past. media now called super bowl opening night. they got it on monday. or maybe because they don't have the space for tuesday and got a better deal for monday. i don't know. a new set up. several players introduced
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the man, who should win the mvp, cam newton. there's still the looney tune development he handled it with grace and a smile. thomas davis, how is he going to play with that broken arm? >> it's the super bowl. what would i look like as a player if there's any chance, if there's any way that i could make it and play in this game. i could see if i was a first or second year guy. i'm in the 11th year and who knows when the opportunity is going to come around again. it's all about taking advantage of the moment right now. hoops. north carolina has played 12th straight. some say they haven't played
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watch what happened. mackmud in transition. now marcus paige to johnson. johnson puts it up and in. he had 16. 1:45 left, louisville up 4. 67-61 louisville. carolina tries to make something happen here but they just keep missing shots. louisville takes down carolina. cardinalslsow only one game behind the heels in the acc standings. fsu dominates the first half. freshman made three point jumper. cat barber brings the pack back. watch him here. he had 31 points.
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in women's hoops, asheville tied with liberty for first with nine of two records. they took this one easily. double digit lead most of the way. liberty also victorious. they stayed tied for first. liberty-unc asheville saturday. they could decide their regular season crowd. >> larry: more rain coming our way. >> karen: light rain at first. don't leave the umbrella behind. we're going to see that rain pick up tomorrow night. wednesday kind of a rough day early on. a few storms. heavy rain. then you're going to need to get the heavier jacket out. cooling to the 20s. >> larry: thank you for joining us. remember you can always check us out on
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everyb i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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